Encina High School Sponsors

The following people have made monetary contributions to the Encina website.

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Class Name
  Encina High School Booster Club - new server in 2009 plus website expenses
Faculty Jack Bassett - loaned yearbook collection
Gayle Kernick
Max McDonald
James W Smith

Cornelia Whitaker
1962 Alice Braio Bogert
Joanna Dwyer - loaned 62 yearbook
Robin Ellett Hensley
Rick Larson
Barbara Rea Fuller - loaned 59 yearbooks
Margaret Shelton
Carol Swinehart Swanson
Linda Weatherford Ballance
1963 Anonymous
Marilyn Banyai Brown - donated 60-63 yearbooks!
Peter Boam
1965 Dan Bergin
Leslie Cameron Silva
Barbara McKee Craig
Ronald Mintle - hosts Encina webserver at his company Yellow Magic in Temecula,CA
1966 Lou DeCosta
Ron McFarland - loaned 63-66 yearbooks
1967 Jeralynn Cupps Krug 66/67
Lora Saunders
1968 Mark Kielty
1969 David Jensen Del Valle  - donated 68 yearbook!
1970 Paul Bonderson - donated Dell 1400SC webserver
Cathy Buchanan Ball
Martha Dwyer - loaned 67 yearbook
Mary Reddick
1971 Nancy Cooper Manly
Jon Dahlberg - loaned 68-69 yearbook
1972 Jeff Copley
Elaine Salyer Starmer
1973 Patrick Dunn
Heather Kendall
Nancy Patton
Linda Russel - donated 73 yearbook
Kathy Schroeder Hansen - donated 73 yearbook
1973 Will Leaver (his ISP ConnectCorp hosted the Encina website for free in the early years)
Class of 73 reunion committee
1974 Anonymous
Sande Byerley Jaeke
Terri Jurich Howard
John Nunez
Steve Palmer
1975 Greg Grant
1976 Marla Byerley Windham
Kris Kaney
Andrea Mandell Kraus
Brett Stover
1977 Laurie Lau - loaned 1974-1977 yearbooks
1978 Tom Dugally
Darcy Frields
Paul Knepprath
Brad Lehmkuhl
Dan Mayes
1979 Kathleen O'Neill Cabe
1981 Class of 81 reunion committee
Sue Cantwell
Bert Lau - loaned 1978-1981 yearbooks
Jo Tierney
1983 Andrea Howard Bickham
1986 Steven Mikesell
1987 Charles McBrian - donated Dreamweaver/Fireworks web software
1988 Aaron Ford
1990 Rina Ambaram
1992 Rochelle Karrick Laun
1995 Larry Averitt

Last updated: 03/17/2009

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