Encina High School Class of 1980 homepage

Reunion contact:  encina1980@groups.yahoo.com

Event: Five Year Multi-Class Reunion (1978-1982)

Date: October 15, 2016
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Location: Scotts Seafood on the River
Cost: $100

There is a FB Reunion Group Page (with hyperlinks to purchase tickets for the venue at Scotts Seafood on the River along with discounted rooms at The Westin Sacramento for EHS 78' - 82' October 15, 2016 Five Year Multi Class Reunion held from 6p - 10p. Tickets are $100 and based on availability as venue limited to 250 people.


Contact Lisa directly with questions:
Lisa Lobsitz Ravel: 916-825-1929


35 Year Reunion

The class of 1980 is in the process of planning our 35 year reunion, we just haven't ironed out all the details.

Lynn Bradhoff Watt

30 Year Reunion

Date: October 23, 2010
Time: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Where: The Capitol Room at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento , 1209 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Brian Bender, Skip Campbell and Kevin Clark will entertain the event with songs from the 70's and 80's.

Reunion website: www.encina80.webs.com
Evite: encinahigh30threunion.eventbrite.com

Class of 1980 has formed a 30th class reunion committee.

Committee members are Lynn Bradhoff Watt, Suzy Lakata Smith, Daphne Satter Dixon, Cheri Zumwalt Morey and Archie Ciotti.

If you have any questions please contact Lynn Bradhoff at lynn.watt@att.net


25 year reunion

Date: Friday, October 7, 2005 (previously Saturday, October 8)
Time: 630pm to 1030pm
Place: Chateau By A Shot of Class
             2627 Town and Country Village
             Sacramento,CA 95821
Food and Beverage: Buffett, Baked Penne Pasta Mushrooms and Garlic, Mansion Salad, Tuscan Grilled Vegetables, Freshly Baked Breads, Carved Meat Selection, An Assortment of Baked Cookie, Tea and Coffee.
No Host Bar
Cost: $80.00 per person (covers the buffet, the venue and the music)

Go to www.ashotofclass.com  to see the view of our venue.

Any questions please email me at debbiedoss@infostations.com

The reunion committee looks forward to your attendance.

You will be able to register online, and then send your payment to a P.O. Box that will be provided to you. The domain you need to go to register for the event, and to obtain information about where to send your payment is: www.encinareunion.com

Deborah Ferguson Doss,
Reunion Committee Chair

Denise Ford Ruthrauff
Becky Grannuth
Marcy Hussey
Andrew Pawlowski

Family picnic

Date: Sunday, October 9, 2005
Time: 11-3
Place: Fair Oaks Park, BBQ area


20 year reunion

Date:    Saturday, October 14, 2000
Time:   6:00-10:00pm
Place:   Del Paso Country Club
Address: Marconi Avenue
Attire:  semi-formal
Cost:    $65.00
Organizers: Daphne Satter, Rich Stoffel, Lynn Bradhoff
Contact: encina1980@groups.yahoo.com

Family picnic

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2000
Time: 1130- ?
Place: Beals Point at Folsom Lake
Food: provided
Organizers: Suzy Lakata, Cheri Zumwalt
Contact: encina1980@groups.yahoo.com


It took 21 years, but it's finally here....our Senior Film on DVD!

'80 Rules - The 1980 Encina Senior Class Film

Completely re-mastered with additional footage...a "Special Edition
Director's Cut" (if Spielberg, Lucas and Coppola can do it, so can Campbell)

    DVD comes complete with 70 chapter selections...so you can go straight
to your favorite scene....like Clay West's interview with you-know-who.

    Get it just to show your kids! (or grandkids perhaps?!)...or just save
it to watch 20 years from now....a great way to re-live the sights and
sounds (the music alone is terrific)....the DVD will last forever.

Even if you don't have a DVD player yet....you'll probably get one sooner or

    Just $39.95.....(this is at cost....no mark-up!)...includes shipping

Also available:
   "Sin Hielo" ("Without Ice")...the 1980 Encina Mexico Trip....on DVD (same
price....separate DVD)

Send check to:

Shawn Campbell
1912 F St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

The 1980 Class Directory lists contact information for your classmates. Please submit your contact information.

Your class does not have a webmaster at the present time.

In the meantime, if you would like to submit your bio or say anything to your classmates the Encina webmaster will publish it for you on this interim homepage. For a sample see the Class of 1973 bios.

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1980 Encinian yearbook


1980 Headlines

Headline News:
FBI's undercover operation Abscam implicates public officials.
US breaks diplomatic ties with Iran.
8 US servicemen are killed & 5 injured in abortive desert raid to rescue
American hostages in Teheran.
President Reagan elected president in Republican sweep.
Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington State, killing 8 people.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "Ordinary People"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Sailing" by Christopher Cross
Top song - "Call Me" by Blondie
Top movie - "The Empire Strikes Back"
Top TV show - "Alice"
John Lennon, age 40, shot to death by deranged fan.
Richard Pryor nearly dies after he sets himself on fire while free-basing
Ted Turner launches CNN, first all-news network.

Sports News:
Super Bowl - Pittsburgh Steelers d. LA Rams (31-19)
World Series - Philadelphia Phillies d. Kansas City Royals (4-2)
NBA Championship - LA Lakers d. Philadelphia 76ers (4-2)
Winter Olympics, Lake Placid - US speed skater Eric Heiden wins 5 gold
medals & the US hockey team beats the unbeatable Russians.
Summer Olympics, Moscow - Boycotted by over 60 countries including the US,
the games are further marred by charges of rigged judging & poor


Richard Mondzak
May 29, 1962 — July 31, 2016
Richard Mondzak, a private chef whose passion for his craft was only exceeded by his love for his family and friends, passed away on July 31, 2016 at the age of 54.
Richard was born in Fort Ord, California, on May 29, 1962. He enriched all through his heart's work, the manifestation of the good in humanity, deep friendships, his love and legacy of grace, generosity and mischievousness. His primary years were spent in San Rafael, California and later in Sacramento. In 1989 Richard settled into Belvedere where he resided for the past 27 years.
Mr. Mondzak began his culinary career at Wolff's, the highly regarded French restaurant in Sacramento, and Mount View Hotel in Napa Valley. He also catered private events in Napa Valley and was discovered and hired by the Perkins family from Belvedere as their personal chef. Richard quickly became a part of the family.
Richard could always be found making friends in every corner of the globe, sharing his love for cooking, reading, entertaining, and making memories with all who crossed his path. Mr. Mondzak cooked for Kings of countries, Presidents of capital, the famous, the wealthy, and surely added extra ingredients to dishes he prepared for those he loved and cared for so deeply. Everyone who knew him will miss his generous, kind, gentle, sweet and considerate soul. 
He was preceded in death by his father, retired US Army Lt. Colonel Joseph Mondzak, maternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. James Beavers, Junction City, Kansas, paternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mondzak, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 
Richard is survived by his mother Sherril Mondzak-Proctor, brother David, Junction City, KS, sister Denise Souza, niece Audrey Souza Gray and family, Platte City, MO, stepmother Jan Peterson-Mondzak, and stepsister Kami Peterson of Lincoln, Ca, along with extended family, colleagues, dear friends, and his beloved 4-legged companion "Perky Perkins". Published in San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 6, 2016

Charles Turner wrote:
Occupation: 1st Century Christian Martyr(1-2016) - Non Roman - Non Protestant -
MaritalStatus: divorced
Children/grandchildren: Matthew - 1986, Jennifer - 1988
GradeSchool: Ben Ali
FavoriteMemory: Getting a Diploma as schedule and on time (1976-1980) 
Attended 20, 25, 30 year class reunion
Siblings: Ron Turner 81, Evan Turner 88
MELBY, Jerry Todd
11/5/1961 - 12/1/2014.  Todd was a native of Sacramento and the epitome of a "free spirit" who loved the outdoors. He will be remembered for his sense of humor, kindness, and gentle soul. He leaves behind his mother Penny Bazant, father Evan Melby, sisters Andrea Melby & Darlene Melby, brother Eric Melby, daughter and family Shaylyn, Christopher, Ryder Clark, Kaden Lee, and son Jacob Melby, along with many long-time friends. A Celebration of Life will be held early Spring 2015 in Tahoe, CA. [The Sacramento Bee, Dec. 13, 2014]
Patti Morgott wrote:
Occupation: Office Coordinator
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: John
Children/grandchildren: Joshua 23, Kaitlyn, 19
SinceGraduation: Graduated, floated through various jobs for a few years, met and married my dear husband in 1984. 30 years of marriage coming up in July! :) Moved to West Sac where we lived for 18 years.
Decided Colorado was the place to be so we moved here 10 years ago. It's a great place to be. Most of my time is taken up taking care of our daughter (mentally ill).
Trivia: Interesting trivia..hmm....I am an avid quilter!
BestFriends: Best friends and have lost contact with Evelyn Neilson.
GradeSchool: Alice Burney and Pony Express
MiddleSchool: San Juaquin
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Tracey...he was just a good person.
FavoriteMemory: Interesting memory...cutting Home Economics to go get stoned .. (wondering if Victor Hutchinson remembers that day)
AlumniInContact: Mark Lawrence and Scott Schnackel

Personal Finance: Sacramentan went from math nerd to Fed President

By Claudia Buck (cbuck@sacbee.com)

SAN FRANCISCO – He's not a household name like Ben Bernanke. And he'd easily pass down a city street unrecognized.

But as an economist, John C. Williams holds one of the most prestigious and powerful jobs in the country.

Brainy, amiable and relatively young, Williams presides as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the biggest and perhaps busiest of the Fed's 12 regional banks.

From his 12th-floor corner office on Market Street, he's got a sweeping view of the Bay Bridge – along with a sweeping perspective of the nation's and the world's economies.

And he's well aware of the direct impact that the Fed's decisions on economic policies have on all of us.

"It doesn't matter if you're a Wall Street titan or working a regular job," said the 50-year-old economist. "Even though we're four years past the worst part of the recession, there's still a lot of worry and concern. And it affects us all."

In a recent interview over Peet's coffee in his paneled office, Williams touched on everything from global economics to his Sacramento boyhood. For someone who works in a world of billions and trillions ("You'll never hear the word millions from me," he jokes) and within a heavily fortified building guarded by armed federal officers, he's refreshingly down-to-earth.

Describing his childhood in Sacramento's River Park neighborhood, Williams admits that he was a "math nerd – but in a good way." He liked Monopoly, Little League and "Star Wars." As a teen, he invented his own fantasy board games.

Growing up, his family's dinner table conversation often swirled around politics and current events. His dad, Robert Williams, was legislative adviser to four politically diverse governors, from Edmund G. Brown Sr. to George Deukmejian.

His parents, and an older brother who works at Intel, still live in Sacramento.

Looking back, Williams says those family conversations sparked an interest in nonpartisan, public policy work, similar to how he views his role today at the Federal Reserve.

He's a Phi Beta Kappa who powered through three economics degrees – at UC Berkeley, the London School of Economics and Stanford University. But his fascination with economics got started in his very first Econ 1 class at Berkeley in 1980.

"By far, the hardest econ class I ever took was at Berkeley," he says, mainly because it forced him and his classmates to wrap their brains around economic concepts of how the world works: incentives, taxation, supply and demand.

While he and many of his fellow students struggled over theory, he says, eventually there was a light-bulb moment.

"It all started to make sense. To me, economics uses a lot of math but it also talks about how human beings behave and interact. Somehow it all clicked in my mind."

Berkeley's current Econ 1 professor, Martha Olney, pays close attention to the Federal Reserve's actions. She's met Williams, heard his speeches and followed his votes on the Federal Reserve's operating committee, which meets eight times a year to adjust U.S. monetary policy.

"The role of the bank presidents is, among other things, to have their finger on what is happening to the economy of their regional district and to convey that to the rest of the board," says Olney. Having watched Williams from afar, she observes, "he seems to be doing a fine job."

Williams' father, the retired state attorney, says his son has a unique ability to relate to people. "One of his greatest strengths is his ability to deal with anybody, to handle people in any circumstance, from any walk of life. He understands the value of other people's work, no matter what their (job) is."

A researcher at heart, the younger Williams has published more than 50 professional papers, some with chewy titles like "Robust Estimation and Monetary Policy With Unobserved Structural Change."

Perhaps fittingly, one of his research specialties is "monetary policy under uncertainty and imperfect information."

It's a perfect academic recipe for unsettled times and one that Williams embraces.

One of the Fed's primary roles is to set policies that achieve two main goals, maximum employment and price stability. But, "How do you make a decision where three Nobel Prize-winning economists come to three completely different conclusions?" Williams asks.

Dealing with economic uncertainties is a constant. "But today, given that we're in uncharted waters, doing policies that we don't have as much experience with, it's even more true."

He says economists have to rely on the best estimates they have to make their decisions, but always be willing to change, adapt or delete policies that no longer work.

For the Federal Reserve, that decision-making takes place largely behind closed doors at its every-six-weeks monetary policy meetings. The 19 participants – the 12 bank presidents like Williams, plus the seven-member board of governors chaired by Ben Bernanke – come from diverse backgrounds: government, academia, business. Without live cameras, Williams says, there's a free-flowing debate that's candid, polite and nonpartisan.

"I honestly do not know the political affiliations of people in the room. It's not about politics. Some have more conservative or liberal views. But it's startling how narrow our focus is: How's the economy doing and where is it going? How are our policies calibrated to best achieve our objectives: maximum employment and price stability? … That has nothing to do with whether you're Republican, independent or Democrat."

In the last few years, the Fed has taken some unconventional steps, such as "quantitative easing." It's now buying up to $85 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities and long-term Treasurys to keep interest rates low and stimulate the economy.

He acknowledges the "difficult trade-offs" to that strategy, namely that savings accounts, CDs and money-market funds earn almost nothing.

But the overall goal is to "speed the economy back to normal. … If we weren't lowering interest rates as aggressively as we are now, my worry is the economy wouldn't get enough momentum to get us back to normal."

He and his wife, Audrey Lyndon, a UC San Francisco nursing school professor, live with their two teenage sons in the Bay Area. For security reasons, he declines to say exactly where he lives.

He says the Federal Reserve, where he started his working career as a research economist in 1994, is a complex structure that's hard for anyone to grasp. But he credits Bernanke for making a greater effort at communicating "who the Fed is and what we do."

Williams promotes the Fed's consumer outreach efforts, which include teacher training, bank tours and social media. "I don't tweet, but the bank does."

While federal tax cut extensions earlier this month averted a leap off the fiscal cliff, it only "kicked the can a couple months down the road," says Williams, who says the tough decisions still lie ahead with Congress and the president.

"It's striking that every single economist – whether in the congressional budget office, in academia or elsewhere – all agree that federal fiscal policies are unsustainable over the next 10 to 20 years. … They need to change taxes and spending. Until we have a long-term fiscal solution … the uncertainty is going to weigh on people."

Despite his insider seat at the U.S. economy's decision-making table, the third-generation kid from Sacramento seems remarkably unaffected by his stature.

As his father notes: "You'd never know what he does for a living. When people ask, he just tells them: 'I'm an economist.' "


Age: 50

Job: President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Salary: $367,500

Education: Sacramento native and Encina High School graduate. Has three economics degrees: undergraduate from UC Berkeley, master's from London School of Economics, Ph.D. from Stanford

Boyhood highlight: As a Sacramento Bee newspaper carrier, he won a national contest in 1978 for selling newspaper subscriptions. His prize: a trip to England and Ireland, sponsored by Parade magazine.

Career: Started in 1994 as research economist at Federal Reserve's board of governors in Washington, D.C., moving to Fed's San Francisco bank in 2002 as a research adviser. Named president in 2011, serving five-year term.

Personal: Married with two teenage sons in Bay Area

Favorite sports teams: S.F. Giants and 49ers

Currently reading: "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – and Some Don't" by political forecaster Nate Silver and "1Q84" by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami


From the SUU Alumni Magazine, Fall 2010 (Cedar City,UT)

SUU is filled with stories of faculty who have forever impacted students, and Denise Woodbury was no exception. A brilliant scholar, dedicated teacher and engaged community member, Denise touched all who met her in her career spanning nearly a decade. She passed away May 2, 2010 and will be truly missed.

Born at Tachikawa Air Base in Tokyo, Denise was always a skilled academician. She graduated from high school at just 15 and from BYU at the age of 18. Denise went on to complete her Ph.D. from the University of Utah and later earned a master's degree in psychology and two other master's degrees in education fields.

In her tenure as an assistant professor of business administration and then associate professor of finance, Denise was a mentor to thousands of SUU business students. "She genuinely cared about students, both academically and personally," says R. Kim Craft, chair of the SUU Department of Economics and Finance.

To carry on her legacy, the Woodbury family has established the Dr. Denise Woodbury Endowment for Business Students Scholarship to help business students attend SUU. Donations can be made to the SUU Advancement Office, Attention: Lori Blackner, 351 West University Blvd., Cedar City, Utah 84720.

Our beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and friend, Dr. Denise Woodbury, died May 2, 2010 in Cedar City, Utah. Denise was born October 30, 1964 at Tachikawa Air Base in Tokyo, Japan to Captain John Bryce Woodbury of the United States Air Force and Ranae Raymond Strain Woodbury. She was the third child of four --the only girl--with two older brothers and one younger. The family returned to the United States when she was six months old and for the next several years was stationed at many locations and moved often. Denise often remarked that she never had a really close friend that she enjoyed for more than a year or so and then had to leave them. Denise attended a private school in Sacramento, California, going through an individualized program for 7th to 9th grades in just six months. She went directly to high school since she was too smart and the teachers couldn't teach her anything new. She graduated from high school at the age of 15 and entered college. She graduated from BYU at the age of 18 and was the youngest to do so up to that point, besting her brother John, who received his diploma from BYU at 19 and following in the footsteps of her father, John, also a BYU graduate. From that point on she couldn't stop learning and completed her PhD from the University of Utah. While teaching at Florida State University, she earned a Master's Degree in Psychology and also in subsequent years earned two Master's Degrees in various educational fields. She also taught at BYU-Hawaii, Weber State University, and twice at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. Denise was a dedicated educator and served as a professor of finance at SUU in addition to being an advisor to the SIFE club and former President of the Faculty Senate. She truly was a mentor to thousands of students. Her greatest achievement in working with many students was the SIFE program for Students in Free Enterprise--a service organization in the field of business. She received much recognition for her endeavors, including here being the recipient many times of the Sam M. Walton (Wal-Mart) fellowship award. Denise was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and held many callings including primary teacher, young women's and Temple worker. We are certain a joyous reunion is taking place on the other side as Denise is reunited and preceded in death by her mother Ranae, both her grandfathers, Everett Strain and William Evans Woodbury. Also her grandmother, Verda S. Woodbury. Denise is survived by her father, John Bryce (Joyce) Woodbury of Lawton, Oklahoma (Fomerly of Sacramento, California), grandmother Rowane Bowen of Sacramento, California and brothers John Bryce II (Sharon), Bevan J. (Tammy) and Michael Scott Woodbury, all of Sacramento, California. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 9:00 am at the Cedar Westview Ward Chapel, 1650 West Center Street, Cedar City. Viewings will be held Friday, May 7, 2010 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Southern Utah Mortuary, 190 North 300 West Cedar City, Utah and on Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the chapel prior to funeral services, all under the direction of Southern Utah Mortuary. Online condolences can be sent to www.southernutahmortuary.com. The family requests donations be made in Denise's name to the "SUU Dr. Denise Woodbury Endowment for Business Students Scholarship" in care of the University's Advancement Office Attention: Lori Blackner, 351 West Center Street, Cedar City, Utah 84720. Published in The Sacramento Bee on May 8, 2010.
Tony Osborne wrote:
Occupation: Disabled
MaritalStatus: Single
SinceGraduation: Gardening, riding bicycles, going to the mountains and ocean and trying to enjoy women and life
Trivia: I survived being shot in the head at close range. I am very blessed to be alive.
BestFriends: Greg Araya and the entire Encina wrestling team
Hobbies: Gardening, Girls and Bicycles
MiddleSchool: Howe
MemorableTeachers: My wrestling Coach
FavoriteMemory: Sex in the Handball courts with all the girls
Stories: Teachers suck... but all my classmates were cool
Siblings: Toni Osborne 1980
Carol Weissert writes:
Occupation: Inventory Manager
MaritalStatus: Divorced
Children/grandchildren: Kim - 25, Jamie - 22
SinceGraduation: Updating my life..... :) Still
with the same company going into 14 years now, Petco.. you know where the petsss gooo..lol My two Wonderful Girls Kim and Jamie are now out on there own, so that gives me lots of free time to do just whatever. I currently moved to Elk Grove a few month ago, and still in search of my perfect Man !!! ok little flaws ok :) Been married two times, first one is the daddy of my girls, the second one, ya those may know him from Encina, Ron Clevenger, thought he really was the one, but just was not :( But hey that's ok, i live and learn.
I still love to ride Motorcycles, go for ride on them ( with some hot dude ) and love walking, riding my bike ( with peddles ) and watch my favorite football team " Go Steeler's " play. I love to still go kick back at a small pub and listen to some good old home town bands, and play darts here and there. Im Just living life, no regrets, no worries, no drama... Would love to meet up with any of my old school mates that are still around. My Second best friend in high school ( first one was Kim Beatty who passed away years ago ) but theresa Hughie married my brother Pat 5 years ago.. so now i got a best sister in law.... Its great !!!! Still see Ron Carlson and Melissa Hughie, and though we have our own lives, we are very much still there for each other, even after almost 30 years...wow did we get old...lol so that's about it for now.
Trivia: Only interesting thing about me these days, is i still love the " Steeler's " and still have that charming humor..
BestFriends: Kim Beatty, Theresa Hughie ( Weissert now ), Melissa Hughie, Ron Carlson.... we still are very much in each other lives. But again, Kim, who passed 25 years ago..:(
Got back in touch with Danette Davis and Terry Murphy
Kids: Kim my oldest is becoming a Firefighter, the dream of her life....
Jamie is into banking , so ya...if i ever need a loan, i know where to go..
There both very intelligent and great Kids ( Adults now )
GradeSchool: Thomas Edison
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
FavoriteMemory: Graduating..lol
Stories: Have so Many, but hey write me we can catch up on old times !
Siblings: Pat Weissert
AlumniInContact: Danette Davis 1980, Theresa Hughie 1981 ( Weissert now ), Melissa Hughie 1981, Ron Carlson 1981, Terry Murphy 1980
Bret Bell writes:
Occupation: Supervisor, Electrical Technician, Gulfstream Aerospace
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Laurie
Children/grandchildren: Shonda 27
Karl 18
BestFriends: Mark Schaefer
Terri Avery
Jamie Atkinson
GradeSchool: Creekside
MiddleSchool: Howe Ave.
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Greenwood, told us that we could cut his class one day in the year as long as we called him and told him before we did it, I don't think anyone abused it.
Alumni_in_contact: JAMIE ATKINSON
Sacramento Bee, June 4, 2009
PAUL, Mark Brian Timothy
Born on March 28, 1961, in Sacramento, passed away on May 31, 2009. Mark attended school in Sacramento as a child before going on to American River College. Mark went on to work for SMUD for many years. He is preceded in death by his father Elmer Paul and by his grandparents James and Helen Paul and Henry and Ann Stroh. He is survived by his mother Saundra Paul, brother Ernest Stewart (Valerie), sister Jennifer Posehn, and many nieces and nephews, as well as his best friend and companion Dion Peart. He will be deeply missed.
JOHNSON, Terri Lynne Maynor
Born February 19, 1962 in Sacramento, CA. Passed away March 24, 2009 in Rancho Murieta after a brief illness, age 47. Survived by daughter, Rochelle Maynor and son Anthony Johnson, both of Portland, Oregon, brother Glen Williams of Idaho, step sister of Mike Cramer of Sacramento, Margaret Golden of Bellevue, WA, Kathy Benzon of Placerville, CA, and Kay Clemmons of Grass Valley, CA, husband Richard Johnson of Carson City, Nevada, parents Rosa Lee and Denton Cramer and Kenneth and Donna Williams. Preceded in death by K. Vaughn Maynor. A Memorial Service will be held on Monday, March 30, 2009 at 2:00PM at the North Sacramento Funeral Home, 725 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA. Donations made be made to the Sacramento Children's Receiving Home on Auburn Boulevard in lieu of flowers. Published in the The Sacramento Bee on 3/29/2009 
David A. McHenry
Of Citrus Heights, CA, passed away Dec. 4, 2007, a native of California, age 45 years. Survived by his wife, Antoinette and his canine son, Oslo; parents, Annabelle and the late Raefield McHenry; brother, Chip McHenry and sister, Sandy Caldwell. Friends are invited to attend a memorial service at PRICE FUNERAL CHAPEL, Dec. 8, 2007 at 10:00am (6335 Sunrise Blvd., 725-2109).
David Shields writes:
Occupation: Retired Air Force. Freelance writer, artist; Executive Director of non profit ministry, also do occasional home remodeling repair work.
Bio: Right after graduation moved to Plant City, FL with family where I went to work at Kraft Foods Inc. on clean-up crew then the following summer I worked maintenance during the plant shut down. While there I received Christ into my life and was called into the ministry. I attended bible college for one year. When I got laid off from Kraft due to the near complete wipe out of the orange crop in 1982 I went to work as an industrial painter when I got laid off from that I went to work for a wholesale plant nursery. After getting tired of the unstable job market I joined the US Air Force in 1984. Became a medic and was assigned to Keesler AFB in Mississippi. Got married in 1985 to my first wife. Left the Air Force for a short time in 1988 to go into full time ministry in Newberry, Florida. Things didn't work out with that job, so I returned to the Air Force and moved to MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida
while there I got a free trip to the Saudi desert for the Gulf war. Went to Germany in 1993 and my son was born that year. I spent 5 1/2 years in Frankfurt GE stationed at the now closed Rhein-Main AB. Continued college there and studied art and business concurrently at the University of Maryland. Left Germany in 1998 and was stationed it Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Became a recruiter in 2000 and moved to Dothan, Alabama. Left Alabama in 2004 and went to Charleston AFB in Charleston, South Carolina where I won another free trip to the desert this time to Kuwait in support of OIF/OEF. Divorced in 2005 after an extended separation (trying to keep it together)while wife and kids remained in Dothan, AL. Remarried in 2006 to my current wife Theresa. I retired from the Air Force in November of 2006 and started a remodeling business in Charleston. God called us to move to the mountains of North Carolina to open a Christian retreat center and move into full time ministry, so we up and quit everything and moved to Spruce Pine, NC in April, 2007.
Trivia: I'm writing a book, which is almost complete and hope to have it publisher ready by the end of this year ('07)
Friends: Robert Horner, Shawn Helton, Marcy Duke, Marc Usilton (Michelletti), Max Wise, David Goff and many others whose names escape me right now. I've lost contact with all of them. I was saddened to learn of David's and Marc's deaths. I had been trying to find Marc for several years, but never reconnected.
Hobbies: Writing, painting, photography, guitar, running, hiking, backpacking/camping and bicycling.
Kids: Jonathan (13) is a very bright young man who loves star wars and film making. He and a friend are currently producing and filming their own movie. He also plays guitar. Adriana (10) loves reading and wants to be a writer. She has written stories and co-wrote a children's book with her dad, which I will self-publish for her. She also plays piano and is a very bright student. Daniel Tedford (16) is my step-son and he lives with us in NC. He loves video games and girls. He is tall and good looking, so the girls love him too!
Grade_school: Cordova Villa in Rancho Cordova
Junior_high: Mills Jr High in Rancho Cordova and Valley Vista in Sacto
Junior_high_friends: Charles Turner at Mills.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Botello. He was like my best friend and he taught me more than just photography; he taught me about life. He introduced me to the work of Man Ray, which has shaped my art. Mrs McKenzie who loved my creative writing so much that she passed me in her Expository writing class even though I didn't do so well. Mr. Wilcox from metal shop, mostly for his wisdom.
Favorite_memory: Slap boxing on the quad and hanging out at the wall near the art classes watching girls and dreaming about what life will be like when we finally left Encina. 
Story: I spent a lot of time in the darkroom of B-4 and when I finally came out in my senior year I met a lot of people who didn't even know I went to the school. They did an article in the school paper about me being holed up in the darkroom and that was pretty cool at the time. My favorite story involves a substitute teacher in Mr. Rollins World History class. He had to go out for extended jury duty and we went through a number of substitutes. Our class was divided with the bad kids on the teachers left and the good kids on the teachers right. I was on the left (need I say more). We (the bad ones) would throw paperwads and shoot spit wads at the sub and the next day we would have a different one. Then "she" showed up, I don't remember her name, but she wouldn't back down no matter what we did she came back and she changed my life. She saw potential in me and encouraged me to live up to my potential. I switched sides and turned my grade from an "F" to a "C" and I think eventually a "B". I wouldn't have graduated without her help. That was also the catalyst to me meeting new people and being discovered by people who didn't even know I was there.
Stephen A. Coppock
Stephen Arthur Coppock, a 43-year-old resident of Trenton, died at 10:51 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2, 2005 at the University of Kansas Medical Center
from injuries received in an automobile accident near Humphreys.
Funeral services will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2005 at the Trenton Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. President Russell
Hopkins will officiate. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service. The body will be cremated following the service.
Mr. Coppock was born on July 29, 1942 in Sacramento, CA, the son of June Betz and Arthur Clifton Coppock, He attended L.A. Sierra High School and Brigham Young University. He later graduated from Sacramento Truck Driving Academy and had been driving for Missouri Farmers Association. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Survivors include his mother, June Betz Rice and her husband, Joseph, of Augusta, GA; his father, Arthur Clifton Coppock of California; a daughter, Weslyn Nicole Coppock of Florida; two brothers Robert James Coppock of Spickard and Jerry Coppock of New Mexico; a sister, Karyn Coppock Takke and her husband, Vince, of Orem, UT; four nephews, Jake, Kyle, Chad and Josh; his grandmother, Irene Vanderford of Spickard; three step-sisters; five nieces; three step-nieces; three step-nephews; and one great-step-niece.
He was preceded in death by his maternal grandfather, Carl Elmer Betz; paternal grandparents Ralph Clifton and Marion A. Coppock; his
step-grandfather, Arvard Vanderford; two uncles, Crawford Coppock and Walter Haskins; and two nephews, Billy and Dennis Maxwell.
Richard Haeling writes:
Occupation: Sales
Hobbies: Vacations,  Boating and motor homing
Kids: Brooke 1996 / Taylor 1999
Sandy Conley writes:
Worked for 25 years in the Automotive business in 2003 RETIRED... Now Traveling and charity work.
David Midthunder writes:
Occupation: Actor, Stuntman.
Bio: Working on films & T.V. shows.
Friends: Bruce Tuter, Robin Garcia, Mike Davis.
Hobbies: Big wave surfing, skydiving, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, vert-Skateboarding, streetluge, Muay Thai (and other martial arts), Mountain biking (both extreme downhill, freeride, cross-country), mountainboarding (big-airs, downhill slalom), snowboaord (steep-deep powder in Alaska and Utah), bull riding, and work with other actors as certified personal trainer.
Kids: 3 boys and 1 girl.
Eldest son just got out of the United States Marine Corps, after completing his four years of active duty, 2 years fighting in the middle east.
Grade_school: Cottage
Grade_school_friends: Bruce Tuter
Junior_high_friends: Bruce Tuter, Mike Davis, Robin Garcia.
Memorable_teachers: Botello photography.
Favorite_memory: Skateboarding the hallways being chased by Mr. Sando
Story: The skateboarders were cool, but I was the only one who surfed S.F. and Santa Cruz. Robin Garcia and I were the only two officially enrolled tribal members A.K.A. American Indians.
Sibling_info: Diana (sister)
comments: After graduating Indian boarding school (a cross between prison and military) where I was on the football, boxing (all year), track, rodeo (bull riding), and track teams. I went the University of Utah, who's symbol (not mascot was the Ute). Ute is and Indian tribe native to Utah. As the Ute symbol a casting director spotted me and asked if I could ride a horse bare-back like that in front of a camera. After asking how much the pay was, I said "Hell yeah!" and ever since I've been acting and doing stunt work. Later married someone half my age, also in the industry. I also have done many commercials and print work (modeling), calendar shoots and Tech. advising on Native American subject matter (At the U of U I majored in cultural anthropology, and speak several Native American languages). I think many people at Encina didn't know I was multi-lingual, even close friends, because I only spoke Lakota to family members. Most recently I was in the Steven Spielberg mini-series "Into the West" as White Crow. Some of my other work can be found on imdb.com. Weird life huh?
Bettina Willeford writes:
Occupation: Civil Servant
Bio: After graduating in January 1980, I began working as a waitress at Heidi's Pies on Howe Avenue and attended American River College (ARC.)
I married a fellow Encina alumni (1974) Doug Wilkinson on May 30, 1981. That same year I began working for the State of CA with the Employment
Development Department as a Key Data Operator (thanks to my ROP clerical training I could type over 23 words a minute.)  My daughter Katherine
was born in December, 1982.  Doug and I seperated in 1984.  In October 1986, we both remarried.  I married Forrest Oldham whom I met and dated in 1981.  In July, 1988, my son, Andrew was born.  I resigned from State service and stayed home to raise my son.  During this time I returned to college (Sierra Community College, Rocklin) and volunteered time at the State Capitol as a historical room interpreter.  In 1990, I returned to
State service, working in the acccounting and clerical fields.  August, 1996, my family moved to a turn of the 20th century, two story, farm house in the rural county of Colusa (50 miles north of Sacramento.)  My second husband (Forrest) singlehandedly renovated the home from the foundation up.  I was communting to Sacramento from College City to work and in 1997 I was fortunate to find a State job 15 minutes from my home in Williams.  I have worked in Williams for the past eight years with the exception of a 9 month temporary assignment in Yuba City.  In 2001, I divorced my second husband.  I am making plans to continue my education and to actively pursue those dreams I had in high school.
Trivia: I was the manger of my son's little league team.  My husband assisted as the coach.  I was hit in the face by a wild pitch, luckily I was hit in the soft tissue of my cheek (hence no broken bones or black eyes.)
Friends: Jackie Giles, Becky Smith, Shelly Siemion, Tina Rivas, Lori Burgess, Todd Kern
Lost contact with:  Tina Rivas
Hobbies: History, Architecture, Reading, Scrapbooking,watching sprint car racing, watching my son play sports and watching the local destruction derby at the Colusa County Fair.
Kids: My daughter graduated from Pierce High School, Arbuckle, in 2001, after transferring from San Juan High School her Junior year.  She was
active in Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Yearbook Committee and Young Life.  After graduation she attended Yuba College Community College,
worked as a Lifeguard during the summers and waitressed.  In December, 2004 she received her Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts degree from ARC.
In January 2005, she began attending California State University Sacramento (CSUS).  Her major is Government with a minor in Criminal Justice and History.  She currently works at Sports Chalet (cashiering & bookkeeping) and referee's Junior High and High School volleyball games. She enjoys spending time with her family; scrapbooking with her mother, attending the Music Circus with her paternal grandmother and aunt and
golfing with her maternal grandmother.
My son, Andrew is a senior at Pierce High School, Arbuckle.  His paternal grandmother's alumni (1950) and NSCIF Champions, 2004 (12-0) GO BEARS!!  He plays football (Offensivetackle and Defensivetackle and baseball (First Baseman).  He broke his right radius during football practice in 2004 and was out most of the season.  His interests (besides girls) are architecture, history and police science.  He has been an active member of 4H and FFA.  Raising and showing sheep and most recently a pig at the Colusa County Fair.  He went to Greece, Italy, England and France on a People to People Ambassadorship in 2003.  Last summer he was a 4H Camp Counselor.  He currently is working at Togos/Baskin -n- Robbins.      
Grade_school: Dyer-Kelly Elementary School
Grade_school_friends: Todd Kern, Jackie Giles, Lori Burgess, Tina Roberts, Rebecca Stackpole,
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Todd Kern, Tina Roberts, Rebecca Stackpole, Lori Burgess, Elaine Sena, Jackie Giles,
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Latimer, Home Economics (great when you have the munchies) Mr. Halfman, Business Machines (if you have to look at a male teacher he wasn't hard on the eyes) Mr. Botello, Photography (loved to roam the campus during class on the pretense of taking pictures and
photography was cool) Mr. ?, Horticulture, (he was so patient with me, even though I was a little shit)
Favorite_memory: Lunch time keggers, smoking section on campus (who's stupid idea was that?)  Having to make-up credits for Physical Education (PE) before I could graduate (I was too cool to dress down for PE), so I had to take fours hours of PE in summer school.  Running, weight
lifting, hand ball and basketball, what a work out for a burn out!  I think I even gave up smoking during this time.   
Story: My friend Becky Smith and I joined the Wrestlettes our sophmore year to irritate the other girls (we were the only burn-outs) and to ride the bus with the wrestlers.
Sibling_info: Loren A. Willeford, 1981
Alumni_in_contact: Shelly Siemion, Becky Smith, Sandy Conley, Lori Siemion, Jackie Giles, Lori Burgess, Rebecca Stackpole, Sandy Wilkinson,
Danette Davis writes:
Occupation: Sales Couselor...
Bio: Raising my family.... I am now moving to OK. to care for my daughter-in-law and grandson while my son Rodney is serving our country in Irag. He will be in Irag from Oct. 2005 to Oct 2006. Now that my children are grown up and all on their own I am about to start all over for at leat a year. This is a promis I made to my son when he joined the army. I am looking forword to the change and the time with my grandsons. I am lucky to be able to do this for them.
Kids: My son Bradley is a pastery chef. My daughter Kristina just graduated from Heald and is working as a front desk person at the moment. I am proud of all three of my children. They have grown into fine young adults and I look forword to what the future holds for them. I also look forword to more grandchildren from the younger two.. As I stated above my oldest is in the Army being deployed to Iraq in Oct. currently stationed in OK. He has been married for 5 years has 4 boys and is very happy....
Paul John Olson writes:
City: Dalcross, Inverness, Scotland, UK
Occupation: golf course development
Bio: peace corps, politics, marriage, fatherhood, real estate re-development
Friends: Best friends were Erik Olson, Chris Dahlberg, Chuck Armstrong
Hobbies: golf, reading, traveling
Kids: Garrett, 8/22/00, Bradley, 9/19/02
Sonja Labosky writes:
Occupation: Food Service Worker II
Bio: Moving around between San Jose & Sacramento, getting married, having kids, getting remarried, raising my family, working, building a home here in Loomis, working in the PTC, being a Girl Scout Troop Leader, and building an in-ground swimming pool.
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, and surfing (the "net").
Kids: Nicholas - age 12, Natasha - age 8
My kids are cuter than your kids!!! My son will grow up to be an engineer and my daughter will grow up to become a "diva"!
Memorable_teachers: My sociology teacher who came to my house when I was recovering from having my appendix taken out and she gave me my final exam so that I could pass and get my diploma.
Favorite_memory: Getting interviewed by Channel 3 about what I was going to do when I graduated from Encina, and closing at McDonald's. Graduating and being call up at the end of the class to get my diploma and having one of the guys give me some other girls bouquet of roses to carry across the stage. I wasn't sure if I was going to get to go to the graduation because I had just had surgery on getting my appendix out.
Danette Davis writes:
Occupation: Manager of R.T. Cellular in West Sacramento
Bio: Being a mom and now a grandma. I was married Oct. 11, 2003 for the 3rd and finale time.
Trivia: Not much interesting about me.
Friends: Sandy Conoley, Kelly Gonyea and Doreen Turner. I have lost contact with Kelly and Doreen.
Hobbies: my husband and I like to travel, we also enjoying going to Reno at least once every 2 months. We enjoy watching football and basket ball
Kids: My children are all grown up now, my son Rodney is married and a father of 3 he is very happy. Rodney is in the Army and stationed in Lawton Oklahoma. My son Bradley changed his last name to Davis (my maiden name due to not getting along with his dad), he is studying to be a pastry chef. Kristy is attending Herald Business college she is taking general business.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Sandy Conoley
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Will Raborn writes:
Occupation: sheet metal worker
Bio: joined us navy after graduation 81-85, lived in san diego, GOT MARRIED AND HAVE 2 BEAUTIFUL BOYS
Friends: brian bennett,brad peterkin,michelle & teri blackburn---PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!!!!  I BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!
Kids: ryan 15  nicholas 5
Junior_high: will rogers
Memorable_teachers: MR. TRATHEN, lAMONTAGNE, MR ASH and of course my stepfather JOHN PSIAHAS----I SURE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
Favorite_memory: watching underclassmen get thrown in the pool for being on senior lawn, slaughterball during raindays at P.E,
Brook Douglas writes:
Occupation: Ironworker
Bio: I need at least 100 pages just to scratch the surface.
Trivia: Got hitched at age 21 and still going strong.
Friends: Scott Anderson,Bing haas,Douglas Jarez,David Smith,Gary Bishop. Just to name a few. 
Hobbies: Board surfing,Competitive body surfing,water skiing,fishing(deep sea),motor cycles,naps on the beach with my wife and kids.(we live less than a mile from our local beach).
Kids: Scott Kenyon,15   Parker Keaten,14   Vaughn Mitchell,4
all boys,WAHOO!--of course everything i listed for hobs.&rec. they do with me.I'm pleased with thier academic achivements,they dig school.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Scott Anderson
Favorite_memory: jumping the fence and swimming in the pool on saturdays.
Dave Colmus writes:
Occupation: Firefighter
1980-1982,Moved to San Jose after graduation.
1982-2002, Joined the Air Force and saw most the world. Stationed in North Dakota, California, England, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia (six times), Egypt, Germany, brief visits to Ireland, Italy, France, Hawaii. Retired Air Force in Colorado.
2002-Present, Firefighter now for the Army in Colorado Springs.
Friends: Lost contact with Bruce Hagy, Jeff Ganow, Dirk Ruthrauff, Evan Dick, Andrew Pawlowski, Ray Lee, George Champayne, Gail Siemion.
Kids: Three great kids, Melissa, Sandra, and Richard. Cant beieve my girls are graduating themselves this year.
Memorable_teachers: Definitely has to be Coach Lee, he was a great teacher.
Favorite_memory: Graduation night party
Terry Levea writes:
Occupation: Owner of Island Pools and Spas, Lexi-Corp. and Fake Rock Inc.Swimming Pool Contractor, Sculptor, Manufacturing, Pre-cast, Landscape Designer.
Bio: Went to college for a couple of years. Moved to Los Angeles to try my luck at a golf career. NOT!! Moved back to Sacto. and started a business. Since then I have been mostly building my companies. Inventing new product lines. Traveling the world. Raising and spending a lot of time with my beautiful daughter.
Trivia: I'm not sure what would be considered trivia about myself, however I am considered one of the best kept secrets in my trade and work mainly for the very wealthy. How's that?
Friends: The Varsity Soccer guys, too many to name. Steve Powell, John Reitter, George Champagne, Mark Clark and other infamous water-ballooners.
Hobbies: Right now I am very busy creating a product line for Home Depot and the like. Putting Video's, CD's and a Book together teaching my sculpting talents to various trades and soon the public through them as well. My Daughter is the most important feature of my life however and so I spend as much time with her as allowed. Play golf a couple of times a year. 
Kids: My daughter Alexis was born in October of 1997. At the time of her birth my wife Megan and I were expecting a healthy baby, just unsure of the gender. When Alexis came out she went into immediate respiratory distress and the prognosis was very dark and grim. We were told she would not live very long and that her chances of a normal life were very bleak. Through all of the surgeries and lots of therapy, she has stunned the medical community, including thirty of the brightest minds in the world at U.C.L.A. and has surpassed all of their doubts, as well as their predictions about her future. I am proud to say that I have a newly named "miracle" child, that is now teaching the medical world things they didn't think possible. The only answer they have is that lots of love, faith and her tenacity to live has made this possible. Although there are still some minor problems, I have a wonderful daughter that is very funny. Totally beautiful and makes everybody she comes in contact with want to take her home. She's v
Grade_school: Lots. Winterstein, Edison to name a couple.
Grade_school_friends: John Reitter, Steve Powell, Eric Moeszinger, Larry Riggs, Danette Davis
Junior_high: George Champagne, Greg Rogers, Greg Selk, Brian Bender, Mark Clark, Danny Bell
Junior_high_friends: Same as the other lists.
Favorite_memory: Slaughterball, What a great game! The Soccer teams and friendships I made with them. Waterballooning on weekends with friends. Senior class movie. All the nice people that went there and how we all got along so well no matter what class you were in, we all just seemed to accept each other. None of the problems of today students.
Story: I think I would just like to thank them and tell them how lucky I have always felt to have had them in my life. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today, nor as successful or well balanced. Thank you all!
Elizabeth Pernack writes:
Occupation: Internet Security Analyst
Bio: What haven't I done??? I have lived in nearly every region of the U.S. and even in Canada, and my occupations have ranged from Medical Transcriptionist to Irish Dance teacher, to First Mate on a Schooner, chasing whales in the North Atlantic, to owning a software company producing an industry standard solution for the Newton (Apple) to Macintosh connectivity, which we sold all over the world via the Internet beginning in the early days fo the WWW... to being a professinal chef in a castle in Newport RI, to working as a security analyst at the company that invented the internet...
I am now at Harvard University, working as a network analyst.
Trivia: you could say I am restless, and that anything I have set my sights on, I have achieved... now I am considering my versatility and convincing demeanor as possibly the preparation for work as a high-level diplomat specializing in Russian and Chinese foreign relations, in my latter years as I age and grow in wisdom. I have a knack for foreign languages, having studied Irish and Scottish Gaelic, German, as well as a smattering of most of the standard European languages. I am also a trained coluratura soprano and am actively involved with different sacred early (baroque and before)music groups in Maine and the Harvard University community...
Friends: Well, none of them mentioned me as a best friend... but, Sandy Conley, Dave Lester, Kelly O'Dell, Misty Tenney etc... yeah, I know I was a loner and restless on the face of the earth, but I had lost touch with everyone but Sandy - who I owe so much to, for saving me from a pretty unstable dysfunctional family life over the years...
Hobbies: I have been a crew member on a Racing Class A yacht in Maine, for several years now, racing on the New England and Offshore circuits. We tend to win the races over the rough seas, being on an OLDer, heavier, sea-worthy Beneteau 456sd - rather than one of the ultra-light multi-million dollar US made hybrids these rich guys purchase for themselves every year...
Kids: no kids, yet... looking into adopting some children from Afghanistan, maybe look into the Nobel sperm bank too...
Grade_school: Sierra Gardens, Roseville, CA
Grade_school_friends: None, I moved to the area after grade school and junior high...
Junior_high: Warren T. Eich, in Roseville, CA
Junior_high_friends: none, see above answer
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. West - American History; she did not mind that I played Frisbee in the quad instead of attending regularly, as long as I came for quizzes and tests (Sandy Conley would tell me about the tests coming up, or fetch me from the quad for the quizzes), since I always ACED my tests and was known as the slacker curve-buster in her courses...
Rusty Vardy and Bryce Cordes, for the Summer School Environmental Investigations course... they were cool. The course was outdoors, with backpacking and learning about edibles and natural history.
And Finally, my ALL TIME MEMORABLE AWARD goes to:
ERIC DAHLIN!!!!!!! God knows, how he put up with me cutting the rest of my classes and spending the days in his ceramic studio - doing what-not. I understand he is still there, and the two times I have gone to see him over the years, he has tried to hide from me... I developed my Psy talents while in his studio, and this is how I realized I am a mutant...
Favorite_memory: Cutting school with Bill KNoble and Misty Tenney to go to the River during the last full solar eclipse of the century, and taking off my pants to wade in flood waters, so as not to get them wet, while Misty and Bill decided for an hour whether they would take off their pants to wade to the other side of the flooded out section of bike path...
but mostly, I recall the total comfort and love from my friends there, as I had a terrible home-life and this was my island of stability for three years...
Story: umm... maybe not, I am not sure what the statute of limitations would be for some of the things my friends did...
BUT, I can share, that recently, Sandy had been thinking about me alot, as I had slipped off the radar, and I got in touch with her, and she had heard from Dave Lester, and put me in touch with him. Damn, it feels good to talk to my friends, we really have not changed...
And there is always that certain ESP, so that anyone close to me that wants to find me, can focus their thoughts and their radars and I will call them back asap!
Alumni_in_contact: Sandy Conley, Dave Lester
Heard_about_website_from: Sandy Conley, Dave Lester
The Sacramento Bee, March 14, 1988
  A 24-year-old woman was found stabbed to death in her downtown Sacramento apartment Sunday morning, and her ex-boyfriend was arrested Sunday afternoon in connection with the killing, police said. Tonia Seabron, 662 N St., died
Saturday night after being stabbed several times in the chest, according to Sacramento Police Sgt. Ronald Meadors and the county coroner's office.
  Arrested was Reavous Van Thomas, 32, of Sacramento, who had told the apartment manager Sunday morning that Seabron wasn't answering the door when he knocked. He accompanied the manager, Vern Gore, who opened the apartment, and they found the victim's body on the bedroom floor and notified police at 7:49 a.m. There were no signs of forced entry to the second-floor apartment, part of the Capitol Towers complex three blocks west of the state Capitol, Meadors said.
  Thomas, who had been with detectives throughout the day, was arrested at 4 p.m. Meadors said Thomas had been stabbed in his leg and was treated at University Medical Center. Meadors declined to say how Thomas had been injured. Meadors said Thomas would be held without bail at the Sacramento County Jail, and would be booked on unspecified murder charges later this week after the homicide detective confers with the district attorney's office.
  According to police, Seabron and Thomas moved into the N Street apartment about a year ago with her toddler son. Thomas lived there until a few months ago, when Seabron broke up with him, although the couple still socialized, Meadors said.
  After Seaborn's body was found, police placed the toddler in his grandmother's custody. She was visiting her daughter from Memphis this weekend, but was not at the apartment when the slaying occurred. She and other family members arrived Sunday morning while police were still inside, Meadors said.
  Gary Chartrand, a cartographer who lives in Sacramento and commutes to San Francisco to work, said he often heard the couple fighting in their apartment above his. Manager Gore described Seabron as a "really nice lady" and a good resident who always paid her rent. Several months ago, however, other residents had complained about loud noise from her apartment, he said.
  Gore saw Seabron Saturday and said that she joked with him about wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. "She was really happy the day before, with her mother here," Gore said. He said she recently got a new job.
  Chartrand said he had a group of friends over Saturday night and didn't hear anything in the apartment above him. The neighborhood had its share of domestic disputes and drunks, but "never anything like this," he said. "This complex has a pretty good reputation for security," Chartrand said. "I'm sure this will rock the whole community for awhile."
Victor Hutchinson writes:
Occupation: Emergency Room Nurse
Bio: After graduation, joined the USAF, was in active duty for about 10years, got out to become civilian, thought life was better on the outside but was wrong, anyways, was a manager for auto/electrical repair shop, still taking occasional college classes, moved to Texas school full time, became a Nurse, ecxiting work in Emergency Room also Critical Care.  Friends: I left the Sacto area right after highschool, have not really keept in touch with anyone, sorry to say.  Was at 10 yeasr reunion, missed the 20 hopefully if we have 25th i will make it.
Hobbies: camping, fishing,weight lifting and spending times with my 2 boys.
Kids: Have 2 boys Victor 15 freshman in highschool, and Lance 13 he is the 8th grade.
Grade_school: Howe Ave
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Memorable_teachers: Mr Lamontne i enjoyed his arts/crafts classes, Coach Lee, great guy.
Mary DiStasio writes:
Occupation: Manager of Strategic Services
Bio: Let's see......I went to Sac State, on the 5 year plan, and graduated with a degree in Psychology in 1985; 2 months later I married my college sweetheart and we just celebrated 15 years of married bliss this past August! I have 2 wonderful children, T.J.(10) and Katie (7) and have been working fulltime also. We have found time to travel, mainly to the East Coast, but for the past 2 summers we have been very fortunate to go to Maui for vacation (no cellphones, no pagers, life is great).
Friends: Becky Pires Granroth, Carol Luna Miller, Denise Ford, Lisa Mensch Styles, Carole Salerno---we all were able to reconnect at the reunion--watch out, the e-mail will be flying!
Hobbies: Travel, (finally putting together) scrapbooks/photo albums, shopping, singing, attending A's/Giants baseball, college and Raiders football games, attending hockey games (can you tell we love sports), bowling (the kids love that), spending time with friends.
Kids: Thomas John (T.J.) turned 10 in September and he is our brainiac!! He has green eyes like his Dad and is tall (I know, obviously he got my hubands' genes)and handsome. T.J. plays Little League, as well as, he loves to play golf; he also loves his Game boy and riding his scooter. He is in Scouts and had his first campout last summer!  He is our actor and loves to tell jokes. Katie Marie is 7 and is our tomboy! She loves sports even more than her brother. She has been playing Little League since she was 4 and last Christmas, asked Santa to bring her catcher's gear for Christmas! She also loves playing with her Barbie dolls, especially in the tub,(where Ken always seems to be drowning and Barbie has to help him....). Her dream is to play basketball at Stanford (hey, her pediatrician said she would be 5'10"). The personalities are totally different, but they both seemed to inherit the sense of humor and making jokes gene (can't imagine where that came from......)and they are truly the joys of our lives!
Grade_school: Redding, California (can't remember the name)
Junior_high: I moved to Sacramento in 7th grade and went to Jonas Salk.
Junior_high_friends: Lisa Mensch Styles, Carrie Verzwyvelt, Farrell Scott (she went to Rio)
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Gonzales (Mexican Soap opera--Donde esta Juan? Siempre este tarde!, Mexico trip--the glass blowing factory, flan, and the light/sound show at the pyramids,) Mr. Figenshu (Figenshu's pick-up, Mama Celeste), Mrs Kojima (Mexico trip and her Vienna sausages) Senora Coze (substitute teacher for Mrs. Kojima, calling roll--Andrew knows what I mean).
Favorite_memory: Senior Lawn, up all night filling out slips for the Marriotts trip--trying to use the shortest names in the class to get more done, Mexico trip(s), winning all the rallys our Junior year, Drill team, etc......
Alumni_in_contact: Denise Ford (prior to the reunion)
Heard_about_website_from: surfing the web
Carmella Sarguis writes:
Occupation: Employee Benefits Supervisor
Bio: Since graduation in 1980, I attended two years at American River College.  I 1984 I got married and moved to the Modesto area.  I have two children, Joey is now 14 and a Freshman in Clayton Valley High, and Emily is 12 and she's in 8th grade.  I went through a divorce in 1990 and soon after that met my soul mate, which I am happy to say I am now married to.  His name is Mike and he has three children (14,12,10) from a prior marriage.  We moved to the Walnut Creek area in 1998 and we love it here.   Mike and I both work for the same company, which makes life very interesting.
Friends: My best friend at Encina was Daphne Pechart.  I also hung out with Leane Trevelyan and Marcy Honeyman.  Unfortunately because of all of my relocations, I have lost touch with everyone at Encina. 
Hobbies: My all time favorite hobby would be SHOPPING.  I am a seasoned veteran at it.  I must admit that I am not very athletic, however I did play flag football in Encina.  Oh yeah, and my other favorite hobby STARBUCKS. Mike and I love to travel, but with five kids it's sometimes hard to get away.  He is an avid golfer, so we often will getaway LaQuinta in Palm Springs.
Kids: My kids are the most wonderful things in the world.  They are my life.  We have a lot of fun with them, as they each have their own personality.  Between the two of us we have five kids, between the ages of 10 and 14, so I will be working for a long time to get them all through college.
Grade_school: I went to school in Iran, came to Encina as a Sophomore in 1977.
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Jeff Pearl writes:
Occupation: Pediatric Heart Surgeon
Bio: UC Berkeley- Graduated 1984
UCLA Medical School- 1988
General Surgery Residency- 1988-1994
Cardiothoracic Surgery 94-96
Fellowship in Congenital Heart Suregry and Transplantation UCLA 1996-1997
Following this long training I felt like I was ready to retire, but ended up taking an academic position at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. A long way from California.  I have been here a little over three years now. I run the research lab, am Director of Pediatric Heart Transplantation and have a busy clinical practice in congenital heart surgery.
I am married and have a son age 11 years, two step-sons, ages 7 and 9, a daughter age 4, a son age 2 1/2. Along with work this keeps me very busy.
My wife is a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse who works part time, so at least I get to see her at work when I put in thos 80 or 90 hour work weeks.
We go to Sacramento about twice a year to see my parents and vacation in Lake Tahoe every summer and go skiing in February there.
I have lost contact with most from Encina during the years, but still have fond memories of High School,  It is hard to beleive it has been 20 years. If anyone knows what is up with Randy Hill let me know.
Friends: Randy Hill, Brooke Bingham, Allan Schurr
Hobbies: Biking, hiking,  sports, being outdoors, music and guitar. And going to alot of my kids soccer games-- it is a big deal in Ohio.
Kids: They are all different and all wonderful.  They get along great, especially considering two families combined as Leslie and I were both married previously.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks- my nephew is in 2nd grade there now. and my parents still live on Latham backing up to the school
Grade_school_friends: David Sher, Eric Landers- deceased
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Leaf- told me that my handwritting was so bad that I would never make through colleage.  I guess she was wrong.
Favorite_memory: Helping make  the senior film, the entire senior year, football games, parties
Kim Allison writes:
Occupation: Mom & House Staff Scheduler
Bio: Since graduation--I attended CSU Sacramento and received my BA in Theater Arts in 1985. Since then basically working. I married in May of 1987 and have been happily married since. I work very part-time for the Sacramento Convention Center as an Usher and a person who schedules the Ushers for the events (House Staff Scheduler). I job share with two retired men. It is very nice. I have very flexible hours which allows me to stay home during the day with my daughter. I only work about 2 evenings a week.
Trivia: My husband (Carl) nad I volunteer at Shriner's Childrens Hospital in Sacramento in the Animal Assisted Therapy Dept. We have trained Pot-bellied Pigs we take on visits to the kids.
Friends: Best friends-Julie Salmonson, Lisa Moore, Stacy Hill. Unfortunately I haven't kept in contact with anyone.
Hobbies: I make wearable art and quilts when I have a chance. We love to travel, but because of the animals we don't always have the chance.
Kids: I have 1 daughter born May 1998. Her name is Emerald Rose, we call her Emma. She is a wonderful little girl. Blonde curly hair like Shirley Temple's. She loves animals and knows the names of most. Including the different types of whales, birds, etc. Needless to say we spend a lot of time at the zoo. She is very active and keeps me very busy.
Grade_school: Out of the Encina area
Junior_high: Stacy Hill, Roxana Miller
Junior_high_friends: Stacy Hill
Rebecca Scneder writes:
Occupation: Office Technician
Bio: Hello Class of 1980!
I don't know if any of you remember me , I was the Football "trainer, taper" with Anika Swisher I can't remember if that was for the 1979 or 1980 year.  But you football players and Basketball players would remember. I was a displaced Freshman, I should have gone to Sacramento HS , but my parents moved to Campus Commons so I spent my 8th grade year at Jonas Salk and H.S. of course at Encina.  It was definitely tough since I didn't grow up with a lot of you who went to Encina.  I hung out with Marla and Anika and alone too.
Trivia: I have had a great life being able to travel several times to Europe and also living in the former Yugoslavia back in 1985-1986 and also working for a Tour Organization called "Yugo-Tours of London. I was a Hotel Representative on the Makarska Riviera on the Adriatic sea.  After my stent in Yugoslavia the next year 1987 I was in France and went to a private language school and also was an "Au Pair" taking care of a child for my room and board.  I am bilingual in French and Serbo-Croatian. I really feel blessed about all of the opportunities I have had, not to say that it was all that easy.  So while a lot of you were going to college and getting your degrees I was trapsing across Europe and learning a lot of hard lessons.  I wouldn't have done it any differently. In 1989 I married my husband he was French , but unfortunately the marriage didn't last.  He's back in France and I am here were I should be, I guess?   I have a lot of hobbies, travel, language, sports and Salsa dancing...Well it was nice to be able to add a little something to the Encina website...Presently I work for the State of California at the Trade & Commerce Agency as an Office Technician..One more thing Mr. Psiasas was my favorite teacher, he taught French and was a very inspiring teacher he loved France and loved his job.  Unfortunately he died from cancer..
Sibling_info: Theresa Scneder , now Selover
Heard_about_website_from: through the mail about our upcoming 20 year reunion & a guy at work
Henry Meier writes:
Occupation: Project Manager
Bio: Trying to live a balanced life!  After graduation, I earned a B.S. in Construction Engineering Management from CSUS and immediately went to work for a local construction company (Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders).  I've been employed by HMH Builders for the past 12 years and enjoy the challanges and diversity of comercial construction. I was married in 1990 and also, unfortunately, recently divorced.  I have two beautiful boys (Jack age 7 and Jeffrey age 5) that I devote most of my time playing sports, fishing, camping, skiing, and helping out with school work.
Friends: I still keep in contact with and have family get-togethers with the Scott Simon family, the Steve Perata family (1979 grad) and the Mike Skube family.  I recently caught up with my old buddy Paul Sheehan--Paul hasn't changed in 20 years--the years have only made him more sarcastic and quick witted!
Hobbies: As often as possible, I enjoy going snow skiing, water skiing, playing sports, and doing anything in the outdoors.  I also have a side business (H2JM Master Builders) that keeps me busy building custom casework (wall units, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, etc.)
Kids: My boys are very different and a lot fun.  Jack Andrew Meier (age 7) is very outgoing and theatrical whereas Jeffrey Adam Meier (age 5)is more shy and loves playing sports.  They both currenty attend Capital Christian School, however, we plan to enroll them in the Folsom Unified School Distric in 2001.  In case you didn't notice, both boy's initials are JAM--I could never slam dunk a basketball but now I have two JAM's!
Grade_school: Roscoe, South Dakota
Junior_high: Roscoe, South Dakota
Tyla Anderson writes:
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Bio: Married in 1981. Majored in Child Development and then had 2 children. Went back to school.  Graduated with a BSN.  Worked in OB/GYN, Pediatrics and I am now working for a private Allergist in Sacramento. My husband is the Pastor of Sacramento Friends Church.
Friends: Valerie Poetker, Gail Duplisea (Sp?), Amber, Sara Malloy
Hobbies: Gardening, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing
Kids: Adam- 15years- Very musical (unlike Mom). Mark-13years- also very musical and very funny!
Grade_school: D.W. Babcock
Grade_school_friends: Dana Clark, Danny Johnson (?), Sara Malloy, Carol Luna
Junior_high: Valle Vista
Heard_about_website_from: Reunion Newsletter
Christy Cooper writes:
Occupation: Director of Strategic Planning
Bio: I now live in Kansas City, thanks to Jennifer Smith-Tierney's wiley ways (when I came to visit her in 1992, she only drove me down the grandest boulevard in KC and introduced me to what-turned-out-to-be-the-only gorgeous single men in KC).
     Needless to say, I am still single, but happy with my 15 year-old cat Tasha and 8-year-old appaloosa gelding (nickname:Foster the Destroyer) that bucks me off with some regularity.
     I work for a global engineering-construction company, and was lucky enough to get some travel in to London and the Middle East some years back. Cairo made the largest impact - it was dirty, smelly, loud, crowded (18 million people in the city), and the food was terrible (and I like middle eastern food), but I loved every minute of it. To be seventies-ish, it was a trip.
Trivia: Lived in San Diego for 12 years, worked for Home Federal Savings & Loan of San Diego that went down the tubes with the rest of them. Moved to Kansas City to work for Black & Veatch in 1992.
Friends: Jennifer Smith (now Tierney), Kim Dimitras (still Morgan?), Sara Gannon (whatever happened to her?), Lori Burgess-Booth, Michelle LeMaire, Fran and Jill Sheetz, and oh how I hope I am not forgeting anyone. I never could find my niche in High School (sound familiar?) but I think we had a great class. Everyone was really nice and calm. I don't think I appreciated how lucky we were, but I do now. High school is tough for all women that I know. I was as insecure as the next person, but everyone seemed kind of supportive of each other, in a quiet way.
Hobbies: Horseback riding (hunter/jumper, trail, some dressage), snow skiing, reading about emerging diseases, and, lately, font design. My friends are disgusted and tell me I will never get married (but I nevertheless keep them up-to-date on emerging diseases - don't feed hot dogs to young children as there have been numerous listeriosis problems in the last few years, which is extremely hard on the very young and very old). And stay away from sprouts, Sacramento.
Kids: I have bored you enough already, and I am sure you don't want to hear about my horse.
Phil Archibald writes:
Occupation: RN (neonatal intensive care)
Bio: I worked for the family business (wholesale tire distributor) until it dissolved in 1991.  I met my wife in 1986 and we married in 1991, she's an elementary school teacher (5th grade).  Tired of the tire business, I did some soul searching and decided to go back to college (late bloomer I guess) and become an RN.  I graduated from CSU Hayward in 1997 with my BSN degree.  I couldn't have done it without the patience, encouragement, and inspiration from my wife.  I'm now working in the neonatal intensive care unit at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley CA.  After 5+ years of extraordinary medical measures my wife gave birth to our son Jacob August 12th 1998 (one day after my own birthday, quite the belated birthday gift).  I still stay in touch with Jim and Becky Granroth, lifelong friends.
Friends: I hung out with Jim Granroth, Greg Jordan, Marshall Bliss, Dusty Shaw, Ed Steffenhagen, Bill Knoble, Steve France (all class of 80'), Joe Blair, Dennis Heck, Lonnie West (all class of 81').  I've only stayed in touch with Jim Granroth and Greg Jordan over the years. And, just recently I got back in touch with Joe Blair via the internet (highschoolalumni.com).  I hope I didn't forget anyone, a lot of time has passed (unfortunately) since graduation.
Hobbies: When I have the time I like to golf, snow ski, and play tennis.  I played some softball up until recently (lower back injury).  Most of my rec time now is with my wife and son, which is just fine with me.
Kids: My son, Jacob Tanner, was born August 12th 1998.  Much to my wife's chagrin he was a 12 lb. baby at birth.  Needless to say he was delivered C-section.  I think he'll be a soccer player, he loves to kick the ball around the house.  He loves to watch Barney and Blues Clues.  The funniest thing, when he's excited about something he opens his mouth, raises his arms, and literally trembles, it's a kick to watch him.  Oh yeh, he's now into running and jumping (advancing those motor skills).   He also likes Daddy to throw him up into the air and catch him when he comes down, he's fearless.  He also likes Mommy to read books to him and play games with him.
Grade_school: Cottage
Grade_school_friends: Jim Granroth, Greg Jordan, Marshall Bliss, and Joe Blair
Junior_high: Howe Ave. for 7th grade and Louis Pasteur (orangevale) for 8th grade
Junior_high_friends: Marshall Bliss, Bill Knoble, Steve France, Ed Steffenhagen
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Kojima and Mr. Greenwood had the most bang for the buck with me.   They seemed to really enjoy their jobs and genuinely cared for each student that crossed their paths.
Favorite_memory: Slaughterball on a rainy day, hangin' out with the gang, goin' to kegger parties, launching water balloons into the quad.  Ah, if life could only be so simple again.
Alumni_in_contact: Jim and Becky Granroth
Greg Jordan
Joe Blair
Heard_about_website_from: Joe Blair (class of 81')
Jim Granroth writes:
Occupation: Painting Contractor
Friends: Phil Archibald, Greg Jordan, Mike Peterson, Dale McKensey
Becky Pires writes:
Occupation: Accountant
Friends: Mary DiStasio, Lisa Mensch Styles, Kim Poulsen Smith
Kids: 1 son Matthew 7 1/2
Favorite_memory: Mexico Trip with Gonzalez' spanish class.
Alumni_in_contact: Phil Archibald
Heard_about_website_from: Kim Poulsen Smith
Lisa Mensch writes:
Occupation: Social Worker
Bio: Married Russell Styles in July of 1984. Followed military spouse to various locations including Arkansas, Florida, finally finishing our Air Force life at Edwards Air Force Base, Southern California.  We were stationed there when we went to the 10 year Encina reunion.  I graduated from the University of West Florida where I recieved my BA in Social Work in 1988.  I worked for the Childrens Bureau of Los Angeles while we were at Edwards.  In 1992, we separated from the Air Forceand  moved to Albuquerque where we lived for 4 years (and loved it).  In 1998 we moved to Vestal, New York where Russell works as a Program Manager for Lockheed Martin.  I currently work for Head Start of Tioga County in Owego, New York.
Friends: Sandy MacDonald, Marcy Duke, Kyle Purcell, Carrie Verzwyvelt
Lost touch with Dave McHenry in 1999 where are you???
Hobbies: House remodeling and landscape architecture/gardening
Kids: We have two beautiful kids.  Daniel is 12 years old and enjoys basketball and wrestling.  He has a great sense of humor, good heart but doesn't place a great deal of emphasis on school work.  Emily is 6 years old, blue eyes, blonde hair, beautiful and loves school and her friends.  She really enjoys tubing on the 2 feet of snow we have in our yard!! 
Grade_school: Winterstein Elementary (Alas no more)
Grade_school_friends: Jannie Schott, Julie Shell, Jennifer Smith, Greg Rogers, Greg Selk, Brian Bender, Scott Knight, Eric Larson, Sean Reed, these are kids I went from Kindergarten through 12th grade with.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Junior High School
Junior_high_friends: Janni Schott, Carrie Verzwyvelt, Craig Purcell, Marci Duke
Favorite_teachers: Mr. LaMontagne, Mr Figenshu, Mrs. Leafe, Mr. Sanders (one of the great Math teachers of all time!!), Mrs. Wilson
Sibling_info: Chuck Mensch, Paul Mensch, Amy Mensch
Alumni_in_contact: Sandy MacDonald Griffith, Terry Durham Fuentes, Kyle Purcell Davis, Kathy Slater Gomez, Carrie Verzwyvelt Sweet, Marcy Duke Parmley, Janni Schott Taylor, Becky Pires Granroth
Heard_about_website_from: Mother contacted attendants office for Reunion information
Paul Sheehan writes:
Occupation: Airline Pilot
Bio: Busting my ass making a living. I attendend San Jose State University and then entered the USAF. Enjoyed a wonderful tour in Lubbock TX., and eventually lived in Okinawa Japan for a couple of years. So, I burned out on the USAF thing and returned home to Sacramento and for some reason I still continue to fly with the Air Force Reserves at Beale AFB. The Reserves is what I do on my days off. When I do work, I haul my lifeless corpse to Houston TX every week where I fly for Continental Airlines. No, it isn't the same airline as 10 years ago so no BS from anyone. I do get one day off a week to relax and do laundry.
Trivia: I moved to Cirtus Heights after traveling the world.
Friends: Randy Hill (still see the man) all others I have no clue to there whereabouts (where is the spell checker)
Hobbies: Middle Age Man things....like online trading and thinking about doing Healthy things. Spending a weekend at Ceasars Tahoe with my Southwest Airline buddy burning up our cash
Kids: I will have to call Thailand and see if they are there.
Grade_school: Lake Tahoe Elementary School
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Junior High
Sibling_info: Tara Sheehan
Alumni_in_contact: Randy Hill
Heard_about_website_from: My dear old buddy Suzy Lakata, through my sister. How long has it been Suzy....18 years since we spoke!
Greg Selk writes:
Occupation: Computer Analyst/Technician
Bio: I graduated from CSU, Sacramento in 1986, BA in Parks & Recreation Administration with Business Minor. Worked at a small computer firm here in Sacramento from 1986 to 1990. Started working for the State of California as a Computer Analyst in 1990 until present. Married in 1992 to Tricia Moulton (Encina class of 1984) and now live in El Dorado Hills, California. We have no kids, still awaiting the "Instruction manual" on that one. Although, we have many nieces and nephews.
Trivia: I was pretty shy in high school, but shook that off during my college years.
Friends: My best friends in High School were Greg Rogers (1980), Joey Nail (1981), Robbie Rice (1980), Mark Miller (1981), Ed Ellis (1982), Bob Stanton (1980), Soames Funakoshi (1982), Cary Yee (1981), Joey Lawand (1982) and my sister Darcy Selk (1982). Have kept in contact with all with exception to Joey Nail and Robbie Rice.
Hobbies: I am an avid golfer, computer gamer and 65 Mustang enthusiast.
Kids: None to brag about.
Grade_school: Winterstein Elementary School
Grade_school_friends: Greg Rogers
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Junior High
Junior_high_friends: Greg Rogers
Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Woo, Mrs. Kojima and Coach Lee.
Sibling_info: Darcy Selk (1984)
Heard_about_website_from: Joey Lawand (1982)
Danette Davis writes:
Occupation: Sales, family cellular store
Bio: Raising my family
Friends: Marcy Duke
Kids: I have three teenage children. Rodney 18, Bradley 16, and Kristy 14.  Rodney graduated in June 1999, he and his girlfriend Nora, are expecting in Jan.2000, they plan to marry in April 2000. Bradley is working and will be attending A.R. in the spring, he plans to be a chef.  Kristy is a freshman at Mesa Verda,and like all girls her age boy crazy.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Heard_about_website_from: classmate
Lynn Bradhoff writes:
Occupation: Accountant
Bio: I graduated from Sacramento State with a Degree in Accounting. I got married in 1987 to Jim Cox, we live in Sacramento. We have no children just a couple of very large dogs. We love to travel to Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. I currently am the Controller of a company called Western Air Systems & Controls.
Friends: My best friend was Daphne Satter. She and I remain best friends. I have lost contact with many of my close friends. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.
Hobbies: Well my favorite hobby has not changed since highschool, which is shopping. I am a hugh football fan, my favorite teams are the University California Golden Bears and the 49ers.My husband I love all outdoor activities we can do with our dogs.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks School
Grade_school_friends: Daphne Satter
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Daphne Satter
Favorite_teachers: I would have to say either Mr. Greenwood or Mr. Huber.
Suzy Lakata writes:
Bio: 20 years...hmm...I went to BYU for 1 1/2 years and quit. I worked in banking for about 2 years and then I went to work for PG&E. In '91 I married John Smith and we bought a house in Roseville. I had a baby girl in '94 and a baby boy in '97. I have a very busy but rewarding life with my family, home and job.
Friends: ..Cheri Zumwalt and I are still good friends and thats about it.
Hobbies: John and I have spent many vacations in Mexico (camping, Cabo) before kids. Now I like to refinish furniture, work out, (I'm almost 40 now) chase kids. I love to entertain, BBQ's, swimming etc. Boy this sure sounds generic, oh well, I guess my life is, but its good.
Grade_school: Pope Ave (no longer exists)
Grade_school_friends: I'm still in contact with a lot of my friends from Mira Loma. I'm going to go to their reunion next year also.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Psias for French and Us History
Cheri Zumwalt writes:
Occupation: Mom
Bio: Graduated from CSUS, worked for Nordstrom for 6 years,got married and moved to Orange County, had a baby boy, moved back to Sacramento to be close to family, staying home to raise my son, loving my life and family.
Friends: Suzy Lakata-Smith, good friend and will always be a good friend.
Hobbies: Before being a Mom I showed Hunter Jumpers and spent all my time with my horse. Now, I'm very involved in my sons life and decorating our new home.
Kids: Dylan is cute. He was 3 lb 4 oz when he was born so he has a little strugle in the beginning. He is perfectly fine and is a real dare devil. He will jump from almost any heghth and has no fear. He said he will play all sports and is going to make his own team. He has lot of friends.
Grade_school: Harry Dewey Fair Oaks, CA
Junior_high: Will Rogers Fair Oaks, CA
Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Beal
Heard_about_website_from: Lisa Hearl, My neighbor
Leslie Cotham writes:
Occupation: Printing Sales
Bio: I've been living the past 15 years in beautiful Monterey, CA, but just recently moved to Atascadero,CA. That's somewhere between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. I've been adjusting to life in the country. It's definately a culture shock, but I'm loving it. Let's see..... I've been working mainly in the printing business. From management to ownership, then back to management, and now to sales. I discovered that owning your own business isn't always the American dream, but no harm done. I'm currently a single mom with a beautiful daughter. I've stayed in close contact with Evan Dick, he lives in Monterey as well, and doing great! We have alot of fun together,and yes, he's still as crazy as ever. I've also recently picked up my drum sticks this last year at the urging of a good friend of mine, and I'm having a blast. My shed in the back is now a music room, and it rocks!
Hobbies: I enjoy bicycle riding, black and white photography, re-finishing furniture and creating art with stuff, and playing music.
Kids: I have one daughter named Lindsay. She's a beautiful little nine year old.
Heard_about_website_from: My sister
Sandy Conley writes:
homepage: www.autopartswarehouse.com
Occupation: Office Manager
Bio: Been working at the same place for 20 years.Got married.. Got divorced..
Friends: Marcy Duke Brian Duke Roxanne Miller
Hobbies: computers
Kids: no kids
Grade_school_friends: Lori Siemion Shelly Siemion Gail Siemion Jeff Tackett
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Danette Davis
Favorite_teachers: Mr.Ash Mr.Dahlin Irene Maestri
Alumni_in_contact: Shelly Siemion Eddy Steffenhagen
Heard_about_website_from: Harlan Lau
Leo Naranjo writes:
Bio: Joined the US ARMY in July 1980. Retired from same, August 1995. Back in Sacramento after 10 year absence..
Trivia: Ended up as an Equal Oppurtunity/Race Relations Councilor while in the US Army, from 1988 till 1995.Served 10 years Overseas in Europe. Stationed in Berlin Germany 1990-1993. Three month tour in Kuwait 1994. Only gained 5 lbs in 15 years.....hahaha
1998, Campaign Sign Manager for "Friends to Elect Jeff Atterbury for Roseville City Council.....
1999, Public Relations Manager for an AOL Southern California Chapter.
Friends: Eric Winchester 80, Roxana Miller 80, George Chung 80. Lost contact with nearly evryone.....8 )
Hobbies: Military History of WW2, Wargames, Military artifacts....
Touring Historical sight, German Beer, reading, Videos.....
Kids: Leopoldo Naranjo V age 13, Cedric Nathaniel age 10, Sabrina Gabriel age 10, Dana Marie Naranjo age 10, Katherine Lynn Naranjo age 4
Junior_high: Howe Avenue Jr High School
Junior_high_friends: Eric Winchester, Alfred Smith
Favorite_teachers: Christina Kojima, Coacher LEE, Coach Paulo, Coach Braio, Mr Huber, Mr Foley
Heard_about_website_from: Roxana Miller
Debbie Leonard writes:
Bio: Working, working, working. And being a mom. My husband and I run our own Play-By-Mail game company out of our house. It's a lot of work but it's fun, too.
Friends: Angela Miller, Mary Lawrence, Liz Williamson (now Chastain)
Hobbies: I'm such a computer geek. I play computer games, surf the net, and I enjoy taking my daughter to the park and swimming (not in the winter, of course). I read a lot and enjoy movies, too.
Kids: My wonderful, beautiful daughter Samantha (Sammi) will be 3 in October. She's brilliant, of course, and can recite the alphabet, spell her name, count to 10 in Japanese, German, and Spanish, and count to 40 in English. She's just a perfect kid. (Um... except when she's tired and cranky or teething or doesn't feel well.) I could go on and on, but it would probably be unseemly. :-)
Heard_about_website_from: I searched for Encina High School reunions on the AOL Find service (it uses Excite!).
Comments: I am looking forward to our 20 year reunion in the year 2000 and I hope someone's planning one! If so, feel free to contact me. I'd
love to help!
Richard Stoffel writes:
Bio: Gee, that covers nearly 20 years and I am given a paragraph? I have been living, mostly. Working at the same job for, ugh, 13 years now, which could be worse if I did not own the company. I have somehow managed to remain in Sacramento, despite every desire not to do so in my earlier years. Today I mainly manage to find time between work, activities and family to try to keep that oh so delicate balance that I have always been so good at fumbling.
Hobbies: I am very active in many sports, operating a sideline business called EcoTours, taking many "ecotourism" type tours all over the world. This year (1998) I have been whitewater rafting in Mexico, kayaking in the Galapagos Islands, hiking in Hawaii and many local California spots, hang gliding in British Columbia and exploring in New Mexico. I spend every other weekend on a tour and it keeps me active and sane. Beyond that, I am an active tennis player and sail at Folsom Lake whenever the wind plays right, which means that I clean my boat a lot while waiting for the six good sail days at Folsom. The remainder of the time, I spend at our home on the coast, relaxing.
Kids: My kids...well, I raised three foster children for 13 years, now each of them in college and me amazed that I survived the teenage years. Even more so that, during this time, I married and, somehow, was talked into my own child, now five years of age and a Kindergarten student at Holy Spirit School. She is quick, sly and smart, getting into all types of trouble and, I am sure, my revenge from heaven for my early days.

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