3rd Annual Encina Alumni Challenge

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Final score: Varsity 85, Alumni 81 (in overtime)

We raised over $46,000 in pledges for the Encina Booster Club!

This year Paul Bonderson '70 wrote:
"I'LL PLEDGE DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR UP TO $20,000 for funds pledged between now and the game."

Jason Talanian 90, Bill Glaholt 88, Anthony Senior 87, Chris Dahlberg 80, Kim Tierney 78, Bob Goosmann 74, Dave Jensen 72, Norm Siefkin 63, Glenn Campbell 63 (courtesy Rollin Coxe 64) Standing: Jason Talanian 90, Norm Siekfin 63, Chris Dahlberg 80, Bob Goosmann 74, Kim Tierney 78
Kneeling: Anthony Senior 87, Glenn Campbell 63, Bill Glaholt 88
(Dave Jensen 72 missing)


Alumni Challenge videoclips
Steve Palmer '74 created a wonderful videotape of the alumni challenge which was given to all the alumni and supporters who pledged or donated. The videotape is two hours long. Here are some excerpts from the tape. Do not download these clips unless you have a high speed internet connection or a lot of patience!

Highlights: Channel 10 spot and highlights from the basketball game (must see)
Length: 12 minutes
Real Media (20mb)  View with RealPlayer (download free player from real.com)
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Highlights: Pregame BBQ and alumni interviews (entertaining)
Length: 10 minutes
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Highlights: Getting ready for the game with player interviews (well done)
Length: 8 minutes
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"What a great evening and game.   While we haven't tallied the final pledges, I'm sure we beat last year and even broke $40,000!  The generosity of Encina alumni is impressive and very much appreciated.

It was wonderful to see so many alumni from so many graduating years come to the BBQ and game.  Attendance for both alumni AND current students was up significantly from last year with an estimated 300 on each side.  Both teams worked hard to earn each point and while we didn't break a backboard, we did see a VERY competitive, exciting game.

Thank you ALL for your support and spirit!  We make a difference."

Steve Palmer '74
Alumni Challenge

"This year's game started out badly for us, and it looked like the Varsity was going to run us off the court.  The Bulldogs seemed even bigger and
faster than last year, but much of the game they also seemed more intent on trying to emulate Kobe Bryant as opposed to playing as a team.  As a result, we were able to fight our way back into it and, but for a bunch of missed free throws, probably would have prevailed.  The crowd was the biggest and loudest yet--thanks to everyone who came out and cheered us on, and of course to everyone who pledged.  We'll get our revenge next year!"

Bob Goosmann '74
Co-organizer and Captain
Alumni Challenge

On behalf of the Encina Administration, Staff, Students and Community at large, I would like to thank the alumni for their participation in another
successful evening of renewed friendships, food, and of course the highlight of the night, "the basketball game."  I can't explain it, but there always
seems to be a special aroma on campus when all of the people who love Encina come together. We are always open to suggestions as to how we can improve this event, so please let me know your thoughts.  Of course, none of this could happen without the skills of Steve Palmer, Harlan Lau and Bob Goosman.

(thanks for your untiring efforts!) Our hearts are touched by all of your generosity and support.  You truly do make a difference!  Believe me, many
things would not be happening on this campus, were it not for your support.

We look forward to a continued relationship with the Apaches!

Principal Myrtle Berry

The Encina gym was packed Friday night for the third Alumni Challenge! As expected, we had way more people than the number who rsvped,
especially since a lot of alumni only came for the game. We really appreciate the alumni who came to cheer on the team and hope that
you will spread the word among your classmates so that each year will be bigger and better.

Those in attendance were privileged to witness yet another thrilling installment of the ongoing rivalry between the alumni and varsity basketball teams. The first year the varsity won 77-74. Last year the alumni edged the varsity 97-96 in double overtime.

This year the varsity team outlasted the alumni 85-81 in yet another overtime thriller!

This year we had a seesaw game with several momentum swings. The varsity jumped out to an early 10 point lead in the first quarter, only to have the alumni storm back and take a seven point lead at halftime (38-31). In the third quarter, the alumni surged ahead and led by as much as 16 points. With 8:00 to go in the fourth quarter the score was 58-42. The varsity switched to a full court press. Their defensive pressure resulted in alumni turnovers and the varsity quickly closed the gap and tied the score at 64-64 with 2:07 left in the game. The varsity scored 8 unanswered points to lead 72-64 with 1:00 to go. But the alumni clawed their way back within 72-71. Then with 1.5 seconds on the clock, alumni center Chris Dahlberg 80 was fouled. Chris tied up the game 72-72 to send the game into overtime!

The varsity continued their run in overtime, jumping out to an 85-77 lead with 1:16 left in overtime. Once again the alumni closed the gap to within 85-81 but their last few shots didn't drop and the varsity emerged victorious. The final score was 85-81.



Date: Friday, April 25, 2003
Dinner: catered by Dannie's Catering

Location: Encina cafeteria
Time: 530-700 pm
Dannie: dannie at danniescatering.com

Date: Friday, April 25, 2003
Time: 730pm - basketball game
Location: Encina cafeteria and gym
Organizers: Bob Goosmann 74 and Steve Palmer 74
Photographer: Rollin Coxe 64

Alumni team:
Bob Goosmann 74 (captain)
Glenn Campbell 63
Norm Siekfin 63
Dave Jensen 72
Kim Tierney 78
Chris Dahlberg 80
Anthony Senior 87
Bill Glaholt 88
Jason Talanian 90


Bill Glaholt 88 wrote:
"I just wanted to say that I had the absolute *best* time last night in the game.  It was an honor and a privilege to play with all of you.  And, even though we didn't win, we really did accomplish something.. I could tell that everyone had a great time, both our team and the Varsity team, not to mention everyone in the stands.  We played for a great cause; we put more points on the board than Harlan predicted and/or computed (*grin*) and our efforts
gave the school and its students hope, encouragement, and the funds necessary to do some things that it would not have been able to do otherwise.
  I'm very proud to have been a part of such a wonderful event. THANK YOU!!!!"

Kim Tierney 78 wrote:
"I had a great time.  Although I've continued to play through the years, I'd forgotten what it was like to play in front of a crowd.  The butterflies in the stomach, the adrenaline, and the competitive fire. I never want to give up.   It brought back my high school basketball memories.  I also appreciated the alumni support throughout the game, and even afterward, when they took the time to meet and thank the alumni team.  It was a great experience.  I want to thank Bob Goosmann, Harlan Lau, Steve Palmer, and the entire Encina family for all their support for the event.  I look forward to participating next year."

Jason Talanian 90 wrote:
"I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this years alumni game.  I wish I could of played better.  It's very humbling to play so bad in front of so many people.  Man!  I thought it was going to be my stepping stone to the NBA.  Just kidding. It was a great experience playing with so many quality athletes.  I was never aware what a prolific past Encina sports had. From everyone that donated money, to volunteers that helped put on the event, in some way you all helped shape the future of Encina and its students.  Not only was it a wonderful gesture, but it showed the students and some alumni, what school spirit can do for a program. I've been coaching high school sports for over 10 years and I've never seen such a wonderful gesture and effort to give back to one's school. I gave up a great paying secure job to go back to school and get my PhD in the hopes to make a positive difference on the youth of today. The support given Friday was overwhelming, and further inspired me that good deeds DO make a difference.
To reiterate, Thank you Harlan, Paul, Bob, all my teammates, and everyone involved, it was a very memorable evening."

Chris Dahlberg 80 wrote:
"I was extremely proud to represent the Alumni Friday night.It was an honor to play with such a tremendous group of players. I was stunned by the
enthusiasm of the crowd. I got a huge boost of adrenaline in the first quarter and rode it out for the rest of the game. My body was in no shape to do have the things I did on the court. Other than missing the game winning free throw I had a very memorable night. This old man thanks you and all of
the Alumni for letting me play. Thank You, Chris J. Dahlberg  Class of 1980"

Dave Jensen 72 wrote:
"My right leg is much better.  I sustained a deep muscle bruise to my right calf when one of the opponents fell hard onto my right leg.  My knee seems okay, fortunately.
  As far a my impressions on the game and event in general, I think that we were able to compete and almost beat the young whippersnappers because the alumni players were more fundamentally sound and disciplined.  That's the way we were taught to play the game.  They had several talented players who have potential to become very good, but their wild, uncontrolled style is a whole different ball game.
   But attention to fundamentals, discipline, and integrity aside, I really enjoyed getting to know my alumni teammates and playing basketball with them
over the last four weeks.  I wish it could continue.  Harlan, I think it is remarkable what you have done with the Encina website and the benefit you
have provided to the school.  Everyone I've told about this is truly amazed. All of the donors, and especially Paul, should be commended. "

Norm Siefkin 63 wrote:
"Most of my aches have gone away.  A couple of bruises will take a little longer.  I want you to know how much I appreciate being included on this
years alumni challenge team.  I had a wonderful time and the memories will be cherished for years to come.  It is wonderful to meet some of the Encina graduates who have created such a rich school legacy.  When I first communicated with you about the event, it seemed so far into the future.
Now that it has passed, I find myself missing the new relationships with my new teammates from over the years and the Saturday practices.  It is an outs tanding opportunity for the current Encina student athletes to see the kind of professions that all of us have gone into.  Seeing my old coach at the
game (Ed Gallaway) was an added bonus.
  As I look back on the time I spent with the other members of the alumni challenge team, I only wish I could have had the opportunity of playing with
each of them during high school.  We would have been damn good.
 From your OLD 58 year old team mate, my best to all.  I look forward to the time that our paths will cross again."

Anthony Senior 87 wrote:
"I just wanted to say that it was a great experience to be a part of. It was nice to see & meet those people who came before me & who followed afterward.
  The game itself.... yeah, it would have been nice to win, but just getting out there playing in front of all the fans was kind of nostalgic.
  Thanks to all that were involved & to the varsity players... Thanks for taking it easy on us old guys."

Glenn Campbell 63 wrote:
Steve -- thanks to you for organizing the event and to Bob Goosmann for letting me partcipate. It was great to see so many of the alumni, especially
our coach from 1963 Ed Galloway. And to meet and play with the guys from other years made it a special evening. I would also like to congratulate Coach Lee and his varsity team for the enthusiasm and class that they exhibited. { despite the fact that Siefkin and I were called "Gramps "} ha !"

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