Encina High School Class of 1967 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1967+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Linda Goff

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Mary Adam Cason     mcason49 at yahoo.com
Karen Adams Macera     contact webmaster
Dana Alexander     care of webmaster
Marilyn Allen Thomas     v-mathom at microsoft dot com
Larry Allum Sacramento,CA 916-838-5723 h care of webmaster
Phil Amrhein     contact webmaster
Tom Amrhein     care of webmaster
Candy Anasoff     contact webmaster
Donald Andersen     contact webmaster
Vicki Andrew Hoover     contact webmaster
Jim Andrews Fallbrook,CA 909-506-9827 w andrews3 at cts.com
Susan Armitage Hanzo deceased 9/22/96 in Davis in Yolo County    
Christine "Chris" Armstrong Dangle 74 Madrone Ave
San Anselmo, CA 94960
  carmstrongdangles at gmail.com
Charlotte Arroyo Di Pace Commerce City,CO 303-469-7614 h
720-320-8271 w
charlotte.1950 at yahoo dot com
Susan Axtell Moore     care of webmaster
Michael Azevedo     contact webmaster
David Babayco     d_babayco at comcast dot net
Kenneth Ray Baggett deceased 3/4/03 after long illness    
Jerry Bannon deceased 5/6/06 of cancer in Spokane,WA    
Julie Barbeau Quintana Carmichael,CA   JulieBQSac at aol.com
Steve Barrett deceased 12/19/05 of cancer in Roseville    
Richard Bascherini deceased 6/20/92 in Fair Oaks    
James "Jim" Basnett     contact webmaster
Marie Baughmen     contact webmaster
Jerry Baxter San Jose,CA   care of webmaster
Joe Bays     care of webmaster
George "Rusty" Beaty Sitka,AK 907-747-5443 h rustyben at alaska.com
John Beckel     contact webmaster
Charlene Beddard Thorburn Los Angeles,CA 818-841-1313 w thorburnchiro at sbcglobal.net
Wayne Galen Beecher deceased 12/25/07    
Linda Bell     contact webmaster
John Bengston (aka John Beckel) deceased 9/11/01 in Carmichael    
Sandra Bennett     contact webmaster
Bob Benson     contact webmaster
Louis Bergh Jr deceased 10/6/99 in Sacramento    
James George Bickford deceased 3/10/18 in Jackson,CA    
Patricia Biesheuvel     care of webmaster
Doreen Blumenfeld     care of webmaster
Michael Louis Boli deceased 4/12/20 from cancer
Carla Bonderson 8637 Pheasant Club Court
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-988-4917 h carlabonderson at comcast dot net
Linda Bonora McGee     McGeeL at CTT.com
Dave Bonti     daveb at thewesterngroup.com
Steve Born     contact webmaster
Bill Boswell 15 Overbrook Dr
Apalachin,NY 13732
607-625-3753 h billboswell at hotmail.com
Wayne Bowers     wbowers7 at gmail dot com
Dennis Braley deceased 8/10/80 in Plumas County    
Edward Brennan     contact webmaster
Bob Brinks     contact webmaster
Donald Brown     contact webmaster
Ken Bruton deceased 12/26/07 in Idaho    
Chuck Buchanan DOD 9/1/15 in Pomona  
Sandra Buenafe Young 1121 21st St Apt B
916-225-2030 syoung49 at gmail dot com
Sandra Buhlman Linton 8513 El Modena Ave
Elverta, CA 95626
916-432-1100 SLinton at sanjuan.edu
Charles Burt     contact webmaster
Gary Burton 2865 W Paula Red Court
Kuna,ID 83634
garyburton48 at gmail dot com
Beverly Butswink Wilcoxen 42 Nottingham Dr
Jackson,TN 38305
  snupeedupee at netscape.com
Michael Callaghan deceased (4/5/96)    
John Cantrell Fair Oaks,CA   johnc at
John Capen Sacramento,CA   jftent at yahoo dot com
Phillip Caraway deceased 6/1/90 in Sacramento    
Leslie Carlson Ruiz     contact webmaster
Coleen Carney Fernandez Carmichael,CA   Coleen_Fernandez at Yahoo.com
Lorna Case Burks deceased 10/28/05 from cancer    
Susan Cayler Scott Sacramento,CA   menlosue at gmail.com
Mike Churchill     churchillm at comcast.net
Barbara Clark deceased 10/29/67 in Sutter Co.    
Ken Clark     contact webmaster
Richard Clark 916-265-3151 h rcncj at surewest dot net
Patricia Cochrane Copta     care of webmaster
James "Jim" Colard 1828 Larkin Way
Sacramento,CA 95818
916-524-9315 w papacolard at gmail dot com
Patrick William Cole deceased 3/23/09 in Sacramento    
Norman "Chuck" Coleman     contact webmaster
Kathy Conn Ellis     kcellis04 at aol dot com
Doug Cook     contact webmaster
Linda Cook Taylor     care of webmaster
Linda Copley Mullen Sacramento,CA 916-715-2163 llm97 at hotmail dot com
Cynthia Courtright Chaddock     contact webmaster
Michael "Mike" Crenshaw Bigfork,MT   allpinefiber at gmail dot com
Randall "Randy" Crosby PO Box 66
Barrow,AK 99723
  st_driver at hotmail.com
Judy Cumming Stevenson DOD 10/24/11  
Jeralynn Cupps Krug deceased 5/5/06 in Sacramento from cancer    
Janet Davis Dodson 1121 Guava Way
Sacramento,CA 95834
  wahunta at winfirst.com
Thomas "Tom" Dean     enduriders at msn dot com
Janet De Bacco Mitchell     care of webmaster
Richard Decosta     contact webmaster
Karen Dennis     contact webmaster
Nora Downie Stanfill     care of webmaster
Gerry Downs Ware deceased (12/14/95)   contact webmaster
Ronald Drake deceased (11/30/80)   contact Ron's sister if you have any questions care of webmaster
Beverly Drennan Thompson     care of webmaster
Debbie Drennon Citrus Heights,CA   ddpjoy at aol dot com
Bob Dronberger     contact webmaster
Susie Dunlap Mowles     care of webmaster
Jerry C Dunning 1824 A Street NE
Salem,OR 97301
  jerry at dunning dot cc
Steve Durham     care of webmaster
Priscilla Dyer McCusker     care of webmaster
Charles Stephen Edwards     care of webmaster
Brian Egger Waco,TX   care of webmaster
Stan Egger     usak at surewest dot net
Dottie Ehrhorn Francisco     contact webmaster
Tim Eldredge 34180 Cromwell Pl
Fremont,CA 94555
510-713-8417 h eldredge at home.com
Bryan Elmer     contact webmaster
Eugene "Gene" Erickson deceased 11/10/12 of heart failure  
Stephen Erickson     SGErickson at compuserve.com
Diane Esparcia Tomasegovich     contact webmaster
Jon Evans
(now Jon Patterson)
    care of webmaster
Pete Fairchild     care of webmaster
Susan Marie Fajen Hampton-Marsh deceased 12/14/06 in Sacramento    
David Farmer 12120 East Reich St
Everton,AR 72633
  iwannagofishin at gmail dot com
Bill Faubel 3124 Chelsea Road
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-747-5574 w billfaubel at gmail dot com
Christine Faucett Doughty     halfpint1904 at aol.com
David Feickert deceased 4/16/06 in Sacramento
Linda Ferguson Lovin 9187 Serenity Lane
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-989-1726 h
530-304-7421 w
care of webmaster
Georgeanne Ference     contact webmaster
Corinne Ferrell     contact webmaster
Susan Fletcher     contact webmaster
Nancy Flink Greer     contact webmaster
Kathy Flood Rogers     care of webmaster
Barbara Florence Wood     care of webmaster
Linda Fossi 16th de Septiembre #110
Jalisco, Mexico 45920
376-766-0303 h
333-502-7831 w
lfossi at hotmail dot com
Barbara Foth     contact webmaster
Glen Francis     contact webmaster
Valita Frazer Henstra     earlhenstra at surewest dot net
Carolyn Freitas deceased 1/20/07    
Michael French Overland Park,KS   care of webmaster
Patrice Gaffney Ebert Charlotte,NC   dodasamiam at bellsouth dot net
Robert Gaines     contact webmaster
Dennis Garteiz deceased (12/29/90)    
Scott Gearing Las Vegas,NV 702-791-5567 w gearing at earthlink.net
Donna Gentry     contact webmaster
Tim Glasgow     contact webmaster
Linda Goff Sacramento,CA   ljgoff_111 at yahoo.com
Nancy Graf     care of webmaster
Cynthia "Cindi" Grant Kerr Sacramento,CA   carmelitesaints at yahoo dot com
Karen Grapatin Wallace San Diego,CA   bwallace1 at san.rr.com
Greg Grassi Concord,CA   grassi2 at pacbell.net
Christine Gray Smith 2551 Sherborne Dr
Belmont,CA 94002
  cgraysmith at alumni.haas.org
Chris Greenly Howard     contact webmaster
Carol Griffith     care of webmaster
Carl Hagan Tucson,AZ   carlhagan at msn.com
Kaylen Hall Fry Kingwood,TX   care of webmaster
William Fred Halsall deceased 8/30/10 in Nampa ID    
Carol Hamlin Smith Elverta,CA 916-808-5930 w CLSmith7717 at yahoo dot com
Lynda Hampton     contact webmaster
Susan Hampton care of webmaster
Carol Harris     contact webmaster
Fritz Harrold     contact webmaster
Debbi Hatten Smirnoff     corkie at sunset.net
Anne Hawley     contact webmaster
Candice Haynes     contact webmaster
Anthony Haywood     contact webmaster
Charles Hecht     care of webmaster
Joann Heidt Phillips deceased 1/24/13 in Kelso,WA    
Jim Hietbrink deceased 1/16/16 from lung cancer    
Ronnye Heller Albert deceased 4/3/10  
Mary Helmich Gray 3418 L Street
Sacramento,CA 95816
916-455-6864 h helmichma at hotmail dot com
Bill Henley DOD 5/8/17 from auto accident   www.billhenley.com
Steve Henry Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster
Jim Hietbrink DOD 1/6/16 from lung cancer    
Gail Hines     contact webmaster
Hilary Hoff Lamar San Francisco,CA 415-433-1400 w hlamar at tobinlaw.com
Brian Holdener deceased 2/10/97 in Sacramento Co.   contact webmaster
Paul Hood Atascadero,CA hood.paul at sbcglobal dot net
Marquita Hooton McGowan happyoneme at yahoo dot com
Debra Hopkins Stuart     debrastuart at comcast.net
Samuel Hovey Silverdale,WA   ssampam at aol.com
Joey Howard     contact webmaster
Kathy Howe Mark deceased 11/22/81 in Sacramento Co.    
Lynn Hubacher Newhall 7770 White Fir St
Reno, NV 89523
775-747-6440 h lmnewhall at gmail dot com
Anna Huddle Osborn Omaha,NE   care of webmaster
Glenn Humfleet deceased (6/4/92)    
Lynn Hunter Cooke     contact webmaster
Oregon "Ken" Hunter McIntosh,FL 352-732-3110 w oregonhunter at earthlink.net
Pete Ivory     care of webmaster
Douglas Jacobs     care of webmaster
Diane Jennings Durant DOD 7/12/13 Alzheimer's  
Charlene Jenkins Bole 104 Brock Dr
Wheatland,CA 95692
916-747-8502 h Charlenebole at aol.com
Carol Jensen Garrison     clgarrison at att dot net
Bob Jessup     contact webmaster
Jim Johns     care of webmaster
Judy Johnson Green Birmingham,MI   judyonline at comcast.net
Kenneth Johnson

10 Harmony Park Circle
Chico,CA 95973

916-600-6909 h ken1949 at frontiernet dot net
Nancy Jonas Headrick deceased April 19, 2004 in Longview, Texas of an illness    
Kathy Jossi     contact webmaster
Daniel Kaestner     contact webmaster
Sheri Kaiser Slagle     care of webmaster
Susan Kaney Norwood     contact webmaster
Nancy Keeler     contact webmaster
Rodney "Rod" Keen 5921 W. Crowley Ave
Visalia,CA 93291
559-302-0298 rodkeen at sbcglobal dot net
Raymond Kelley     care of webmaster
Judith A. Kendall Deuyour deceased 12/6/17    
Richard Kendrick     care of webmaster
Kristie Kennedy Carling     kcarling at charter dot net
Carol Kentroti Crisp 6300 Rio Bonito Dr
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-485-6904 h carol.crisp at att dot net
Kathy Kerber     care of webmaster
Debbie Kern Spiegel     care of webmaster
Linda Ketenjian PO Box 128
Gardnerville,NV 89410
775-782-7879 h LjKetenjian at yahoo.com
Reqina "Gina" King Ferguson 12658 Evanston Way
Rancho Cordova,CA 95742
916-747-2111 w reginaferg at hotmail dot com
Nancy Kingsley Judnich     contact webmaster
Esther Klein     contact webmaster
Kathie Kloss Marynik Granite Bay,CA   kkmarynik at hotmail.com
Joan Knapp Kelley     contact webmaster
Lynn Koehler     care of webmaster
Donna Krasnow     care of webmaster
Kathy Lamb Beaty     care of webmaster
Laurie Lambert Thompson deceased 9/5/14 from injuries sustained in Napa earthquake    
Criss Lance Gales Sacramento,CA   cpgros58 at yahoo.com
Kevin Craig Lane deceased 1/5/10 in Sacramento    
Sharon Lass Polchis     espolchis at hotmail.com
Nancy Lawman     nancylawman at sbcglobal.net
John Leathers deceased 4/8/97 in SF county    
Luanne Leineke     luanne_leineke at yahoo.com
Patricia Lewis Graham     contact webmaster
April Liebig Farthing deceased 5/8/09  
Robert "Bob" Lindner     care of webmaster
Nancy Linn     contact webmaster
Dennis Loeffler     care of webmaster
Julia Long Fisher     contact webmaster
Lynn Lopez     contact webmaster
Steve Lozar 31663 Rocky Point Rd
Polson,MT 59860
406-270-7672 steve.lozar at cskt dot org
Marcia Lucas Putnam 18790 NW Ukiah St
Portland,OR 97729
503-997-0705 marcia.putnam at outlook dot com
facebook/Marcia Putnam
Patricia Lyon Gorath     care of webmaster
Brent MacIntosh   1milemore at comcast dot net
Penelope Mackis Demas     contact webmaster
David Mahlman     contact webmaster
Linda McCreary 4907 McCloud Dr
Sacramento,CA 95842-2803
916-331-7190 h ldmccreary at yahoo dot com
Shelley McCullough Lee 1150 NE Canyon Dr
Toledo,OR 97391
  shelleyanddon at q dot com
Roy McGovern deceased 4/8/86 in Sacramento    
John Means     contact webmaster
Marty Mearns Fair deceased 4/18/03 from cancer in Sacramento    
Stephanie Meleski     contact webmaster
Nancy Metsker Rainwater     care of webmaster
John Meyer Penryn,CA   john.meyer67 at yahoo dot com
Sybil Meyer     sybilmy at yahoo.com
Sharon Miller     contact webmaster
Mark Minnis     minnis at singleagent.net
Linda Minor Adams     care of webmaster
Janie Moran McGinn Sacramento,CA 916-486-9400 w timjanie at surewest.net
Rudy Morriese deceased 4/25/79 in Sacramento    
Marshal Morsey     contact webmaster
Pete Mulbarger     contact webmaster
Gerry Murdock     contact webmaster
Jay Musler     care of webmaster
Bonnie Nelson     bonnienelsonwa at gmail dot com
Rick Nestor     care of webmaster
Maralyn Newland Blackman     contact webmaster
Malou Nicotera Roeder     contact webmaster
Anne Nisenbaum     contact webmaster
Larry Nixon     contact webmaster
Claudia Nollner Bach 137 Fairmont Ave
San Carlos,CA 94070
650-591-7599 h claudia.bach at document-center dot com
Patricia "Patty" O'Connor Kaestner deceased 8/5/01 in Alameda County    
Michael O'Malley 417 22nd St
Sacramento,CA 95816
  care of webmaster
Steve O'Neil     contact webmaster
Terry O'Neill     contact webmaster
Jack Oates     contact webmaster
Chris Ostrander     contact webmaster
Terry Ott     fumon at highstream.net
Steve Oversby Rockville,MD 202-246-7627 w Dr.Oversby at verizon dot net
Van Owens deceased 1/8/16 from illness  
Cynthia Pagniello     contact webmaster
Nina Paladino Caron     ninapcarib at hotmail.com
Michael Douglas Palmer DOD 10/11/16  
Loretta Parsons Bloodworth 217 Paragon Mills Rd
Nashville,TN 37211
  care of webmaster
Elizabeth "Beth" Paterson 437 Kathy Lane
Chico,Lane 95973
  justretiredbp at gmail dot com
Dan Patrick PO Box 191091
Sacramento,CA 95819
  dpatrick49 at yahoo.com
Patrick "Pat" Penney Carmichael,CA 916-453-1808 w care of webmaster
Chad Petersen deceased 1/21/99    
Marilyn Peterson Perkins     care of webmaster
Michelle Pohl Ugolini     contact webmaster
Linda Pohto Radan Fair Oaks,CA   lsradan49 at gmail dot com
Terri Powell Jessee     contact webmaster
Celeste Purviance Wing     contact webmaster
Deniece Radan     contact webmaster
Ellen Rankin Sullivan     care of webmaster
Gayle Reynolds Fountain Camano Island,WA   care of webmaster
Michael A. Rhea deceased 5/14/12 in Clayton,WA    
Craig Riedel deceased 10/5/69 in Sacramento Co.    
Lance Roberts     contact webmaster
Susan "Sioux" Robles     care of webmaster
Tom Rohrer     contact webmaster
Steve Roeder Tarzana,CA   gr8film at aol.com
David Rogers     contact webmaster
George Rogers     rogersdeltaforce at aol.com
Tom Rohrer Roseville,CA   grohrerbb at aol dot com
Janet Ronk     contact webmaster
Jamey Ronzone (Rio grad)     care of webmaster
Nancy Rosauer Pelland     napelland at hotmail.com
Constance Ruhmann     care of webmaster
Glenn Lewis Rust deceased 10/23/14 in Wilton,CA  
Ellen Salton Wendren     contact webmaster
Lora Saunders Barkett Welches,OR LoraJane at sbcglobal.net
Dave Scalley Sherwood,OR   dscalley3.0 at gmail dot com
Edith Schmidt     care of webmaster
Scott Anthony Schrunk     schrunks at sbcglobal.net
David Schulze     care of webmaster
Gloria Schulze Baker     care of webmaster
Mike Scotto deceased 6/07   contact webmaster
Kevin Seger     care of webmaster
Peg Shaffrath Lanzone     peglanzone at gmail.com
Sardar Shah     care of webmaster
Lynde Shields Meyers Half Moon Bay,CA   LLMHMB at comcast dot net
Kathleen Shook Gibson Enumclaw,WA 36-825-4777 h jekagibson at aol dot com
Linda Shore     contact webmaster
Beverly Smith Nichols 6156 SW Lynmar Place
Aloha,OR 97007
  bev49 at live dot com
Doug Smith Ashland,OR dougzmail7 at gmail dot com
Robin Smith Louie Roseville,CA   robin95661 at gmail dot com
Sharon Smith Zeka deceased 2/22/85 in Marysville    
Wayne Smith     contact webmaster
Lewis Soffer     contact webmaster
Lou Soloff     care of webmaster
Steven Sorrels     care of webmaster
David Sparks     contact webmaster
Ray Spencer     woblyray at direcway.com
Deborah Sperry Dunn     contact webmaster
Susie Staples Hathaway     contact webmaster
Ted Steed     contact webmaster
Terry Stewart Rossi     contact webmaster
Thomas Stewart Sacramento,CA 916-448-7558 h tabys at att.net
Keith Stilson     contact webmaster
Daphne Stimers Sheets     contact webmaster
Bruce Lee Storms deceaed 2/23/90    
Greg Stover Oakland,CA   greggoaspm1 at yahoo dot com
David Strother Ashland,OR   care of webmaster
Jeslyn "Lynn" Sudhoff McComas DOD 4/19/17  
Mary Swets Teasley 4628 Harbour Village Blvd #2202
Ponce Inlet,FL 32127
  smylie411 at aol.com
Peggy Sylvia Van Langen     contact webmaster
Ralph Tarro 1241 Hooten Ct
Carmichael,CA 95608
  care of webmaster
Myrna Tauer     contact webmaster
Jacqui Tellefsen McChesney Arroyo Grande,CA   mcjacqui at hughes.net
Darrell Tennant     contact webmaster
Beverly "Bev" Thompson Benson Virginia Beach,VA   care of webmaster
Linda Tiller     contact webmaster
Leslie Tischer     contact webmaster
Suzanne Trimble Honeychurch     care of webmaster
Daniel Ray Twitty deceased 4/6/68 at 19   PFC - E3 - Army - Selective Service
July 30, 1948 to April 6, 1968
In Quang Tri, South Vietnam
Georgeann Valle Rohrer     care of webmaster
Cordell Van Rees 8324 Grinnell Way
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-381-1098 h
916-956-4657 w
cvanrees at sbcglobal dot net
Myra Vanneman     contact webmaster
Karen Veis Johnson     care of webmaster
Carol Vinson Kelley     care of webmaster
Judy Voss Thompson     contact webmaster
Bruce Wade     contact webmaster
Donald Wagoner Chandler,AZ 480-266-7402 h don.wagoner at cox.net
Dale Wales McGraw     contact webmaster
Judy M Walker     contact webmaster
Judy A Walker Taylor Farmington,UT   judyt222 at hotmail dot com
Tim Walpole

PO Box 1641
McCall,ID 83638

  Rakuroad at cableone dot net
William "Bill" Walsh     care of webmaster
Tim Waterhouse Westminster,CA   Trwater at verizon dot net
Sally Elizabeth Wayne Erickson deceased 6/30/20 from breast cancer
Kathy Wehr Vancouver,WA   shannwehr at comcast.net
Lynn Welch Kosro     contact webmaster
Randy Wentzel     contact webmaster
Donna Whipple Anderson deceased 7/3/12 from MS
Robert "Bob" Whitehead 7400 Henrietta Dr
Sacramento,CA 95822
916-529-3528 robertwhitehead0327 at gmail dot com
Gene Whitsett     care of webmaster
Chris Wicks 2950 Garden Hwy
Sacramento,CA 95833-9709
916-925-3838 cwickser at gmail dot com
Craig Wilcox deceased 5/15/12 from cancer  
Jan Willett LeBaron     care of webmaster
Judy Williams     contact webmaster
Paul Williams 1918 Verdi Ct
Stockton,CA 95207
209-477-6277 h pwilliams at pacific.edu
Tim Wilson     care of webmaster
Bill Wilt     contact webmaster
Howard Winn     howardwpsalm1914 at aol.com
Martha Wolf     contact webmaster
Janet Wolfman     contact webmaster
Marilyn Wooten Andrews deceased 5/29/06  
Christopher Justin Wright DOD 8/27/13 long illness  
Elmo Yates deceased (2/12/70)    
David Young 2691 W Cedar Grove St
Meridian,ID 83646
  dwyoung20672 at yahoo dot com
Gary Yuke 1926 Chatsworth Lane
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-417-6821 h
916-927-0527 w
r8rcobra at sbcglobal.net
Frank Zdybel Jr deceased 3/18/14 in Portland  
Timothy "Tim" Zeka 7684 Sky View Ct
Browns Valley,CA 95918
530-692-9455 timothyzeka at yahoo dot com

Last updated: 04/13/2022

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