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Hello Fellow Apaches  & Bulldogs, The event of the Millennium! Encina alumni who graduated about 30-ish years ago, as well as friends and family, who wish to spend some time with old friends! All are welcome! 

RSVP and Event Details at:

11am @ William B Pond Park Food, family, music, games, hangout time, etc.

6pm @ The Pine Cove Tavern Music, dancing, karaoke, cocktails, more food, more hangout time

Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2022 Labor Day Weekend Save the date - RSVP Now!







FOR INFO CALL 831~794~5894


Class of 91' 10 Year Reunion!

Date:  Saturday, August 18th, 2001
Time:  5:30 pm....
Location:  Grapes   Banquet Hall
815 11th Street (corner of 11th & H)
Price Per Person: $40.00 (Alumni)  $30.00  (Not Encina Alumni)
Dress:  Casual to elegant
Check in and photos...5:30-6:30
Appetizers and cocktails...6:30-8:30
Full bar...non-hosted
Reunion Video...8:30

Dancing to DJ Charlie Mac....all night
See you there!!!!!!!!

Reunion contact:  Georgina Baker (georginasmith@netscape.com)

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1991 Headlines
Headline News:
UN ground troops led by US military liberate Kuwait in 100 hours; cease-fire
ends Persian Gulf War; UN forces victorious.
South Africa Parliament repeals apartheid laws.
Soviet Union out; Commonwealth of Independent States in.

Entertainment News:
Academy Award, Best Picture - "The Silence of the Lamb"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole with Nat King
Top song - "Baby Baby" by Amy Grant
Top movie - "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"
Top TV show - "60 Minutes"

Sports News:
Super Bowl - NY Giants d. Buffalo Bills (20-19)
World Series - Minnesota Twins d. Atlanta Braves (4-3)
NBA Championship - Chicago Bulls d. LA Lakers (4-1)
At 44, Nolan Ryan pitches a record 7th no-hitter.
Magic Johnson announces he is HIV Positive.

Trivia News:
Fad - the grunge movement


Michael Smith wrote:
Occupation: Systems Administrator
Spouse: Natalie Smith
Children/grandchildren: Corey A. Smith 20, Destiny R. Smith 17
SinceGraduation: I am an Information Technology professional. I build computer and support computer infrastructures for business use.
Trivia: I moved to Los Angeles for 10 years. I lived in Hollywood for awhile then I moved to Butte County.
BestFriends: Donnie
Hobbies: Remote Control Helicopters
Kids: My son Corey Smith, 20, is an Auto Body technician with Collision Pros in Chico, California. He loves cars of all types but he has a 1990 240sx and a 95 Honda he is restoring. He's a hobbyist gamer who is extremely technically savvy.
My daughter Destiny Smith, 17, is an avid photographer / cinematographer, video editor, artist who loves Ford Mustangs. She has AP classes, high grades and she's too pretty to believe she came from me!
MiddleSchool: Alpha Middle School
Siblings: Alexis & Elna I. Smith 1987
Comments: I don't remember a lot about high school anymore.
Soule, Joshua "Josh" Brookings
Joshua Brookings Soule died 7/6/2013 surrounded by family at Casa Moreno in North Highlands, CA. He was born 11/19/1971 in Bangor, ME. He is survived by his son Donovan: his parents, Mary (Tony) and Daniel (Jeanne); his brothers, Daniel (Eileen) and Michael; his sisters, Ann (Victor), Martha (Dorn), Kathleen (Troy), and Wendy (Jeff). He will be dearly missed by so many loving family and friends. Special thanks to Sierra Hematology and Oncology, Mercy San Juan Hospital, and Mercy Hospice for their care and support. Published in The Sacramento Bee, August 31, 2013.
Christopher Buhler Travis wrote:
Occupation: Security Officer
MaritalStatus: Divorced/Engaged
Children/grandchildren: Nathan - 18
SinceGraduation: I joined the Army right out of highschool.
When I got out of the army, I came home to Sacramento and went through a series of fast food jobs before settling into a career in private security. I went through a couple of different companies and had a few incidents that made my then wife (Vanessa McKellips - '92) decide she wanted me doing something safer. I left the security industry and spent 4 years working for CareMark as a pharmacy helpdesk technician. When CareMark closed down it's Rancho Cordova facility, I was a stay-at-home dad for a few years while Vanessa worked in the insurance industry. When she got laid off, we moved to WA because we both had family here willing to help us out. That was in 2009.

In early 2012, Vanessa found someone else and asked for a divorce. The divorce was finalized in Sept of 2012, making me a single dad for the last year.
BestFriends: Eric Rhea, Robert Townsend, Eddie Corbet, John Adorador, Eric Zimmerman, and a few others I can't recall at the moment. The only ones I am still in touch with is Robert Townsend and Eric Zimmerman.
Hobbies: I still play role-playing games, love movies and music, and have taken up paintball on occasion. My new fiancee has gotten me to get back into long bike rides, and I am hoping to ride in the Seattle to Portland run next year.
Kids: Nathan has turned 18 since the divorce and moved out with a roommate to his own place. He is doing well and I couldn't be more proud of him. He should graduate highschool this coming year and has decided he wants to become a teacher himself.
MemorableTeachers: John Desmond. He was Mrs Leif's student teacher for Government my senior year. He taught me to not just blindly follow authority, but to question why I am doing what I do. It has made a huge impact in my life and is a lesson I have never forgot.

Adrian Aguinaga wrote:
Occupation: None right now.
SinceGraduation: I went to ITT Tech back in 92-94 and graduated with an AAS. I went to work immediately after that and have been a designer and a drafter since then. I moved from Sacramento in 95' and back to Sac in 97'. I moved yet again back to central california in 2000 and have been living in and around where im originally from which is Salinas, Ca.. Im always persuing the engineering type work in construction, and am currently studying for my BS. ITT Tech again. In 08' I got very sidetracked due to intestinal surgery for lack of more descriptive words. Im recovering still after those three years but expect to get back to my usual self. I am always studying and taking those state exams for engineering, surveying etc... I have always loved that type of work. I often think of the friends i had back in those days. Sacramento was one of the best experiences of my life. Encina was about the best school a person of 16 years of age could go to. I remember ALL of you.
Trivia: I often study for state Surveying exams. I have taken the LSIT tests twice and failed each time. I will pass eventually, I think :). Soon I will start studying for the state engineering exams. Im not a trouble maker like i used to be.
WELL OK. I make trouble in more positive ways these days. I hope to start a business some day, but I think central california hates me. B). I dont really list too much about friends and family, but i will say that everything is ok that way. Some days I AM SORRY THAT I TOOK THAT SURVEYING EXAM BECAUSE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARED.
BestFriends: I had a lot of best friends. Zac Lucas, Jason McCarthy, Brian Gaul, Jimmy and Joe Moore, Sarah Lucas, Brian Larsen, and underclassmen like Kevis Alexander, Jason Burt, Richard Anderson, and many many more. Pretty much everyone.
I CANNOT FORGET JASON BANKS. I WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY WHEN I HEARD OF HIS PASSING. WE WERE GREAT FRIENDS AND I WILL MISS HIM A VERY WHOLE LOT. I know that other people will say the same because he was the funniest nicest person out of alot of people in the school. He knew how to deal wtih the daily stress we went through in those days. My greatest sympathies go out to his family, who i knew. PLEASE EVERYBODY WHO KNEW HIM, LIGHT A CANDLE FOR HIM. I know he was a smart guy. I bet he is in heaven right now as we speak. I WILL PUT MY HAND ON IT. I MISS ALL MY CLASSMATES A WHOLE LOT.
Hobbies: I like to do all kinds of things.
Travelling is one of the most favorite things i like. I have been to Italy, France, and Hawaii. I hope to do a lot more travelling some day soon.
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk, Sacramento, in 87'
MemorableTeachers: Most memorable teachers was for sure, Eric Dahlin, the pottery teacher.
Made some great friends in that class. Does anyone remember Mr. Brunanski even though he was kind of obnoxious. Many of my teachers were my favorite.
FavoriteMemory: The most memorable moment at encina was when everyone realized they would not see each other on a daily basis anymore because of graduation. Makes me teary eyed thinking about it.
Stories: I remember all the parties. If you were a four year student, and with US, then you remeber the parties we started going to our freshman year.
You all know who you are. This doesnt exclude many of you. The list just grew like wildfire after that though.
AlumniInContact: Im not in contact with anyone. I missed the 20 year reunion. I regret this.
Please contact me no matter who you are.
Wendy Flora wrote:
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Spouse: Tim Hughey
SinceGraduation: Wokring like everyone else. Went from a job here and there to where I have been for
13 years - at CalSTRS. I also help my twin sister Heidi on her farm.
Trivia: Still love the outdooors, skydiving all sports and LOVE FISHING
BestFriends: Heidi, Ronica, Scott, Jeff, Kristen, Angel, Matt, Roch, Billy, Kevin, Kristin, Kelly - miss the gang and all the fun we had
Hobbies: Skydiving, anything outdoors or sports related
Kids: I have none
FavoriteMemory: Playing wiffle ball on the senior lawn and hanging out with my friends and riding in Scott's blazer with Jeff singing we are the champions!
Ben Escobedo wrote:
Occupation: Markstein Beverage ( Budweiser ) for 18 Years so far !
MaritalStatus: Married for 13 years
Spouse: Wendy Escobedo
Children/grandchildren: Ben : 7 Years Old Jacob : 3 Years Old
SinceGraduation: I Went To American River College For 1 Year ( While Working At Big 10 Video ).
In 1993 , I Started Working For Markstein Beverage Company & Have Been There Ever Since.
I Met My Wife Wendy Back In 1991 & We Got Married In 1998. We Have 2 Great Boys ( Ben & Jacob ).
Hobbies: I Spend Most Of My Time At work or With My Family. I Love Being A Father & Really Enjoy My Time With My Wife 7 Kids. I Like To Do Video Production On The Side. Here Is A Little Something I Put Together On My Favorite Band The Beastie Boys : http://vimeo.com/porkys1982/meeting-the-beastie-boys
GradeSchool: Dyer Kelly
MiddleSchool: Howe Ave.
Amanda Harvey wrote:
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Aaron Snider did not go to Encina
Children/grandchildren: Our boys are Christopher age 16 will be 17 on 9/11 this year, Brenden is 15 and Jonas he is 11.
SinceGraduation: Since graduation I have mostly been raising our boys. I did some traveling for a while after school but I always come back to California :0) I love the weather here.
BestFriends: Terri Wilson:still best friends; Michael Hughes:Best friend he is in Heaven,Dawn (Owen) Mathews: Just found her thank you facebook :0) Chris Shaffer was one of my best friends back then. I would love to talk to him again. I hope your still drawing. Gina Hunter:Where are you? I miss you. Patty Owens was a great friend too.
Hobbies: Family time,Going out to the lake,walking our dogs,and reading
Kids: Christopher is the oldest he loves to be on the computer and Xbox with his friends and hanging out with friends. Brenden likes to hang out with his friends and he is interested in a silly sport called free running. Jonas loves to talk on the phone with his friends when he is not on the computer. He is a wiz with the computer. He has been typing at around 30 words a minute for two years while talking about something different. This summer is learning how program websites.
GradeSchool: Cottage
MiddleSchool: Jonas Saulk
MemorableTeachers: Mrs. Grossenbacker She was the best English teacher. She really made in want to do good with the writing assignments. I still LOVE to write. Thank you for that Mrs. G.
FavoriteMemory: In animal science Mr.B brought in a pig heart and we got to see and touch it. We also got to blow into it with a straw and watch it pump. It was AMAZING to see a heart work.
Stories: My interesting story is switching classes with my twin. We had a lot of fun doing that. Auto shop class was a great class and I can still fix most things on my own car if I need to and its a great way to have time with my boys or go out and help my husband if he is working on something.
Siblings: Michelle Harvey 1991 (we have lost contact)
AlumniInContact: Terri Wilson 1991; Brandon Christensen 1992 I think
Sharon Smith wrote:
Spouse: Vince Redoble (ex)
Children/grandchildren: Laura Redoble 18
SinceGraduation: I am a motor vehicle technician for the DMV. I have been for 6 years. I transferred to a new position starting yesterday.
I love the people that I work with and work for now. I aspire to go to college one day...can't figure out what i want to do when i grow up. I might become a clown. Those that know me will understand when i say add a red nose and floppy shoes it'll all make sense.
Trivia: I'm writing a book about my life called add a red nose and floppy shoes and it'll all make sense.
BestFriends: Tami Rhea 1992
Hobbies: Crochet/Knitting, writing, reading, riding my bike, walking my dog
Kids: Laura works for ucp part time and goes to college full time. She is the most rockinest kickingest kid ever.
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Tracey for obvious reasons.
He's the one that got me interested in Psychology
Brian Linville wrote:
Occupation: Writer
MaritalStatus: single
SinceGraduation: I was a professional musician for a while. I wrote for a music magazine for a while. These days, I teach music part time and do creative writing either freelance or as a staff writer. I'm still not famous yet, but I'm still at it.
Trivia: I'm a high school drop out with a college degree. It's sort of funny that I was short 5 Fine Art units from being able to graduate from Encina and here I teach Fine Art related classes to high school students.
BestFriends: I was pretty shy and anti social in high school.
Heather Daley wrote:
Occupation: Store Manager/Full time student
MaritalStatus: divorced
Children/grandchildren: Chelsea 18;Jordan 15; Nikolas 12; Austin 9
SinceGraduation: I lived in Dallas Texas for 9 years and moved back to Sacramento 8/08
BestFriends: Patty Owens; Michele Bejarano-Williams; Lisa Huff-Gregory
Hobbies: Shopping
Kids: Chelsea graduated in 09' and now is living in Vernon New York attending Morrisville University!!!! All three of my boys live here with me and there always a handfull!! :)
MemorableTeachers: The drivers ed. teacher, totally forgot his name but he rocked!!
FavoriteMemory: It all was a blast
AlumniInContact: Lisa Huff-Gregory, she now is family (cousin in law) Patty Owens (some where in Sac)***** ya ned to call me **** Michele Bejarano-Williams ( every now and then)
Comments: I'd love to catch up with everyone!!!
Derek Schujahn wrote:
Occupation: Non-Profit Management / Teacher
MaritalStatus: Married
SinceGraduation: I studied at the University of Southern California (Philosophy and Religion), and married my college sweetheart (Linda) a week after graduation in 1995. We both worked with a non-profit organization (Christian ministry) for several years, had a couple of boys, moved from Los Angeles to North Carolina, back to Los Angeles, to China, and finally settled here in Nashville, TN in 2006. Now I work in non-profit management with various organizations doing anti-human trafficking work, international relations, and humanitarian service. I am also a part-time teacher at a local private school and tutor high school students in Math, History, English and Science.
Trivia: I've had the opportunity to eat a frog-like creature in Southern China, body surf in New Zealand, walk the slums of Manila, peer into North Korea, sip sweet tea in Carolina, and snuggle up with my beautiful wife and kids on a regular basis (my favorite!)
BestFriends: Seth Lombardy, John Meckfessel, Chris Cheng, Tanya Monier, Nikki Panella, Amy Schneider, Grant Benton, and a bunch of other great folk I miss...
Hobbies: Reading history, running, swimming, coaching, painting, foreign languages, guitar, wrestling with my two boys
Kids: We have two amazing, hilarious, talented boys that bring life (and drama) into our little family.
GradeSchool: American Lakes
MiddleSchool: Natomas
MemorableTeachers: Ginny Grossenbacher (English) - she always believed in us.
FavoriteMemory: Breaking the 28-game losing streak in football that we had going into our senior year (Fall 1990). Felt like winning the Superbowl.
Stories: I still think that our Junior Year Homecoming Float should have won first prize. The election was rigged with a bunch of parents and officials bribed by the Class of 1990. Maybe I should let it go since it's been nearly 20 years.
AlumniInContact: Seth Lombardy
Patty Owens wrote:
Occupation: personal care attendent
Bio: raising my family
Friends: best friend heather daley lost contact with almost everyone
Kids: randi 19 courtney 15 toni 14 rebecka 10
well there all girls
Grade_school: greer
Grade_school_friends: almost all of them were
Junior_high: jonas salk
Junior_high_friends: sameones
Memorable_teachers: eric i just love his ceramic class
Favorite_memory: they were all my favorite memories
Sibling_info: mickey 1987 randy 1989 john 1994 kevin 1996
Alumni_in_contact: heather daley
Shayla Juarez wrote:
BIO: After graduation, I went to Brigham Young University. The year before graduation I went on a mission to Ecuador. Loved it. Cried when I left. Then I returned to school and graduated 8 months later with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Spanish (1996). 9 months later, I married my husband, James, whom I met through a church "event" in Texas. We soon moved to Arizona so he could attend a Graphic Design school. While there we had our first son, Alexander Juarez. After he graduated (Jan-99) we moved to Sacramento. In May of 1999, we had our second son, Daniel Angelo Salvatore. We lived a somewhat peaceful life for the next 4 years and decided that 2 kids was enough. I was completing my Master’s Degree in Organizational Industrial Psychology at the time and after walking the aisle at my graduation ceremony decided that I needed to figure out why I wasn’t feeling so well. Turns out I was 20 ½ weeks pregnant. So, plans changed and we couldn’t have been happier. 3 months after learning I was pregnant, Joshua Kimball was born (2003).
Today, my boys are: Alexander, Daniel and Joshua. They are the joys of my life and I am the proudest mother in the world to see my 3 sons learning the lessons of life and how to be an upstanding young man.
Today I work as a somewhat independently sourced Training Consultant and Lecturer. That’s right, I get paid to speak. *Laugh* I’ve done training work and consultations for the past 15 years and so I’m here to stay. I am beginning to pick up more speaking engagements however, and may soon be at a University Campus near you!
My husband is an Illustrator and Story Writer by trade and the "Financial Guy" at a medical office by day! He is finishing his draft of his first book. A book about having sons. It’s a wonderful book that made me both laugh and cry. He continues to do his personalized caricatures and finalize his portfolio called "SlimToonz". He is very artistic, so his brain is another atmosphere. Don't ask me how we communicate.
Tracy Taylor writes:
Occupation: I am currently a preschool Teacher..which has been my life long dream. I love every min. of it. I'm also a mother of three great boys(CODEY 16, KARSEN 15 AND COLTON TOLBERT 13)
Bio: I have been married for 16 years to a great man named Donnie. I was living in Sacramento until my youngest son was three then we move to Washington State. It's so pretty here. We did move back to Sacramento after we lived in Washington for 5 years but now were back again and here to stay forever! I was working as a cashier off and on forever- here and there! Ive been a preschool teacher since March 2008 and love it.
Friends: michelle harvey was and is my best friend in the world..could not ask for a better best friend. Still looking for Jason Graves, and Jeff Garringer...if anyone has any ifo. on them please email me! Have talked to many people after high school, still talk to candi grham...and a few others.
Hobbies: Our family loves to geocach...if you don't know what it is look it up (WWW.GEOCACHING.COM) you will find it very fun! we love to watch movies together, and the boys and my husband Donnie love to cook together. i love spending time with family and friends.
Kids: Codey is my oldest he's 16, he went to Encina his Freshman and beginning of his Sophmore year. He loves Baseball and played for Encina and got his letter. He is going into the Junior year of high school and loves school. He plays Baseball for his current High school. He LOVES Skateboarding and GEOCACHING. Karsen is 14 but will be 15 in Aug. He also went to Encina part of his freshman year. He loves school too. He is going to try out for football this year for his current school. He a easy going kid. He loves to Skateboard. He loves to cook with his dad and brothers. Colton is 13. He use to go to Cottage School he's going into the 7th grade this year. He is going to JUNIOR HIGH, what a change for him. He loves video Games and playing with his rabbit. I have three GREAT KIDS!
Grade_school: I went to D.W. Babcock elementry School. I was there from 1st grade to 6th grade.
Junior_high: I went to Howe Ave. Jr. High...I had many friends that went to Howe Ave. Then to Encina
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dulhan...he was a great teacher, he would give you a hard time but always cared about us kids and what we wanted. THANK YOU ERIC!! MR Tracy was another great Teacher(REST IN PEACE)
Favorite_memory: I loved going to Campus Life...youth Group! Rallies were a blast and I loved throwing fries up at lunch to the seagulls,LOL! Hanging out with friends. The year I was a Freshman the Freshmans won the freshman float for Homecoming...Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs...I was Dopey! LOL! I had a blast my Freshman year.
Story: MICHELLE- Coming home without you....just me and your sister! I thought your mom was going to kill us when the police brought you home! Those were fun time....campus life...larksper park...Christine Westwoods birthday party...steamboat billards...TINY'S on FULTON!(not there anymore)...car meet shed(MICHELLE) boy, I've said your name alot MICHELLE HARVEY! LOL( I LOVE YOU!!,YOUR MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER!) THANKS FOR BEING THERE AND STILL BEING THERE FOR ME!
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle harvey(Andreason), Amanda Harvey, Candie Graham, Steve Jones
Sharon Smith writes:
Occupation: Motor Vehicle Technician for the Department of Motor Vehicles
Bio: I have had an interesting life the only way that I could make it. I got married right out of high school it seems to an alumni Vince Redoble.  We have been married for 15 years going on 50 it seems. Raising our daughter Laura who also is 15.  I have worked at so many different places and have seen so many things that I wouldn't trade them for not going to college.  Sometimes I feel like I have done a lot and then nothing compared to those that have made something of themselves. All in all though I wouldn't change a darn thing.
Trivia: Our daughter is a sophomore in high school and goes to The Met Sacramento.  She is an intern at Wolfe Graphic Design.  She is Heavily into manga Japanese art and drawing amazing pictures.  She recently produced a web design that her internship submitted, and the company picked her design! She is my most wonderful and beautiful creation.  She is my trivia.
Friends: My best friend in high school was Tami Rhea Hobbs.  She passed away in 1996 of a blood clot in her heart.  I was also seen around campus with Vince Redoble and Floyd Burt.  Have lost contact with some people that had mattered in life.
Hobbies: Hobbies besides my daughter, are knitting/crocheting, antiquing when I can afford it, day trips to places that I want to remember, and cultural events that may daughter needs for her school projects.
Kids: Laura is the most amazing kid I have ever met.  She is what I wished I could have been when I was in school. She gets the grades and is the social butterfly.  She is the funniest person around.  She is sensitive, calm, passionate about things that matter to her, outgoing to a fault, she has no fear of new things, always is willing to try new things at least once, has great plans for her life.  I am and will always be her biggest and loudest cheerleader and fan. 
Grade_school: Hazel Fischer Elementary School, Arnold, CA
Junior_high: Did not attend a junior high school.  My elementary went K-8.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy, well duh that's a given.  When I had no friends when I first moved to sac and started Encina I could be found at lunch time in Mr Tracy's class. Mrs. Leaf because she didn't take any guff from anyone.
Favorite_memory: Hmmm I wasn't in the circles that most of my classmates were in.  Most of my memories aren't about classmates but about teachers
and what they taught beyond the subjects they taught.
Story: Many and in the scheme of things left to die as Urban Legends.
BANKS, Jason Christopher
Feb 7, 1973-July 16, 2007
Beloved son, brother, and best friend, passed away on July 16, 2007, at the age of 34, the result of a tragic motorcycle accident. Jason was born and raised in Sacramento. He attended Encina High in Sacramento. His recent passions were mountain biking, camping, fishing, his love for his pets, and spending time with friends. Jason will always be remembered as fun loving and having a great sense of humor. He will be dearly missed and never forgotten. Jason leaves behind his mother and step-father Donna and Steven Reynolds, his father Tommy Banks, his younger brother Steve Reynolds, grandparents, many friends, and Heidi Banks who will always have a special place in her heart for him. A celebration of his life will be held on Friday, July 20, at 2:00 PM at Lambert Funeral Home, 400 Douglas Blvd., Roseville. Jason, we will always miss your love and fun spirit. Published in the Sacramento Bee on 7/19/2007
Seth Lombardy writes:
Occupation: Infantryman
Bio: USMC, Screenwriting, US Army, and WAR.
Trivia: Nothing entirely trivial:  Have traced the footpath of Alexander the Great on foot in Babylon (Just North of Babylon) and been on the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan; killed Taliban :); been to Japan, the DMZ of Korea for a year, Babylon, Iraq, Afghanistan, long winters in Fort Drum, New York, and many other places.
Friends: GGKB
Hobbies: My family, my writing, the ever necessary physical fitness, Geometry
Kids: Angelina Francesca, 8 months. One beautiful daughter
Grade_school: Greer until 4th Grade; Sierra Oaks 4-6th.
Grade_school_friends: Chris Cheng, Tracy Martin, Dawn Hart,
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: The Harvey Sisters, Wendy Wiseman, CC, TM, DH, Kim Smith, Billy Laun, Ofelda Gomez, Derek Schujahn
Memorable_teachers: Mister Tracey (Please), Misses Grossenbacher, Mister Dutton,
Favorite_memory: A very clean finish... it was very dreamy and pure. But, making my film for Advanced Drama with Mina Hamilton, Derek Schujahn, Ryan Andrewzjeski, and Grant Benton.  I would like to make that one again.
Story: Like my favourite memory, they all came off like a dreamy shine... the classmates and teachers I knew all gathered some strange innocence that instantly put them into a personal safety within my historical perspective.
Michelle Harvey writes:
Occupation: Family Sevice Worker, CPS
Bio: I've worked with children & families in some manner over the last 15 years. I'm now working with CPS... tough job but unfortunatly needed.
I have two wonderful children. I am newly divorced, but happily staying friends.
Friends: Tracy Taylor Tolbert, Michelle O'donold, Lisa Huff, Gina Hunter, Kim S. she was an amazing person, my kids loved her, unfortunately someone stole her life she fought so hard to regain.... & dozens of other wonderful people... Eugene Burt...HS sweetheart
Hobbies: Camping, walking, family time & riding motorcycles...
Kids: Kassandra 15 years old & Kennieth 12 years old. My kids are 15 & 12 years. They're amazing!
Grade_school: Queensway in England, Cottage in Sacramento...
Grade_school_friends: Kim Stendal, Tiffany Poland, Gina Hunter, Dawn Owens Matthews, Patty Owens.... MYLC.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Dawn Owens Matthews, Gina Hunters, Patty Owens....MYLC.
Memorable_teachers: Erik Dahlin, wow he was an awsome guy... I hope he is doing well & a physics teacher, I dont remember her name but she was super....
Favorite_memory: Running between classes only to catch a glimps of the man who would define love in my life..many memories developed from that moment...A kiss that was broadcast on EBS, flowers in french class, football games, track meets, weekends with friends....
Brandi Lipari writes:
Occupation: Real Estate, Mortgage, Business Development, Real Property Auctions
Bio: Studying RE and underwriting. Believe it or not, I ended up pretty successful
Trivia: Had one great son. Drowned myself in Real Estate, and been to one of the DR's on Dr. 90210. That is all I will divulge.
Friends: Gina Baker, Joyce Brew, Jason Columbo, mostly the same people I went to Howe Avenue or Greer with.
Hobbies: I snowboard, do promos for liquor companies, travel, shop like a mad woman, study Italian, online shop like a mad woman, hee hee!
Kids: Jessie James
My son is half Greek nd Italian, so he is a hot head just like me, but he is gorgeous and usually gets what he wants and gets his way.
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Too many too list, mostly skaters (do they use that term, these days?)
Junior_high: Last Graduating Class of Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Same ones
Memorable_teachers: N/A, way too long ago
Favorite_memory: Being a cheerleader, but wish we wouldve won more games.
Holly Hong writes:
Bio: July 1991, attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Designing & Marketing)
Friends: Since, I left Encina after the first semester of my Junior year, I didn't remain in contact with anyone.
Hobbies: Photography
Kids: None
Sibling_info: Kimberly P. Hong (Class of '89)
Ron Kern writes:
Bio: Working
Hobbies: Bass player in a band
Kids: Makenzie Laurin Kern 6 years old
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Nicks from jonas salk
Daniel Lindenfeld writes:
Occupation: Apple Specialist
Bio: Well after Graduation. I took some time off and did nothing but work. After about 2 years i got a job at a Day Care and worked with children for 2 1/2 years. After that I went to schoole and recieved my degree in Computer Network. Started off at a ISP for about 2 years doing support. Then moved onto Apple Computer back in 2000. Been here ever since. Still in Sacramento
Friends: Jeff Lillman, Scott Bennett Gina Baker Shelli Morris
Hobbies: Soccer, Computers
Kids: Makenzi And Madison
My daughter is 6 years old. She is a in Kindergarden. She is in the top 3 of her class. My Other Daughter is going to be born in about a week or so. Due Date is Dec 4th.
Grade_school: Was in Tucson AZ
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Memorable_teachers: Mr Tracy. May he Rest in Peace. Is was a inspiring person
Jenny Keogh writes:
Occupation: Owner/Operator Dental Laboratory; Dental Ceramist
Bio: After leaving Encina I graduated with a 4.0 in 1990 from another school. Go figure. Worked all kinds of food service jobs until I decided to become resposible and became a chocolatier. Moved to Portland, OR in 1998 to open a store for Godiva. Left the company but stayed here. (If you've ever seen the Cascade Mountains, you'll know why.) Worked in an internal medicine office for several years then wanted to do something artistic. I began working in the dental lab field sculpting teeth. I opened a crown and bridge lab with a friend last September and finally love what I do for a living. Carving under a microscope is Zen-like and being self employed is wonderful after working two jobs, seven days a week for 4 years to afford it. I recently moved from downtown to a suburb at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge and had to buy my first car since I've lived in Oregon. (Had to,
it's 25 miles to the nearest cool shopping district.) Got to see St. Helens' recent activity!
Trivia: I'm a completely different person. It took many years to overcome the trauma that was Encina.
Friends: Shawna Denney was my only real friend at Encina. I try to call a couple times a year - Where are you Freakita? Big Mike couln't find you on
your birthday!
Hobbies: Trail hiking, cooking, baking, collecting Lepidoptera, creating abstract sculpture, smoking. Trying to get in shape for a climb up Mt. Adams.
Kids: None.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Shawna, of course. Johanna Jones - you'll always rock! Dawn Hart- I wish we'd remained close. I was fortunate enought to get to
work with Nick Bohn for a little while after high school. It still aches knowing he's gone.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Adan- the only one who treated me like a human being.
Favorite_memory: Transfering out
Alumni_in_contact: Shawna Denney, when I can find her.
Seth Lombardy writes:
Occupation: Infantry Squad Leader
Bio: Four years in the Marine Corps, got out and wrote a screenplay and explored. Joined the Army and returned from Afghanistan in April. Off to
Iraq in a couple of weeks... be back in '06.
Trivia: Married to a beautiful Aussie and wondering why Derek didn't pursue rocket science.
Friends: Grant, Derek, etc.
Hobbies: Just finished my first work in a while "Slow Rabbit", a nifty little device called a screenpoem and I spend a lot of time at work.
Kids: None
Grade_school: Elementary: Howe, Greer, Sierra Oaks.
Junior High: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mister Tracey
Favorite_memory: Made a film
Shawn Larson writes:
Occupation: Nonprofit Management grad student, NYC
Bio: I went to college then off for a stint in the Peace Corps in Armenia. I married my wife there, and then it was off to South Korea to teach English.
Now we are in New York studying.
Hobbies: reading and travel
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Gregori. She introduced us to meditation and a whole different thought process.
Lissa Bracken writes:
Occupation: Service Manager
Bio: Graduated college in 2002.. better late then never !  I decided to stay at my job in the resturant because I absolutley love it, but now I have something to fall back on. I am going on being married for 3 years and I don't think things could get any better for me.. unless I can win the lottery.I was told I have cervical cancer about 5 months ago ( my mother died in 1999 from that) so now I am just trying to live through this and thank god they found it fast. I am going through all kinds of treatments and this is really getting old..haha
Trivia: I graduated college and I don't manage Taco bell( tee hee)
Friends: I really hand out primaraly with Nichole Rassmusen ( now Moore) I talked to her on our birthdays last year and I keep in touch with Rudy
German (1990) thats about all.
Hobbies: I work an awful lot.. but on my days off I like to spend as much time with my husband and my son Brian.
Kids: Brian is now 10 years old !! He is a handsome young man, VERY active and VERY social. He playes soccar, football ( he was the quarterback) and he is a purple belt in Karate.I couldn't imagne loving anyone more then I love this child. I cannot have anymore children so he is my heart.
Grade_school: Burbank, CA
Junior_high: EV Cain.. Auburn CA
Favorite_memory: If I could turn back time and re-live high school, I would
Sharon Smith writes:
Occupation: Clerk For Bel Air
Bio: Working and taking care of my family.
Trivia: I'm not dead yet, and have not appeared on any game shows, YET!
Friends: Best friends were:  Vince, Tami Rhea, Marci Smith, John Narimore, Claudette Colbert, and Floyd Burt.  Tami Rhea passed away in 1995, and I have since seen/talked with Marci Smith.  Wonder what she's doing now?
Hobbies: I love to cook, watch old movies, garage saling and thrift store hopping.  I collect antiques, you never know where they'll pop up!
Kids: Laura age 10
Laura is a beautiful little girl.  Looks like Vince.  Has his smarts too. She's a 5th grader attending elemntary school.  She loves soccor,
Winnie-the-Pooh, video games, and the color yellow.
Grade_school: Hazel Fisher Elementary; Arnold, CA
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy, because it was him who got me interested in Psychology, and wanting to use that as a career.  Mrs. Leaf, because she didn't take any guff from no one.
Favorite_memory: I didn't really like high school all that much, especially since I moved here from another school.  I didn't know that many people.  I
just wanted to get out of school.
Story: None that should be mentioned in mixed company, and the rest I  want to forget!
Alumni_in_contact: Chris Beuler, Gina Baker-Smith, Marci Smith, Jenny Palmer, and that's about it.
Jen Hendrickson writes:
Occupation: Realtor
Bio: Sooo many job at various companies to include, skiptracer for a repo agency and high credit card debt, waitressing, property manager, retail manager, secretary at a law firm, project coordinator for an Architectual firm.  I decided to quit trying everything and picked a career!  I'm now a Realtor for Century 21 and love it!!  Call my cell 549-0002 or email me!!
Trivia: I still have no kids at 30 years of age.
Friends: My best friend is Juli Brewer for the last 20 years, sister to Rachel Brewer who graduated from Encina a couple of years after I did.  Juli didn't go to Encina...we met at El Camino High my Junior year. 
Hobbies: I love to work on our home.  I paint everything...we did a faux finish in the living room in red...don't worry, it looks good.  We've installed crown molding thoughout and love to update the outside landscaping constantly :)
Kids: None, sorry.
Grade_school: South Lake Tahoe
Junior_high: Joseph Kerr-EG for 7th & Jonas for 8th
Junior_high_friends: Dawn Morgan, Dawn Hart, Delilah Navarro, Stephanie, Patty Owens, Bobby Grimes(occasionaly), Alex, Joe, Jim, Mike, Tracy, Ofelda, Monica, Gus,...so many whose faces I totally remember but not their names...sorry
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin, Ms. Grossenbacher
Favorite_memory: I was gonna say the kid duct taped to the tree but after reading Nick's bio I didn't remember it was him...so I won't say that again...or did I!?!? :)
Georgina Baker writes:
Occupation: On medical leave from my business and restaurant because was diagnosed with Crohns Disease not long after the reunion
Bio: Got married to Corey Smith (91) was seperated from him for a few months but worked things out and have been better than ever. Had another baby recently, so thought I would update my bio.  She is beautiful and so is my 5 year old.  I love being a mother!!
Friends: Since the reunion have been in contact with a lot of old friends.  I hope to see more at the next one.  It was such a blast!  I had so many friends....I don't have enough room to put you all down...
Hobbies: Being a mother, taking care of my health, doing yoga, started a study recently on Crohns Disease and am hoping to go into remission (cross your fingers)
Kids: Sarah Smith (5 years old), Amanda Smith (5 months)
Amanda is a beautiful 5 year old who is just a doll...has Coreys face and personality and my hair.  I just had Amanda in December 2002 and she is a miracle baby.  I was told not to have her because of my health, but I had to.  Thankfully she is healthy and beautiful and looks just like me!!!!  (Finally one that looks like me)  ha ha
Grade_school: Went to Creekside Elementary with a lot of our graduates, on to Howe Avenue (when it was a Jr. High), then to Encina!
Grade_school_friends: man...so many... Let's see...Rob Galli, Andrea & Erin Moon, Sara Ghafarie, Joe McClure, Jason Columbo...many many.  (sorry to whom I did not mention)
Junior_high: Ahh, look above
Junior_high_friends: too many
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin.....(he was the best)
Favorite_memory: you name it.....
Story: nahhhhh.....secrets and stories I can't share  tee hee
Shawna Denney writes:
Occupation: mom
Bio: raising my daughter.
Friends: my best friends were alecia sanchez,jenny keogh and jeff catt. they were my closest friends but i still think of everyone. i still talk to jenny
every now and again. i recently seen alecia when my mother passed, alecia was at the funeral.
Hobbies: i spend alot of time with my daughter and her friends. we go bowling and play tennis stuff like that.
Kids: my daughter is all i love in life! she is everything i wish i could have been. she is so beautiful and she has her first basketball game today.
she is out going smart willing to try anything once. she is in the school choir for deterding elementary.
Grade_school: weinerstein for 1st grade, then cottage,jonas and encina.
Grade_school_friends: alecia was my bestfriend from cottage but i remember the harvey twins tiffany poland michelle burke candy valerie
Junior_high: alecia sanchez,jeff catt, jenny keogh, kim smith
Junior_high_friends: pretty much i had the same friends all through school i was a geek for the most part. to shy i think.
Memorable_teachers: i liked mr. felton from jonas and mr. moore also.
Favorite_memory: sneaking out of school in alecias trunk of her prelude.
Alumni_in_contact: adam bennett valerie merriwether jenny keogh alecia sanchez tony triono jason ciccione
comments: if i could go back in time to my school days i would for sure do things soooooooooooooo much differently.
Christina Rodgers writes:
Occupation: Mother and Homemaker
Bio: Got married young lived in Spain for 2 years got divorced moved back to sacramento remarried later. I have three beautiful girls 7,5,&3 years of age.  In 1995 I gave my life to Christ.  My husband died in 2001. Leaving me as a single mother.I devote all my time to my children. 
Trivia: Life...........Growing Wise
Friends: Tiffany Romney, Tamera Holmen, Dawn Matthews, Gina Hunter, many more...
Kids: My daughters attend pre-school and 1st grade they love life.  We go to the park and fed the ducks. Work in the garden, take trips, play in the park.  
Grade_school: Howe Ave.
Grade_school_friends: Becky Sachs, Frank Flores, 
Junior_high: Howe Ave.
Junior_high_friends: Craig Baptista, Tiffany Romney, Tiffany,
Favorite_memory: Cutting Tamera's Hair on the Quad
Nick Bohn writes:
Occupation: working in a music store
Bio: wasting alot of time as well as establishing somewhat of a goal
Friends: valerie phealan, julie fandrich, gina baker, nathan cutler, kim smith, larry perrigo
Hobbies: im a filmmaker/performance artist/musician
Kids: i have 3 lovebirds, 1 sun conure, and a cat......i think that is the closest i will get to kids.......maybe????
Grade_school: Greer Elementry & Jonas Salk Junior High
Favorite_memory: not getting trashed and taped to the tree
comments: if you want to know more of anything......email me
Ron Kern writes:
Occupation: Warehouse/Supplies
Bio: Lived life a little... have a daughter, work work work
Friends: everybody
Hobbies: playing guitar, occasionally skateboarding, snowboarding, gambling, (he he), partying.....still
Kids: i have a three year old daughter makenzie born july of 1999... she is the most beautiful girl in the world...dont plan on having anymore i think?
Grade_school: Thomas Edison elementary
Grade_school_friends: Joe V., Dan K., Steve Hodges (cousin)
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Nicks.....may his soul rest in peace.
Favorite_memory: not being there! LOL
children: Makenzie Kern 3yrs old......Daddy loves you baby
Julie Fandrich writes:
Occupation: Insurance Technology Operations Analyst
Bio: Right after graduation I got married and had 2 kids.  I was the perfect little housewife for 5 years and then got divorced.  After getting divorced I started teaching computer software to computer technicians.  Some of my classes were held in Europe so I got the chance to do a bit of travelling.  I switched companies so I could be home more with my 2 kids.
Trivia: Well, I probably turned out exactly the opposite as anyone would have thought... I became very calm, mellow, and successful... Which Im sure if anyone remembers me back then... Shaved head and all..is quite different... My hair is actually very long now.. and not blue or purple... :)
Friends: Best friends - Kim Smith, Nick Bohn, & Valerie Phelan.
Hobbies: Hobbies, when I have time I practice martial arts and boxing... kinda fitting for me since I was in more than my share of fights in high school.
Kids: My daughter, Alicia is very smart and beautiful.  My son Jamie is looks just like me and, unfortunately, acts just like I did...
Favorite_memory: Not a favorite memory, but it stands out the most.  When Kim and Nick got taped to the tree on the senior lawn..... and I got away...
Brian Linville writes:
Occupation: Musician, school teacher, draftsman, writer, student
Bio: Touring in various bands, going to college, finishing my first novel.
Trivia: I'm a high school drop out turned high school teacher.  I'm working on my Masters so I can teach college.  I also used to be horrible in English at Encina.  Now I write professionally for various magazines.
Friends: I was so, so anti social then because of all of my learning disabilities that I didn't really have many friends.  There were a few people that were always nice to me.  Sunny Low('91) and Anne Opp(92').  I miss both of them.
Hobbies: Tae kwon do, ballet, weight lifting, music, anthropology, 3D modeling and animation, web page design.
Grade_school: Howe Ave
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Lord who opened up the world of Anthropology for me.  Mr Tracy for being interesting.  And Miss Misquitta for being patient as I struggled to learn Spanish for four years.
Favorite_memory: Always getting higher scores on big tests than all the preppies that looked down on me because I was a "rocker" :)
Candie Graham writes:
Occupation: JIT Coordinator
Bio: After I graduated I recieved my certificate in medical terminology. Then I got pregnant. Had my first child, Alexis. Since then I really haven't done much but work and raise my daughter. I also got married to a great guy named Charles. We then had another child, Charlie (Charles) He has been a major handful. (Damn boys) I am a soccer mom. i now wish that I would have never quit playing sports. My daughter plays both indoor and outdoor soccer, so we are always on the go.
Trivia: I really don't have any interesing trivia.. Where is the old gang at??? We need to have a reunion....
Friends: Oh geez.. There was Angela Ketcherside, Tracy Taylor, Jennifer Reetz, Christine and Tracy Westwood, Felicia Rios, Shayla Juarez, Jimmy & Joey Moore, Jeff Lillman, Charles Porter.. And so many more. Sorry to those I can't think of right now.. 
Hobbies: I read alot, crafts, soccer, and mother. That's about it.
Kids: My daughter is 8 and my son is 17 months. They are total handfuls..
Grade_school: Edison
Grade_school_friends: Tim Fountain, Erik Williams ( may he rest in peace) geez that's the only one I can think of right now.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Felicia Rios, Shayla Juarez, Ofelda,Erik Williams (R.I.P.) and many more.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs.Lord, she was such an interesting teacher. She made the classws fun. Mr. Drawbert he was my basketball and volleyball coach, he always believed in me.
Favorite_memory: Playing music on the quad. That was fun pissing off people when they didn't get to hear there music. ( Should've turned in the tapes a day ahead of time huh??? lol)
Eric Brisco writes:
Occupation: Sales/ Marketing Manager
Bio: On September 15,2001,I married my beautiful wife Sarah.  I spend most of my time enjoying life with my family & friends.   
Trivia: Arrested for being a real dumb ass one year after graduation. Spent 2 1/2 yrs in jail. I was mistakingly arrested again in 2001, it seems someone is/was using my drivers license number on stolen checks. It has cost me $60,000 in court fee's, 45 days in court, and over a year and a half to get my identity back. When in essence a simple phone call to my employer would have told the justice system they had the wrong person. Just proof, that descisions/mistakes made, will affect you for the rest of your life. Anybody reading this please watch out for ID theft, it seems to be getting very common in our world. And it can be a mess...
Friends: Everyone.
Hobbies: Snow Boarding, Paintball, Karate(with my son), and classic cars.  
Kids: Nicholas Gage Brisco 6 yrs old, a first grader, and one of the best gift's i've ever recieved.
Grade_school: Athena B. Smythe
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Favorite_memory: Graduating on time.
Amanda Harvey writes:
Occupation: house wife and mother
Bio: I left Encina in December of 1990 for Washington state. Where I got my GED and started collage. From ther I went home to England for a few years where I had my first of 3 boys. I left there to come back to the SUN and have a second boy. I ran an apartment complex for sometime where I met the love of my life. We married and had our 3rd and FINAL boy.And not I take care of my family from home.
Friends: My best friends were Terri Wilson (still is) Micheal James Hughes(gone to heaven) Tracy Taylor Tolbert(email) Tammy Myers and Michelle Harvey Andersent( speaking again)
 Lost is Gina Hunter and Jeff Garenger is the only one I can think of off the top of my head.
Hobbies: Our hobbies include going for bike rides, playing at the park, going to the inlaws farm, and family movie night.I really enjoy the times when my husband and I get to go play golf just us no boys ;0)
Kids: I have 3 boys. Christopher who is 7, He loves golf and at this time hates girlsHAHAHA we all know what thats like. Brenden who is 5 and loves the human body of everyone and has no problem saying so. And our baby Jonas. He is almost 2 and such a joy.
Grade_school: some collage but family comes first
Grade_school_friends: Gina Hunter and Michelle Harvey Andersent
Junior_high_friends: Gina Hunter and Michelle Harvey Andersent  Terri Wilson
Memorable_teachers: I have to say Mrs Grossenbocker and Mrs. Derbont they both cared enough about there students to take time out of there own lives.
Favorite_memory: Gooffing off with campus life. Getting the chance to met and love Mike Hughes(angel) and Terri Wilson who tought me how to love others and myself and gave me the grace to care for my wonderfull family.
Story: everyday was an interesting story at Encina. Just remember the good with the bad and let them make you stronger. One bit of advice I have...is tell those you love that you love them all the time. Forgive those you have a problem with tomarrow may never come. Peace to you all!
Alumni_in_contact: Terri Wilsom and Tammy Myers
Jennifer Barrett writes:
Occupation: Mommy and a Homemaker
Bio: Since I left 3/4 of the way through my Junior year, I graduated from Oroville High School.  Andy Cloutier ('90 and Matt Cloutier's twin) and I were still together and married in August 1993.  The same day of our wedding, we began our drive to San Antonio, TX., for Andy to report back to basic training in the Army before they shipped us off to Colorado.  Long story short, we separated for a while, and I moved to Santa Barbara to live with some friends.  I did return to Colorado to try and work things out, unsuccessfully.  I do however want to make something very clear - Andy was and is a very loving and caring person who I know I hurt very deeply.  I have made some very big mistakes in life, but all I can do is learn from them.  To Andy and his family and friends, again I am truly sorry for everything.  But on to bigger and better things.  Since that time, I moved back to Sac. and held various administrative positions.  I also rededicated my life to Christ and have been so blessed by Him!   I did remarry, my Best Friend Matt (Bella Vista, '89) and have been very happy for the past 3+ years.
Trivia: I guess I'm pretty boring when it comes to trivia.  I did continue to sing at several public events, including a Sacramento Knights game at Arco Arena (the National Anthem).  That was such a rush.
Friends: There were so many, I can only name a few:  Stacy Cole (from Jr. High), Esther King, Bob Hummel (who I miss terribly since my divorce), Chris Cheng - where are you?, Gena Bradbury, Gina Baker, Chris Leiser, Jen Jeffords, Mina Hamilton, Amy Schnieder, Deanna Narvaez(90), Shannon Staiger, Liz Glaholt(89)and Michelle Dubonnet(89)
Hobbies: Playing with my girls (they are the light of our lives), having lunch with other friends/moms, and when it strikes me (usually the night before a holiday or event) crafts for gifts.
Kids: Kaitlyn is two and just the spitting image of her father.  She's also a daddy's girl.  She has just recently become this "big kid" with the way she acts and the things that she says.  It cracks me up all day!  Olivia is only 3 and half months and is definately my daughter - Yea!, this one looks like me!  She is such a smiler and is "talking" more and more each day.  The
girls are 1 week shy of two years apart which makes for a very busy month of February.   They have a website at kat.liv.tripod.com
Grade_school: Stanford Avenue (Oroville) and Oakdale in North Highlands
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: There were so many, I do remember Jon Meckfessel and Gina Baker though.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. McElroy "Mac" - He helped fight to keep me at Encina with a district transfer every year I was there for my desire to be in the arts.  He was always encouraging and supportive.
Favorite_memory: The rally's and being on JV Cheer sophomore year.
Story: I would really love to hear from some of you and hope I can attend the reunion.
Tracy Westwood writes:
Occupation: HUSCIII (Hospital Service Unit Coordinatior III)
Bio: After graduation I had a couple of jobs, then went to National Education Center to get a certificate in Medical Office Management. Now I work at UCDavis and have been there for about 7 years. I've worked in several departments from the ER to management in the IAU, now I am a HUSCIII on the Pediatric ICU Floor (basically the floor secretary). I work graveyard 12-hour shifts. I married Brian Mincks Valentines Day 1993. Finally after several treatments, pills, and surgery we have a beautiful daughter named Briana.
Friends: Dawn Hart, Jenny Reetz, Tammy Myers, Terry Wilson, Candie Graham, Jenny Jones, Angie Ketcherside, Jason Graves, Gus, Gina
Hobbies: We Love to go camping. Riding my bike with my daughter. Swimming at the gym.
Kids: Our daughter Briana Edith (after my mom) Mincks was born on June 15th 1999. Brian and I tried for six years to have children. I went through many very frustrating, and some painful infertility treatments. Finally I had surgery and 6 months later got pregnant with Briana. She was worth everything, we are soooooo happy to finally have a family. Now, we are 8 months into trying for number 2. Briana definitely has a personality of her own. Boy, can she be stubborn, her way or no way. She loves babies everytime she sees one she wants to kiss it. She is a bit of a tomboy too. She loves to play with cars and trucks. My sister said she's going to get her some hotwheels for her birthday.
Grade_school: Several from Fresno to South Lake Tahoe to sac
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: I Cant remember that far back. I think Dawn Hart and I became friends back in Jr. High.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Leafe (we had a keychain contest), Mrs. Makenzie, Mrs. Woo, Mr Brodnansky (for letting me be his aide after I passed his class), Mrs. Esparcia (for letting us walk the track), Mrs. Priece, And I remember Freddie the hall monitor.
Favorite_memory: I remember several great memories, like making floats, decorating and going to dances, doing music on the quad. I remember when Charles Porter was doing flips at a rally and flipped in to the chairs.
Story: For those of you wondering about my sister Kristine Westwood. Well, she's married and has two daughters, Carmen 3 ½ and Savannah 1 year old. She just moved into a her first beautiful new home. She was a dental assistant until children, now is a stay at home mom.
Michele Patche writes:
Occupation: Recruiter
Bio: Went to ARC in fall 1991, and graduated with my AA in 1999.  (Yeah, it took me a while to go to a 2-year college.)  Thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but that didn't work out.
I started working for the CA Department of Water Resources as a student, while attending college back in 1993.  I've been the Recruitment Coordinator since 2000.
In 1995, I married Wade Hughes (EHS graduate), and we have two beautiful children together.
Trivia: Nothing important.
Friends: Wade Hughes, Jennifer Coffeen, Johanna Jones, Deanna Leiser (1992), Beki Keeler, Jennifer Neighbors
Well, you know what happened to Wade and I.  Jen C. and I still communciate, mostly via email and instant messages.  Haven't seen or heard from Johanna since her 21st birthday party.  Deanna, Beki, Jennifer and I lost contact right after graduation.
Hobbies: Kayaking, basketball, going to the beach, hanging out with Wade and my kids, hanging out with friends, tennis, taebo.
Kids: Sarah is 4 1/2.  She is a doll and very precocious.  She will start kindergarten in fall 2001.
Zachary is 2 1/2.  He's adorable, just like his daddy.
Grade_school: Greer School
Grade_school_friends: None worth mentioning.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Jennifer Coffeen, Johanna Jones
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracey - this goes without saying, Ms. Lord - because she made my freshman year World History class interesting.  Mrs. Sutliff - because she knew her sh!*, and I loved Physics class.
Favorite_memory: Meeting Wade.
Story: Nope.
Alumni_in_contact: Jennifer Coffeen, Steve Fauzy, Louis Hudson
Heard_about_website_from: Jennifer Coffeen
Felicia Rios writes:
Occupation: Office Technician
Bio: I am a single mother of two wonderful boys.  I left Encina my Jr. year because I got pregnant with my son.  I transfered to a school for parenting mothers and continued my education.  I am now working with the State of California as an Office Technician.  I have been working there for almost 2 years.  Before working with the State I was a child care provider for about six years.  I miss it in a way, but then again I enjoy being around adults.
Trivia: The only interesting thing that has happen to me is about 8 years ago I gave my life to the Lord.  No, I am not a Holy Roller as some people would say.  I just love the Lord.  I can honestly say that it is only by his grace I have made it this far.  Being a young parent at the age of 17 and having to raise my children on my own has been a struggle.  Because I have given my life to Him there is so much peace and love in my life.  I know He is always there when I need him and that He is that father to my children.  I don't want to see my boys going down the same path that I went down.  I don't want to see them become teen fathers or into drugs just as I was.   I want to be an example to them and the only way that could happen is by changing my life around for the good.  And let me tell you, there is no better way than Jesus.
Friends: I remember some of my closest friends who I have not talked to in a long time.   Shayla, Freda, Rachel Guzman, and many many more.
Hobbies: Playing on the computer, spending time with my children
Kids: I have two boys, Angel, 10 years old and Gabriel, 8 years old.  They are very energetic and keep me going. They love roller blading and riding their scooters.
Grade_school: Noralto Elementary and Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Nicole Smith and Rosie Gomez who I went to Noralto with.
Shayla Juarez, Billy A., Joe Moore.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: My old basketball teammates; Shayla, Freda, Valerie, Wendy, Tracy and I know there are more of you I just can't remember.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Dahlin.  We could always go and hide out in ceramics if we didn't want to go to any other class.
Heather Smith writes:
Occupation: Director of Health Information Management
Bio: After our sophomore year, I moved and finished school at Mira Loma High.  I was not happy about this move and did not like going there.  After graduating, I then moved to Austin, Texas for 7 years and went to college out there.  I went to Austin Community College for a few years and worked at a 485 bed hospital in the medical records department.  After a few years of school, I needed to pick a career.  I then got accepted at Southwest Texas State University in the Health Information Management Program.   I graduated in 1997 and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Health
Information Management.  I then went on to pass the National Exam to become a Registered Health Information
Management Administrator.  I worked at St. David's Hospital for 6 years in the Medical Records Deparment . After
graduating, I was promoted to evening shift supervisor.  I gained a lot of management experience and after a year
decided that I needed a change.  I then moved back home to be near my family. I love being back.  I now am the
Director of Medical Records at a Psychiatric Hospital in Sacramento. I enjoy my job a lot.   I have also met a wonderful
guy, who I am engaged to marry on August 4th, 2001. Justin and I have been together for 2 years now.  He is truly
wonderful and I knew he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with after our second date.  Unfortunately,
he was in a horrible jet-skiing accident last July and compound fractured both bones in both legs.  We went through
some really tough times, but I believe that it has brought us closer together.  He is doing much better and is finally
starting to be able to walk again.  He and I are wonderful together and I couldn't ask for anything better.
Trivia: I have traveled all over.  I have been to Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Bahamas, Cancun, Cozumel, Hawaii, and soon Cabo San Lucas in October.  I have also traveled all over the United States. 
Friends: My good friends were Amy Rhoads (89), Johanna Jones (91), Anna Price (91), Carrie Williams (89), and Gina Baker (91). I still talk with Johanna, Amy and Gina.  I don't know where Anna or Carrie are anymore.
Hobbies: I love to water-ski, snow-ski, scuba dive, jet-ski and go camping.  I love being outdoors and traveling.  I have also started scrapbooking.
Kids: I don't have any yet.  Maybe I will start having one within the next year and a 1/2.  That sounds like a good time
to start having kids.  Justin and I do have 4 cats though.  Their names are Toby, Spaz, Cinnamon and Jewels. They
are quite a handful.
Grade_school: Roberts Elementary
Grade_school_friends: None that went to Encina
Junior_high: I can't remember the name of the first one, Chuchill and Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Johanna Jones, Anna Price, Gina Baker and Charles Porter
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Carrol, who was the Drivers Education teacher.  He was such a neat person and always had interesting stories.
Favorite_memory: My favorite memory was being on Drill Team in 1989. Another favorite memory was when Johanna and I used to sneak out at night and everytime we would come home, we would have to push my car down the driveway and I would always accidentally hit the horn.  We were always trying to be so quiet and then I would hit the horn.  It never failed.  I also had a lot of fun at the parties we went to at Libby Glaholt's house.  Oh the memories.
Story: Amy Rhoads is now Amy Shannon. She lives in Reno and is married with 2 kids.   Gina Baker is now Gina Smith and is married to Cory Smith and has a little girl.
Alumni_in_contact: Johanna Jones, Amy Rhoads Shannon and Gina Baker Smith
Heard_about_website_from: found it searching the web
Kerry Huston writes:
Occupation: teacher
Bio: After graduation I went off to UCSB and earned a B.A. in English.  I sang in the gospel choir, joind a sorority (for a short time) and fell in love with Aaron all over again.  ( Remember him, I brought him to senior homecoming.)  After I graduated we moved back to my original stomping ground in San Luis Obispo County.  Aaron went to Cal Poly while I struggled to figure out who exactly I wanted to be when I grew up.   After a few months working at a clothing store, my life long dream of being a teacher resurffaced.  I started the credential program in January and had my first class in September.  Aaron and I got engaged the same week.  One year later we were married and bought our first home in Atascadero.  I continued to teach and we were blessed with the birth of our son, Blake.  He is the greatest joy I have ever known.  So now I teach full time, mommy full time and try to keep the house clean in the meantime.  I could not be happier. Well unless we were having another baby.   Hopefully next Spring.
Trivia: I still love to throw birthday celebrations.  The latest is a rubber ducky party.
Friends: Genevieve Bradbury, Craig Shaffer, Melissa Smith   I kept in contact with G for a few years but then we lost each other. 
Hobbies: I am having a great time remodeling a house built by a wallpaper contractor in 1979.  Every wall and even a ceiling had wallpaper.  I have painted, refinished cabinets, and even layed Spanish tile.  Someday, it will be my masterpiece.  I also love to do Creative Memories scrapbooks with friends.
Kids: Our son Blake is the sweetest little guy I have ever seen.  His smile lights up my life and his giggles melt my heart.  He loves anything to do with balls.  We swear he is going to join the pro golf circuit before he is 5.  His swing is absolutely amazing.  I wish I was that coordinated.
Grade_school: Too many to mention,  all in San Luis Obispo County
Grade_school_friends: no one from Encina......too far away.
Junior_high: Atascadero Junior High School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Pierce for giving me more opportunities than the new girl ever could have hoped for.  Mrs. Grossenbacher for believing in me and helping me fit in.   Mr. Neezy for putting up with me.
Favorite_memory: Senior lawn picnics.
Story: Cutting class with Genevieve to get out nails done and go to La Bou for croissants.
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Armando Maes writes:
Occupation: Chef
Bio: Left high school after my sohmore year. Went to Texas got my GED. Moved back to Sacramento started indoor gardening for about two years while I was learning the chef trade at Piatti in Sacramento. Discovered that I had this
amazing talent to cook & create fantastic Italian cuisine. I am now one of the top rated chefs in San Francisco. You can come check me out at Rose Pistola in San Francisco. Currently saving & studying to own my own Restaurant.
Friends: Jim & Joe Moore (best friends for life),Mark B.,Tracy Martin, Jason McCarthy (may god look over him),everybody in integrated english/ history, Chris Cheng, Joe McCLeore, Bobby Martinez, John Dumas, Billy Bloodsaw, Greek Harvey IV (punk), Candy, and all the other girls that I flirted with.
Hobbies: bicycling, cooking, traveling, hiking
Kids: none
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Bobby Martinez, John Dumas, Spencer Hamilton, Claudel, Billy Bloodsaw
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: All the Same from HIgh School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Lord (the bomb archeologists), Mr. Sanders very intelligent profesor & very impressionable
Favorite_memory: My party that I had at my moms house our sophmore year when the seniors stole the kegs and we stole them back. Greek kicked the shit at of Isaac Gomez.
David Wilson writes:
Occupation: market research interviewer
Bio: Most of you would probably recognize my nickname more than my real one. It was Andre the Giant. I was called that so often, even some the guys I ran with didn't know that David was my real name.I stayed in Sac for another year and a half after graduation before moving to Missoula, MT. Yes, Montana. I grew up in a town about the same size as Missoula (pop. about 60,000) and after I adjusted from living in a city to a smaller town again, I have felt at home here. I became a cook about six years ago which I did until two knee surgeries in as many years forced me off my feet and into a sit down job. I found my current work to feed and house my wife Melanie and I til I get out of school as a web designer. I met my lovely wife in August 1998. We dated briefly before realizing that we were meant for one another and so got married. We've been married now for almost 18 months. I know I started late, but I wasn't ready to marry before then. Hell, I wasn't too sure I was ready to do it when I did, but I have never doubted that it was the right thing to do.
Trivia: Like I said, I've had two knee surgeries (same problem, same knee), am due for a third for the same thing (again on the same knee) and need at least one surgery on the left one to remove a bone chip in it. I also took up fishing again when I moved up here and during the recovery from my last surgery, I took up fly fishing, a sport that is terribly addicting to some people and a collossal waste of time to others. I guess it all depends on your personality. Since I was already an avid fisherman, I fell into the former category and have gone pretty much from avid to rabid. Oh well, Melanie still loves me though she doesn't even pretend to understand!
Friends: Rick Rhea was my best friend and is the one I'd like to get hold of the most. Through a combination of stupidity and fear (it's a long story), I let him go and I would like to hear from him again if anybody knows where he is. Some of my other good friends? Heidi and Wendy Flora (twins), Craig Johnson, Paul (I forget his last name), Chris (Hooter), and the other Chris who ran with us. We used to play hackey sack on the quad nearly every day at lunch. I can't forget Derek Wallen either. The boy had his problems, but he was a good guy and I liked him a lot.
Hobbies: FISHING, FISHING, FISHING, and tinkering with my computer. Did I mention that I like to FISH?
Kids: Sorry, no kids yet.
Grade_school: Washington Elementary in Medford, OR
Junior_high: Roy Jr High, Roy, Utah
Memorable_teachers: Mr Dedarian because he made U.S. History fun and easy. Erik for putting up with me and my escaping to the art room next door to hang out with my friends all the time. Last but not least, Mr. Hollingsworth for putting up with my god-awful singing during auto shop. I haven't quit singing and unfortunately, I haven't gotten any better! Give me another decade, we'll see then 
Favorite_memory: Playing hackey on the quad with my friends
Story: Nothing I care to see in print.
Heard_about_website_from: Somehow Encina webmasters found my email address and sent me a message.
Melissa Smith writes:
Occupation: Asst. Stock Administrator
Bio: On December 23, 2000 I got married.  Dan and I had been friends for years and started dating a couple of years ago.  Things have been wonderful.  I have worked at E*Trade Securities for 2 years, one year in customer service and one year in outsourced stock administration.  Prior to that I worked at the California SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Program as an administrative assistant.  In 1995 I granduated from CSU, Sacramento with a degree in Communication Studies.  While at school I bowled for the collegiate bowling team and traveled all over the US.  I participated in 3 national championship tournament, with the highest finish being 6th place.  I was also selected to represent California in the All-California Collegiate Bowling Tour that went to Japan.  We spent 18 days in Japan and toured all over the country.  I also interned in the Athletic Department and at KXTV-10 sports department. 
Trivia: While interning at KXTV-10 I got to interview David Robinson.  The interview appeared on KXTV-10, the San Antonio ABC affiliate and ESPN.
Friends: Genevieve Bradbury, Kerry Houston, John Meckfessel, Chris Leiser and Chris Cheng.   I get emails from Genevieve every now and then, but I have lost contact with everybody else.
Hobbies: Bowling, reading, and spending time with my husband.
Kids: No kids yet.
Grade_school: Bell Avenue School
Junior_high: Rio Linda Junior High
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy because of his sense of humor.  Mr. McElroy for his compassion.  Mr. Berger for his encouragement.  Mrs. Lord for her honesty.   Mrs. Grossenbacher for her support.  Ms. Elder for her dedication.
Favorite_memory: Shayla's halloween party our senior year.
Alumni_in_contact: Mike Emelio '87
Donald Scherman '83?
Heard_about_website_from: other alumni
Sacramento Bee, 9-26-00
Kimberly Ann Thorstad
On September 22, 2000. Born July 16, 1971 in Sacramento. Survived by her parents Vicki and Darryl Thorstad. A brother David Thorstad, sister in laws Betsy and Vickie Thorstad, grandparents Ralph Thorstad and Lorna and Bud DesVoignes, and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Kimberly was a beautiful young lady whose life was challenged with
adversity. When all odds were against her, due to unfortunate tragedies which resulted in severe health problems, Kim bravely faced each day with a tenacious, positive, cheerful attitude. Her strong faith in God, her love of life, her dignity and her courage during her brief life will sustain her family forever. Kim will be laid to rest alongside her older brother, Brian,
who preceded her in death. Family and friends are welcome to attend a viewing on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 4-8 PM and a funeral service on Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 12:00 noon. Both at Sierra View Funeral Chapel, 6201 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael. Interment will be at East Lawn Sierra Hills Memorial Park, 5757 Greenback Lane, Sacramento.
Amy Wade writes:
Occupation: Motel General Manager
Bio: I moved to Tennessee 2hrs after graduation.  I lived there for 3yrs, worked in customer service at a newspaper.  I met Mr.Wrong, but he gave me the most beautiful little girl, Megan.  She has so much energy, if we could find a way to bottle it up, and sell it, we'd be rich!  Megan and I moved to Nebraska a few months after she was born.  Lived there for 2yrs, met the most wonderful man, now my husband.  We married Janurary 1998.  We have a wonderful, handsome little boy.  I also have three wonderful step-children.  We have them during the summer and at Christmas.   I attended the Univ. of Nebraska, but dropped out to take care of my family.    We moved back to Tennessee.  We just bought a new house. 
Friends: I have lost contact with all of my friends, I would love to hear from them.   Ann Blake, Romellice Lawson...where are you???  I keep in occasional contact with Renee Poole (1992).
Hobbies: I love reading, camping, traveling, crafts.  keeping up with 2 kids keeps me pretty busy.  Especially busy in the summertime, keeping up with 5 kids!
Kids: Sarah is 12yrs old (stepdaughter), Cameron is 10yrs old (stepson), Stephan is 8yrs old (stepson), Megan is 6yrs old, and Leland (Lee) is 3yrs old.  They are all great kids, very loving, FULL of energy, they are the loves of my life, can't imagine life without them.
Grade_school: A.M. Winn
Junior_high: Albert Einstein
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy
Favorite_memory: Being with the people who meant the most to me, my friends.
Sunny Low writes:
Occupation: Marketing Research for Statenet/California Journal
Bio: Around '95 I fell in love with the newwave boy of my dreams , John Frank, and we have been happy together ever since raising   John's daughter who will be 7 in Sept. I 've been composing and preforming experimental music off and on in and around the Sacramento area and Portland OR  and indulging in other forms of art. I have a happy working environment and some dear friends. I have just recently gone back to school to study my passions (Art and Psych).
Trivia: People still think I'm a Nihlist. *smile*
Friends: Gina Hunter, Jenny Palmer, Alex Townsend, Vince Redoble, Becky Sachs and there were others....sorry if i left anyone out.   Does anyone know where Gina is!?
Hobbies: Varied forms of art.
Kids: John's daughter is an amazing child with more intensity and energy in her little pinky than most people have in a life time. I've been a primary parent to her since she was 2 and John and I both have made protecting , educating and caring for her our biggest priority in life .
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin for all the great bitching sessions. .. Mr. Adan for being who he is.... Ms. Mesquita for listening to the sex pistols with us. and mostly Mr   Stevens for  building me canvases and giving me all that paint and supplies and  doing whatever he could to create a creative space for me and acting like it was no big deal. It was a big deal to me and I'll never forget it. oh and also for marking me present when I wasn't!
Favorite_memory: That's hard to say.  So many funny little things.  Mostly watching the teachers lose their sanity...Glen with his Starski & Hutch brown pleather jacket riding his Peewee Herman bike around the campus hunting for cutters.  What the h*** was that about?
Story: I occationaly still see Mr. Adan around .
Alumni_in_contact: I still see Chris O'Toole on occation and he's doing very well.
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Genevieve Bradbury writes:
Occupation: Outreach Specialist/SW Market
Bio: Several things have crossed my path sice graduation.  I went to Southern California College, now Vanguard University, directly after Highschool. This college is located in Costa Mesa, Ca about 20 min from Disneyland.  After graduating with a degree in Theatre Arts, I worked.  That got very boring after about three years so I took off t o travel.  I spent six months traveling the East Coast. On my way there I was lucky enough to visit Minnisota, Chicago and Illinois, while there is stayed in North Carolina, spent time in Philadelphi, Virginia and  New York. I met the love of my life while I was in, the most unsuspecting of places, Jacksonville, North Carolina.   His name is Timothi Bohan, he is originally from Portland, Oregon.
After a hard 7 month long distance relationship he was finally able to move to California with me and we have been inseparable since January 2000.  We are planning to be married in Sacramento sometime this summer.
As for work, I came back to California to a very promising carrer with Nextel Communications here in the SouthWest Market, the largest and most successful market of Nextel.  I plan on being with them as long as it takes. I also have a dream of staring my own business Party Planning and Wedding Consulting.  Hopefully that will take off and I can be a stay at home mom when the time comes! Until I have more news...take care.
Trivia: I still have the flag that Amy Schneider (sp?) gave me a graduation.
Friends: My closest of friends I still keep in touch with...except one--Kerri Houston! Where did she go????
Hobbies: I am actually a very crafty sort of person, but not cheesy stuff. I like to create my own style of unique paper products. I also fiddle with the party planning aspect of my dreams as much as possible, between that, work and planning
a wedding I have liitle time for anything else.
Kids: Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but I am expecting.  Tim and I will have a baby on (or around) September 27th.
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Oh my...several. Too many to name!
Memorable_teachers: Ginny Grossenbacher-Honors English, because she believed in me.
Mac- Mr. MacElroy-Theatre/math-because he was a great dirctor and a great teacher and he believed in me too.
Favorite_memory: Cutting class-only did it  a couple times, so when I did I made the best of it!
Oh and the party we had at Kerry's house for graduation! That was fun!
Alumni_in_contact: Dawn Hart, Beki Keeler Beane, Shannon Blackman Moore.
Heard_about_website_from: email
Jeanne Carol writes:
Occupation: Mother of three
Bio: I have gotten married, had kids and am enjoying the life I have.
Friends: Jennifer Barrett,and some others .And since in Feb. of 88 I moved to El Paso Texas I will tell you of those friends. I married my high school man( then left him)My best fiend was Michelle Norman, I also was good friends with Richard Eller( who saved my life!!)
Hobbies: I like to do things with my kids, and get away from them too. I spend time with friends and my best friend now my husband.
Kids: I have three as I've said, Michael is 9, Amber is 7, and my youngest Kelsey is 3. They are my world, I am very blessed.
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: There are to many from Howe to even begin to list
Memorable_teachers: Rocco was the best, I will always remember him.
Favorite_memory: I left half way through my freshman year, I enjoyed my time there though and miss my friends very much.
Sibling_info: Tim Carol
Heard_about_website_from: I went to classmates.com and found this site through them.
Candie Graham writes:
Occupation: Customer Service Rep
Bio: Working and raising a family. Having a blast doing both. Raising the family is the best thing I could have ever done.
Friends: I use to be real close friends with Tammy Meyers, Tracy Taylor & Angela Ketcherside, I now have recently started talking to Tracy after all these years.
Hobbies: I like to read and play on the computer (when I have spare time) I also Enjoy watching my daughter do her homework and ENJOY it. Also watching her play soccer is a great thing.
Kids: I have 1 daughter right now, But I also have another child on the way. Not sure what it is yet but we will come April 14. My daughter loves schjool and soccer. She also loves to travel with her uncle and her dad.
Grade_school: Edison
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Wow.....ummmmmmmm... That's a hard one. I had so many friends that I can't remember everyone's name. There was Shayla, Ofelda, Tracy, JImmy, Joey, Mike oh man I can't remember them all, Jenny, and ummmmmm.. I'll get back to you later on the rest.
Memorable_teachers: I liked all my teachers. Especially mRs. Lord. She was such an interesting teacher and the way she teached was interesting. She made it worth while going to class.
Favorite_memory: I rememeber when Jenny and I ran the Music on the Quad at Lunch, that was so fun watching people throw a fit over the music cause they didn't like it. But they would never bring us any music to play that they liked, so oh well. hehehehe
Story: All I remember is that I lived going to Encina. It was a hell of alot better then having to transfer to Elk Grove, moooooooo..........
Michelle Harvey writes:
Occupation: Child Care Worker
Bio: I had the first of two beautiful children,a girl with Mr. Wrong. Bounced around in Sac until I found my second Mr. Wrong and had a boy. I ran a day care from my home until resently, when I chose to work at a Group home in Orangevale and on the weekends at the Group home in Rescue, CA. I enjoy my job for the most part, somedays its stessfull and I'd love to be with my children.
Friends: IMy best friends in scool were Tracey Taylor, who I have lost contact with but would love to hear from, and Patty Owens, I see your brothers every now and then, and my sister Amanda who I don't speek to(family differences). Eugen Burt, my first "love":0)
Hobbies: I work out at the gym when I find time, any time with my kids is extra special, and camping but I don't do it as much as I'd like. I enjoy flying to Vagas for weekend trips.
Kids: Kassandra Lillian is 8years old ,sandy-blonde hair and pretty as a button. Kennieth is 5years old with dark brown hair, a die hard DENVER BRONCOS fan.
Grade_school: Queensway in England and Cottage in Sac
Grade_school_friends: Gina Hunter,who I miss dearly. Dawn Owen(Matthews), I hope that you and the family are well.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Erick He would always have a smile when it was needed.
Favorite_memory: Thats hard to say !!
Heard_about_website_from: Family
Virginia Taylor writes:
Occupation: Auto Insurance Customer Service Supervisor
Bio: Well, A Lot has happened. I moved to Michigan after graduation, where I met my now "EX" fiance, yes, Its a long story.  So, now I am single and looking for Mr. Right!  I have started back to school, almost have that degree that I should have had years ago, but hey, you know how things go.  My dogs, Gizmo and Tucker (The Pugs) and I are happy, and thats what counts.  :o)
Trivia: I have a great job, If you need Car Insurance, give me a call!
Friends: Nicole Smith (now Baptista), Colleen Vargas , Shannon Foster, Erica Myers, and Dawn Hart.  Nicole and I are now reunited and see eachother at least once a month, and Colleen and I still hang out.  To all that I have lost contact with, I wish you the best and much happiness!
Hobbies: I work Full Time and Go to school, what else could I possible do...
Kids: Gizmo is 8 years old, and Tucker is 5.  They walk on all fours and are a bundle of joy! Ok, so there dogs, but I love 'em.
Grade_school: Citrus Heights Elementry
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy, WOW....Always a funny guy (RIP)
Favorite_memory: I met so many people that I loved dearly.  Even those mean boys, yes...you know who you are! (ie: Billy L. and Charles P.), Baby Steve, I'll never forget ya! :o)
Story: I just have 2 words.....Senior Sunrise.....
Close your eyes, and remember back, June 7th, 1991
And 1 last word...."Spray streamer" Those who know what im talking about are definatly laughing right now! ;O)   XOXO
Jennifer Coffeen writes:
Occupation: Pediatrics RN
Bio: i started nursing school in sac, then realized how much i never like that town so i moved to beautiful San Diego and i dont think i will ever leave  :)  i finished nursing school here at San Diego State and have been working with the kids for almost 3 yrs now.  i have also gotten into traveling and may start doing the travel nursing thing at the end of the year. 
Friends: best friends from H.S.--Declan(still best friends) and Jen Watson(miss ya Jen, God bless), Shannon Foster(now Thompson), Johanna and Michele Patche(now Hughes) still talk to Declan, and see lots of people when i make my visits up north.
Hobbies: the beach i love, i bought a SeaDoo--so i love that too, and just hangin out with friends, meeting new people, doing new things, traveling
Kids: --2 cats--KC and Ashes (those are my kids)
Grade_school: Yes--not worth mentioning
Grade_school_friends: --
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: lots
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Tracey, Ms. Sullivan and that kooky bio teacher--Mr. B??
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Tim Fountain writes:
homepage: www.rvtd.org
Occupation: Information Systems Manager
Bio: After graduation I went to school, got married and then divorced. (what a world).   Soon after I moved to Oregon got a great job and meet this wonderful girl and now have a beautiful son Jacob Walter Lindner Fountain! (I know, It's a long story!)
Trivia: Never thought I would have moved away from Sacramento, but I did, and am so glad I did.  I now live in Southern Oregon with my family.  I am not as active as I was in school, I guess things kinda slowed down for me. I guess you could now call me a "family man" or something like that.
Friends: At times I thought Scott Bennett and I where actually connected by some invincible rope. Wherever I was he was.  I am still in contact with Scott.  I occasionally talk to Jeff Lillman, Mark Balance, and Billy Yeagar(90).  For the others I used to hang around with, I get bits and pieces of that they are doing these days.  Funny how time goes by so fast.  (I can still remember Billy Laun at my fifth birthday party, now he's got kids of his own.  WOW!  Time really flies!
Hobbies: Mountain bike riding, hiking, playing around with my portfolio (stocks) and spending time with my family.  I especially like jumping in the truck and driving up north and just take in the sights.
Kids: Well, I now have a seven month old baby boy who is growing like a weed.  Born at 9.9 he is a hand full and loves to smile.  What a happy kid! Can't really explain what it's like to have him around, but it sure is better than when he wasn't around!!!
Grade_school: Thomas Edison Elementary (Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison, your a friend indeed, thanks to you well group up too and learn to write and read "RAH-RAH-RAH")(another long story!)
Grade_school_friends: Mark Balance, Ofelda Gomez, the Moore Brothers, Steven Scott (left Encina early) Billy Laun (Billy lick a lolly, lick a lolly, lick a lolly.....)(From Sesame Street of course)
Junior_high: Jonas Salk (No song for that school that I can recall)
Junior_high_friends: Same as from Thomas Edison, we all endured the worst and lived!!
Favorite_teachers: My favorite teacher was Mr. Tracy.  Always had something cleaver to say, especially if he caught you kissing your girlfriend in the hall, before the bell and he knew you weren't gonna make it to class (it was especially cleaver if the class you where late for was his!)  Mr. Tracy was also an expert at killing classroom closet doors with WWII bayonets(sp?). Mr. McGuire, the teacher who once told my English class she was the one who brainstormed the idea of pictures on diapers. (show me the money!)   Mr. McElroy, tried so hard to teach me Algebra!  Always willing to help even when he knew you where beyond help.  Thanks Mr. McElroy! (I still don't get Algebra..)
Heather Coates writes:
homepage: www.geocities.com/rainforest/jungle/5752  
Occupation: Chemist
Bio: Graduating college, travel and living life.
Hobbies: The same as before, reading, painting, travel and working out.
Grade_school: Howe Ave.
Junior_high: Howe Ave.
Favorite_teachers: Eric Dalhin  lots of fun in art class
Ron Ball bio was fun
Mrs. Lord teaches a mean histroy
too many to continue
Heard_about_website_from: Amanda Moore
Billy Laun writes:
Occupation: Telephone repairman for Pacific Bell
Bio: Got a job w/ pac bell 2 weeks after grad. been working life away since.....Married my high school sweetheart Rochelle Karrick & we've been busy raising our kids. Chloe is two & half and Brendan is 13 months. Bought a house 2 years ago in Elk grove already looking for another one.
Trivia: got to play a championship hockey game at arco arena(which we won!)
Friends: lost contact w/ most, still talk w/ jeff lillman,chris cheng
Hobbies: love playing hockey whenever can,lifting weights, nursing injuries(cracked ribs,busted lips, seperated shoulder, concussion,numerous back injuries,3 mri's...i think you get the picture, & working around the house..
Kids: They are both little redheads, chloe's my little attitude girl & my son Brendan loves sports hockey, basketball & football he's such a boy!!
Grade_school: thomas edison
Grade_school_friends: billy andrezjewski,moore brothers,tim fountain, ofelda gomez & a bunch of others cant remember...
Junior_high: jonas salk
Junior_high_friends: pretty much the same
Favorite_teachers: mr mac. cause he gave me two sided tests one side w/ quests other side w/ answers. Mr Tracy of course for making you forget you were in school for an hour, rest in peace my friend...
Heard_about_website_from: jeff "neck" lillman
Jeff Lillman writes:
Occupation: Counterman......still yes!
Bio: Out of High School started to attend Lane Community College in beautiful Eugene, Or. Thanks to out of state tuition I came back! After that started my job at Sacramento TBA where I still am working!! In 1994, I met my beautiful wife Trina and we FINALLY got married in September of 1998. We have 2 boys, Zachery 5 and Justin 22 months! They keep us pretty busy. Zachery is pretty advanced for a Kindergartner. As for Justin he is going to be our retirement policy.(Raiders here he comes!!)
Friends: Best friends are:Scott Bennett, Mark Ballance, Tim Fountain,Billy Laun I have pretty much lost contact with everyone else! Hobbies: Hockey, Softball (when I can!)
Kids: Zachery is a super kid and so is Justin he just hasn't been able to talk yet to let us know how much he really does understand. We have been blessed with two WONDERFUL boys and we spend most of our time with them just doing family things.
Grade_school: Creekside Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Scott Bennett.......after all these years!!! (beaners!!!!!)
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Scott Bennett of course, Mina, Joyce, too many to list right now...
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Blankenship, Mr. Tracy (god bless) Old Yeller,Mr. McElroy, ERIC.....
Arby Davis writes:
homepage: www.geocities.com/networktester
Occupation: IS/IT Network Administrator
Bio: Well, after sophomore year I moved with my Mom to Las Vegas, NV. I finished school in LV, but still have quite a few good memories of Encina. Shortly after graduating I joined the Army as an Aircraft Electrician. I climbed the ranks to E6/ Staff Sergeant, but after my last duty station at Ft. Campbell, KY with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, I decided to move back home. I've also gotten married and now have a son who was born on 7/14/98. He is just growing so fast, like a weed. I hope to hear from some of you so I can get all caught up.
Friends: Larry Lane, Scott, James, Jeff, Ofelda, Tony, Tracy, Jennifer,
Hobbies: Right now, I'm just busy trying to finish school (BS at University of Phoenix)
Kids: My son is so wonderful, he's growing so fast, I think we'll have to put him on the peewee team. He's only 16 months and already 35lbs., and wears a size 7 1/2 shoe. WOW!!!
Grade_school: several, latest: St. Philomene
Grade_school_friends: Jim & Miles Morris, Larry Lane
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: all listed above
Favorite_teachers: Coach B
Heard_about_website_from: Dogpile.com; goto.com Search Engines
Scott Bennett writes:
Occupation: Drafter II / Quality inspector
Bio: After graduation I was in a bad industrial accident. In which I had my left arm
from the elbow to my wrist torn off. The doctors were able to repair it and I now have almost full use of it. I now have a desk job after bouncing around from Sac to Grass Valley. 
Trivia: Even more of a hick now then in school.
Friends: Best friends: Tinm Fountain,Jeff lillman,Mark Ballance(now)all the pretty ladies from Encina.
Hobbies: Harley's, outdoors stuff(hunting, fishing,4x4's)
Kids: No kids, still haven't found anyone who wants to keep me.
Grade_school: Creekside elementry
Grade_school_friends: Gina Backer, MIna Hamilton,Ivy Wilson,Beth Foreman, Derick Session,Andrea and Eron moon,and more but I can't think of them right now.
Junior_high: Same people and more!
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Tracy(god bless)
Alumni_in_contact: Tim Fountain 91, Jeff Lillman 91, Mark Ballance 91, Gina Backer 91, Eddie Fox 90, Bill Yeager 90(roomate) Too many to list.
Heard_about_website_from: got bored and looked up encina.
Romellice Lawson writes:
Occupation: Secretary/Medical billing
Bio: One year after graduation I met my husband, we got married in 94, had Mason in Feb of 95.  I haven't really done much since.  I work as a Secretary at a Marketing firm, and I also do Mediacal billing for a Neurologist. Most of my time is spent working or taking Mason to pre-school or soccer practice.  My son keeps me going constantly.   I haven't gone to school like I wanted to but that wll all come in time. 
Trivia: I don't have big hair anymore so no one can call me Marge Simpson anymore.  I go by Romy.
Friends: I had alot of friends, I dont' keep in contact with anyone, no time.
Hobbies: Jet skiing, soccer, scrapbooking, and cleaning up after Mason
Kids: Mason is 4½ and is almost 4 feet tall. He plays soccer, Mason is very active, (So I don't think I will be having anymore) He has had the training wheels off of his bike for about 7 months now, he wants to race his bike so we will see.
Grade_school: West County elementary - Leadwood Mo
Junior_high: West County Lead Wood Mo
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Tracy and Eric the pottery teacher
Heard_about_website_from: Alumni
Erica Meyer writes:
Occupation: Sr. Loan Processor
Bio: After highschool I had a daughter (Anika). I went back to College and got an AA in Secretarial Administration. I've been in the mortgage industry for several years now and am in the process of getting my Real Estate license. I plan on going back to school in January to get my BS in Business Management.
Trivia: I have been married for just over a year, but have been dating him since my Sophomore year. We have two Children together, Anika (6) and Devin (2). We bought our first house in September of 1997.
Friends: My good friends in highschool were Ofelda Gomez, Nichole Smith, Virginia and a few others. I haven't really talked to anyone since highschool. I do keep in touch with Nicole, its kinda hard not to since she works with my husband. I ran into Johanna a few months ago at Noah's bagels.
Hobbies: I love to dance and am looking to start taking Salsa lessons.
Kids: My daughter is the smartest kid in her class!!! (I'm not just saying that either)She got an above average in every course. During the middle of her 1st grade year she was reading third grade level!! My son (mr rockhead himself!!) did everything early. He was walking at 91/2 months, rolled over at 1 1/2 months, sat up a 3 months. Now he just talkes your ear off. He loves Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. I would say he is really into sports, especially basketball and baseball.
Grade_school: I attended Edison Elementary
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Amy Schnieder writes:
Occupation: Police Officer
Bio: After graduation, I went right into the Marine Corps as planned. I was stationed at MCAS Tustin, Calif. So much for "seeing the world." I completed my four year tour and seperated as a Staff Sergeant in order to begin my new career as a Los Angeles Police Officer. I have been patrolling the streets for four years now. I haven't been on "LAPD" or "COPS" yet and I haven't shot anyone (most commonly asked questions). I think I have made it on to the evening news a couple of times. I never did go to college, just never found the time or the need.
Trivia: Nothing that I can think of.
Friends: I had a lot of great friends....the entire Honor's English class and Student Govt. I kept in touch with Nikki Panella, Sherry Krell and Deanna Narvaez ('90) for a year or so, but haven't heard a thing from anyone since. I was on something like a stake-out about a year ago and my partner and I had parked our patrol car in a fairly secluded place; minimal pedestrian traffic. We had been there for hours and were talking about highschool when none other than Derek Schujahn walked by. We chatted. Couldn't believe it, the odds of that happening must have been greater than winning the lottery.
Hobbies: The only sport I have stuck with is softball, but I play slow-pitch now. I played for the Marine Corps Women's team for a couple of years and now I play with other cops for fun. Don't have any hobbies, but I have taken a liking to weight lifting and I still read voraciously.
Kids: I got married while I was in the Marine Corps, but it ended 2 1/2 years later pretty much the same way Ross' first marriage did on the TV show Friends. No, kids unless 1 Rottweiler (Drago) and 2 cats (Dillon & Bear) count.
Grade_school: About 12 different schools, but none of them in Sacramento.
Grade_school_friends: None
Junior_high: Howe Jr High
Junior_high_friends: Too many to remember...Mina Hamilton, Ivy Wilson, John Macfessel, Bob Hummel, Christina Leiser, etc.
Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Grossenbacher, Mr. Tracy (God rest his soul), Mrs. Pierce
Sibling_info: Bryan Karns (Not sure what class, maybe 95)
Heard_about_website_from: From the Web
Nicole Smith writes:
Occupation: Directed study coordinator
Bio: After graduation, I dropped out of beauty school and decided to work full-time, in 1993 Craig got out of the navy 1996 we got married, in 1996 we had Brittany, out first child now 3 years old, I currently work for the Univeristy of Phoenix, sacramento as the directed study coordinator and have worked there for 5 years. Craig and I have bought a house in Antelope and are expecting our second child in October. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in 1999. Craig graduated 1998 with his Bachleor degree, and is pursuing his MBA. Craig is currently working at GE capital as the Branch Manger.
Friends: Virgina Taylor, Shannon Foster(thompson, finally), Dawn Hart, Jennifer Cummings. I hear from all of them once in a great while, we have went our separate ways, but we do talk once in a while.
Hobbies: Playing with my daughter
Kids: Brittany is 3 years old and the cutest thing you have seen, She looks more like her dad, but has my personality. She is the best thing in the world, she is a very active 3 year old. We also have a little boy on the way in October.
Grade_school: Courtyard
Grade_school_friends: Jennifer Cummings
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Favorite_teachers: Eric of course, Mrs. Woo, Mr. Tracy, Mr. B
Joyce Brew writes:
homepage: personal.psu.edu/jtb10/
Occupation: Current Graduate student at Penn State University
Bio: After graduating from Sac State in 1996, I was accepted into Penn State's MFA Acting program. So, the past eight years has been one continuous stream of school, school, school. I graduate this May (1999) and will take a two month tour of Eastern and Western Europe-- for educational and recreational purposes. I will soon reside in New York City, or the San Fran bay Area, where ever my career may thrive the most..we'll see.
Trivia: Not married. No kids, and I've lost weight since high school. I'm not sure if that's terribly interesting trivia though.
Friends: Sadly, I have lost contact with virtually everyone in my class. The few that I remain in contact with graduated before me.
Hobbies: Hiking, yoga, exercising, lifting, foriegn films, various forms of illicit behavior, dancing, traveling and lots of theatre.
Kids: None to brag about yet- thank God.
Grade_school: Nanaikapono (Oahu) and Cottonwood (Washington) Elementary School.
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Oh, come on. Is this really necessary?
Favorite_teachers: All of them-- sans my math teacher.
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle Amyot
Heard_about_website_from: Tim Bond

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