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Class of 1973 - 25 year reunion

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Reunion weekend is over and it was a rousing success as those who attended can testify! There was a big crowd at Sudwerks on Friday night and record turn out at the Red Lion Sacramento Inn Saturday night.

For those of you who couldn't make it or are interested in reliving the festivities, check back as I update the reunion pages with photos from the reunion activities over the next few weeks. If you have any good pictures please send them to me and I'll return them after I scan them in and publish them on the website.

Visit Grads Only Night to see who attended grad night and their pictures.

Visit Reunion Dinner to see who attended reunion night and their pictures.

Visit Family picnic to see who attended the family picnic and their pictures.

Someone asked Bob Wales if he became a mountain man after high school.
Dawn James writes (and Lucia Churches verifies this story):
Sally Enos in her haste to be sexy and svelte rushed to a nearby store to buy a strapless bra for her hot-to-trot outfit. To her dismay when she later tried the bra on it was not the right size. She returned to the store and ask for another size and rushed back to her room to get ready for the riveting reunion. To further her angst the saleslady forgot to remove the security tag from the bra. She frantically called "I am Listening" Lucia for advice. It was mutually decided to simply leave the security tag on her bra. Thus during the reunion Sally Enos was wearing a plastic security tag on her bra. Given the right situation she could have set off alarms. Later for everyone's entertainment she removed the bra for display!!
Dawn James:
Then there was the wedding party next door of the reunion where a fight broke out! Turned out the hostile culprit was the groom! Mike Fahn saved the day by yelling the cops are coming!
Bob Nannini wrote me that a group known as the "Magnificent Seven" watched the sun rise from the balcony of the Capitol Suite at 6am Sunday morning. I tried to verify this with Lucia Churches, who wrote that it was the "Magnificent Nine", the group being: Lucia, Nancy Patton, Karen Teakle, Sally Enos, Margie Hyland, Bob Nannini, John Scaggs, Stan Watts and Kevin Wilson. Bob wrote me back that there were only SEVEN on the balcony and Nancy didn't count since she was asleep on the counch! When I told Bob Lucia's list, Bob responded that Sally Enos bailed out around 4am so she didn't qualify!
Jennifer Bailey:
Funniest quote - Elliott Mandell to Anne Benbow & Jennifer Bailey when being called up to be in the all star band (against their wills) - "Sit down - this will be fun!!!"
Pepai Falck:
I had brought some elementary (Dyer-Kelly) class pictures and some (Howe Ave.) jr. high year books to the reunion. Everytime I looked around someone else was looking through them, laughing, commenting, etc. Finally around 12-ish, picture John Skaggs, Stan Watts, myself sitting talking, when up walks Dawn James who wants to see a class photo of herself says, "Is this where I'm shooting the B-----?" Stan Watts says, "Was that in your senior picture?" Dawn replies, "No,fifth grade!". At this point John Skaggs challenges Dawn to a 5 mile race and picks up a pair of running shoes from under the table he had brought with him to the reunion. I think he was serious he wanted to run somewhere right then! I'd be interested to know if John got Dawn to accept his challenge or if she’s going to bring her shoes in 5 years?
Dawn James:
Stan Watts bet me John Skaggs could beat me in a 5 mile run. I wish I had taken him up on the bet at 6 am as they watched the sunrise!


Comments about the reunion
All of these comments are excerpted from email sent to me after the reunion. I realize these were private emails to me and I hope no one is offended that I took the liberty of editting and publishing their comments on the class website. I editted out anything of a personal nature but if you would like your comments removed let me know.   Harlan
Pepai Falck wrote:
I wanted to tell you what a great reunion it turned out to be. I think your hard work on the web allowed all of us contact with people we haven't seen or heard from since high school. I've always wondered what's going on with some friends and now I'll always have a way to keep in contact no matter where we go.
Merry Daniels wrote:
Thank you so much for your efforts with the Web Site. It kept us so much more informed and built excitment for the event. We have reaquainted ourselves with some long lost friends, and can keep the momentum going for the next 5 years. I think the 30 will be a blockbuster, with our renewed friendships across the miles. Thanks to all of the reunion committee for your hard work and patience in getting the rest of us to respond!!
Jennifer Bailey wrote: I think this reunion was so special because no one acted "pretentious" anymore. There were no nerds, no rah-rah's, no brains, etc. We are all now just a bunch of really nice people, working hard, raising families, and accepting each other for who they've become. A lot of people commented thru the night that they never realized how nice "so-and-so" was because it wasn't "cool" to know them at the time and they feel they really missed out on a nice friend. I think that's part of the reason people want to get together on a yearly basis instead of waiting 5 years in between. I think everything turned out great. I had a wonderful time. I had comments all throughout the night that the turnout would not have been this big if it hadn't been for all your work. Having the website really broke the ice for alot of people who were uneasy about coming, etc. and made it alot more fun.
Colleen Hagen wrote:
The reunion was a big success. I totally enjoyed it. The one thing that I continually heard was what a great website we had. I don't know if you realize it or not, but your making up the website and with all the information that was on it made a big difference to people and the reunion. When people came it was as if many of them already felt bonded or felt they somewhat knew other people due to the website. I think it made everyone feel more comfortable going up and talking to other people despite the years that have passed, they didn't seem like such strangers. I heard a lot of people say how much they enjoyed looking at it. Wanted to tell you there at the reunion how much I appreciated all that you did. I believe a lot more people came due to what you did. But, everytime I looked for you either I couldn't find you or you were busy. Anyway I am sending you a heartfelt THANKYOU!!!!! By the way, you all looked real good up front with your musical instruments.! Whoever chose the person (people) to do the music did a great job.
Debbie Lopes wrote:
Great job to you and the rest of the committee. I thought it was the best reunion ever. The food was great and the whole set up was wonderful. I really enjoyed visiting with lots of people and I think that having read their bios beforehand made it even more fun. I thought we had a good turnout, and I feel sorry for anyone that missed it!! Thanks again for all your hard work.
Debbie Burruss wrote:
I just want to say thank you from Sue Rhodes and I. We had a really nice time. Your computer access to our class gave us a lot to talk about and added so much to the reunion. Thank you again and we'll be seeing you in another five.
Lucia Churches wrote:
We all had such a good time, and you were the inspiration behind it! All your hard work paid off...so many people came to the reunion because of the web site and your efforts. Thank you again!!
Heather Kendall wrote:
The reunion dinner was a huge success! It was very fun and nice to see everyone again. I would like to thank everyone on the reunion committee for doing such a great job!
Eric Carleson wrote:
It was a great reunion. Congrats to you and others on "the team." Hope the website and directory stay in place over the next five years;  a great source of information on classmates.
Tom O'Connor wrote:
I don't remember if I got the opportunity the other night to thank you for all of your work on this reunion and the webpage. I am certainly not a person who lives his life in the past but once in a while a blast from the past can be refreshing and fun. The webpage and the reunion have been an incredible blast for me and I thank you.
Cynthia Connel wrote:
This wasn't just the best reunion ever, it was one of the best nights out I've had outside of HP gatherings and Irish pubs! Thanks so much for your brilliant web-mastering. Your efforts made this such an enjoyable and memorable event. REALLY! The other thing that made the reunion fun is that the people that we went to high school with, many of whom I never really knew, have turned out to be such nice people. I especially enjoyed seeing Kevin Wilson, "meeting" Ken Smith, and talking with Margie Hyland. I will definitely fly to Ca to attend the mini-reunions.
Marilyn Palmore wrote:
Just wanted to say WOW,-You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a great job you and the commitee did on pulling off an incredible night!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had ssssoooooooooooooooooooooomuch fun. I was in Sac. for only 36 hrs but it was sure worth the trip. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you but I know you were busy photographing and pulling everything into place to make the night WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I can't wait til our 30th.I cannot remember the last time I laughed for so many hours straight. Lucia handed me a glass of champagne at the gathering in her suite before the reunion and an hour later I still had half of it left------------due to laughing and hugging so much I couldn't fit in sipping my favorite drink!!!!!!!! Now that is significant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the awesome website and all the energy you put into making the reunion as Mike Fahn said, "like stepping back in time and being in high school again!"


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