Encina High School teachers & staff

This page contains information about Encina teachers and staff, including any bios which were submitted.

Biker scoflaws (English teachers by Joe Lawrence)

See Teachers in the Yearbook section of the 1973 homepage for pictures of teachers and staff from the 1973 Encinian yearbook.

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Name Department Comment Source Contact information
Jim Adan Art Mesa Verde HS Susan Bush contact webmaster
Edie Apgar Health services Living in Sacramento Bassett/Derderian  
Robin Arnold English Encina Heddy Crowder  
Dan Ash Auto shop DOD 6/17/19
Jim Aubert Biology (1962-65) Retired Orlin Schuler contact webmaster
Steven Bails       ocean at cwnet.com
Ron Ball Science El Camino HS Jennifer Palmer 91  
Dan Barber Math Teaching math at Mesa Verde HS Charlie Reade 76  
Jack Bassett VP (1958-73)
Principal (1976-83)
Retired in Sacramento Jack Bassett care of webmaster
Mike Baxter English, track Retired in Carmichael Mike Baxter care of webmaster
Lynne Begg Teacher Encina Harlan care of webmaster
Ruth Benvenuti History teacher Washington state Alice Braio 62  
Myrtle Berry Principal (1999+) Encina   care of webmaster
Randy Berry 71 Teacher ?? Jon Dahlberg 71 contact webmaster
Bobby Bingham 75 Football & basketball coach from 1983-88 DOD 6/28/06 in Sacramento from cancer  
Bob Binns First principal DOD 6/13/99 in Ashland,OR Bob Binns 62  
Leon Biren Social science   Leon Biren care of webmaster
Jerry Bogart Industrial arts Teaching at Clear Lake? Bassett/Derderian  
Ralph Bonds Spanish   Deceased 9/15  
Ray Botello Photography Semi-retired in Murrieta,CA Nancy Downs 72/73 25064 Calle Viejo
Murrieta,CA 92563
Stafford Boyd 88 Teacher Teaching in Colorado Stafford Boyd 88 care of webmaster
Walter T Braafladt Music DOD 8/2/13 from cancer    
Dwight Bradish Staff 79-80 Working for State Dwight Bradish 76 care of webmaster
Elnora Bradish Health assistant in the nurses office Retired Dwight Bradish 76 contact webmaster
Andy Braio Boys PE (1964-83) DOD 3/17/15 from cancer in Colorado Springs,CO
Linda Brandenburger History/Science Lawyer Bee  
Don Brodnansky Science (1971-now) DOD 9/3/17
Eleanor Brown English (1965-72) Retired care of webmaster
John Buchmiller Science Science care of webmaster
Jeanine Bullington Counselor Counselor at Half Moon Bay HS Internet bio  
Barbara Bunner Teacher Vice principal at Mesa Verde HS Dina Shrum 86  
JoAnn Busby English teacher   Patrick Dunn 73 contact webmaster
Susan Bush English Encina Heddy Crowder care of webmaster
Jan Buzolich Social science Teaching in Napa Valley Cyndi La Cornu 75 contact webmaster
Jack Dee Carey Dept of Music 1958 to 1984 DOD 4/30/19 at 91 years of age Joyce Carey Williams brijoy58 at gmail dot com
Marilyn Carlson
(aka Marilyn Pearce)
(aka Marilyn Spartz)
Math 1962-66   Marilyn Carlson care of webmaster
Arlene Carstensen Counselor  DOD 6/21/09 in Sacramento Bassett/Derderian contact webmaster
Cheryl Chambers French, English, Reading (1973-92) retired from San Juan HS in 2002 Cheryl Chambers bonjourcc at yahoo.com
Jack Chambers Art Teaching at Sacramento City College Doug Kendrick 68 contact webmaster
Ross Clover Science DOD 9/19/91 at age 81 in Rocklin,CA Kathie Kloss 67  
Bill Coke Science DOD 7/22/87 of stroke in Carmichael Kathie Kloss 67  
Lana Coklas English Teaching English in the district? Bassett/Derderian  
Cheryl Cook Davis Social science Teaching at Miramonte HS in Orinda,CA Bill Grebitus 72 contact webmaster
Del Corbett Drama Left long ago Bassett/Derderian  
Leslie Cruickshank Business DOD 8/18/96 at age 90 in El Dorado Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Eric Dahlin Art DOD 12/13/18 Obituary
Devon Davis Drama Teaching at Encina Harlan Lau 73
Donald Day Language (1958-66) DOD 1/19/17 Obituary
Pauline deGooyer English DOD 2/2/71 in Sacramento Co at 52 Kathie Kloss 67  
Bill Dempsey Auto shop/
Mechanical drawing
Bill Derderian Social Science Teaching economics at Mesa Verde HS in North Highlands Nancy Patton 73
Charlie Reade 76
care of webmaster
Susan Diaz Newspaper 70-71 English 1970-71   susanmcbrine at gmail dot com
Patricia Dieterle Clerical DOD 12/11/89 in Sacramento Co. Bassett/Derderian  
Linda Downing Principal's secretary 96-00 for Tom Gemma Administrative assistant at ARC   care of webmaster
Maureen Drawbert Reading Encina JoAnne Smith  
Richard Drawbert Teacher Rio JoAnne Smith
Janeese Duke Teacher El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78 care of webmaster
Tom Durkee Football defensive coordiinator Encina Harlan care of webmaster
Jack W. Dutton Math (1960-92) DOD 10/31/15 in Sacramento Obituary
John Eaton Driver ed/PE
  65 mailing list care of webmaster
Lee Eliott Teacher El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78  
Molly Elliott Math teacher Encina HS   care of webmaster
Susan Esparcia Girls PE
Retired Dennis Plessas 73
Christine Kojima
contact webmaster
Evelyn Fedler Business (1965-73) Sells at the Antique Mall
Member of the glass club
efedler1 at comcast dot net
John "Jack" Figenshu Physiology DOD 11/17/05 at age 77 in Sacramento    
John Foley Social science DOD 3/27/12 at 88 Will Gunter 72  
Marie Foster Librarian DOD on 1/29/96 at 65 from cancer at Penryn, Placer Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Larry Foster Art Cal State Hayward? Bassett/Derderian  
Lois Franchimone VP (1990-93) Director of high schools Lois Franchimone care of webmaster
Ed Gallaway Basketball & swimming coach 1959-1967 deceased 10/30/14
Charles Gebhardt Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
John Gallen Athletic director
Track&Field/Cross County coach
Track coach at Kennedy HS John Gallen care of webmaster
Tom Gemma Principal (1993-98)      
Lynne Gile Tracy Vice Principal (2006+) Encina Self LTracy at sanjuan.edu
Alice Gire English/yearbook DOD 5/31/03 in Roseville Kathie Kloss 67  
Ray Goldbar PE Teaches gymnastics at UC Davis Kathryn Keyes care of webmaster
Don Golden Principal DOD 1/25/10 in Carmichael Bassett/Derderian
Laverne Gonzales Spanish Retired Debbie Lopes care of webmaster
Dick Gonzales Assistant Principal   care of webmaster
Barbara Graichen Social studies
Own environmental & government organization consulting business Barbara Graichen care of webmaster
Mary Gray English DOD 9/19/10 in Sacramento  
Gary Greenbaum English 78-80 Teaching at Elk Grove High Gary Greenbaum greenbaum4 at surewest dot net
Dan Greenwald History Teaching at Bella Vista Jeanne Kern contact webmaster
Ron Hackett Industrial Arts Retired a few years ago Bassett/Derderian  
Jack Hasling English/speech Retired   care of webmaster
John Hawck Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Curtis Heckel Asst football/track coach 1989-96 DOD 12/22/01 in Sacramento John Gallen  
Russ Hibbard Athletic director (till 2005) ? contact webmaster
Bill Hooper Vice principal Vice principal at Del Campo Chris Kojima  
Louis Huber Math 1958-83 DOD 2/7/03    
Sandy Hunt Social Science Marriage & Family Therapist
in Fair Oaks. See bio below.
Sandy Hunt sandy4730 at aol.com
Becky Hurley English (1992-2005) Casa Roble Steve Palmer 74 care of webmaster
Dick Jarvis Science/
Basketball coach
Monte Johnson Encina teacher Teacher at La Entrada HS Monte Johnson care of webmaster
Robert Johnson III Girl's basketball & softball coach State Harlan care of webmaster
Steve Johnson Adaptive PE retired 6/01 Steve Johnson  
Dale Jones Language teacher deceased 9/10/18 at 95 obituary
Ernie Jones Counselor DOD 10/3/96 from heart failure at 70 in Tucson,AZ Kathie Kloss 67  
Belle Keller Vice principal Retired Chris Kojima care of webmaster
Dan Kenley Principal
    care of webmaster
Donald Kent Staff   65 mailing list contact webmaster
Steve Kenyon PE PE and varsity football coach at Del Campo Chris Kojima  
Roseann Kerby Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Gayle Kernick Social studies 60-70
VP 87-90
Deceased 2/18/17 Bassett/Derderian
Bill Kimball Staff   65 mailing list contact webmaster
Betty Kimoto Spanish Sutter Middle School (10 years ago) Doug Kendrick 68  
Bob Kirrene Business (1966-2000) Retired 6/00 Christine Kojima care of webmaster
Ray Klinefelter Biology/
Management consultant Ray Klinefelter consultray at earthlink.net
916-979-1656 h
916-955-2404 cell
Christine Kojima Spanish/German
Retired Christine Kojima tenista at aol.com
Kandi Kost Herbert 69 Chemistry Teaching at Encina Kandi Kost aidan at inreach.com
John Knurr Band director ('66 to '74) Comes to Sacramento every year for the Jazz festival. Living in Wisconsin. John Knurr manofmusic4u at yahoo dot com
Alice Kubo Administrator   Harlan care of webmaster
Gerry Kundert PE deceased 2/18/17
Lynn Kyme PE Department store rep Christine Kojima  
Cliff LaForge English deceased 1/16/19 in Springfield OR
Bart Lagomarsino Principal (1973-76)   Bart Lagomarsino care of webmaster
Industrial Arts
DOD 9/4/14 Obituary
Lin Larson Account clerk 95-00     care of webmaster
Antonio Lasada Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Margaret "Peg" Latimer Home economics DOD 9/9/00 in Sacramento Kathy Kloss 67  
Joe Lawrence English (1967-85) Retired Joe Lawrence jnjlawrence at earthlink.net
Ben Leafe English DOD 1/16/83 at age 53 in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Irene Leafe Social Science/Counselor DOD 7/16/06 at age 79 Bee obituary  
Bill Lee Social Science/
Basketball coach
Retired. Works a little with the DRE Tom Dugally 78
Amy McClelland 86
MalsKare at aol.com
Rees Lee Social Science Retired principal Colleen Hagen 73
care of webmaster
Judy Link Young Counselor Del Campo Dennis Plessas 73
Christine Kojima
Sherry Lord Social Science Mira Loma as of 1996 Marny Daehler 89 care of webmaster
Romano Luchini Teacher Encina Harlan care of webmaster
Stu Ludwig Baseball coach Encina Stu Ludwig coachluds at yahoo dot com
Donald Lukehart Teacher, wrestling coach DOD 3/24/06 in Sacramento    
Vince Marelich Spanish DOD 4/28/13 Christine Kojima care of webmaster
Burns McCalman Civics/history DOD 7/25/67 at age 36 in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Karen McClelland Lee English, Yearbook, Counselor   Amy McClelland 86 MalsKare at aol.com
Marilyn McConnell Staff   65 mailing list contact webmaster
Don McCormick Staff, football coach DOD 11/6/18 at age 93 in Sacramento  
Max McDonald Staff   65 mailing list care of webmaster
Bill "Mac" McElroy Drama,math
Arden School Bill McElroy care of webmaster
Susan McGuire English Teaches Culinary Tech at Woodcreek HS in Roseville Kelly Horine 88
Patricia Lovas 68
smcguire at rjuhsd.k12.ca.us
susie_mcguire at yahoo.com
Bebe McKenzie English DOD 12/18/18 obituary  
Andrea Mello Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Anne-Marie Mesquita de Vanegas Spanish DOD 10/25/11 from injuries sustained in a fall. Bee obituary
Wulf Meyer Art teacher 1996-1999 DOD 1/05 Bee obituary
Bob Miller PE Teaches PE at Rio Chris Dahlberg 80  
Edward Moore Vice Principal Encina care of webmaster
Ruth Morgan Clerical Left long ago Bassett/Derderian  
Nileta Morton Reading/foods Encina Heddy Crowder  
Joan Neill Finance office Encina care of webmaster
Dalton Nezey Counselor (1988-92)_ Rio Terry Reed care of webmaster
Jayne Nichols Teacher El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78  
Christine Ohlinger Teacher 91-98 Principal Arlington Heights Elementary School   care of webmaster
Bob Oliver Baseball coach DOD 4/20  
Joe Patitucci Art (1959-70) DOD 1/13/02 Dawn James 73  
Greg Paulo Teacher El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78  
Ron Peetz Art Teaching at El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78  
David Penso Teacher El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78 care of webmaster
Sharon Peterson Librarian Roseville Susan Bush care of webmaster
Gail Pierce English Principal at Del Campo Christine Kojima  
George W Porter Teacher DOD 3/7/13    
Yvonne Price Spanish DOD 11/30/94 at 65 in Carmichael,CA Kathie Kloss 67  
Ginny Privateer Corsi English, sociology, student activities director  (1966-67) Management consultant in Colorado Ginny Privateer Corsi 3900 Newport Lane,
Boulder,CO 80304
303-938-1997 w
GinCorsi at aol.com
Gary Pruner Art DOD 8/9/17  
John Psiahas French DOD 10/29/82 at age 54 from cancer in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Martin Puentes Librarian Monterey,CA
Works for education office
Loni Whalen 73  
Charlie Reade 76 Faculty 85-86 Mesa Verde HS Charlie Reade 76 care of webmaster
Terry Reed Counseling office from 1973-1994 Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Rocklin Unified School District Terry Reed treed at rocklin.k12.ca.us
Rosemary Menzia Rief 1964 deceased 11/26/19    
Wanda Robinson Peterson   DOD 2/26/14 Obituary  
Robert Rollins Social science (1963-91) El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78 care of webmaster
Ivory Rubin Vice principal Principal Harlan  
Lesley Saladen Drama DOD 3/4/15
John Sander Math chairman (1959-94) Teaching at AR Christine Kojima care of webmaster
Jerry Sando Counselor/
vice principal
DOD 3/23/88 at age 49 from stroke in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Orin Schuler Auto shop DOD 1/18/13 from lung cancer John Knurr  
Dan Schwartz Coach Teaching at El Camino HS Lynne Gile 78  
Bill Scott Math DOD 8/16/79 at 56 in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Bill Sears Teacher-in-charge
swim coach
Mesa Verde HS Charlie Reade 76  
Wilfred Simmonds   DOD 4/22/08 in Carmichael Kathie Kloss 67  
James W Smith Principal (1962-68) DOD 9/17/14 James W Smith care of webmaster
JoAnne Frances Smith Registrar DOD 4/16/06 from pancreatic cancer Dennis Plessas 73  
Michael Smith Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Virginia Smith Counselor Retired Self vesjgs at home.com
Larry Snyder Science Retired. Oregon? Bassett/Derderian  
Michele Soares Theater arts Teaching at Encina  
Laurence Sorrells Math Retired around 1970 Bassett/Derderian  
Pamela Sue Sparrow Principal's secretary Paralegal in Las Vegas Self care of webmaster
Sebastian St. John Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
Larry Stallings Math (1960-87) DOD 3/31/13 Kerry Shearer
John Stearns Physics DOD 2/14/85 at 58 in Sacramento,CA Kathie Kloss 67  
Will Stephens PE/business teacher/coach DOD 8/3/82 from cancer in Corvallis,OR Kathie Kloss 67  
Mike Stevens Art teacher/
Encina gallery
Retired Susan Bush contact webmaster
Doug Stone Teacher     care of webmaster
Kent Summers   Staff counsel for
Franchis Tax Board
Mike Kelly 73 contact webmaster
Carole Takeuchi Chambers English 1971-1988 DOD 9/29/13 Sacramento Bee
Bob Tallmon Counselor   65 mailing list contact webmaster
John Terry Music David Porter 68
Gifford Thomas Social studies (1961-69) DOD 1/9/13 in Comox, British Columbia, Canada Gifford Thomas
David N. Thompson   DOD 8/25/12 from heart & respiratory problems    
Richard Thorn Teacher Teaching at Rio Americano Lorna Cline 72/73  
John Tracey Social Science (1959-93) DOD 2/9/93 at age 62 from cancer in Sacramento Co. Kathie Kloss 67  
Bob Trathen Industrial Arts Retired from Bella Vista Diane Kelly 73 care of webmaster
Donald Trent Business   65 mailing list contact webmaster
Napolean Triplett Principal (1983-93) Retired Eleanor Brown  
Arthur VanVliet Math DOD 4/19/98 in Scottsdale,AZ at 90. Kathie Kloss 67  
Jerry Warren Business dept chair DOD 9/2/73 in Carson City, NV of heart attack Kathie Kloss 67  
Greig Welch Social studies, activity director,
Principal of Paso Robes HS Greig Welch gwelch at king.prps.k12.ca.us
Cornelia Whitaker VP (1962-72) Retired Cornelia Whitaker care of webmaster
Helen White Clerical Retired Bassett/Derderian  
Mary Whitman English Left long ago Bassett/Derderian  
Chester Wilcox Metal shop Teaching at Rio American Pepai Falck 73  
Thomas E Wilde Drama/English
late 60s to 75+
DOD 1/22/05 from complications of a stroke and heart attack Timothy Heinz 76
Isabell Wilkerson English DOD 4/11/05 Bassett/Derderian  
Judy Wilson PE (1961-98) Retired June 1998 Christine Kojima JandJules at att.net
Bill Wise English 1964-84
Dept chair
DOD 4/15/15 Bill Wise
Steve Woessner ? Mesa Verde HS Charlie Reade 76
Elise Wolz German/French
Retired Christine Kojima contact webmaster
Gretchen Wonders Belcastro Staff   65 mailing list contact webmaster
Stephanie Woo Business (1977+) Encina Stephanie Woo 1400 Bell Street
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-558-0714, Box 77
scwoo at juno.com
Carol Young Computers Real estate developer care of webmaster

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