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20 Year Reunion

Hello Dawgs!

The c/o of 1994 will be having our 20 yr reunion (yikes!) on June 14th @ 8pm at the Kilt Pub on Arden & Eastern (www.kilt-pub.com).  All alumni are welcome to attend.  Food & drink will be purchased directly by individuals.  Feel free to come as you are and catch up with old friends & maybe make some new ones too!  See you all there!!

If you would like to share pics or memories for our upcoming 20yr reunion, please send them to ehs1994reunion@yahoo.com.    

Check out our evite (http://www.evite.com/event/037BMMUBEHLASMC5OEPDXTPBHVRVJI) to RSVP for planning purposes. C u all there!!

c/o '94 Reunion Committee (Deana (Johnson) Seyvertson, Mike Fauzy, & Candy (Mleczko) Ramirez)

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Encina High School Class of 1994,

You and a guest are cordially invited to the Class of 1994 Encina Bulldogs High School Reunion.

Enjoy dinner, dancing, and no-host bar at
The Dante Club
2330 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento
on Saturday, 30 October, 2004
6:00pm to 9:30pm

Please inform all other classmates that might be interested in attending. This event is not restricted to the Class of 1994. All are welcome to come.

$40 per person
if received before 9/30/04

$45 per person
if received before 10/30/04

$50 per person
at the door

An after-party will follow.
(Place TBD)

RSVP with the names of all attendees to:
Carl Lenocker
PO Box 49755
Colorado Springs, CO, 80949

Electronic payment can be made via PayPal at paypal.com to hakrjak@yahoo.com

If you have any questions, please contact Carl at (719) 231-5713 or  email the committee at encina1994@yahoo.com PDF of the reunion invitation Ten year reunion photos

The 1994 Class Directory lists contact information for your classmates. Please submit your contact information.

Your class does not have a webmaster at the present time.

Ten year reunion photos
1994 Encinian yearbook

In the meantime, if you would like to submit your bio or say anything to your classmates the Encina webmaster will publish it for you on this interim homepage. For a sample see the Class of 1973 bios.

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1994 Headlines
Headline News:
US jets under NATO command attack Bosnian Serbs.
US sends troops to Persian Gulf.
Former President Nixon, age 81, & former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy
Onassis, age 65, die.
O.J. Simpson arrested for double homicide.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "Forrest Gump"
Grammy Record of the Year - "All I Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow
Top song - "Here Comes the Hotstepper" by Ini Kamoze
Top movie - "Forrest Gump"
Top TV show - "Seinfeld"
Woodstock '94 commemorates 25th anniversity of original concert.
Kurt Cobain, age 27, commits suicide.

Sports News:
Super Bowl - Dallas Cowboys d. Buffalo Bills (30-13)
World Series - not held due to players strike
NBA Championship - Houston Rockets d. NY Knicks (4-3)
Winter Olympics, Lillehammer - US speed skaters Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, &
Cathy Turner win gold. Tommy Moe wins gold in alpine skiing. Big story,
however, is Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding situation in figure skating.

Trivia News:
What's in - tattoos, Power Rangers, & abs exercisers.
What's out - Joe Camel


Audreanna Jarwin wrote:
Occupation: Department of Defense Production Controller
MaritalStatus: VERY Happily Married
Spouse: David Brown
Children/grandchildren: Jesse Jarwin- 17 years old Kaylynn Brown- 11 years old
SinceGraduation: I joined the United States Air Force in 1995. I've lived in England, Idaho, Germany and moved back to California in 2004.
I've traveled/deployed to France and Utah as well.
I seperated from the military in 2004 and continued my service as an Air Force Civilian at Edwards Air Force Base near the mojave desert. I love my job. It's fun being around so many different types of fighter and bomber aircraft.
As a production controller, I coordinate with several agencies and execute maintenance work and test programs on ten different F-16 aircraft that I manage. It's fun but can also be stressful.
But being that I'm so bossy, it's the perfect job for me! lol
Trivia: I was deployed to Turkey during Operation Northern watch and partied there for 4 months with a bunch of Turks. They can party!!! I've flown in a KC-130 aircraft and an F-16 aircraft.
BestFriends: Melissa Elkins, Elaine Formica, Yvette Wong, Rikki Hamil, Alberto Castro, Billy Cho, Chris Balance, Bree Bassett, Mari Trujillo, Candace Barry, Kari Riddle, Natalie Scharp...too many to name. Most of which I've lost contact with up until my daughter made me make a facebook page. lol
Hobbies: Spending time with my family every single day. I love to go hiking with my family. Playing with my 4 dogs. Watching my kids play sports and yelling really loud so I can embarrass them.
That's ALWAYS fun!
Kids: Jesse is 17 years old. She's got brown hair and big beautiful green eyes. She's very independant and strong willed. Which makes it difficult to parent her sometimes. lol She is such a little social butterfly and has alot of friends because she's just so energetic and fun to be around.
Kaylynn is 11 years old. She's got brown hair and big brown eyes. She's very lovable and has a big heart. I call her my love bug. She loves animals and has wanted to be a vetrinarian since she was in kindergarden. She's another social butterfly and has a lot of friends as well because she is a little comedian and always knows how to make people laugh.
GradeSchool: Dos Rios
MiddleSchool: Rio Tierra
MemorableTeachers: Unfortunately, I paid more attention to my friends and boyfriend at the time that I didn't pay any attention to my teachers.
FavoriteMemory: GRADUATION DAY!!!
I once blew my nose while a friend of mine was yawning and one of my boogers went under my tissue and flew in his mouth. Pretty disgusting but funny as hell!
Stories: Too many secrets to tell, but I'll keep them locked away for another 20 years or so.

Cory Bishop wrote:
Occupation: Studying Accounting
MaritalStatus: Engaged
SinceGraduation: Bouncing around mostly, finally got on track in 2009
Trivia: Did a short stint in Mint Hill, NC, but I don't talk about it
BestFriends: I've lost contact with just about everyone. I wouldn't say I had any Best Friends, I just kinda hung out with whoever.
Hobbies: Video Games, and a Matchbook Collection
GradeSchool: Babcock Elementary (k-1), Hillsdale Elementary (2-6)
MiddleSchool: Don Julio Jr High (7-1st semester of 8), Foothill Jr High (2nd semester of 8)
MemorableTeachers: All the teachers were great.
Hard to name just a few. Mrs. Nichols, Mr.
McElroy, Mrs. Shores. The list goes on.
FavoriteMemory: I remember the Quad. I used to hang out in a little corner there and some of the cheerleaders would make me get up and dance with them.
Comments: Just feeling nostalgic, maybe I'll get in touch with a few classmates.
Shipping Out

Sacramento Bee, The (CA) - June 12, 2008

Navy Petty Officer 2nd class Kevin D. Sprague, son of Douglas J. Sprague of Carmichael, is among 400 sailors recently mobilized and deployed to the Middle East while assigned to the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group Forward Hotel, home-based at Yorktown Naval Weapons Station-Cheatham Annex in Williamsburg, Va.

Sprague's unit will perform customs inspection missions in Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. NAVELSG Forward Hotel will help to ensure that returning military equipment conforms to U.S. Department of Agriculture standards and also ensure that all gear returning with personnel serving abroad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom complies with U.S. Customs regulations.

Sprague, a 1994 graduate of Encina High School in Sacramento, joined the Navy in 1994. He also is a 2000 graduate of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he earned a bachelor's degree.
Michelle Strasburg writes:
Friends: There were soo many . Yevette ,Candice, Jennifer, Elaine, Mrs cruz , Audrianna, Mike, Carmen, Robert , Rudy , Jeremy, Lisa , Rocky,
Williy , chad, carol, Randy, Jason, okay there are more but hey i am at work soooooo ya know
Hobbies: spend time with the kids and my husband
Kids: DEVON 8 , LAUREN 2
what more can i say then my son is all about sports, Baseball all star, leaping basketball player, top goaly in soccer,Swims like a fish and not to mention his new found love for pool. He is also big on the "extreme sports he has 2 dirt bikes a quad and loves the BMX as well. So yes I do have gray hair (but its Colored) Lauren is all gorl from the plastic heals to the feather bowas. she loves to play "make up" and shop. She thinks she is 16 and she is only 2 look out!!! her dad will have gray hair with this one and not to mention a shot gun for the boys
Grade_school: Del Paso Manor
Memorable_teachers: I would have to say MR.Erickson . I am not sure how many classes we snuck out of to go to CJ'S , However i loved them all
the same.
Favorite_memory: Hummmmmmmmm I would have to say the times when my brother was still there.
Story: You dont want to know and if you do E-Mail me
Rikki Hamill writes:
Occupation: Employee of the Sac. Bee
Bio: Working & taking care of my son. Went to Con.River Col. for awhile after high school... nothing much from that... Hangin out and visiting this web site...every so often...
Friends: I hung out with yvette.. michelle.. there were so many of us... THE BIG DAWGS of step @ Encina... please 4 give me as I dont put all of you in here!!!
Kids: Charles(C.J.) 10 yrs.old. I have 1 son named Charles. He is 10 yrs. old now He is in the 5th grade and is way smarter than his MOM...hahaha He is a great young man and he is my whole LIFE & WORLD!!!
Melissa Ross writes:
Occupation: Full Time Student/Mom
Bio: I was looking at this site and realized that I met my fiance just 1 month after posting my last bio. Since then I have graduated (with honors) from SCC with 2 associtates degrees and have moved on to CSUS. I am majoring in Child Development with a minor in Deaf Studies. I hope to be graduating soon and be able to work with deaf & hard of hearing elementary students.  As for my personal life, my little one is now 4, and will be starting Sacred Heart School next fall!! I can hardly believe it. He is so smart it scares me. He is already recognizing words, and knows a little to much for his own good ;) All in all he is a great little guy and he has such a big heart. My fiance is a CHP Officer and is going to law school. My oh my do we have a busy schedule. Between raising my son, my school, Frank's school and his work we are trying to plan a wedding, AUGH!!! It's all worth it though. I attended the 10 year reunion and was disapointed that more people didn't come. But it was really neat to see everyone again. I hope to
see more of you at the 20 year reunion.
Friends: My friends in high school were Candy, Jaimie, Jennifer Cone, Nancy Haskell - hey does anyone know what happed to her?  I was in contact with Candy and Jennifer for a while but I am terrible at keeping in contact. I spoke to Mike Fauzy a couple times but that's about it.
Hobbies: I don't have a lot of time for hobbies, but I do enjoy skiing, hiking, swimming, sewing, singing, and reading (all I get to read right now thought is textbooks.) My favorite time though is with my son and Frank, especially when we are able to get away to the coast.
Kids: Devyn is 4 and he is such a little man. He is smart as a whip, it really suprises me sometimes. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up "just like my dad." He loves anything superhero and has a great imagination. Frank and I hope to have lots more babies once we are married. (Devyn desperatly wants to be a big brother)
Grade_school: Beaverton Elementary (in Michigan)
Junior_high: Beaverton Jr. High (also in Michigan)
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Mitchell, she was always there for me and she was my inspiration to become a teacher - I'll never forget her!!
Sibling_info: Jennifer Ross (class of 1993)
Kary Riddle writes:
Occupation: Relator/ Mortgage Processing Manager
Bio: Well, since the last time on this site, I was 2 months away form getting married.....got cold feet which looking back now was a good thing (lol) Still single and loving it. I am now a licensed Realtor and have been in the mortgage industry for the past 4 years. All I seem to do these days is work. I lived in the Bay Area for a short time but recently moved back to Sacramento.
Friends: Melissa Elkins(now Johnson), Adrianna, Bree, Elaine, Natalie, Aneatra. I keep in contact with Aneatra and Elain through emails but I would love to catch up with the others.
Kids: No kids, just a little dog that thinks she is my kid.
Grade_school: Woodlake, Babcock
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Halfman, Who would have thought business math could take us so far. And who would have figured that my sister would
have dated and still keeps in contact with his son :) And ladies, remember Mr. Maucieri??? Wonder if he is still as fine as he was (lol)
Favorite_memory: Wow, Don't know if it was a favorite memory but I remember all of those friends that I had in Elementary/ Junior High School that for whatever reason didn't like me anymore, the shock that I was now at the same school again. They made that first year rough. I actually look back now and wish that things could have been different.
Alumni_in_contact: Aneatra Dominique, Elaine Formica
Tom Hamilton writes:
Occupation: Technical Sergeant in the USAF
Bio: Well, After I graduated, I went to both AR and Sierra College. I decided that partying was more fun than school and my Dad decided I needed
to pay him rent. So I joined the USAF in 1996. Since then I have been station in Tucson Az, Kusan AB, South Korea, and spent time in Ireland,
Spain, Cypress, Kuwait, Afganistan, and Qatar. I currently live in Tucson Az.
Trivia: I stayed single for most of the time until I came back to Sacramento on vacation and met who became my wife in Sep 03.
Friends: I have lost contact with everyone. Carl Lenocker, Kary Riddle, Chad Henry, Carrie Bennet, Doralynn Co. All the people from Rio Tierra Jr. High.
Hobbies: Spend time with my son, competative softball which I travel sometimes around the US for the Air Force.
Kids: Nick was born actually 3 weeks ago. He is a spliting image of me unfortunately. I will do anything in this world for him!
Grade_school: DW Babcock/ Woodlake
Grade_school_friends: Carl, Kary, Doralynn
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: No a lot of people really liked me in JH. I don't blame them! I would like to think I finally grew up though.
Favorite_memory: Carl and I going on a recon mission late one night running through the hallways. I think we TP the place! Yes, I actually went to
Encina one night to help him. I think I was in High School then?!
Story: For all the time I spend away from Sacramento, I always wonder what a lot of you are doing. I know I have never been the greatest person when it came to keep in contact, but my memories are still there. I still try to get back there as much as I can, though unfortunately we are going to be moving to Texas now in Sep 05. I would love to hear from any of you, even just to tell me how much of a punk I was. We all can grow up and change, I like to think I did.
Bianca Williams writes:
Occupation: Telecommunications specialist
Bio: Living the good life. Enjoying friends, family, travel ( I work to vacation)
Trivia: Would you believe that one of the quietest people ever in high school spends all day talking to people now
Friends: best friends??? Christine Shafer, Aimee Reid, Christy Blowers
Hobbies: Crusing, traveling, speeding, shopping, photography
Kids: Kids what kids HA! You sound like my mom
Grade_school: Howe Ave Elementary
Grade_school_friends: none that I can remember
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Christine Shafer,Margie Miller Carrie Perrault,Jennifer Latimer there have to be more but I cant remember
Memorable_teachers: Steve Mauceri for obvious reasons.
Favorite_memory: Prom was cool and Grad of course
Cherish Chase writes:
Occupation: Run my husbands construction company & run my kids here and there.
Bio: I have been doing wonderful had some tough times but I have grown up and am doing awsome!!Wish I would have finished high school but oh well I would not be where I am today so I guess as the old thing goes everything happens for a reason huh.
Friends: I was good friends with Janice Garcia and Tony and Bryan Keefe. And I havent spoke to any of them in forever!
Kids: Tyler 10 years old, Kai'lee 5 years old
They are Beautiful my husband is spanish and me a white girl so my kids have dark skin light hair and blue eyes!
OWENS, John Loren
''Big Geezy''
Was taken from us on October 3, 2004 in Sacramento, Ca. Johnny is survived by his parents Rick & Jan Owens. Also survived by brothers Mickey, Randy, Kevin, & Richard, his sisters Patty & Mary. He had six neices and one nephew, and Janon & Teresa, his sister-in-laws. We know as much as we are all hurting you are up in heaven watching out for all of us. You're our angel and will be missed greatly by many whose lives you have touched. Funeral Service will be held Thursday, October 7, 2004 at 10 am. Visitation on Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at 4-8 pm. Both will be held at Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes.
Published in the Sacramento Bee from 10/5/2004 - 10/6/2004.
Jennifer Cone writes:
Occupation: At the moment I am an instructional assitant for special Ed programs.
I have worked my way from being a nanny, to a preschool teacher, to where I am. I plan to have my Teaching degree soon. I am also publishing my first
book soon. Hopefully before the reunion.
Bio: I was married in July, right after grad. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary. We spent time doing nothing spectacular except have fun and
enjoy life. We moved to Marysville four years ago to have a quieter life and found the gods were against that idea. Two years ago my Brenden had a life threatening injury on the job. ( sorry a little gorry for the mass audience). While he is still alive and most what functional, our lives have changed a
lot. But guess what life is great we have our animals, 3 dogs, 3 cats, corn snake, bearded dragon, 2 turtles, a tortise, and masive amounts of fish and
Trivia: I used to spend a lot of time with someone who dyed her hair. But since we haven't spoken in over 4years I now have two tatoos and have dyed
my hair on a regular basis.
Friends: I have lost contact with almost every one mostly because I moved. But I hung with Tasha, Carol, Melissa( when she came to Encina. and we just got back in contact last year thanks to this web sit.), Jamie (Though he doesn't seem to remember me. Whatever JK:)) Kandy Jenkins ( Who I would really like to find) And others I can't think of.
Hobbies: Before Brenden's accident we went hiking regularly and on trips to the ocean/mountains. I love anything athletic really. I also enjoy trying
new things, hense my den of half done projects. My book would have been out forever ago if I could finish anything.
Kids: I have no children as of yet. But we are haveing a lot of fun trying:)
Grade_school: Starr King
Memorable_teachers: I think my most memorable teachers were Eric, the ceramics teacher, I loved his class. Now how sad is this My senior English
teacher got me excited about writting but I can't remember her name.
Favorite_memory: Graduation. I was very happy to leave there. I have grown up a lot after I left school. I now know that I brought a lot of ridicule
onto myself, I was a nerd and proud of it baby. But I also know that I will be attending the reunion proud of myself. There were a lot of horrid people
at school. I do not hold grudges, I hope I am not the only one who has grown up.
Story: No, just don't believe what you read on bathroom walls.
Sibling_info: Jackie Cone
Kevin Sprague writes:
Occupation: US Navy
Bio: Well, I enlisted in the Navy after graduation.  I spent about two years before entering the University of Utah to receive a BS degree in Political
Science in 2000.  Since then I have reentered the Navy and have spent the last 2 and a half years in New Orleans.  I am about to leave the military
again and move back to Sacramento this March.
Friends: Anyone who remembers me remembers that Ryan McClain and I were best friends since the 3rd grade.
Hobbies: I tend to write a lot and enjoy traveling.  Living in New Orleans have probably given me a few bad hobbies, but I am looking forward to
traveling again.
Grade_school: Hagginwood Elementary
Grade_school_friends: I think my memory is failing me in my late 20's.  I know I went to Hagginwood with several people, but I can't remember with
Junior_high: Rio Tierra.
Junior_high_friends: Oh man, my memory is really bad.
Memorable_teachers: I have to say that Mrs. Beggs' class was one of my favorite classes because we were always laughing and having a good time.
Favorite_memory: There are just too many to chose from.
Donna Ting writes:
Occupation: Director of YMCA Child Care
Bio: I went to UC Berkeley where I received my B.S. in Nutrition Education. Met my husband in Berkeley (M.S. Chemical Engineering).  Moved to Buffalo after graduation and got married.  Worked for YWCA as Program Manager for Extended Day Program.  Moved to Central New Jersey in 2001.  Taught Kindergarten for 1 year and had my daughter, Tiffany in 2002.  Currently, Director of YMCA Child Care. My husband currently works for BOC Edwards.  He has recently accepted a new position as the Business Manager for Asia.  We will be leaving New Jersey in the next few month to live in Taiwan for the next 3 years.
Kids: Tiffany Lau, born 2/22/2002 at 1:22PM.  She is almost 2 and is the most adorable, obnoxious, spoiled brat.  She has her dad wrapped around her fingers.
Grade_school: Elk Grove Elementary
Junior_high: Arden School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Bush and Ms. Mesquita
Randy Wasserman writes:
Occupation: Currently a manager in the telecommunications industry.
Bio: Well reading alot of these profiles, I apparently haven't been doing much. I've kept steady employement while struggling to work two jobs and
complete my teaching credentials. I played basketball for a year at American River College and wasn't able to continue due to the need to work and support my family. I'm not pursuing my dream right now but I am working my tail off to make the best life for my daughters that I possibly can.
Trivia: Haven't talked to anyone since graduation, really so everything is trivial.
Friends: Friends included Chad Henry, Troy Henry, Robert Fee, Somgnot Chandavoung, Carl Lenocker, Brian Craig and others which I have lost contact with...
Hobbies: Playing hoop when I can, but now I have a new hobbie. Playing with my girls
Kids: Twin daughters Jordan MacKenzie and Kylie Alexandra - 13 months
I don't know what to say other then they are the most amazing gift I could have been given. I can honestly say the only love at first sight is when you
lay eyes on your children for the first time. They are perfect in every way, active and healthy 13 month old angels.
Grade_school: Went to grade school in Los Angeles
Junior_high: Rio Tierra - Pioneers REPRESENT!!!!!
Junior_high_friends: Same as above..funny how that works out huh?
Memorable_teachers: Mr Hibbard. He was a hard-nosed guy at school, a good coach but most importantly a good guy who helped me prioritize things.
Favorite_memory: High School sports of course...
Story: No stories,I would just like to hear from everyone.
Joe Gibson writes:
Occupation: In between
Bio: Just trying to make a life for myself. Finding it's much harder than 1st thought.
Trivia: I've lost about a hundred pounds.
Friends: Best friends were: Jesse DuBois, Erick Reavis, Erick Tracey, etc...
People I'd like to hear from: Alberto Castro, Chris Ballance, Eric Tracey, any old homies that remember me but havent seen or heard from me in a long while.
Hobbies: Video Gaming, writing, reading, hanging on to life by a thread.
Kids: I have 2 beautiful kids. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 2 year old son.
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly
Grade_school_friends: The Dyer Kelly Krew knows who they are.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: any one whou would be cool to me.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Bush: Showed me a lot about who I really am. Even to this day I think of her and that damnable pig!!!!
Favorite_memory: Working there as a custodian a few years back. I had the KEYS baby, the KEYS!!!!!
Aneatra Dominique writes:
Occupation: High Scool Controller Sacramento City Unified School District
Bio: Well between raising two kids and working really hard there isn't much time for anything else.
Friends: I really miss Kary Riddle, Elaine Formica, and Natalie Sharp. They always showed me lots of kindness, your impressions will be with me
Hobbies: No real hobbies, I enjoy spending all of my free time with my kids. Trying to give them happy childhood memories.
Kids: They are great. Jessica is 10 an looks just like me. Jalen is three and being 7 years younger is a real challenge. I try to treat them both
like individuals.
Grade_school: A lot of elementaries. We moved alot!
Grade_school_friends: I don't remeber. Mark? Elaine Formica and Natalie Sharp.
Junior_high: Jona's
Junior_high_friends: Catrina Allen, Lakiesha Barker, and my sister Nicole Dominique(Houston)
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Maueceri, what a great teacher. Ms. Mosquita I will remember her forever, she taught me alot about growing up.
Carl Lenocker writes:
Occupation: IT Manager @ Hewlett Packard (Colorado Springs site), real estate investor, owner of a medical supply importer/distribution company.
Bio: Graduated from CSUS in 99, went to work for HP/Agilent right after - been with the company for a long time now and have branched out into other
ventures.  Currently working on my MBA at UOP, and then on to my PHD maybe in a few more years.
Trivia: Ummm... During college at CSUS, did you know that I was a semi-pro craps player for several years?  I used to live off of my winnings, which is
why I was always being comped in Reno/Lake Tahoe.
Friends: Brian Craig, Carrie Bennett, Brian Crall, etc...  Lost contact with most people as they get married & settle down.  In the words of Hank
Williams, Jr. "Nobody wants to get drunk, and get loud....  All my rowdy friends have settled down."
Hobbies: There's not much time for recreation, but when I do get a free sec - I spend it at my parent's house down in Las Vegas, where they went to
retire after I left Sacramento.  Flights are cheap!  I always try to get people to come down and hang with me, but they usually wuss out for various
Kids: My daughters were born on 2/19/03... The relationship with their mother didn't last (We had been together for 3 years before), but we have
stayed friends and we share custody 50/50 - so I get to spend plenty of time with the girls!  They are the best looking kids I've ever seen in my life.
The Lenocker twins are going to be some real heartbreakers one day! Better than the Hilton twins, I guarentee it.
Grade_school: D.W. Babcock
Grade_school_friends: Carrie Bennett, Linh Vuong, Kary Riddle, Laura Bui, etc etc...
Junior_high: Rio Tierra (AKA Compton....)
Favorite_memory: Running for ASB President.  My first day of EBS.  Mock Trial.  They were some crazy times my friends....
Heather Hamilton writes:
Occupation: Process Deparment Manager
Bio: Working in the legal field.
Trivia: I love to snowboard!
Friends: The Fugowi's
Hobbies: Playing or watching my son play soccer and snowboarding.
Kids: Dylan Hicks, 6
I have one son that is in first grade.  He's already trying to get out of taking tests at school.
Grade_school: I went to Edison, Greer & Cottage Elementary Schools.
Grade_school_friends: The Fugowi's!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: The Fugowi's!
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Dahlin,  because he let me be his teachers assistant.  Nothing like mixing up a batch of glaze.
Favorite_memory: Playing sports.  I recommend it to everyone.  You don't get the whole high school experience otherwise.
Hai Luc writes:
Occupation: Banking
Grade_school: Greer
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Judy Wilson because she cared!
Jennifer Bray writes:
Occupation: homemaker
Bio: I worked in a jewelry store then at a chemical plant and then an insurance company. I went to American River for a couple of years also. I got back together with Billy for the last and final time almost six years ago. We got married on 9/11/99 and now have two kids. We finally moved into a beautiful home in the forest. We love it.
Trivia: I didn't graduate from Encina for many different reasons. I did like Rio and did graduate (thank god) but it wasn't the same. I have had a rough go at life but I also have a very supportive husband and family now. I hope to get back in contact with a few friends I left behind while I jumped around schools.
Friends: I can't say I had any best friends but I did have a lot of good friends I remember fondly. Tera Silkwood, Michelle Sobala, Michelle Strasburg, Ronnie Carey, Alan Wallace, Ryan Andrzejewski (who is now my brother which is so weird but cool), Matt Nigro, Josh Whitney,  Melissa Elkins (where are you?) and others.
Hobbies: Right now I just dropped our daughter off for her first day of school. It will be a new challenge for us. Also, I participated in the M.S. walk this year since being diagnosed in Aug of 2002. I absolutely love to cook and spend time with my husband. We like to travel to the ocean and one day we will brave camping with the kids.
Kids: Allie Belle 5 years, Billy jr. 2 years
Allie is absolutley her dad. She looks, acts and talks just like him. She is so sassy and smart. And so very cute. Billy is like his mommy and likes to read and play. They are both awesome.
Grade_school: Alethea B. Smythe
Junior_high: Rio Tierra Ugh!
Junior_high_friends: Well, I miss Melissa Elkins and Mari Trujillo. I can't remember who else.
Memorable_teachers: I really dug Ms. Woo and Eric Dahlin. I also like Mrs. Chambers the French teacher. They were really cool. They helped me when I needed them
Favorite_memory: EBS was a really cool class. I loved being able to have the "power" to pull people out of class and interview them.
Story: I haven't kept in contact with many people. Of course Gina Baker-Smith and Ryan. We still talk to Jason Colombo our old roomate c/o 91. He is doing well and finally pursing his art! I did see Matt Nigro at Ryan's wedding and he just had his 3rd child on my little Billy's B-day. I recently emailed and talked to Tera Silkwood and Michelle Sobala. We sometimes hang out with Jimmy and Amy Fox (our fellow mountain friends.) I mostly just needed time to settle down, have my babies and get used to being married. Billy is the best and we have been through it. But we keep on going strong and I am glad for it. A lot happened health wise and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I am doing better and I am having a great time overall. I hope everyone I knew is doing well and I wish them the best
Sibling_info: Mike and Joe Kramer c/o 82 (brothers), Samantha Jones (cousin), Corey & Gina Baker-Smith (cousin) c/o 91
Alumni_in_contact: Billy, Gina, Ryan, Jason Colombo, Jimmy and Amy Fox
Adam Way writes:
Occupation: Tech Monkey
Bio: Skim boarding at Dilions beach every other weekend, MA classes Monday through Friday, and working the same Tech Monkey grave shift job.
Hobbies: Martial arts, Skim boarding, Snow boarding, Volley ball. Any thing out doors really.
Kids: me with kids...now that's a scary thought!
Story: Just an update...I saw Mr. Hibbard on the 3rd of July, for anyone that cares...When I told him he was my science teacher He said "Wow, must have been about 10 years ago" which it was, and for our parting conversation he said "Well I hope I taught you something" My response of course was "Nope...I was the kid that slept through class" =)
Jaimemarie Grissum writes:
Occupation: Senior Loan Coordinator for Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Bio: Ok, so after High School , I went to ARC, then on up to Chico State. I went to work as a Production Assistant at The Money Store, worked for a
broker and now I at AMC.  I have wanted to update my Bio for a long time now, only haven’t had the motivation too. For those who knew my mom Diane Grissum, I wanted to let you know that she passed away on Feb 25, 2001. After 15 grueling years of fighting cancer, she is finally at peace. I
wanted to thank those that came to the service, it meant a lot to me. Ok so enough with the sadness and on to me, ..
I have an awesome job with an awesome company. I have only been there for about 9 months now, but I am so glad to be back in the mortgage industry, especially now, Hey anyone want to refi?? Lol
I haven’t done my part in keeping in touch with folks, but I do play softball with Mike Edwards (c/o 95). I still live in Sac, life is grand.
Kids: No marriages or Kids for me, however I do have 2 beautiful Rottweilers, JP and Jesse  ( and a cat Jillyann- just love the J names).
Melissa Ross writes:
Occupation: Student/Preschool Teacher
Bio: After graduation I went straight to work doing admin and accounting work.  After about seven years of that I realized that it was not what makes me happy.  So I decided to finally go back to school to get my teaching credentials.  I am currently attending Sacramento City College and plan to graduate this coming spring.  I then plan to transfer to Sacramento State.
     In my personal life, the most wonderful (and challenging) part of my life began with the birth of my first (and only) child Devyn in July of 2001.  He is so smart and loving.  I am so very lucky because I work at the preschool where he attends and I get paid to play with my son all day! Nothing's better than that.  As wonderful as being a mom has been, being a single mom has proven to be very challenging, but I am doing pretty well.
Kids: Devyn Park born July 9, 2001-- I can't belive my little baby is going to be 2 NEXT WEEK!
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Mitchell - she was really there for me when I needed it the most.
Sibling_info: Jennifer Ross 1993
David Kwon writes:
Occupation: Resident Physician
Bio: I went to Cal-Berkeley for undergrad, just finished med school at Davis and I'm now starting my residency in emergency medicine at USC. 
Hobbies: Strangely enough, it's not too different from my Encina days; sports, traveling, reading and spending time with good friends.
Grade_school: Greer
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Candy Mleczko writes:
Occupation: Executive Administrative Assistant/Market Research
Bio: Hey there DAWGS!!  I hope everyone is happy and healthy.  Just wanted to update everyone real quick.  I am back in the Bay Area again.  After
living in Sac again for a few months, I realized that I had out grown it and missed all the diversity the Bay has to offer.  Not to mention the $$$.  I
couldn't turn down an offer to get double and a half of what I was getting paid in Sactown so I came back.  I am now working at a great Real Estate
Firm (The Stabauch Company www.staubach.com) in Palo Alto.  It is owned and operated by Roger Staubach (former QB for the Dallas Cowboys).  He's been in a few times and I've met him.  He's really nice.  I support all 5 VPs of the PA office and it is BUSY!!  They really keep me on my toes, that's for sure! I get a lot of great perks including meeting Ronnie Lott (he's one of our clients), Joe Montana, great parties, etc.  I really couldn't ask for much more:)
Trivia: I am still working on the reunion and hopefully, I'll have some more info in the next couple of months for all of you.  Thanks to those who have
already been asking about it.  If you haven't already emailed me about your interest in coming/helping, please do.  Every little bit helps.  And remember, you all know some people who STILL don't have an email address or have even LOOKED at the website yet.  Get them to do it or get their info together because we want everyone to come next year!
Friends: I still talk to my girls all the time (Linda Muller White, Cindee Nguyen Dao, and Monica Lam).  I talk to others occasionally also but time
catches up with us too much sometimes:(  Hey everyone...Cindee had a beautiful little baby boy (Dylan) in December.  She is a happy new mommy and loving every bit of it!!
Mari Trujillo writes:
Ah so much has changed for little Mari. I married my high school sweetheart Jim lewis in May of 1995 and was off to Hawaii shortly afterwards. We lived on Oahu for 3 years while he served in the Marines. Alas the vacation had to end and back in Sactown I was in 1998. I eventually landed at Progressive insurance working in underwriting/customer service. In May of 2001 I found out I was pregnant with my first child and Jim and I were estatic. Found out it was a boy in September and were we ever excited. It felt like life had finally came together. Unfortuneatly Jim passed away in Nov 2001 and that was a major unexpected blow to me. But now I find myself a single mother with the most beautiful baby boy. He has become my reason to live and I love life more with each and every day. I am going to school to become a dental hygienst. I attend part time and otherwise I stay home with my son. I enjoy working out and shopping in my downtime. I am looking forward to our 10 year reunion and seeing how much life has changed for all that were class.
Lisa Dowkes writes:
Occupation: EMT for American Medical Response
Bio: I lived in Sac for another 6 years or so after graduation. I moved a few times in those years. I went through a Medical Assistant program right
after graduation. Worked for a doctor's office, then Blue Sheild of California, and finally ended up at Progressive Auto Insurance. I met my husband through a mutual fr iend at work. He lived in Livermore. It was a long two years of commuting back and forth. Finally, I moved to be with him in 2000. I went back to school, did the EMT thing. I work for AMR as an EMT now and currently finishing up the training to be a Paramedic. High school was nothing compared to all this!! We bought our home Dec. 2001 and we got married in March 2003. Busy with a ton of things as usual. No children yet,
soon, but not yet :-)
Friends: Unfortunately, I have not kept in touch with anyone from high school. I don't know where anyone is or what they are doing.
Hobbies: Hobbies/Recreation - trying to make time for them. When we can, we enjoy camping, hanging out with friends, racing, and relaxing.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Nichols, English Teacher. In my Junior/Senior year. She is always the one that comes to mind. She was great, she would help with anything (even out of school things). The trip to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival was so much fun.
Favorite_memory: All the fun stuff - friends, hanging out, getting in trouble, rallies, games, lunch on the quad and lunch was even better when we had Senior Lawn!! :-)
Yvette Wong writes:
Occupation: At home mom
Bio: Partying, hanging out with friends,clubbing,settling down,having kids,and spending time with my husband.
Friends: My best friends were Cathralyn Burch, Michelle Strasburg,the Asian persuasians(you know who you are),Tennile Sisco,Shavonne Jones,Rikki Hamill,Nicole Pritchard,and many more.
Hobbies: shopping,crafts,playing softball,and still hanging out with friends and my family.
Kids: Gregorio Oviedo Jr.passed away at birth. Emily Rose Oviedo 2 months old
My son passed away,so he is resting in peace, My daughter is 2months old on 4/15 and she as spoiled as can be,and she knows it already,but, she is as precious as can be.
Grade_school_friends: Krista Valledor
Junior_high: majority of the people who went to Jonas Salk.
Junior_high_friends: Krista Valledor,Michelle Strasburg,Heather Mckillips,Bree Basset,and many,many more.
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Drawbert,because he was my math teacher at Jonas Salk too,he knew me real well,every time I would try to get out of things he would know.
Favorite_memory: When I had the flu and I was on the Senior lawn and some friends were calling me to the music area, and I was running,could'nt catch my balance and tripped,did a sommersalt on the grass and everyone laughed,then asked if I was ok.
Alumni_in_contact: Micheele Strasburg,Lynne Komlodi,Tenille Sisco,Shavonne Jones,Andrea Torres,Kevin Moon,Rey Castro,Antonio and Elizabeth
Espejel,Eddie and Robert Hinsley,Ray and Marissa Gutierrez,Dan and Kevin Martinez,Candy Mleszko,Elaine Formica,Natalie Scharp, Jamie Davis,and Gregorio,Socorro,Ofelia,and Sophia Oviedo
Adam Way writes:
Occupation: Tech Monkey
Bio: OK, here's my life biography...I'm not done with it yet, check back later.
Up to date info...I work, I pay bills and I try to have fun in between.
Seriously, how much info do you give on one of these things and not sound all desperate and Waco!
(I'm working for the most entertaining vote for this bio)
Call me Mr. Clean...its fun being bald, women seem to have this need to rub your head, I can handle that.
I can't stand TV any more. It sucks the will right out of you. It took weeks of therapy to get rid of that drooling habit I formed.
The internet rocks!...I get to pick and choose what grotesque images I want to look at.
I don't skate any more, I know, I know, how could that be...well I realized pain hurts, so now I'm a martial arts fanatic...at least this way some one forces me to ware pads.
I gave up drinking on my 21st b-day. Yeah, that's sort of backwards...oops, actually it was the day after the 21st b-day, if you could imagine what would drive me to do that. Truthfully I'm keeping a vow I made to the porcelain god. "Oh GOD, I'll never do this again, BLAAAAAH"...you know what I'm talking about.
I've been in a long term, just like marriage, relationship...I dedicated my life, love and sole to her, and she changed it in for cash. Oops, guess that one wasn't gonna last.
And to end on an up note...I'm doing this at work, and getting paid copious amounts of money to do it.
Ya'll have fun now ya-hear.
Trivia: I'm bored at work, its 4AM
Hobbies: Boot to the head
Yvette Wong writes:
Occupation:                      self-employed,
marital_status:                  7yr committed relationship
spouse:                          Gregorio Oviedo 94
children: Gregorio Oviedo Jr.
Bio: went to Arc after school,started to party all the time.A year later after grad I got with Gregorio(Gordo),nobody ever thought we would be a couple.Still talk and hang out with friends.
Friends: Michelle Strasburg,my sons godmother.tenille Sisco,Kevin Moon,Rey Castro,Lynne Komlodi,Eddie Hinsley,Robert Hinsley,Ray Gutierrez,Marissa Gutierrez,I haven't really seen many people since high school,I just hang out with these.
Kids: my son passed away at birth,Gregorio and my 1st child but he is a very special little guy,he is in a loving place and being well taken care of.
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Drawbert,because he always told me I could do it and I did
Favorite_memory: When I had the flu and I wa running from the senior lawn to the other side and I tripped and made everybodys day :)
Kary Riddle writes:
Occupation:                      Operations Administrator
marital_status:                  Married
spouse:                          Lawrence
WOW.  I lost touch with just about everyone except Melissa Elkins (Johnson) who got married in 1995.  Since looking at the Encina web site I located Elaine Formica, Audreanna Jarwin and through Elaine, I now have a contact for Natalie Scharp.  I recently got married to a wonderful man and also became a full-time step-mommy to an 8 year old.  My life is wonderful. After High School I got a job as an Office Manager at a jewelry store in Arden Mall (where else), promoted to Executive Secretary and then to Operations Administrator and remaind there for 7 years.    Sine my husband owns his own business we decided that recently I would stop working and start my own business. Well, I only lasted 4 months and couldn't handle being around him 24-7 (HAHAHA). The business is still in the beginning stages but hopefully I can return to working for myself once things get off the ground. Looking back I wish I would have gone to college but as they say "It's never too late".  I could still wind up a doctor (HAHAHA)
Elaine Formica, Natalie Scharp, Audreanna Jarwin, Bree Bassett, Ryan Connor, Angela Shishido
I still love shopping.  I guess that was another reason I needed to go back to work.  My husband was tired of me spending all of his money.
Alaysha has to be the most sassy  8 year old I know.  She is a girly girl and I keep telling her father all of the horror stories from my childhood.  Look out world cause here she comes.  You would almost think that I gave birth to her.
D.W. Babcock
Well I had many friends in grade school but unfortunately those friendships never carried over to high school.  Those people know who they are so names don't need to be mentioned.  I hope that at a reunion some friendships will begin again.
Rio Tierra
Mr. Broadnansky:  He had such a great personality
Mr. Halfman:  He made his class the easiest "A" and my younger step-sister is dating his son.  (Go figure)
Mr. Drawbert:  Only because my sister had him for a math teacher.  All of her stories confirmed that it was his way of teaching that got her a "C".  So for all of you who sat back in his class saying to yourself... "What did he just do? and How did he do that?", it was him NOT you. (HAHAHA)
Graduation, since I had to sign a contract with the Principal stating that I missed so many classes (but grades remained good) during my Senior year, I had to attend classes every day for 4 months straight or I wouldn't be able to "walk" at graduation.  (HAHAHA)
Melissa Elkins (Johnson)
Recently: Audreanna Jarwin and Elaine Formica
I just saw Bree Bassett at the Dollar Tree on Arden and she just had twins!!!! 
I hope that everyone in the class of 1994 lives every day to its fullest.  Life is too short to remain bitter, angry or sad.  Keep smiling and I wish everyone the best that life has to offer.
Carrie Bennett writes:
Occupation: registered nurse
Bio: After grad, I went to American River College, then on to nursing school, where I got my degree in Registered Nursing in 1998. I plan to go back to school soon, maybe to get a business degree.
Friends: My best friends were Linh Vuong, Linh Smith, Doralynn Co, Misty Baptista, Deana Johnson, Trudy Graham, Janice Garcia, Lisa Villa, and Candace Barry. I still in contact with and see Linh V., Linh S., Doralynn, Misty, and Deana. I have run into Trudy a couple of times since graduation. Unfortunately, I lost touch with Janice and Candace soon after we graduated. I see Lisa Villa occasionally. I hang out a lot with Brian Craig, Brian Crall and Carl Lenocker. Carl, Doralynn, and Linh V. just recently graduated from Sac State.
Hobbies: Between school and work I have tried to do a little traveling. I went all over Europe in the summer of 1994. I took a road trip all over California in the summer of 1998. I am hoping to get back over to Europe in the next couple of years.
Grade_school: Ethel I. Baker and D.W.Babcock
Grade_school_friends: Linh Vuong, Doralynn Co, Carl Lenocker
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: Linh Vuong, Doralynn Co, Carl Lenocker
Favorite_teachers: Mr.Brodnansky, Mrs.Bush, Mr.Maucieri, Coach Hibbard
Bio: Married!
Kids: Daughter born 11/2000
Chad Henry writes:
Occupation: International Marketing Manager
Bio: After my graduation in 1994 I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a scholarship for football.  I had a successful college athletic career, but most importantly I completed my degree in Business Administration - Finance.  After my eligibilty for college athletics concluded I joined a student organization call AIESEC.  It exchanges students for work all around the world.  Through this program I have come to my current position.  I am now living in Split, Croatia (on the Adriatic coast, across from Italy check a map) and working for a food production company called SMS.   We are producers of Mediterranean delicatessen products olives, olive oil, fish products, and marmalades.  My job is the development of international markets.   Currently we import some of our products to the United States in the food chain Whole Foods.  I hope that we will increase this in the future. 
Kids: None
Grade_school: North Avenue Elementary School
Junior_high: Rio Tierra Junior High School
Memorable_teachers: For me I have a few teachers that are memorable to me for various reasons. 
Mrs. Begg - She is just one of my favorite people, no matter how much of a pain we were she tried to get something from us.  Not to mention I had here almost every year I was at Encina for English.
Mr Luchini - No matter how tough you were he was tougher.  I always liked the way he taught giving you the rough details and harsh reality.  I could have learned so much more from him if tried harder in high school.
Coach Hibbard - He is part of almost every high school sports memory I have, I am sure all of my teammates would say the same.  He taught me the meaning of sacrafice, dedication and teamwork.  I would say that we all wanted to be Coach Hibbard.
Coach Wallin - While he was at Encina a short time he helped me tremendously.  He was a Cal Poly graduate and helped a lot when I was making a decision to go to that school.   He taught me how to carry my self as an athlete and the importance of a positive attitude.  Much of my athletic success in college resulted from lessons I learned from him. 
Favorite_memory: It seems like high school is moving farther away and many of the memories fade and have been replaced.  However my favorite memory at Encina would do with my time playing sports.  Our group of friends were inseperable and we had great times on and off the field whether we won or lost.  Some of the best times were winning the league championship for basketball our junior year, coming back from more than 20 points down against Vanden, finally beating River City in football at River City, and so many other times that cannot be counted. 
Manginder Chana writes:
Occupation: Student
Bio: After high school I went to American River College, and transfer to University of Nevada, Reno.  I am dual major at UNR, and I'll be reciving my BA in Criminal Justice/Sociology in Fall 2001.  After reciving my BA from UNR, my plans are to attend graduate school.
Elisa Brown writes:
Occupation: Funds Verification
Bio: Since Graduation I got married back In October of 1997. Still married.I moved to Las vegas in January of 2000. Came back June of 2001 but I am only staying until January of 2002. Just came back to help family for a few months. Looking forward to getting back to Vegas this city is just too small once you have lived in vegas.
Trivia: I was always so quiet in high school. So I think one suprise would be that I have worked telephone sale and done quite well. I am a lot more out going with people now. Another interesting thing about me now is that I got my tongue pierced. Anyone who knew me would not think I would do something like that.
Friends: Patricia Castro, Margarita,Cindy,Bertha funny thing is it has been so long I can't remember anybodys last name sorry guys. But if you guys do read this you know who I am talking about.
Hobbies: I like to gamble on the Las Vegas Strip. Hang with friends. Love doing things with my pets.
Kids: I do not have any yet. Hope to in the future.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Begg she seemed to be the most caring.
Favorite_memory: Just spending time with my friends at lunch time and hanging out.
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Christi Fleming writes:
Occupation: Medical Assistant
Bio: What have I been doing since graduation???  Many adventures, too little space to tell them in. To sum up the basic details, I moved to Santa Rosa with my one and only true love, Dustin, after graduating.  We lived together for a long while before he tricked me, I mean convinced me to get married.  I graduated with a degree in medical assisting June 2000 and just received my certification as a specialized clinical and administrative medical assistant.
Trivia: Being as good as I always have been.
Friends: Shanell and I are still best freinds (she was a bridesmaid in my wedding) and we still talk, though not as often as I'd like since we both are soooooooo busy!! Good freinds were Karina Galindo and Aileen Peligrino. But I have lost contact with them
Hobbies: Now I love my days off!!!!  (It's so nice to FINALLY have days off!!!)   I like to go for picnics at Bodega Bay, and walk around Spring Lake, go watch a Giants game and take my nephews to the movies!!!!
Kids: No ankle-biters yet
Grade_school: Went to grade school in L.A.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Karina Galindo, Diana Edmundsen
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Botello, Mrs. Bush and Karen Shores
Favorite_memory: PE class :)   ;)
Elaine Formica writes:
Occupation: Veterinary Technician
Bio: Well right after High School I moved down to the Bay Area (near Berkely) losing contact with everyone. Except for Nat.(Scharp) we still keep in touch. I have been an R.V.T. for 3 years now and love it. I never thought I would be in the Veterinary field but it is definately for me. I am single at this time. No big romances in my life guess i'll just have to be patient. Other than that i've just been having a good time enjoying life.
Friends: Natalie Scharp which we still keep intouch but she lives in Arkansas so we only see each other about once a year. Melissa Elkins, Audreanna Jarwin, Kary Riddle, Chris Ballance,Christy Jiminez, Alberto Castro & Michelle Strasburg.
Hobbies: Well I don't think I would call it a hobby but I love anything to do with classic mustangs. I Have two. 1965 Conv. Mustang and a 1966 Coupe. Both beautiful cars.
Kids: Well I need a boyfriend first!!!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Hibbard (nice socks)! Mrs. Bush (How many teachers do you know that bring their pot belly pig to school?) Mrs. Miguire, Mrs.Begg, Mr.Botello, and definately Mr.Tracy.(We loved alf!)
Favorite_memory: Graduation day!!!
Tania Scott writes:
Occupation: Data entry clerk
Bio: Raising my children
Friends: Brandy Walls
Hobbies: Spending time with my children
Kids: I have four kids Nicole, Stephanie, Krystal and Austin
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Kenneth Pembroke writes:
Occupation: student studing Fashion desgn, visual merchandising, and film making!!!
Bio: i moved up to paradise where my family lives ans started college. i then came back to sacramento in 99. i a still in school!!! i am currently working on a movie idea that is in preproduction and will hopefully be played at local theaters, and student film festivals.
Trivia: i haven't changed much. i still don't care if the jocks and cheerleaders like me!!!
Friends: Christian Dow, Damian Lee, Tasha Powidski, Yanna Shelton, and Johnny Smith
Hobbies: drawing....fashion,comics,water colors. recreation....san franscico!!!
Memorable_teachers: mrs.Reeves/Harris, mrs. maguire, mrs bush, and mrs.begg for helping me realize that it doesn't matter what others think about the real me!!!!
Favorite_memory: getting the hell out!!!!!
Story: some where cool....others are better left forgotten!!!!!!!
Randy Wasserman writes:
Occupation: Pharmacy Helpdesk Manager
Bio: Just wanted to quickly update my life.  Okay, I got a new job...thank you..have a great day.(Just kidding) I'm oh so close to finishing my teaching credentials and I hope to pursue a career in elementary school teaching in the not so distant future.  I currently work for a large Health Benefits Company where I am currently a manager.   Its definetly not my calling, but I have to pretend those three years of Health Academy played some role in my life*smile*
Trivia: If a turtle loses his shell, is he homeless or naked? Interesting huh?
Kids: Well I have 4 kids and 4 different baby momma's. No really..I do..Just kidding, no kids (that I know of).  Although I do hope to have one or two in the near future.   Soon but Jennifer Lopez won't return my calls.
Grade_school: Didn't go to grade school, skipped straight to Junior High from Kiddie garten
Story: Just wanted to say "What are you doing??"" to everyone who I knew and who knew me and could put up with me.  Please feel free to email me at rwasserman@advparadigm.com or keepnit_real@yahoo.com.  High school seems like soo long ago and I've lost touch with just about everyone possible, maybe not by my choice, but I would like to holla at you and talk about the good ol' times...Ya both of them at Encina...
Rikki Hamill writes:
Occupation: AT THE MOMENT... A MOMMIE :-)
Heard_about_website_from: CLASSMATES.COM
Jody Whitney writes:
Occupation: Sushi Chef
Bio: Since graduating in '94 I worked many odd jobs.  I finally found my calling in sushi.  Everyone loves sushi and you meet a lot of women working there.  Where else can you work and get drunk with the customers at the same time.  I love this job, but it is only temporary.  I am in school studying to be a computer science major.  Yes I am a computer geek.  I hope to get my BA in 2002.  I'm what you call a seven year graduate student.  Hey, as long as I'm still in school right.   I'm young.
Trivia: Nothing really interesting about me.  For all of those who do know me, I can't live in one house for more than two years and my home phone number changes like 3 times a year.  Most of you guys travel around the world, I travel around Sacramento.
Friends: My best friends in high school and still are to this day are Somgnot Chandavong, Mike Franklin, Alberto Leyva (the four amigos), and Hai Luc. I still see Somgnot and Hai on a daily basis and got Hai to go golfing more.  I lost contact with Mike when he join the Army and was transfer to the East coast.  But everytime he is down in Sacramento we hook up.  I still see John Johnson, Linh Vong, Nick Wong, Chad Henry, and Troy Henry once in awhile.  Who can forget about Randy Wasserman.  He must be fat from all the free cookies I gave him.  j/k.  What's up Randy, haven't talk to you in a while. 
Hobbies: I am an amature bass fisherman.  I fish about 4-5 tournaments a year.   The best place I got was second (twice).  I didn't get any money, unless I want to give up my amature status and turn pro, but I did get alot of fishing tackle.   Do you know how much that stuff cost?  Does anyone remember Gary Sabola?   He works with me at Sumo Sushi.  We try to golf about once a week.  He's a better golfer than me but I can still kick his ass in boxing.  And I just picked up snowboarding.  Went for the first time this year and it was hella fun.  I went off the jumps my first time going and caught major air.  Almost broke my shoulder.  
Kids: I don't have any kids at the moment.  I don't plan on getting married until I am about 30-35.  Until then, I plan on living life to the fullest.
Grade_school: Eastridge and Whittier.
Grade_school_friends: None.  Was in Texas at the time.
Junior_high: Winston Churchill Middle School.
Junior_high_friends: None.  They all went to Jona Salk.  I went to Churchill.
Memorable_teachers: My most memorable coaches are Coach John Gallen and Coach Curtis Heckle.  They coached me for four year at Encina.  They led us to two league championship my junior and senior year.  Recently I got a chance to coach with them at Kennedy High School in 1999.  Gallen is still a sprint coach and (Big Knees) Heckle is still a hurdle coach.  I was the jumping coach.  It was a lot of fun.   So fun in fact that I enrolled at SCC (spring 2000) this year to run track.  I ran with a couple of my athletes who were seniors last year.  I still keep in contact with Gallen and Heckel.  They are cool despite what most people say about them.   My personal best jump is 24'4.5".  It's not great but I think it is pretty good.  I still train today and compete in open invitational.  My goal is to one day jump over 26 feet.  I know I can do it.
Favorite_memory: Winning two league championship in track & field.
Story: It's funny how me and Somgnot met.  It's a small world.  Two families who never met; one from Laos and one from Vietnam moved to the United States.  They both ended up in a small town call Amarillo, which is in Texas.  Not only that, they lived in the same neighborhood and me and Somgnot went to the same elementary school.  I didn't know who Somgnot was at the time.  I don't remember when Somgnot moved to Sacramento, but I think he said when he was about 7.  I moved to Sacramento when I was 13.  I wanted to go to El Camino, but living too far from the school I settled for Encina.  I didn't meet Somgnot until the end of freshman year when track season started.  He overheard me talking to someone about where I was from.  He interrupted and said he was also from Amarillo.  I didn't believe him until he started describing the old neighborhood and the school we went to.  He started naming people that I knew in Amarillo.  I showed him a picture of a girl that I use to talk to in Amarillo and he knew her first and last name.  Want to know who she was?   It was Somgnot cousin.  Scary, huh?  It's pretty amazing that we lived less than a mile apart in Amarillo and less than a mile apart here in Sacramento. 
Heard_about_website_from: From Hai Luc who got it from Donna Ting.
Deana Johnson writes:
Occupation: High School English teacher
Bio: Just wanted to give everyone an update!  I will be graduating from my teacher credential program in 4 weeks!!!  I am very excited and anxious to be done with college.  It has been 6 long years and I am ready to educate the future leaders or America.  I guess that i ended up being the most likely to work at Encina!!!   Teaching has turned out out to be a challenging but fun career.  It is hard to believe that any of us were like my students.  I still feel like I look like one of them but it is great to be the new, young student teacher.
Kevin Sprague writes:
Occupation: Student at University of Utah
Bio: I enlisted in the Navy in November of 1994 and went to Great Lakes near Chicago for bootcamp.  After bootcamp I spent a little over a year in Orlando, FL attending  the navy nuclear power school.  In March of 1996 I was transfered to Charleston, SC where I was trained on board a converted fast attack submarine on the operation of an S5W nuclear reactor and power plant system.  While in I earned a scholarship from the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp. which I used to
attend the University of Utah where I will be graduating from very shortly.  At this moment I do not know what the future holds for me...I might go back into the Navy as a Supply or Intelligence Officer or I might pursue a career else where.  No decisions at this time and I envy everyone who knows what they are doing.
Trivia: 4 years in Utah and I have not converted to Mormonism and I have no wife or kids....my greatest accomplishment.
Friends: I hated everybody.....just kidding.....Ryan McClain has been my best friend since the 3rd grade and unfortunately he is the only one I have kept in touch with.  I loved my friends in Choir with Ms. Reeves, those  in the Health Academy, and of course my fellow yearbook slaves.
Hobbies: I love my Fraternity Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon...HFF...intra-mural champs 2 years running...I also love to write short fiction and poetry...recently I have taken up a renewed interest in saxophone which I have not touched in 10 years but it only sounds like 15. 
Grade_school: Hagginwood
Grade_school_friends: Just good ol' rye rye french fry guy
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: I don't wanna embarrass myself by naming people who didn't go to Rio
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg, because she always encouraged me
Favorite_memory: without a doubt...show choir
Scott Ainsleigh writes:
Occupation: pacific bell
Bio: After graduation i went to american river for a year, wasnt sure what i wanted to do, so i stopped going. In the summer
of 95 i moved to Texas.  I only stayed for about 9 months, i got homesick so i moved back.  Worked at a bunch of jobs
werent for me... in feb of 97 I started working for pacific bell.  It has turned out ok for me, i bought my house in summer
of 98.  I started back to ar jan of 99, however i got a new job with pacific bell so i had to go to the bay area for 2 months
training, right in the middle of semister.  I havent went back to school at this time, (still not sure what i want to take in
school.)  I have no children and dont really think i am ready for them yet, i do have a dog though, and he is enough for
right now.
Friends: I was good friends with Jim Ritter, Matt Ritter, Kristie hartley, Crystal Romo, Seth Morgan
I have lost contact with Amy Horch, Amy Devale and Ryan Conner.
Hobbies: Playing with my dog, trying to do projects around the house.  Am starting to play pool.
Kids: Have none.
Grade_school: Pershing
Grade_school_friends: None.
Junior_high: Carnegie, Jonas Salk, Arcade
Junior_high_friends: Kristie Hartley
Favorite_teachers: Mr Maucerri was cool, he cracked me up.
Favorite_memory: I had a lot of fun in EBS class.
Alumni_in_contact: Crystal Romo, John Miller, Seth Morgan, Jim Ritter, Matt Ritter, and Kristie Hartley.
Heard_about_website_from: Kristie Hartley
Alberto Castro writes:
Occupation: General Manager-Jack in the Box Inc
Bio: Where do I start. Well after graduation I went to ARC like most of us and attended for about 2 years where I studied the basics and started focusing on a Business Degree. Then I met the love of my life, when I hired her as one of my employees at work. As time passed we grew closer and now Audrey L. Smith and I have been married for the past three years. As far as the job goes; 8 years and 5 promotions later I have recently been transferred to Springfield Oregon and given a chance to open some new Jack in the Box units in a brand new market. I will be involed in opening about 6 new stores in the Lane County Area of Oregon. It is a big challenge but have worked vary hard for this opportunity. Audrey and I are in the process of purchasing our 1st new home together and that is also very exciting for us. Hopefully we cand start our family soon to fill our new happy home......
Trivia: Was a big decision to move to a new state away from the family and friends, but hope to build a good future in Oregon.
Friends: My all time best friend in High School and the only person from school I still talk to is Chris Ballance. Ten years and lots of distance but we are still very close and always will be. Other buddys from school include, Mike Herrera, Bill Cho, and all the old school Varsity Football team mates. You know who you are, don't you miss all the wars against Dixon....
Hobbies: Hobbies include spending time with my wife, on the computer, and I have managed to collect over 400 hotwheels in their original packages. Now that I am living in Oregon I am learned to appreciate the outdoors more, taking up fishing and rafting.
Kids: No kids yet, but working on it...
Grade_school: Moke Hill Elementry
Junior_high: Toyon Middle School, and a semester at Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: You guys probably dont remember that I was at Jonas....
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Luchini, Mr. Hayasaka, Mrs. Begg, and of course Coach Hibbard....
Heard_about_website_from: Chris Ballance
Linh Vuong writes:
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Bio: After graduation, I immediately continued my education at ARC for three years. I attended Sac State after ARC and just graduated with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Currently, I am actively pursuing a career in management. I do plan on returning to Sac State in fall 1999 to begin working on my MBA. I must say, there's nothing more secured than being a student.
Friends: My best friends were Doralynn Co, Carrie Bennett, Misty Baptista, Deana Johnson, Janice Garcia, Linh Smith, Chad Henry, and Lisa Villa. I am still in contact with everyone with the exception of Janice Garcia.
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, and shopping. Thanks to Doralynn, my latest hobby is going to Reno/Tahoe to gamble.
Kids: No kids.
Grade_school: Babcock
Grade_school_friends: Doralynn Co, Carrie Bennett, Carl Lenocker
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: Doralynn Co, Carrie Bennett, Carl Lenocker, Chad Henry, Troy Henry.
Sibling_info: Son Vuong, Hai Vuong
Alumni_in_contact: Jeff McGee, Linh Smith
Heard_about_website_from: Carrie Bennett
Deana Johnson writes:
Occupation: Currently working as a waitress until I am finished with school.
Bio: I attended American River college for three years and then transferred to Sacramento State. I recently received my B.A. in English. In August I will begin the teacher credential program at Sac State so that I may pursue a career in education. I hope to begin my career as a high school english teacher in the fall of 2000.
Trivia: My work sent me to Seoul, South Korea to train servers for an 11-day trip. It was an amazing experience because I had never flown overseas. Seoul is an enormous modern city with many neon signs, friendly people, and crazy drivers.
Friends: My best friends in high school were Misty Baptista, Linh Vuong, Doralynn Co, Carrie Bennett, Lisa Villa, Linh Smith, Janice Garcia, and Trudy Graham. I am in contact with everyone with the exception of Trudy and Janice. We still get together to share special occasions and to just have fun together.
Hobbies: Recreation? College life doesn't leave much time for recreation but I am as busy as I have always been. I enjoy volunteering at schools and working with kids of all ages. I still enjoy getting together with my friends whenever possible and spending time with my boyfriend.
Kids: No kids yet.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks (K-5) and Greer (6th)
Grade_school_friends: Misty Baptista and Lynne Komlodi
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Misty Baptista, Lynne Komlodi, Cissy Hudson, only to name a few. Many people from Jonas Salk went on to Encina.
Favorite_teachers: Steve Maucieri, Jayne Nichols, Dennis Wallin
Heard_about_website_from: Linh Vuong
Joe Gibson writes:
Occupation: Sub-Custodian/ Free lance writer
Bio: Well I've held down 3 jobs since then Currently I'm a sub custodian, the job's lame but the pay's worth it. Managed to get married and have a 3 year old daughter.
Trivia: I got a free car.
Friends: My best friends were Erick Reavis, Eric Tracy, Jesse DuBois, Shannon Terry, Chris Ballance. I lost contact with the last two until finding this place.
Hobbies: I write, play bass guitar, camp, fish, garden, father, you name it I do it. heh heh heh
Kids: My daughter's so smart. Shes years before her age. She quit the bottle and diapers at 2. She was walking by 9 months. All I can say is I'm always proud to be her dad.
Grade_school: Dyer-Kelly
Grade_school_friends: Jarrad Brookshire, Jesse DuBois, Somgnot Chadavong. that's about all I could remember.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Bao, Jesse, Jarrad, Somgnot...Um...Um...that was like 10 years ago. heh heh heh
Favorite_teachers: Mrs Bush, Mrs Begg, Mrs Woo, Mr Mauceri, Mrs McGwire, Mr Kirrene(sp?), Mr Botello.
Alumni_in_contact: Erick Reavis, Eric Tracy, Jesse DuBois

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