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Afternoon in the Park
Date: Saturday July 26th.
Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Where: Arden Park Click here for a map to the park and/or driving instructions
Food: Pack up an ice chest, bring typical picnic / bbq gear.
Costs: $0 - Free

So here's the scoop... We've almost got a party started here! It's taken some arm twisting but we are finally getting some more RSVP's. We've had a lot of questions about cost's, and more of them were concerns than questions, so we've decided to make this a free event! That's right, FREE. We figure the most important thing is getting people together, and we'd hate to cancel the whole thing because we can't sell enough tickets to cover catering. We've already covered the cost of the pavilion area, so we'll still have use of the BBQ's, picnic tables and the rest of the parks amenities. Just make sure to bring your family, an ice chest, and your camera. Oh, and be sure to RSVP; your name on the list just might inspire others to join in.

If you've had a good year and you'd like to donate to help cover the cost of the venue, please do so! We've pledged to not profit from this, so any extra funds will be used solely for the reunion.

Click here to donate.

Kristi Kauffman-Pendergraft + 3
Ray Hicks + 2
Declan Christopherson-Barton + 3
Tony Barton + 3
Andrea Swanson (El Camino c/o 1993) + 1
Christine De Leon & Hugo Martinez + 1
Brenda Gaul + 1
Jennifer Bate + 3
Stephanie Judd + 3
Erin Christopherson (c/o 1994)
Samantha Brown + 3
Angie Rice + 1
Michelle Soballa + 2
Ocean + 2
Heather Hamilton-Selch (c/o 1994) + 2
Adonis Abril Villanueva
Teresa Buckalew-Tobin + 3
Margaret Martinez-Dahms & Rick Dahms + 2
Jacqui Palmer + 2
Deanna Bolin + 2
Marggi Miller-Trujillo & Mark
Vicky Bryan + 1
Becky Brandalick
Jason Duncan
Kirstie McCranie-Peterson + 2
Eddie Hinsley + 1
Michelle Short + 1
Tim Chung + 1
Dana Benner +1 (Previously known as Dana Hildebrand)
Jason Martin & Sandra Tucker
Melody Martin
Renee Christenson
Jim Mickelson +1
Anton Kovalyov +2

Joel Portnoy
Jeremy Grimes
Mike Smith
Jo Ann Wurtz
Michael Steven Smith
Tom Heidal
Sheila Ennes
Olympia Davis-Quinn +3

Can't Make It :(
Laura Bui
Slater Mason
Jason "Hawk" Brown
Joel Portnoy
Michelle Roloff
Kathleen Luis

There are still a lot of alumni we haven't heard from.

Thanks...The Reunion Committee: Ray Hicks, Declan Barton, Kristi Pendergraft, and Jacqui Palmer.

Posted by Ray Hicks :: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

:: New Encina High School Alumni Archive ::

If you have not already done so then please take a moment to Register today for the new Alumni Archive for Encina High School!

Please click below and select the Register button to make up your login. http://www.encinaalumni.com/

If the link above is not clickable then just copy and paste it into your browser and select Go.

Posted by Harlan Lau :: Wednesday, November 30, 2005

:: 1993 Encinian yearbook is online ::

Class of 1993,

The 1993 Encinian yearbook is online here: http://www.encinahighschool.com/yearbooks/class1993/index.htm

I would like to thank Encina for lending us their copy for scanning.

And I would especially like to thank Kathie Kloss Marynik '67 for spending many hours to scan in this yearbook for the website. In addition to Kathie's "job" as the resident researcher for the Encina website, Kathie is also the 67 webmaster!

I would also like to thank the class of 93 for supporting the alumni challenge fundraiser. Here's a picture of the 93 basketball squad: http://www.encinahighschool.com/yearbooks/class1993/images/061.jpg Maybe next year we can have a representative from the class of 93 on the alumni challenge team . What is Mike Burke doing these days?



Posted by Harlan Lau :: Tuesday, June 29, 2004

:: Class of '93 Website Updated ::

Fellow Alumni, the class of '93 website at www.encinahighschool.com has undergone an extreme makeover. The new design was inspired by the school colors Cardinal (color #681229) and Gold (color #F7C000). I hope everyone finds it somewhat useful, informative and inspiring. I put a lot of time and effort in making the new design standards compliant, however, if someone is using an older or less than popular browser and the site appears broken, I ask that you please take the minute or two and email me with a brief description of what you are seeing. It is impossible for me to test the site on every web browser available.

Also, I would like some help with the logo seen in the upper-left corner of the site. So I guess we should have some kind of design contest. If any alumni have some graphic design skills, I encourage you to email me your submition. Image should be 200px by 200px image in .jpg or .png format with primary colors of Cardinal, Gold and White to be considered.

If anyone has something else they would like posted on the site, for example 10 yr reunion photos or upcomming events, just email me.

Posted by Ray Hicks :: Sunday, November 9, 2003

:: Post 10 Year Renunion Update ::

The 10 Year Reunion has come and gone. Last Friday was a success. A big thanks to those who coordinated the event. Hopefully you had the chance to exchange contact information with the Alumni you'd like to catch up with. If you didn't, make sure your info is up to date in the directory. Use the class directory link to change or add any information.

Posted by Ray Hicks :: Monday, October 20, 2003

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