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10 Year Reunion

I am Crystal Wilson-Sostre and I am the host for our 10 year reunion.

I am trying to establish a budget for this event. How many of the alumni are willing to pay for a ticket to the reunion? I would like to have a memorable event, perhaps an outdoor dinner with a bar tender. This would come at a cost of about $60 per person. Your spouse would also be $60. This is approximately the cost for an outdoor event and is subject to change.

If our class turn out is too small and we do not sell enough tickets for me to book an event, I will plan a smaller event at a local restaurant in Sacramento. Please consider how you would like to celebrate your 10 year reunion. I will also be inviting our favorite teachers and coaches. I will need your response ASAP if you are interested in purchasing a ticket, or if you are interested in a smaller dinner. All suggestions are welcome!!

Crystal L. Wilson-Sostre

Reunion contact:  Crystal Wilson

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1998 Headlines
Headline News:
Linda Tripp reveals secret tapes of Monica Lewinsky's conversations.
US embassies in Kenya & Tanzania bombed; US cruise missiles hit suspected
terrorist bases in Sudan & Afghanistan.
Senator John Glenn, age 77, returns to space in the space shuttle Discovery.
House impeaches President Clinton for perjury & obstruction of justice.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "Shakespeare in Love"
Grammy Record of the Year - "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion
Top song - "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy & Monica
Top movie - "Saving Private Ryan"
Top TV show - "E.R."
Frank Sinatra dies of heart attack, age 82.
Sonny Bono dies in ski accident, age 62.

Sports News:
Super Bowl - Denver Broncos d. Green Bay Packers (31-24)
World Series - NY Yankees d. San Diego Padres (4-0)
NBA Championship - Chicago Bulls d. Utah Jazz (4-2)
Winter Olympics, Nagano - US wins 6 gold medals, which includes the women's
ice hockey team & figure skater Tara Lipinsky.
Mark McGwire hits record 70 home runs; Sammy Sosa is second with 66.

Trivia News:
Fads - Rugrats, Teletubbies, & Furby.


Eric Britt Romani
Erik Britt Romani, born and raised in Sacramento, died unexpectedly on July 4, 2020, soon after hosting his own 40th birthday party in March. He attended Encina High School and American River College before joining the Coast Guard (20012009) where he discovered his love of the ocean and honed his mechanical skills. Working for the Army Corps of Engineers in Sausalito, as an engineer, small craft operator and diver for the last 10 years, he excelled and found the perfect fit using his creative and mechanical abilities while working on the water. Recently, he was awarded 2020 SF District USACE Operations and Readiness Employee of the Year. Erik leaves behind so many who will miss him, including his adorable daughter Nell Coco Romani and wife Charlotte King Romani of New Zealand; parents Kathy and Larry Rodriguez and Fred Romani; brother Brett Romani; stepsister Julie Green; stepbrother Tony Rodriguez; aunt and uncle Peter and Debbie Romani; cousins Anthony Romani, Kristen Romani, Lindsey Romani Pegg, and Mike Romani; and many other relatives and friends. Erik most of all loved his daughter Nell, his family, his friends, and his dog Britt. He found enjoyment tackling new projects, being on the ocean, riding his electric bike to work over the Golden Gate, paddle boarding and car and motorcycle racing. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a private memorial will be held. To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.
Published in The Sacramento Bee on Jul. 26, 2020.
Chad Crall wrote:
Homepage: www.chadcrall.com
Spouse: Melissa Hawkins 1999
Children/grandchildren: Hayden 10
SinceGraduation: Moved to Colorado for college.
Got a Associates degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Moved back to California in 2000.
Started my own Graphic Freelance company in 2004.
Moved to honolulu Hawaii 2008-present 2012. Living the dream!
Trivia: Worked at Apple Computer before everyone thought it was the best thing ever.
Created a custom mp3 player line 2007.
BestFriends: Thomas Yancey, Damon Purdy, Donnie Moore and whole bunch of other knuckle heads to name
Free Steve Peeler
Hobbies: Basketball...basketball..basketball
GradeSchool: Smythe (Northgate)
MiddleSchool: Rio Tierra
Teresa Kirkpatrick writes:
Occupation: Student Assistant/Research Assistant for California Dept of Health Svc, Tobacco Control Section.
Bio: I'm a senior at CSUS.  I am majoring in Biology, Clincal Lab concentration, with a minor in Latin Foreign Language.  I plan on obtaining my MD/PhD after I graduate CSUS.
Trivia: Not much.  I moved back to Sac.
Friends: My roommate is my best friend from Encina (Olga Rodriguez).  I still keep in touch with Ivan Ponce, who moved to San Diego.  I've e-mailed a few other people.
Hobbies: Playing piano, flute and guitar.  I've been involved in activities at CSUS: Research work in the Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Lab, McNair Scholars Program, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. 
Kids: None now or ever!
Grade_school: A bunch of different schools.
Junior_high: Sylvan Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Miss. Reeves (aka Mrs. Harris).  She was my music teacher and she introduced me to musical theory.  Music has always been
my passion and outlet, but she taught me the fundamentals. 
Favorite_memory: Cutting PE with Olga and getting caught.  That was pretty funny because we never got in trouble... or ever did anything "bad."  Also, our Honors English trip to San Fran.  I loved the Phantom of the Opera.  It's a cheesy musical but I STILL love it!
Story: No stories, I just want to say thanks to all of my teachers at Encina who believed in me.  I may have been homeless through most of high school and had a lot of issues at home, but I always felt like I was worth something because they made me have faith in my intellect. For the first time in my life I felt like I had a future.  So thank you for giving me hope!
Jeremiah McGarrah writes:
Occupation: Govt Contractor/Helicopter Mechanic in Iraq, GS-12
Bio: Joined the army, went to Iraq 3 times, Met the love of my life after making a couple huge mistakes! Accept for my daughter and my soon to be step daughter Kaila, they are my angels! Moved out to H-Town TX to be with the most amazing woman I could have ever imagined! Now I'm in Iraq as a civilian and counting the days until I can get home to my Beautiful soon to be wife Veronica A. McGarrah! (Getting married in March!)
Hobbies: producing Hip-Hop and R&B music, gettin my Record label back on track!
Kids: Katelynn N McGarrah, 7 years old will be 8 in Feb and Kaila B Cantu my beautiful step daughter who i adorehope and hope to adopt someday, also 7 turning 8 in feb same day as Katy, what's the chances ha?
Grade_school: Northwood and Hagginwood
Junior_high: Martin luther King
Memorable_teachers: Coach hibbard....Crazy ol' whitedude!
Favorite_memory: The riots!  playin football thinkin i was the shit cuz i played QB! HAHA!
Donnie Moore writes:
Bio: If you haven't heard I graduated from college in 2002 with a BA in Visual Communications. I'm still in the Mile High City with Damon Purdy, who is a few miles from me now, but we holdin it down. I partied alot during college and little after (Oh Boy!). I have had my share of girlfriends to make up for the ones I didn't get in high school(Its all good). No kids right now. I've learned how to skateboard pretty good and snowboard as well, so WATCH OUT X GAMES!! (Na just kiddin).
Trivia: Yall probably wouldn't believe it unless you saw it but I use to have dreadlocks down to about my shoulders. Took about 4 years to grow.
Kinda miss 'em but at the same time I don't.
Friends: Lets start with Damon Purdy(you know), Chad Crall(stay up boy!). My boy Carlos Chavez(Gods knows when I'm comin back to Sac-town but
holla at me), Robert Horsely, Andre Garcia, Mike Baptista, Antonio Reyna, Manny (heavy hittas), Schwab Amin (all-time leader in assist at Howe Avenue), Lovely females: Crystal Vela, Joyce, Kristina McCleary (ain't gon lie; I had a crush on her, but most of yall know that), Ofelia, whats goin down Takisha Rolfe and Briana Williams, Much love to Tori Stafford, Jenny Baltazar, Christina Pritchett, Maggie Francisco and can't forget about the woman who's responsible for keepin my breath so fresh and so clean all these years...Angela Hurt. Thanks for the gum, kid, hit me up all of yall.
Hobbies: Skateboarding, snowboardin, poppin and lockin!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue Elementary School
Grade_school_friends: Schwab Amin and Maggie Francisco, Takisha Rolfe, Briana Williams
Junior_high_friends: Schwab Amin, Damon Purdy, Maggie Francisco, Angela Hurt, Andre Garcia, Takisha Rolfe, Briana Williams, Christina Pritchett
Memorable_teachers: English teacher Susan Bush. She actually made english and history fun. Who woulda thought. And who could forget her pig. I think its name was Hamlet but not sure.
Favorite_memory: Simply playin sports!
Sibling_info: Jeffrey McGee(Class of 1995)
Damon Purdy writes:
Occupation: Editor - Main Man Films - Denver, CO; Closing Coordinator - DR Horton - The Melody Series - Denver - CO
Bio: Donnie Moore, Chad Crall and I moved to Denver 3 month after school. We were broke as hell for so long! . . we made it though. Graduated in 2002 with Bachelors of Science in Visual Communications. Worked odd jobs to get by (the Mall, Shipping and receiving). Now I'm pushing paper @ DR Horton, the largest home builder in the nation. More important, I got on as and Editor with Main Man Films, a small production company and I'm working on producing my boys album. Me and Donnie live 15 minutes from each other and still kick it when time allows. So I'm just working hard to pay off this 53,000 I owe!!!
Trivia: I gained 20 pounds. .didn't get any taller though. My sister (Pamona) had a daughter, Aamiah (ah-my-yah).
Friends: Horsley, ReBeans Wakler,G-Force Ramerez, DeRon "Mildew" Muldrew, C. Chavez, Ms. Miskett, Gina Sanchez, My Latinas Lil Loca,
Snowflake and Skipper. Viva, Tien, Joyce L., Adele Gray, Kiku Parker(taught me how to catch)Jeremy Fisher(taught me how to run faster and play Q-Zar) and J. Ponds, Amy Ruiz(for sure), My Super Boy Antonio Reyna and his cousin Manny, Big Dre Garcia and Eddie Bell, "Stinky" Steve Peeler and Keith Thompson, Andy and Eric, Jen Baltizar. If you are not on the list, cuss me out in the form of an e-mail.
Hobbies: Hooping, riding a skate . .but mostly making beats and movies.
Kids: None.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison right off of Morse Ave before it was the hood!
Grade_school_friends: Thomas Edison Crew: DeRon Muldrew, Greg Ramerez, Josh Lopez, Young Dane Lindstrom for LIFE!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Middle School.
Junior_high_friends: Jonas Salk Mobb: Deron Mildew, G-Force, Takisha Rolfe (Remember the Battle of the Shants!!) Bri-Bri Williams, I remeber
when you whipped Roderick Gay in Mrs. McDaniel's class!, Big Andre Garcia, Me and Lil Dave Winston trying to get some botty in the bathroom, Shout to my boy Cam Mbewa - you playing on Sundays?, Super Swchab Amin, Darrian, Logan Gathman, Donnie Moore for sure, Mike Baptista and Nick F. just to walk home in the rain with me, So many ladies I can't remember . .but I got love for you.
Memorable_teachers: Susan C. Bush, always was nice but never cut me a break, thanks. Dan Drawbert is the only teacher that let his class watch
March Madenees. Dennis Beverage never let me cut any corners in ROP . .it paid off in college and my professional life.
Favorite_memory: Making that magical run to the State Championships in 97'. I didn;t get too much tick, but I'll always remember everyone and
thing that happens to that team that year good and bad. 
Story: Everyday was a story.
comments: I miss all you guys and girls!! I'll be a Bell Street Bad Boy untill I die! Shoot me an e-mail. DP
Kristina McCleary writes:
Occupation: After searching for ever becoming so health concious, i have become a Personal Fitness Trainer and gave up the lifestyle of dancing.
Bio: Since graduation... A lot! Gained a bunch of weight, lost a bunch... became a stripper, then got married to a military man. Now living in Florida with hubby... and now i am a personal trainer.
Children: NO WAY... NO HOW!!!
Alumni_in_contact: I lost contact with Angela Hurt and Ofelia Oviedo, but after posting my Bio on the site... i got back in touch with both! Both are married now and have children... and could not be happier talking to both!
Hannah Stewart writes:
Occupation: just moved/student
Bio: A whole lot of nothing. I have moved so many times I cant even count. I just couldnt figure out what I wanted to do with myself and where I wanted to be. I now am motivated and finally figured it out.
Trivia: I ended up in Ohio somehow!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, found a wonderful man. LOL!
Friends: There are so many I concidered friends.
Hobbies: I love going to baseball and football games, camping(damn I miss those California mountains and the ocean). Working on new ones now
that I am settling in here. Definately going to need alot more when the snow hits. Ugh.
Kids: Kids....dont have any, YET! Complete school first, then kids. My boyfriend has a son that comes and stays with us sometimes. Love him lots.
Grade_school: Mariemont, and Orchard Elementary
Memorable_teachers: Eric......and I think that anyone who had his class would know why! Mrs. Bush, because she was so damn hard on me.(good
Favorite_memory: They were all good, even the bad ones.
Sibling_info: Lottie (Rose) Lowery class of 2005
Alumni_in_contact: Kristina McCleary, Angela Hurt, and Ofelia Cardines
Jeremiah McGarrah writes:
Occupation: US ARMY!! Apache Helicopter Crew-Chief, And now Recruiter for the Texas Army National Guard!!!
Bio: Well after moving to Grant my senior year to graduate I joined the Army and never really slowed down. I've been in 7 years now and lived
around the world, some places nice, some not so nice ( 2 combat tours in Iraq). Had a beautiful lil' pricess, but the baby momma thang juat didnt
work! Now I'm chillin in H-Town, Houston TX!
Trivia: HA!
Friends: Man i lost contact with everybody, I saw carlos chavez at the grocery store once when i was on leave, and christina Mcleary dancin' at
some "club" in Sac, I was in Iraq with Randy Gray, and talked to Gina Sanchez a few times. I been back to Cali probably 5 times in the last 7 years....Damn that sounds bad, I really need to visit my family more!!!!
Hobbies: Rec-league Football, and Semi-Pro football (Central Texas Warriors!!), Produce music on the side for some extra $$$ Hip-Hop/R&B.
Kids: Katelynn, 7 year old princess, Half Filipina!!
Grade_school: Haginwood/Northwood
Junior_high: Martin Luther King
Favorite_memory: Football, the ft.Bragg trip, all that!! The Riots of 94!
Selena Maldonado writes:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Bio: Since graduation I got my self into some trouble did some things I wasn't supposed to. Then moved to Texas and cleaned my life up and am doing
great now. Other than the fact that I miss all my friends.
Trivia: Not really any trivia. If you knew me I was pretty open about all the mess I got myself into.
Friends: Viva (V) I miss you girl I really hope you see this, Tien you too. Keisha, I am truely sorry for everything and I hope that you don't hate me for ever. Wes, Mike P., Brandon, Justin, Nina, I miss and love all of you. Pretty much lost touch with everyone - so if you read this drop a line.
Hobbies: I love to spend time with my family, my daughter and the man in my life. Becoming a good cook, and loving my job.
Kids: Skylar Grace Maldonado
MY DAUGHTER IS the love of my life. Skylar is 6 years old and will start 1st grade this fall ('05)
Grade_school: Vacaville, CA
Junior_high: Lubbock, TX
Memorable_teachers: Most memorable teacher would have to be Mrs. Begg because she believed in me and didn't judge me when things got BAD!
Favorite_memory: Basketball - the game, the teams, the great times we had. Screw anyone that thinks I was only there for one reason. I loved the
players and the game!!!
Alumni_in_contact: Maria Diez (1999)
Christina Foncree writes:
Occupation: Office manager for a life insurance broker.
Bio: Well, I partied ALOT right after high school, then I went into the Air Force for a while, I moved to Washington State last year for school, and now
I am back in Sac.
Trivia: Well I only went to Encina for like half of freshman year. I got caught skipping by a cop with Kara, Angela, Andrew, (last names have been
omitted to protect the innocent! :-P) and I don't remember who else right now, but it was really funny. I got expelled and my mom sent me to Kentucky
to live with my dad! I came back Senior year but I went to El Camino instead.
Friends: Angela Hurt, Andrew Ryan, Kara Hines, LaDonna Brown, Scotty Godoy, Damon Purdy, Matt Stevenson, I have seen a couple of these people, I wonder what happened to LaDonna??
Kids: None yet!!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Margaret Francisco, Jessica Newman, Karleen Kamekona, Jennifer Johnson, Briana Williams, Kisha, Solomae, Chris Taylor,
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: LaDonna Brown, Kara Hines, Scotty Godoy, Angela Hurt, the "Rockers", Klinton Halliday, (I didn't forget about you, I remember the
last day of 8th grade riding to school on your handlebars!! ha ha), Andre(not the big one), Matt Stevenson, Andrew Ryan (what happened to him?),
Damon Purdy, Michael Baptista (even though he hated me, I thought he was cute!) :-)
Favorite_memory: Skipping school, ceramics class
Robert Horsley writes:
Occupation: Office Technician for the State of California. Yeah that's right I don't do anything.
Bio: Working, and having as much fun as I can. Sports of course. Trying to stay active. Kicking it with all my friends.. Running into a few I haven't
seen in a while. Going to school when I can, still have a little to go.
Trivia: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nothing. Man am I boring. Got the job at the state. Took up Karate. You know the strangest thing about filling this
information out is remembering the things that happened during school.....
Friends: man my boys, TJ Carlson, Carlos Chavez, Mike Baptista,Andrew McPike-even though he punked out and moved to Utah,Terra Johnson, Melinda. Oh and I want to say what's up to all my other friends that I don't kick it with anymore....Crystal Vela, Joyce Lacanale,Chad(man was it fun at
Crystal's house, those were the good old days)Viva, Tien, Kristina(hope San Diego is working for you girl),Ginger,Jeremy, Randy, CC, Abby,Katie. (Damon Purdy, Donnie Moore, enjoy the cold weather). Man it seems so long ago....
Hobbies: Video Games.... Rec leagues for sports (basketball,softball,karate)
Fishing/Gambling/Camping. Is gambling a hobbie??? I sure hope so I do it enough.
Kids: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope.
Grade_school: Hagginwood!! Hawks baby!
Grade_school_friends: Terra Johnson Jeremy Tripp
Junior_high: Martin Luther King Jr.
James Rutter Middle School
Junior_high_friends: TJ Carlson
Memorable_teachers: Coach Hibbard of course. Need to go and see him soon. Definitely a great person to be around all the time. I also have to give my props to Mrs. Bush yeah she was hard teacher, but I always got a long with her and she treated everyone the same.
Favorite_memory: Playing football, going to Santa Barbara for track.. and going to Fort Bragg for a game staying overnight in a hotel eating Pizza and chilling in the bathroom(for those of you that were there you know what I am talking about).
Story: Nah don't want to incriminate anyone.. just kidding. I was at Football practice and I didn't something wrong, can't remember what it was now but Coach Hibbard came up to me telling me what I did wrong (yelling of course)... then he stood right in front of me inches aways... and kicked me in the side of my helmet.. man that was impressive..... I forgot to mentioned that he is like a 12th degree black belt or something.
Carlos Chavez writes:
Occupation: Office Tech for the State of California
Bio: Since grad. ive been going to school working and kickin it. I partied a lot after high school met a lot of interesting people good times though. But
i must admit that ever since my son came into the picture its been all about him. when he came in everything slowed down now all i want to do is make
money so i can spoil the hell out of him. and yall know he is a lil pimp in training ask the godfathers Robert Horsley and TJ Carlson. Other than that
just working and kickin it whenever i can.
Trivia: Damm we've all changed since then. No trivia really just wish i knew then what i know now (so many missed connections and opportunities)
Friends: Man! there are so many i never really cosidered anyone an enemy. so instead my friends were and still are (YOUR NAME HERE). But i do gotta give shots out to my homies that will never loose touch with no matter what ROBERT HORSLEY, TJ CARLSON, MIKE BAPTISTA (Say hi to Misty for me HATER!!!!), DONNIE MOORE (MY DAWG IN DENVER WHEN YOU COMING BACK?????), AND YOU KNOW I ALWAYS GOT YOUR BACK ANTONIO REYNA. and of course i have to give shots to my girls GINA, JOYCE,CRYSTAL VELA, OFELIA, HEATHER. If i didn't put your name down its just because these are the people i kept in touch with after high school. But like i said if your hurt put (YOUR NAME HERE). i still know where most of you are at through the grape vine so good luck to all and hope to talk to everyone sometime in the future. GO BULLDOGS!!
Hobbies: Video Games, football, getting in trouble and a few other things i cant say on here but will be glad to tell you guys if you ever ask or see me. OH AND OF COURSE SEASON TICKET HOLDER WITH ROBERT HORSLEY FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. TOUCHDOWN NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kids: Carlos Alejandro Chavez (Alex) 2 yrs old. Cute as hell like his daddy. and hella smart like his momma. He has been offered modeling contracts doing adds so Klinton if you know anything that could help holla at me send me an e mail(good shit on following your dreams man!); me or his mom dont know to much about the modeling industry.
Grade_school: Cottage elementary GO COUGARS!!
Grade_school_friends: NOT MANY except JOE TURNER AND islyn Morales.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk GO HAWKS!!!
Junior_high_friends: EVERYONE (YOUR NAME HERE) although Mike Baptista (HOWS MISTY GIVE HER MY E MAIL FOR ME WILL YA! DONT BE A HATER FOR EVER) and Donnie Moore stand out. Donnie i work across the street from your mom now incase you see this before i talk to you.
Memorable_teachers: MR. LUCHINI, Man i dont know what to say except thanks for always stayying on top of me and my work belive it or not some of it actually stuck in there i owe you alot. You are one hella of a teacher never change no matter how hard headed students are you really do make a
difference. Then of course COACH HIBBARD first of all read the above the same applies to you. and more than a teacher your were a friend thanks for everything you taught us coach off and on the field. and to all the teachers that liked me J/K remember me thanx.
Favorite_memory: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! i will never forget the times or friends!!
Story: where all my homies and home girls at holla back!!!
Sibling_info: Conception Chavez, Ed Chavez
Briana Williams writes:
Favorite_memory: 1995 ENCINA HIGH SCHOOL RIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawna Matherly writes:
Occupation: Computer Support/ Student at Spartan College of Aeronautics
Bio: Continuing my education and have worked several jobs, I recently moved out to Oklahoma to attend Spartan College of Aeronautics and will receive my Bachelors in Aviation Technical management in 2008 I will receive an Associates in Avionics Electronics in 2007. After that I will probably continue going to school part time to work towards my masters in Computer science or Aeronautical Engineering I am still undecided on what I want to do after I graduate from Spartan.
Trivia: I went from a criminal justice major when I first started college after graduating from encina and through several other majors and I have
finally found what I am good at. I enjoy working on and fixing computers and like electronics thats why I have chosen the Avionics field of study
because there is so much stuff you can do with that knowledge you gain from the teaching you get in that field.
Hobbies: I play the guitar and drums when I have the time, big on computers and enjoy hanging out with my friends, attend a church in Owasso OK.
Kids: No kids at this time
Grade_school: Lincoln Way Elementary Auburn, CA- is now the City Hall in Auburn. Linda Elementary in Marysville CA, Olivehurst Elementary in
Olivehurst, Ca just outside of Marysville.
Grade_school_friends: Did not attend grade school in Sacramento
Junior_high: Alicia Intermediate in Marysville, CA
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Bush was my favorite teacher because she made the class exciting and had a great personality. I will send more info. on two other favorite teachers as soon as I can retrieve the information on who they were.
Favorite_memory: The diverse population of students is something I really enjoyed
comments: Go ahead and e-mail me if you would like to get in contact with me or if you have any computer questions I can answer for you.
Joyce Lacanlale writes:
Occupation: Student...still
Bio: Since I left Encina my Junior year, I always wanted to come back. I even tried to, but the school denied me my 2nd semester senior year. I wanted to graduate with the people I spent most of my high school years with. After graduation @ Natomas High, I did nothing...partied a lot, went to school, partied some more, did a little bit of school...get the pic. I finally decided what I wanted to do, so I started to go college hardcore. Now, I'm about to graduate in a year to be a Registered Nurse.
Trivia: Dancing is fun =)
Friends: Ronald V, Klinton (even though he gave me no love =( j/k, the Mike's, Damon, Chad, Carlos, Ofelia, Lizette, Crystal V, Kristina M, Gina, James, Robert H, Christina, Crystal W, David C, Antonio, Bounma, Corey, Jazmine, Jackie, Manuel, Tori, Donnie, Keith, Bill, the Son's, my sister's
friends...Caprice, Tywa, Jamie, there are many more...sorry, can't think.
Hobbies: I love to learn, dance, travel, swim, run (i love to run), play video games (fighting ones in particular), club, read, hang out with my family/friends, sign language, drink (on occasion), bungee jumping, skydiving, jetskiing, playing chess, darts, dominoes, i can go on.
Kids: i have 7 kids, 3 sets of twins, and a baby girl. No, i'm just kidding. I have none, but I would love to start after school.
Grade_school: St. Joe's
Grade_school_friends: Gina, David, Manuel, Ofelia, Antonio, & Jazmine
Favorite_memory: the riot of '94
Story: Even though I did not graduate with ya'll, I'll always remember the fun times at Encina High.
Sibling_info: Jill Lacanlale, Janice Lewis
Kristiina McCleary writes:
Occupation: Student/ Dancer
Bio: since graduatiion i've been going to several different schools trying to figure out what it is i want as a career. Now i have dicided to go for a
degree in Criminal Justice @ the University of Pheonix and follow with becoming a lawyer. Since Encina days i have lost a lot of weight and became
a bubbley, outgoing person. Now i am a dancer in San Diego, which totally fits my personality for the time being. Believe it or not, its fun! Good
money too! For every one that never gave me the time of day in high school, thats okay, you would do a double take now... but i did not forget any of
you. So maybe some day i will get to see all of you agian at a rerunion. I hope!
Friends: Angela Hurt and Ofelia Oviedo were my two best friends and my partners in crime. I don't talk to either anymore... don't know where they
are. But i miss the hell out of both of them. I remember every body from those days and some of you stay in my memories always... Chad Crall, Mike
Baptista, Robert Horsley, Damon Purdy (such a punk to me), Donnie Moore, Norm Allen, and I always think about good ol' Joyce.
Hobbies: these days when i'm not working or going to school, i try to hike, camp, and do photography. Not to mention my animals take up lots of my time as a hobbie too.
Kids: NO KIDS! maybe some day when im ready to settle down to be a mom.
Favorite_memory: I'll never forget all the times Ang and I would skip school and go explore Camp Far West or when she would try to teach me how to drive stick on the campus...i was always good at frog jumping it.
Alumni_in_contact: I'm still in contact with Hannah Stewart, she only went to encina for a year.
Aseem Bhatia writes:
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Bio: Boy, I would like to start by saying hello to all my fellow classmates...Man, I feel like I am getting very old. I still remember the back old Encina days. I went to Cal state Sacramento and got my masters in Electrical Engineering. Thesedays, I am working at Baltimore Gas and Electrics and an Engineer.
Friends: Yared Berhane, Eric Romano, JERMY CLARK, Nick Baptista
Hobbies: Snow boardin, working out
Junior_high_friends: Arvin Singh, Jermy clark
Memorable_teachers: Mr. McMicken
Favorite_memory: can't say one because there are lots
Klinton Halliday writes:
Occupation: teaching (in a japanese prep school)
Bio: well sence my graduation from Encina I attended ARC for a bit, then I was forcet to take a semester off ( cause I was in a car accident(ouch!!)but I lived)then I moved to japan and stared at Kantou University in Yokohama japan I returned to the us and then got a modeling contract with K.S.A. (yeeeeeehah!!! now what to all yall that forgot me I see how you are(but its cool thou)cause I forgot you too)
Trivia: dont like people that dont say hello!!!  I spend my freetime breakdancing/salsa/hiphop/ vibing of what feels good to my soul. I am a surfer now I love to skii, snowbord, and jet skii
Friends: som shima,lashell davis,Ping Thao but I still talk to thim on occasion yared( but I lost contact) My girl Heather Hernandez ( I was really into you but you never knew it!!! well that and you with antonio reyna) Man!! and there so many more I dont wanna forget any of you (but yall forgot me I see how it is thou its aaaallll good) to all my peeps that I knew form jonas salk ( Crystal/heather/carlos/yared/chad/andre garcia and many more) and jackie cone from greer I lost contact but I still miss you ( if I didnot name you I havent forgot you I just did not have a lot of room in this damn box Oh and Latroya Brown I wish I could have kissed you (Latroya I was really in to you too. but I just had to grow the balls to tell you uwahaha!!!) Ginger Guevarra rest in peace I wish I could seen you again I miss you
Hobbies: I like wine tasting,hanging out at the beach with my friends and surfing,water skiing, and jetskiing I love snowbording all that other high risk S**T I mean stuff(hehehe).I love to dance but yall knew that I can do hip hop/salsa/breaking/poplocking/jazz/ballet/u name it I luv it and man I Luv clubbing. I am into movies (lord of the rings/ herry potter hahaha) I like all forms of self expression and I enjoy meeting peolpe that are about somthing besides pleasing other people( it s my on going jurney to find my self worth ( and undo some of the damage high school did to me)
Kids: Aika Murayama Halliday (born on 6-18-04) 4 months. my doughter is the best thing that has ever happend to me next to my wife
Grade_school: st.Nazerin(kendergarden) Maxwell (1-2) Stege(3-4)Thomas Edison(5) greer(6) (I moved every year)
Grade_school_friends: damon Purdy/ Deron muldru/ jackie cone/jessy valdez/michal baptista/erik(cant remember last name) I think there were more I just cant recall
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Damon Purdy/ Deron Muldru/Jackie cone/Crystal wilson/Heather hernandez/crystal Woods/ Tori Stafford/chad croll/michal batista/ angla hurt I know there must be more if I didnt name you its my bad I just couldent recall
Memorable_teachers: Mis. Ohori because she tought me to take the good with bad and keep going
Miss. Jhonson(for just understanding me) thank you I love you
Eric dalhin & Mr. stevens and his wife susan for giving me the currage to do any thing
and Mis. Desmond & Mis Bordiso thank you for geting me threw high school when facing another day seemed like torcher you helped me relize that after highschool the world is mine (just wait and see cause Ive just begun) thank you
Jaills I am sorry for being so difficult in you class pleas forgive me
Mr.Gregory for teaching he how to tie my tie and being a friend to me Mr. Halfman made my highschool years hell (for that I'll be polite and say thankyou)  
Story: memories arnt comming to me
comments: I am gonna be famious  and all those that forgot me I'm gonna remember you!!!
Chrystal Senteney writes:
Occupation: Sound tech, bass player, mom
Bio: I moved at the end of sophomore year (96) and got into a little trouble...went to a continuation school and a few independent study programs...for 97-98 year, went to Johnson (main) but dropped out when work became more important. I wish I would have stayed at Encina the whole time.
Trivia: I had a baby in 2000. He's awesome, the love of my life.
Friends: My closest friends were actually from elementary school (Edison) and some went to Encina....Katie Mensch, David Cullen, Greg Ramirez, Justin Coletti, Whalen Sweat, Shawna Clement, Damon Purdy, DeRon Muldrew, Steven Stuart, Yared Berhane...there's probably a few I forgot! Others I met at Encina that I enjoyed talking to were Keith Thompson, Steven Peeler, Crystal Wilson, Kathleen Boomgarden...and more that I'm forgetting, I'm sure. Most likely those I didn't go to Edison with don't remember me. I wasn't very cool or popular in high school. I haven't really kept in contact with anyone :(
Hobbies: I play bass a few times a week at church, I'm part of high school staff (church), I do a lot of sound/mixing (yup...at church). I'm into
kickboxing, road trips, photography and being goofy with my son.
Kids: My son, Justin was born Nov 19, 2000. He is SUPER funny! He's very smart. He tells me he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up! Then he'll say he wants to be a gymnast...it changes a lot, but it always comes back to a race car driver.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison...our school mascot was a light bulb...we were the "Electrifics" how rad is that! I LOVED Edison...I had so much fun
there...I was popular, I had lotts of friends and my teachers were super!
Grade_school_friends: Damon Purdy, DeRon Muldrew, Katie Mensch, Shawna Clement, Dave Cullen, Yared Berhane, Boyan Tassev (I think he went to Encina), Greg Ramirez, Whalen Sweat, Justin Coletti, Steven Stuart, Yared Berhane...
Junior_high: Arden Middle School! That's when things started getting weird! I was not very "cool"
Junior_high_friends: I think Whalen Sweat went to Arden...and I think Roderick Gay went there also...I don't remember! I'll have to look it up..maybe.
Memorable_teachers: From Encina...Mr Bonds....Mrs Duke...They were both teachers who really cared about thier students and really wanted them to do well.
Alumni_in_contact: Ryan Andrejeski (93 haven't talked to him in a while). Matt Nigro(93 went to Ireland in 97 I think...haven't seen him since)
Fadi Attouleh writes:
Occupation: Account Manager At Verizon Wireless/Music Engineer
Bio: Working and Going to school, at ARC/Sierra, Music, Fix'n up my honda accord... And have been blesses by the Lord to make it through, in Jesus's name Amen...
Trivia: Turned out to be hella good at basketball and began making music in 2002, found out what a real heartbreak is in 2003. wanted to talk to to alot
of girls at that school but my ass was to shy... not no more though:)
Friends: MY Health academy click, Tony(best friend) ,andre, lil dave, damon p, deron,derob, crissy, booma, heather, (you a buster antonio, fake ass) big dave, clinton's punk ass:) j/k, yared, kiesha (big eyes)(tasha from greer) lost all contact with all these cats ??? oh i forgot that sweet girl named... shit i forgot she had red hair,(kate) oh i took you to homecoming and you got with some weak ass guy name dane or sumthing like that, i miss you... everyone esle too
Hobbies: Takeing care of my son... sike calm down im still single.. ha ha. Basketball, work, school , SFC, traveling and music...
Kids: I will when i have one...
Grade_school: GREER
Grade_school_friends: i cant remeber that was in 1989
Junior_high: JONAS SALK
Junior_high_friends: dunno i lost my year book
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Hurley dam you were hard... C+ skanless, itz ight though. Mr lucini, even harder C- skanless, but i love history... Ms johnson English 4, nicest lady
Favorite_memory: Cutting at lunch to go to century theatures on arden... and going to san francisco with crissy jasmine on a field trip, they gave my
lunch when i didn;t have  N E money, its all love showtie... eye miss ya.. both a ya
Story: I wish i was popular, and i palyed on the basketball team. i wanted a girl friend, but they were all taken...:(
Lashell Davidson writes:
Occupation: Law School Student 3rd yr
Bio: I was recently married 7/4/03, I've been going to school law school for 3yrs now this is my last year. It is very stressful. I just purchased a
home in Miami Fl with my husband. We plan to have no children.
Friends: I've lost contact with Lacrisha wich is good because she was just a hoe anyways. I lst contact with Noel, Breanna, Kisha, Antonette
Robinson, Latroya Brown, Katheryn Horton & a few other people who were not my real friends anyways. I kept in contact with my real friends like Kushinda Dickends, Peanut (her brother), Charlene Lutge & my very very good friend Klinton Halliday. I also lost contact with Shilo Smith so if you read this get incontact with me girl.
Hobbies: I like reading, writing & reaserching the bible. I also like talking & shopping. Especially spending other peoples money.
Kids: no children
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Middle School
Junior_high_friends: Shilo Smith, Caprice Stewart,Ladonna, Jamila,Kushinda, Klinton, Heather, Misty, Veronica & alot more
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Meyer (who has a very very bad temper) Mrs Jhonson who was very nice & patient & Mr luchini
Favorite_memory: >>>>>THE ENCINA HIGH SCHOOL RIOT OF 1995>>>>>
Story: I dont mean any disrespect by calling Lakrisha a hoe but she was back then. And People used to follow after her hoe ass back then. I dont know how she is now but if she has changed or if she hasent changed I still wish her all the best of luck in the world. I felt she was a hoe in the pat but maybe she's not now.
Sibling_info: Brian Reed, Kenyada Reed, Sonya Cross are my siblings & cousin Caprice
Alumni_in_contact: Caprice Stewart, Klinton Halliday & Kushinda Dickends, Yamel Dickends
comments: I wish everyone a very very happy life. May god bless you.
Victoria Stafford writes:
Occupation: Currently I am a Sergeant at International Security Services working at the County of Sacramento for Child Protective Services. I am also currently working on Illustrations for a book to be Published (with luck…) as well as dabbling with Web Page Designs… though I am self Teaching myself that so they are not too great yet.
Bio: Since Graduating from Encina I attended ARC for a while studying Art and Anthropology but sadly I had to drop out of school for now. When I moved out of my Mother and Grandmothers place, they some how managed to move in with me, so I am supporting them for a while still. I am working as a Security Officer for CPS as well as doing some odd little jobs like web pages, illustrations, graphics, and some paintings. Yep! Still painting and *I* feel I am getting… er better? Alright so my confidence is still low but I enjoy it and have sold a few peaces. Other then that, I’ve not done much with my life. Sad hmm?
Trivia: Something Interesting? Well I tried out for the Sacramento Sirens Professional Woman’s Football Team. I MADE the Team too! Nose guard Tackle, D-line! Sadly my job decided to change my shift to something that paid more (the pay is a good thing thought!) and I had to with draw from the team. I am currently still connected with them and am going to try again next year. The Sacramento Sirens were Undefeated Last Season and are the Nation Champs!
Friends: I didn’t have a “best” friend. I hardly had any friends at all. The closest person I could call a Best Friend would be Jon Larson (99) but lost
contact with him too. Hell I lost contact with –everyone-. Just to name a few people I was acquainted with and lost contact with… Steven Marshal
(Pinky!), Yared Berhane, Andrew McPike, Klinton Halliday, Olga Rodriguez, Miguel Medina-Reyes, Crystal Wilson, Ann Young, Eliza Young, Crystal Woods, Teresa Kirkpatrick, Jackie Cone, Kem Cockrell, David Cullen, David Cisneros, Corey (?), Ramona Brizzee, Thomas Yancy, Jonathan Hargis, Chad Crall, Donnie Moore, Damon Purdy, Carlos Chavez, Keith Thompson, Melissa Hawkins,Manuel Santiago, Steve Peeler,.. others. As i said... I had few close friends but many acquaintances.
Hobbies: I’ve been dabbling in many different art forms lately, form oil painting to rock sculpture, photography, animation, computer graphics, CGI,
marker sketching, charcoal, water colors and more. Art and Design are still my hobbies. As well as a bit of Fantasy writing.
Kids: Kids? Ha. Oh, yes, Please ignore the calls of help from behind that closet door *shifty eyed* But really… No kids. Though… I have two Cats… you can consider them my kids.
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly Dragons (K-4th) and Creekside Cougars (4th-6th)
Junior_high: Jonas Sulk Hawks (7-8)
Mrs. Bush – I despised English at first, and I have never been very good at it, But Mrs. Bush made things fun and I might have struggled but I DID love that class. She is an Inspiration.
Mr. Stevens (and Susan Adan his wife) – Two more Inspirations. Mike Stevens and his Beautiful wife Susan were such great supports for me in School. They opened doors for me into the world of Art. I don’t think I will –ever- forget them.
Eric Dalhin (and his Intern? Jaills) – Mitch, Chicken Lips, Princess, Hamster Lips… lordy the names. But his class was fun and I almost always
left laughing. I think I would have gone insane if I wasn’t in his classes. Jaills, for the year he was there, was easy to give a hard time, and gullibl
e but he was priceless and –always- encouraging. He saw talent even in the dumbest peace of work. Again two more of my life’s inspirations.
Mrs. Reaves (Harris) – Choir and Freshmen Drama! Those were always fun classes. And I had the pleasure of working with her again at ARC when she replaced our Professor for a year. That was wonderful.
Mrs. Johnson – I never has a class with her, but she was wonderful to talk to and in the end she truly made my Graduation more memorable. I have to thank her for the wonderful Memories.
Phillis Palmer – She always would call me her “Tall Friend” … and trust me, I was always fighting being so damned tall. Phillis always made me feel better about being so tall. With out her encouragement I think I would have been even more Anti-social then I already was (if possible)
I saved the Best two for last…
Mr. MacDonald – Met him as my Summer School History Teacher. He has been one of the best teachers I had had, just because he realized my learning disabilities and adjusted lessons for me. He made things so I understood them and I actually –learned- something form him. His is the only History Class I remember anything from. He did that for a lot of people, worked with them so they learned something and not just floated them on though. Mr. MacD. Is the reason I desire to become a Teacher myself. I TAed for him in my Last year and he was such a joy to talk to. Again, one of my Most inspiring inspirations.
Coach Hibbard – I had, and still have the greatest and highest respect for this man. I’m not sure if anyone can be higher then he. Coach Hibbard made me feel like I –belonged- some place. He went out of his way to help coach the Field half of the Track Team after our original coach left. Because of him, I stuck with it. There aren’t enough words to describe my feelings for this man and what he’s done for me even if it wasn’t much at all.
Favorite_memory: Becoming a Senior Guide, going to school early and ‘training’ with so many friends and Mr. Boyd. Helping the Freshmen that year and the Friendship days. Those were oddly fun in a off sort of way. Another would be at a very rainy and miserable track meet (finals!) my
freshmen year, having thrown my best yet and having the mark canceled because the Judge thought I cursed. I think what was so memorable was that I have several team mates (runners no less) who were Seniors at the time, defending me, standing up for me, and backing me up. I was the only girl on the team that year, and it was super cool to have so many Seniors back you up like that.
Story: No stories for now. I’ve rambled on long enough as it is.
Sibling_info: None, I was an Only Child
David Joseph writes:
Occupation: Assistant Manager of Deli at Albertsons'
Bio: For the first few years nothing, this year I started school at Heald College.
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and spending time with my son
Kids: David D. Joseph II-3
Dave is 3 years old and is very smart for his age. He makes you laugh at the craziest things.
Grade_school: Lincoln Elementary,Richmond,CA
Grade_school_friends: none i lived in richmond
Junior_high: Helms Middle School, Richmond CA
Memorable_teachers: Ms.Woo, I had a lot of fun in her biz tech classes and i've taken alot from what i learned there and am now using it with school now.
Favorite_memory: Hanging out with all my friends, getting into to trouble and of course graduating
Sibling_info: Mary Joseph - Class of 2002, Samantha Joseph - Class of 2004
Alumni_in_contact: Andre Garcia, Reandre Walker, David Weston
Crystal Wilson writes:
Occupation: former Army, now full time student
Bio: I worked full time and went to ARC after grd in 98". I managed my own place and worked as a mortgage loan processor / asst. loan officer. I then joined the Army where I met and married my Husband. After 4 months of marriage, we concieved fraternal twins. I opted to end my military career at that time due to a high risk pregnancy. I am now a full time student at ARC.
Friends: Best friends were Katie Mensch, Concepcion Chavez, Melinda Aguirre, Mike Baptista, Carlos Chavez, Robert Horsely. Lost contact with Robert Horsely, and former HS boyfriend Paul Driscoll.
Hobbies: I enjoy SHOPPING! Going to the movies, and working out at the Gym.
Kids: Raul Jr. & Rayleena (twins) 14 months. Raul and Rayleena were born very premature at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation. They were hospitialized for 4 and a half months. They endured 10 operations between both Babies. They both survived on life support for the first 3 months of life. Now over a year later, they are thriving, although developmentally delayed. Sitting up and crawling are daily struggles. They would be for any baby who layed on there back for the first 4 months of life with little movement.) Six months ago both twins started modeling for Gap, Mervyns, and pottery barn kids. We've been to New York twice, to explore this new world of baby modeling. We also returned a 3rd time but for pleasure only. The twins story of survival was also shown on News 10 and in the Sacramento Bee. They are now doing great.
Grade_school: Northwood
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Johnson- I have used her  inspiration to write a book on the twins survival story, and for giving us all laughter and a fun
way of learning English. Mr. Luchini for his understanding on homework, and Mr. Broadnansky for his character.
Favorite_memory: Cheerleading.
Story: Things I learned while at Encina.  Don't stab your friends in the back, nor base your life and whole being on the mere desire to be the most
popular, or the center of everyones attention. Try to hold down some sort of a job longer than 2 weeks, and get your drivers license LONG before your 21st birthday. Don't use people for rides, and talk behind your friends backs. Don't live off mommy, and rely on her to clean your room and wash your clothes. Learn independence and maturity at 18 when I did. Leave the nest, get a job, a car, a checking account, go to college. I am proud of all my classmates who spread their wings when they are suppose to. and are not still being handed everything on a silver platter.
Sibling_info: Siblings Kevin Wilson c/0 97'
Alumni_in_contact: Still in contact with Melinda Aguirre, Terra Johnson, Katie Mensch, Melissa Hawkins, Chad Crall, Monica Guadamuz.
comments: Thank you to Coach Hibbard for all the pool parties.
Miguel Medina-Reyes writes:
Occupation: UCDavis Medicare dpt.
Bio: I've been going to school at crc and working...
Friends: Geez, Ann & Eliza young, corey (lost contact), tamera parkison(lost
contact), so many others...
Hobbies: any and everything
Kids: There locked in the cage below the stairs..
Grade_school: Howe Ave.
Grade_school_friends: danny johnson..we still talk everynow and then..
Junior_high: Jonas salk
Memorable_teachers: mr. dalhin..dam he was cool...and mr stevens..he always
had a great sense of humor and this far out creative side..
Favorite_memory: that day we all left....
Tamera Parkison writes:
Occupation: Mercury Insurance
Bio: Well i've been married and divorced, i have our son with me. I plan to move to Canada for a long vacation.I met my Ex at Encina High school, we were together 6yrs. We had a beautiful little baby boy and got married. Things didn't workout between us from having our differences, so now were not together anymore and i do wish him well in the future.
Friends: I can't really say who were my best friends, i had many close friends. One of my closest friend was Ramona Brizzee, and i've lost contact with her.
Hobbies: I have Avon on the side, i play with my son, go out with friends and family, play on the computer, write music, and i plan on getting a set of drums one day soon. I love playing video games and going to parties, he-he.
Kids: My son Michael is two and a half yrs old and loves to do everything he can to keep himself busy and his mother.
Grade_school: Johnson Elementry
Grade_school_friends: Jennifer Jensen was my good friend.
Junior_high: Martin Luther King
Memorable_teachers: Mr. stevens from Drawing and Painting. He is a character that loves what he does most.
Favorite_memory: Hanging out,  getting into trouble and being with my croud of friends.
Sibling_info: Richard Parkison
Kevin Poppen writes:
Occupation: Marketing Guru
Bio: Besides marketing, I've been enjoying my guitar and my great friends.
Trivia: I'm gay.....Wooohooooo!!  Yes I'm a homosexual. So hit me up if you're queer too.  It would be interesting to see who else was out there living the different life.
Friends: I would have been surprised if my friends at Encina knew about my sexuality. After saying that...  Thomas Ingram, Angela Hurst, Wendell Horn..I don't remember...
Hobbies: I play guitar, write lyrics, write music, and I sing.
I Shoot pool at the Depot on 20th and K street from time to time.
Kids: Well I don't have kids.  I'll never have them biologically, however, maybe some day the the courts will be a little more liberal regarding this issue and how it pertains to me.
I'd like to adopt. 
Grade_school: Crestmont Ele..(Roseville)   Ruskin Ele...(San Jose)
Memorable_teachers: Probably Mr. Stevens from his drawing and painting class.  Great guy.
Favorite_memory: smoking weed
David Cisneros writes:
Occupation: Concession stand worker at Arco Arena, now entering my 5th month.
Bio: I'm now attending my 3rd year at ARC (didn't attend Fall 2000 due to being on dismissal status)
Hobbies: I'm a huge hockey fan, I watch it whenever it comes on TV. Let's Go Red Wings!!!!
Grade_school: St. Joseph
Grade_school_friends: Joyce Lacanlale, Ofelia Oviedo, Antonio Reyna, Gina Sanchez, Manuel Santiago, Jazmine York.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Harris because she got along with everyone in choir. Mr. MacDonald because he was cool.
Favorite_memory: GRADUATION!!!!!!!!
Sibling_info: Francisco (1995), Emmanuel (1996), Maricela (1997)
Heard_about_website_from: Found it while surfing the net one day
Robin Costello writes:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Bio: I have been living on my own along with my boyfriend.  I have been working for the same company for the last 3 years. 
Hobbies: I love spending time with my daughter, she is my world.
Kids: I have a 14 month old daughter named De`Jah LaeKell
Grade_school: Whitney Elem., Village Elem., Larchmont Elem.
Junior_high: Don Julio Jr High
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg, because she was always in a good mood, I can't remember a time where she got upset at the class.
Favorite_memory: Winning Homecoming Queen and performing as a Cheerleader.
Sibling_info: Monica Costello 2002
Alumni_in_contact: DeRon Muldrew
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
Gina Sanchez writes:
Bio: Since graduation I have been going to school at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. I recieved a full athletic scholarship to play softball. I do a lot of traveling with the team going all over the east coast. 
Friends: My sister's they made high school wonderful for me. I had some close friends like Damon Purdy, and Carlos Chavez. I have more friends from the class of 97 then the class on 98. Like Marcie, Jackie, Cecilia and a few others.
I don't really talk to anyone from Encina anymore. I see classmates sometimes when I'm in town but the only person I regret losing contact with is Damon.
Hobbies: Playing softball and taking road trips with my friends. Going to alomost every movie that comes out. Coaching (I teach younger kids how to pitch).
Kids: I have no kids.
Grade_school: St. Joesph's
Grade_school_friends: Joyce Lacanlale, Manuel Santiago, Ofelia Oviedo, and I guess Antonio Reyna for the first part of high school but not anymore.
Junior_high: The same.
Junior_high_friends: The same.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Morton because I always had fun in her class, and I loved that I could talk to her about anything.
I liked Coach Hibbard too. I learned alot in his class and it was great being his TA.
Sibling_info: Caprice Sanchez 96, Olivia Sanchez 00
Heard_about_website_from: family
Amanda Fleming writes:
Occupation: C.N.A  (certified nurses assistant)
Bio: well  unfortunately i didnt graduate from encina  i moved  but i did graduate from highlands high school.  im working in a hospital as a c.n.a, im engaged(no kids yet), and living in citrus heights
Hobbies: i love anything outdoors, camping, skiing, swimming,
Kids: no kids YET
Memorable_teachers: mr jackson(photography and social studies)  he was cool to talk to
Favorite_memory: hanging out w/ my friends on the quad
Sibling_info: christi fleming- class of 94, roy higgins- class of 2002
Heard_about_website_from: sister
Yared Tekleab writes:
Bio: I been going to school at American river college, for three semester. The first semester I tryed out for cross country, and second semester I tryed out for the track team which I did good for my first track meet.
Hobbies: My hobbies are playing sport like track, soccer and cross country. My other hobbies is to play music and listen to music, I have tryed to play guatir which I am having a hard time learning it.
Junior_high: Jones Salk
Junior_high_friends: My Friends from Jones are Randy Vinulen, Tori Stafford, Daniel Mehari, Jassica Mondragon, Donnie Moore, Carlos Chavez, Andrew McPike.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Eric D. Ms. Woo
Heard_about_website_from: Tori Stafford
Ann Young writes:
Bio: I'm currently inrolled at Heald College of Computer Technology, here in Sacramento. I will receive my AS degree in 18 months. My twin sister Eliza Young is currently working full time at Gottchaks in the Town and Country Mall on Watt, here in Sacramento. Eliza will be attending American River Junior College in the Fall of 1999. We both still volunteer at Encina High School, for Bingo, and snack bar duty during football and basketball.
Heard_about_website_from: In the Bull Dog Barks!

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