Encina High School Class of 1961 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1961+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Graduation list

Reunion contact: John Russell and Carol Mills-Russell

Submit contact information for Class Directory


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Name Address Phone number Email address
Wenchke Aarrestad Barraza     care of webmaster
Bryan Adams PO Box 214044
Sacramento,CA 95821
  ftrradio at earthlink dot net
Carley Adams Saxton     care of webmaster
Diana Afzal Edwards     care of webmaster
Lynda Alberghini     contact webmaster
Martha Alberti May     contact webmaster
Gary Allen DOD 4/12/87 in Sacramento Co.    
James Alley     cb-jca at juno.com
Ardenkaye Allison Stokes     contact webmaster
Nikki Anderson Damiano     contact webmaster
Tess "Rande" Anderson Ricca DOD Jan 2018  
Patrick Ardell 1009 1/2 9th St
  eldreko at sbcglobal dot net
Sharon Arnett     contact webmaster
Donald Ashley     contact webmaster
Ervin "Ron" Atkinson     care of webmaster
Karen Bacon Grist Royse City,TX   gristkar1 at sbcglobal dot net
Frank Baldwin Sacramento,CA 916-488-6687 h care of webmaster
James Ball Benson,AZ   balljc025 at msn.com
Robert Ballard     rballard at pacbell.net
Phillip Baltzley     contact webmaster
Peggy Barnes     peggy165 at aol.com
Howard Barrowman     contact webmaster
Brian Barta     wasinee at webtv.net
Mary Etta Bartz Freeland deceased 4/26/20  
James Baughn     contact webmaster
Janet Baxter     contact webmaster
Barbara Beckley Hebert 14 Valerie Ave
Brunswick,ME 04011
207-442-7544 sammi8693 at aol.com
John Beckman     contact webmaster
David Beggs     contact webmaster
Kathy Bell Bielert     care of webmaster
Guy Bennett     care of webmaster
James Berwith     jberwith at sbcglobal.net
Marcia Betow Miranda     contact webmaster
Norma Birka Behrends     contact webmaster
Jerry Blevins 14814 Ryder Court
Grass Valley,CA 95949
916-792-7260 h laketahoejwb at icloud dot com
Janet Bodenhamer Sanchez     contact webmaster
Dorothy Bookman     contact webmaster
Douglas Edward Booth DOD 11/4/09 in Bremerton,WA
Jerry Borge 5063 W Spoonplant Court
Marana,AZ 85658
520-744-5920 h HD-Rider at q dot com
James Boswell     contact webmaster
Sidney Bowers DOD 11/11/09 in Sacramento  
Cheryl Bowman Young     contact webmaster
Robert William Boyd DOD 9/3/02 in Sacramento  
Robert "Bob" Clarence Braley DOD 12/70 in Nevada    
Herbert Mundel Bramlette DOD 12/17/02 from cancer  
Ramona Jean Bramwell Fogal DOD 3/10/10 in Omaha,NE  
Katherine Branstetter     contact webmaster
Marlene Brazell Wishman   contact webmaster
Kerner Breaux DOD 6/2/10 in Carmichael  
Micheyl Broaddus Bartholomew     contact webmaster
Carol Brock     contact webmaster
Phillip Raymond Broughton DOD 8/9/05 from cancer in Yuma,AZ    
Gary Brumley     contact webmaster
Kenneth Buchanan     contact webmaster
Joanne Bucher Burris     contact webmaster
Gloria Buckner Kersch     contact webmaster
Kathy Bullock     care of webmaster
John Burkett     contact webmaster
Linda Busey Wood     contact webmaster
Robert Bussey 2426 California Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-972-9226 w bob at heritageoak.net
Lorin Byerley North Highlands,CA 916-613-5111 care of webmaster
Betty Calvert Byerley DOD 11/21/79 in San Diego Co.    
Joan Capra Rayback DOD 1/14/94 in Sacramento Co.    
Gary Capshaw     care of webmaster
Richard Casanova deceased 5/14/19 from cancer  
Robert Caughran DOD 8/28/92 in Sacramento Co.    
Gail Caum Miller DOD 11/16/07 in Carmichael
Joe Ceriani 4271 Ivy Lane
Eureka,CA 95503
707-476-9127 h joeceriani at usmessage dot net
Robert "R.D." Chapman     contact webmaster
William "Bud" Chase Eugene,OR   tubabud at hotmail.com
Robert Chatfield Antelope,CA   care of webmaster
John Chohlis     chohlis91 at yahoo dot com
Bruce Clauss√© Sacramento,CA   bclausse at surewest.net 
Patricia Claypool Yeager-Bender 1202 Hudson St
253-970-3112 h pommom at q dot com
Judith Coleman Eidam     contact webmaster
William "Bill" Collins DOD 5/29/99 in Honolulu,HI  
William Colwell DOD 9/4/96 in Sacramento Co.    
Stephanie Combs Wentzel     contact webmaster
Ken Comstock deceased   contact webmaster
Mari Belle Conley Sowles     contact webmaster
Guy Conner     guy_conner at yahoo.com
Aneata Cossairt Stewart     care of webmaster
Diana Costes Johnson     contact webmaster
Lelis "Lee" Couto     care of webmaster
Barbara Cox Ashton DOD 8/11/11 from lupus  
Kathy Cox Green     contact webmaster
Fredrick Cox     contact webmaster
Barbara Crane Clover     contact webmaster
Darline Crump Ivazian     care of webmaster
James Russell Cuilla DOD 7/21/06 in Sacramento  
Mimi Culbertson Gates     contact webmaster
Edith "DeDe" Cundiff Illig     contact webmaster
Alan Cunningham DOD 7/12/13 in Folsom from accident  
Jack Curnow     care of webmaster
John Dandeneau DOD 1/15/85 in Sacramento Co.    
Carol Davis Martin 1332 Zandonella Road
Diamond Springs,CA 95619
530-409-5228 h
916-875-7555 w
martinc1 at saccourt.com
Kenny Davis     contact webmaster
Isabelle Dawdy Duncan     contact webmaster
Dale De Costa     contact webmaster
Jon DeFries     contact webmaster
Richard "Dick" Dell 1839 Discovery Village Lane
Gold River,CA 95670
916-376-7637 h
916-201-6954 w
dmuggles at sbcglobal dot net
Robert Dildine     contact webmaster
Dick Doerr 6480 Montreux Lane
Reno,NV 89511
  doerrd at gmail.com
Lynn Doubblestein     care of webmaster
Steve Downie     contact webmaster
Carolyn Dowrie Demler     care of webmaster
Kenneth "Ken" Dufour 4630 McIntosh Rd
Dover,FL 33527
  kids4410 at juno.com
George Dutra     georged5050 at gmail dot com
Shirley Effenbeck Ledford     contact webmaster
Kathleen Eghoan DOD 6/9/06 in Albuquerque,NM  
Bartlet "Bart" Eisner     contact webmaster
Dianne Elkins Lewis North Highlands,CA   lbustillos at attbi.com
Jack Emerson     contact webmaster
Harold Epps     care of webmaster
Winnifred Erickson Hammock     contact webmaster
Patricia Estep Ours     contact webmaster
Glenn Fait 305 Scott St
Folsom,CA 95630
916-217-1831 h
916-739-7049 w
glennfait at aol dot com
Kathi Felton Jordan     care of webmaster
Michael Ford     care of webmaster
Ruth Forry Irwin     care of webmaster
Sandra Foulk Wright     contact webmaster
Karen Franko Ross     care of webmaster
Scott Fraser     care of webmaster
Eugene Freeland     contact webmaster
Paul Freeman     contact webmaster
Charles French DOD 11/10/73 in accident in Tuolumne County    
Jill Frost Hopping     contact webmaster
Genevieve Hoyle Flett     geflett at pacbell dot net
Ramona Hunt Sprague Summerville,SC   spragueramona at yahoo dot com
Maureen Gallagher     contact webmaster
Charles "Tom" Gardner DOD 4/20/04 in Antioch from cancer
Mary Gawlik Adams 6078 Marysville Blvd
Rio Linda, CA 95673
  radams at softcom.net
Peter Gebauer 121 S 10th St
Monmouth,IL 61462
309-734-5277 h
309-457-2161 w
jpg at maplecity dot com
Barbara Gedeon Eastman     contact webmaster
Benny Joe Gerdes DOD 11/9/12  
Hal Gerrish Bend,OR   hgerrish at yahoo.com
Jerry Giacomo     contact webmaster
Carol Gilbert (see Carol Rodrigues)      
Joan Giordano Delikat     contact webmaster
Leon Glasgow     contact webmaster
Antoinette "Toni" Gomez Shirley     care of webmaster
Kathleen Gray Goldman     contact webmaster
Richard "Rich" Gray Webster,NY   richardgray at mindspring.com
Philo Green     contact webmaster
William Greenly     contact webmaster
Suzanne Griffin Ziegler     contact webmaster
John Griffith Jr DOD 4/22/94 in Sacramento Co.    
Bonnie Guldstrand     contact webmaster
Elwood Royce Gunter     contact webmaster
Robert "Bob" Hacken 25904 SE 164th St
Issaquah,WA 98027
206-679-0950 h r.hacken at comcast.net
Gary Hagen     contact webmaster
Toni Hall Koubourlis     contact webmaster
Gary Hampton     contact webmaster
Alton Hardin     contact webmaster
Bonnie Harvey Miller     millerb at arc.losrios.edu
John Harvey DOD 4/21/09 from cancer  
Lena Hawn     contact webmaster
David Haynes DOD 7/23/13 from cancer  
Judy Hedenus McGowan Acosta,PA   mamox5 at comcast dot net
Joe Hegseth     contact webmaster
Fox Daniel Henderson DOD 9/29/94 in Tulsa,AZ    
Geri Hendrix Knouse Waynesboro,PN   skip_geri at mac dot com
Dianna Henriques DOD 10/12/70 in Sacramento Co.    
Jacqueline "Jackie" Herd Houck 765 SW 28th St
Lincoln City, OR 97367
541-996-3859 h mhouck at harborside.com
Stephen Hill     contact webmaster
Ellen Hilton Huber     contact webmaster
Linda Hoganson Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Jerry Holland     contact webmaster
Mara Holmes Centers PO Box 214034
Sacramento,CA 95821-0034
  mara.centers at yahoo dot com
Karen Holstein Leavitt Costa Mesa,CA   karenleav at gmail dot com
Marilyn Hoppe Richards 9201 E Bidahochi Place
Tucson,AZ 85749
  m3richards at hotmail.com
Ramona Hopson     contact webmaster
Richard Horton     contact webmaster
Margaret "Jean" Howard Runge   925-443-2237 h jrunge at comcast.net
Genevieve Hoyle Flett     contact webmaster
Carol Huckabay Taylor     donandcarol at mediaone.net
Lee Hudin DOD 8/4/03 in Oroville from cancer    
Dorothy Hugg     contact webmaster
Robert Michael "Mike" Inglis 14864 Lake Lane
Nevada City, CA
  r_mike at yahoo.com
Robert "Bob" Irving 5467 Chanteclaire Run
Sarasota,FL 34235
941-993-0457 h care of webmaster
Patricia Irwin Burriss     contact webmaster
Ralph Jacobson 5720 Raybel Ave
Sacramento,CA 95841
  rinsac at aol.com
Helga Jaeneke Jerome Reno,NV   H_Jerome at msn.com
Barbara Jaksich Mikacich     contact webmaster
Betty Jay Beech     contact webmaster
Karen Jerue Schock     care of webmaster
Jerome "Jerry" Jessee     care of webmaster
David Johnson     care of webmaster
Richard "Dick" Johnson Colusa,CA   dickj at airtechsales.com
Wayne Johnson DOD 7/16/96 in Sacramento Co.    
Gary Kaestner     care of webmaster
Gary Kappel     contact webmaster
Lee Karr     lee91043 at hotmail dot com
Marsha Keer Brannigan     contact webmaster
Thom Kimbro     care of webmaster
Susan King Abbott     contact webmaster
Gerald Kirk     contact webmaster
Charlotte Koepsell Wilder     contact webmaster
Christopher Robert Kopf deceased 11/20/19
Beverly Korsen Anderson     contact webmaster
Ronnie Kruseman DOD 3/3/84 in Imperial County    
Ellen Lamb Rebitzke     contact webmaster
John Kirsten Landgraf DOD 4/4/17 from cancer  
Karen Larkin 520-625-3422 w karenlarkin7866 at hotmail.com
Karen Leavitt Lee Sacramento,CA   kalrel43 at yahoo dot com
David Ledesma     contact webmaster
RaeJean Lee Smith     care of webmaster
Nadine Lewis Ferguson     gnthja at gmail dot com
David Lindquist     contact webmaster
Barbara Lindsey Palmer     contact webmaster
Lanny Linville     contact webmaster
Loretta Littau Dierker     contact webmaster
Lorry Long Stover 1015 Laurel Ave
Venice,FL 34292
941-485-0094 h gstover1 at webtv.net
Melvin Loucks Longbeach,CA   onemloucks at msn.com
Wayne K. Lueth DOD 10/12/16 in Sacramento  
Ethel Luster Dodson     etheldodson at yahoo dot com
Michelle "Lois" Lyon Moses deceased 1/10/19 in Sacramento  
Jay MacIntyre 2099 Shipton Dr
Roseville,CA 95747
916-740-2326 h jrmacin at surewest dot net
Linda Mackey Dern Buckeye,AZ   care of webmaster
Bonnie Marron Cummings     contact webmaster
Duane Martin     care of webmaster
Marylyn Massie Simonetti     contact webmaster
Tom Mathews 6970 Carreta Lane
Rancho Murieta,CA 95683
916-354-1237 h janandtommathews at aol.com
Majorie McClaren Sommers     care of webmaster
Janet McDonald Ladner 140 W Pioneer Ave #71
Redlands,CA 92374
  jladner at earthlink.net
Peggy McDonald     contact webmaster
Robert "Bob" McDonald
(now Robert E Chase)
550 Veronica Pl
Escondido,CA 92027
760-443-4931 chaser5 at cox dot net
Sheila McFall Long     contact webmaster
Linda McIntosh Childress     contact webmaster
Marty McNally     care of webmaster
Nancy Medcalf Pylman     contact webmaster
Tara Memering DOD 1/2/98 in Sacramento    
Jill Merritt Fleissner     contact webmaster
James Meyer DOD 11/26/93 in Sacramento County from cancer    
Carol Mills Russell 14226 Avenue 21
Chowchilla,CA 93610
916-612-1371 m csjrussell at hotmail dot com
Lindell David Morgan DOD 8/7/10 in Stockton  
George "Kent" Morris     contact webmaster
Carolyn Morse Lewis     gramloo2 at att dot net
Phillip Morse DOD 10/12/07 from cancer    
Sandra Mulkey     contact webmaster
Gilbert "Giles" Nadey DOD 9/18/05 in Virginia    
Deanna Nelson Elsner     contact webmaster
Elaine Newton Ross     rossi at islandnet.com
Lawrence Nugent     contact webmaster
Laraine Nutt Salmon Alameda,CA   care of webmaster
Nevin Nyswonger 15979 Wellington Way
Truckee,CA 96161
530-550-9838 nevin9832 at att dot net
Kathy Orr Silvers     contact webmaster
Harold Ostin DOD 10/3/02 from diabetes    
Michael Owens 6021 Kantor St
San Diego,CA 92122
858-997-6940 mike at owens.com
Olin Pace Lincoln,CA   ohpace65 at yahoo dot com
Kermit Pahl 5703 Summit Dr
Rocklin,CA 95765
916-624-5065 h
916-624-5935 w
care of webmaster
Charles Pahlman     contact webmaster
Patricia Palmateer Ransdell     contact webmaster
Peter Eugene Palmer DOD 5/21/10 in Pearcy,AR  
Patricia "Patsy" Parker Mackie 8456 Banyon Tree Court
Elk Grove,CA 95624-3900
916-682-2237 h patsymackie at yahoo dot com
Suzanne Paul Hieb     care of webmaster
Don Pauley     care of webmaster
Sandy Pauli Jarvis     contact webmaster
Judi Payton Roseville,CA 916-798-2911 w jc_payton at yahoo dot com
Howard Pearson DOD 8/6/81 in Sacramento Co.    
Jeri Peek Walter 5009 Reggie Rd
Reno,NV 89502
775-827-5389 h
775-850-1440 w
care of webmaster
Serena Perkins Biggs     care of webmaster
Karen Personius Puthuff Sacramento,CA   jkputhuff at earthlink.net
Karen Gaia Pitts Folsom,CA 916-599-4329 karen.gaia.pitts at gmail dot com
Terry Plamondon     terryartp at mac.com
Lance Pohl     contact webmaster
John Popoff     contact webmaster
Lee Pratt 18307 Hidden Valley Rd
Hidden Valley Lake, CA 95467
707-987-3030 usuallysometimes at aol.com
Judith Presley     contact webmaster
Harold Priddy     care of webmaster
Mary Quandee Russ DOD 1/26/96 in Sacramento Co.    
Carolyn Reese Stinson     contact webmaster
Judy Remmick Lokteff     care of webmaster
Barbara Rentfrow McCullough     contact webmaster
Judi Richards Graves     njgraves at etex.net
Sylvia Richardson Olson     contact webmaster
Stephen Riley     contact webmaster
Dennis Robbins     contact webmaster
Edna Rockenbaugh Brolin DOD 3/9/13 in Orangevale,CA  
Raymond Rockenbaugh     contact webmaster
Carol Rodrigues Davidson (aka Carol Gilbert) DOD 1/15/12 from cancer complications
Gerald Rogers     contact webmaster
Michael Rogers     care of webmaster
Victoria Rojas Irizarry     contact webmaster
Duncan Rose     care of webmaster
Charles Rosen     care of webmaster
Roy Rounds Jr     care of webmaster
Linda Rowe Greenly     LindaGreenly at comcast dot net
Janis Rubino Hoffart     jhoffart1 at gmail dot com
Michael Rude Sacramento,CA   mrude at surewest.net
John Russell 14226 Avenue 21
Chowchilla,CA 93610
916-612-1371 m csjrussell at hotmail dot com
Roy Russell     contact webmaster
Terry Saben     contact webmaster
David T Samson     contact webmaster
Karen Sanford Harrod     contact webmaster
Bobby Ray Sawyer     contact webmaster
Paul Sax     contact webmaster
Robert Scalley Fort Collins,CO   care of webmaster
Edith Schellbach Mobley     contact webmaster
Jay Schmitt     contact webmaster
Kenneth Schnaidt DOD 5/19/01 in Glendora,CA from heart disease    
Priscilla Schoon     contact webmaster
Karen Schwartz Standing     contact webmaster
Joan Seitz Barrett 1607 El Nido Way
Sacramento,CA 95864
  joanbarrett at yahoo.com
Patricia Sharratt     contact webmaster
Faith Sherwood Darling Oakland,CA   faith.darling8 at gmail dot com
Charles Shook     contact webmaster
Patricia June Shrout Kehler DOD 8/27/10 in San Diego  
Sheldon Shuper     contact webmaster
Michael Simmons     contact webmaster
Henry Sims 17331 Northchapel St
Spring,TX 77379
281-257-2452 h
713-882-9564 w
shoes55 at hotmail.com
Thomas Sims     contact webmaster
Wayne Singer     care of webmaster
John Skeete     care of webmaster
Lynn Skinner Moore Guidera DOD 8/13/95    
Sue Smiley McDugle     contact webmaster
Dorothee Smith Duhart     contact webmaster
Henry Smith     care of webmaster
Lynda Smith Nehr DOD 10/19/16 in Afton,WY  
Bill Soderlund     care of webmaster
Diane Stabler Tilley     contact webmaster
Lawrence Standing     contact webmaster
Marguerite Staples French     mercimarguerite at sbcglobal.net
Kathryn Steen Gazaway     contact webmaster
Richard Stilwell     contact webmaster
Cheryl Strain Tuning     contact webmaster
Robert Strodel     strodel at juno.com
Jackie Stroud Carson City,NV 775-267-9522 jtbear33 at gmail dot com
Susan Sultan Neal     contact webmaster
Pamela Tack Taxara     ptaxara at gmail dot com
Calvin Talmadge DOD 11/9/09 in Clayton,CA  
Anita "Louisa" Taylor Striver 604 North St
Oil City,PA 16301
814-677-7740 h lstriver at yahoo.com
Anne Taylor Chambers 2836 N Arapahoe Lane
Provo,UT 84604
801-374-5512 h annechen56 at gmail.com
Carol Taylor Lambdin 1925 Flowers St
Sacramento,CA 95825
  clambdin18 at yahoo dot com
Francine Taylor Rowell     franrowell at aol.com
Toni Teall Clough     contact webmaster
Diane Tellman Jasper DOD 6/10/04 in Placer Co.  
Susan Tenney Walker     contact webmaster
Sharon Thomas Green     contact webmaster
Walter Edward "Ed" Tis DOD 11/28/99 from cancer    
Michael Twitty     michaeltwitty at gmail dot com
Leland Umberger     contact webmaster
Thomas Upholt     contact webmaster
Gail Vanderboom Miller     contact webmaster
Candy Vorhees Campbell     contact webmaster
Sharon Vranesh Earles Kerrville,TX   care of webmaster
Robert "Gary" Wagnon DOD 3/5/15 in El Dorado,CA  
Jeff Walter 130 South Virginia St
Reno,NV 89501
775-322-6811 jeff-walter at sbcglobal.net
Paul Warner     care of webmaster
Neil Watson DOD 10/12/08 from cancer    
Steve Webb     care of webmaster
Heidi Weber
9375 Robin Lane
Newcastle,CA 95658
916-663-4519 h hchild92 at gmail dot com
Sharon Weggers Arnett     contact webmaster
Gerald Weigt 14 East Main St
Winters,CA 95694
530-795-0224 h weigts at sbcglobal.net
Steven Welch     contact webmaster
Bill Wells Sacramento,CA 916-489-0990 h commodorewells at msn.com
William Francis Wentzell DOD 2/26/03 in Woodland  
John West     contact webmaster
Larry Wheeler     care of webmaster
Sharon Williams Fanslow DOD 5/31/07 in Sacramento from cancer    
Dennis Wilson     contact webmaster
Judy Wilson Shugrue     contact webmaster
Terry Wilson     contact webmaster
David J. Wineland     contact webmaster
Jacqueline "Jackie" Wolff McGovern     care of webmaster
George Woodward     contact webmaster
Allene Woolley Torgesen     contact webmaster
John C. Worsley DOD 5/11/13 in Sacramento from cancer & congestive heart failure  
Carol Wright Condie     contact webmaster
Susan Yendes Doll     contact webmaster
Jeff Young     jrshamus at adelphia.net
Kathi Zahn Gray Las Vegas,NV   care of webmaster
Karen Zastrow Hauf 6720 Greenhaven Dr
Sacramento,CA 95831
916-427-2457 h khauf at tlcssac.org
Gerry Zemlicka 6510 Gaviota Ave
Van Nuys,CA 91406
818-321-6526 h gerryzem at hotmail.com

Last updated: 08/12/2020

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