Encina High School Class of 1978 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1978+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Mark Oldfield

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WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Pamela Albert Perry     care of webmaster
Gregory Albright 669 US Route 5
North Hartland,VT 05052
802-221-1112 h cherrypieinthesky at gmail dot com
Karie Amorena Sutton 3501 Bradshaw Road #83
Sacramento,CA 95827
916-362-2925 h amorenasutton at yahoo dot com
John G. Anderson Rocklin,CA   johnganderson6543 at yahoo dot com
Kelly Anderson 138 W Fremont St
Mason City,NE 68822
308-732-3218 h Shadow229 at hotmail.com
Steve Anderson   415-291-8886 w stevebvmv at gmail dot com
Mike Aufranc     maufranc at bmiimaging.com
Jim Bain     care of webmaster
Julie Bain Christensen     care of webmaster
Gregor Baltzell     care of webmaster
Dana Baker Hall Elk Grove,CA care of webmaster
Lisa Barnard Harris     care of webmaster
Pamela Basnett Manseau North Highlands,CA   pmanseau at sbcglobal.net
Bill Baumgart   615-791-4780 h bill at kidmo.com
Audrey Beck Langstroth Rancho Murieta,CA   audreylangstroth at mac.com
Kevin Beecher deceased 1/8/94 in Riverside County    
David Bess   davidbess at frontiernet dot net
Toby Biggs Sacramento,CA   contact webmaster
Susan Blanton Welch Cameron Park,CA   care of webmaster
Heidi Bogart Abalos deceased 2/14/01 in Sacramento Co.    
Tuesday Boling Baker     care of webmaster
Sharon Bordisso Patten     kpat5 at aol.com
Deanna Bradish Takahashi Sacramento,CA   deanna.takahashi at yahoo.com
William Bridgham     care of webmaster
Eric B Brown Sacramento,CA   jnebrown at surewest.net
Gail Bruno Bennett     care of webmaster
Tamara Bryant Swope Jefferson City, MO   tamara.swope.jmdp at statefarm.com
Jaime Burpo Sterling     sterlinglmr at dishmail.net
Ken Burrows Granite Bay, CA   kenesys at yahoo.com
Tammy Burton Sargeant 23776 Monte Carlo Place NW
Poulsbo,WA 98370
360-779-7459 h mmtsj at aol.com
Cecilie Busath King 8823 Starfall Way
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-685-8020 h care of webmaster
Liz Cantu Moreno     care of webmaster
Frank Caron 7734 Milldale Cir
Elverta,CA 95626
916-992-1372 h carons at cwnet.com
David Carter 17550 E Rambling Rd
Palmer,AK 99645
907-746-0864 h
907-841-8555 w
dcbluetahoe8 at gmail dot com
Leigh Ann Castleman Herr Orlando,FL   lherr at cfl.rr.com
Paula Chan     care of webmaster
Mark Churches     care of webmaster
Chris Clark     care of webmaster
Janice Clark deceased  
Thomas Clark     medicmann6969 at hotmail.com
Michael Clemans     care of webmaster
Gary Colard     care of webmaster
Randy Cole   916-995-3534 randydcole at msn dot com
Linda Collamore Milor Atlanta,GA   lmilor at yahoo dot com
Thomas Cook PO Box 785
Mountain Home,TN 37684
423-620-2251 veteransailor92 at
yahoo dot com
Gerry Coppock     harleyfrenzied at aol.com
Deborah "Debbie" Crouch Reese Folsom,CA 916-356-8606 w deborah.k.reese at intel.com
Rob Culver     care of webmaster
William Dana     care of webmaster
Kerry Davis     care of webmaster
Christine Davison Brown Novato,CA   cbrown.marin at gmail dot com
Denise Davison Murray Orangevale,CA   d_murray4 at hotmail dot com
Marvele Dawson Spader     care of webmaster
Kelley Delany Crawford Charlotte,NC   care of webmaster
Kimberley Dellinger Sacramento,CA   knissen at pacbell.net
Barbara Derum Samples Brookings,OR   bsamples2742 at charter dot net
Rene' Dichristina     care of webmaster
Michael Dietrich Sacramento,CA   mldietrich at surewest dot net
Cindy Dimitras Feist     care of webmaster
Diane Dougarian Graf     care of webmaster
Charles Duane     contact webmaster
Patrice "Patti" Duffy 1303 S 2nd Ave
Safford,AZ 85546
928-428-5301 h
928-428-8306 w
pduffy1 at hotmail.com
Tom Dugally 4350 Edison Ave
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-481-1511 h
916-482-0244 w
tomdugally at aol.com
Bill Dunn Sacramento,CA   widunn at winfirst dot com
David Dusza deceased from leukemia on 8/5/99 in Sacramento county    
Scott Eby     care of webmaster
Cynthia Edington Kinnison El Dorado Hills,CA 916-548-3909 w kinnisc123 at gmail dot com
Richard Elespuru     contact webmaster
William Ellis     care of webmaster
Don Emory Sacramento,CA 916-798-9214 w bigdogdon1959 at yahoo dot com
Shivaun Essert Albright 3906 Rawhide Rd
Rocklin,CA 95677
  shivaun_albright at hp.com
Steven Esteves     steven_esteves at yahoo.com
Bryan Evans 12125 Moorpark Street
Studio City,CA 91604
818-505-0522 h bryan at buginbox.com
Lisa Evans     contact webmaster
Bruce Ferreira deceased 8/25/99    
Jeff Fillmore     jeff.fillmore at cybersoft.net
Chris Fiscus Citrus Heights,CA   cpkntbfiscarelli at netzero.net
Tina Fisher Roe     care of webmaster
Margaret Fitch deceased 8/15/77 in Sacramento Co.    
Michelle Ford Busath Orangevale,CA   michellebusath at hotmail.com
La Vonne Foster Facino Sacramento,CA   lavonnefoster_78 at juno.com
Marie Fournier Willis Rocklin,CA   tequillasunrise730 at yahoo.com
Greg Fox     greg.racerx at gmail dot com
Yvette Francino Podlogar Superior,CO 303-494-8080 yfpodlo at bigfoot.com
Darcy Frields     diedre35 at aol.com
Max Fuentes     maxf at surewest.net
Marvin Gee Anaheim,CA   amtec77 at hotmail.com
Robert Gemmell     bob_cougar_gemmellcamp at yahoo.com
Donna Gil Rea APO AE 09338   drea4220 at yahoo dot com
Lynne Gile Tracy     LTracy at sanjuan.edu
Dee Dee Giles Turner     contact webmaster
Douglas Gillott     desertdrdoug at aol.com
David Gobbi Route 1 Box 76B
Juliaetta,ID 83535
208-276-4981 h gobbi at idaho.tds.net
Susan Gould deceased 8/17/91 in Sacramento County from cancer    
Lisa Green Dennis     care of webmaster
Teresa Gunn Davis Sacramento,CA   USADavis at aol.com
Tim Haeling     thaeling at aol.com
Hanna Haevischer Johnson     care of webmaster
Lyn Haley     bo_diddley_squatt at yahoo.com
Vince Hall deceased 2/13/02 in Sacramento    
Stephen Hanks Lyndhurst,OH   shanks9988 at aol.com
Tracey Harper 804 Dunbarton Circle
Sacramento,CA 95825
tracey.harper at gmail.com
Bill Harris PO Box 72
Diamond Springs,CA 95619
530-621-1942 h harris61 at earthlink.net
Sandra Heath Burruss     care of webmaster
Steve Heberle Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Richard Hefner Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Steve Helton Reno,NV   steve at heltons dot com
Lorisu Henriques Andosca Citrus Heights,CA   candles4day_or_dark at yahoo.com
Seabird Windfield "Junior" Hilton deceased 6/1/90 in El Dorado County    
Michelle Hood Davis Austin,TX   mishablu at yahoo.com
Margaret Howell Kaufman     contact webmaster
Mike Hughes   contact webmaster
Jim Humberd Napa,CA 707-226-9388 h
707-337-9852 w
jimhumerd at aol.com
Robert "Sam" Humphreys deceased 11/25/74    
Glenn Hutchison Sacramento,CA 916-719-3878 h care of webmaster
Jack Ingram   916-308-6331 h ING1759 at comcast.net
Steve Jahnsen     care of webmaster
Norris William "J.R." Jenkins deceased 9/23/10  
Carole Johnson Gray     contact webmaster
Tammy Johnson Baker Folsom,CA   tgbaker at yahoo.com
Wayne Johnson Carmichael,CA wdoug95608 at aol dot com
Russell Johnston DOD 5/30/13  
Renee Jolls Netherton     care of webmaster
Kelly Jordan     care of webmaster
Scott Joyce     contact webmaster
Ann Kasline Sacramento,CA 916-921-9060 x46340 awesmom at aol.com
Dan Keith     contact webmaster
Frank Kellar     contact webmaster
Kathleen Kennedy     care of webmaster
Sherri Kerth 1025 47th St
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-454-3121 h slkerth at hotmail.com
Colleen King Muller 11719 Deerfield Road
Hill City,SD 55745
  care of webmaster
Jocelyn King Passanando     contact webmaster
Rick Kirst Windemere,FL   dkirst at cfl.rr.com
Timothy Klagge Granite Bay,CA   tklagge at surewest.net
Paul Knepprath 2733 Curtis Way
Sacramento,CA 95818
916-457-2892 h
916-442-4446 w
pknepprath at yahoo dot com
Marty Knight deceased 10/25/94 in San Diego Co.    
Suzie Kochevar Nitchman     eizus at comcast.net
Ken Kreutzer Porterville,CA   KreutzerE at aol.com
Kevin Kreutzer deceased    
Mary Langley Evans     care of webmaster
Kelton Larsen deceased 4/18/13 in Idaho    
Brad Lehmkuhl deceased 8/22/03    
Monika Lew Masuda Draper,UT   care of webmaster
Lisa Losh     care of webmaster
Jody Lukehart 124 Sundance Dr
Vacaville,CA 95688
707-451-8436 h
916-716-9575 w
lukehartjdst at aol dot com
Maria Luna Sacramenoto,CA   jimriael at yahoo dot com
Donna Macaluso     care of webmaster
Pam Manseau     care of webmaster
Kerana Marguerite Todorov     care of webmaster
Carol Markell Keller Sacramento,CA   clmk2010 at gmail dot com
Valerie Marquette deceased 4/25/07 in Whitinsville,MA after illness    
Diane Martin Pino Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Heather Martin Seattle,WA   hjuanita at uw dot edu
Rhonda Martin Moffett     rhondamoffett at sbcglobal dot net
Heide Mathews Boullt     mathewstheboltz at aol.com
Dan Mayes 3305 Hydra Drive
Colorado Springs,CO 80906
719-633-9539 h
719-776-5816 w
danielmayes at centura.org
Julia McClernon Brusby 107 Woodsmoke Way
Folsom,CA 95630
916-984-0202 h brusby at mge1.com
Perry Todd McCullough     tnt715 at surewest dot net
Robert McHenry Bend,OR   contact webmaster
Andy McNeil Davis,CA   acm at greatbluesea dot com
William "Bill" McPhail     bill_mcphail at yahoo.com
Patrick Meleski     care of webmaster
Mike Merkel     care of webmaster
Matt Michael     contact webmaster
Lynn Milano Sieving     care of webmaster
W. Scott Milbrandt deceased 3/27/08
Donna Miller Sirmons 8205 Gustine Way
Sacramento,CA 95828
916-682-5608 h care of webmaster
Greg Miller     contact webmaster
Lissa Miller Souther 9028 Mojave Dr
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-879-0191 w lsouther at newbelgium dot com
Lori Mills Mitchell deceased 3/19  
Martha "Marti" Mims Reno,NV   Mimsy1 at charter dot net
Mary Mims Arledge     jmarledge at yahoo.com
Joanne Mitchell Greenstone Oceanside,CA   greenstone5 at cox dot net
Jane Moergen     care of webmaster
Melinda Monteith Barton     care of webmaster
Jeff Montgomery     contact webmaster
Jeff Moore     jeffandsaundra at q dot com
Larry Moore     contact webmaster
Robert Morgott     care of webmaster
Dara Morrill Favero     care of webmaster
Matt Morsey Newport Beach,CA   m.morsey at cox.net
Chris Moser Taylor Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Charlie Moulton     contact webmaster
Mary Anne Moulton Premock DOD 8/16/16 from cancer  
Bob Moyer     mbaldbobone at aol.com
William Muir     care of webmaster
Theresa Munich     yourmusicgoddess at yahoo.com
Ian Murdock Glen Ridge,NJ   imurdock at hearst.com
Tina Murschel Marshall     tinamarshall at mac dot com
Don Nelson El Dorado Hills,CA   don.e.nelson at intel.com
Ernst Nelson, aka
Ernst Posehn
Sacramento,CA 916-481-7208 h the_right_end at hotmail.com
Jill Neubauer Hullen deceased 7/19/08 in wave runner accident at Discovery Bay    
Sheryl Nevins     care of webmaster
Bob Niger     contact webmaster
Hugh Nigh     contact webmaster
Val Norris     care of webmaster
Mark Oldfield Carmichael,CA   mark2spare at yahoo.com
David Olivares     davidolivares at nycap.rr.com
William Patrick O'Neill deceased 3/22/13 from cancer  
Kelly Owens     contact webmaster
Wendy Padilla Shea North Port,FL   lancelot1960 at earthlink dot net
Tim Palmer     johntpalmer at sierracollege dot edu
Steve Parino     orions at surewest.net
Valori Patterson Parks Granite Bay,CA   parksie at rcsis.com
Stephen Pearcy 2732 Marty Way
Sacramento,CA 95818
916-444-3090 h stephen.pearcy at sbcglobal dot net
Jenny Petersen Joyce     care of webmaster
Craig Peterson 10544 W Cortez Circle #24
Franklin,WI 53121
  care of webmaster
Mike Peterson Carmichael,CA   mbp1 at surewest.net
Cheryl Petrotta West   Cpetrotta at icloud dot com
Steve Picanco Oakdale,CA   stevepicanco at yahoo dot com
Peter Plessas Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Larry Premock Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Renee Price     contact webmaster
Brad Pugh     contact webmaster
John Rappold   916-483-9109 h john at johnrappold.com
Mark Raya     mraya at dhs.ca.gov
Randey Rea     care of webmaster
Derek Reade     dlddsr at atlanticbb.net
Ray Renardson     Rayraider at excite dot com
Michael Rennie Franklin,TN 615-599-8844 h bcbound1 at bellsouth.net
Heidi Renz Willingham New Braunfels,TX   care of webmaster
Traci Reynolds Friedberg     care of webmaster
Gregg Robles 2418 Via Espada
Pleasanton,CA 94566
  grobles at visa.com
Michael Rogers 999 East 16th St
Chico,CA 95928
530-332-9322 h
530-591-2233 w
mars411 at pacbell.net
Rick Rutledge deceased 5/9/12    
Craig Salasky     care of webmaster
Randy Sandoval Orangevale,CA 916-726-5969 h randyharps at comcast.net
Katica Sapunar Kroll 1721 Blevins Ct
Turlock,CA 95380
209-632-9775 h kkroll2 at modbee.com
John Sarguis     contact webmaster
Pam Seanor UK   p.seanor at hud.ac.uk
Theresa Scneder Selover     contact webmaster
Billy Scott, Jr Bastrop,TX   contact webmaster
Glenda Setters Ross     contact webmaster
Anne Seymour Wolff Redding,CA   fishingcat at sbcglobal.net
Marcy Shaw Belmont     contact webmaster
James Shearer 895 Quince Ave #17
Santa Clara, CA 95051
408-260-1466 h jtshearer at gmail dot com
William Shields     care of webmaster
Perry Shultz deceased    
Keri Silva Russell     ikerion3 at aol.com
Doug Smethurst deceased 8/29/96 in Roseville    
Bev Smith     care of webmaster
Kristi Sommer Lash Fairfield,CA 707-421-1504 w amazonwarrior7 at aol.com
Edward Soong Torrance,CA 310-218-9338 h care of webmaster
Lori Soper Santa Clarita,CA   snappingturtle22 at mybluelight.com
Michele Spieth Blakemore 4508 Grayhawk Dr
Winter Haven, FL 33884
863-875-3324 h care of webmaster
Keven Stewart     care of webmaster
Tom Stewart   916-806-8512 w tommystewart6 at gmail dot com
Susan Stoffel Passmore deceased 8/00    
Lisa Stream Carruthers     care of webmaster
Kathleen Sullivan Hibben Roseville,CA   golittle1 at rcsis.com
Kim Sullivan     care of webmaster
Jim "Buster" Summers Houston,TX   jsummers at astros.com
Brenda Taylor Erts     care of webmaster
Byron Taylor Sacramento,CA   byron at softcom.net
Katherine Taylor Wooten     care of webmaster
William D. Taylor     contact webmaster
Diana Terry Sanger Sacramento,CA   diana.sanger at gmail dot com
Kim Tierney 1361 48th St
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-997-7271 h kbtierney at gmail dot com
John Tjoelker     contact webmaster
Susan Trentacosta Stultz 3011 Harlan Dr
Redding,CA 96003
  stultzsusan at yahoo dot com
Debra Tyler Bloyd     care of webmaster
Goldie Urteaga Parino Galt,CA   californiagold10 at hotmail.com
Marco Usilton
(aka Marco Micheletti)
deceased 6/10/05 in Santa Monica,CA  
Aaron Valencia 2275 Dragonfly St
Chula Vista,CA 91915
619-247-8422 h
619-282-7060 w
saxman3 at cox dot net
Linda Valencia Riggle Sacramento,CA   countrylinda at sbcglobal dot net
Cindy Vantress     care of webmaster
Elizabeth "Liz" Vigil O'Brien 6168 Shadowbrook Dr
Granite Bay,CA 95746
  obrien at surewest.net
Laurey Waldo     contact webmaster
Justin Walker     justawalker55 at yahoo dot com
Denise Warren Dobie     care of webmaster
Sue Watkins     contact webmaster
Craig Watson Safford,AZ   craigwatson60 at me dot com
Ronald Watts     care of webmaster
Lisa Weckman Herrington     care of webmaster
Cheryl West     west787 at realestaterazor.com
Robyn Whiting Forsman     contact webmaster
Sue Whitney Sander Sacramento,CA   bikemessengerco at msn.com
Deborah Wichodil     care of webmaster
Denise Wilber DeTrano Sacramento,CA 916-324-2726 w ddetrano at hotmail.com
Christine Wilkerson Stein Roseville,CA   chrisifix at surewest.net
Randy Wilkerson     contact webmaster
Sally Wilkinson Roseville,CA   mustangsally at rock.com
Barry Thomas Wisdom DOD 9/3/16    
Patty Wohl Sacramento,CA 916-973-1869 h patty at pkwohl.com
Leslie Woodard McAfee     jeffnles at surewest dot net
Bevan Woodbury 875 University Ave
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-929-4450 w BJWTAX at aol.com
Ken Worthen Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Andy Yang deceased 2/22/83 in Sacramento Co.    
Rinna Yelp     care of webmaster
Steve Zdybel     contact webmaster

Last updated: 08/09/2020

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