Encina High School Class of 1966 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1966+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

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Name Address Phone number Email address
Allison Ackles Reeves     contact webmaster
Gaye Lyn Adams DOD 8/9/86 in Sacramento Co from illness    
Virgil Airola     contact webmaster
Alexis Allen Steed     contact webmaster
Eldon Allen     Eldon-Cheryl at sbcglobal.net
Mary Allen     contact webmaster
Faye Allen Jonason     contact webmaster
Nancy Anderson Smith     care of webmaster
Charlene Andre' Singley Sacramento,CA 916-452-2228 charlene at
charlenesingley dot com
Michelle Appel Knerr Kennewick,WA 509-582-0506 h
541-571-8058 w
saknerr at hotmail dot com
facebook/Shelley Knerr
Leon Armstrong Rancho Cordova,CA 916-363-6103 h leon0848 at aol.com
Bill Axtell 2967 Story Brook Lane
Riverbank,CA 95367
209-869-8823 h
209-527-4679 w
billbus10 at att dot net
Jim Ayers 1128 Puesta Del Sol Ave
Camano Island,WA 98282
  care of webmaster
Steve Ayers DOD 4/9/78    
Linda Azevedo Otterson     contact webmaster
Martin Babayco     contact webmaster
Bonnie Bachtold Porter     contact webmaster
David Baker     care of webmaster
Gerald Baker     contact webmaster
Pamela Baldi Costa Orangevale,CA   care of webmaster
Melvin Ball     contact webmaster
Leland Barkley     contact webmaster
Michael Barks     contact webmaster
Leonard Bassett     care of webmaster
Terry Baumgart     soulalma66 at gmail dot com
Dean Bear PO Box 603
Jackson,CA 95642
209-296-1640 h
916-416-7188 w
deanbear123 at yahoo.com
Mark Benedetti   akmarkem at yahoo dot com
Gary "Bud" Benvenuti     contact webmaster
Ann Berke Smith     contact webmaster
Thomas "Tom" Bernardo     TVB698 at aol.com
William Betzler     contact webmaster
Nancy Billings Breese Loomis,CA 916-660-0913 h
916-873-3889 w
breesenj at yahoo.com
Kayanne Birch Jackson     contact webmaster
Peggy Birdsong Hennessey     care of webmaster
Graham Bishop     contact webmaster
Penny Bishop Soderlund Sacramento,CA 916-215-1701 w Pennybsoderlund at yahoo dot com
Karen Bishop Flagg     contact webmaster
John Black El Dorado Hills,CA   care of webmaster
Linda Bolin McPherson Sacramento,CA   rodeo2010 at netzero dot net
Nancy Boloyan Hemstreet 64 Brookdale Ave
San Rafael,CA 94901
415-455-0429 h  
Sharon Bonnifield Eggleston     contact webmaster
Karen Lou Boomgarden Rogers DOD 7/6/90 in SF county    
Harry Boyajian     contact webmaster
Nancy Bozara Miller     contact webmaster
Peggy Brady     peggy.brady at sbcglobal dot net
Barbara Brennan Audiss     barbaraofsonoma at earthlink.net
Steve Bretz     care of webmaster
David Briscoe DOD 12/9/90 from illness   contact webmaster
Toni Brown Earp     contact webmaster
Kenneth Edward Brown (1) deceased 4/11/48 in Sacramento  
Ken Brown (2)     contact webmaster
Betty Brusch Gibson     care of webmaster
Mary Lou Bryant Fasmer     care of webmaster
Linda Buenafe Gaspard 9429 Laguna Creek Dr
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-685-5469 h rarepisces at aol.com
Nancy Bullock Lengyel     care of webmaster
Pat Bullock Walker     contact webmaster
Linda Burrows Weise   lenptrek at yahoo dot com
Susan Bush Burton     contact webmaster
Ellen Kris Bussell Valentine DOD 2/16/17 in Warner Robins,GA  
Patrick Campbell     patrickmcampbell at yahoo dot com
Charlene Cannon     contact webmaster
John Carpenter deceased  
Gregg Carron     contact webmaster
Robert "Bob" Casada   care of webmaster
George Castillo 4440 San Juan Ave #10
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-967-3601 h zezetop48 at aol.com
Jane Castle Dodd El Dorado Hills,CA   care of webmaster
Daniel Caylor     contact webmaster
James Cerles     contact webmaster
Nikki Champlin Palecek DOD 3/4/05 from breast cancer    
Wallace Chan     care of webmaster
Lauren Chatham     contact webmaster
Frank Chavez Jr     fltplt at hotmail dot com
Julie Cisneros Trathen DOD 12/30/05 in Sacramento from injuries sustained in auto accident    
Sandra "Sandy" Clark
(now Alexandra Clark)
395 Linwood Ave
Roseville,CA 95678
916-622-3029 alclark305 at aol dot com
facebook: Alexandra Clark
Susan Clausnitzer   916-488-5482 h contact webmaster
Michelle Cody Weaver Placerville,CA   jimshellw at gmail dot com
Ronald "Ron" Coffman Elk Grove,CA 919-714-7334 h d.mccoycoffman at comcast.net
Sandra Cole Rumbel     contact webmaster
Brad Coleman     contact webmaster
Pamela Coombs Hovey 2051 Mountain View Rd
Silverdale,WA 98383
360-697-4887 h ssampam at aol.com
Linda Conley Bloom     contact webmaster
Steven Connolly 6103 N Michigan Ave
Portland,OR 97217
503-283-5403 h satori4 at qwest.net
Cathy Cooper Smith PO Box 44351
Rio Rancho,NM 87174
505-891-7832 h opheliaragweed at gmail dot com
Kathy Cooper 916-730-2279 quilting4kc at gmail dot com
Allan J.Coppock DOD 1/30/12 in the British Virgin Islands of natural causes  
Carolyn Coppock Relyea PO Box 2102
Odessa,TX 79760
915-335-1777 x239 CReseven at aol.com
Steve Corey     stephenh.corey at verizon dot net
Sue Cramblet Grigsby     contact webmaster
Sharon Cribbs Shevelon     care of webmaster
Kay Frances Crick Beaverton,OR   ronkay48 at verizon dot net
Sid Cunningham DOD 9/13/83    
Jeralynn Cupps Krug DOD 5/5/06  
Barbara Cushman Rowell DOD 8/10/02 in plane crash   www.mountainlight.com
Chris Darby     contact webmaster
Joan Dardis Freels DOD 7/30/97 in Sacramento    
Janet Davey Sledge     contact webmaster
Michael Davies DOD 7/18/01 of cancer in Sacramento    
Melinda Davisson     contact webmaster
Stanford Davisson     contact webmaster
Marilyn Day Augustine DOD 12/4/07 in Sacramento from cancer  
David Dayton     contact webmaster
George Deasy 1304 Hillcrest Parkway
Mt Vernon,WA 98274
360-428-4819 gdeasy at deasygroup.com
Lou DeCosta     hideovideo52 at gmail dot com
Karen Deets     contact webmaster
Kathleen "Kathy" Dennis Bountiful,UT   kathy at coyotewash.com
Michael Desmarais     mgd at desmaraislaw.com
Mary Dietz McCord     care of webmaster
Joyce Digirolamo Coker Lake Forest,CA 949-348-1908 joycec106 at cox dot net
Mary Dinos McCord 7184 Therese Trail
Browns Valley,CA 95918
  marygran at sbcglobal dot net
Craig Douglass 12825 E Delgado
Dewey,AZ 86327
928-775-6618 h
916-316-5266 w
cadseye at netzero.com
Dennis Downing     care of webmaster
Louise Doyle Amen     care of webmaster
Clayton Drew Newport,WA   care of webmaster
Ellen "Elena" Drury Kelleher Carmichael,CA 916-967-7944 h Elenakelleher at yahoo dot com
Terry Dudley San Francisco,CA   terrydudley at mac dot com
Ardis Duensing Riley 3825 Little Rock Dr #23
Antelope,Ca 95843
916-955-0094 w ardis1966 at gmail dot com
Jo Anne Dufour     jolvstahoe at aol.com
Tim Dugas 7918 Coral Oak Way
Citrus Heights,CA 95610
916-726-2667 h
916-715-4827 w
timdugas at comcast.net
Robert "Jerry" Duggan     contact webmaster
Michael Dulaney PO Box 1548
Modesto,CA 95353
209-526-3121 w mdulaney at wac.com
Donald Lewis Duncan DOD 10/26/08 in Sacramento  
Rhonda Duncan Williams PO Box 8
LaPine,OR 97739
allinonecc at q dot com
Marsha Dunham Schuetz 1900 Calaveras Dr
Santa Rosa,CA 95405
  schuetzinn at sbcglobal.net
Fred Dunlop DOD 4/21/97 in Alameda Co    
Kathleen Dennis     care of webmaster
Quinton Gibson Duval DOD 5/10/10 from illness  
Louise Dydo Amen     care of webmaster
Margaret "Meg" Eddy Crow     contact webmaster
Joann Edgar Viohl     contact webmaster
Allen Edge     care of webmaster
Jane Egar Chesnut     care of webmaster
Marilou Eghoan Villanueva     contact webmaster
Christine Ehret Hronek 3744 Toronto Rd
Cameron Park,CA
530-677-1280 h hronekchris at gmail dot com
Maryanne Ehrman Nelle     contact webmaster
Linda Elkins DOD 12/5/17 from cancer
Dave Elliott     contact webmaster
James Oliver Ellsworth DOD 6/5/68 at 20   Sgt - E5 - Army - Selective Service
December 1, 1947 to June 5, 1968
In Quang Tri, South Vietnam
Elwood Elmer DOD 11/85 in auto accident in state of Washington    
James "Jim" Emberton 101 North Trail
Garden Valley,ID 83622
  care of webmaster
Arthur Emory Sorocco,NM   contact webmaster
Everett Emory DOD 11/6/06 in Springville UT from pancreatic cancer  
Skip Enos 11431 Lehigh Lane
Riverside,CA 92507
951-682-5842 h
skipsmorninglory at sbcglobal.net
Joanne "Jo" Esparcia Pietrzak Auburn,CA   jopstar at earthlink.net
Diane Fabretti Van Court DOD 7/20/06 in Sacramento    
Lori Fahn Sacramento,CA 916-481-9658 h
916-875-3234 w
lorilo at hotmail.com
Lola Farley Durbrow     contact webmaster
Gary Farmer     contact webmaster
Ronald Fasciola DOD 10/18/08 in Sacramento    
Richard Feese     contact webmaster
Chris Figg     contact webmaster
Carolynn Fincher Charlton DOD 12/10/14  
Peter Fischer     contact webmaster
Linda Flink McBrearty     contact webmaster
Cal Florence     care of webmaster
Jeanne Floyd Warren 916-692-5272 h jeannew66 at gmail dot com
Kathy Forcey Freeman     contact webmaster
Cynthia Ford Goodman     contact webmaster
Connie Forrest Edwards     contact webmaster
Michaela Francis Johnson     contact webmaster
John Fraser     care of webmaster
Mel Fredricksen 5217 18th St North
Moorhead,MN 56560
218-303-1141 h
701-446-6077 w
airforcemjf at aol dot com
Barbara Friederichs Rhea     contact webmaster
Lauren Friedman Chatham DOD 3/28/04 from cancer in Sacramento    
Marcia Friedman Cohen 729 Swallowtail Dr
Madison,WI 53717
  marcialee16 at gmail dot com
Vivian Fritz Chumbley     care of webmaster
Randy Frizzell     randallf at sbcglobal.net
Richard Fuller DOD 3/18/08 from cancer in Texas    
Larry Gannon     contact webmaster
Zack Gardner     care of webmaster
William Garlinghouse Sonoma,CA   ghouse at sonic.net
Gary P. Garnett DOD 6/6/2005    
Larry Gedes     contact webmaster
Richard Gerber Citrus Heights,CA   rdgerber at comcast dot net
Fred Gerdes Perris,CA   fgerdes47 at aol.com
Carl Giacomo Sacramento,CA 916-550-6620 h carlgiac at msn dot com
David Gibson     contact webmaster
Janet Giske Gillespie     contact webmaster
Jean Glazebrook DOD 6/66 in car crash in Colorado    
Michael Gluck     care of webmaster
Jack Goodman Belvedere,CA 415-321-3266 w care of webmaster
William Gordon DOD 9/24/17 cancer  
Wayne Graham     care of webmaster
Charles Granger     care of webmaster
Marsha Green Marchand     care of webmaster
Susan Green Gisin Idaho Falls,ID 208-681-6346 sll_if at yahoo.com
William Green     care of webmaster
Carl "Ed" Greer     carlgreer at earthlink dot net
Pat Greer
(now Jozeffa Greer)
1133 High St Suite D
Auburn,Ca 95658
916-736-6300 w jozeffa at mac dot com
Jeff Grossman     care of webmaster
Regina Gunter Edwards     contact webmaster
Diane Guymon Thompson     contact webmaster
Dennis Haas     contact webmaster
Joan Hacken Carter 635 Calpella Dr
San Jose, CA 95136
  jcarter at cuhsd.org
Lynn Hackett Bowers Rocklin,CA   rlb102867 at gmail dot com
Loretta Haddox Frank DOD 6/6/2006 in Sacramento Co.    
Barry "Tony" Hahn DOD 5/23/15 in Sacramento from stomach cancer  
Arthur Haley     contact webmaster
Bob Hall     contact webmaster
Dick Hall     care of webmaster
Gregory Hall     care of webmaster
Gerald "Jerry" Hallstrom 2020 Mission Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-441-0178 w JHalls48 at aol.com
Timothy Bowen Hamilton deceased    
Kenneth Hansen     contact webmaster
Geoffrey Hanson     contact webmaster
Marilyn Harris Silva     care of webmaster
Julie Harrison     contact webmaster
Karen Hasslinger Van Hoosear Davis,CA   kavanhoosear at ucdavis.edu
Sharon Kay Hawkins
(now Sharon Kay)
    care of webmaster
Bob Hayman   321-720-7791 h care of webmaster
David Hegseth     contact webmaster
Jarilynn Hegseth     care of webmaster
Shirley Heiman Walter     swalter at dhs.ca.gov
Terry Ann Heisterkamp     contact webmaster
Cindy Hellewell Hylton     kevinandcyndeehylton at minetfiber.com
Frank Hemmen San Ramon,CA 925-730-3814 w frank.b.hemmen at rssmb.com
Elisabeth "Belle" Hendrickson 1520 6th St
Berkeley,CA 94710
510-558-8101 h care of webmaster
Gregory Herrera Kaiser Hospital, Dept of OB-GYN
6600 Bruceville Rd
Sacramento,CA 95823
916-688-2055 w Greg.Herrera at kp.org
Dick Hewitt (now Dick Ruiz)     contact webmaster
Linda Hibma Baker     contact webmaster
David Hilty     landbaron at hughes at net
Bill Hollister 1340 Aberdeen Circle
Granite Bay,CA 95746
916-749-7254 h
916-960-3256 w
bhollister at gmail dot com
Georgeanna Hoopes Donaldson     contact webmaster
Malinda Howell Schmidt     contact webmaster
Gary Arthur Hubbert deceased 7/24/19  
Lowell Humfleet     contact webmaster
Rikki Hunt Nelson     care of webmaster
Dan Hunt     contact webmaster
Lorrie Hunter     contact webmaster
Gary Huntington Citurs Heights,CA   glhunt1 at comcast dot net
Rodger Huse     care of webmaster
Michele Hyde Bestudik     contact webmaster
Janis Ingram Crab-Harris     care of webmaster
Karen Inman Silver     ksilver at slcap.org
Paul Irish     contact webmaster
Mimi James     care of webmaster
Lela Janushkowsky     contact webmaster
Craig Jaspar Sacramento,CA   craigjaspar at gmail dot com
Michael Terry Jauron DOD 12/24/07 in North Hollywood  
Lynn Jenkins     care of webmaster
Eileen Jensen Rigdon     care of webmaster
Kent Jensen DOD 3/21/85 in Kern County in air crash    
John Johnson     contact webmaster
Jan Johnson Robinson     contact webmaster
Robert William Johnson DOD 4/29/68 at 20   Sgt - E5 - Army - Regular
January 14, 1948 to April 29, 1968
In Quang Tri, South Vietnam
Carol Jones Spangler 608 College St
Woodland,CA 95695
  spanglc at sutterhealth.org
Cheryl Jones Upchurch     contact webmaster
Joan Renee' Joslin Mitchell 9303 Defiance Circle
916-362-4559 h
916-489-1447 w
terra26 at comcast dot net
Ray Joslin     rayygard at sbcglobal.net
Greg Kaspari     contact webmaster
Mike Kaznowski     contact webmaster
Eleanor Kelleher     contact webmaster
Donna Kentroti Frye   care of webmaster
Gretchen Kern     care of webmaster
Marvin Kincade     contact webmaster
Bob (Ray) King West Sacramento,CA   coopcab at yahoo.com
Richard Klein     care of webmaster
Linda Kline Forsberg     contact webmaster
Rich Klinke 8911 Barrhill Way
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
  brn2fghtfire at msn dot com
Peter Eugene Kloppenburg DOD 5/30/11 from Parkinson's  
Paul Koeber DOD 10/29/91 from heart   contact webmaster
Mary Konrad Weeks     contact webmaster
Darelyn Kuehn Griffin     deekay48 at aol.com
David Kyger DOD 1/30/98    
Joanne Kyger     care of webmaster
Larry Norman Ladd DOD 10/23/09 in Sacramento  
Ricky Lalumondier     contact webmaster
Tom Lamb     contact webmaster
Gary Langstaff POB 774258
Steamboat Springs,CO 80477
970-870-9804 h
646-537-5992 w
gary at 1919.com
Craig Larkin     care of webmaster
Dawn Marie Lauppe Panton DOD 7/16/17 in Sacramento  
Gary Leavitt     contact webmaster
Greg Leong Brentwood,CA 925-513-7804 h gregleong at sbcglobal.net
John Lewis DOD 1/22/2000 in Vancouver, BC    
Sandra Lewis Citrus Heights,CA   sandillewis at comcast.net
Dennis Lichty     contact webmaster
April Liebig Farthing DOD 5/8/09  
Lavonne Light Bishop     care of webmaster
Laurie Lindgren Ammon,ID   lauriel at cableone dot net
Martha "Marti" Lindsay Morris Beaver,UT   martimorris at q dot com
Eric Liske     contact webmaster
David Little     contact webmaster
Sandy Long Lever     care of webmaster
Karen Loscutoff York     karenk at softcom.net
Nancy Lubeck Safinick 24213 Baxter Dr
Malibu,CA 90265
  care of webmaster
Patti Lucas Thomas     rpthomas50 at hotmail.com
Gail Mabbutt Elk Grove,CA   gmabbutt at yahoo.com
Daniel E Mackey     contact webmaster
Linda Madison Manes 3221 Broken Twig Lane
Santa Rosa,CA 95404
707-535-0202 h care of webmaster
Nancy Madsen Lund     care of webmaster
David Mallette     contact webmaster
Joseph Manarolla DOD 7/2/2006 in LA    
Paul Manuel DOD 3/3/98 in Sacramento   contact webmaster
Dennis Marchand DOD 3/7/04 in Las Vegas in accident    
Steve Maria     sam91611 at aol.com
Harold P. Maritsas DOD 8/2/10 in Joliet,IL    
Bobbie Marston Bogue     care of webmaster
Robert Martinez     contact webmaster
Judi Marvelli Fabretti     jfabretti at sbcglobal dot net
Mary Elina Mathews DOD 12/20/89 in Yolo County    
Greg Maurer     care of webmaster
Jeremy McCullough     contact webmaster
Chuck McDevitt     contact webmaster
Al McDonald     contact webmaster
Ron McFarland 2-13-2-3-1 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku
Tokyo,Japan 146-0092
ronmcfarl at gmail dot com
Thomas McMahon     care of webmaster
Alfred McMillan DOD 11/5/87 in Sacramento Co from crash    
Russell McRae     contact webmaster
Michael McWhirk DOD 8/21/96   contact webmaster
Mike Meehan     contact webmaster
Marty Melicharek     contact webmaster
Patricia Melin Lord     care of webmaster
Nirundrachai "Nick" Menasuta Pratumtani Province, Thailand   n.menasuta at yahoo dot com
William Menke     contact webmaster
Ann P Meredith PO Box 153
Tiburon,CA 94920
415-623-9048 annpmeredith7 at gmail dot com
Evan Meyer PO Box 7337
Berkeley,CA 94707
510-295-7140 h em at evanmeyer dot us
Charles "Chuck" Meyers DOD 3/6/17 in Las Vegas,NV
William "Bill" Middlesworth     care of webmaster
Christopher Mietus 460 Brentwood Dr
Camano Island,WA 98282
  care of webmaster
Stephen Millar     contact webmaster
Jack Mingo Jr DOD 5/10/09 in Wayzata MN  
Susan Minnick Tracy     contact webmaster
Mark Gordon Minnis deceased 8/10/19 in Selma OR  
Milo Fay Minnis     contact webmaster
Patti Minnix Spence     care of webmaster
Paul Minor     care of webmaster
David Moe DOD 2/10/2004 in Reno,NV   contact webmaster
Barbara Moffett     contact webmaster
Rick Mohr     contact webmaster
Chuck Montoya     contact webmaster
Duane Moore     contact webmaster
Alan Moore     contact webmaster
Sandee Moore Daley     contact webmaster
Richard Moreland     care of webmaster
Russel "Russ" Morris     rkmengrg at gmail dot com
John Morrison     care of webmaster
Judith Morrison Jones     care of webmaster
Gary Murata     contact webmaster
Bev Murphy Eichman     care of webmaster
Sharon Murray Hironymous     contact webmaster
Max Naegele     care of webmaster
Kathy Nahan Derington     jimnkathyd at sbcglobal dot net
John Nathans
(now John Morgan)
PO Box 1027
Kenai,AK 99611
  johnnymorgan at yahoo.com
John Nativo     jnativopt at hotmail.com
Mike Nestor 2692 S Camano Dr
Camano Island,WA 98282
  sail at camano.net
Sandra Neumann Knell Rocklin,CA   sandrafknell at hotmail.com
Becky Newland     contact webmaster
David Nickelson     contact webmaster
Roger Niello     care of webmaster
Angelitte "Angie" Nigh Silva     contact webmaster
Richard Nohr Solvang,CA   nglass at impulse dot net
Jane Obermuller Drukker DOD 1/1986    
Mike Odum DOD 12/18/08 in Sacramento    
Lynda Ogren Nicholson     contact webmaster
Jeannie O'Neil     contact webmaster
Timothy O'Neill     care of webmaster
Tress Ostoja Putnam Fair Oaks,CA   tress220 at aol.com
Charles Otterson     care of webmaster
Doug Oughton     care of webmaster
Karen Oversby Clarke     care of webmaster
Teresa Paglieroni     contact webmaster
Pamela Pankey     care of webmaster
Robert Paul Folsom,CA   bobcyn170 at msn.com
Ann Pease Thomas     contact webmaster
Melinda Lee Pebbles Womack DOD 11/7/12    
Elma Peterson Gillis DOD 3/10/2006 in Sacramento Co    
Trudie Pool Hunter     contact webmaster
Melody Poplawski Barnett Bakersfield,CA   contact webmaster
Barbara Popoff     contact webmaster
Linda Poppe Scheive     contact webmaster
Susie Pound Anderson     contact webmaster
Carol Premock Kinsey Sacramento,CA   miltkins at yahoo.com
Angelo Proserpi     contact webmaster
Janet Pucci Newcastle,CA   aussiconn at yahoo.com 
Michael Puthuff     care of webmaster
James V Quillinan 678 Georgetown Ct
Sunnyvale,CA 94087
jvquill at pacbell dot net
Linda Ranlett Neubarth DOD 9/2/08 of chronic intestinal disease in Sacramento    
Judy Ratcliffe Dodd 1745 Poppy Dr
Rocklin,CA 95765
  Koalabears1998 at yahoo dot com
Deborah Raymond Marshall     contact webmaster
Jennifer Ready     care of webmaster
Lorin Reed DOD 4/6/2001 in Sacramento Co.    
Jarilyn Reed Hegseth     contact webmaster
David Reed     contact webmaster
Carol Reese Lloyd     contact webmaster
James Michael Reese     reeselajara at wildblue dot net
Kevin Patrick Regan DOD 5/20/09 from cancer  
Kathleen Reid     contact webmaster
Robert Rhodes     sto7726 at sbcglobal.net
Suzanne Ricard     care of webmaster
Maryly Rice Benzian     contact webmaster
Nancy Ricker Hoffman Cody,WY   rickerhoffman at gmail dot com
James Ringler Jenkins     care of webmaster
Elayne Roberts Anderson Carmichael,CA   elayne3422 at hotmail.com
Charlene Robichaud Puentes     contact webmaster
Huber Robinson (aka
Hanumatpresaka Swami)
304 Astor Way
Franklin,TN 37064
  hps_hhr-mmb at yahoo.com
Jan Robinson     contact webmaster
Sandy Robinson Yendes Roseville,CA 916-759-8815 w yendes2 at gmail dot com
Linda Rodrigues Mortisen 1716 SE 161st Place
Vancouver,WA 98683
360-892-2139 h nixonland at aol.com
Linda Rohrer Renz     contact webmaster
Linda Rolloff Mounts Carmichael,CA 916-973-1244 h linda.mounts at gmail dot com
Richard Rounds 128 Benton St
Boone,IA 50036
515-432-2827 h chessking1947 at hotmail dot com
Canda Roush Steiner     care of webmaster
Jane Rudd Lorand PO 471
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
  care of webmaster
Patricia Rude Mercer     contact webmaster
Dick Ruiz see Dick Hewitt   contact webmaster
Garth Rustin DOD 9/1/2004 in Los Angeles Co.    
Clifford Samoville   cliffsamoville at yahoo dot com
Denice Sanchez LoForte Elk Grove,CA   scibbal at frontiernet dot net
Thomas Savasta DOD 3/8/93 from cancer in Sacramento Co    
John W Sawyer     contact webmaster
Vincent Scally     contact webmaster
Robert Scheive DOD 1/29/10 in Sacramento  
Diane Schellbach Smith     contact webmaster
Michael T Schirle DOD 12/7/63 in Sacramento at 16 in car accident    
Stephen Dan "Steev" Schmidt DOB 4/20/17 from heart attack  
Ron Schneider DOD 3/13/98 in Sacramento Co.    
Keith Schoon     contact webmaster
Bob Schultz Folsom,CA   bncassoc at comcast.net
David Schulze     chawksworth at oasisasset.com.au
Wayne Schumacher Fair Oaks,CA 916-517-9336 wayne1948 at comcast dot net
Greg Scurfield DOD 3/30/13 from cancer    
Mary Shearer     contact webmaster
John Shellooe     contact webmaster
John "Fred" Shelton     care of webmaster
Christine Sherman Lund Kodiak,AK   chrisl at wwmiak.com
John Skow     john_skow at surewest.net
Lynne Shower Sputhe DOD 1/28/10  
Lyuda Shtrigel Yakimenko     care of webmaster
Rosey Shultz Joslin Sacramento,CA   rayygard at sbcglobal.net
Jerry Sidebottom Athens,TX   jerryruth at suddenlink.net
Diane Skalisky Marty PO Box 5298
El Dorado Hills,CA 95762
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