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10 Year Reunion

Date: October 8, 2011
Place: The Mix Downtown
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Cost: $35 per person

Contact: Katie Yelenskiykyelenskiy@gmail.com

Reunion contact: Katie Yelenskiy 01

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Andy Nieves wrote:
Occupation: Contractor
Children/grandchildren: Lilli 2 years, Andy Gabriel Nieves
SinceGraduation: I didn't graduate most you of the school who knew me knew I went to prison from encina high as a junior. That changed me the better I guess.  I've been home for 12 years work work work and live life have fun take care of my mom and now my little boy.  Writing here cause I missed the days of school.  I feel I lost a lot going away not being able to graduate with you all.  I'm in a very very good place.
BestFriends: Austin Kenny, Luis Santiago.
Kids: My little boy is the best.   He is three weeks and I hope to do the best for him and show him good things. I'm innocent to him and I will get a chance to do things over again
GradeSchool: Whitney Ave, Deterding
MiddleSchool: Churchill, Starr King
MemorableTeachers: Mr  Hayasaka.  Mrs Woo math
FavoriteMemory: All my memories I can't pin point one.  When I went away I was just thinking I should be in school with my peers.  I'd say baseball.  I played one game against Dixon we lost 13-1 I scored the only run
Stories: I went to elementary with some class mates and junior high with others.
Katie Yelenskiy wrote:
Occupation: Customer Service Representative/Wedding floral designer
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Mike
BestFriends: Sandra
MiddleSchool: Rio Tierra
AlumniInContact: Sophia Aviado, Elizabeth Romero
Maureen Ellerson wrote:
Occupation: cashier
Spouse: frank Bennett
Children/grandchildren: None yet hopefully soon
SinceGraduation: Currently I am working at Walmart been there for 3 years I got married to my first love in April of 2005 we are in church ministry my husband is a young adult pastor and I am a minister we moved to Denver in 2004 but got home sick and came back in October of 2005 I am currently going to school to become an registered nurse that's what's been going down with me since graduation
Trivia: I want twins
BestFriends: My best friend is my husband Frank Bennett
Hobbies: Spending time with God and my husband,shopping,going on trips
Kids: None yet but we want twins
MiddleSchool: jonas salk
MemorableTeachers: Mrs.Austin and Mrs. Begg they believed I could do anything no matter what I will always remember y'all God bless and love y'all
FavoriteMemory: When my husband use to come and pick from school so we can spend time together
Stories: None sorry I wasn't the one in everybody else business to know that
Siblings: My cousin's: Mary and Dorothy flake love y'all and God bless
AlumniInContact: Everyone that's on Facebook and of course my cousin's
Comments: If any have info on our class reunion please email it too me its next year God bless you all much love Mrs. Bennett
Alicia Malas wrote:
Occupation: nurse/mom/ owner of company
MaritalStatus: married
Children/grandchildren: harley 6, yelena 1
SinceGraduation: what havent i done. i join the armyy. got marry. had kids. done about every job there is. busy life.
Hobbies: like i have time
Kids: love them.
GradeSchool: one in elk grove, lugna creek area
MiddleSchool: one in laugna creek, elk grove area
FavoriteMemory: the fair and gett married to everybody. also dating the dj.
Stories: too many to tell have to write a book.
Steve Bisby wrote:
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Bio: Everything i can to enjoy life and my family.
Trivia: I lost my father in 2005 due to cancer. (He was 44yrs old) Love you POPS!
Friends: Bj Mitchell, Big T (I will never forget when you 2 stayed over at my house from the party around the corner from my house, and Big T scared the Hell out of my DAD in the middle of the night!) , Staples, A.K., Buckner, (thanks for the rides home from practice when my dad would not come) Aaron. Lots of great friends, Even ones who EGG'd my DAMN House STAPLES! hahahaha its ok we still laugh about it when we talk.
Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and son, Kickboxing and watching MMA.
Kids: Joshua Christian Bisby 4 1/2. Birthday on New Years!
STOP JUMPING ON THAT DAMN BED! Cutest lil boy EVER! hes so little, loves to Kickbox like is PAPA.
Grade_school: Grew up in the Bay Area.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Bj Mitchell, Mendoza, Patrick, Anthony Silva, and some others.
Memorable_teachers: Coach Hibbard, Tom Durkee. Greatest coaches and teachers ever. Thanks for putting up with Me and staples in history.
Favorite_memory: FOOTBALL SEASON 8-1-1 my senior year. That will always Be my AL BUNDY Story! hahahaha!
Story: Too Many to tell!
Allison Witham writes:
Occupation: Office Assistant for the Secretary of State
Bio: Since graduation I've been working, going to school, and obviously I got knocked up in the mean time too, lol.  I graduated from ARC with my AA in ECE summer 2005.  Now I am about to graduate again this time from Heald College with an AAS in Medical Office Administration.  I graduate in April 2008.  I am excited.  Not sure if I want to do more really.  I'm a single mom, trying to do good for me and my son.
Trivia: I had a son. He is cute as can be.  He is mixed.  Half Black Half white (obviously on the white part).  He was born with a full head of curly brown hair.
Friends: I keep in contact with most of my friends from high school.  I use to hang out with Kathryn (Class of 2002), Tinelle, Matoya, Amber (Class of 2002), Steve, and Michael Pulsipher (RIP).  Talk to everybody still for the most part.  I will miss Michael, sorry to his brother for his loss.
Hobbies: Sleeping and spending time with my son
Kids: Darius Alexander Witham - 1 yr (B)
My son I call my lil monkey because he likes to dangle off of things, and climb on everything and anyone.  If he wants something he will figure out how to get it.
Grade_school: Ruth Brown Elementary, Blythe, CA
Junior_high: Blythe Middle School, Blythe, CA
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg, cuz she would give me rides home sometimes, and gave me a place to ditch a class in particular that I hated the teacher.  Plus she always had yummy food.  She also helped me out of a problem I had once.
Favorite_memory: None on the top of my head.  I guess just hanging out at lunch with my friends.
My Name is Scott Forest Pulsipher, younger Brother to Michael Anthony Pulsipher Jr. I am here today to inform those who Knew my brother, of
some very unfortunate news that was literally a wake up call/Knock on the door for me.


My Brother, as i was told by the officer, Past away in a Car Accident Yesterday Morning around 7:40 in the am on 7/16/07. He was Bobbing and weaving through traffic and the lane he was merging into a lane that a Mini Van was Merging into. My Brother swerved to avoid contact with the Van, but lost control of his own vehicle in the process. His Vehicle ended up hitting a Power Line Pole and is no longer amongst us today.

Again, My brother's name is Michael Anthony Pulsipher Jr. Class of 2001. If you know him. You can search my name, Scott Pulsipher, and Find me on
Myspace for More information.

I Hope you all were equally blessed at knowing him like I did, and have come to in these past two weeks. (12 days) I just moved into his place
here in Spring Texas From Portland Oregon on the 4th. He passed away in the accident on the 16th.

I, nor any other Family member or his Fiance are here at the apartment yet. But They are coming today.

I am Scott Forest Pulsipher Class of 2005. Thank you for listening.

Danielle Sciortino writes:
Occupation: teachers aide
Bio: being a mommy and working
i have two boys with patrick foross, they are sooooooooooooooo cute.
i have two year old tristian nickolaus and evan will be one in april
i have two boys with patrick foross, they are sooooooooooooooo cute.
Comments:  i miss all my friends and teachers.
Shawne Staples writes:
Occupation: Navy Electronics Tech (Communications Subs)
Bio: Doin the Navy and family thing. Concerts are a must these days, Going to the bar with the boy's. WWW.horseandcow.com this is our spot.
Trivia: I am still the same dude. Who would have thought i have not grown up lol. Oh well I got my 2 fav girls with me and nothing more is needed. Oh but I don't go out and do vandalism any more though unless we go to Seattle. That place is dirty btw.
Friends: My homies were M.B., A.C., "Big T", A.T., O.N.E., M.A., B.G., C.J. and many more of you great football and baseball players. If I forgot anyone my bad u should know that I cant remember shit any way!
Hobbies: Lisa, Marissa, Guitar, FFXI, PS3, Concerts, and downloading free music and movies.
Kids: Marissa Rene Staples 4 going on 30
Lisa + ME = Marissa
Lisa= Attitude, Buff legs lol, Stubborn, very Pretty looks Me= Sneaky, To damn smart for her own good, eyes, smile, nose, lips. Basicaly I wil have many parent teacher meetings to go to. She can be so damn sweet and funny but when she knows she can get over on you your done for. Oh and
dont look into her eyes that is where the power comes from.
Grade_school: Whitney, Babcock
Junior_high: Churchill
Junior_high_friends: None of my grade school friends went to encina they all went to Mara Loma...fags we kicked there ass!
Memorable_teachers: Durkee he knows the true greatness, Mrs. WOO& Mrs. ELLIOT they were two of the best math teachers ever who were blessed and lucky to have me for a student! Mrs. Ugstad man she really put up with me wow. Mrs. Austin she showed me even though I'm a young black man I can act like I have some god damn sence in public,And how not to portray the typical black male image on BET.
Favorite_memory: Mooning the girl's soccer team after baseball practice.... and my senior project in Mrs. Ugstads class...FEED ME PORN!
Meeting the love of my life Lisa Daclan. You single woman out there need to take notes from her she holds it down. Being the greatest Freshman
leader ever.
Story: When I put my ass on the back of D... I mean an unknown teachers head during class! Yes I am the man. Oh the baloon fight on Nacy ross's
B-day. Oh that day Marty dared me to drink a bottle of 151 in Mrs. Ugstads class. I was so damn drunk that day She smelled it and never really knew who it was lol sorry Mrs U I still love ya lol. I did so many dumb things while there you all know of some of them I AM LEGEND Stay Brutal \m/(><)\m/. ~The G.O.A.T.~
Joel Gilchrist writes:
Occupation: Fitness Professional
Bio: Working, writing, and enjoying life.
Friends: I had alot of best friends, Neil, Brad, BJ, Sara, ect...
Hobbies: Football, Piano, just about everysport you can think of.
Kids: no kids yet.
Grade_school: almost.
Junior_high: Cal Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Boyd, Funny.
Favorite_memory: Every momment.
comments: It is great to keep track of all of my friends, and I wish the
best to everyone.
Michelle Ford writes:
Occupation: Still working as a cna, trying to figure out something better
Bio: working, living, being a momma
Friends: I have lost contact with everyone, we all seem to have taken seperate paths (you know who you are) Hopefully seeing this will inspire someone who knew me when to hit me up
Hobbies: Who has time?
Kids: Jimmy Don Adams, Jr.  3 yrs; Caitlyn Nicole Adams   Due Jan. 12, 2007
My son will be 3 in March, he is the greastet thing I have ever done.  Being a mom is number one, I am very excited to do it again when my little girl arrives next month.
Grade_school: Greer
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: All of them, because they all had something unique and valuble to offer me.
Favorite_memory: To many to count.  All though we have lost touch my friends made it the greatest four years.  We had so much fun!!  (once again you know who you are!!)
Karrie Harris writes:
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
Bio: I have just graduated from CSUS with my BA in Child Development. I am working as a Preschool teacher in Roseville, and I love all 25 of my
students. They are wonderful, and make it worth getting up at 5am when my alarm goes off.
Trivia: Since I've graduated from high school, a lot has changed in my life...went off to Chico and came back home, have driven cross country twice with my best friend, I've met a lot of interesting people, and I've successfully graduated from college after 5 long years.
Cynthia Poling writes:
Occupation: Cook/Teacher Aid
Bio: got married, had kids, got divorced, now work all the time to support my family
Friends: i didnt have a "best friend" i just had friends i dont talk to anyone from high school now its sad
Hobbies: i spend most of my time with my kids or my boy friend but in my spare time my hobbies are; swimming, reading, scuba diving, shopping, and
hanging out with my brother
Kids: well derek is 3yrs and bad i was pregnant with him at graduation, josh is 18 months and not as bad as derek i was pregnant with him when me and my ex split up. they are both so cute.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Junior_high: arden
Memorable_teachers: mr.daulin he was so fun and didnt mind my attitude, mr. bonds he let me sleep in class, MR. MACDONALD WAS THE GREATEST!
Favorite_memory: graduating at mid-term, walking across the stage to get my diploma
Rachelle Leal writes:
Occupation: Supervisor at Target
Bio: Working and completing my education.
Friends: Sarah Mello has been my best friend since 98'.
Hobbies: I read and spend time with my family.
Kids: Tawnie, 5, Leroy, 2, Nevaeh, 2. I have twins and a 5 year old.
Grade_school: Scarcelli Elementary in Nevada
Junior_high: Pa-Wa-Lu Middle School in Nevada
Memorable_teachers: Mr B. because he was funny. Mr. Durkee because he was fun.
Favorite_memory: The friends I made throughout the year.
Alumni_in_contact: Sarah Mello and Kindra Mello
Shannon Lay writes:
Occupation: Office Manager of an Internal Medicine Doctor's Office
Bio: Working
Friends: Sherri Kelly, thats about all I still talk to I would love to talk to more people I listed my number feel free to call
Hobbies: I am still working on my art, going to have my own second saterday art show in october
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini cause everyone loved him, Mr. B cause I had him all four years along with Mr. L. Mr. stevens and suzanne cause they were like my mentors.
Favorite_memory: all senior year
Sibling_info: David Lay
Sherri Kelly writes:
Occupation: Currently working for UCD Medical Center in Insurance follow up.
Bio: I started working for UCD a week after graduation & have been working for them since.
I am going to school at High Tech for medical assisting, will graduate in January & then will transfer & work at UCD hosp.
I'v met the greatest guy and we are getting married in September!
Friends: Freshmen year- Brandi (lost contact with)
Shannon Lay, Joline Dick - we got our first place together shortly after high school... hehe fun times!! Cody, Joe, Jason, John, all those crazy guys... became friends after high school with Karrie Harris (one of my bridesmaid!) and Taneka Hern
Hobbies: scrapbooking
Danielle Sciortino writes:
Bio: being a pre-school and school-age teacher as well as a toddler teacher
Friends: darren lang joline dick sherri kelly jessica mulliux. every one but darren
Hobbies: hanging out with my best friend dawn and enjoying life
Memorable_teachers: mr. luccci , mrs.beggs, mr.kenny, mrs hurly, mrs. convrese
Favorite_memory: art class
Carrie O'Leary writes:
Occupation: I still work in Insurance, and I love it, I have a wonderful job that makes me very very happy.
Bio: I have been working and living. Being proud of my brother and sister. Experiencing stuff I never let myself have fun experiencing before.
Trivia: I have not been in a fight in years. No really I have completely CALMED DOWN..................he he he he
Friends: Best Friends............................Amanda.....Charla....Socorro....you know it works in phases really. Youth is a crazy thing. Opening up to someone and having them at your house immediatly makes them your best friend. I still have the same best friend that I had since I was 12 but she never went to Encina.
Hobbies: I like everything..................but I really like anything that has to do with art or music. I like to go to local shows, I take a jazzdance class. I love hanging out with my brother and sister and watching them grow up. I like VIDEO GAMES ALOT
Kids: None
Grade_school: Howe Ave
Grade_school_friends: none really
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Socorro
Memorable_teachers: I think I will remember all of them, being a teacher is harder then I once thought that it was he he he
Favorite_memory: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
maybe it was the first few weeks of Senior year, when everyone was still there and hanging out on senior lawn, everyone seemed so much more grown up, and then graduation. there are a lot of great memories, I don't think I have ever laughed as much in my life, like time in Ms. Ugstads class and she kept saying Master and all the guys would finish it for her, you know what i mean well that was funny. We also had a lot of funny times in Mr. Durkeys class.
Sibling_info: Cassandra and Cameron O'Leary. he he they make me sooooooo proud, they won a bunch of awards on Senior award night the other day......my brother made All League and he was Prom King. My sister was homecoming Queen, they make me so happy and proud.
Brandi Piatt writes:
Christopher Jones writes:
Occupation: Currently i work for the Federal Government, doing anything and everything that everyone else doesnt wanna do! Damn it....
Bio: I started to go to ARC for Graphic Design... but as of february 2004 i have been attending school to become a Nationally Certified Massage
Therapist, i have already been approved to work on a cruise line pending graduation... and i must say i love it!
Trivia: I just shaved my head....
Friends: I have lost contact with just about everyone.... unfortunatly.. i wanna get ahold of people... so if u feel like hittin up the ghetto
whetto... just E-Mail me.. my best friends in high school were staples.. big T... Mendoza... Buckner... callahan... dick...(HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).... Tosha Matthews and many others... just to many to mention..
Hobbies: Currently i love to ride dirt bikes... i am taking up snow boarding, sky diving, and i build computers on my spare time.
Kids: lol.. now wouldnt this be a funny topic.. i dont have kids damn it...
Memorable_teachers: Hibbard... Durkee... They made school an interesting place... be it Hibbard coming outta nowhere trying to kick us... or Durkee gettin Staples butt implanted on his neck... they are great teachers
Favorite_memory: My favorite memory from has to be graduating with the people i grew so close to my four years there... i wish i was still in
contact with most of them
Story: I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WITH NANCY ROSS!!!!!!! twinkie man was a fluke... Mendoza will back me when i say i had a concussion... damn it...
Brandon Braucht writes:
Occupation: I load bombs on F16s in Germany
Bio: Been in the air force and gettin drunk almost everyday. Also been deployed to the desert
Favorite_memory: Playin baseball even though we sucked
Steven Randolph writes:
Occupation: Construction
Bio: I have been working to surporting my family. Riding my street bike and having fun with my family.
Friends: my best friend was brad but things have changed mykids are my best friends now and that wont change.
Hobbies: my hobbie is riding street bikes doing stunts on them,chek out the web at DTPcrew.com.
Kids: Erik chaz randolph 22 months/Alyssa victoria randolph 6 months my son is really smart he can say his abc andcount to 10 all ready my little
girl is a princess
Favorite_memory: My senier year when I met Natasha and the football tea went 8-1-1 and went to the playoffs.
Joline Dick writes:
Occupation: Now that i did the whole nanny thing im off to do something even stranger...... I am going into the Air Force.  Yeah me in the military.  I will be an Airborne Linguist. Dont know what language yet, will keep you posted. Wish me luck!
Bio: A little bit of everything....
Kids: ummmm no
Story: Ill give you some when i get back from basic and Tech.... in a foreign language even! lol
Occupation: Au Pair  (aka nanny type person!) lol
Bio: Everything.... Moved out with Sherri Kelly for a while.... then Moved out here to Maryland... yes Maryland! lol  I have worked and also been going to school full time.... woo hoo lots o' fun!
Trivia: Well about a month ago, Karrie Harris and I Drove cross country together.... went from California to Maryland!  That was the greatest trip i have ever been on! We went south through Arizona and New Mexico, stopped in Stillwater Oklahoma so i could see friends, went south to Texas, to see family.... went down to New Orleans Louisiana saw more family... and yes went to Bourbon street! lol that was great! then went north to Tennessee to see Karries family..... then more north to Maryland.... It was great... took a week in all, but she went back home to Cali, a few days after we arrived in Maryland.... I MISS YOU KARRIE!!!
Friends: Didn;t really lose touch.... ummmm most i still talk to....
Hobbies: I don;t have alot of time for hobbies.... i am still looking to coach a cheer squad out here!!  I am a full time student and i work with kids and well yeah thats it..... hehehe
Kids: ummmmmmmmm no i don;t think so!
Grade_school: can't remember yesterday let alone grade school!
Grade_school_friends: None... i went to diffrent grades schools in diffrent states!  There is Daisha, but she is in Oklahoma
Junior_high: Jonas Salk and a few out of state...
Junior_high_friends: Sara Howell was the only one that i new that went to Encian
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Kenny... he was the best teacher i had for Yearbook... he was also my vent...heheheh Mrs Begg.. well what could i say she was just great... always helping me and making me strive for my best... Mr. Luchini help us all so i cant forget him!... Mr. Durkee, the only teacher who could make me like history!  And of course Mr./coach Hibbard!  he was just great!
Favorite_memory: Junior and Senior year at Encina... i just loved it!  And when Carrie O'leary and Karry Harris used Mr. Durkee and a fireing target! you know what i mean! ummm the endless lunches in Mr. Luchini's room when it was cold and then in front of Mrs. Beggs room when it was warm.... playing endless games of Rummie!  And of course cheering :)
Story: Nothing that i can think of.... i'll come back to this later....when i dig up some dirt!
Sibling_info: My sister.... *tear* Just started at Encian this year as a Freshman! heheh following in my footsteps... cheering and all.... "Go Tiffany" lol
comments: Yeah i am in Maryland now.... miss Cali bunches!  Feel free to email me or what ever... want to stay in contact with as many people as possible.... Congrats Shawnee... who is "the greatest" daddy...
Miss every one and keep me up to date about class stuff, just cuz i am 3000+ miles away doesn;t mean that i am out of the picture! 
Candice Pickett writes:
Occupation: I am currently a Resident Assistant at Cal State Long Beach, and have been modeling, aside from being a student.
Bio: I am attentding cal state long beach...going into my 3rd year, and yes, I am a Junior.  I have just been living the college life, studying, chillin,
and working...enjoyin life!
Friends: I miss my girls...Shena, doing her thang in Hawaii, Patrice, Teresa, Zehava, holding it down in Sac & doing the damn thang!I hope you
guys are happy, and doing well. Tasha, whats up?!
Hobbies: When I do have free time now...which is rare, I do modeling jobs that come up, still playing basketball for fun, and I try to work out just
Kids: Ahhh...hell nah no kids for me (at least not yet)Im tryna get my stuff together, then we'll see about havin youngins!
Junior_high: Martin Luther King Jr., JHS
Junior_high_friends: Shena Johnson (my nigg), Aron Hill, Tasha Goff, Steve Randolph
Memorable_teachers: I wanna say "HI!" to Ms. Austin...i miss you girl!
Favorite_memory: Man we made we made the best of those days...so its hard to choose a favorite memory! Not to mention how bad my memory is.
Comments: I hope the class of 2001 is still representin' and doing what they gotta do to succeed....I wanna wish you all good luck in the future.
Missamanda Green writes:
Bio: I am going to Johnson & Wales University in Providence. I am back and foward from Rhode Island and California.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg because I got sick and she came to visit me at home.
Favorite_memory: When I got sick everyone made me a card.
Maureen Ellerson writes:
Occupation: I am currently a Medical Assistant
Bio: i have been training to become a certified medical assistant
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Taneka Hearne, Frank Bennett, Mary Flake (Cousin), Dorothy Flake (Cousin)
Favorite_memory: During my senior my first love frank bennett use to always pick me up from school and we would go and hang out.
Hang Vo writes:
Occupation: Full time student at ARC hopefully will transfer to UCDavis :)
Bio: Nothing much but school and work then home. boring huh?
Friends: Lisa Daclan was my close friend since I attended Encina and of course Lee.  I didn't forget anyone...I just lost contacts...Sorry.  I still talk to Chris Jones, Sandra Rodriguez and Mendoza.  I see Lisa and her hubby when they are in town...but that's it
Hobbies: Just recently learn snowboarding..loving it...but it is a painful sport...for those who knows me..I am no longer a chicken! :)
Grade_school: Madison
Grade_school_friends: no one they all went to Foothill High school
Junior_high: FootHill Junior High
Junior_high_friends: I know there is one person who goes to Encina but as this point I can't remember.
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Gragg ( the ROP teachers) she is so awsome and Mrs. Woo, the business class.  I learned alot from her, power point finally comes in handy.
Favorite_memory: Everything.....and everyone :)
Alumni_in_contact: Ashley Tran class of 2000
Mike Pulsipher writes:
Occupation: I work for Baker Oil Tools. Its a multi-national oil drilling and retrieving company. I work in their Test Laboratory in 'H' Town.
Bio: Kickin back, makin 'dat dough! Got my own pad, my own car. Just livin' like everyone else.
Trivia: Ok here's some trivia...Who hates Tasha Goff more than me?...Answer: NOBODY! lol I'm just playin around. I wish the best to you big boss lady.
Friends: I've lost contact with Mike Boyer! HEY ASS! IF YOU'RE READING THIS EMAIL ME! I've kept in contact with Fro, Tinelle *unfortunately lol j/k* Alison and umm...I think that's it.
Hobbies: Hobbies....spendin money, its what I do best...
Recreation....I play pool and drive a lot.
Kids: Kids.........riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....
Grade_school: Grade school? what about it?
Grade_school_friends: Not one of em.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk...yay...yippie...woo hoo...
Junior_high_friends: Carrie O. and I think thats it
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini and Mrs. Begg...they were my mom and dad durring HS. Thank you for EVERYTHING! You guys kicked ass.
Favorite_memory: LOL Staples' Porn report! lol oh BTW Congratulations to you and Lisa. I wish you guys the best.
Sibling_info: Scott Forest Pulsipher
Alumni_in_contact: Allison W. Carrie O.
Steve Mendoza writes:
Occupation: Full time Student at ARC(American River) hopefully transfer to SD,Cal Poly
Bio: Working at School
Friends: hmmm lets see, Chris, Staples, matt, Big T, and everyone else I forgot
Hobbies: Snowboarding, mountain biking...
Kids: I don't have any kids nor do I want any, anytime soon that is...
Grade_school: I went to greer..
Grade_school_friends: all the ppl tha where there when I was still there before I left to gayass MIRA LOMA!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk...
Memorable_teachers: Drekee.. Mr MacD
Favorite_memory: all them good time we had
Story: Chris Jones and Nacy Ross need I say more? hahaha!! I will never forget that sh!t chris...
Alumni_in_contact: I still see Big T,
Tasha Goff writes:
Bio: I have been in Denver attending the University of Denver a private school just mintues from downtown Denver.  I will be going to Australia during the summer of my sophmore year from July to December.  I just currently got a job in Denver for the summer so I have permittly made Denver my new home!
Trivia: I was an International Affairs, Political Scinece major, but did not enjoy the class and found that I wanted to go into family and child law and I am now a Psychology and Sociology, I am throughly enjoying my class's at LAST!!!!!
Friends: Adina Lup, Candice Pickett, Sheena Johnson, Karrie Harris, Michelle Ford, Tanya Ozergua, and many others, but have not lost any contact yet!!!!
Hobbies: I have taken to skiing, hiking, bikeing, working out, and PARTYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Grade_school_friends: NONE
Junior_high_friends: Candice Pickett, and Matoya Jackson
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini, Mrs. Begg, Mrs.Hurley, and they all know why, just ask them.  Mr. Bonds, and all the others!!!  I love them all.
Favorite_memory: Rallies, sports, and cheerleading!!!
Story: Not in the mood to type any.  Perfer to talk them out!
Steven Randolph writes:
Occupation: Construction/ Dad
Bio: Working hard, and supporting my family.
Trivia: I am about to have a son, Jan 26, 2002!  I also have my license:)
Friends: Brad Smith was my brother and my best friend...I've haven't really talked with anyone much but Durkee since I left.
Hobbies: I love doing anything with my lady:) I try to play ball with the boys at least once a month.
Grade_school: I went to every school, just about.
Junior_high: Martin Luther  Jr.
Memorable_teachers: Durkee, Munroe, Hibbard, they are all laid back.
Favorite_memory: Throwing my helmet through the wall after loosing a football game at Marysville, and Brad trying to take the blame for me.
Story: I've never attended Encina for a full year and I almost didn't return my senior year to play ball, I'm glad I did because our first game (Mira Loma) I met the love of my life, Natasha.
Alumni_in_contact: Brad Smith, Monica Smith
Heard_about_website_from: Kristine Lester
Shawne Staples writes:
Occupation: I'm the man......I'm in Navy sub school
Bio: well I have a baby girl on the way, I've been in great lakes,Il for boot camp and now I live in groton,Ct. I of course got this fine young girl living with me for the rest of my life ....i think her name is lisa dac ohh no i mean LISA STAPLES!
Trivia: nothin new still the smae old me if u were hoping that i changed... too f@#kin bad
Friends: My homies were M.B.,A.C.,"Big T",A.T.,O.N.E.,M.A.,B.G.,If i forgot anyone my bad u should know that i cant remember shit any way!
Hobbies: Killing small animals, egging peoples houses, vandalisim, bad spelling, long walks on the beach butterflies and that sweet candy...u know what the hell I'm talkin about... its me!
Kids: well she aint born yet but i know shes gonna be the shit... she has my blood!
Grade_school: churchill
Grade_school_friends: none of my grade school friends whent to encina they all went to maraloma...fags we kicked there ass!
Junior_high: churchill
Junior_high_friends: same as before they're maraloma fags!
Memorable_teachers: Durkee he knows the true greatness, Mrs WOO& Mrs ELLIOT they were two of the best math teachers ever who were blesed and lucky to have me for a student!
Favorite_memory: mooning the girls soccer team after baseball practice....and my senior project in Mrs. Ugstads class...FEED ME PORN!
Story: When i put my ass on the back of D... i mean an unknown teachers head during class! Yes i am the mn
Allison Witham writes:
Occupation: At the time being working at  Michaels- Cashier
Bio: Working
Friends: I guess Matoya J. and Tinelle E. were my best friends, haven't lost contact with anyone that I was friends with before.
Grade_school: Ruth Brown Elementary- Blythe, CA
Grade_school_friends: Nobody else was from Blythe in So. Cal
Junior_high: Blythe Middle School
Junior_high_friends: Same as the Grade School Ques.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg and Mr. Stevens
Favorite_memory: Just Hanging out with my friends at lunch.
Sibling_info: Kenneth Witham, he went to Encina his Junior year.
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle, Matoya, Tinelle, Mike P., Troy, and etc...
Heard_about_website_from: Michelle
Frankie Aponte writes:
Occupation: student
Bio: on computer can't stop HELP!
Trivia: tv computer and girls
Friends: kevin,ashley,justin and others.
Hobbies: tv and computer
Kids: don't got any
Grade_school: tomas eddieson
Grade_school_friends: none
Junior_high: jonas salk
Junior_high_friends: sandra, and others
Memorable_teachers: mr. dahlin 4 being a moron lol no just like his class the best.
Favorite_memory: getting out of there.and the prom with ashley.
Neno Hackman writes:
Occupation: student in encina
Bio: havent graduated yet yo
Trivia: im a punk kid that goes to encina named neno hackman im into all kinds of things like i skate and im into music
Friends: diego garcia amanda fogle and others
Hobbies: dj skatin and other crap
Kids: my kids our good they are sleepin
Grade_school: babcock school
Grade_school_friends: amanda james diego jeremy kate mike ashley
Junior_high: jonas salk
Junior_high_friends: people
Memorable_teachers: coach hibbard and mr. kenny
Favorite_memory: my refferal last week just kiddin lol
Story: its hella off tha hook

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