Encina High School Class of 1975 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1975+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Jenny Bender Bittner

Submit contact information for Class Directory


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Name Address Phone number Email address
Bonnie Abernatha     contact webmaster
Narce Abernathy     care of webmaster
Carolyn Ables Manley 6141 Hilltree Ave
Citrus Heights,CA 95621
916-722-5832 h yayacjm at netzero.net
Kim Abreu     contact webmaster
Corrine Acosta     care of webmaster
John Adams     care of webmaster
Robin Adams Velesquez     contact webmaster
A.J. Affleck   care of webmaster
John Alexander 2319 Branch Forbes Road
Plant City,CA 33565
813-707-0006 h jalexander956 at earthlink.net
Tom Allen Sacramento,CA   tallen at cfsa.org
Angela Alonzo Argenzia deceased 9/09 in Sacramento    
Debra Anderson     contact webmaster
Elaine Anderson Rasmussen     care of webmaster
Janet Anderson Nitschke     care of webmaster
Lee Ann Anderson deceased 6/15/02 from cancer    
Mark Andrews 570 Morris Way
Sacramento,CA 95864
  marklandrews at attbi.com
Barbara Apted     contact webmaster
Terri Ayon (now Terri D'Ayon) Sacramento,CA 916-379-5985 w care of webmaster
Guy Babcock 8401 Misty Oak Way
Antelope,CA 95843
916-721-3312 gbabcock at surewest.net
Erin Barbeau Narvaez     erin.narvaez at gmail.com
Paul Bean   916-924-8422 h paulnshawn at comcast.net
John Bedford Rancho Cordova,CA   jybedford at ardennet.com
Allan Bee Chico,CA   abee at csuchico.edu
Michael Belke     contact webmaster
Michael Bell     care of webmaster
Jenny Bender Bittner 4425 Berrendo Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-972-8530 fivebittners at comcast dot net
Earl Bennett     care of webmaster
Dee Dee Bergen Peck     ddpeck5 at comcast dot net
Stacey Berry Cavino     care of webmaster
Ron Bertacchi     contact webmaster
Bryed Billerbeck     care of webmaster
Robert "Bobby" Anthony Bingham deceased 6/28/06 in Sacramento from cancer    
James "Jed" Bittner 4425 Berrendo Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-972-8530 fivebittners at comcast dot net
Allan J. Blas deceased 12/19/10 in Roseville,CA  
Greg Boltz Diamond Springs,CA   Gboltz at internet49 dot com
Julie Bond Laux     care of webmaster
Jim Bonette     Bonetteville at comcast.net
Dick Boomgarden Rio LInda,CA 916-991-8633 h
916-549-8152 w
boomer42 at hotmail.com
Robert "Bob" Boyes     care of webmaster
Cheryl Bozich     contact webmaster
Rick Bradhoff deceased 5/13/04    
Donald Phillip Bright deceased 12/12/18 in Sacramento
Cindy Brinks     csbbrinks at gmail dot com
Shawn Brookhart     contact webmaster
Wayne Brown Tucson,AZ   wbrown at apogee-ccd.com
Harvey Cain Atlanta,GA   care of webmaster
Orin Carder     care of webmaster
Marvin Carey Jr     contact webmaster
Cheree Caron     blessedmom57 at msn dot com
Cathy Carrell Mackey     cathyalecat at aol.com
Tom Carter     tpcarter at earthlink.net
Michael Lynn Caruthers deceased 10/5/03 from auto accident    
Helen Cauley     contact webmaster
Patricia "Trish" Cauley Magruder 9016 Kilar Ct
Elk Grove,CA 95624
  trish.magruder at kp.org
Baron Chapman     contact webmaster
Darrel Christensen     dandb5150 at aol.com
Susan Christensen Whitaker   916-477-0077 h ssuzywhoo at yahoo dot com
facebook, myspace
Vic Christopherson     contact webmaster
Richard Chuang     contact webmaster
Lisa Churches Wicks Carmichael,CA care of webmaster
Steve Cohen     care of webmaster
Mike Cohun Calabasas,CA   care of webmaster
Paul Collins 2962 Nova Dr
Ashland,OR 97520
  paul at oneclick.com
Steven Doane Cook deceased 3/28/03 from cancer    
Miriam Corbet     ml_corbet at yahoo.com
John Costa     care of webmaster
Jay Coulter     care of webmaster
Mindy Coupe Bazlen 3512 Bluff Court
Carmichael,CA 95608
  pepperdr at pacbell.net
Kathryn Cowley     care of webmaster
Jodie Cramer Hariri     care of webmaster
Annette Crandal 201 Coffman St #682
Longmont,CO 80502
303-746-0050 w acliffhanger at gmail dot com
Chris Crebbin     care of webmaster
Leslie Cummings Montalvo     care of webmaster
Barbara Curtis Klenner     care of webmaster
Susan Daniel Sanders 1626 Ragsdale Rd
Brentwood,TN 37027
  susansanders at live dot com
Karen Darkenwald     drkld2 at hotmail.com
Barbara DeVere     bdevere at prodigy.net
Jack Dieterle 1810 Granero Place
Escondido,CA 92029
760-746-4134 h
619-655-4981 w
jackd at sdd.hp.com
Mary Dillion Gaines     contact webmaster
Bruce Dillstrom     contact webmaster
Kenneth J. Dobson deceased 1/14/10    
Henry Downs     contact webmaster
Patrick DuHain     contact webmaster
Cheryl Dunning Lincoln,CA   cheryl at starstream.net
Janet Dwight Morrison     care of webmaster
Janet Ehrman Cilione     care of webmaster
Eleanor Esparza     care of webmaster
Arthur Esguerra     arthur_esguerra at yahoo.com
Cathleen Essert Callison deceased 2/15/00 from cancer in Salt Lake City,UT    
Linda Fanning Cabana     linda_rltr at yahoo.com
Cyndee Felker Newick Campbell,CA   dreamtiller at yahoo.com
Melodie Ference Granite Bay,CA   melshopalot at yahoo dot com
Rodney Fetch     care of webmaster
Thomas Finley     tfinley at surewest.net
Marya Flachi     care of webmaster
Dean Flohr     contact webmaster
Mark Fowler     care of webmaster
Dixie Frank Hall     care of webmaster
Bonnie Franklin Pulsipher Troutdale,OR   bonniejp1 at yahoo.com
Greg Freeder deceased 1/23/94    
Jeff Frei     jjayfrei at comcast.net
Sue Ann Gardner     contact webmaster
Laurie Garner LaRowe     larowefamily at sbcglobal.net
Karen Garrison Merlo deceased 7/25/09 in Sacramento  
Lori Gemmell Wolfe     care of webmaster
Gerri George Carter (aka Sue George Carter)     skeetr3 at yahoo.com
Laura Gerrity Nashville,TN   Laura.L.Gerrity at usace.army.mil
Robert Gilkey deceased 4/30/95 in Placer Co.    
Gregory Glavinovich     fredxspinoff at gmail dot com
Lois Gluck Hart Rocklin,CA   gluckduckhart at yahoo.com
Steve Goff     stev.goff at dlapiper dot com
Jesse Goss deceased 3/13/02 in Sacramento    
Richard Graf Carmichael,CA   rg4513 at hotmail dot com
Frank Graff     care of webmaster
Greg Grant 1715 Ladino Road
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-488-0745 h greggrant30 at gmail dot com
Steve Gray 68 Rockinghorse Road
Rancho Palos Verdes,CA 90275
  sngray25 at comcast.net
Mikel Greathouse 1200 Grant St
Missoula,MT 59801
406-251-6883 h mrgreathouse at live dot com
Kate Grebitus 342 Rio Del Oro Lane
Sacramento,CA 95825
  artauntie at hotmail dot com
Karen Green Zeilinger     care of webmaster
Peter Grenader     care of webmaster
Ralph Vincent Grisham deceased 11/3/11    
Tom Guheen     contact webmaster
Steven Haddican     viddude67 at yahoo dot com
Ann Hagen Harold     care of webmaster
Cynthia Hall Folsom,CA   cynthia at cynthiasdancercenter dot com
Karen Hall Broadley     care of webmaster
John Scott Hansen PO Box 82473
Fairbanks,AK 99708
907-479-5332 h scott.hansen at k12northstar.org
Scott Hansen     care of webmaster
Pam Hanson Franke     care of webmaster
Paul Hardre 221 W. Centennial Blvd
Springfield,OR 97477
  phardre at oregon.uoregon.edu
Joanne Hardy     contact webmaster
Denise  "DeeDee" Harpham     care of webmaster
Reed Harris     contact webmaster
Mark Haukaas     contact webmaster
Jan Heintz Hammon Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Glen Hellewell     contact webmaster
Rich Heltzel     care of webmaster
Linda Henderson Bakkie 916-749-3437 h terrybakkie at comcast dot net
Patti Hereford Hatfield     care of webmaster
William "Bill" Hewitt 109 Tahoe Dr
Missoula, MT 59803
406-251-2455 h
406-728-5000 w
bwilliams at kzoq.com
Karen Higginbotham Oosterman 624 Cordillera Court
Folsom,CA 95630
  moosterman at softcom.net
Laura Hill Oldenkamp 23702 S Central Point Road
Canby,OR 97013
  care of webmaster
Marty Holzschuh     care of webmaster
Neil Homer Roseville,CA   neilsfxr at yahoo.com
Laurie Hoogland Sacramento,CA   LDHoog at cs.com
Bill Hutchins     contact webmaster
Kathy Ingemanson Burns 3607 Big Bend Lane
Reno,NV 89509
  burnskan at aol.com
Lynne Javelet Iddings Rescue,CA   resq at lanset.com
Tom Jeffrey     care of webmaster
Bill Johns 17321 Lido Lane
Huntington Beach,CA 92647
714-842-4924 h bjohns at specservices.com  
Cathy Johnson Stidger     theromp at surewest dot net
Dewanna "Kaye" Johnson Putman Sacramento,CA   mystckaye at hotmail.com
Tom Johnson     care of webmaster
Cindy Jones Brighton,CO   cindyjones at earthlink.net
Kelvin "K.C." Jones deceased 6/24/01 from cancer    
Kenneth Jones     care of webmaster
Brad Jope     bjope at os.dhhs.gov
Steve M. Joyce deceased 10/4/01 in South Lake Tahoe    
Victoria "Vicki" Katzakian     contact webmaster
Christine "Chris" Kempton Ramseyer Drummond,OK   cmramseyer at msn.com
Michael Ketcherside     care of webmaster
Denise Kichar Blair     deniblair at prodigy.net
Randy Kimball     care of webmaster
Marva Ann King Covington Diamond Springs,CA   care of webmaster
Dorothy Kingen Gill Woodland,CA 530-723-5028 h dorothygill57 at gmail dot com
Marybeth Kloser Bryant 16705 NE 166th St
Woodinville,WA 98072
425-486-0171 Marybeth.b at comcast.net
John Kluge     care of webmaster
Ramona Kmetz Lauzon Longview,WA   care of webmaster
Bruce Knight Dkmoving at aol.com
Candy Koontz Rankin PO Box 9983
South Lake Tahoe,CA 96158
  candyrankin at yahoo.com
Ward Koppel 5406 Lequel Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-488-5274 h
916-374-1306 w
ward_koppel at prodigy.net
Janet Kraljic Fuentes     Dentalmam at aol.com
Helen Kubik Seattle,WA   helen772 at webtv.net
Karol Kutz     care of webmaster
Cyndi La Cornu     clacornu at sbcglobal dot net
Debbie LaMothe Starr deceased 3/4/05 due to aneurysm    
Gary Laramore     contact webmaster
Deborah Larsen Lowry     contact webmaster
Nancy Larson     contact webmaster
Jerri Leonard McAtee 8272 Calla Way
Sacramento,CA 95828
916-689-4602 h jerri_mcatee at hotmail.com
Tim Leslie     care of webmaster
Don Lewis     care of webmaster
Margaret Lile Crockett     care of webmaster
Joni Lindsay Otavka   sotavka at surewest dot net
Deborah Lionakis Meyer     contact webmaster
Bill Lobsitz     bnejc at sbcglobal.net
Kevin Logan     care of webmaster
Jody Lopez Groves     care of webmaster
Tim Lukehart 6157 Pleasants Valley Rd
Vacaville,CA 95688
707-451-8881 h
707-864-1064 w
tim at sierratruckandvan.com
Leslie Lundberg San Mateo,CA   care of webmaster
Jeff Magaziner Sacramento,CA 916-283-4879 h jandsmag at aol.com
Karen Margroff     contact webmaster
Frank Marqua     care of webmaster
Cindy Marvelli Rhynsburger 1191 Arcade Blvd
Sacramento,CA 95815
916-224-8079 cindyrhynsburger
at yahoo dot com

Ronnie Matchett Key Largo,FL 350-240-5648 wolfsheart3 at excite dot com
Timberly Mayers Inserra     misswise at direcway.com
Keith McCarthy     care of webmaster
Russell McConnell Oroville,CA   care of webmaster
Sheri McDonell     contact webmaster
Robert Mearns 3725 Wingate Dr
Carmichael,CA 95608
530-558-9812 mearnsrobert67 at gmail dot com
Marcos Mercado 6327 Moraga Dr
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-967-5671 h
916-505-4691 w
futebol4zog at msn.com
Jay Michael     Michael-N-Sons at msn.com
Dennis "Jim" Michaels     care of webmaster
David Miller     care of webmaster
Melody Miller Keller 1418 State St
Veazie,ME 04401
207-299-6615 h amom4xover at yahoo dot com
facebook/Melody Keller
Naya Miller Pope Fort Worth,TX care of webmaster
Connie Milliser Frans     hppyntoday at aol.com
Tim Moffett Placerville,CA   tmoffett3 at gmail dot com
Marilyn Moll Crowell deceased 10/29/00 from cancer in Sacramento    
Ruth Molloy     contact webmaster
Eugene Montano Melbourne,FL   snugs1958 at yahoo.com
Mike Montgomery     care of webmaster
Kimberly Moore French Weed,CA   care of webmaster
Garth Charles Mower deceased 4/22/08
Laurene Mraz Peterson Colchester,VT   trrcpeterson at adelphia.net
Jeff Murch     care of webmaster
Sharon Murray 918 26th St #R
Sacramento,CA 95816
  contact webmaster
Karen Nannini Babcock 8401 Misty Oak Way
Antelope,CA 95843
916-721-3312 kbabcock at surewest.net
Debra Negas Schulze     gndschulze at surewest.net
Vernon Newland     care of webmaster
Fred "Greg" Nichol     contact webmaster
Tony Nichols Virginia   tgtony99 at hotmail.com
Mark Yoshio Nishimoto deceased 10/21/14 in Carmichael    
Brad Norris     contact webmaster
Gregory O'Larick     care of webmaster
Kristi Olivares     care of webmaster
Nancy Ostrow     care of webmaster
Scott Palmer Sacramento,CA 916-838-0313 h sacpalmers at comcast.net
Nanette Parker     marge.ms46 at gmail dot com
Jim Parrie     japarrie at yahoo.com
Sharon Patrick     contact webmaster
Teresa Patterson Buckner     care of webmaster
John Patton     jtpatton at msn.com
Sharon "Sheri" Pearl 6851 Aitken Dr
Oakland,CA 94611
510-339-8813 h sheripearl57 at gmail dot com
Brian Pearson Sacramento,CA   pear1966 at yahoo dot com
Tony Pellegrini     contact webmaster
Michelle Pequet     m.pequet at comcast dot net
Don Perryman 2238 Gary St
Klamath Falls,OR 97603
  moontan45 at aol.com
Steve Petkovich     contact webmaster
Mike Phelan deceased 2/19/99 in Sacramento Co.    
Susanne Pierson Currie Sacramento,CA   madam.currie at gmail dot com
Christina Plessas Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Bill Porter deceased 12/29/92 in Sacramento County    
Janet Powell Mullings The Woodlands,TX   jpgeegee at aol.com
Ken Price     care of webmaster
Pati Price Rader   pati at patirader dot com
Jeff Pryor     care of webmaster
Julie Quirk McManus 201 Court St, Suite 7
Nevada City,CA 9595
530-265-7110 w care of webmaster
Scott Raley West Sacramento,CA   scottdraley at yahoo dot com
Brad Rankin deceased 6/16/86    
Peter Renz     contact webmaster
Kim Rhodes     contact webmaster
Miles Richmond     milesrichmond at yahoo dot com
Mark Roberts     care of webmaster
Scott Roberts     scott.roberts5775 at gmail dot com
Tess "Teri" Robichaud Babcock 2856 Hilltop Dr
Placerville,CA 95667
530-622-7373 h tesslrb at yahoo.com
Val Robichaud     valpr at vom.com
John Robinson     care of webmaster
Geoff Robles     care of webmaster
Pamela Ronald Jardini     planningsolutions at fix.net
Jim Ronningen     jronning at library.berkeley.edu
Carlis Rowland
(now Corliss Faust)
    contact webmaster
Cindy Russel deceased 1/21/79    
Meg Salasky Schentes Frisco,TX 972-731-8464 h care of webmaster
Fanica Sapunor Trice     contact webmaster
Ron Sargis 916-612-0410 w ronaldsargis at att dot net
Cindy Sarmento Maloney 1242 Crisp Ct
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-482-7515 h
916-549-4529 w
Csarmentomaloney at gmail dot com
Laura Scarrone     contact webmaster
David Schniffner     care of webmaster
Linda Scoville Evon     care of webmaster
Robert "Rob" Seamster     robseams at comcast.net
James Shaffrath     jdshaffrath at ucdavis.edu
Tracie Shea Estes     care of webmaster
Pete Shearer     contact webmaster
Kelley Sheehan Sacramento,CA   kelleysheehan at earthlink.net
Tom Shellooe     care of webmaster
Jim Sims San Diego,CA   jsims8 at san.rr.com
Rebecca Skaggs Donnachie Carmichael,CA 916-445-3277 w rebecca.donnachie at dgs.ca.gov
Maryellen Skeels Fleury deceased 5/27/02 from pulmonary embolism in Orange County, CA    
Joan Skelly Lake     contact webmaster
Suzanne Starcher     contact webmaster
Michael P Starr     MikeS369 at aol.com
Sue Stegenga Ward     Rickysue95864 at yahoo.com
Melodie Stephen Judish     honiebeee at aol.com
Davin Stidger Citrus Heights,CA 916-725-6038 h theromp at surewest dot net
Pennie Stubbs Miller 9271 Brown Road
Elk Grove,CA 95624
  mspmiller at comcast dot net
Dennis Sugimoto     contact webmaster
Sylvia Sylvester     care of webmaster
Evan Tanner     care of webmaster
Arthur Taylor     artaylor at surewest dot net
Patti Teel Hilton     contact webmaster
Matt Templeton     contact webmaster
Julee Tepsich Sokol     sokolcsr at aol.com
Denise Thormod Gavello 835 Madrone Ave
Chico,CA 95926
  DGavello at exchange.csuchico.edu
Kelley Tierney Trujillo     contact webmaster
Ron Tillson     contact webmaster
DeLynn Tjoelker     contact webmaster
Dane Treiber     care of webmaster
Elizabeth "Betsy" Tribble     care of webmaster
Fanica Trice     contact webmaster
Nancy Trowbridge Stewart deceased 11/29/91 from cancer in Portland,OR    
Rebecca Tull Wilkerson     care of webmaster
Ginger Tulley San Francisco,CA   gingertulley at gmail dot com
Diana Uyeda     catdog2fish at gmail dot com
Patty Vander Wegen Wade     contact webmaster
Roger Vaughan 9301 Courtney Way
Roseville,CA 95747
916-780-4518 h rvaughan12 at comcast dot net
Rodney Vienna     rodneyvienna at yahoo.com
Cynthia Vinkemulder     care of webmaster
Dianne "DeeDee" Wagnon Elwell Santa Rosa,CA   Landybug at aol.com
Barbara Walker Yeadon     yeawalk at aol dot com
Valerie Walker 2718 Park Way
Bakersfield,CA 93304
  vwalker at hcbb dot com
Stephanie Wallin     contact webmaster
Stephen Walter Corte Madera,CA   stephenrwalter at netzero.net
David Walter Watkins deceased 4/2/07 in Sacramento    
Judy Watson Chin     judypokerpal at sbcglobal.net
Eric Werlhof deceased 7/20/06 in Laguna Beach    
Michael Werlhof     care of webmaster
Jim West Sacramento,CA   westj at crc.losrios.cc.ca.us
Dalene Weybright Ingraham     ItsmeTC77 at hotmail.com
Kerry Whalen Sanchez     care of webmaster
Nancy White Mather     care of webmaster
Marcie Wilcox York     care of webmaster
Cindy Wilkerson McKusick     care of webmaster
Dora Willeford     contact webmaster
Michael Williams deceased 10/26/06 of leukemia    
Buck Wilson care of webmaster
Doris Wilson Abbott Fair Oaks,CA   dodoabbott at aol.com
Arthur Wolf (aka Arthur Drouin Jr) 3285 Grillo Dr
Coulterville,CA 95311
209-852-9034 h arter1127 at sbcglobal.net.
Dave Wolfe     contact webmaster
Debbie Wood McCarthy Pacifica,CA   care of webmaster
Marcia Woolf Oceanside,CA   mwoolf at outlook dot com
Teresa Wooten Reno,NV tjwoo10 at yahoo dot com
Dan Worley Elk Grove,CA 916-247-9866 h danworley at comcast.net
Kevin Wright Grass Valley,CA   montreme3 at mac dot com
John Zimmerman Sacramento,CA 916-359-4034 h care of webmaster

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