Encina High School Class of 1976 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1976+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Karen Edwards (kjedwards1459@yahoo.com)

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Name Address Phone number Email address
Sharon Ables     contact webmaster
Mark Adams     care of webmaster
Norm Adams     contact webmaster
Susan Alexander Boren     care of webmaster
Craig Allen     care of webmaster
Rick Alves     care of webmaster
Bruce Anderson     contact webmaster
Elaine Anderson Rasmussen     care of webmaster
Margaret Anderson Taylor 10082 N 100 E
Milford,IN 46542
574-658-3535 teammaggie1976 at gmail dot com
John Angella 1628 Bell St #206
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-921-5979 h jcjpa58 at outlook dot com
Keri Areman Ferre     contact webmaster
Lisa Arend Smith 548 Glenwood Dr
Redlands,CA 92373
909-335-5818 h DaisyL2288 at aol.com
Jim Auble     contact webmaster
Lisa Bailey     bailey.51 at hotmail. dot com
Bill Bain     care of webmaster
Valerie Bagley Eichhorn Lodi,CA   valjaron at sbcglobal.net
Maxine Baker Benfield Canyon Lake,TX 210-456-1189 w madmaxpi58 at yahoo dot com
Tami Baker Prather 1A Alexander D Ave
Danbury,CT 06810
203-748-1866 h toetam58 at yahoo.com
William "Buster" Barcena Mather,CA   care of webmaster
Brent Batcha     contact webmaster
Curtis S Bates III deceased 9/6/12 from lung cancer    
Carol Belden     care of webmaster
Teri Belke     contact webmaster
Abbie Bender Gist Las Vegas,NV 702-646-4777
AbbaDabbie22 at aol.com
Gary Bergen     care of webmaster
Nyla Bergman Carruth     flyingnyla at aol.com
Jennifer Berkeley Aguilar deceased 3/5/12. murdered by husband    
Anthony Biggs     contact webmaster
Kindra Billerbeck Root   916-966-7452 w Gngrroot at aol.com
Kris Bjerke Upright El Dorado Hills,CA   krisumom at sbcglobal.net
Barb Boettcher Newland     care of webmaster
Bronda Bombola McCarter Edmond,OK   bbombola at yahoo.com
Charles Boneck 50 Henry St
San Francisco,CA 94114
415-626-7278 h
415-865-2421 w
coboneck at sbcglobal.net
Tim James Bond 115 Church St
Ashland,OR 97520
  care of webmaster
Norbert Booth     contact webmaster
Dwight Bradish     dwight at goldcountrybrewers.org
Norma Branson 2602 57th St Ct N.W.
Gig Harbor,WA 98335
  njean144 at hotmail dot com
Ramona Brim Ward Montgomery,AL   rward3 at charter.net
Scott Brownell Racine,WI   jbrownell3 at wi.rr.com
John Bruins     care of webmaster
Mark Brusby     contact webmaster
Larry Burgess     care of webmaster
Jim Burke     contact webmaster
Glenn Butcher     contact webmaster
Marla Byerley Windham     mardiane29 at gmail dot com
Natalie Carey Cvitanov     care of webmaster
Mark Carleson Carlsbad,CA   mcarleson at cox.net
Bruce Carlisle Harrison     care of webmaster
Carolyn Carlson Jensen 3828 Clay St
Sacramento,CA 95838
  Carolynwilliam at aol.com
Jonathan "Jon" Carlson Paradise,CA   carlson_j at msn.com
Rebecca "Becky" Castillo     contact webmaster
Tim Castleman     care of webmaster
Patricia "Trish" Cauley Magruder     alicia_magruder at hotmail.com
Norm Champ     care of webmaster
Cheryl Christie     contact webmaster
Steven Church
(now Steve Belant)
Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Felix Ciotti     care of webmaster
Jonathan Clark     contact webmaster
Gene Clevenger     contact webmaster
Scott Cohn     care of webmaster
Jenifer Connell Rugne deceased 6/22/04 in Sacramento from cancer    
Scott Cook Oceanside,CA   sgpc76 at aol.com
Carol Cooper Clark 6528 Applewhite Road
Wendell,NC 27591
  care of webmaster
Miriam Corbett     care of webmaster
Allison Corbin Cagley 1766 Pebblewood Dr
Sacramento,CA 95833
916-927-0587 h acagley at ns.net
Joe Cortopassi Pleasanton,CA   joe at cortolau.com
Terry Coupe     terry at coupeautomation dot com
Kelley Covey Robinson     kelley522 at yahoo.com
Robin Crawford Robbins West Jordan, UT   princess.robbins at gmail.com
Denise Crouch Rinker 5109 Myrtle Ave
  cuterink_1 at yahoo.com
Nancy Crowder Wilson     contact webmaster
Kim Culver Taylor Greenwood,CA   fernfire at yahoo.com
Ralph Davies Sacramento,CA   redkat31 at hotmail.com
Ramona "Mona" Dayton     r.dayton21 at comcast.net
Karen Dellinger Nissen Sacramento,CA   knissen at winfirst.com
Craig de Polo     contact webmaster
Paul Matthew Dessau 87 Covered Bridge Rd
Carmichael,CA 95608
paul at nccn dot net
Michael DeVere     contact webmaster
Roland Dickison     contact webmaster
Karen Dillinger     contact webmaster
Andrew Dimitriadis     care of webmaster
Michael Dixon     care of webmaster
Doug Dohring     doug at dohring.com
Don Driscoll     contact webmaster
Tracie Dudley Waxman 7440 N Teilman
Fresno,CA 93711
559-284-5012 w wax546 at aol dot com
Maurine Duffy Doyle Winthrop,MA   1amazing at verizon.net
Denise Dugally Los Angeles, CA dzinergrrl at aol dot com
Margaret Dunlap     care of webmaster
Kathy Dykeman     care of webmaster
Karen Edwards 916-768-1432 h kjedwards916 at yahoo dot com
Eric Eissinger Citrus Heights,CA   adirtboss at jps.net
Tamarah Elliott     care of webmaster
Kris Erickson     care of webmaster
Paul Espinosa Cupertino,CA 650-604-3150 w pespinosa at mail.arc.nasa.gov
William Sherman Evans deceased 8/27/12  
Ken Fahn care of webmaster
Jim Faubel Sacramento,CA   jimmyf at calweb.com
Debra "Debi" Figg Riboni Auburn,CA   djscats at prodigy.net
Art Finch Jr     afinch at ssdc.net
Renee Fine Neronde Grass Valley,CA   neronde at hughes.net
Lauren Finlay Petrillo     rpetrillo at sbcglobal dot net
Christina Fleury Porter     capfleury1 at gmail dot com
Wayne Fong Elk Grove,CA 916-654-1799 w Wayne_Fong at dot.ca.gov
Connie Ford     care of webmaster
Jerri Fox     contact webmaster
Michele Francino Hebrank     contact webmaster
Charles Francis     care of webmaster
Melody Francis Thompson Sacramento,CA   melody.f at att.net
Rick French     contact webmaster
David Frost Sacramento,CA 916-739-1139 h frosd at surewest.net
Brenda Fuller Delaney 2720 Aragon Ct
Thompson's Station,TN 37179
615-595-8878 h GrannysCabin at aol.com
Jeff Gardner 2637 Latham Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-483-8305 h
916-921-0500 w
jmgcpa at surewest.net
Lee "Tag" Gebhart deceased 2/1/07 after suffering a stroke    
Gary Gee Orange,CA   gsgee7 at yahoo dot com
Gary Gervin     contact webmaster
Suzanne Gibbons Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Barbara Githens     contact webmaster
Patti Glenn     contact webmaster
Sara Gore     care of webmaster
Jan Granroth deceased 9/78 in scuba diving accident in Greece    
Karla Grant deceased 1/11/06 in Davis,CA    
Linda Grassi Chaney Folsom,CA   care of webmaster
Don Hagy     contact webmaster
Michael Hair Beaverton,OR 503-643-7096 h care of webmaster
Janet Handley Folsom,CA 916-987-1117 h handley7 at aol.com
Linda Hansen Case 2322 St Thomas Way
Medford,OR 97504
  Lcas95864 at aol.com 
Barbara Hardy Aikman     camcitycatering at yahoo.com
Shari Harris Tough Granite Bay,CA 916-791-4782 h Tough2 at aol.com
Timothy J Heinz
(now Timothy H James)
Sacramento,CA 916-803-6318 w thjames1 at sbcglobal dot net
David Hernandez Gresham,OR 503-501-9445 m ducksup48 at yahoo dot com
Donna Hill Keim Sacramento,CA   HarryKeim at email.msn.com
Mary Lou Hill Rossetto Davis,CA   marylou7 at pacbell.net
Jaynie Hjertager     contact webmaster
Thomas Holley     care of webmaster
Brenda Hubbard Kidwell     bren at rsvl.net
Leslie Hudson Fife     leslie at piccadillybooks dot com
Michael Hunt     huntmj at comcast.net
Vickie Hutchinson     contact webmaster
Connie Hyrkas deceased 10/9/82 in Santa Cruz Co (car accident)    
Dean Ide 26312 N Monroe Road
Deer Park,WA 99006
509-376-6567 h
509-499-4924 w
BCIDE at netscape dot com
Lewis Ingram     care of webmaster
Sara Isaacson Dunn Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster
David Jahnsen deceased 1/29/07 from cancer in Sacramento    
Melanie Johnson Chapman     contact webmaster
Melvin Jones     contact webmaster
Kris Kaney 3231 Casitas Bonito
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-425-6412 w kwkaney at gmail dot com
Mike Kanner     contact webmaster
Liz Kanter Sacramento,CA   liz.kanter at gmail dot com
Margaret "Margo" Kearney Carson deceased 8/22/19    
Susan Keck     skeck at earthlink dot net
Lori Kehoe     contact webmaster
Donna Keim     care of webmaster
Raymond Kellar Mount Shasta,CA   rkellar at sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us
Vicki Kellar Mowod     GVMowod at aol.com
Dennis Kellogg Sacramento,CA   kellfam at macnexus.org
Susan Kennedy Schneider     care of webmaster
Jaime Kern     contact webmaster
Becky King Maclay Sacramento,CA 916-978-6249 w beckymac at surewest.net
Becky King Stolberg Rancho Cordova,CA   beckys at cbbd.com
Cheryl King Shea     care of webmaster
Bill Knight     contact webmaster
Karen Koeber Jernigan     contact webmaster
Elizabeth Kohl Hagler     ehagler at comcast dot net
James Kraushar     contact webmaster
Paul Krieg Folsom,CA   pkrieg at earthlink.net
Judy Kriege Oakland,CA   care of webmaster
Keneen Kroll 209-765-9119 w krollnews at yahoo dot com
Lori Lake Banks     care of webmaster
Steve LaMothe El Dorado Hills,CA   care of webmaster
Melinda Larkin Knight     care of webmaster
Becky Lawrence Rodland     becky at aaarv.net
Rene' Layman Husakow     Lillyzcardz at gmail dot com
Robert Leigh 7737 19th Ave N.E.
Seattle,WA 98115
  kleunk at aol.com
Cindy Leonard McKenzie     contact webmaster
Zoe Leslie Nott     znott at mts.net
Veronica "Ronnie" Lew Button deceased 5/12/96 in Marin Co.    
Eleanor Lokke Oster 2306 Parker St
Berkeley,CA 94704
  oster.eleanor at gmail dot com
John Lorman     contact webmaster
William Loughran     care of webmaster
David Luna Petaluma,CA 707-763-6971 h coco8899 at sonic.net
Virginia MacLaughlin Sickle     care of webmaster
Karen MacLean Nichols     care of webmaster
Lon Madsen     care of webmaster
Jon Magovac     care of webmaster
Andrea Mandell Kraus Fair Oaks,CA   aimkraus at hotmail.com
Joseph Mangel     care of webmaster
James Mangino     care of webmaster
Jobi Marchand Sacramento,CA   jobi1225 at sbcglobal.net
Maureen Masters     care of webmaster
Kathy Matranga PO Box 478
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
  paisleyrose at hotmail dot com
Susie Mayes Haskell 8913 S Indiana
Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 73159
405-681-2563 bradley-haskell at ouhsc.edu
Plyn McCarthy     contact webmaster
Robert McClernon 8829 Armaria Ct
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-682-6553 h McClernonrm at aol.com
Brad McCurdy 1011 Northrope Drive N.E.
  care of webmaster
Paul McCurdy Honolulu,HI   three.mccurdys at hawaiiantel.net
Jane McKee 2415 Ala Wai Blvd #606
Honolulu,HI 96815
  mckjane at hotmail dot com
Cheryl McPherson     contact webmaster
Michael Meissner     care of webmaster
Ardean Milbrandt Baggs Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster
Chloe Miller deceased 3/15  
Clay Miller     care of webmaster
Kevin Miller     care of webmaster
Naya Miller Pope Forth Worth,TX care of webmaster
William Miller     care of webmaster
Teri Mills     contact webmaster
John Minor     care of webmaster
Renee Ann Moddison deceased 6/4/12  
Joseph Mondzak     mondzakjd at yahoo.com
Carlos X Montoya     care of webmaster
Laura Mortenson Otto deceased 4/30/14 from cancer    
Robert "Bob" Muirhead     contact webmaster
Philip Muller     care of webmaster
James Mullinax     uxosurf at aol dot com
Bill Murphy PO Box 661863
Sacramento,CA 95866
  care of webmaster
Karen Myers Huffman Madera,CA   care of webmaster
Mike Myers     contact webmaster
Janet Nannini Roseville,CA 916-532-2133 h nini at surewest.net
Linda Nelson Bennett     care of webmaster
Heidi Neubuerger deceased 4/19/87 (breast cancer)    
Troy Nichol     contact webmaster
Danusia "Donna" Niklewicz Larsen Malibu,CA   care of webmaster
Helen Niederberger     care of webmaster
Dee Norris Littler Sacramento,CA   goodtogomom at gmail dot com
Teresa O'Larick Littlejohn     care of webmaster
Kenneth "Ken" O'Neal deceased 10/19
David Ottovich     contact webmaster
Kim Owens Runnels Sacramento,CA   kimrunnels at hotmail.com
Rick Palmer     rlrpalmer at sbcglobal.net
Leslie Gale Parker deceased 4/7/11 from kidney failure    
Vicki Patterson Zoradi 24081 La Chiquita Dr
Mission Viejo,CA 92691
949-458-9243 h
949-830-9945 w
zoradiv at svusd dot org
Janice Patton Reents deceased 5/27/19  
Cindy Pawlowski Stangl     care of webmaster
Dennis Peck     contact webmaster
Dana Peckman     care of webmaster
Monty Pellegrini     care of webmaster
Paula Pertile San Francisco,CA 415-668-7156 w care of webmaster
Maren Peterson Schloeman Sacramento,CA 916-561-0711 h
916-446-3333 w
maren.schloeman at gte dot net
William Peterson     care of webmaster
Lovejoy Phelan Patterson 14042 Old Springfield Rd
Omaha,AR 72662
  lovejoypatterson at aol.com
Connie Plessas     contact webmaster
Whit Poindexter 1764 Bidwell Way
Sacramento,CA 95818
916-443-3099 h whitpoindexter at sbcglobal.net
Scott Polek
now Scott Amadori
    care of webmaster
James K. Prewett DOD 4/6/16 in Star,ID from massive heart attack  
Richard Price     care of webmaster
Steven Price deceased 2/1/19 in auto accident in Reno  
Joe Pryor     care of webmaster
Kathi Pugh 1806 Addison Street
Berkeley,CA 94703
510-644-2806 home
415-268-6370 work
kpugh at mofo.com
Bruce Purcell Woodland Park,CO   bruce at purcell.us
Sherilyn Quirk Laughlin Truckee,CA   sherilyn.laughlin at sbcglobal.net
Grady Raley     care of webmaster
Charlie Reade Sacramento,CA 916-971-0107 h creade at sanjuan.edu
Cathy Reames Bennett Sacramento,CA   cpbennett at aol.com
Steven Rhodes 9596 North Tenth St
Fresno,CA 93720
  steventrhodes at aol.com
Michael Richmond     contact webmaster
David Rittenhouse     care of webmaster
Pamela Rizzo Keely 116 Burwood Way
Folsom,CA 95630
916-984-1947 h pkeely at pacbell.net
Vicki Robertson Suran     Rangervic2000 at aol.com
Jeff Robinson Antioch,CA   jrobinson12 at attbi.com
Denise Robison     care of webmaster
Lauri Rodenz     care of webmaster
Ron Rowan 3920 El Ricon Way
Sacramento,CA 95864-3044
  ron-rowan at comcast.net
Bruce Roy Sacramento,CA   bbkroy at comcast.net
Jean-Pierre Rushing     care of webmaster
Steve Russell 2884 Canvasback Way
West Sacramento,CA 95691
  steveneetie at email.com
Donald Ruthrauff     contact webmaster
Jerry Ryder     care of webmaster
Barbara Salerno     BarbaraSalerno at aol.com
Sue Salyer Adams     goldie2069 at hotmail.com
Heidi Satter     contact webmaster
Beverly Scheeler Smiley     Bevsmiley at comcast.net
Paula Schirle     pschirle at clearwire.net
Caroline Schmidt Quinn   916-373-5854 w caroline.quinn at ci.west-sacramento.ca.us
Sue Schneider Kennedy Sacramento,CA   Qpinky at aol.com
Karen Schoenborn Barsch Sacramento,CA   karensblue at sbcglobal.net
Johnette Scott     care of webmaster
Julie Scott Alford,MA   juliescot at aol.com
Katie Setters Winters PO Box 36
Marsing,ID 83639
  danandkatie at cableone.net
Kelly Shea     care of webmaster
Cecilia Shearer Oxley deceased 1/3/14 from cancer  
Luan Shelton Hajnos Berryville,VA   hajnos at visuallink.com
Matt Shelton Arden Park,CA 916-485-6436 sheltonmk at aol.com
Robin Shelton Thompson Langley,WA   rdt1058 at whidbey dot net
Steve Sherman Herald,CA   lsherman58 at aol.com
Sherry Silva Gatchell 2501 Gretta St NE
Albuquerque,NM 87112
505-553-9664 sher10858 at yahoo.com
Terry Silva     contact webmaster
William "Bill" Silva     contact webmaster
Carl Simmermacher 1410 Girard Blvd NE #18
Albuquerque,NM 87106
505-268-1768 h simm580808 at gmail.com
Carol Sinander     contact webmaster
Les Skalisky     contact webmaster
Kathy Slack 7720A Shedhorn Dr PMB 66
Bozeman,MT 59718
406-556-1368 h kathyslack at montana.edu
Beth Smaage Sacramento,CA 916-362-2384 beth at ns.net
Albert "Pip" Smeeden deceased 12/8/02 in Anchorage,AK    
Brenda Smith     contact webmaster
Linda Smith     contact webmaster
Ruth Smithers Littau     contact webmaster
Marshall Solem Elverta,CA   msolem at coen.com w
mgsolem at aol.com
Linda Souza     pinecone731 at yahoo.com
George "Spany" Spanfelner deceased 10/15/18 from cancer in Mesa, AZ  
Jade Splawn Kelley     fotoxpert at sbcglobal dot net
Dan Spolarich     contact webmaster
Carla Stallings Lippert 5355 N Briarwood
Fresno,CA 93711
559-447-1101 h none
Paul Stewart     pstewart at internow.com
Becky Stolberg     care of webmaster
Andrew Stone     contact webmaster
Jeff Stone     jstone at johnobronson.com
Brett Stover Manhattan Beach,CA 310-600-2820 w brett at brettstover dot com
Michelle Strain     contact webmaster
Doreen Sugimoto Evans Elk Grove,CA   care of webmaster
Lynn Talbott     care of webmaster
Betty Taylor Tucker 2000 S Mustang Road #1009
Yukon,OK 73099
405-313-1245 missbettyboop916 at gmail dot com
Peggy Teel Hilton     care of webmaster
Kelley Tierney Trujillo     contact webmaster
Tamara "Tami" Tiller Kelly     care of webmaster
Cheryl Trevelyan     care of webmaster
Eve Tulley Tulley-Dobkin SF,CA   evetdobkin at yahoo dot com
Matt Turner     contact webmaster
Annette Twarry Bennett Lee's Summit, MO   janda525 at aol.com
Charles Tyrone
(now Charles Willi)
Seattle,WA   charlesw at workshop4.com
Elsa Urteaga Martin Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Rich Van Drimmelen

deceased 12/28/02

Rick J. Van Drimmelen

deceased 9/14

Paula Vanderford     contact webmaster
Glenn Vandertorren 3125 Hempstead Road
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-488-4760 h
916-549-4758 w
adutchman at surewest dot net
Sharon Vaughan Sanderson     contact webmaster
Steve Vigil deceased 2/19/16
Donna Vroubel     skyrays at jps.net
Tom Walter     contact webmaster
Joe Wanner     care of webmaster
Clifford Wasley     care of webmaster
Steve Wasley     care of webmaster
Carrie Watkins Sweeney Carmichael,CA 916-224-0686 w carrie.sweeney at prurealty.com
Doug Watkins deceased 7/12/96 (illness)    
Vivian Watson Baughman Newcastle,CA   care of webmaster
Elizabeth Ann Watts Batavia,NY   pottsya1 at hotmaili dot com
Dave Watts     contact webmaster
Andrew Weaver     contact webmaster
Lad Wentzel   916-991-9293 h fun4lad2 at yahoo.com
Julie Whitney Kuhn deceased 6/28/06 in Sacramento    
Berry Wicks Beard deceased 12/26/15 in Corvallis,OR  
David Wigren     care of webmaster
Rodney "Rockey" Wilkerson Sacramento,CA   rwilkers2 at netzero.net
Sandra Wilkinson Henry Sacramento,CA   buddie at surewest.net
Tammy Willeford Deporto     tlbalways at hotmail.com
Mark Williams Reno,NV   care of webmaster
Bill Winkler     care of webmaster
Michael Wolf
(aka Michael Drouin)
916-534-0833 w maltesefalcon2621 at att dot net
Kelly Wood     kdwood1313 at gmail dot com
David Wray     contact webmaster
Ben Wright deceased 1/3/76    
William Yusavage     contact webmaster
Lisa Zdybel     contact webmaster
Carol Zick Herbstman 109 Crystal Court
Novato,CA 94949
  cch109 at aol.com

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