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The Class of 1973

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Encina Class of 1973 – 50 Year Reunion

73 Reunion Committee:
Sally Barker
Carol Boyes
Eric Carleson
Cynthia Connell
Charlene Devere Greenly
Sally Enos Locke-Paddon
Judy Flint Crackle
Colleen Hagen Starr
Kelcey Hall Taber
Scott Harris
Susan LaCornu
Elliott Mandel
Marilyn Palmore Griffin
Nancy Patton
Debbie Petkovich Verniest
Debbie Richmond Meyer
Diane Schoenborn Kelly
Danny Shellooe
Debbie Skalisky
Rick Stalker
Eric Sudhoff
Karen Teakle Lemieux
Loni Whalen Mellerup
Kevin Wilson
Karen Yoder Ensley



New Date and Details for Encina Class of 1973 – 45 Year Reunion

Deadlines have never meant much to our class, but the original deadline for early payment for our reunion has come and gone and the money that has come in barely covers our deposit. 

Instead of cancelling our 45-year reunion, which would mean losing our deposit and having no money for an alternative function for this reunion, we are changing the date.  This will give us more time to reach out to those classmates who are not on the e-mail list. 

Think of this event as dinner and an evening at the theater or a concert.  You know that this is a good deal – and we are much more entertaining!  Please spread the word to classmates that you would like to see at our reunion; many are not in touch any more.

Attendees, so far (alphabetical by last name at Encina):

Sally Barker

Brent and Marcie Bombola

Carol Boyes

Eric Carleson

Lucia Churches

Mike Crosby

Charlene DeVere Greenly

Sally Enos Locke-Paddon

Tim Erickson, William Erickson (father), and Dan Whitney (brother-in-law)

Tim and Diana Essert

Kelcey Hall Taber

Scott Harris

Joe and Debbie Jeffrey

Susan Lacornu

Pam Jurich Mann

Elliott Mandell

Margie McConnell Johnson and Janice Grant-Pruitt (friend)

Carol Mills

Marilyn Palmore Griffin

Diane Schoenborn Kelly

Danny Shellooe

Debbie Skalisky

Rett Smart

Plus, committed, but not paid (* check in the mail):

Todd Brownell

Cynthia Connell

Marla Tjoelker

*Dawn James

*Cindy Vice

Encina Class of 1973 – 45 Year Reunion

New Date and Details:

Dante Club – Sicilian Room
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825 

Buffet Dinner featuring Dante Club's most popular Balsamic Glazed Chicken with sides including Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce

If you require a special diet, Dante Club will make you a meal on a plate (at no extra charge to us for up to 20 people [before they consider it as if we are offering 2 meal choices and charge us much more] - but they have to know in advance through me).

No Host Bar

Tunes from the times and an AV presentation

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2018
Time: 5-11 p.m. - dinner buffet starts at 6 p.m.

$70 per person or $130 per couple, paid by June 20, 2018

Please include the name that you used at Encina, make out your check to “Diane Kelly”, and send to

Diane Kelly ‘73
3373 Sierra Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95864

(the ’73 will let me know that this is not junk mail!)

Please send any questions to dianelkelly@hotmail.com with Reunion as the subject.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/375974819538701/?ti=icl

Anyone who has paid and cannot make the new date will have their money fully refunded. Please send me an e-mail whether or not this works for you.  I’ll contact anyone on the paid list who has not previously contacted me after school is out next week.  Thank you!




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