Encina High School Class of 1963 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1963+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Lee Erickson Smith, leeronsmith at sbcglobal.net, 916-852-8845

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Name Address Phone number Email address
Aase Sofie Aarrestad Stanley DOD 8/7/00 from cancer    
Jane Afzal     care of webmaster
Katherine Alexander Anderson     KTbird101 at aol.com
Larry Allen 2859 Greycalls Ct
West Sacramento,CA 95691
  im5150156 at sbcglobal dot net
Ron Allen     ronallenn at comcast dot net
Patricia "Pat" Allum Nylander Windsor,CO   kamsgrama at msn.com
Anthony Almendariz DOD 3/21/05    
Hank Aptekar     care of webmaster
Tracy J Ates DOD 5/14/05 in Sacramento    
Daphne Baird     care of webmaster
Judith Baker     contact webmaster
Allen Bannon Jr DOD 10/15/03 in Lodi    
Marilyn Banyai Brown DOD 12/13/06 from lung cancer in Roseville    
Sandra "Sandy" Barends 650 River Road
Dauphin,PA 17018
  rriverrat at aol.com
William "Bill" Barr     care of webmaster
Noalee Beddard DOD 5/9/07 from illness    
Nancy Jean Bell Neville deceased 6/20/16 in Longview,WA    
Ben Benson     contact webmaster
Mike Bickford Kailua-Kona,HI 916-521-6938 h mdbick at hawaiiantel dot net
Barbara Biggs McRae 4823 Skycrest Way
Santa Rosa,CA 95405
707-527-9852 h care of webmaster
Dennis Blackford Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Peter Boam 11 Burdell Ct
Novato,CA 94949
415-884-2457 peterboam at gmail dot com
Bill Boehm Sacramento,CA 916-646-1008 h care of webmaster
Gayle Bonderson Swarbrick Tucson,AZ   swarbrick at earthlink.net
Bruce William Bowman DOD 9/15/00    
Steve Brand     contact webmaster
Dennis Bright 740 Pendegast Circle
Woodland,CA 95695
  dlbright at earthlink.net
Doug Britton 3323 Watt Ave #178
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-483-7236 w doug2 at dougbrittonbooks.com
James Eugene Brown DOD 4/24/93in plane crash in the San Bernardino mountains    
Laurie Brown DOD    
Lynn Browning Peters     care of webmaster
Carter Brusch     care of webmaster
Sam Burke     care of webmaster
Nancy Burks     contact webmaster
Lauren Cameron     contact webmaster
Glenn Campbell     care of webmaster
Linda Carter Cook 10249 East Placita Cresta Mia
Tucson,AZ 85749
  Pbrranch4 at cs.com
George Cate     GeorgeCate at gmail dot com
Rodney Chandler 1401 3rd St #11
Sacramento,CA 95814
916-955-9277 w chandler11306 at gmail dot com
Peter Chase     care of webmaster
Muriel Comstock Ridling     care of webmaster
Lawrence "Larry" Edward Cook DOD 11/13/77 in car accident in Grass Valley    
Donald Cooper DOD on 3/17/69 in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam    
Michael Cooper     care of webmaster
Rick Cory 7029 Via Barranca
San Jose, CA 95139
  Rcory123 at aol dot com
Bill Costa     care of webmaster
Woodley Coxe     care of webmaster
Sharon Crenshaw Gifford Kelsey,CA   care of webmaster
Steve Crockett Gasquet,CA 707-367-2238 w steviecroc at gmail dot com
Kenneth Davis Roseville,Ca   kddplus4 at aol.com
Ronald Deets DOD 1/25/00 in Loomis    
Letha DeFries Winter     care of webmaster
Paul Donaldson DOD 10/3/80 in Sacramento Co.    
Ed Douglass Stockton,CA   santaled at sbcglobal.net
Karen Drury Norris     kjnorris7 at yahoo.com
Lorrine Dubin Salzburgerstrasse 43
  lorrine.dubin at gmail dot com
Robert "Hal" Duensing 4 Upland Lane
Savannah,GA 31411
  halinda at aol.com
Larry Dully     care of webmaster
Sherry Dunn Taylor     contact webmaster
Maradee Dunning Abbott Placerville,CA   maradee.abbott at sedgwickcms.com
Mike Durant Sacramento,CA   mikedurant428 at yahoo dot com
Richard Entrican 8957 Gulfport Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-362-3638 entricanr at comcast dot net
Susan Eres DOD 3/17/18  
Lee Erickson Smith 11572 Gold Country Blvd
Gold River, CA 95670
916-852-8845 h leeronsmith at yahoo dot com
Winfield Erickson     contact webmaster
Mike Estep
(now Siri Gian Khalsa)
profile.php? id=100001285217340
Jinny Fish Moore     mooreclothes at att dot net
Michael Fites     care of webmaster
Gretchen Fleischer Alameda,CA   gretchen.fleischer at gmail.com
Jeff Fortune 12 Justice Lane
Cody,WY 82414
  whatzup1945 at gmail dot com
Yvonne Fosland Bluth     care of webmaster
Trudy Fraser Harlan     tharlan at centralhouse.net
Mike Freese Las Vegas,NV   care of webmaster
Kathy Frohman Hixson DOD 5/26/91 in Sacramento Co.    
Quintin Frost DOD 2/8/90 in El Dorado Co.    
Annemarie Gaffney Goble     contact webmaster
John Garland     care of webmaster
Linda Garlinghouse DOD    
Diane Gawlik Reavis     care of webmaster
Patricia Goetjen Church PO Box 214
Westwood,CA 96137
  prchurch at thegrid.net
Dan Goetzman 1396 Ambassador Dr
St George,UT 84790
435-275-2125 h goetzman2 at gmail dot com
Georgie Golden Trammell     gmgt45ca at comcast.net
John Goodman     care of webmaster
Barbara Gordon Fagen Charleston,TN   bgfagen at yahoo.com
Larrie Jack Gotcher DOD 3/22/68 in Vietnam at age 22    
Richard Gould 272 Spencer St
Folsom,CA 95630
916-353-1656 h rgould1910 at comcast dot net
Steve Gray     contact webmaster
Harry Greenwood     contact webmaster
Haines "Grid" Gridley III     grid at charter.net
Judi Guess Jones     jjones at nevco.k12.ca.us
Barbara Haag     contact webmaster
Richard Hacken     care of webmaster
Carol Haddox Frank deceased 11/27/13 in Sacramento  
Sharyn Hagen Ahlstrom     dsource at aol dot com
Connie Hall Chadwick 18178 Retrac Way
Grass Valley,CA 95949
530-268-8209 chadwickspottery at gmail dot com
Ken Hall Sacramento,CA 360-461-2537 w hallywood63 at gmail dot com
Karen Hartman Pennacchio     kpenn44 at hotmail dot com
Carl Hasslinger DOD 1/8/65 in Bexar County, Texas    
Jacklyn Hatfield Tull     jjtull at yahoo dot com
Carolyn Hayman McElroy 7223 Linda Vista Dr
Citrus Heights,CA 95610
916-721-3087 mcelroy at surewest dot net
Phillip Hearnesberger     care of webmaster
Jerry Hegseth     contact webmaster
David Helmich Ashland,OR   encinahigh63 at d-pminc.com
Eric Henderson     care of webmaster
Bill Hickerson     care of webmaster
Meridee Hill Bailey     care of webmaster
Jan Hoganson     contact webmaster
Ron Holden 1741 Bonnie Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-487-9531 h
916-628-1268 w
Ron at RonHolden dot com
Marilyn Holt Huttlseton     care of webmaster
Keith Hopkinson     contact webmaster
Felix Huckaby     care of webmaster
Susan Hunter Atkinson Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
David Hutchings     care of webmaster
Carol Hutchison Jahn     care of webmaster
Gayley Hyde Moore DOD 6/27/11    
Florence Irey Neville DOD 11/23/01    
Joel Jenner     care of webmaster
Jeff Jennings     care of webmaster
Joe Jerke     contact webmaster
Deanna Fennel Jones Corbett deceased 1/18/19 in Elverta  
Gale Jones DOD 5/8/80 in Sacramento Co.    
Kenneth William Kaestner DOD 1/24/17 in Sacramento    
Alex Katsilometes     ktslmts at yahoo dot com
Karla Kearn Morris     contact webmaster
Dennis E Keer 6420 E Beverly Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
480-443-0865 h denniskeer at cox.net
Bob Keister DOD 1/13/00 in Sacramento County.    
Larry Keith Tucson,AZ   care of webmaster
Karla Kirn
    BajanDreamer3 at aol dot com
Susan Kirsten Brazell     contact webmaster
William Kleiman DOD 5/29/10 in motorcycle crash near Summer Lake,OR    
Charles Kloczko     chuckk1945 at yahoo.com
Gary Klug     contact webmaster
Gerald Kolling     care of webmaster
Peter Konrad 2965 Akron Ct
Denver,CO 80238
303-864-2316 w pkonrad at konradconsulting.com
Bonnie Lambert     bonniem06 at gmail dot com
Sandy Lane San Francisco,CA   sandy.lane at gmail.com
Denman Laughlin DOD 6/30/11  
Alvin LeRoy Lawson DOD 7/18/92 in Sacramento    
Larry Lewis     care of webmaster
Richard "Dick" Liden DOD 3/21/10 in Naples,FL
Warren A. Light DOD 1/14/15 in Penryn,CA from cancer  
William "Bill" Lindsay     contact webmaster
David Linn 1274 Stokes St
Las Vegas,NV 89110
702-438-6465 h dblinn at earthlink.net
Anthony "Tony" Long 229 Valley Oaks Dr
Alamo,CA 94507
925-831-8646 h tonylong at spectrum-interests.com
Mike Long San Luis Obispo,CA 805-543-0557 h mike at swingback.com
Richard "Rick" Long Las Vegas, NV   Richard_Long at ymail dot com
Robert Lord 10764 Halloran Road
Bow,WA 98232
360-766-6040 h
360-333-4647 w
rowboatload at gmail dot com
Leo Lutchansky Jr PO Box 33164
Juneau,AK 99803
907-780-4670 lutchanskyl at acm.org
Christine Lutz Peterson 6890 NW Hogate Circle
Port St Lucie,FL 34983
772-807-0395 h cp2missions at yahoo.com
Rocky Lynn 9500 S Ocean Dr, Apt 206
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
772-207-5556 h RockyJLynn at aol dot com
Sue MacDonald Bonk     contact webmaster
George Mackis 624 36th St
Sacramento,CA 95816
  gmackis at surewest.net
Judy Martes Hanson     care of webmaster
Donna Martin Hamilton Roswell,GA 770-587-0552 h care of webmaster
Cathy Matranga Dissinger 3 Via Gardenia
Rancho Santa Margarita,CA 92688
  cathidee at cox.net
Michele McCollough Froyd     michimac at comcast.net
Bonnie McFarland Kaplan   bjkapl36 at att dot net
Nancy McLanahan Steele deceased 4/18/15  
Bruce McMahon 7005 Pescado Circle
Rancho Murieta,CA 95683
bmc at tiptoe-art dot com
Ernie McNeill Reno,NV   emcneill at sbcglobal.net
Dana Meyer Richmond,CA 510-527-1938 w dmeyer2 at earthlink.net
Bill Miller     contact webmaster
Joan Miller     contact webmaster
Tom Milliken     care of webmaster
Geraldine Moe     care of webmaster
David Mooney DOD 10/27/95 in Orange from pancreatic cancer    
Bill Morrow     contact webmaster
Janice Morrow Reist     care of webmaster
Al Moss     pattynal at gmail dot com
Fred Muollo 1230 N St #315
Sacramento,CA 95814
916-607-0193 fredgm_2003 at yahoo dot com
Margaret Nadey Soledad,CA   sitkapuffin at yahoo dot com
Bob Nathans     contact webmaster
Carol Nelson Sams     kiasams at yahoo.com
Fred Nelson 3050 Barrett Park Lane
Lincoln,CA 95648
916-295-4797 fjnelson73 at yahoo dot com
Colleen Nestor Martin     care of webmaster
Duane Newton DOD in traffic accident in Anchorage AK at 25    
Janice Nichols Lynd 7401 Golden Trail
Klamath Falls,OR 97603
541-273-2852 h janjandolls at aol.com
Juana Nicholas Lambert     care of webmaster
Sharon Nigh Dunn DOD 6/5/96 in Roseville,CA    
Roger Norris     care of webmaster
Colleen O'Brien     cobrien1236646 at yahoo dot com
Sharon O'Neil Worman Lincoln,CA 916-408-1555 h sharonworman at aol.com
Suzann Palermo Koogle 4420 Little Brook Ct
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-965-6973 h
916-443-6125 w
Squeewab at aol.com
John Parent PO Box 996
Diamond Springs,CA 95619
530-644-6094 h parent1944 at att dot net
Barbara Parks Valassidis DOD 12/30/06 in Temple City,CA    
Susan Paterson     contact webmaster
Bill Paulson 2929 Eucalyptus Ct
Fairfield,CA 94533
707-422-7287 h
707-486-5587 w
bbpaulson at yahoo dot com
Jerry Pendergraft Stillwater,MN   jerry.pendergraft at parvenu.com
Grace Perry Rogers Phelan,CA   grogers at family-network.net
Anna Peterson Juarez     contact webmaster
Elden Eugene "Gene" Peterson Riverton,UT   peterson.eugene at gmail.com
Robert Phillippi Sacramento,CA   rphillippi at sbcglobal.net
Janet Pickel McQuillan     janmcq at centurytel.net
Connie Pitts Natali     gnatali at quiknet.com
Terry Plumb     care of webmaster
Ken Pollard     contact webmaster
Roger Posehn Fair Oaks,CA   care of webmaster
Sandi Pratt Jones     care of webmaster
Burt Presnell     care of webmaster
Diane Pucci Otter     contact webmaster
Jeanette Rapp     contact webmaster
Kathie Rayfuse Calcidise 2512 E Scarlet Bugler Circle
Payson,AZ 85541
928-468-8171 h
530-515-9815 w
kcalcid at aol dot com
Clyde Reese     contact webmaster
Jennifer Reese House Park City,UT   care of webmaster
Bruce Rentfrow     care of webmaster
Susan Richards Schaffer San Diego,CA   care of webmaster
William Ricker     care of webmaster
Ron Riley 4209 Old Lexington Rd
Athens,GA 30605
706-548-2327 h prsmriley at bellsouth.net
Rick Rinehart     care of webmaster
Terry Robles
(now Terry Webster)
    care of webmaster
Tamara Roesser Nutgrass DOD 12/17/05 in Fair Oaks    
Gordon Lynn Rogers deceased 12/26/19
Richard Rolloff 12127 SE Sovereign Dr
Happy Valley,OR
503-698-7512 h richard.rolloff at icloud dot com
Randall K. Rounds DOD 12/7/09 in Sacramento  
Ronald Lee Rounds DOD 5/18/15 in McLouth,KS  
Mary Salton Navarro     care of webmaster
Marcus "Marc" Sazaki 1616 40th St
Sacramento CA 95819
916-739-0450 h msazaki at surewest.net
Don Schlotz 5982 Ascot Dr
Oakland,CA 94611
  d.schlotz at sbcglobal.net
Marilyn Schoenhoff Paxton 2327 E Robin Lane
Gilbert,AZ 85296
480-632-5680 h claypaxton at yahoo.com
Karen Scott Knight-Curtis DOD 1/25/13    
Ronald Seals     contact webmaster
Tom Seitz     contact webmaster
Susan Selden Perry Los Angeles,CA 323-667-2638 h susan at bunnyape.com
Randy Sharp     care of webmaster
Cathy Sherburn Quinn DOD 8/18/06 in Sacramento Co.    
Don Shurtz 4004 Dublin Rd
Allen,TX 75002
  care of webmaster
Norman Siefkin     care of webmaster
Catherine Simmons Survillas 11675 N Carson Way
Gold River,CA 95670
916-635-4220 h
916-342-1602 w
kazuri08 at gmail dot com
facebook/Catherine Survillas
Marsha Smith Roggero Cameron Park,CA   care of webmaster
Michael Smith DOD    
Scott Smith     contact webmaster
Terry Spence   care of webmaster
Janet Spencer     care of webmaster
Thomas Boyd Spencer III DOD 1/8/08 from cancer    
George Stamey     care of webmaster
Harry Stangel PO Box 2709
Hayden,ID 83835
  longboxranch at yahoo dot com
Rick Stillwell 40427 Riverview Dr
Cataldo,ID 83810
  ricks at usautosales.com
Sandy Stillwell Harris-Tancredi 2204 Cortez Lane
Sacramento,CA 95825
  sharris at surewest.net
Pamela Stimers Hicks     contact webmaster
Kay "Kaytie" Stuto Clark   530-626-3392 h
530-306-7380 w
kcbc1030 at sbcglobal dot net
Robert M. Talbot Jr DOD 10/20/05 of brain tumor in Albuquerque,NM    
Keith Scott Taylor 7400 Scout Dr
Plano,TX 75025
972-491-0659 h keithstaylor at verizon dot net
Leanne Taylor Nash     leanne.nash at asu dot edu
Thomas "Thom" Taylor San Anselmo,CA   thomtaylor46 at aol dot com
Claud "Chuck" Sullivan     contact webmaster
Gerald Thomas Sacramento,CA   akbardel at aol dot com
Bill Thompson     care of webmaster
Larry Tice 2976 E Toledo Court
Gilbert,AZ 85295
602-448-1011 larrytice1 at gmail dot com
Joel Trainer     care of webmaster
Dennis C Trimble DOD 4/27/13 from heart attack    
Terry Trumbull     TerryT1011 at aol dot com
G Vanderleun     care of webmaster
Gerard Van der Leun     care of webmaster
Susan Van Slambrouck Moore     care of webmaster
Jack Van Valkenburgh     care of webmaster
Ronald E Vicari deceased 12/16/13 in Carmichael    
Patricia Vogel Trumbull     care of webmaster
Douglas Wall     care of webmaster
John Wedemeyer DOD 2/17/10  
Steve Wehr     care of webmaster
Timothy Charles Wheelis deceased 9/7/19 in Pacific Grove
Bob Wickham PO Box 350
Sutter,CA 95982
  bobbywpar72 at aol dot com
Joanne Wilkerson Soderlund     care of webmaster
Albert Willett DOD 8/30/85 in Sacramento county    
Karolinn Williams Green Novato,CA   kwg-45 at comcast dot net
Bob Williamson 303 Riverwood Lane
Rio Vista,CA
925-584-0074 w bobwilliamson at comcast dot net
Veda Woolley Williams     contact webmaster
Anne Yallalee Wheelis 605 19th St
Pacific Grove,CA 93950
831-372-9101 h annewheelis at comcast.net
Samuel Walter Yates DOD 7/16/73 at 27   LCPL - E3 - Marine Corps - Regular
October 29, 1945 to July 16, 1973
Wounded in Quang Nam, South Vietnam, died in Sacramento
John Yeats 1607 Danny Way
El Cajon,CA 92021
  jyeats at cox.net
Marie Youngren Imus     imus at sbcglobal.net
Sara Jo Zeigler PO Box 19088
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-996-1572 h zeiggy05 at earthlink dot net

Last updated: 08/13/2020

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