Encina High School Class of 1981 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1981+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Melissa Tovar

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Albert Acosta     contact webmaster
Jamie Adams Kindermann Roseville,CA   kmann2269 at surewest.net
James Albright Sacramento,CA   jatdv at att dot net
Jeff Albright Johns Creek,GA   jefeuno at bellsouth dot net
Jamie Atkinson     contact webmaster
Robert Bailey Sacramento,CA   baileyr87 at aol dot com
Kenny Barbeiro     care of webmaster
Jim Barsch     cjbarsch at hotmail.com
John Bassett     care of webmaster
Susie Beard Adams Raleigh,NC   care of webmaster
Kim Beatty Gillies deceased (6/26/88) in Sacramento Co.    
Lori Beaver Kehoe     contact webmaster
Lowell Beebe     contact webmaster
Dallas Berg 13598 Mission Blvd
Pacific Beach,CA 92109
831-444-7700 w care of webmaster
Kim Bettencourt Bjorklund 8704 Shasta Lily Dr
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-226-6687 h care of webmaster
Tristen Billerbeck Dannemiller Encinitas,CA   TrisDannemiller at sbcglobal.net
Barbara Bixby Getz Folsom,CA   bgetz at sbcglobal.net
Joe Blair Rancho Murietta,CA   gogolfjb at ranchomurieta.org
Kevin Boehl 800 Rhoades Rd
Winlock,WA 98596
360-785-4748 h
360-880-9008 w
kimkev6 at msn.com
Tina Boehl Appleby     care of webmaster
Raymond "Todd" Borman Ransom Canyon,TX 806-438-1478 w five.bormans at sbcglobal.net
Meri Botello West     contact webmaster
Clyde "Bud" Boyer Ellicott City,MC   cboyer at trinityeducationgroup.com
Brian Boyle PO Box 2107
Rocklin,CA 95677
916-276-6130 cell lebrainboy at hotmail.com
Paul Brazelton     brazeltons at prodigy.net
Lisa Brent Hertel     care of webmaster
Tim Broughton     ccxiv214 at yahoo dot com
Steve Brown Fairfield,CA   sbrown815 at yahoo dot com
Richard Bruns     care of webmaster
William Bua 2557 Acacia St
New Orleans,LA 70122
bill.bua at gmail dot com
Stephanie Bush Patton 6109 Rich Hill Drive
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-988-3068 none
Sue Cantwell Elliott Roseville,CA 916-874-6168 w elliotts at saccounty.net
Dan Carducci deceased 2/11/79 in Sacramento Co. in auto accident    
Ron Carlson Cameron Park,CA   carlsonrbc at sbcglobal.net
Gina Cassina Carmichael,CA 916-487-8596 h Rosesibling at AOL.com
Lisa Catricala Thomas Natomas,CA   lisachetta at yahoo.com
Steve Cavros deceased 8/15/91 in Sacramento Co.    
Guy Chaffin Lincoln,CA   care of webmaster
Darlene Clevenger Sandison     contact webmaster
Wendy Coe Swift Poway,CA   wendyhome at home.com
Stephanie Cotham Sights Austin,AR   ssights at classicnet.net
Kris Christian 8759 Enclid St NE
Salem,OR 97305
503-587-0607 h
503-537-2731 w
oregonchristians at earthlink.net
Jeff Clayton     contact webmaster
Cathy Clemans McCormack 757 N 4th St
Banning,CA 92220
  robteacher at Bigfoot.com
Abe Conant III     care of webmaster
Sherri Cooper     care of webmaster
Kellie Coyle     care of webmaster
Tim Crowley 6798 S Atlanta Ave
Tulsa,OK 74136
918-699-9221 timcrowley77 at gmail dot com
Jim Dallas 4650 Auburn Folsom Road
Loomis,CA 95650
dallas4 at bigvalley.net
Kirk Davis     contact webmaster
Sophia Delich Frazier Lake Oswego,OR   sophiafrazier at qwest.net
Keith DeLuca Paulsen Carmichael,CA 916-486-2705 w Kpaul5257 at aol.com
Vincent De George     vinnied14 at yahoo.com
Becky DeVere     contact webmaster
Linda Devin deceased 9/10/92 in Butte Co (car accident)    
Teri Dickson Hylton deceased 3/26/03    
Cliff Donaldson     Cpauldonaldson at aol.com
Larry Doney 1313 Gannon Dr
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-761-0824 w l.doney at comcast dot com
Eve Dreyfuss Holmes Granite Bay,CA   eholmes at netsworkinc.com
Julie Duane     contact webmaster
Bryan Duke Rancho Cordova,CA   abjt at skyq.com
Aaron Dupzyk     care of webmaster
Cecilia Dyba     cdyba at yahoo.com
Rich Ehisen     contact webmaster
Sherry Eldridge-Wilburg Scholting     care of webmaster
Leland Farrar     contact webmaster
Edward "Eddie" Feil Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Wayne Fiori 777 Hollenbeck Ave
Sunnyvale,CA 94087
  Wayne.Fiori at worldnet.att.net
Coleen Ford Hogge     care of webmaster
Ken Foster Rancho Murieta,CA care of webmaster
Jim Fostinis Linden,NJ   jdf108 at aol.com
Ann Frago Buchmiller Carmichael,CA   ann_frago at hp.com
Dana Fredrickson Hammel     care of webmaster
Christopher Fuentes     care of webmaster
Rebecca Gardner     contact webmaster
Darren Gerrald Chula Vista,CA   dwgerrald at home.com
Tammy Gibson Newlan     contact webmaster
Phillip Gillihan 7613 Valley Wood Way
Sacramento,CA 95828
  phillip_gillihan at yahoo.com
David Goff deceased 6/15/02 from leukemia in Sacramento    
Yon Gomez deceased 8/14/06 in Sacramento    
Tracy Gray Sterne Petaluma,CA   care of webmaster
Jeff Greco Sacramento,CA   jcgreco at comcast.net
Amy Hamilton Scott 6554 Turner Way
Dallas,TX 75230
  ascott at radicausa.com
Kimberly Hanks Trinidad,CA   kimiha01 at yahoo dot com
Dennis Heck 25 Harvest Lane
Kalispell,MT 59901
406-755-4325 h
406-752-8121 w
heck at digisys.net
Angela Helm Giles Carmichael,CA   agiles at surewest.net
Elisabeth Hellstenius Heuch Heggesnaret 17 c
Haslum,Norway N-1344
  pa.heuch at online.no
Rob Henderson Newbury Park,CA   rhender at rei.com
Nona Henshaw Cushman     care of webmaster
Sonja Hernandez     contact webmaster
Deborah Hobday Sacramento,CA   debi_36 at yahoo.com
Linda Hobson     care of webmaster
Michael Holbrook     care of webmaster
John Holmes     care of webmaster
Stephen Hood 1621 Hood Rd #23
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-922-0806 h shood at ns.net
Lisa Hookano Sacramento,CA   lisahookano at yahoo.com
Marshaun Hookano     contact webmaster
Cynthia "Cindi"
Hopkins Groesbeck
deceased 11/12/14 from cancer    
Patricia Howell Fulp Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster
Tonja Howell Brent Sacramento,CA   Tonskie at aol.com
Melissa Hughie     care of webmaster
Theresa Hughie Weissert     care of webmaster
Neil Hylton deceased 2/17/98 in Sacramento Co.    
Anthony Inglis Winlock,WA   care of webmaster
Katie Ingram Grim     contact webmaster
Jim Jensen     care of webmaster
Celeste Johnson Kitchen     celeste7 at sonic dot net
Lisa Johnson Miller   lisa_peter at verizon dot net
Mark Johnson London, England   mark_johnson at transmelodic.com
Charles Jones     care of webmaster
Erin Jones Neal     fuzzydog128 at aol.com
Jon Jordan     contact webmaster
Stevroula Karras     care of webmaster
Bill Kehoe     contact webmaster
Susan "Sue" Keith Sacramento,CA   Skeith5470 at aol.com
Shannon Kemp care of webmaster
Steve Kibbe     care of webmaster
James Kilty     care of webmaster
Roland King     care of webmaster
Kelly Kinion     care of webmaster
Debbie Kirchner Stefan     debbiestefan at hotmail.com
Mike Koeth     care of webmaster
Connie Koontz     care of webmaster
Denise Kwoka Kloak 4715 Stonehurst Way
Sacramento,CA 95842
916-332-9178 h
916-549-6635 w
Neecie87 at yahoo dot com
Camille Larsen Watts     care of webmaster
Karen Larson     contact webmaster
Bert Lau Sacramento,CA   bert.lau at att dot net
Roben Jay Lawrence deceased 6/17/11 in Sacramento  
Bonnie Lawson Eisner Fair Oaks,CA   hotsprings_women at yahoo dot com
Colleen Leahy 1399 Sacramento Ave Sp 54
West Sacramento,CA 95605
  Texastoads at sbcglobal.net
Sheila Leahy Wolf     contact webmaster
William "Will" Lewis Seattle,WA 206-364-4480 h wlewis2 at u.washington.edu
Judy Leyerzapf     care of webmaster
Lisa Lobsitz Ravel Sacramento CA   LisaReadsEmail at gmail dot com
Sheryl Loheit Van Maren Loomis,CA   vanmaren at hughes.net
Bonnie Looper Andrews     care of webmaster
Robert Lugar Elverta,CA   rb.lugar at yahoo dot com
Hugh Lukehart     contact webmaster
Carrie Lupton Brazil     care of webmaster
Scott Machado 1414 Asylum Ave
Hartford,CT 06105
860-231-1994 h  
Jimmy MacLaughlin     jmaclaughlin at macco.org
Richard Maile     contact webmaster
K. Vaughn Maynor deceased 6/24/80 at age 16 in motorcycle accident    
Ladd McConnell Kansas City,KS   lmcconnell at kc.rr.com
John McGillivary Minneapolis,MN   jmcgillivary at csom.umn.edu
Ellis "John" McManus III 174 John Henry Circle
Folsom,CA 95630
916-351-9801 h care of webmaster
Pamela Mears Coppock     care of webmaster
Deanna Miller Myerson Antelope,CA deannamiller3 at hotmail dot com
Mark Miller Sacramento,CA   mmillerr at hotmail.com
Carrie Mills Gross     care of webmaster
Carl Minns Lasagna 1820 Hibbard St
Alameda,CA 94501
  carl_lasagna at alamedanet.net
Maureen Moll Ellis     care of webmaster
Debbie Moore Mortensen Rescue,CA   debdan22 at directcon.net
Lisa Morris Seidl Pleasanton,CA   seidl11 at home.com
Kathy Morrow     contact webmaster
Joseph Nail     care of webmaster
Emily Neilson     care of webmaster
Mike Nevin deceased 3/9/92 in Folsom    
Maureen O'Brien Farrel     contact webmaster
Iran "Chris" Ogawa 4303 Cottonwood St
Grand Forks,ND 58201
701-215-1395 h ogawachris at hotmail.com
Lisa Ott Williams 4920 Heatherdale Lane
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-489-3058 h lwsw5678 at hotmail.com
Laurie Parquer     contact webmaster
Lori Pasley Maciel 8641 Periwinkle Circle
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-452-5556 w thpas at aol.com
Dale Patton 8037 Hoopes Dr
Citrus Heights,CA 95610
  dalepatton at rcsis.com
Lisa Perata     contact webmaster
Marie Perkins Hansen S Weber,UT   justnutz_40 at yahoo.com
Susan Perrigo     care of webmaster
Tom Perrigo deceased 1/8/10  
Laurie Peterson Losada     contact webmaster
Jeffrey Phillips     recovery1 at waprecovery.com
Jeff Philpott     jphilpottj at aol.com
Mark Piland 109 Copperfield Dr
Chico,CA 95928
530-895-4534 x215 xoman7 at earthlink.net
Linnette Placido 10530 Sky Circle
Grass Valley,CA 95949
  care of webmaster
Jill Polakoff Bombard PO Box 1051
El Dorado,CA 95623
  jillbombard at yahoo.com
Tresea Porter Chacon     care of webmaster
Lisa Poulsen Brown 2209 Madera Rd
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-208-4600 w Brownhouse04 at aol dot com
Laura Pulliam McCumber George West,TX   rebel_candle_company
 at yahoo.com
Raymond Pullicar     care of webmaster
James Charles "J.C." Quirk     contact webmaster
Sandra Raley Bailey Carmichael,CA 916-489-8599 w SRaleyBailey at aol.com
Matt Rector 428 Chapel Rd
Barrigada,Guam 96913
671-472-5915 h
671-898-6284 w
care of webmaster
Lorna Reibson McGahan Milwaukie,OR 503-513-9757 h lmcgahan at iopener.net
John Reitter Jr     jrjr at sac-coke.com
Rhonda Rhea     contact webmaster
Ilona "Nonie" Rice Hermosa Beach,CA 310-337-2154 w ILONAR at aol.com
Mike Rideout     contact webmaster
Rene Rinehart 105 Langford Lake #205
Fort Irwin,CA 92310
rinerpronnet at msn.com
Lisa Rissuci Stratton     care of webmaster
Marie Rizzo Carpenter     care of webmaster
Daniel Robbins Sacramento,CA   Cabledoc1 at hotmail.com
Marc Robinson 6361 E Rockhill Ct
Camby,IN 46113
  marcrbnsn at cs.com
Michael Ann Runyon Reintsma     care of webmaster
Scott Salsbury     contact webmaster
Becky Sanchez de la Garza 3200 Brookwood Road
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-488-1963 h
916-929-8700 w
RDeLaGarza at adi-dist.com
Tony Sanchez Sacramento,CA   asanchez at surewest.net
Gary Sanders     contact webmaster
Monette Santos     care of webmaster
Victor Sarguis Antelope,CA 916-726-3630 h
916-368-8954 w
vsarguis at comcast dot net
Keith Scheeler 8600 Brodie Ct
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-685-3644 h kschee at citlink.net
Wesley Schenken     djwes2000 at hotmail dot com
Richard Scoville 1655 Camellia Dr
Mckinleyville,CA 95519
  tubman101 at hotmail.com
Tonia Michelle Seabron deceased 3/12/88 in Sacramento Co.    
Kerry Shaw Goepel 952 Hawthorn Dr
Lafayette,CA 94549
925-299-9222 h kshaw at sbcglobal.net
Jill Sheetz Sacramento,CA 916-457-8606 h sheetzj at csus.edu
David Sher     mr.harpo at sbcglobal.net
Lori Siemion Fanning 2213 Harris Ave
Sacramento,CA 95838
  LoriFa at VSP.com
Donna Silva     contact webmaster
Charles Skipper 852 Avery Parkway
New Braunfels,TX 78130
830-660-8323 h charles.skipper at us.army.mil
Nathan Smethurst     contact webmaster
David Smithers     care of webmaster
Sam Somers     care of webmaster
Dave Sorgman Antelope,CA   dave_sorgman at hp.com
Monica Souza Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Nancy Souza Mallory     care of webmaster
Janet Spencer Ferrero Calle Ilustracion 8, 5 A
Madrid, Spain 28008
  janetspec at gmail.com
Bill Steffenhagen     contact webmaster
Laura Storm Wiemer Orangevale,CA   laura.wiemer at scppool.com
Randy Stout 101 Parkshore Dr Suite 100
Folsom,CA 95630
  randy at csi-california dot com
Randall Strother Statesville,NC   eagle_ivydog72 at yahoo.com
Stephen Subbs Sacramento,CA   smarkstubb at aol.com
Phyllis Sutter Whittington Gig Harbor,WA 253-884-4483 h
360-377-5678 w
thisislame at msn.com
Michael Swanson     contact webmaster
James Tackett     care of webmaster
Susan Kathleen Tanner deceased 11/5/03    
Leo Tasakos Sacramento,CA   contact webmaster
Ed Terkoski     contact webmaster
Kim Thackery     debbiestefan at hotmail.com
Mark Thompson Sacramento,CA 916-457-7839 h
916-806-3161 w
mr.mark.thompson at gmail dot com
Kristine Tice     care of webmaster
Cherie Tierney Masterson     care of webmaster
Jolanne "Jo" Tierney 1910 Kincaid Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-489-5656 h
916-443-0683 w
jamminjogolf at comcast.net
Melissa Tovar Daily Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Janice Tribbey Kahl     jmkahl at yahoo dot com
Ronald Turner     care of webmaster
Alan Tuthill     contact webmaster
Tony Valle     care of webmaster
Flordelisa Vega Harris     care of webmaster
Dawn Verwayen Catherine San Rafael,CA   care of webmaster
Rick Vogelsang     contact webmaster
Craig Walker 1 King Place
Woodland,CA 95695
530-668-4648 h
530-681-7907 w
craig.walker at ccm.yolocounty.org
Greg Wall Sacramento,CA   greg413 at centurytel.net
Todd Walls     care of webmaster
Tena Wells Elk Grove,CA   trvlngrl at yahoo.com
Lonnie West Sacramento,CA   lonniegolf at yahoo dot com
Betsy White Fried 3009 Mt Baldy Dr
Roseville,CA 95747
916-645-6112 h imagineland at earthlink.net
Chuck White     care of webmaster
Pamela Wilkerson Skidmore     care of webmaster
Loren Willeford     loren.willeford at nordstrom.com
Jim Williams Antelope,CA   4finman at attbi.com
Steve Williams     lasdracing at msn.com
Tracy Wolfe     contact webmaster
Denise Woodbury deceased 5/2/10 in Cedar City, UT    
Don Wright     contact webmaster
Cary Yee     omega402 at yahoo.com
Chris Yoder     care of webmaster
Shawn Zausch     szausch at gmail dot com

Last updated: 08/09/2020

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