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Reunion contact:  Angela Kern Mueller (encinaclassof90@gmail.com)

Hi Gang:  here is the plan.  Yes the reunion has been canceled but some of us still want to meet for dinner.  I talked to the Riverside Club house and they will reserve some seating for us if we like.

Let me know if you are interested in dinner at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday the 26th.  If you know you want to come please let me know so I can reserve seating.  If you can let me know by Wed. that would be even better.  Thanks.

The rest of the gang wants to meet up at the Pine Cove at 9:30 p.m.  I will put the word out on Facebook and the Encina Site.

Hope to see you guys/gals out there.


2633 Riverside Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95818-2247
(916) 448-9988


20 Year Reunion - cancelled due to lack to signups

Hey there class of 90. It's time for our 20 year reunion. Please see the below info. Hope to see you there!

Date: June 26th, 2010 - Saturday
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Reunion Location: 33rd Street Bistro www.33rdstreetbistro.com
Theme: Red Carpet
Dress: Business Casual or “Rock Star” CasualTickets (payments must be received by June 16th):

Please copy and paste this template into a Word Document, fill in information, print, and
mail with check to:
PO Box 660665
Sacramento, CA 95866

Checks made payable to: Nikki Couture
Please include Encina Reunion in the memo line

Amount of tickets ___________X $40.00= $______________(Tickets are non-refundable, you may transfer them)

No Host Bar available

Adults only - Please no children
First___________________Last__________________Maiden______________Mailing Address:_____________________________ _____________ ________ __________Street City State Zip ___________________________________________@___________________Email

We are planning to do a slide show that represents Alumni through the past 20 years. Please send 5 photos of yourself to show us what you’ve been up to! Photos can be e-mailed to sydnikki@yahoo.com. Photos must be received by June 10th.

Even if you cannot attend, we would love to hear about you. Please write a brief bio of what you have been up to the last 20 years (about 150 words)


Ten Year Reunion Date: Saturday, October 21, 2000

Location: Delta King on the Sacramento River in Old Sacramento

There is also a Homecoming 2000 party on Friday, October 20, 2000 for all Encina alumni.

Questions: please contact Hayley at: mskitty_13@hotmail.com, or Jinne at: jphorger@pacbell.net

The 1990 Class Directory lists contact information for your classmates. Please submit your contact information.

Your class does not have a webmaster at the present time.

1990 Encinian yearbook

In the meantime, if you would like to submit your bio or say anything to your classmates the Encina webmaster will publish it for you on this interim homepage. For a sample see the Class of 1973 bios.

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1990 Headlines
Headline News:
Communist Party relinquish sole power in Soviet government.
South Africa frees Nelson Mandela, imprisoned over 27 years.
Western Alliance ends Cold War.
Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, setting off Persian Gulf War.
East & West Germany reunite.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "Dances With Wolves"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins
Top song - "Because I Love You" by Stevie B
Top movie - "Home Alone"
Top TV show - "Cheers"
Milli Vanilli admits to lip-synching & is stripped of Grammy award.
Both "Seinfeld" & "The Simpsons" debut.

Sports News:
Super Bowl - SF 49ers d. Denver Broncos (55-10)
World Series - Cincinnati Reds d. Oakland A's (4-0)
NBA Championship - Detroit Pistons d. Portland Trailblazers (4-1)
Nolan Ryan, age 43, pitches a record 6th no-hitter.

Trivia News:
Fads - pre-ripped jeans, Ninja Turtles, roller blading, & Where's Waldo
Cars introduced this year - Infiniti, Saturn, & Lexus.


MULHERN, Patrick Michael
On Friday, February 22, Patrick Michael Mulhern died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Lincoln, CA. Patrick is survived by his beloved wife Jennifer Mulhern and parents Mike (and Cyndy) Mulhern and Sandie (and Richard) Stiles, Tom and Lynne Fox and Toni Sue Romano. Surviving grandparents include Jim Mulhern, Rosalie Myers, and Lorraine Prouty. Preceding Pat in death are his grandfather Mitch Prouty, grandmother Iva Mulhern, and uncle Stephen Mulhern. He will be missed by his many loving siblings and his large extended family. Pat is a native of Sacramento, born February 17, 1972. He graduated from Encina High School and went on to get his degree in food science from UCLA. Pat loved sports and personal training and helping people reach their personal life goals. Pat's real passion was motorcycles. He loved to ride and share his enthusiasm with everyone he knew. Pat's larger than life personality enriched people's lives. His passing will leave a tremendous void in all who knew him. Pat (Monster) will remain in our hearts forever. A Celebration of Life Service will start at 11 AM on Sunday, March 3, at The Dante Club, 2330 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento. Reception to follow. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Pat's name may be made to his favorite charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Published in the Sacramento Bee, Feb. 28, 2013.
Pamela McNevin wrote:
Children/grandchildren: Jeremy age 18
SinceGraduation: I have worked at a few different jobs mostly in customer service. I have moved several times and am now back in the Sacramento area.
Trivia: I am finally going to college now that my son graduated Highschool and is also in college.
Hobbies: I have multiple hobbies including Sewing, Cooking, Beading, Polymer Clay, Jewelry making, and Gardening. I enjoy going Fishing, Camping, on long walks in the mountains, swimming, and bike riding.
Kids: My son is 18, but he will be 19 in a few short weeks. He is attending Wyotech.
GradeSchool: Ethel I Baker, Isador Cohen, Herman Limebach, Mark Hopkins, Parkway, Fruitridge, Mark Twain.
MiddleSchool: Will C. Wood and Jonas Salk
Scott Monday wrote:
Occupation: CA Dept of Fish and Game, Fisheries Biologist
Spouse: Denise
Children/grandchildren: Sam and Siena, 2 years old in 2009.
SinceGraduation: Went to Humboldt State for a couple years, graduated from Chico State in 1999 with a B.S. degree in Biology.
Trivia: I do not like working on cars.
Hobbies: Raising my children, fishing, hiking, golfing, traveling, brewing beer, working on my house and yard, reading good books, and cooking. Hanging out with good friends and family. Stream restoration to protect threatened and endangered fish.
Kids: My wife and I have beautiful but crazy twins. We were very lucky, we had 1 boy and 1 girl. Sam likes his balls and cars and Siena likes to dance and sneak the last sip out of my beer bottles.
GradeSchool: Winterstein K-3rd. Cottage 4-6.
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Eric and Mr. Botello.
FavoriteMemory: Leaving.
Donna DuBoise wrote:
Occupation: Registered Nurse/ educator/ Cosmetologist
Spouse: Kevin Pekrul
Children/grandchildren: Chelsea 17, Colt 13
SinceGraduation: In 1991 I moved to texas. I have live in Amarillo every since. I married Kevin and we had a baby girl that same year. She will be 18 years old this month. It amazes me how time flies. In 1995 Colt our Son was born. He will be
14 years old next month. I have continued my education after high school while also taking care of my family. I finished Cosmetology school and got my BS in education. I then went back to school and decided to become a registered nurse and received a masters in science. I currently work for BSA hospital and love it.
BestFriends: I remeber Angela, Stephanie, Chantel, John, Christina,Randy,Gio,rick,Lynn Rowe,Erin,robert ,james, donovan,Kenneth, floyd,Andrew, Michael,John ,Ryan Engle,Amanda, tracy, David, Gosh there were so many.
Kids: I have great kids, Chelsea graduated from High School a year early and now is in her second sem. of college. She is doing great. Colt is also doing wonderful he is fixing to start high school next year. (isn't that when all the fun starts?).
Both have blond hair and blue eyes. I am now the shortest one in my family and that sucks.
GradeSchool: Wayside (bakersfield California)
MiddleSchool: Curren Jr. High (bakersfield california)
MemorableTeachers: Zimmerman, Mr. Mclroy, Mrs Mc Guire, Mr. Tavalero( I thought he was freakin fine as hell).
Stories: These have to stay private. At least the memories I remember. lol
Pam Brand wrote:
Occupation: Office Assistant and student Massage Therapist.
Bio: I moved to Minnesota for a year. Went to a community College there. Moved back to Sacramento for 2 1/2 years. Then left Ca. for Wyoming. I lived in Wyoming for 13 1/2 years and now live in Alaska.
Trivia: Susan Baker drove through Wyoming one summer and stopped in to see me in Wyoming. Haven't heard from her in a LONG time. But I keep in touch with Alicia Eaton (Galle). She is still a sweetheart!
Friends: My 'Best friends' were Susan Baker, Alicia Eaton and Heather Martin '92.
Hobbies: I LOVE to fish and hike through mountains.(In Alaska you have to "pack heat" with you when out fishing, hiking, hunting etc.You really dont want to stumble on a bear or moose without a gun on ya, you might not 'fair' too well!) :)
Kids: Sarah is now 15 yrs. and William is 12 yrs.
Grade_school: Billy Mitchell Elem.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Favorite_memory: The rallies and football games were tons of fun. Hanging out with friends. Trying to get out of doing my homework!
Alumni_in_contact: Alicia Eaton (Galle)'90
Patrick Gray wrote:
Occupation: Partner at Korn/Ferry International
Bio: After five years as an Intelligence Officer, 2 years at Georgetown getting my MBA, I have been an executive recruiter in the Aerospace/Defense industry for 5 years. With a demanding job and 4 kids, I don't do much outside of work and family other than play golf as much as possible.
Friends: Tanya Monier, Tessie Velasco, Marny Daehler, Deanna Kendall, Shalene Rosillo, Kate Del Rio.
Hobbies: Golf, running, travel.
Kids: Aidan-8, Colin-5, Rylan-2, Tristan-2 months
4 kids, 3 boys and one girl.
Grade_school: many scattered throughout the country.
Junior_high: None
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy and Mrs. Pierce
Rina Ambaram writes:
Occupation: Dentist
Bio: Graduated from Dental School and started working in a town north of Truckee, CA. Last year I moved back to Sacramento.
Trivia: Of all the places I've lived Sacramento is the only place that really feel like HOME.
Friends: My best friends are Tammy Good Stevens '89, Kim Kazee Keusch '90, Colleen Vargas Weis '91, Minnie Thavy '90, Thu Tran '90 Kevin Durham '90 and James Bui '90. I've lost touch with Colleen since she got married and had two kids, James Bui since he went to Harvard, Kevin Durham after I left L.A. and Sobana Chand after I left A.R.C.
Hobbies: My hobbies are traveling, reading, cooking, yoga, and snorkeling.
Kids: None
Grade_school: Washington Elementary School, Aletha B. Smythe Elementary School, Theodore Judah Elementary School and Rio Tierra Junior High School
Grade_school_friends: Kim Mueller
Junior_high_friends: Kim Mueller, Dorothea Longer, Cindy Sagario, Jesse Lewis, Sammy Luna, Marni Coolley, Diana Tang, Sarah ?, Katherine? Wilson
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Sutliff because she was a tough woman and teacher
Favorite_memory: Sitting on Senior Lawn with friends
Sibling_info: Nimisha Ambaram, Class of 1997
Michele Bejarano writes:
Occupation: Business Owner, Automotive Repair Shop
Bio: After graduation, I joined the Army to get out of Sacto.  I met my husband in Hawaii.  We had our first daughter in 1992.  I got out of the Army to take care of her.  We moved to Ft Campbell.  Got to live 7 houses  down from Tawnya for 3 years, that was great.  We moved to Texas after my husband's tour in Korea.  We have been in Texas since 1996.  We love it here.  We have 2 great kids.  My husband did serve in Iraq, I thought I would loose my mind.
Friends: My absolute best friend was Tawnya Ramos.  She still is my bestest friend ever.  I have talked with and visited with Heather Munoz(Daley).  I have seen a couple times when back home, Matt Tallman, Eric Burchett.
Hobbies: We enjoy horse back riding, we have 3 horses.  We love playing on the 4 wheeler and dirt bike.
Kids: Samantha 15, Danielle 12
I have 2 beautiful girls.  They both play volleyball through school and summer leagues.  Samantha, my oldest will be getting her license in July 08, that is scary. 
Grade_school: too many to list
Junior_high: Jonas salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Carroll
Favorite_memory: Hanging out with Tawnya before she moved to another school. Getting in trouble with my Mom alot. Heather and and I almost always hanging out together and trying to plan a trip to drive to Alaska.
Kenny Watson writes:
Occupation: I spend other peoples money
Bio: I Have been looking for GOD! No really, working my ass off. Traveling the states.
Trivia: I never thought that I would ever drink Old 8. Its not bad
Friends: My  best friends? IM not sure I had any. I would have to say My boy Kieth Davis, KJ, Ed Fox, I would have to say the whole class of 90.
I miss them all. LJ, CH, Mr Read..
Hobbies: Snow, water, and just started kite boarding. Fishing, and just being
Kids: I would if you know who they are. JKKKKK
Grade_school: Yah right
Grade_school_friends: NADA
Junior_high: Sac City AR
Junior_high_friends: Cant recall
Memorable_teachers: Mr Carolle. Retard class. Most amazing person I have almost met
Favorite_memory: First day as a freshman. Got showered, Tapped and beat. Because my brothers names where still on the record board in the weight room.No Names (Jon Toth). I still love the guy. And mis his bro.
Story: I wish I listened more. All my teachers kicked ass. I just sucked.
Sharon Matthews writes:
Occupation: Electrologist/Cosmetologist/Domestic Engineer
Bio: After I graduated, I traveled to Brazil here and there and stayed with family. I was born there, so to me its my second home. What a beautiful place to visit! Beautiful beaches,beautiful people,delicious food! It's a place you will never forget. So after traveling to Brazil and other places in the US, I decided to concentrate on my career and work with the family business.In high school, I had attended vocational training in Cosmetology and graduated a couple months later after I graduated from high school and got my license. Then I proceeded to get my Electrology license which was a great accomplishment for me because I studied really hard. I felt like I was in medical school!I've been working ever since up untill May of 2003. I then met my soul mate! I knew right away from our first date that this would be the man I was going to marry. We got married on July 5, 2003 and let me tell you..... It was an amazing day! We sure didn't waste time and blew everyone's hair back. Can you believe we were late to our own wedding!!! Since then we have managed to be on time for many things! LOL! Shortly after we got married, we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where we currently reside. Vegas is awesome except for the hot summers. I actually burned my hand opening a car door one summer.Then on March 8, 2004 we had our beautiful baby girl " Lauren Brianna" She is truly a beautiful child and most recently as of September 19,2005 we had another beautiful little girl " Jenna Starr" who is very precious to us.It has been such a joy and true blessing to have our children. We adore them immensely!Now get this...
My husband wants to have 6 kids,,,ahhhh yah right! I told him its his turn to become pregnant! It's hard being pregnant!!! Initally I wanted 6 but 2 is kicking my #%&!! As of now,I am a stay at home mom in our beautiful new home in Vegas and I love being a mom! I thank God every day for my health and what has been given to me in my life.
Trivia: I can honestly say that high school was a great experience and fun too. They aren't kidding when they say the next 4 years of your life are going to go very fast. I never really believed that until it happened.
Friends: Shannon Radford(freshman Year), Sara Stillwell,Jade Judd, Shannon ?, Joanna Hignight, Matt Tallman( He holds a very special place in my heart). I had friends from Rio Americano that I saw a lot of as well. I have lost contact with mostly everyone except, Joanna Hignight and I saw Jade at a Beauty Convention show in Sac.
Hobbies: Working out at the gym,swimming,crafts,scrapbooking,spending time with my husband and kids
Kids: Lauren my 21 month old is somethin'else. She is very expressive and luuuves to dance! She captures the hearts of strangers passing by. She has a lot of endearing traits that are too numerous to mention. As for our Little Miss Jenna, 3 months old. She is so precious and is quite a good eater. She just started smiling. We love our Girls!
Grade_school: Northridge,Winterstein, Sierra Oaks
Grade_school_friends: Joanna Hignight,which I haven't heard from in a while.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk.. I'm so glad they got a new sign! Geeeeeez It's about time!
Junior_high_friends: Joanna Hignight
Memorable_teachers: Eric- The ceramics teacher! He was so kick back and he always made me laugh. He always had a story...
Favorite_memory: I have a lot of favorite memories.My volleyball games,swim meets and Encina's rallies. I also would like to mention the day that I met my ex-boyfriend who was Eric Hoff through his sister Koreen Hoff. He also attended Encina High School.Tragically in September of 1999 Eric died from "Bacterial Meningitis". Although we had seperated 4 years before his death, I cared for him very much.He will never be forgotten. He is always in my thoughts and prayers.
Patrick Gray writes:
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Bio: Just a quick update.  I finished college at West Point, my 5 years active duty in the Army and then my MBA at Georgetown and have been an
Executive Recruiter at Korn/Ferry in the Aerospace/Defense sector the past 2+ years.
Trivia: I've lived in Japan and Belgium.
Friends: Tanya Monier, Tessie Velasco, Marny Daehler, Kate DelRio, and the entire AP crew.
Hobbies: Marathon running (finished 4), playing with my kids.
Kids: Aidan is 5 and is a mini-me.  Colin is 2 and looks like Megan.
Grade_school: Too many to count, all outside of Sacramento.
Junior_high: Went to Junior high in NY state.
Jason Ciccone writes:
Occupation: furniture delivery for the room source of course
Bio: well, the question is what havent i been doing.....lol....thats for me to know............
Trivia: cant think of any except that im alive......lol
Friends: matthew helmers, tony triano, willie duckett, kevin dowkes, mike baroni, kevin jackson, old english 800, mickeys........lol
Hobbies: im an avid mountain biker(damn it keeps me in shape).....my hobbies have changed the older i get.........getting drunk or high is not on that list anymore!
Kids: Dominic Lucas Ciccone, 11. you might know more than i do..............get the picture?
Junior_high: howe avenue
Junior_high_friends: willie duckett, kevin dowkes, mike baroni, stan berry, damn i know thers more but i have lost my yearbook........ooops
Memorable_teachers: i tried to forget them all........lol
Favorite_memory: i cant say........its a lil X rated
Tessie Velasco writes:
Just wanted to give you and update.  After moving back to Sacramento from San Francisco three years ago and purchasing a brand new home, I am again moving out of the Sacramento area due to my husband's promotion.  An opportunity that he couldn't resist and one that allows me not to work. We are relocating to Los Angeles in a month.  Please update the address information in the 1990 website to Los Angeles, CA.  I will forward
my full address as soon as our new home is built and we've closed escrow.
Brenda Horsley writes:
Occupation: Church Secretary
Bio: I worked for 10 years at Arco AMPM, and attended some community college courses. Then went back to school after Arco because of a work injury and found my wonderful job where I am now.
Friends: I had alot of people I talked to, but Kim Kazee, Carrie Giarrita were the closest people to me.
Hobbies: I love the computer and the internet. I also do alot of crafts.
Kids: Well William is like my own, he is 10 and has been a challenge to me (he has some learning disabilities) but he has been a joy to be around.
Currently I am pregnant with my first child, (I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids at all) so my little Kyleigh is my blessing from God.
Grade_school: Went to school in Clearlake Oaks, CA mainly.
Junior_high: Went to School in the North Area, at Norte Junior High (Now called Martin Luther King, Jr. Junior High)
Favorite_memory: I loved being the "Last Apaches".
Tawnya Ramos writes:
Occupation: Office Admin.
Bio: I got married right out of High School and moved to Tennessee where I have lived for the past 14 years. I have a daughter and a son. Ex husband was military, I had the opportunity to visit some very neat places over the course of out marriage. My residence however was primarily in Tennessee near the Kentucky border. I divorced him in 2003, and recently moved back to Sacramento due to the health of my father. Sacramento has surely changed!
Trivia: nothing interesting about me. I was boring in school. I guess I still am...
Friends: Michele Bejarano, I actually met up with Michele 3 years after high school in Tennessee as her husband was stationed at Ft. Campbell. Here we were living that close and never knew it. We ended up reconnected and getting Military Housing right down the road from each other. However when she and her husband changed duty stations and moved to Texas we again have lost contact. Anyone hear from her?
Hobbies: Camping, Swimming, Traveling, Family.
Kids: I have a 12 year old daughter. She is a trip. I have a 9 year old son. They are my entire life.
Grade_school: D.W. Babcock
Grade_school_friends: The ones that stay in my mind from grade school are Tracy Taylor, Jennifer Martinson, and Wendy Perry
Junior_high: Tracy Taylor
Junior_high_friends: Tracy Taylor and Michele Bejarano
Tony Triano writes:
Occupation: Electrician
Bio: Worked here and there doing this and that, anyway finally got my s*#^ together and was offered at an industrial electrical company in the bay
area. Oakland to be exact. We actually do work here and there for the Raiders. But since im a cowboys fan, well you know. Anyways Ive been working here for about four and half years now, and I can honestly say I enjoy my job. I still live in sac on the weekends, but during the week I at the
owners house.
Trivia: NO KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE THAT?
Friends: Willie duckett,Kevin Dowkes,Mark Just,Mike Baroni, Kevin Jackson, J Ciccone, Matt Helmers and as many girls as possible. I live with J Ciccone, and still talk to KJ, Mark, and Mike, only when Im in court or headed downtown. Which was a long time ago. Thank god
Hobbies: I enjoy time with my family, my lil sister jen has a 6 yr old boy named Christopher that loves his Uncle Tony. And I hope to start my own
family someday soon. Also snowboarding wakeboarding.
Grade_school: Winterstien(2nd grade)closed Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: To many to name but Justin Sinclaire, Kenny Barton, Randy Shuker, but the most memerable one would have to be MARYANNE GREEN. "Thriller" Ha Ha
Junior_high: alot of the same
Memorable_teachers: I would have to say Mr. Schuler the best Drafting teacher next to me teaching Mr.Botello
Favorite_memory: Way to many to choose just one. And probally cant remember the good ones.
Nichelle Kelly writes:
Occupation: Childcare worker and student
Bio: I have been raising my 3 children, and working as a school teacher. I'm currently attending school to be a paralegal.
Friends: Yeaphana laMarr, Kesha Runnels, Dacia Moody,Eddie Glover,Yolanda Marteniz
Hobbies: I love hanging out with my children going to Basketball games, cheerleading competition. Just hanging out with my family.
Kids: I have a son patrick 12 years old, two daughters keondra 10 years old and Si'Qwayia 7years old.
My children are comical.My oldest daughter is an A studsent she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. My youngest is not far behind big sis she likes gymnastics, shes always bouncing around.My son is a big boy loves basketball,but is built for football he doesnt like the contact.He sys he wants to be a lawyer, hes doing pretty good in school but could be better. I've been told that i have very good children.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison,Thaoe Elementary
Grade_school_friends: mike juarez is the only person i can remember going to Thomas Edison im not sure about others.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Record math teacher and the science teacher he really made class fun. I cant remember hes name. Ms. lord history teacher.And my favorite teacher Mr. Eric the ceramics teacher everyone used to cut class and go to hes to hang out until he put you out.
Favorite_memory: Haning out at Dacia house in the mornings before school. And hanging with yeaphana and yolanda we had some adventures.And history class with eddie glover
comments: I went to three high school so its hard for me to remember sometimes what school i know someone from. I went to Hiram Johnson after
leaving encina for less than half of my Sophmore and Junior year, then to Grant half of my senior year were i Graduated from.
Jennifer Williams writes:
Occupation: Can you belive a "teacher"!
Kids: 3 wonderful children
Melissa Smith writes:
Grade_school: HOWE AVE
Junior_high: HOWE AVE
Junior_high_friends: TAMMY MYERS
Favorite_memory: THE APACHE'S LAST RALLY
Tanya Monier writes:
Occupation: High School English Teacher
Bio: Hi Everyone, this is an update of our lives in Sleepy Hollow since September 11.  I fell off the radar for most people after that day. Sorry about that (DC, in particular), but I was too freaked out to communicate. Thank God, we did not lose any friends or aquaintances that day--in fact, most people we know who work in the Towers were either running late to work that day, getting a cup of coffee, were enjoying vacation out of the city, or (for one good friend) going into labor.  Almost everyone I know has similar stories of friends and relatives who *just happened* not to be at work that morning.  I don't think that says good things for American work efficiency, but it was a blessing for us. 
     Turns out that I was out of the city that day myself; I tore a ligament in my left foot two days before and couldn't walk well for several weeks.  While that kept me out of the nightmare of daily evacuations at work for the first week or so (ivillage.com is located only blocks from the Empire State Building), I was very much stuck with my terrified thoughts.  In the days and weeks after September 11, I had to admit to myself that life is too short to write, "Click here to WIN!"  I missed teaching, though not the dissertation, so I decided to get my teaching certificate and get back into the classroom.  Luckily, Dan's job is stable, so I got done with my work as a fulltime student at Lehman College (*way* cheaper than Columbia, and the people were nicer, too).  From Sept-Dec 2002, I completed my teaching "internship" at MS 135 in the Bronx teaching 8th grade English.  Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the chaos of this school: police and/or ambulances were called in one or more times *daily*.
     I felt like I failed the good kids when I finished my internship and left the place (even though six other people quit the same day I left), but 8th grade English in the Bronx is not for me.  I subbed around the different districts in my area last semester and was lucky enough to be remembered by an aquaintance, the Chair of the English Department at a private school, when he was looking for a full time English teacher for the fall.  So, this September, I will begin teaching 10th and 12th grade Literature at the Hackley School, a wildly expensive private school that focuses on top academic achievement.  I feel like a war refugee who's been dropped off at a country club; but I am comfortable and happy with the other teachers and with the material we get to cover.  Life is strange, and good.
Kids: Still no kids, but two more gorgeous and goofy nieces to play with when I go home!
Susan Baker writes:
Occupation: I am a Video Key Supervisor for a major casino in Northern California
Bio: I got married in 93, had three boys, divorced in 97, met guy #2 had 1 more boy, left #2 whent on a 6mo tilt then met my soulmate at my job in
August of 2002. We just moved together in March 03. Our new life together is wonderful, a feeling I have never felt.  Every day keeps getting better and better.........
Trivia: The ability to have FOUR BOYS from 1993 to 1999 and still remain SOBER!!!!!
Friends: My best friend was Pamelam Brand and of course Abe Fuentes....I've lost contact with every one. I consider every one I have spoke with on a
daily basis as friends..
Hobbies: My hobbies are of course all Boy hobbies. I Love football, Hockey, basketball.  Playstation 2...Every thing outdoors....Oh and of course the
SERENITY of the OCEAN!!!    WWE BABY I love the ROCK!!!
Kids: My kids are all BOY..Taylor is 9 the BRAIN, JONAS is 7 the BRAUN, JAKE is 5 the WILD ONE, LYLE LOVE is 3 the BABY. I live for my children they are my HEART & SOUL.
Grade_school: So many I can't remember.  I do remember Kasi Fisher and Sharon and I  aka (chocolate, strawberry and tapioca)
Junior_high: My junior high school was Woodbridge in Lodi.... My best friend is Cynthia, we are still in contact..
Memorable_teachers: Mr. LEMKE, Mr. TRACY of course, Mrs. WOO, Mrs LEAFE. And I loved to torture the SUBS...especially the Tom Selleck look alike.
Favorite_memory: When a girl from science class said to me "your the NICE stuckup one"  My whole four years were my favorite!!!!!
Story: I have heard many horror stories about high schools in my life and I have to say that the people I have met the things I have done I have no
regrets.....Those were the best days of my life!!!!!!!!!   To all of the friends I had back in the days you will always and forever be in my prayers and my heart....Don't forget "THE LAST OF THE APACHES"
James Bui writes:
Occupation: Lab Tech
Bio: This is just an update to my last bio.
I saw many classmates at the 2000 reunion. Everyone has grew up and mature. I wish I had the same group of people but back in time. Overall, I had a terrific time. 
Trivia: Are you still in school??
Friends: Keeping contact: Tanya Monier, Rina Ambaram Vakharia, Kim Kazee Keusch, Deanna Narvaez Kendall
Found then lost: Thu Tran
Lost contact: Dennis Dodd
Hobbies: Cloning, martial arts, soccer ...
Kids: just me
Story: I am overwhelm with the numbers of bio submitted. It is always interesting for me to see how our life progress, and the values that make us happy. Don't hesitate to drop me an email anytime. If you don't, I will (especially people like Jennifer Townsend, Mike Baroni, Kevin Dowkes, Donna Duboise, Kevin Durham, Stephanie Eymer,Eddie Fox, Koreana Sinn, Nikki Turner, Chris Young--we need to trade Reunion pictures).
Occupation: Grad student
Bio: After Encina, I went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and graduated in 1996 with a BS in biochemistry.  I didn't get into a PhD program, so I went for the MS in chemistry at CSU, Sacramento and I am graduating this May.
Trivia: When are you done with school?
Friends: My best friends (males) in Junior High and High school are Dennis Dodd and John Endicott.  I have lost and found Dennis Dodd over the years.  We are currently keeping contact and get together once awhile when we have time.  I haven't seen John Endicott since my first year at Cal Poly.
My best friends (females) from Encina are Rina Ambaram Vakharia, Deanna Narvaez and Thu Tran.  I kept contact with
Rina, Deanna, and Thu over the 6th years that I was living in San Luis Obispo.  I still visit and get together with Rina's
family every year in Sacto around Thanksgiving and Xmas.  She is currently busyyyyyyy finishing her dental school at USC. 
She hasn't tell me if she and her husband will attend my graduation or not. :-) 
As for Deanna, I have lost contact with her since I graduated from Cal Poly and moved back to Sacramento. 
I would like to get in touch with her again. She was living in San Luis Obispo in 1996.   She graduated with a BA from UC, Santa Barbara in 1995.  I had a great time attending her graduation party and ceremony.  (Deanna, if you read this, please contact me.  I am sorry for not staying in touch.  I went through the "PhD crisis" and I didn't think clearly.)
As for Thu Tran, I haven't heard from her since Xmas or summer of 1997.  She went to UCLA for dental school in 1996.  We stayed in touch thoughout our undergraduate career.  She and her sister graduated together  from UC Davis.  I had the honor to attend their graduation ceremony and party.  I hope to get in touch with her again.
Hobbies: School, taekwondo, travel and computer.
Kids: Meeeeeeeeee...me ..me (kid?? I am too young to be responsible for anyone else)
Grade_school: Woodlake Elementary
Junior_high: Howe Avenue Junior High
Junior_high_friends: Dennis Dodd, John Endicott
Memorable_teachers: Mr. John Tracy, history teacher,  Mr. Baker, Coach Gallant, Ms. Sherry Lord and Ms. Susan McQuire.
Mr. Tracy took a polaroid of me while I slept in his class and posted it. :-)    He was a good man.  I got to know him and
his family after I graduated from Encina.  He died in 1991 from cancer.  From the experience, I learned that life is too short
to be uptight.
I kept in touch with Mr. Baker for the first couple years after Encina.  He transfered to Mira Loma in 1991 (I think). 
However, he gave advice and mentor me through the first two years of college.
Also, I kept in touch and visited Coach Gallant at Encina for the first couple years.   He was also my mentor and guidance.
He is a terrific coach, and caring person.  He had helped  'lost soul' like myself and student like Jason Duncan through
uncertainty of our lives.  I believed he is one of our Encina Alumni (way back in the '70s).  I would like to have an
opportunity to thank him.
Ms. Lord and Ms. McQuire helped boost our  first fundraiser.  We were (probably are) the only freshman class with
a $2000.00 in our account. 
Favorite_memory: Everything became memorable probably because I had massaged them to my liking, or  I had realized that I am still young and foolish.
Story: No story to tell here, but I would like to extend a personal invitation to all the classmates to come back and rejoice as
the class we once began in 1990.  I regret that I didn't stick with you to the end.   I will be delighted to see everyone again. 
My thanks to Denyce Bellinger for her unselfishness effort and for being the beacon that guides me home. 
Like always, I talk in riddle. :-)
Kasi Fisher writes:
Occupation: (retired)early childhood eduacator now i am a happy stay at home mommy! :0)
Bio: well, after school i took a year off to "find" myself and i found myself modeling.yes, skinny goofy ol' me modeling!lol.then in august '91 i found myself at southwestern college majoring in elementary and preschool education.i graduated in 1994.i taught for 10 years('91-'01)in some shape, way , or form.i've been married and divorced had a child became mormon moved to utah and now i'm just chillin' as an at home mom.life is great! i'll be going back to school to become a pediatric physician's assistant as soon as my daughter gets a bit older.i just love kids! i want five more! (just kidding) :0)
Trivia: i've been mormon since 1998.i cut all of my hair off in 1990 and wore it shaved for a long time.but now it's long again.i was almost 200#'s in 2002, but now i'm skinny again! :0)
Friends: yeaphana la marr, dacia moody, and chris chapman.i loved my bro's ian loza, var sockolov, and rian phillips too.i liked laughing with tangelia mullen, corey taylor, and mike juar(ez).i still have love for bobby beckwith.i knew a lot of people in all the classes all four years i was there so it'd be too hard to name all of those dear to me.phana and dacia are still my girls and i see var every time i'm in sac.:0)
Hobbies: i love to read, shop on-line, chat at ldsmingle.com,volunteer in my daughter's classroom, go out to eat, cook and bake at home, watch dvd's, go to the movies, do arts and crafts(i'm somewhat a molly mormon type lol), and talk on the phone.:0)
Kids: i only have one child. the sweetest smartest little girl on this earth! you know, my own mini me!her name is kiamry(yes, sounds like the car!)she is seven and she is my fourth of july fireworks every year.i homeschooled her for a while so she's a bit bratty, but she's popular at school too.she has a couple of blond male twins that adore her!:0)
Grade_school: um...i went to school all over cali-but cottage for kindergarten for a bit.a.m. winn for 6th grade
Grade_school_friends: just chris and keith davis were in my kindergarten class.and susan baker was in my 6th grade class.
Junior_high: sam brannan.
Memorable_teachers: mac-he was the best teacher ever and he taught me to have faith in myself and my abilities.mrs.lord-she really helped me think about this world and the way things are and have been/ she challenged me to think and be a strong smart independent woman.mrs. grossenbacher-she really helped me with my poetry.mrs.tak-she helped me keep my love for writing stories and reading.mrs.bunner-she was the best cheer coach encina had!fig-because he was an awesome biology teacher and he helped me develop my love for science.and mr. estes-great math teacher helped me grasp those concepts in geometry so when i went on to calculus i wasn't lost.thanks mr. derderian for teaching me how to drive! :0)
Favorite_memory: being the class of the last apaches. one of my uncles and one of my cousins were apaches too.and i'll never forget the laughs the day i wore my briefs inside my pantyhose at the game! lol :0)
Story: i have too many to list here.but i loved a lot of my classmates and teachers and they are forever in my heart.
Sibling_info: to reach harold leon moore(class of 70something)or myron "sly" burns class of '87.just e-mail me.
Alumni_in_contact: yeaphana la marr, dacia moody, var sockolov, and bobby beckwith.
comments: i'm glad i found this site.it's so good to see so many people i care about are still alive and kicking!i would like to see/know what's up with vanessa watts too! well, all my friends from encina academy of science and technology-remember, jesus loves you and i do too! :0)
Mike Daniels writes:
Occupation: airline employee
Bio: raising my son.busy playing semi-pro baseball.its nice to get paid for
something you enjoy.working in the airline industry has been awesome.i
travel alot since i can fly for free.go to alot of raider games.pretty much
keep to myself and teach my son the right things in life.marcus is a great
baseball player.i have coached baseball for the younger kids for six years
now.i really enjoy teaching the little kids about baseball.
Friends: peter casillas,camilo gee
Hobbies: i play semi pro baseball,enjoy playing softball,collect sports
 Kids:  i have a ten year old son named marcus and a seven year old named
Grade_school: howe avenue
Grade_school_friends: peter casillas,camillo gee
Junior_high: howe avenue
Junior_high_friends: peter casillas,camilo gee
Memorable_teachers: my baseball coach bob oliver.he is who i have to thank
for teaching me and talking to me about life.
Favorite_memory: hanging out at larkspur park{ha-ha}
Erin Kruger writes:
Occupation: Video/Film Production
Bio: Erin had her first taste of filmmaking at age seven in a 16mm film made her Girl Scout leader. At nine, she sang and danced in The Wizard of Oz with the Sacramento Children’s Theatre, and in her spare time amused her family and friends with her impressions of Ethel Merman and Cab Calloway. By the time she got to high school, she began to work behind the scenes instead; studying art and photography which led to her first film at age nineteen, How to Find Elvis in Your Hometown. Erin continued her studies in photography and art in college, eventually moving to San Francisco to study film at the Academy of Art College. Now she owns a small video production company, HunBun Films.
Friends: Mike Grahm, Greg Reicart (sp),
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly, and Creekside
Junior_high: Howe Ave, and John Adams Jr. high in LA
Junior_high_friends: Toni Craver
Memorable_teachers: Eric the ceramic teacher.
Sibling_info: Noelle Kruger 1985
Stephanie Eymer-Rowe writes:
Occupation: Office Manager
Bio: Work and kids
Trivia: I've never grown up!
Friends: Donna Dubouise, Angela Kern, Lynn Rowe 1988, Chantel Beck, Gerd Hothouse, Mike Brown, Jeff Catt Lost touch with all but Mike Brown
Hobbies: cross stitching, out door activities, sports
Kids: David 8  Zachary 3
Justin Sinclaire writes:
Occupation: Account executive
Bio: Well, I wish I could say i've been as productive as my peers however, I have made something out of nothing. After two years of Heavy partying I went back to school > A.R.C. and Sac city (no diploma, just enlightenment) Worked several jobs until a proposition transfered me to the bay area where i've been for 6 years. Currently an A.E. for ECOLAB. Started a new life and left the old one behind. Leaving Sac was the best decision i've made yet. Currently single but taken, living in sin for two years now. Soul mate fer sure just waiting till its right. I bought a house in the Clayton/Concord area > birds and fish are our kids. Tired of the corporate BS, currently pursuing my real estate liscense, bartending on the side. I love the bay area, so much energy, open minded people, and always something going on. I'm an SF Giants season ticket holder and Raider games are just 15 min. away. Fine wine and delictable cuisine are my new passions. I go home occasionally to see my bro and sis but am never nostalgic.
Friends: Best friends ...hmmm....Greg Raichart..miss that guy! Of course my rat pack > Randy Shuker, Kenny Barton, Eric Dobrinski, Jamie Coletti, Billy Andrejewski, Gerd Holthaus, Lisa Deleon, Lori Brown, Sherry Shull Holly and TJ..many other ladies....... :) Not in contact w/anyone.
Hobbies: I play softball...go to lots of A's /Giants/Raider games....Always remodeling something in my house...cooking, eating, drinking....Recently started a sports memorabilia business on the net, hard to find rookie cards, autographed items, Sport plaques.
Kids: I'm still a kid...maybe someday...I wanna see the world first...Hit Italy and Greece last year...
Grade_school: Greer and Edison
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Tony Triano whats that guy doin? Randy Shukey Dukie, Kenny "Cool Buzz" Barton. Mary Green broke my heart > Gerd beat me up over her :)
Memorable_teachers: Well since I slept through most of my classes...no teacher really pushed me except Eric of course "JUSTIN STOP THROWING CLAY!"
Favorite_memory: It was such a blurr. I had fun though, i think. Honestly, I didnt like a lot of people there. We did have a crazy food fight my freshmen year though, some dude got whacked with an apple in the face.
Remember all the cars with BASS! I did meet a lot of cool girls there.
Story: "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while , you could miss it!" - Ferris Bueller
Tracy Pyorre writes:
Occupation: Internet sales and product support for SecureRite.com
Bio: This is just an update to my existing bio.  I got married to the love of my life Tim Wirtz (not an Encina Alum...grew up in Petaluma) on October 6th, 2001.  It took me almost until the age of 30 to find him, but I'm glad I waited.  Still living in San Diego & working at Securerite.com.  No kids for awhile (we have 2 cats that are enough trouble=)
Bio: I went to Chico State directly after high school--I was one of those that didn't make it all the way to graduation.  I completed about 3 semesters, but when my grade point average started slippin' I had to slip out of town.  My one semester off turned into the last 8 years!  I'm working at a wonderful job in San Diego now, so it's not all bad. 
Friends: My only "best friends" were Melissa Smith (Naghavi) '90 and Amy Rhoads (Shannon), '89.  I had the pleasure of considering most of the class of '90 friends, though, because I enjoyed most everyone.  Amy Rhoads is the only one I am still in contact with.  Melissa got married, moved to Michigan, and that's the last I heard.   The phone number that I had isn't her number anymore so hopefully she's doing well.
Hobbies: Well, since most of my family and friends are in Northern California, traveling has become a necessary evil and pleasure.  I enjoy going to the beach, kickboxing, and enjoying the wonders of Southern California. 
Kids: Like some of the other bios on this site,  my 6 year old cat Smokey is as close as I'll get for the next couple of years.
Grade_school: Cottage Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Scott Monday (last I heard he's living in Chico, engaged, and happy)
Phuoc Quach (last I heard he's living in Southern Cal & doing VERY well for himself).
Maria Dogias (haven't seen her since high school)
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Too many to list.  Most of the class went to Encina, El Camino, or Rio
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy of course.  I can't believe he passed away.  I thought he was too stubborn to die.  He was one of the best!
Favorite_memory: Being the "Last of the Apaches"
Sibling_info: Mark Pyorre (1987)  arvid1@jps.net
Michelle Pyorre (1987) mpyorre@erac.com
Alumni_in_contact: Amy Rhoads (1989)
Abbey Rhoads (1988)
Heard_about_website_from: Jerry Dragoo & Kristine Dragoo (Monday)
Angela Broomhall writes:
Occupation: currently unemplyed
Bio:  I moved back to Columbus, Ohio where I'm from.  I got back with my boyfriend and we got married.  Now divorced since last July.  I have full custody of my boys and enjoying raising them. I've had some good jobs working at gas stations, but now I'm unemployed being a single mom and taking care of my wonderful boys.  
Friends: Christina Cooper and Jenny Kemp(she didn't go to Encina)
Hobbies: I love to take my boys fun places such as the park and movies.  I love to write and sing.
Kids: My boys are very wonderful.  My oldest son is James Paul Barnes whose 9 and Bryan Lee Barnes whose 6.
Grade_school: I It was in Sacramento, but I forget the name.
Grade_school_friends: Jenny Merson (Kemp)  In 3rd-5th grade, I went to school in Sacramento. I can't remember those school names.
Junior_high: Walton Springs in Westerville, Ohio.
Memorable_teachers: I remember Mr. Tracey:history teacher.  He would always make you laugh and watching movies at lunch time. 
Favorite_memory:  Being in the choir was the best because I loved to sing.  I forgot his name.  I liked all the concerts we did.  Of course Graduation was the best most of all.
Heard_about_website_from: looking for class mates
Patrick Gray writes:
Occupation: Now an MBA Student
Bio: This is just an update.  After graduating from West Point in 1996, I have spent the last five years as a Military Intelligence officer.  I spent 2 1/2 years in Japan and 6 mos. in Belgium.  Recently, I have been stationed at Ft. Hood (I don't know Kel Gleason on survivor--although we are in the same line of work).  I leave the Army in mid-May to attend Georgetown University.  I married my wife Megan, in 1997 and we now have a handsome young 4 month old son, Aidan Patrick.  He is absolutely a blessing.
Now, I am starting my journey to get an MBA and work for an investment bank.  Time to chase the might greenback after five years working for Uncle Sam and being moved all over the world.  Megan and I are looking forward to leaving the military and starting the new chapter in my life.  There is no doubt that I will get up to see Tanya Monier in Sleepy Hollow, NY.
Trivia: I started my own investment company.
Friends: Friends with Tessie Velasco, Deanna Narvaez, Tanya Monier, Vanessa Watts (where are you) and Doug Zamboni (where is he?), Marny Daehler Youngdahl.
Hobbies: I use to have hobbies before I was a parent.  I suppose running my company is what I do for relaxation.  I run a lot and plan on running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC this fall (for the third time).
Kids: Aidan is a huge, in the 97th percentile for height and weight (didn't get it from me).  He is so good looking he should be in baby ads.
Grade_school: Various
Junior_high: Niagara Falls, NY
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Pierce, a mentor to me.  Mr. Tracy--should be in the teaching hall of fame.
Favorite_memory: The friends I made in the AP program and all the time we spent shooting the breeze.  We challenged each other to think critically.
Tangelia Mullen writes:
Occupation: Management
Bio: Since graduation, I have been traveling different places and fulfilling all of my dreams and fantasies. I have also been fortunate to become a mother of two wonderful children and a wife to a good ole' southern man. Currently I am living in Dallas but making plans to leave very soon. Dallas, is not my home....
Trivia: I have met alot of people some good and some bad but for the most part of it all good
Friends: I honestly cannot say I had a best friend that I went to school with, but a few people I seldomly think about are Corey Taylor, Melissa Jefferson, Vanessa Watts, Holly Schaffer and Kashundra Fisher and I did not forget about you Minnie  Antonio C. And I wonder did Cher ever find her a millionaire what do you think about that Lisa D.
Hobbies: My current hobbies are resting an night I love to sleep. I say that because I have a active 1 year old and a talkative 5 year old.
Kids: My children... they are a blessing. Sometimes I cannot understand "why" they do the things they do and say the things that they say but for the most part of it I am glad they are here. As the old proverb say "Kids Say The Damnest Things"
Grade_school: Never had the desire to attend....
Memorable_teachers: My most memboralbe teacher is Mr. Tracy & Mr. Algebra teacher(?) sorry I can remember his face but cannot think of his name right now.
Favorite_memory: My favorite memory of Encina is graduation day.. I recall being next in line to get my diploma & when my mother curesed Mr. Rueben out that was funny.
Story: The thing that interests me the most is that out of all the people that had their nose in the air and were to good to talk to you sometimes ( I do not recall seeing your name in any spotlights) makes me wonder where I went right.
Armando Maes writes:
Occupation: Chef
Bio: Left high school after my sohmore year. Went to Texas got my GED. Moved back to Sacramento started indoor gardening for about two years while I was learning the chef trade at Piatti in Sacramento. Discovered that I had this
amazing talent to cook & create fantastic Italian cuisine. I am now one of the top rated chefs in San Francisco. You can come check me out at Rose Pistola in San Francisco. Currently saving & studying to own my own Restaurant.
Friends: Jim & Joe Moore (best friends for life),Mark B.,Tracy Martin, Jason McCarthy (may god look over him),everybody in integrated english/ history, Chris Cheng, Joe McCLeore, Bobby Martinez, John Dumas, Billy Bloodsaw, Greek Harvey IV (punk), Candy, and all the other girls that I flirted with.
Hobbies: bicycling, cooking, traveling, hiking
Kids: none
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Bobby Martinez, John Dumas, Spencer Hamilton, Claudel, Billy Bloodsaw
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: All the Same from HIgh School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Lord (the bomb archeologists), Mr. Sanders very intelligent profesor & very impressionable
Favorite_memory: My party that I had at my moms house our sophmore year when the seniors stole the kegs and we stole them back. Greek kicked the shit at of Isaac Gomez.
Kate Del Rio writes:
Occupation: Money Markets Trader
Bio: I'll try to be as brief as possible, I don't want to bore you to death.  After High School I returned to Spain and went to university in Madrid to study Economics.   That was a five year degree,  I spent the fifth year in France with a student's exchange program.   I graduated in 1995 and started to work in Madrid for a small auditing firm, but I missed my student life and didn't like accounting so much, so I went on to get a Postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics in the UK.  That was a great year, both from an academic and social perspective.  I learnt a lot about myself, people and of course, Economic Development.  In 1997 I moved back to Madrid and got a job in an American consulting firm, but again I felt something was missing, the job was too  tedious and unchallenging, so I quit.   In May 1999 I found a job in an investment bank, so I moved to London and this is where I have been living since. London is a very multicultural city, fun and interesting, but rainy and gloomy, I guess you can't have everything.  As you can see, I have remained quite international, although Spain still is my favourite place to live, and I hope to return there some day. By the way, I am not married and have no kids either, and neither is my sister, it must be a family thing!!!  ust to let you know, my name is not really Kate, but Catalina.  I changed it when I moved to California for some silly adolescent complex, but I'm known as Catalina or Cat to everyone.
Trivia: I was student's representative at the university council and member of a "left wing" student union, Pat I'm sure you'll love this one. Tanya came to stay with me in Madrid, it was great having her, I felt bad it was during exams time and didn't have much time to show her around.  However, I still have pictures from a Mexican party we held at my place during her stay, it was brilliant!!!
Friends: Tessie Velasco and Maria Dogias were my closest friends, but there are a lot of other people I remember having great times with, like Kevin Jackson who was my date for both Junior Prom and Senior Ball.
Hobbies: Films, reading (Tanya I hope you get into it again, it's one of the few mind developers I know), skiing and going out with friends.
Kids: No kids, for now.
Grade_school: Spain
Junior_high: Spain
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracy, I loved his psychology class, I still use his relaxation technique when I can't sleep at night.  Also, Mr. Derderian which whom I used to talk about world politics.
Favorite_memory: The rallies, the first time I went to one I thought "this people are completely out of their minds", but it was a blast.
Heard_about_website_from: I got an email from Harlan Lau after I entered the classmates website
Pamela McNevin writes:
Occupation:  ATT Local Service Associate
Bio:  I have worked at few different jobs, but have been at this one for 3 years now. It's not a bad job for the most part. I am engaged to married. My Fiancee is Josef McCarter he also attended Encina we met up again about 3 years after graduation. We started dating in 1996 have been together ever since.
Hobbies: Sewing, Crafts, Archery, Fishing, Camping, Reading, Attending Rennaisance Faires and SCA events, 
Kids: My son is named Jeremy he is 9 years old and in 4th grade he is a very active child.
Sibling_info:  Debra McNevin 1989
Alumni_in_contact: I have lost Contact with some of the people I listed when I originally filled this out, still in Contact with Josef McCarter, Francisco Arnell, and Tim Pauley
Kevin Dowkes writes:
Occupation: Postal Letter Carrier
Bio: I worked with Tony Triano, Kenny Watson, Willie Duckett, and Kevin Jackson in the automotive business for a couple of years. I then enlisted in the U.S. Navy for four years. I sailed the seas around the world. I enjoyed the travel but soon found it to be very lonesome. I came to the understanding of what "NAVY" stood for; Never Again Volunteer Youself. I came back to Sacramento and got into the Reprographic industry for a couple of years. I am currently a letter carrier, mailman, in the Fair Oaks area.
Trivia: After graduation my residence became a known party weekend house. I never thought at that time that I would soon pursue a college degree in Criminal Justice.
Friends: Mike Baroni, Willie Duckett, Tony Triano, Jason Fox, and many more..
Lost contact-Eddie Fox, Scott Monday, Keith Davis, and many more..
Hobbies: Work and more work. When possible I enjoy golf.
Kids: One son who is a year and two months. He is our Blessing in disguise. He makes it so easy to smile.
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly
Grade_school_friends: Mike Baroni
Junior_high: Howe Ave.
Junior_high_friends: Mike Baroni, Shane Maynard, The Foxs
Memorable_teachers: Mr. McElroy, He allowed me to help explain the math solutions. Mr. Dutton, Hard Ass!
Favorite_memory: Getting to paly Varsity baseball as a sophmore.
Sibling_info: Lisa Dowkes 1994
Alumni_in_contact: Willie Duckett, Mike Baroni
Heard_about_website_from: Mike B.
Lisa De Leon writes:
Occupation: Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
Bio: I thought I did this already and found out at the reunion that I hadn't.  Where to begin.  After graduating from Encina I decided to pass on UC Davis and stay in Sacramento to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I spent 2 years at Sac City completing my undergraduate requirements for an intention to focus on Pre-Med.   While there I founded their MESA/MEP Pre-Med Club and felt I was well on my way.   I looked at several schools and finally realized I couldn’t afford Stanford and settled for San Francisco State University.  USF’s Medical School was and still is very friendly to SFSU students.  In my senior year as a Zoology major with the intent for pre-med I decided to give it all up.  Frustrated with my choice to drive myself nuts I realized I couldn’t continue and changed my major to something I enjoyed much more, Photography.  After graduating from college I ran off to Los Angeles.  Los Angeles afforded me wonderful opportunities not only in my career but socially as well.  I met a lot of very interesting people and grew into a very independent spirit. I even started my own photography business.   Celebrities, parties and VIP rooms do get old however.  Which brings me back to Sacramento.  Ten years later Sacramento has really grown up.  I now work with a young high-tech company and love the place and the people.
Trivia: What would be considered "interesting"?  I was the President of my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. 
Friends: My best friend through out high school was Shannon Radford and until the reunion I hadn't talked to her in years.  It was great to reconnect.  Other great friends were Mary Green, Brad Cerutti ('89), David Francis ('89), Alex Philo,Brooke Gentle, Robin Gentle, Ed Fox, Deanna Narvez, Vanessa Watts, Cher Michael, Rob Daleiden and so many others.
Hobbies: Well I love photography and learned quickly after having my own business that I prefer to do it for myself.  I also love to travel, going to the theater, the arts, sports (mostly watching, not so much participating) and spending time with my family.
Kids: I don't have any yet.
Grade_school: Hillcrest in SF, Starr King in Carmichael and Del Paso Manor in Sacramento..I get around.
Junior_high: Albert Einstein Jr. High
Junior_high_friends: Alex Philo, Ryan Engle, Robin Gentle
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Lord!!! I can't tell you how much she made me think.  She was an incredible teacher that had the ability to instill confidence in the worst and best of us. Mrs. Sutliff was my chemistry goddess and I miss her pushing me forward.  Mr. Tracy, Mr. MacElroy, Mr. B and Mrs.Leaf who supported the spirit squads and made us all work harder to be more than the goofy girls on the sidelines.
Favorite_memory: There were so many good times!  Senior cut day, rallies, hiding in the baseball dugout, dressed all in black with a carton of raw eggs.
Story: In retrospect I really went to school with an incredible group of people.  The best stories I can think of could get me into jail so we will leave that alone.  I really believe the best stories are yet to come.
Sibling_info: Christine De Leon, class of 1994.
Alumni_in_contact: I am now in contact with my old friend Shannon Radford and Brad Cerutti.
Heard_about_website_from: Declan and Kenny Barton
Jason Osher writes:
Occupation: Staff Accountant
Bio: Graduated '95 from UCSB, been doing Accounting since then...it's very boring!!! I just moved back to my hometown of Cleveland after being away since I was 4, and I think it's the best thing I ever did.  Yeah, I lived in California most of my life, but it's nice to have lots of relatives around and be back in the midwest.  Eventually, gonna go back to school to learn something different..oh yeah, I got my degree in Math..not accounting, but I thought accounting would be easy, so that's why I picked it.   Now I'm thinking of doing architectural drafting or engineering. 
Hobbies: Baseball, Baseball, and more baseball...the Tribe will win World Series in 2001...A's & Giants suck!!
Donald Young writes:
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Bio: Wow- has it really been 10 years? Since leaving Encina and beginning my journey in life as an adult, I have learned a lot. First of all, I wish some of my classmates had been kind enough to tell me that I was too serious in high school! It didn't take long for me to figure that out. At UC-Santa Barbara, I made my way through the social circuits and learned a lot about myself. I had all kinds of fiascos from being stranded in Hollywood to taking an impromptu trip to Mexico to being invited to a party in Montecito and it turns out to be someone famous ( no telling!). In the meantime, I saw several Encina underclassmen arrive at UCSB but I was too self involved by then. And, even in the midst of all of the insanity, I managed to earn a degree. I graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Biopsychology and moved to Los Angeles. I stayed there for 3 years working and rebuilding my academic resume to make a run at medical school. It was great there and I was getting very comfortable and relaxed. I had met a  great woman and got engaged. Well, that all fell apart and, rather than stay in the aftermath, I moved to San Jose and began my master's degree in Biology. I'm still hoping things can be fixed in time with my ex-. Anyway, I like the Bay area.
There are so many opportunities and, after I adjusted to the lifestyle here, I began contemplating a 360 degree change in my life. I  found my true calling in Engineering and I had the courage to follow my heart. I am working for a great company and still a student at SJSU. I will still finish my Master's degree this semester (Fall 2000- hopefully) and then begin anew, working on new degrees in Engineering. In the meantime, I am working as an electrical engineer and involved on some great energy projects. My current and most popular is called the San Jose Electric Vehicle Demonstration. Look it up. Well, along the way, I've had a lot of  fun doing all kinds of things... traveling, sports, and meeting new friends and celebrities. So, unless something very drastic happens in the next few years, I am staying in San Jose and making a life for myself here. I hope life is the same for everyone else.
Trivia: Hmmm... well, I lost my yearbook almost the same day we graduated and I never   read any of the excerpts that people signed..Sorry!
Friends: Branche, Corey- I keep in touch with those guys. Scott MacIntyre- I lost touch with.
Deanna Narvaez- I lost touch with after  UCSB. Hope you are doing well.
Hobbies: Basketball, golf, traveling, and just hanging out in the Bay Area.
Kids: No kids!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Shane Maynard (6th Grade)
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: I knew Leanne, Shane, Jason Talanian, Mike Baroni..... probably others that I can't think of.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Grossenbacher- AP English was a pretty cool class.
Mrs. Sutliff- AP Physics was hardcore but still fun.
Mrs. Woo- EBS was fun while I was there.
Favorite_memory: I didn't interact much at Encina so I didn't get a chance to make great memories or impressions. Think I was too serious?
Mary Ann Green writes:
Occupation: Mother of Three and Bartender
Bio: After High School, I attended A.R. for about two years.  I took some "time off" and have not had the time to go back.  However, living life was more educating.  Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to meet my soul mate.  He was the most incredible man I have and will ever meet.  He taught me a lot about life and myself. Unfortunately, my beloved husband died six months ago in a terrible work accident.   Together we have three beautiful boys.  All of which have different characteristics of their Daddy.  I am blessed in that sense.  They give me the strength to keep moving on.  I know that he is still with me.  I was lucky to have him for the time that I did.
Trivia: I can still remember most of the cheers.
Friends: Of course the Cheerleaders and the Jocks, but I would like to consider my whole class as friends.  We did have a good blend of people.
Hobbies: Hobbies and recreation?  Did I mention that I have three kids?  I have hardly any time for myself, but when I do I manage to go to the gym at some point during the day.
Kids: Gary Kenneth Key, age 6. He is my ladies man.  Always concerned with his looks and girls.  He is sensitive and a giver.  For and parents who have read "I Love You the Purplest" to your children, I Love Him the Bluest.  Then there is Eric who is three.  He is very clever.  It is almost scary.  He is a like a wild fire.  The quality that attracted me to his Daddy.  He is a charmer and can turn any situation around to his favor before you know what hit you.  He always makes me laugh.  Finally there is my baby, Kyler Austin (age 9 months).  He is my husbands face.  He looks nothing like me and every bite like his daddy.  He is a baby on a mission to do everything that his brothers do.  He just started walking and says "Mama" and "Daddy".  He is just angelic.  
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Tony Triano, Pat Mulhern, Gerd Holthause, oh my memory is failing.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Michelle Rinelli, China Hope, Tracy Jones, Tracy Martin, Wendy, Mandy Moss, Keith Davis, Tony Triano,Kenny Watson, the whole gang who just too many to name, but I have a picture of all of us together.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Lord because she taught me to question.  Mrs. G because she encouraged me.  Mr Adan, well, because he was just cool.  Mr. Tracy beause he was just weird. 
Favorite_memory: All of my memories from High School are cherished ones.
Story: The stories that I would like to share are probably inappropiate and are better kept unsaid.  But, I have to admit, I am smiling right now thinking about them.
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle Rinelli, Tony Triano, Keith Davis, Ed Fox, Bill Yeager
Jinne Webb writes:
Occupation: Deli clerk at Bel Air market in Roseville.
Bio: Lots. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, in 1992, while I was attending Sac City College. I wasn't doing very well in college and had moved back home. The next three years my family moved to Rancho Cordova, Loomis and finally into a new home in Roseville. I tried college again at Sierra College but could only finish one semester before things fell apart again. Finally in 1994 I was hired to work for Bel Air Markets. Ironically, I had made sandwiches for a living during high school at Subway and now as an adult was making sandwiches for a living again. Bel Air has afforded me a sense of security, benefits, and great pay. The conditions at my job allowed me to try school again, this time at American River College. I've been in school for two years full-time with a 3.5 g.p.a. One more great thing has happen at Bel Air I met my husband there and we just got married July 30th, 1999. Right now I live back in Sacramento and am still attending American River College to become a teacher.
Trivia: I didn't have my first kiss til I was twenty. I teach Sunday school. I was team captain of a 1st place volleyball team. I've helped design and build three prize-winning floats in the Rocklin Jubilee parade.
Friends: Mina & Meriam Hamilton. Anybody from my A.P. English class is especially dear to me. Jennifer Townshend, if you are out there, Denyce, Hayley and I need your help with the reunion.
Hobbies: Movies, swimming, travelling, drawing, electronic games(9-9-99!!), volleyball, spending time with my one year-old niece, Shae.
Kids: We had a baby boy June 3rd, 2000. His name is Christian Alexander and he's a giggle monster.
Grade_school: I attended grade school in Auburn, my old school is a police station now.
Grade_school_friends: Strangely enough Deana Paper went to grade school with me in Auburn but we never became friends at Encina.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. McElroy, Mr .Adan, Mrs. Lords, Ms. Gregori, Mrs. Takeuchi, Madame Chamber ( even though I hate to admit it.)
Sibling_info: Penelope Webb(Yanez) ,1992, Charles Frank Yanez ,1993
Alumni_in_contact: Mina & Meriam Hamilton, Denyce Bellinger
Heard_about_website_from: Denyce Bellinger
Angela Kern writes:
Occupation: Sales at a Wholesale Florist, Freelace Floral Designer
Bio: I am married to a wonderful man and have 3 beautiful children. We live in Sacramento where he works for Coca Cola. I never went to college, which sometimes I regret, but most of the time don't. I feel I have received enough education through life.(More than enough!!)
Trivia: None Really except I have a tatoo.
Friends: Best friends, Donna DuBoise-Pekrull, Chantel Beck, Stepahnie Eymer, Lynn Rowe '88. I have lost contact with Stephanie but I ran into her in Tahoe a few years ago. And everyone else I missed that considered me as a friend and that I considered a friend.
Hobbies: Spending time with my children, designing flowers for weddings and events, reading and relaxing.
Kids: My oldest is Zachary he is 9, and going into the 3rd grade he has a mild case of cerbral palsey, middle child is Andrew he is 6 and going into the first grade he is an above average intellegent child(he gets that from me ha ha), and the baby is Kyleigh she is 1 and just getting into that busy stage.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Mike Juarez, Tony Triano, Mike Worthen, and Gerd Holthaus. (those are who I can remember)
Junior_high: Joans Salk & Happy Valley(in Redding)
Junior_high_friends: Just about the same as above
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Lord, she taught me more about History and life than I think any teacher did, Mrs. Mc Guire, Very sweet and always willing to lend a hand. Mr. Tracy, Everyone knows why!!! Eric Dahlin, the one who always called you names but meant it in the most endearing way.
Favorite_memory: All of them
Story: Getting caught smoking in the girls room by Mrs. wilson with Chantel!! But we didn't get in trouble. Using the same early dismissal slip for 2 years!! And all the fun we had crusing in the bugar('70 Cutlass)!!!
Sibling_info: Ron Kern '92 ( but never graduated, James Kern '88 (but also never graduated)
Alumni_in_contact: Donna Duboise-Pekrull, Chantel Beck, Lynn Rowe'88, ran into Tony Triano (he lives around the corner from me) Jason Ciccone (Fox) Seen him a few times.
Heard_about_website_from: Classmates.com
Ryan Gutierrez (aka Ryan Engle) writes:
Occupation: Apple Sales Consultant
Bio: After going to Chico State I moved back to Sac for a couple years then moved to San Jose made some money then bought a house in Elk Grove.
Friends: Stan Berry,Keith Davis Bill Yeager Where you guys at?
Hobbies: Golf,fishing with the Boys Coaching my Kids in sports
Kids: I have Three BOYS! no not TEN!  Joey is my step son 12yrs  Kyron is 8yrs and Marcus is 2yrs I coach both boys in football this will be Joey 3rd yr. 18-2 man that beats our old record!! This is Kyron first year in football Kyron already has a championship in Basketball last winter. Kyron looks just like me!! Marcus is just as mean!
Memorable_teachers: MR. TRACY
He was a student's teacher, a Man many will miss.
Favorite_memory: When the Cheerleader sang happy birthday to me at the football Game!! LOVE YOU ALL.
you know who you are.
Jo Anna Hignight writes:
Occupation: Apartment Manager/Spiritual Healer
Bio: Working my butt off.
Friends: Best Friends: Erin Kruger, Mandi Moore, Sharon Mathews
Lost Contact: Gary Sumberry
Hobbies: Herbalist, painting, Home decorating, and Starbucks.
Kids: I have one daughter named Amber Tatiana. She is 10 years old, and my best friend.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks
Grade_school_friends: Sharon Mathews
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Mandi Moore
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin, Ceramics teacher My fav, but I also loved Susie Mcguire
Favorite_memory: Acting really stupid and silly at lunchtime, and smoking in the bathroom with Erin Kruger.
Story: Eric Dahlin always gave me the confidence I needed while going through those horrible teen years.
Alumni_in_contact: Erin Kruger, Toni Craver, Mandi Moore, Sharon Mathews
Heard_about_website_from: Erin
Heather Archer writes:
Occupation: ALLDATA Corp.
Bio: I am married and I have 2 children, 1 girl age 6 and 1 boy age 1.. 
Trivia: Nothing too exciting..
Friends: I was closest to Sophia DeSantis who graduated in 1999 and Tracy Jones who graduated with me in 1990..  I'm still in contact with both of them..  In fact Sophia lives down the street from me.. 
Hobbies: Now that I have 2 kids I have no hobbies..  Although I do go to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day..  After 2 kids I'm the same weight that I was when I got married..
Kids: My daughter's name is Taylor and she is in 1st grade this year..  My son's name in Jacob and he just turned 1 in March..
Grade_school: Carmichael School
Junior_high: Arden
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin, he always called me "princess" and he was just soo nice..  I miss him...
Favorite_memory: GRADUATION!!
Jennifer Townsend Chavez and B.J. Chavez write:
Occupation: manager with Sam's Club,  B.J. is a merchandise manager with Sam's Club
Bio: B.J. and I were married July 3rd 1993. B.J. and I have 3 children, an English Bulldog named Knuckles and we have moved to Indiana.
Trivia: yes, my brother Alex is alive, no he does not have aids, he actually graduated from college in 1999 after traveling around the world for 2 years and is currently living in Oakland, Ca.
Friends: Nikki Turner where are you???
Hobbies: B.J. coaches football and baseball for our son Anthony's teams.
Kids: Anthony is 8 and in 3rd grade, Merina is 5 and in kindergarten, Alyssa is 2.
Grade_school: out of town
Junior_high: out of town
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Tracey, you know why! Apache War Paint! Mrs. McGuire
Favorite_memory: Meeting B.J.
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle Rinelli, Vanessa Pierce, Kevin Dowkes, Mike Baroni
Richard Rivas writes:
Occupation: mechanic/tow truck driver
Bio:  Well i never did really graduate,but i did go on to college at Shasta College and aquired my BS in automotive services. After i left encina i moved up to northern   cali.  where i started working on a race team at a local track in Redding. When i got here about two months later i met my soon to be wife Krista, we've been together for at least ten years now. And never have regreted it at all we have two beutiful children together Wyatt,who's five and Baylee who's going to be a year old in Aug.
But other then that i havent really been doin much.
Friends: As for my best freind's....well there have been a few. My main buddy's that i hung out with were Trevor Phillips and Pete Mullaney. Then there was the girls Mandi Moore and Erin Kruger.Now as for keepin' in touch i've lost contact with Trevor and Pete. I had contacted Mandi through e-mail that i had gottin from this site and i have'nt heard from Erin yet.
Hobbies: My hobbies as you might know are workin on old cars and goin to the race's.Nothing like bein a motorhead from birth!
Kids: My kid's are the world to me!My son Wyatt seem's like he's always at my side wanting to help his dear old dad.Then Baylee has to yell my name and give me a smile when ever she wants me to look at her.
Grade_school: Cottage Elem.
Grade_school_friends: Well of course that would be Pete and Trevor agian!
Junior_high: Howe ave.
Junior_high_friends: As you might of guessed Trevor and Pete!!
Memorable_teachers: My most memorable teacher had to be Mr.Rollins...he put up with all the crap i gave him and never really batted an eye. I wish i had listened to him more..now that i know i should of!
Favorite_memory: My favorite memory from Encina......had to be the day i borrowed Pete's motorcycle and rode it aroound the track during P.E.!!!
Heard_about_website_from: just browsing around and decided to look up my old schools
Kim Kazee writes:
Occupation: Homemaker
Bio: I attended Sac State University for aboout five years and graduated in January 1996 with a bachelor's degree in English and Humanities.  During this time I also traveled quite a lot around the country and around the world with my Swiss pen pal and now husband, Dani.  I have been living in Switzerland for the past four years with him and our daughter, Vivian.
Friends: My best friends in high school were Rina Ambaram (now Vakharia), Shalene Rosillo, Carrie Giarrita, Brenda Horsley, and my cousin, Tami Rhea, class of 1992 who passed away a few years ago.  Another good friend of mine is Tammy Good (now Stevens), class of 1989.  I've kept in touch with Rina and Tammy.
Hobbies: I like to read, cook, and most of all, travel!
Kids: We have one daughter, Vivian, who will be two years old in September.  She is a real sweetheart and is growing up with two languages, English and German!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: The only person who I remember from grade school is James Bui.
Memorable_teachers: I think that my favorite teachers were Mrs. Grossenbacher who encouraged me to write, write, write! and Miss Mesquita who was a great Spanish teacher and a great person.
Favorite_memory: My favorite memories were dressing up during homecoming weeks and spending four years with our honors group!
Heard_about_website_from: Rina Vakharia
Hayley Fojut writes:
Occupation: Data Control Assistant/Computer Operator
Bio: I have been spending my time in the theatre, acting in Shakespeare in the Park, and collecting cats.
Trivia: I met John Malkovich, Sandra Bernhard, and Sir Richard Harris all on the same trip in England.  Actually within a two-day period.
Friends: Denyce Bellinger, Genevieve Bradbury, and Tanya Monier.  I had lost contact with Tanya, coincidently on that same trip to England.
Hobbies: I like to watch movies, play with my cats, eat, sleep, be merry, and volunteer in haunted houses around Halloween.
Kids: Well, one's a little princess, she's white, has six toes on all her feet, and likes to sit on my shoulder, named Salem.  Another one's Madison, he's all black, and just enjoys being a cat.  Then there's Oscar, he's the little brother of the aforementioned, and he's black with white marking and long hair who love's to kiss.   And of course, there's Noggy, he's a tiger, in looks and personality, his favorite thing is to terrorize the other cats.  That brings me to Snowy, who is 13 years young, and rambunctious as ever.  BTW, Snowy HATES cats.
Grade_school: I moved around a lot.  I've been to too many.
Grade_school_friends: I remember Amanda Moore, not from grade school, but Junior High.
Junior_high: (I guess I should've read down before I answered that last one.)  Jonas Salk.
Junior_high_friends: See pre-previous.
Memorable_teachers: Definitely Mr. Dahlin and Mr. McElroy (Mac).  They just made learning fun.
Favorite_memory: Dressing up for Prom in an 40's style outfit.
Story: Let me just tell you what Denyce did the other day...
Heard_about_website_from: My Aunt - Carol Markell (Keller) class of 197?
For John Toth, Chantel Beck writes:
  After high school John went on to entrepreneur his own Trucking Company based in Southern California. John continued to live his life full of energy and fun. His family and friends remained close to him, regardless of distance. Family trips consisted of hunting in the Montana Mountains, where he thought he was close to Hank William Jr.! He still had his "Too Tall Ford" and had planned on attending our 10 year class reunion in it, with me by his side! He never could get over the fact that we were not voted "Most Likely To Marry!" As many of you may remember, John and I were high school sweethearts. We stayed together for six years, in and then out of high school. Our paths did separate for approximately three years. Our reconciliation came just five months prior to his getting ill and passing away. AND, believe it or not, I DID have an engagement ring! I'm sure he would've wanted everyone to know, so there you go!
  On a serious note, .... John passed away as a strong, hard working, independent business man. In his personal life he was a kind, giving, and loving man whom was admired by many and loved by even more. While his oneriness is what most might remember, he was absolutely one of the most giving men anyone close to him could know. I am grateful for the time we shared prior to his passing. Through the years he taught me much about giving and unconditional love.
  His death was caused by complications surrounding liver failure. The doctors believed the liver damage was induced by prescribed ibuprofen and vicoden, for back pain. John lived Dec 01, 1971 - July 13, 1998.
Chantel Beck writes:
Occupation: Director of Sales & Marketing
Bio: I graduated from San Jose State University in 1996, with a BS in Business Administration - Marketing. My job right out of college was marketing related - promotions management. After that, I spent approx. 1 year in travel. In 10 months I spent my life in at least 11 different states, training over 600 associates on system software and flew 128,000 airline miles! It was a crazy life to live but worth the experience. Upon returning, I secured a great marketing job here in Southern Califonia and am now living near work.
Trivia: I don't know! :) Ask me what you want to know! Hum? I gave the closing speech at my departmental graduation at SJSU! Does that count as interesting trivia?
Friends: John Toth - you could say we "lost" contact.
David Broyles - I see him in Sac every now and then - don't talk otherwise.
Donna DuBoise - Haven't talked to her since then.
Angela Kern - she came to my graduation party, ... don't know how to reach her anymore.
Hobbies: I ride bikes! Yep - one of those crazy bike riders on the streets - dressed all funny! I ride anywhere from 40 - 180 miles per week! Yes, ... MILES - on a bike! :)
Kids: ouch, ... no kids yet! :)
Grade_school: Post School, So. CA
Grade_school_friends: nope, ... was here in So. CA
Junior_high: Irvine Intermediate
Junior_high_friends: nope, ... was here in So. CA
Favorite_teachers: ERIC!!!! :)
Julie Presnell writes:
Occupation: Spec.Ed Teacher and Drama Queen
Bio: I received a BA in Drama from SFSU, currently I am working on an MA In Special Education. I wrote an directed a play in SF. I spend my free time studying philosophies and religions and writing poetry. I would like to write another play and produce it next year.
Trivia: I don't go door to door anymore.
Friends: The weird people, the drama freaks and the sex depraved lunatics who were actually some of the most sophisticated and intellectually enlightened individuals I have ever known although currently I can't remember their names.
Joseph Stern writes:
Occupation: United States Marine Corps
Bio: Been in the Marines since April 8th 1991. Went to MCRD San Diego for recruit training, Camp Pendelton for MCT, Memphis Tn for Aviation
Ordnance A training, MCAS Cherry Point NC for Aviation Ordnance B training, Went to MCAS Yuma AZ from March 1992 till March 1995, MCAS
New River NC from March 1995 to Dec 1998, MCAS Iwakuni Japan for 3 weeks, back to MCAS New River NC till present.
Trivia: Married 2 Kids
Hobbies: Water Sking.
Heard_about_website_from: My sister.

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