Encina High School Class of 1980 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1980+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: encina1980 at groups.yahoo.com

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WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Giti Afshar Brown     care of webmaster
Richard Allen     contact webmaster
Kim Allison Brownell     cbrownell at softcom.net
Lori Altfeld Huckaby     care of webmaster
Troy Alvarez     contact webmaster
Randy S Anderson     contact webmaster
Scott J Anderson     contact webmaster
Tyla Anderson Healton 432-41st Street
Sacramento,CA 95819
  thealton at sbcglobal.net
Nahid Ansari     care of webmaster
Phil Archibald Antioch,CA   padaja at earthlink.net
Carolyn Armstrong Youngberg   mouse234 at verizon dot net
John Auble 4960 Keane Dr
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-717-5784 w Mr Auble at gmail dot com
Terri Avery Gray     care of webmaster
Brad "Bubba" Baker     contact webmaster
Sarah Barker Bent     care of webmaster
Don E Beard     contact webmaster
Bob L Bell     contact webmaster
Bret Bell 118 East Johnston St Rincon,GA 31326 912-826-0296 h
912-395-8093 w
bbell2606 at gmail dot com
Brian Bender 1300 Mariemont Ave
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-978-0262 h
916-372-2190 w
brianlbender at yahoo dot com
Edith Bennett     contact webmaster
Brooke Bingham 6459 Zuma View Place
Malibu,CA 92065
310-457-4452 h
310-463-4331 w
care of webmaster
Michael J Birum     contact webmaster
Gary Bishop     contact webmaster
Bob Bjorklund Elk Grove,CA   doubledogs at comcast dot net
Chris M Blease     contact webmaster
Brian Blender     care of webmaster
Marshall Bliss 1715 Fulton Ave
Sacramento,CA 95825
  r8erman023 at yahoo.com
Joyce Blocher DeWitt     care of webmaster
Debbie Blythe     debbie12518 at aol dot com
Kathy Bordisso Gravin Sacramento,CA   katgravin at yahoo dot com
Stacey Boss Pepper     care of webmaster
Tracey A Bova     contact webmaster
Lynn Bradhoff Watt Houston,TX   care of webmaster
Joseph Brazil     care of webmaster
John Brennan     care of webmaster
Lori Burgess Booth     contact webmaster
Bill M Burns     contact webmaster
Tom Burns   tomcat62 at me dot com
Alan C Burton     contact webmaster
Clyde Calhoun     contact webmaster
Shawn Campbell Folsom,CA 916-446-4744 w shawn at ross-campbell dot com
Skip Campbell Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Pamela Cannon Husk     care of webmaster
Rick Carda Duchesne,UT   rvcarda at ubtanet dot com
Wanda Carothers Beach     beach777 at msn dot com
Ray D Carpenter     contact webmaster
Frank W Carter     fastfrank62 at comcast dot net
Mickey Cassady Fredeen     care of webmaster
Julie Castillo Peck     contact webmaster
George Champayne     contact webmaster
Michele Church Virgen     care of webmaster
Archie Ciotti Simi Valley,CA   acwineo at gmail dot com
Dana Clark     contact webmaster
Kevin Clark     backbeat at earthlink.net
Mark E Clark     contact webmaster
Tammy Clark Herzog     care of webmaster
Lila D Collamore     contact webmaster
Ruth Collins Worthen     contact webmaster
Dave Colmus Colorado Springs,CO firemandave1821 at yahoo dot com
Sandy Conley Glyer 5021 Whittier Dr
Sacramento,CA 95820
916-387-5012 h rglyer at msn.com
Christy Cooper 11622 Tomahawk Creek #F
Leawood,KS 66211
  christy.a.cooper at gmail.com
Stephen Coppock deceased 9/2/05/05 from automobile accident in Humphries,Missouri    
Leslie Cotham 8853 Arcade Rd
Atascadero,CA 93422
805-466-1615 h nrginmotion at charter.net
Steven Cowley 19800 Sleepy Hollow Lane
Tarzana,CA 91356
818-343-7846 h
310-446-7316 w
contact webmaster
Philip J Crawford Sacramento,CA 916-386-2348 h hdphil at sbcglobal.net
Kathy Cunningham Davenport     contact webmaster
Margie Curtis Sladek     contact webmaster
Liz Dahl Dahler     lizdahler at gmail dot com
Chris Dahlberg     care of webmaster
Barbera Davis     Soci at aol.com
Danette Davis 7507 Goldeneye Lane
Citrus Heights,CA 95621
916-517-0500 w angel_danette at yahoo dot com
Mike Davis Roseville,CA   Mi6ghost at yahoo.com
Jennifer Davison Starbuck     contact webmaster
Anthony De George     contact webmaster
Bill Dearborn   dearbornw at att dot net
Gloria Delany Barmann     contact webmaster
Evan S Dick     contact webmaster
Lydia Dillion Brushia Sacramento,CA   lbrushia at orco.net
Kimberly Dimitras     kdimitras at aol.com
Mary DiStasio 3101 Dunsanay Court
Fremont,CA 94536
510-713-1455 h
408-892-2700 w
maryhoffman777 at yahoo dot com
Teri Dixon Pendrak Rio LInda,CA   teri.pendrak at encompassins.com
Kim A Dommer     contact webmaster
Brook Douglas Encinitas,CA   brookxs4d at hotmail dot com
Dalene R Drinning     contact webmaster
Daniel Driscoll St Louis,MO   care of webmaster
Laurie Duane Ellis Rancho Cordova,CA   4lellis at comcast.net
Marcy Duke Hussey Fair Oaks,CA 916-536-0395 h marcy at sacramentoelectronics.com
Darleen Edwards Knutson Orangevale,CA   darsdig98 at hotmail.com 
David Edwards     care of webmaster
Steve Elkinton     care of webmaster
Suzi Ellis McCormick     care of webmaster
Holly D Escobedo     contact webmaster
Arlene Espinoza Maine     davearlene at earthlink.net
Philip Fanning     contact webmaster
Michael A Farrell     contact webmaster
Debbie Ferguson Doss   916-257-0589 h debbie at folsompreschool dot com
Jami A Ferreira     care of webmaster
Jill Finlay Hussain Greenbrae,CA   hussaij at sutterhealth.org
Marsha Fischer Russo     contact webmaster
Kim Fitch Mathis     contact webmaster
Tina Flohr Cleveland     contact webmaster
Denise Ford Ruthrauff Cottage Grove, OR   ruthrauffdenise at comcast dot net
Georgia Fousek Treharne Burbank,CA 818-622-9093 w g_treharne at yahoo.com
Steve France Roseville,CA   lfrance at c-zone.net
Kathy Fraser     contact webmaster
Diana Galgiani     contact webmaster
Arlene Gamble Jacoway     care of webmaster
Mehdi "Michael" Gandomi     gandomi at water.ca.gov
Jeff A Ganow     contact webmaster
Jacqualyn "Jackie" Giles PO Box 215184
Sacramento,CA 95821
jacqualyn_7 at hotmail dot com
Gary Gilliam     care of webmaster
Dennis Gillott     contact webmaster
Russell Gladden     care of webmaster
Cathy Goldberg Engel     care of webmaster
David Goldenberg     contact webmaster
Kelly B Gonyea     contact webmaster
Malika Gonzales     care of webmaster
Cecil Goodnight     contact webmaster
Angelique Gottlieb Hill     contact webmaster
Liz Graham     contact webmaster
Jim Granroth Sacramento,CA   BJGRANY at AOL.com
Bing Haas     care of webmaster
Richard Haeling Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Bruce Hagy     contact webmaster
John Hagy     care of webmaster
Holly Hale Lomba     contact webmaster
Lori Hankins Petersen     care of webmaster
Mike Hanks White Salmon,WA   hank at gorge.net
Todd Hansen     care of webmaster
Cathy "Cate" Harlan Herrick Mint Hill,NC   tsgfrau at yahoo.com
Rick B Healing     contact webmaster
Shawn A Helton     contact webmaster
Randy Hill     contact webmaster
Stacy Hill Furer Folsom,CA   care of webmaster
Robert Hinz 831 McTucker Dr
Galt,CA 95632
209-744-2449 hinzlaw at comcast.net
Deborah "Debi" Hobday Sacramento,CA   debi_36 at yahoo.com
Charles Hobson Deceased 4/11/22  
James Hollingsworth     care of webmaster
Marcy Honeyman Gill 975 Kristin St
Taft,CA 93268
  gillmaid at aol.com
Gina Hood Smilie 2412 Wulff Lane
Sacramento,CA 95821
  loafr at aol.com
Wendy S Hopson     contact webmaster
Robert Horner 916-723-5799 h
916-204-3970 w
rhorner at wyotechstaff dot edu
Victor Hutchinson Paris,TX   vhutch at cox-internet.com
Paula Irban Dorris     care of webmaster
Paula Irvin Aarons Sacramento,CA   paarons25 at comcast dot net
Blake "Missy" Irwin     contact webmaster
Steve Ivy     smivy at msg.pacbell.com
Michael James deceased 6/4/79 in Sacramento county    
Alan Johnson     ajohnson at ci.emeryville.ca.us
Beth Johnson deceased 11/25/78 in Sacramento Co.    
Daniel Johnson Folsom,CA 916-541-7653 h dp.johnson at att dot net
Robin Jones 3641 Edison Ave #23
Sacramento,CA 95821
  rjones5 at dhs.ca.gov
Greg Jordan     care of webmaster
Douglas Juarez     care of webmaster
Tanja Kaapro Miller     care of webmaster
Troy A Kaneff     contact webmaster
Mike Kemp     contact webmaster
Todd Kern     care of webmaster
Virginia Kidson Reeser PO Box 245
El Portal,CA 95318
  gingersnap120 at hotmail.com
Dawn Kiley     care of webmaster
Sylvia Kincaid Schroth     sylvia at messagez.com
Ben R Kleinwachter Sacramento,CA   bigbenrk at aol.com
Christopher G Klembeck     contact webmaster
Scott Knight 925 Iron Dr
Vacaville,CA 95687
  knight925 at sbcglobal dot net
Kevin Kreutzer deceased    
Sonja Labosky Cupler PO Box 363
Loomis,CA 95650
  cuplerclan at sbcglobal.net
Suzy Lakata Smith     care of webmaster
Eric Larson     contact webmaster
Mark Lawrence     care of webmaster
Mary Lawrence Allen Sacramento,CA 916-929-6301 h mary at aaarv dot net
Dan Lawson     contact webmaster
Ray Lee     care of webmaster
Dana Lehmkuhl Pomeroy     contact webmaster
Dawn M Lemmond     contact webmaster
Debbie Leonard Wilcoxson     debber452 at aol.com
Terry Levea 116 Witmer Dr
Folsom,CA 95630
  tllevea at juno.com
Lisa M Lewis     contact webmaster
Sandra Lindsey Ross   916-569-3244 w sandra.ross at mw.com
Scott Liske Rocklin,CA 916-988-0205 x 274 rangerscott at jps.net
Silvia Luiz Thorpe     Silviawhippet at yahoo.com
Carole Luna Miller 45 Eastwood Ct
Oakland,CA 94611
510-339-3555 h
510-338-0146 w
carolem at cliq.com
Sandy MacDonald Griffith     contact webmaster
Dale Mackenzie     contact webmaster
Margarete "Gretel" MacLeod     GretM at aol.com
Daisy T Magante     contact webmaster
John Marshall     contact webmaster
Catherine Martin Anderson     andersonhomework at hotmail.com
Keith Martinez Yuba City,CA 916-966-7590 w kgumby5150 at jps.net
Terri Lynne Maynor Johnson deceased 3/24/09 in Rancho Murieta
Becky McClernon Grasso   beckygrasso at gmail dot com
Kenneth L McConnel     contact webmaster
Ken McConnell     contact webmaster
Julia McCullough     contact webmaster
Kevin McGuffey deceased 2/3/10  
David A. McHenry deceased 12/4/07    
Mark McReynolds     mcreyno at comcast.net
Henry Meier     hjmeier at sbcglobal.net
Lidia Mejia Cole     contact webmaster
Jerry Todd Melby deceased 12/1/14    
Lisa Mensch Styles Vestal,NY   lmstyles at stny.rr.com
Madeline J Meyer     contact webmaster
Valerie J Michaleski     contact webmaster
David Midthunder     care of webmaster
Angela Miller Rasmussen     gridley_bear_1 at yahoo dot com
Janice R Miller     contact webmaster
Roxana Miller     roxmiller24 at hotmail.com
Darren Minard     contact webmaster
Martha Miranda Ford     meford31 at yahoo dot com
Teresa G Mitchell     contact webmaster
Jim Mobley     contact webmaster
Sara Molloy Thompson     contact webmaster
Richard Mondzak deceased 7/31/16    
Jim I Moon     contact webmaster
Alexandra Moore Tamaki     altamaki at comcast dot net
Brian Moore 916-441-0082 h mrbmoore at att dot net
Lisa Moore     care of webmaster
Patti Morgott Foster 4922 N Blazingstar Trail
Castle Rock,CO 80109
303-887-9357 pmfgrace at yahoo.com
Lisas Murdock     contact webmaster
Cindy Murphy deceased (auto accident) on 3/2/97 in San Bernardino Co.    
Terrance "Terry" Murphy     tmurphy at purclean.com
Leopoldo Naranjo IV 9920 Wildhawk West Dr
Sacramento,CA 95829
916-708-0027 h leonaranjoiv at yahoo dot com
Evelyn V Neilson     contact webmaster
Janie Neubauer Sippel Roseville,CA   bjrkms at comcast.net
David O'Connor     care of webmaster
Rodney O'Dell Oakland,CA 510-532-5555 rodney.odell at att dot net
Mike Olson     contact webmaster
Paul John Olson Dalcross, Inverness, Scotland, UK   care of webmaster
Toni Osborne     contact webmaster
Troy Osborne Sacramento,CA 916-390-3115 otroy50 at yahoo dot com
Laura Osgood Sutter   care of webmaster
Terri L Pacheco     contact webmaster
Annette Parino Brown Antelope,CA   apbcagirl at prodigy.net
Kittenia Parker Del Mar,CA   care of webmaster
Mark Brian Timothy Paul deceased 5/31/09  
Andrew Pawlowski Nevada City,CA   ajp at sitelinearch.com
Dr Jeffrey "Jeff" Pearl 5432 East Ludlow
Scottsdale,AZ 85254
  care of webmaster
Daphne Pechart Harmon Citrus Heights,CA   craftydaph at yahoo.com
Liz Pernack Belmont,MA   lizpernack at watertiger.org
John Rowe Perryman     contact webmaster
Mike Peterson     crescent125 at yahoo dot com
Micheyl Petkovich Hiller     contact webmaster
Roger "Hien" Pham San Jose,CA 408-276-7545 w apeachforeach at yahoo.com
Nancy Pierson     contact webmaster
Rebecca "Becky" Pires Granroth Sacramento,CA   granroth4 at comcast dot net
Valerie Poetker Burke 4701 7th Ave SW #237
Olympia,WA 98502
360-229-6666 biraalo at gmail dot com
Corrine J Poirier     contact webmaster
Kim Poulsen Smith Fair Oaks,CA   DAS62 at aol.com
Masoud Pourhosseini     contact webmaster
Diane Puccinelli Pryt     care of webmaster
Brian J Purcell     brian at purcell.us
Kyle Purcell Davis     contact webmaster
Bill G Putnam     contact webmaster
William Raborn Fiar Oaks,CA   sharkie4 at comcast dot net
Michael J Ramos     care of webmaster
Rodney Ratay     contact webmaster
Mahmood Razaghzadeh     contact webmaster
Derrick J Renauld     contact webmaster
Brian Rhodes PO Box 309
Cedar Ridge,CA 95924
530-265-1559 w brianrhodes1 at yahoo.com
Robert "Robbie" Rice Folsom,CA   rob at ricero.com
Lori Richards Dieterle     ldieterle at gmail dot com
Edward Rios     care of webmaster
Tina Rivas     care of webmaster
Emily Robinson     contact webmaster
Stephen Robison     contact webmaster
Glenn Wallace Robles Lake Oswego,OR   wallacerobles at yahoo dot com
Greg J Rogers     contact webmaster
Carol Roina Marca Cameron Park,CA   cnelson916 at hotmail.com
L Rose North Hollywood,CA   LAFLOVE at Aol.com
Daniel A Rowin     contact webmaster
Mahmoud Rozaghzadeh     care of webmaster
Dirk M Ruthrauff     care of webmaster
John Ryan     contact webmaster
Marla J Ryder     contact webmaster
Carole Salerno     CLSalerno at aol.com
Julie Salmonson     care of webmaster
David Samaniego     care of webmaster
Marla Santos Meneses     care of webmaster
Monette Santos     care of webmaster
Angela F Saragoza     contact webmaster
Carmella Sarguis Smyth Clayton,CA   mochaventi at aol.com
Daphne Satter Dixon     daphnedixon at me dot com
Mark Schaefer     care of webmaster
Julie Schell Al-Huneidi     julie at cwnet.com
David Schmidt     care of webmaster
Scott Schnackel 405 West Clary
Worthington,MN 56187
507-376-9823 h schnack at frontiernet.net
Valarie Schneringer Rose     care of webmaster
Janni "Jan" Schott Taylor Los Alamitos,CA   JanMermaid at aol dot com
Allan Schurr Castle Rock,CO   care of webmaster
Rebecca Scneder     rebecca_scneder at dot.ca.gov
George Seabron 6420 Heathermoor
Sacramento,CA 95823
  pookiejohnson at hotmail.com
Tonia Michelle Seabron deceased 3/12/88 in Sacramento Co.    
Greg Selk El Dorado Hills,CA   GLSELK at Yahoo.com
Elaine Sena     contact webmaster
Germaine Seri     contact webmaster
Dusty L Shaw Sacramento,CA   busterdl at yahoo.com
Kerry Shaw Goepel 952 Hawthorn Dr
Lafayette,CA 94549
925-299-9222 h kshaw at sbcglobal.net
Kirt Shearer     KBShearer at sbcglobal.net
Marc T Shearer     contact webmaster
Paul Sheehan Citrus Heights,CA 916-726-2992 h zed at rcsis.com
Fran Sheetz Robson     contact webmaster
David Shields 174 Fox Run Apt B
Spruce Pine,NC 28777
828-765-4758 h
843-729-3858 w
david.shields at rescuedheart.com
David Shirley     care of webmaster
Judy A Shotwell     care of webmaster
Shelly Siemion Elhert     contact webmaster
Kevin Silva     care of webmaster
Aaron Simmons San Jose,CA 408-264-9553 h
408-721-2400 w
aaron.simmons at nsc.com
Scott Simon     care of webmaster
Mike Sinclair deceased    
Mike Skube     mskube at plv3.innercite.com
Dick Smacker     care of webmaster
Gina Smilie Plaxo,TX   loafr9121 at yahoo.com
Becky Smith Manzo     contact webmaster
David Smith Fair Oaks,CA   DAS62 at aol.com
Diane Smith     contact webmaster
Jennifer Smith Tierney 433 W 68th Terrace
Kansas City,MO 64113
  jennifer.tierney at worldnet.att.net
Joe Smith     care of webmaster
Suzzanne Smith Katzakian     contact webmaster
Lisa Smitley Slater     contact webmaster
Karen Snyder     contact webmaster
Cheryl R Sousa     contact webmaster
Jeff P Spackman     contact webmaster
Karen Spencer     contact webmaster
Tom Spencer     care of webmaster
Rebecca Stackpole     contact webmaster
Bob Stanton     care of webmaster
Dennis Stark Orangevale,CA   care of webmaster
Zack Steele     contact webmaster
Ed Steffenhagen     contact webmaster
Richard J Stoffel     rjstoffe at aol.com
Dzar K Stottle     contact webmaster
Lori Strother Salyer     care of webmaster
Leslie Sullivan Sedlak 4520 Andronika Lane
Stevensville,MT 59870
406-777-4285 h 4sedlaks at montananet.com
Kari Sweet     contact webmaster
Anika Swisher Shukuya     anikaponica at yahoo.com
Robert Tadlock     care of webmaster
Boyan Tassev     care of webmaster
Misty Tenney Steuben 3913 Natoma Way
Sacramento,CA 95838
misty.steuben at gmail dot com
Richard Thomas     contact webmaster
Lisa M Treiber     contact webmaster
LeeAnne Trevelyan Thomas Fairfield,CA   windyfamily5 at yahoo dot com
Dale Tucker Pensacola,FL   care of webmaster
Charles Turner Lake Los Angeles,CA kc6aru at cwo dot com
Doreen A Turner     contact webmaster
Bruce C Tuter     btuter at arb.ca.gov
Kamyar Vaghefi     care of webmaster
Nancy Valencia     contact webmaster
Andrea Van Horn     contact webmaster
Brad J Vanella     contact webmaster
Dana L Veiga     contact webmaster
Carrie Verzwyvelt Sweet West Hills,CA   odissimo at aol.com
Lori Wagner Rianda Folsom,CA   care of webmaster
Rebecca Waldrop     care of webmaster
Cheri Walker Acton     cheri.acton at yahoo dot com
Vandi Walker Ekins     care of webmaster
Penny Walters Anderson     care of webmaster
Candace "Candy" Ward Porter   candace.ward at dhcs.ca.gov
Kate Washington     kwashington3 at austin.rr.com
Lori Lynne Waters Schneider Fallbrook,CA   lschneider at miracosta.edu
Janet Weaver Koster     jkoster1980 at gmail dot com
Veronica Wegener Brown     care of webmaster
Carol Weissert 916-670-5546 ayellowrose99 at yahoo dot com
Patrick Weissert     contact webmaster
Clay West     clayandjudy at hotmail.com
Becky White Parris     care of webmaster
Chuck White     contact webmaster
Jim Whiting Berkeley,CA   jemuzu at gmail dot com
Karen A Wichodil     contact webmaster
Debbie Wiest     contact webmaster
Bettina "Tina" Willeford Oldham PO Box 339
Arbuckle,CA 95912
  bloldham at frontiernet.net
Debbie Willeford     contact webmaster
John Williams     care of webmaster
Robert "Bob" W Williams Sacramento,CA   rwwcam at surewest.net
Tracy Williams Young Orangevale,CA 916-847-3509 w tracy at taghomes dot com
"Liz" Williamson Mauvais     contact webmaster
Chris Wilson     contact webmaster
Eric J Winchester     care of webmaster
Laura Winkelspecht Montgomery     care of webmaster
Randy Wong     contact webmaster
Georgianna Wooley Marie Chandler,AZ   gmarie at gmariegroup.com
Bill Wright Lake Forest,CA   care of webmaster
Rich Wright     richwri at aol.com
Colleen Yee     care of webmaster
Donna Zahorodny     care of webmaster
Lauren Zdybel Roseville,CA   lzdybel at comcast.net
Lisa Zeller Anderson     contact webmaster
Mark Zoeller Orangevale,CA 916-722-0806 h
916-288-3962 w
mzoeller at surewest.net
Melissa Zoeller     contact webmaster
Cheri Zumwalt Morey     cmorey at surewest.net

Last updated: 05/22/2022

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