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Class of 1973 Archives

This section contains recent Class of 73 emailings from the Class webmaster. Newcomers may find these interesting.

7/27/99: Class of 1973 mailing list
7/12/99: Class of 1973 mini reunion
5/18/99: Class of 73 Update (memory books/mini reunion/homepage)
3/2/99: Class of 73: Reunion photo/bio books
3/2/99: Class of 73 Update: Reunion books (clarification)
3/2/99: Class of 73 Update: 25th reunion photobooks
11/12/98: Class of 73 (misplaced classmates/photobooks/picture/archives/netmind)
10/28/98: Charlene: photo books
10/26/98: Photo memory books
10/19/98: Homecoming get together (last chance)
10/12/98: Class of 73 (pictures)
10/5/98: Encina Class of 73 (Dawn's pictures/nominations/no picture)
10/1/98: Publicizing Encina website
9/29/98: Publicizing Encina website
9/29/98: Class of 73 (Dan Dickison/Top 5 Bob/proofs/pictures/mini reunion)
9/24/98: Homecoming mini-reunion
9/17/98: Lucia's Suite photos
9/16/98: Reunion proofs
9/14/98: Lucia's Gradnite and Reunion dinner photos
9/11/98: What's happening
9/3/98: Post reunion
8/27/98: Top 5 Bob/Photo books/Nominations/Pictures/Mini reunion
8/25/98: Reunion of course
8/21/98: Reunion pictures/nominations/top 5 bob
8/20/98: Reunion pictures/nominations/memorable momments
8/19/98: After the reunion...
8/17/98: 25th reunion a big success!

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