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30 Year Reunion

Encina High School - Class of 1987 – Our 30 Year Reunion is just 10 days away. 

Can you believe it's been 30 years?! It's time to party like it's 1987 again.

You won't want to miss this time to catch up with old friends - there will be drinking, dancing and lots of fun!

Date:     Saturday, August 19, 2017
Time:     6:00-11:00 (Dinner at 7:30 to include Balsamic Chicken, Salad, Pasta, Vegetables, Rolls and Butter, Coffee and Tea.)
Cost:      $60.00/person (Advanced Payment Required)
Late Arrival Price $20.00 (This is for anyone that can't make it for dinner, but would like to come by later in the evening.)
Location: The Dante Club
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95825
-No Host Bar
-DJ and Dancing

Please spread the word to as many of our Apache Class of '87 friends as possible - Call, text, tag, etc.

Payment MUST be made in advance and ASAP. Here is my contact info for payment options:

Address: PM me and I will send to you.
Venmo: @Michelle-Williams-175
Please let me know if you have any questions.  I can be reached at 916-257-1504 or michellewilliams@surewest.net.

Thanks so much!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Michelle (Pyorre) Williams, Kristine (Monday) Dragoo, Kari Riffle, Sharon Lewis and Ronda Sockolov

20 year reunion

DATE: Saturday, August 11, 2007
TIME: 6-11 PM
WHERE: The Delta King Hotel
1000 Front St, Old Sacramento
COST: $75/person
Music - Dancing - No host bar - Hors d'oeuvres - Silent auction


The Class of 1987 is celebrating our 20 Year High School Reunion on August 11, 2007 at 6:00pm. It’s going to be a wonderful evening aboard the Delta King. If you haven’t already done so, please submit your payment ($75/person) ASAP to:

Encina H.S. Class Reunion
217 Berkswell Ct.
Roseville, CA 95747

A lot of people have already sent in their money, so it looks like we’re going to have a great turn out.  Don’t be the one that misses out! It’s going to be a lot of fun catching up with all of our old friends and seeing what everyone is doing now. You will absolutely positively regret not coming. Don’t let the fact that you’ve put on a few extra pounds or lost a little (or a lot) of hair stop you from coming. Who cares what you look like! It’s all about catching up and seeing how everyone is doing now. I, for one, am excited to see all of you, especially after talking to many of you on the phone. I can already hear all of the “Remember when…” stories.

The festivities start at 6:00pm. If you’ve paid prior to the event, then your name tag (and guest’s name tag, if applicable) will be at the greeters table upon arrival. Your name tag will be your entry ticket into the reunion. Although, there will be several signs indicating where our reunion is being held, it’s in the Paddlewheel Banquet Room aboard the Delta King in Old Sacramento. Don’t forget your dancing shoes, because there’s a nice little dance floor and we’ll of course be enjoying tunes from the “Way Bitchin’ ’80’s. We’re also going to be auctioning off some very cool gifts, so please bring extra cash to buy lots of raffle tickets. Lastly, rather than having a formal sit down dinner, we will be having dinner type hors d’oeuvres, such as chicken & beef skewers w/Teriyaki sauce, salmon Florentine, penne pasta w/pesto sauce, grilled vegetable, Caesar salad…you get the idea..and dessert, of course.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on August 11th. Until then, take care!

Michelle (Pyorre) Williams

Kristine (Monday) Dragoo

Reunion photos:
Kristine Monday Dragoo:
C.J. Dow: www.flickr.com/photos/11464936@N06/
Sharon Lewis: http://sharonl.shutterfly.com/action/
Samia Zumout: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11564218@N08/
Samia Zumout:

The following 87 alumni are missing.
If you know how to contact them please contact Michelle Pyorre 87 at michellewilliams at surewest.net
Sabrina (Abbott) Hadley
Keyvan Amini
Geoff Brandon
Jose "Joe" Briseno
Lisa Brown
Christine (Bryan) Strother
Brian Clifford
Angelina (de la Rosa) Childers
Victoria (Deeter) Brienza
Mike Epps
Sylvia Foga
John Gibson
Heidi Haskins
Ernie Hill
William Jennings
Samantha Jones
Melissa Kanipe
Lori (Kawamura) Simms
Lorene Linville
Jennifer Lohse
Lawrence Lupton
Jay Madrigal
Chris (Montoya) Santillanes
Susan (Munsch) Gulde
Tiffany (O'Neall) Baker
Venessa (Ozcan) Webster
Jason Roberts
Greg Sherman
Stephanie (Stephens) Drenner
Stephen "Sean" Sterchi
Afsaneh "Sanja" Taghipour
Lisa Tennison
Stephanie Tyrovolas
John Watts

Reunion contact:  Kristine Monday Dragoo

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1987 Encinian yearbook


1987 Headlines
Headline News:
William Buckley, American hostage in Lebanon, reported slain.
Iraqi missiles kill 37 in attack on US frigate Stark in Persian Gulf.
Extensive testimony on Iran-Contra affair; President Reagan accepts
Rev. Jim Bakker resigns his PTL television ministry after sexual misconduct

Entertainment News:
Academy Award, Best Picture - "The Last Emperor"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Graceland" by Paul Simon
Top song - "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles
Top movie - "Beverly Hills Cop 2"

Sports News:
Super Bowl - NY Giants d. Denver Broncos (39-20)
World Series - Minnesota Twins d. St. Louis Cardinals (4-3)
NBA Championship - LA Lakers d. Boston Celtics (4-2)


Brian Collier Clifford
Brian Collier Clifford, age 47, died in his sleep on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Forever in our hearts, Brian leaves behind his mother Sandra Sabine Agrimonti (Edward), his father George Clifford (Brenda), his wife Jessica, daughter and apple of his eye Keely, stepson Brandon Edwards, sister Joan Clifford, half-brother Steven Clifford, many nieces and nephews, and best friend Lyle Price. Just shy of 20 years, Brian worked as sous chef at Viscaya under the tutelage of Chef Jim Turknett, long-time mentor, friend, and colleague. A "deadicated" music enthusiast, Bri-cat's Psych-a-del-a-bration of Life will be held Monday, July 3, 2017, 10 AM at Vizcaya, 2019 21st Street, Sacramento.In lieu of flowers:  Pass the Dutchie, tip your glass, and crank of the tunes! Published in The Sacramento Bee on July 2, 2017.

Parsha Miller wrote:
Occupation: Insurance Claims Specialist
MaritalStatus: Partnered for 14 years
Children/grandchildren: No children, but many many many nephews and nieces to keep me busy!
SinceGraduation: I moved down to San Diego to attend SDSU. College years were fun and filled with many study days & nights at the Upstart Crow in Seaport Village cramming it all in!
Cruised in my Fiat with my surfboard finding that perfect spot, that perfect wave on my down time.
Spent 3 1/2 years there and decided to return home to pursue Massage Therapy at Integrative Therapy School in downtown Sacramento. Had my own business for 4 years, but decided to do massage part time and mainly concentrated on sports events:
triathlons, marathons, cycling. I continued working in the grocery store business through College and Massage School as a Produce Manager, but felt I should be doing something else, so I pursued Insurance. Now I handle complex auto accidents, injuries, and settlements. I enjoy what I do and have felt rewarded in many ways in my career. Aside from work, I travel with friends...
went to England with my love, traveled to France with my little sissy, Vetica, traveled throughout Spain with my love and 3 other close friends, spent Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass at the Vatican and traveled Italy, took my love to Paris thereafter, spend a week each year at either St.
Martin, Cayman Islands, St. Thomas, Anguilla, or St. Barts because there's nothing like the Caribbean waters. I enjoy the simple things...
weekends with coffee and the paper, naps in the afternoon, date nights, dinner parties with great friends and good wine, a good book, good music venues, I'm pretty easy going. I love a good laugh and still consider myself a silly person! Life has been good to me... I'm blessed to have such a lovely person in my life and a large family that
keeps me quite busy and entertained!
Trivia: I once caught a flight to New York, rented a car when I got there, drove over 4 hours to a tiny town Mansfield Pennsylvania to sit at a coffee cafe to hear one of my favorite artists sing in front of a group of 12 over cappuccinos!
It was lovely & quite spontaneous! Cover charge was $2. I thought that was sweet!
BestFriends: My dear friends in school were Kelle and Kerre McRae, Abby Cheng, Cathy Mitchell, Loni Lucero, Sheila Kuntz, Carrie Horibata, Thomas Toth, and Julie Mumma.
Hobbies: I love photography, traveling with friends, Crossfit Centurion, cycling, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, dinner parties, taking in small music venues, good indie movies, foreign films, art museums, Antoni Gaudi Architecture, Gordan Parks Photography, beach bond fires, a great cappuccino, and family!
Kids: No children, but I absolutely love that I have 19 nephews and nieces... they keep me energized & so so silly!
GradeSchool: Went to Dyer Kelly Grade School and was friends with Marnel Terry, Robbie Hayes, Venessa Ozcan, Haley Minns, Tim Davis.
MiddleSchool: Went to Howe Avenue Junior High School and was friends with Julie Mumma, Morgana Sprague, Thomas Toth, Robbie Hayes, April and Kelly Denny.
MemorableTeachers: I had many that I am grateful
to: Mrs. Takeuchi, the late Mr. Figenshu, Mr.Marelich, Mr. Chambers, but the one I adored was Miss Watters. She was funny, classy, bright, and such an interesting person! I ran into her and she announced she would be retiring in 2010...
congratulations and enjoy your retirement! Well done and well deserved!
FavoriteMemory: Playing Powder Puff Football and taking Encina HS to 3rd Place in Sacramento... I was the Quarterback and we only had 13 or 14 players, so we had to play both offense and defense while other high schools had a ton of back up players. It was our first year playing and it was a blast! It may have been through Campus Life, but we represented our Apaches!
Stories: I feel fortunate to have had good wholesome friends and strict teachers who were passionate about their subjects... it was a time when you learned to have good work ethics, study hard, make wise decisions, have good friends and stay out of trouble, and you will succeed! I thank Hazel for teaching me the pathway to a good life!
Thomas Toth writes:
Occupation: Active Duty US Air Force.
Bio: Active Duty US Air Force
Friends: Rick Lewis, Dal Chamberlain, Jeff Bittle are the three I spent the majority of time with. I was friends with everyone.
Kids: Oldest is in college, middle is a Junior in High School and youngest is in the 8th grade.
Grade_school_friends: Dal and Rick were my buds since we were in kindergarden.
Memorable_teachers: Ms McGuire, Mr Dutton, Mrs Leafe and the dude that taught drivers ed. Bob Perez, do you remember the brownies? :)
Favorite_memory: Football games
Amey Bate writes:
Occupation: I'm currently working as a therapist/case manager for a mental health hospital...earning hours towards my MFT license.
Bio: I've moved around a lot with Tim...from Sacramento to South Bend, Indiana...to Reno, NV. Now we're here in Long Beach, CA - and we're not planning on going anywhere else anytime soon...thankfully.
Trivia: Probably the most ironic thing is the fact that I ended up marrying Tim Davis - the guy who broke my heart the summer before my Junior year.
Most of you who were friends with me already know *that* story! Anyway...we've been married now for about 17 years. Damn, we're old!
Friends: My best friends kinda changed some over the years. Freshman year - Becca, Debbie, Molly. Sophomore year - Trudie, Noel Hayes and Shannon Maile were added to the list, along with Pandora Callen, Linda Terkoski and Trina Pace. Junior year - Jerod & Jodi Pannell and Senior year - Alisa Grubb.
Hobbies: Well, surprisingly, I am really good at playing Golden Tee! This is serious business back in Indiana. I have always been interested in all thing metaphysical/spriritual, but not enough to be fully devoted to any one thing. Oh yeah, I fancy myself a decent kareoke singer!
Kids: Yikes! Well, we don't have any (yet). I am hoping that Tim and I will start our family once I am done with school. I do have a fabulous nephew,
Grade_school: Creekside 2nd grade, Greer 3rd and Winterstein 4-6th.
Grade_school_friends: No one from Creekside I can remember. Greer was where I met Larry Veteto, Sean David and Greg Davis for the first time.
Winterstein, though, was where most of my friends hailed from: Debbie B, Molly, James Jones, Chris Krell, Danny Reid
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Most of the Winterstein folks, if not all. Some of my good friends from JS went on to other schools - Dion Pittman, Keith
Calcagno, Paige Johnson, Kerry Ritter to name a few
Memorable_teachers: Figenshu - being so disgusted by the lack of enthusiam amongst us students, that he threw his book in the garbage. And, of course, when he booted me out of class for needing to get the last word in an arguement. Eric Dahlin - Just for being so cool, but also for teasing me about my boyfriend, Paul - encouraging me, sometimes with money, to break up with him. Takeuchi (Chambers now..I believe) Just for being inventive and creative in teaching English. And, always giving great feedback that students could use to improve their skills. Mr. Record - For becoming so disturbed by a fellow student poking fun at him that he threw his notebook across the room! and finally, Ms. Gregori - For doing a complete 180 in AP English my senior year. She went from super cool to extremely difficult and bizzarre.
Favorite_memory: All my favorite memories at Encina took place when school was not in session (wink). There's one barefoot night I can remember
distinctly, but I am not at liberty to discuss it.
Story: I know many interesting stories, but I don't wanna get anyone in trouble.
Hi this is Anthony Parino class of 89' I wanted to update the classmates of 88 and 89 That a dear friend of ours lost his life in July,
Rob Hayes who I met in the 3rd grade at Dyer Kelly then to Howe ave and then of course Encina who had many friends wherever he went left us unexpectedly in July ,Robby as I new him was a father, proud brother of Julie Hayes and loving son to Bob and Jane who have been nothing short of my second parents to me.
Thanks and Hi to all my classmates .
Anthony J.Parino
Sami Zumout writes:
As some of you know already, I wrote an frank and intimate autobiographical book about my journey of faith in life. Thanks to God, I found a publisher last week! I wanted to let you know that my talented friend Ana Ramirez designed a website to give information about the book. The website address is: www.gospaschildren.com
I will let you know once the book is published. If you want to be removed from the email list, please let me know and I will remove your name.
God bless you!
Samia Zumout
Susie Munsch writes:
Bio: Graduated from CSU, Chico in 1991 work for Sacramento County Parks
and Rec. then worked for Hewlett Packard for 7 years.  Quit to start a
Friends: Tom Toth, Abbey Cheng and Shelia Kuntz (where are you???)
Hobbies: MX bikes, Softball, Tri for fun
Kids: Alexander (great role model for his younger bother) Christopher
(cute as a button)
Grade_school: Cottage School
Grade_school_friends: Abbey Cheng, Shelia Kuntz and Lisa Hinz
Junior_high: Abbey Cheng and Lisa Hinz
Sibling_info: Richard Munsch
Sharon Snider writes:
Occupation: Home Loan Consultant
Bio: Enjoying life. Went to college, started working in mortgage lending. Got married, had two kids and then divorced after 8 years of marriage.
Trivia: I love sports. I like to spend my time watching NBA and NFL, whenever it is on.
Friends: Best friends with Michelle Stampp, Rebecca Anderson and Lan Nguyen. Lost contact with Rebecca Anderson.
Hobbies: I like camping, sports and playing with my kids.
Kids: Zariah Iman Lewis, 7; Sean Julian Lewis, 3. My daughter is in the first grade and very smart and my son is in preschool and he is very smart also.
Grade_school: I went to Dyer Kelly elementary for fourth grade and then to St. Philomines Catholic School from 5th grade through 8th grade.
Grade_school_friends: Sabrina Abbott and David Lawand.
Junior_high: St. Philomines
Junior_high_friends: Same as grade school.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Whoo, because she always looked like one of the students.
Favorite_memory: My favorite memory was when we got bars on the doors and we were in the news paper.
Story: I just remember the fun times watching the Michael Jackson look alike and the break dancers perform at rallys and lunch time.
Sibling_info: Shalonn Snider, my sister.
Alumni_in_contact: Nicole Rene Gagne, Michelle Stampp, Jeanetta "Peaches" Reddicks.
Comments: I cannot wait until the 20 year reunion for the Class of 1987. See you all there.
Erik Beauchamp writes:
Occupation: Criminal Defense Attorney
Bio: Working and going to school. Graduated from St. Mary's in 1992. Got an MA in English in 1998 from Sac State and a law degree (JD) in 2002
from McGeorge. I was admitted to the Bar in 2002, did a couple years in civil, hated civil, and got a job with the alternate public defender's office in Madera County, California. Have been having fun practicing criminal law and dependency law. I love the job. After a few years, I hope to come back to the Sacramento area to practice criminal law (or maybe the coast).
  Got married in 1997 and had kids in 2001 and 2005. Occasionally, I watch my kids and think how great they are and then it dawns on me that these are my kids! I am a father (and maybe a good one).
  Another wierd thing is that high school seems like a lifetime away. It's like it didn't happen to me. I look at old pictures and don't remember when they were taken. Actually, a lot of things that occurred after high school seem like a lifetime away. It's weird. Take care, every one.
Friends: Bob McPherson
Hobbies: Kids take up all my free time
Kids: Larissa Colette Beauchamp Age 4, David Fraser Beauchamp Age 1
My kids are both very young. They seem ahead of the curve (although my son, David, scares me by climbing on high stuff). Both seem smarter than
I ever was and have fun personalities. They are always laughing. And they make me laugh, too.
Grade_school: Merryhill
Favorite_memory: Most of my favorite memories from this time did not occur at school (and I wasn't really happy at school anyway). I think my favorite memories were drinking beer and wine coolers (do people still drink wine coolers?) down at the river on spring days in 1986 and 1987 with friends (from Encina and elsewhere). Also, Bob McPherson and I skipped school one day and took my mom's Mustang convertable to San Francisco and hung out there. Nothing interesting. It was just being there.
Story: I honestly can't remember a thing.
Robert Hayes writes:
Occupation: Associate Planner
Bio: Working towards the goal of life.... Just to be happy with the things around me and also with myself...
Friends: Everyone....
Hobbies: Outdoor activities, water Skiing, snow skiing, rock climbing, base jumping, Harley's & a good low budget film....
Kids: Curtis Robert Hayes. Like everyone else my child is the best there is...
Grade_school: Can't remember that far back... burnt to many brain cells through school and college
Grade_school_friends: I think all of them were.... except for those who were on the other side of the tracks...
Junior_high: How Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Same I think it was most of them... of course for the ones on the other side of the tracks.....
Memorable_teachers: Man in charge.... I spent alot of time there.....
Favorite_memory: good games, great friends & all the little seceret Memories
Story: Just hope they are in a place of being happy of what they are doing...
Kimberley Trehern writes:
Occupation: Program Coordinator for Graduate Business Academic Programs for Sacramento State
Bio: Just recently got married and am absolutly loving married life and all the quirky stuff that goes along with it. 
Friends: Kristy Bassett (1989), Christine Burghgrave (1987), Wendy Onstine (1987), Denise Souza (1987), Susan Gosslin (1987), Tony Guzman
(1988).  Unfortunately I have lost contact with everyone except Kristy we just ran into each other recently and are trying to catch up.
Hobbies: My husband and I own a Mastercraft ski boat so we get out on the Delta as much as possible to wakeboard and waterski.
Grade_school: Greer Elementary recently a friend from Greer (Kerry Rice) found me on the Encina website so I have been in contact with her.
Thanks Harlan
Junior_high: Joans Salk
Memorable_teachers: I had a couple.  Mr. Ball was just wacky and a good teacher. Also I loved Mrs. Woo she was a great instructor as well as
person plus I learned a lot from her classes.
Favorite_memory: Being able to go off-campus for lunch.  Boy those were the days.
Tampa Tribune (FL), November 27, 2005
SCRATCHLEY, Douglas Allen "D.J.", Jr., 36, died suddenly with his wife Cristy Dye Scratchley on November 18, 2005 in Belize. Doug and Cristy
were married on St. Petersburg Beach on Nov. 12, 2005 and were in Belize on their honeymoon. Cristy and Doug had been together over 10 years and were inseparable. Doug was born in Fort Myers and attended Cypress Lake High School. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida. Doug started his career as an electrical engineer at Honeywell Space Systems based in Clearwater, Florida. He received "Outstanding Engineer" awards from Honeywell in 2003 and 2004 and has several patents pending approval by the U.S. government. Doug recently worked as the technical lead on a major Department of Defense program.
Douglas is survived hy his parents, Douglas (Ann) Scratchley Sr. of Ft. Myers and Carol Lee (David) Mays of California. He is also survived by his sisters, Lisa (Mark) Yeslow, Rebecca (Bruce) Kyle and br other Scott (Amy) Harrington, all of Fort Myers; and an uncle, William (Annie) Scratchley of Brick, N.J., and aunt, Patricia (Richard) Roth of Chicago, Ill. A memorial service will be celebrated at the Crown Country Club, 8851 Crown Colony Blvd. in Fort Myers on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005 at 4:30 p.m. with a reception to follow. Funeral arrangements by Harvey-Engelhardt-Metz Funeral Home, Fort Myers. Cristy and Doug will be sorely missed. Forever young, forever together, forever in our thoughts and hearts.
Published in the TBO.com on 11/27/2005.
Sacramento Bee, Nov. 23, 2005
A 1987 Encina High School graduate and his bride were killed Friday in a plane crash in Belize blamed on Tropical Storm Gamma's heavy rain and
Newlyweds Douglas Scratchley Jr. and Cristy Dy Scratchley of St. Petersburg, Fla., and the Belizean pilot were aboard a private plane belonging to an exclusive jungle resort owned by the filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. All three reportedly died in the crash when the plane fell into a ravine, according to US officials in Belize. Civil aviation authorities in Belize said heavy winds and rains from Gamma were a factor in the crash. The couple were married Nov. 12 in St. Petersburg, said David May of Sacramento, Douglas Scratchley's stepfather.
Tamara Rosenblum writes:
Occupation: leasing agent
Kids: Anthony/14, Nick/10, and Ozzy/due 8/28/05
My oldest is starting high school next year, My second son is in fourth grade, and I have a third child, a boy due late August (suprise!)
Memorable_teachers: Mr. McElroy-He was my son's pre-algebra teacher in 7th grade, so I see him often
Jackie Anderson writes:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant for a trade association.
Bio: Well, I graduated in 1987; worked a few retail stores in management positions then gave birth in 1991 to my SON~shine! He has been my main focus since. Don't get me wrong...as a single parent, I have worked 40 hours a week on top of being a mom AND dad. I view working 40 hours a week as part of life~~hanging out with loved ones is what you have been doing... :O)
Friends: Wow~ummmm. My best friend til this day is Raquel(Rocky) Dube(Garcia). She is class of 86. We have been friends for twenty years!! I
have pretty much lost contact with most everyone else. I just recently spoke to John Wolstenhome. It was great talking to him.
Hobbies: I like to go to the gym with my son. I enjoy a really good movie. Hitting the town a night with my friends is fun but man does it take a long
time to recover from a night out now a days! :O)
Kids: My son is my life....His name, as I mentioned, is Don Evans, Junior and he is 14 years old. He stands 5'8", wears a shoe size 11 and is 156lbs. He will be a freshman in high school next year and the Cordova High football coaches are coming to him asking him to try out......I am SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for this. He is quite the handsome young man and the girls are already circling like vultures. Again NOT READY!!!!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Denise Souza....she was my best friend from grade school until I think it was 7th grade when we kind of just grew apart.
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Rodney Ballenger, Samantha Jones, John(jonji) Wolstenhome, the Nevins, that is making me think way tooo far back. They
know who they are
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. McGuire....her style of teaching could keep my attention. She was cool and down to earth. Eric Dahlen~everyone knows why Eric was cool...........and Mr. Adan for his way with words. "ZIT!!!"
Leslie Wilcox writes:
Bio: Promoted to Captain on the Beech 1900D aircraft June 2004. Still working on flight hours to move on to a major airline.
children: Alexander 9yrs
Occupation: Airline Pilot
Bio: Graduated from UC Davis with BS Botany, joined ROTC, attended U.S. Army Flight School where I learned to fly Army helicopters and aiplanes.  Married my husband, Vince (also Army officer) in 1992.  Been stationed in Berlin, Germany; Ft Bragg, NC; Ft. Rucker, AL; Miami, FL; and Ft Leavenworth, KS.  We have one son, Alex, who is 6 years old.  Wonderful boy.  I left the Army in December 1998, got my Masters in Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle Aero. Univ in 2000.  Just started working as airline pilot for Skyway Airlines in Milwaukee, WI in May 2001.  Won a scholarship to receive training for a Cessna Citation jet. Unfortunately, I was furloughed in October due to 9/11 so now I am flight instructing at the Army aero club until recalled by the airline.  I returned to Skyway Airlines on April 22, 2002 and am still flying for them now but hope to move on to Southwest Airlines in about 2 years.
Trivia: Love flying and the aviation industry.  Totally switched from wanting to be a veterinarian.
Friends: Theresa Swanson, Ingrid Goettl, Diane Spicer...
Hobbies: Quilting, scrapbooking, gardening, spending time with family, FLYING
Kids: Alex loves building things, dinosaurs, reading, soccer
Grade_school: Cambridge Heights
Junior_high: Will Rogers
Favorite_memory: Lots
Charles "C.J." Dow writes:
Occupation: Account Executive, for a marketing services agency headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.
Bio: After attending Purdue Univertsity for 2 years I tranfered to the University California, Irvine graduating in 1992; majoring in economics and
political science. After graduation, I moved to the East Bay (Pleasant Hill, CA) where I began my career in sales.  In 1994 I got married to "Julie" and we had our first child in 1996.  Beyond the usual "rights of passage", i.e. my career, marriage, home ownership, parenthood.......if you really want to know, give me a call sometime and we'll catch up!
Trivia: I am a wealth of meaningless trivia.  If you are ever on "Who Wants to Be Millionaire" I AM "your phone a friend!"  :-)
Friends: I would like to think I was friends with everyone, although closer with some more than others, sorry to say.  People that spark those "special
high school memories" are:  Carlo Gomez, Charles McBrian, Chris Marley, Dave Martasian, Andrew Boyd, Debbie Bacigalupi, Erin Yeast, Erin Snyder, Morgana, Shannon, Sharon, Justine, Nicole, Jennifer, Trudy, Linda, Mike, Tom, Jerry......etc.  :-)
Hobbies: Other than spending time with my girls (which occupies a majority of my time), I still love sports, watching and playing; golf, football, softball, jogging, pretty much anything. Can anyone else identify with this or is it just me...EVERY YEAR when August rolls around I still have dreams of high school football, being late for practice, games, etc!!  Wouldn't it be fun to play just one more game?! HARLAN....how about an Alumni Football game?
Kids: Emily Elizabeth, born June 1996; Hannah Rose, born August 2000
What can I say that every other proud father has not already said.....THEY ARE AMAZING!  Emily and Hannah are the joys of my life and the center of my universe!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Kojima for her confidence and belief in me.  Mrs. Leafe for the influence she had in my interest in politics and local
government.  Mr. Fig for making biology fun (I learned more in his class than I realized at the time!), Mr. McElroy for his overall positive influence.
Favorite_memory: Memories.......Playing football, open campus, closed campus, Carlo's 18th birthday party, Campus Commons Golf Course,  New
Year's/birthday parties with Morgana and "the gang," poker night at Chris' apartment.....and many more.
Story: Too many and not enough time to go into.
Sharon Snider writes:
Occupation: Taking Summer off to be with kids.  My daughter starts Kindergarten in September and I want to take summer off to do fun things with my kids.
Bio: After I graduated from Encina I went to Sac State for a year, that did not work out.  So, got into Mortgage Lending and have been doing it every
since.  Up until May 2004 I was the Operations Manager for RBC Mortgage. Now I am taking the summer off.  My husband is a Sacramento Police Officer, with his schedule it benefits us for me to stay at home for a while.  We have lived in Elk Grove for 4 years now.  We bought our first home here back in June of 2000 before my daughter turned one.  Now we have two beautiful kids.  I have been married for 6 1/2 years.  Can't wait until the 7 year
itch is over!!  I party with my friends still.  We hang out at 74-40 on Saturday nights sometimes.  I go out with Michelle Stampp (now Ingram). Nicole Rene Gagne (now Giddings) and my kids play with Lan Nguyen's kids (now Soohoo).  But I have alot of parties and go out.  You party animals need to give me a call.  Oh. and by the way, that Senior Picture in the year book.  Don't let that fool you.  I am fine as ever. As most of you fellas that saw me at out ten year class reunion can agree to that. See you at the 74-40. For those of you who do not get out as much, it's in Citrus Heights on Auburn Blvd. off Antelope.
Trivia: Nothing, except I still got it!  Remember I was voted best dancer in our class.  So, watch out now!!  Hi Trudy!!!  So, where is Joe Yates? I miss
all you people.  Let's kick it some time, why wait until the next reunion.
Friends: My best friends were Michelle Stampp, Lan Nugyen,Rebecca Anderson and Ann Robb.  I have lost contact with Ann Robb after 1988/1989.  I had
other friends in high school that were cool too.  You know who you are.
Hobbies: My hobbies are dancing, watching NBA and NFL on TV.  Go Niners. Damn those Sacramento Kings!!!!  I am also into camping, crafts and spending time with my kids and husband.
Kids: Zariah Iman Lewis, 4; Sean J. Lewis, Jr. 1
My daughter Zariah will be five in July.  She was born 6 days before my 30th birthday.  I sware she is a little me.  She so smart.  She is dancing and
singing and she loves her little brother.  They grow up so fast.  She will be staring Kindergarten this fall.  My son, just turned one on June 11th and he is getting into everything.  He is a happy baby.  They were both happy baby's from day one.  Life is wonderful when you have kids.  I just wish they would not grow up so fast.
Grade_school: St. Philomenes
Grade_school_friends: Sabrina Abbott, David Lawand and Dan Swink.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Figinshue, because he used to call me and Denitra and Michelle the Pointer Sisters.  He made me laugh by making Biology fun. God rest his soul.  There was Mrs. Woo my all time favorite.  She is still there too.  She was cool and related to us all. Love you Mrs. Woo.
Favorite_memory: THE BARS!!!! We felt like prisoners when they put the bars up. There was a picture of some of the students behind those bars in the
Sacramento Bee. That was interesting.  Also, the bomb threats.  We got to go home!  Yeh!!!!  LUNCH!!! They took away open campus.  Mcdonalds and Carls Jrs.  they were happy about that.  Nothing like being banned from a public place.
Story: I liked this one guy during high school and guesse what? He liked me too.  I will not say any names.  We don't want T.B to get mad at me again.
But she is married now and so am I so, it does not matter now if she get's mad.  We were dating(?) the same guy for a split.  Lets call it truce!!! Luv Ya!!!
Sibling_info: Shalonn Snider, Class of 1989
Erin Snyder writes:
Occupation: Classified Personnel Specialist at Washington Unified School District Office in West Sacramento.
Bio: I received my BA degree in Humanities and Religious Studies from CSUS. I married Brandon, a high school English and Drama teacher, on January 3, 2004, we closed escrow on our first house on March 31, and I just started my job at Washington Unified two weeks ago. It's been an amazing year, so far, but I'm hoping for a lull really soon.
Friends: My best friends in high school were Nicole Cross, Cherish Cooley and Morgana Sprague, and, honestly, I've lost contact with all of them.
Hobbies: At the moment, Brandon and I are enjoying working on the new house and in the yard. I love to garden. We like to camp whenever we can (we were registered at REI for the wedding) and love to go wine tasting. We are looking forward to getting a dog as soon as the grass grows in our backyard.
Kids: No kids. We're waiting to see how we do with the dog, first.
Grade_school: H.E. Winterstein from grades 4 through 6.
Grade_school_friends: A lot of us from the class of '87 also went to Winterstein and Jonas Salk together.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: I remember being really inspired by my English teachers, Mrs. Takeuchi and Mrs. Pierce. In fact, I began college as an English major, not a Humanities major. I remember Mr. Dutton really well, mostly because I had to struggle through two years of Geometry with him. (Yep, I repeated it. Lame!)
Favorite_memory: Drill Team was one of my favorite times because I was on the team with some of my best friends.
Story: That really wouldn't be a very good idea. I think I'll just keep quiet.
Carolyn Gibson writes:
Occupation: Field Bookkeeper/Executive Assistant to Balkans Field Director
Bio: Worked for a local mountain bike manufacturer before going back to college in '98 to get my business degree.  Now I live and work in Macedonia partnering with a local humanitarian organization.
Trivia: Been to Bosnia and Kosovo (ask me what happened in Kosovo sometime).
Friends: It's a wonderful thing to still have the same best friends today that I did while at Encina. 
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Favorite_memory: 1986, Kings vs. Lakers, Drill Team performing to "Blue Monday" at half-time.
Erik Beauchamp writes:
After graduating from St. Mary's College of California, I looked around for a job, didn't know what I wanted to do and ended up working in Yosemite National Park for a few months. It was a tremendous experience for me and I ended up meeting the woman whom I am now married to: Dedra. After Yosemite, I took a long road trip with Dedra across the country.
   A few days after the trip, I enrolled in a graduate program at CSUS. I graduated from there with a Master's Degree in English.
   While at CSUS, I got a job with the state doing public relations for the Smog Check program and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I spent a few years there and enjoyed my time. During that period, I got married and bought a house.
   My wife and I were married in Yosemite on October 26, 1997, after dating about 4 years.
   In 1999, I decided that life at the State wasn't enough for me, so I quit and enrolled in Law School at McGeorge School of Law, here in Sacramento. I was in the top 13% of my class and made Law Review and have two published articles to my credit. One was recently made required reading in an Elder Law class at McGeorge.
   I graduated with distinction (sort of like cum laude) in May 2002 and took the Bar in July 2002.
   In December 2001, my wife and I had our first child, Larissa Colette Beauchamp.
Christine Burghgrave writes:
Occupation: Personnel Specialist for Youth Authority
Bio: I went to San Jose State for one year...to bowl, not get an education.  I then moved to Fresno and attended one year at their Junior College and then came home.  I've taken a few classes here and there at American River College, but never finished.  I've worked in accounting, as an administrative assistant (more than once), and finally landed with the state about 4 1/2 years ago.
  I got married in March of '96 to a great guy named Roger.  I had my first son Taylor in September of '97 and my second son Skyler in June of '01.  We bought a house in North Highlands the same month we got married and are still there.  
Friends: My friends were Wendy Onstine (and yes I finally got a hold of her), Denise Souza (saw her a few times after graduation, but haven't been in touch since), Cherish Cooley (we ran into each other at Jury Duty and have occasionally e-mailed), Kim Trehern (haven't seen her since graduation, but e-mailed recently).
Hobbies: I actually gave up bowling last year when I was pregnant and with 2 kids I just don't have the time anymore.  Our family has quads (4-wheel atv's) and we recently purchased a Weekend Warrior (travel trailer that hauls toys!!!) so that we can go as a family to places like Sand Mountain and Pismo Beach.  When my husband finds more places with sand dunes, we'll be there too!  We also enjoy going to drag races and motorcross races.  I'm sure my 4 year old will soon have us involved in some other things such as BMX or go kart racing...he loves to go fast!!!
Kids: Taylor is 4 years old (almost 5) and Skyler is 11 mo. old.  I never thought I'd end up with 2 boys.  They are so much fun!  The oldest looks just like his dad and the youngest looks like me.  I think we're done !?! 
Grade_school: K-3 at Thomas Edison and 4-6 at Mission Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Wendy Onstine, Tyrone Harding, Sparkie Davis...that's all I can remember...K-3 was a long time ago!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Wendy Onstine, Al Phillips (I had the biggest crush on him and he liked my best friend, Wendy), Tyrone Harding & Sparkie Davis (if my memory is correct).  I had other friends, but they went on to Rio.  There is one other person that I'd love to find and her name was Tracy Marco. 
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Dahlin, no explanation needed, he was great!  Mrs. Young because she gave me my first job.  Mr. Figenshu, only because he locked me out of a final and my dad had to come down to the school.  Oh, and what about Mr. Record who tried to fail me because I got the chicken pox.  I had to go to night school at AR because of him.
Favorite_memory: When I finally made the drill team my senior year, after 4 attempts.  I think they felt sorry for me.  Oh well, it was fun for me!
Erik Loza writes:
Occupation: Operations Manager
Bio: After graduating from Encina, I attended American River College for a couple of years but just couldn't stay focused enough to stick with with it and finish up. "You're a bright student, Erik, but you really need to apply yourself", the instructors would say. They were, of course, correct. I ended up moving out and going to work full time to support myself and am still with that same company today. Anyway, school was school and work is work but I always found myself drawn to things I was really intense about. Biology was always an interest and photography, as well. In the early 90's, there was an explosion in popularity of reptiles as pets and several special-interest magazines appeared. An acquaintance who knew I had a background in this field suggested I submit some work to them. To make a long story short, I now specialize in photographing venomous reptiles and arthropods (bugs, more or less), have travelled to Mexico to shoot crocodiles and rattlesnakes twice, have become pretty good friends with many zoo
Trivia: I've been stung by scorpions, bitten by a venomous lizard, slept beneath a tree full of vampire bats, and caught more than 1,000 snakes.
Friends: Carlo Gomez and Alex Philo were my best friends. I remember Cathy Mitchell and her boyfriend BJ (don't recall his last name), too. Have no idea where any of them are today.
Hobbies: The travel and photography, of course. It's difficult for some people to understand how intentionally putting yourself in a position where you might be gravely injured could be enjoyable, yet I find it highly rewarding. I also speak and organize field trips a couple of times each year for our local reptile and amphibian study group, the Northern California Herpetological Society.
Grade_school: Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Family moved after grade school, so only new friends at Encina.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Figenshu, for his laid-back demeanor, Mrs. Kojima, for her energy, and Mr. Dahlin, just for being a good guy.
Favorite_memory: Graduation day. Finally done!
Erik Beauchamp writes:
Occupation: Law Student
Bio: After Graduation, I went to St. Mary's College in Moraga and graducated with a double major in English and Business. My big thing in College: I was on the Rowing Team.
After St. Mary's, I looked around for a job, didn't know what I wanted to do and ended up working in Yosemite National Park for a few months. It was a tremendous experience for me and I ended up meeting the woman whom I am now married to: Dedra. After Yosemite, I took a long road trip with Dedra across the country.
A few days after the trip, I enrolled in a graduate program at CSUS. I graduated from there with a Master's Degree in English. I thought about teaching at the college level and going to Med School, but they don't pay you much to teach college and begining teachers don't have a lot of security for a long time and I didn't really want to be with sick people, so I decided not to do either.
While at CSUS, I got a job with the state doing public relations for the Smog Check program and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. I spent a few years there and enjoyed my time. During that period, I got married and bought a house.
My wife and I were married in Yosemite on October 28, 1997, after dating about 4 years.
In 1999, I decided that life at the State wasn't enough for me, so I quit and enrolled in Law School at McGeorge School of Law, here in Sacramento. I've kept in the top 15% of my class and made Law Review and have two published articles to my credit. One was recently made required reading in an Elder Law class at McGeorge.
I graduate in May 2002 and, unless I really screw up this semester, I should graduate with distinction (sort of like cum laude). I don't have a job lined up, but the job situation for McGeorge graduates is pretty good.
In December 2001, my wife and I had our first child, Larissa Collete Beauchamp.
Friends: Bob McPherson is the one I really remember.
Hobbies: Being with my wife and daughter; photography; genealogy; writing; skiing; hey, there isn't much time to do anything in law school.
Kids: My daughter is beautiful, smart, and really progressing, but she's still a little baby.
Grade_school: Merryhill on Eastern Ave.
Junior_high: Arden
Memorable_teachers: I only remember Mr. Figenchu because he was so sarcastic. The rest, like most of my memories of Encina, are only a blur.
Favorite_memory: Graduation was pretty cool.
Story: I can't remember anything. How long has it been?
Heard_about_website_from: I was looking on the Internet for a cool place to eat, but I found this site for some reason.
Kelly O'Callaghan writes:
Occupation: manager
Bio: Since graduation I have been doing a lot. I moved to San Diego with some friends from school right after I graduated. Dave Perez, mike Boggous & Bobby  Perez & o-ya John Jenson was there as well. Shortly after that I became a manager for Del Taco:). Now I am a manager for Brinker int. aka. Chilis. there is a lot more to tell but i dont think i should get into it :)
Trivia: I am into high-risk hobbies such as sky diving rock climbing and for the past 3 years I have been into jiu jitsu and cage fighting at the next generation fighting academy.
Friends: Becky Franchum, Dave & Tony Cicneros,  David & Bobby Perez, Katrena Pace Mike Boggous, John Jenson & Susan Henley
Hobbies: jiu jitsu
Kids: Kelsey O'Callaghan 9 years old living in new york
Junior_high: Joanas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dolen art teacher. he alaways took the time to listen
Favorite_memory: My freshmen year I played football, the varsity team moved my car onto the senior lawn.
Kristine Monday writes:
Occupation: Esthetician/Home Mom
Bio: I worked for several places, but settled in for about 6 years at Kaiser as an outside service copying medical records.  I hated it and have been at home since my son turned one in 1999.  I am now getting back into my first love which is doing facials and waxing and make-up at a small salon.  
Hobbies: I still play a lot of softball and indoor soccer.
Kids: Jerry and I just had our 2nd child a girl named Jocelyn Jaiden in August of 2001.   Our son Joel was born in February of 1998.  Can't believe we have a four year old.  We have big kids.  Our daughter was 9.4 lbs. at birth and is now 21 lbs. at 4 1/2 months.  Joel was just a little under that at four months, but you see what I mean about having big kids.  They are a lot of work, but very worth it. 
Story: Jerry Dragoo and I are still happily married and live in the same house on Barrington Rd.  We own our own Pool business and it is doing very well.  This April we will have been together 16 years that is half of our lives together.  We just had our 11th anniversary last October.  Jerry is still one of the greatest people I know and I am so glad that he is in my life.
Crystal Graham writes:
Occupation: Dept. of Corrections, Parole and Community Services Division, in the Law Enforcement and Sex Offender Unit
Bio: Working and traveling, being a Mom and a wife. 
Friends: Denise Sousa, Michelle Pyorre, Jamie Yarrow, Joey Mawyer. I've lost contact with Jamie Yarrow and Joey Mawyer.  I still speak with and see Michelle Pyorre and Denise Sousa.
Hobbies: I love to sing and ride snowmobiles and jetski's!
Kids: They are the loves of my life!  My son is an awesome baseball player and he loves it!  He's been playing since he was four years old.  My daugher is a little "ham" she loves to be in the spotlight!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue Elementry
Grade_school_friends: Denise Sousa, Bobby Perez, Mark Puthuf, David Martinez, Samantha Jones, Brandy Biehl, Dal Chamberlain, Sandy Guieterrez, I can't remember anymore!
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: The same as grade school.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Kojima, I just loved her!  Mr. Dahlin, I just loved him too!
Favorite_memory: Cheerleading and dating Kirt Stassi.
Story: Well, I live around the corner from Mr. Roccuci here in Roseville.  He was our basketball coach at Howe Avenue Junior High School as well as the shop teacher!  He's my neighbor!
Alumni_in_contact: Denise Sousa, Michelle Pyorre
Heard_about_website_from: Just browsing on the Internet
Rebecca Anderson writes:
I attended Encina H.S 84,85,86......In 85 I was the silly chick in the wheel chair who had bunion surgery. i married young to a man from Redondo Beach, Ca...I was involved with students against drunk drivers.... I was divorced in 1990, we had two children, On April 11, 1991 My two children and I were hit head on the free way by a drunk driver, my son Zack, whom I named after Zack Stiger (Encina class "88)died he was 3 1/2. I was told I'd never walk again or have children I suffered a stroke. I was involved in theatre at the time.....I do walk ,i run.and sing..andI DO LOOK GOOD THANK YOU VERY MUCH! and I have a 12 year old daughter and an 8 year old..I went to college for foreign trade, and have worked with various alternative rock bands in L.A. I have recently moved from L.A here to Bishop because it is where I want to raise my girls and I'm looking for a home to buy. I remember class of '87 we were the best group of kids that ever went through that school.....we lost Dion Pittman... Todd Anderson, Sabrina Benetts love...(I always wish I could get in touch with her) we had two Todd Anderson's. Stacy Anderson was one Todd's bro-he wasn't the one killed. No I am no related to them. My buddies were Sharon Snider, Michelle Stamp, Sabrina Bennnet, Ann Robb, Amy Applegate, Gabby, Jo Yates was my buddy he
pushed me everywhere in that damn wheel chair after his best frien Dave Smith Dumped me because he was too
embarrassed to have a girlfriend in a wheel chair... Yea, My greatest memories are from Encina, I grew up In foster homes and busted my ass to rise above, Mr. Record.....I do use that damn math!!!!And the frustrated drama teacher who new I had a gift, short little guy, I did Juliets death speach as an assignment and an ovation too! So I went on to do a lot of extra work......but stick to music now.....for fun....I just want a simple life up here in the mountains, maybe someday get married and enjoy the land. Oh yea! where is Rodney NICKLEOFF he'll remeber me all right. oh yea Amber Proctor, the lettuce and
banana peels I gave up on about 4 years ago.....Larry Salcido, Mr.Records class.....hey dude! And Jo Davidson, sorry I broke your heart. Well Good bye for now.......If any one wants to reach me.......amorvenicito@yahoo.com   or amorvenicito@hotmail.com
A.K.A> BUFF WOMAN AND S.T(Stiff Titts)
Grew up lookin pretty damn good those industrial bras paid off........
Jennifer Hodson writes:
Occupation: Work for the San Juan Unified School District at Churchill Middle School
Bio: Received degree in Media Communications from CSUS.  Married and moved to Portland, Oregon for 5 years.  Had a son named Austin in 1994.  Moved back to sac in 1997.  I am now married to the love of my life and have another son who is 8 months old.  My husband and I both work for SJUSD and run our own Martial Arts studio (Bujinkan Dojos of Sacramento).  I am a Soccer Mom, drive a mini-van and am extremely involved with my children (who would have thought)!
Friends: My best friend was Kari (Riffle) Erickson who I still talk to regularly (when she has time aside from here triplets!).  Other friends that I am still in contact with are Bernyne (Wright) Bigelow, Michelle Smith and Beth Smith.  I am still in contact with them.
Hobbies: I love to garden, make crafts and play with my family. 
Kids: My son Austin is 7 years old.  He is the most romantic 7 year old I have ever seen.  He already has a very serious crush.  He plays soccer and his second love to his girlfriend is his scooter!  My son Ryan is 8 months old.  His favorite pass time is getting his hands on anything that he can and crushing it. He has also discovered that he has a very loud voice and thinks that it is pretty cool.  He laughs constantly and thinks that all of my jokes are funny.  We have become great buds :)
Grade_school: Cottage
Junior_high: Howe
Junior_high_friends: Kari Riffle and Bernyne Wright
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin.  I spent a lot of time in there, especially senior year since there wasn't anything else left to take.
Heard_about_website_from: Kari Erickson
Pamela Waterbury writes:
Occupation: Accounting Manager
Bio: Working, being a Mom and Traveling
Friends: Kellie Dughi (Spence) and still is Best Friend. Everyone else I was friends with I do not see anymore
Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Kindergarten Bible School Teacher and spending weekends away with my Husband
Kids: Ryan-Allan Anthony is 6 years old; Logan Joshua is 3
Grade_school: E. Frederick Joyce
Grade_school_friends: None, I went to Grade School in North Highlands and move to Sacramento in Junior High
Junior_high: Howe Avenue Middle School
Junior_high_friends: Tasha Sullivan
Favorite_memory: Our Rally's.  We always seemed to Kick Butt at those!
Alumni_in_contact: Thomas, James and Billy MacLaughlin
Heard_about_website_from: Through James MacLaughlin
Ingrid Goettl writes:
Occupation: Federal Audtior
Bio: I went to American River and California State Unveristy Sacramento Graduated in Jan 92.  Went to work for the Federal government in Sac, got transfered to Indiana, Then transfered back to San Jose,  Hope to move back to Auburn Soon. Recently had a baby boy
Trivia: Too much traveling for my job.  Have bought a house in Nice CA around ClearLake and learned to water ski.  Own a 100 Rottwelier who thinks she is a lap dog.
Friends: Lisa Brown, Kim Hood, Lesile Wilcox, Tyrone Harding, my Sister Gretchen
Hobbies: Water Sking, sewing, cross stiching, motorcycling, being a Mom
Kids: I have one Son Brandon William who was just born on Sept 27, 2000.  His is just learning to do all the fun stuff babies do.
Grade_school_friends: Kim Hood
Junior_high: Rio Terra
Junior_high_friends: Lisa Brown
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Tak.  still talk to her and she never gave up on people.   Mr. Sanders, he made math fun
Favorite_memory: There were so many
Story: Gretchen and I kept our yellow Honda that used to smoke everytime we turned it on for almost 11 years before having it turned into a small block of metal.
Heard_about_website_from: My sister Gretchen
Tim Detzel writes:
Occupation: ceramic tile and marble sales and installation
Bio: Since graduation I spent a few years in the Air force and then moved back to Cincinnati to be closer to my family. Where I joined the carpenters union which kept me busy through my first marriage. I got married in 1992 to my first wife {ann}we had alittle girl in the same year. We got divorced 18 months later wich gave me sol custody of our Daughter[Brittany]. Shortly after that I quit the union and began working for a local ceramic tile setter where I learned to install ceramic tile and other natural stones. In 1996 I got married to my current wife[Jennifer]. We have since had two more girls [Samantha age 3] and [Natalie age 1] they both share the same birthday. In 1999 I began my own business in ceramictile and marble ind. I have been working hard and enjoying my children ever since.
Friends: I have never been one to say I had a best friend because all my friends were the best. I hung out with Bryan Ballance, Timm Winters, Robert Evans, Edward"tip" Willis and many others.
Hobbies: My hobbies are spending time with my girls and supporting their activities, Playing softball and enjoying the people that mean the most to me.
Memorable_teachers: My most memorable teacher was Coach Steve Kenyon because he was the only teacher didn't through me out of his class.
Favorite_memory: all my memmories at Encina were great.
Trudie Barnett writes:
Occupation: Technical Analyst, Franklin Templeton
Bio: After graduating (barely. We made it Stacey!), I moved to Hawaii with my dad, worked for a parasail company, got homesick and island fever, and finally moved home.   Manuevered my way through bad relationships, did some raving and found my wonderful husband, David.  Moved to San Diego, hung out for a couple of years, and moved back to town to start a family.  Worked for The Money Store, quit and now work hours I mocked others for working.  Every year the family and I head down to San Diego to attend Kevin Black's raucous 4th of July party and eat fish tacos.  That's me in a nutshell....
Trivia: I now know the difference between boxed and drinkable wine.
Friends: Linda Knoff, Shannon Maile ('88), Amey Bate, James Jones, Noel Hayes, Molly Mouchka, Brandy Biehl, Joe Yates, Crystal Graham (where ARE you?), Stacey Anderson, Mike Fuller - I still talk to Linda and Brandy and Joe almost every day, I see Noel and her husband every now and then,but have lost contact with almost everyone else.  I still see James and Fuller, but only when it snows...
Hobbies: Full-time mother, snowboarding, and laying by the pool in the summer.
Kids: Tyler is almost 4 and is right almost all of the time.  We have learned that if he says our keys are in the piano bench or his toy box - we'd better go look.  He's also ready to start ski camp this winter and is getting his first skateboard in April.   We're very proud.  He also knows everything there is to know about trains.   Just ask him.
Grade_school: Cottage
Grade_school_friends: Mickey O'Brien, Brady Green (for a while), various others but it was so long ago!
Junior_high: Same as grade school - who can remember??
Junior_high_friends: I skipped 8th grade in Sactown, so I didn't know very many people when I came back - oh, how could I forget Josh Brennan?  The most beautiful boy in the world. Or Sean David who was my boyfriend for one day only in 7th grade. 
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Marelich for letting Linda and I cheat because we were girls, and Mrs. Lord for the short-lived Anthropology class.
Favorite_memory: Graduation because I was convinced they were going to give me a fake diploma and break the news of summer school to me after the ceremony.  That's what you get for never being at school.
Story: Encina High - the only school you can cut two months straight and still be allowed on the Songleading squad.
Bill Burr writes:
Occupation: Glazer/Independent Contractor
Bio: Have been installing windows since high school, married Kathy Godfrey 87,  had 2 kids, went and worked at a Steel Foundry in Washington for a couple of years.  Then came back to Sacramento and have been installing windows ever since.  I am now an independent contractor with my own business.
Hobbies: Working on cars, boating, water skiing.
Kids: I have a 5 year old daughter Kristen,  and a 4 year old son Alex.
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Rick King, Rick Lewis
Alumni_in_contact: Kim Larson 87, Staci Grimm 87, John Kilgour 86,  Joe Donell 85,   Nina Donell 84, Nicole Gagne 88, Dina May 88, Kathy Godfrey 87, Rick King 88
Heard_about_website_from: My wife
Cherish Cooley writes:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Bio: I was an office manger for a Pension Consulting Firm.  Got tired of dealing with everybody elses problems and quit.  Got married to Brian Cyr.  We had a great wedding with all our friends there.  Started a new job which I have been there for the last 5 years and I love it.  I go in do my job and coming home to my 2 great children and Brian.  Brian and I have been married for 11 years on the 11th of this month (Nov.)  I can't believe we all have been out of high school that long!
Friends: Erin Snyder, Nicole Cross, Christine Burghgrave (I think that is the spelling) I have lost track of them both. Of course Michelle Pyorre (my life long friend) and Kristine Monday (Dragoo) who is always my bud. I would love to know what Abbey Cheng is up to.     
Hobbies: I very active in Camp Fire as a leader now.  Very involved in the PTA trying to raise money for new playground equipment.  I still sing whenever I can.
Of course my two children are my life now.
Kids: Shayla is 10 and goes to Thomas Edison Elem.  Will attend Arden next year for 6th grade.  She plays in Band two different instruments and loves to play volleyball. Of course is involved in Camp Fire. 
Nolan is 3 and is getting ready for pre-school he is a typical boy and is a hand full. He loves cars and anything that is loud
Grade_school: Winterstein
Grade_school_friends: Nicole Cross, Kristine Monday, Erin Snyder, Chris Krell, James Jones, almost half of our senior class. Back then we were all friends.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Nicole Cross, Erin Snyder, Michelle Pyorre, Mark Pyorre, Kristine Monday
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Jack Carey the Music Teacher.  The whole reason I went to Encina is because they had the best music program in the district.  He was an inspiration to me.  He was magic.
Favorite_memory: Being asked to sing at graduation.  I was sooo nervous and I think I did o.k.  It was an emotional time.  Also getting to be student choir directory.   Then is when I knew that I wanted to me a choir teacher.
Tom Higgins writes:
Occupation: Paramedic/EMS Manager Ambulance Company/Flight Paramedic
Bio: Was married for 12 years had two daughters, Tarah 12 and Allison 8.  Recently divorced, and now very happy.  Have a wonderful girlfriend named Jessica.  After high school moved to Greenville, CA and tried to find a job as a mechanic, no success, worked at a saw mill for 3 years.  Became an EMT for 4 years, went to Paramedic school in Redding, CA.  Since that time I have been the Human Resource Manager for an Ambulance and Air Flight Service in Susanville.  Currently, I manage the Ambulance Company in Greenville and work as a Flight Paramedic in Susanville.   
Friends: Best Friends were Jerry Dragoo, Rob Hayes, Mike Fuller, Mickey Owens, Patrick Storm, CJ Dow, etc.  I have lost contact with everyone except Jerry.
Hobbies: Softball, Bowling, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Outdoors
Kids: Tarah, 12, Allison, 8.  Two beautiful little girls.  Both very smart, funny and great to be around.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Jerry Dragoo
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Jerry Dragoo, etc.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Ash.  Because he was a great teacher, friend.  Very fair, best teacher I have ever had.
Favorite_memory: Parties, Jerry knows the rest.
Sibling_info: Trent Higgins, class of 1984.
Heard_about_website_from: Trent Higgins
Ila Villipondo writes:
Occupation: College Student
Bio: Bummin it!
Friends: My best friend was Raquel Harris and still is I lost contact with Mark Hurlock, Erin Hoff and a girl named Robin. I wish I could find these people it would be fun to talk about old times.
Hobbies: I like to watch and play sports. Go the movies and eat out. I like to visit cool homepages on the internet! I also like to spend quality time with my two daughters.
Kids: I have a daughter who is 6 and a daughter who is 2, both are the greatest.
Grade_school: Santa Rita Elementary  salinas, California
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Sterling because he was a mean strict teacher. He is the only teacher embedded in my brain!
Favorite_memory: Having fun with all my friends. And going to school with a Michael Jackson look alike!
Alumni_with_email: Mark Blakinship: MB1883@aol.com
Alumni_in_contact: Raquel Harris
Heard_about_website_from: Friend
Jerry Dragoo writes:
Occupation: Swimming Pool Technician
Bio: After graduation, I worked @ Vic's IGA.  I dropped out of college after 2 years of not knowing what I wanted to do.  Then married my high school sweetheart, Kristine Monday.  I went part-time at the grocery store and started servicing swimming pools part-time for another company.  I then joined a band.  The three occupations were a tough juggling act, until I left the grocery store, the band broke up and I started my own pool business.  I'm still happily married to Kristine and we have a son who is now 2 years old, born in 1998.  Currently, I'm building my pool business and enjoying life as much as possible.
Trivia: Was in an alternative rock band playing the saxaphone, back up vocals and percussion.  We made a tape and played from Sacramento to San Francisco.  Got to open up for some great bands like Cracker, Cake, and many others. I still have the old Chevy truck.
Friends: Still best friends with Gage Lewerenz. Still occassionally talk to Tom Higgins.
Hobbies: Mountainbiking, playing saxaphone, enjoying the outdoors
Kids: Joel Robert Dragoo was born February 8th 1998.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Gage Lewerenz, Tom Higgins
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Gage Lewerenz, Tom Higgins
Memorable_teachers: Cindy Prior-A superior band teacher.  She pushed me to be a better musician.
David Yoder-A good friend as well as teacher.
Bill Mac Elroy-The guy had to teach everything!
Mrs. Leafe-She had a way of teaching that you would learn whether you wanted to or not.
Mr. Estes-I'll never forget when someone got sick in class and he said, must've been some bad pot. That was funny.
Loni Lucero writes:
Occupation: Analyst
Bio: HI All!  After high school, I attended American River College (mostly half time) for a year and a half, while working at Cigna Insurance.
I later got a student assistant job with the state, which turned into a full time position.  Now, I've been with the State for eleven years and has treated me very well. In August of 1997, I purchased my house in Laguna.  Two months later,  I met a wonderful man who is now my husband for two years in March. I STILL go to school, part time of course, but still working at it.  I ran into Amey (Bate) Davis at Spaghetti Factory a few weeks ago and she told me about this website, and it's great I love it!  Glad to hear everyone is well, and is doing great  for themselves.    Can't wait to hear from more classmates.
Trivia: My most interesting trivia is I get a ton of people who tell me I look like Jackie Kennedy.  It's pretty cool...I just wish I had Jackie Kennedy's money!
Friends: I consider Everyone a friend,  but I had only a few very close friends. Jill Anderson, who I've recently made contact with again.  Sheila Kuntz and Parsha Miller. We've all went our separate ways since High School, but try to stay in touch as much as possible. I've played softball with Kris and Michelle, everyone else I just "hear" about.  Where's Wendy? Congrats to Kelle on her recent marriage! I'd like to hear how everyone from our class is!
Hobbies: I used to play softball, but have recently quit playing. Tennis, bike riding, roller blading, reading, fishing, different arts and crafts, working in my yard.
Kids: Don't have any of my own...yet, but I have an 11 year old step-daughter, Brittany who is a great young lady. 
Grade_school: St. Ignatius
Grade_school_friends: Another Catholic school child...Dane Owings is the only one from school.  But later I met Wendy Mayer from the neighborhood and little league.  I knew some of the guys as well from little league, you know who you are.
Junior_high: Same - St. Ignatius
Junior_high_friends: Same
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Fig was the best!
Sibling_info: Raymond Lucero - '83
Heard_about_website_from: Amey Bates
Rob Hayes writes:
Occupation: Associate Planner (Housing Developer)
Bio: I spent some time traveling around the US. Then came back and went to Sierra College and Continue to take classes to this day. I got Married in 1989 To my wonderful wife Cheryle Hayes. We had a son the same year. (The greatest addition to our family). I spent Ten Years Fighting Fire for South Placer Fire Dept. Unitl I Broke my back and had sugery in 1998. During the same time I have worked with my father developing sub-divisions around the greater Sacramento and Placer areas.
Trivia: I'm a extreme sports enthusiast:
Friends: I had alot of Friends at Encina one of the closest for a time was Ron Cameron, Lance Bowser, Micky, Molly, Debbie, But My best of all friends didn't go to Encina his name was Curtis Epps (a friend from our cabin up at Clearlake Ca.) If I have forgot to put down someone's name it isn't because I didn't think of you as a friend it is that I'm just loosing my mind! I have Lost contact from them all
Hobbies: I Loved to Race Cars, Bikes, and Motorcycles, Play Softball, Mountain climbing, Splunking (That is going down and exploring Mine Shafts) Hunting & Fishing, The all time Favorite is Water Skiing and Knee boarding.
Kids: My Son well Is just the Best at everything!! BETTER THAN YOURS!!! HA HA HA He is into Baseball, Hockey, Roller blading, and anything that is in fashion. I would love to SMASH the Sony Play Station! My son is so much like me but in the same so much different (He is getting great grades). I didn't... Only if I would of applied myself!
Grade_school: 5th
Grade_school_friends: I think there were only one or two but the one that I remember is Kari Riffle and Tim Winters and if I have forgot anyone else I appologize now.
Junior_high: Howe Ave.
Junior_high_friends: I think there were only one or two but the one that I remember is Kari Riffle and Tim Winters and if I have forgot anyone else I appologize now.
Favorite_teachers: Hated them ALL!!! ha ha ha.. Mr. Wilcox helped out alot. But spent alot of time with Mr. Triplet...
David Lawand writes:
Occupation: Anything that pays over $10.00 an hour!!!
Bio: After graduation I joined this gang called the United States Navy. I was Stationed in Key West, FL for 3 1/2 years. I worked on the A-3 Skywarrior as an Aviation Electrician's Mate/Alcohol Abuser for Electronic Warfare Squadron 33 or better known as VAQ-33 and traveled everywhere from Hawaii to Norway. Then got out just after the Gulf War (1992) and couldn't, or maybe wouldn't, find a job to save my life. So after partying like a Rock Star at the Village on Howe Ave with guys like Jeff Brooks,Mark Puthuff, Mike Fuller, Stacey Anderson, James Jones, Chris Krell, Greg Davis and occasionally waking up to Sean David on my living room floor I decided to try school once more. Four years and the GI Bill later I graduated from CSU, Chico with BA'S in History and Philosophy in 1997. I'm sure to find a job I like with this BA thing on my side, right? WRONG, after a lack luster performance Selling Graphic Arts Gear for Xerox I decided to go back to school, thus I attend the modest campus of Lincoln Law School in Sacramento and hope to graduate in 2003. Bob Perez-thats all Almonds!
Trivia: I'm losing my hair and can't do anything about it. But when the time comes I'll have the best Comb Over in Sacramento. You know it Baby. I also have a 7 inch titanium plate holding my right lower leg together due to a drunken episode at Bleachers on University Ave. My advice stay away from all curbs when drinking the Yeager. Oh yeah spelling doesn't count! "I don't think the heavy stuff coming down for quite a while." --Carl Spackler
Friends: Best friends??? Everyone I guess. But if I had to name names Mark Puthuff, Jeff Brooks, Mike Fuller, Bob Perez, Ted Novak, Ronda Socklov, the whole G-Team including Gino and Smorga-Bob. Stacey Anderson is a great friend now! but you know I hated you in High School right? you too Krell.
Hobbies: Law School, Playstation, Golf, yelling at the TV during Football season and yelling at the Giants during Baseball season, Dodgers Suck Krell!!! Oh yeah. my biggest hobby would be EATING! And complaining about the loss of my hair.
Kids: Cant do that YET!!!!
Grade_school: St. Philomenes
Grade_school_friends: Sharon Schnider, Sabrina Abbott, and Danny Swink.
Junior_high: Same
Junior_high_friends: Catholic School Sucked so sue me!
Favorite_teachers: Eric Dahlin, is that how you spell his name because everyone, if you had his class or not, called him ERIC! Mr. Tracy was cool too. 
Sibling_info: Joey Lawand
Alumni_in_contact: Jeff Brooks, Mark Puthuff, James Jones, Stacey Anderson, Mike Fuller, Chris Krell, and Greg Davis.
Heard_about_website_from: My Brother Joey Lawand
Danny Reid writes:
Occupation: Art Director/Graphic Designer
Bio: I graduated from California State University, Chico in 1994 with a BA in Communication. Since, I have worked as a graphic designer and now as Art Director for McNally Temple Associates, Inc. in Sacramento. We are mainly a political consulting firm, but, we also are the top PR firm in the area. Some of our clients include, The California High-Speed Rail Authority, Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff, BV, Bailey's, George Bush Jr. for President and many state assembly members and a few U.S. Congressmen.
Trivia: Half of my vocabulary consists of quotes from the movie FLETCH and CADDYSHACK....sad.
Friends: I still keep in contact with my best friends from Encina. But, there are a few people that I did not see at the reunion that I'm curious about. Like Ron Cameron or Jamie Yarrow, where are you guys?
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Softball, Motorcycles, Boating (learning to waterski), camping, snow skiing, I like golf, but I suck.
Kids: No kids, but my sister Nancy's kids, Regan and Riley are fun. And my older brother Randy's daughter, Justine too. Regan is 2 and a half and she knows the Pledge of Allegiance by heart.
Grade_school: Winterstein Elementary
Grade_school_friends: James Jones, Chris Krell, Amey Bate, Debbie Bacigalupi, Nicki Tirapelli
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Same, plus Wendy Mayer, Michele Pyorre, Jamie Powell and Larry Veteto
Favorite_teachers: Fig, Kojima
Sibling_info: Nancy Reid, Randy Reid
Rick Lewis writes:
homepage: www.tradewindsappliance.com
Occupation: Self Employed...Trade Winds Appliance Parts and Service
Bio: I was trained by an appliance service company learning how to diagnose and repair restaurant equipment, that lasted for about four years.  Then the opportunity came along for me to embark on a journey being a delivery manager for the leading pharmeceutical services company dealing with hospitals and convelescent homes, this lasted for about four years. During the Pharmacy days: My Father "Lew" (provider of the free snacks), (ha ha ha - football team) was diagnosed with cancer and passed away near the end of 1994. I then decided to move westward to Maui, Hawaii. I landed on this little rock on January 5th, 1995. I held an engineering job with one of the largest time share companies for the majority of my first three years here. I then found a need on the island that very few people were doing. You guessed it !!! I opened my first business called Trade Winds Appliance. I offered appliance repair service to the restaurant industry here. I started it part time while I was involved with the engineering  position I held. It grew quite fast and I eventually was able to bid farewell to the engineering job. Now, three years after I started the business, I made a website to sell parts to people that are in need of such things.
Trivia: I am now married for the second time. The first bride; I won't divulge her name (out of respect) but some of you may know who she is (hint hint).  My second wife Geanelli just gave birth to my first and only child, her second child (from a previous marriage). I met her here in Hawaii 6 months after I moved to Maui. She and I are doing very well and are planning to buy a house soon.
Friends: Since I played football, I hung out with a few different people on the team. I lost contact with alot of people except Rick King, and Tom Toth.
Hobbies: Baseball, football, (Gorilla) basketball, swimming, internet, camping, hiking into the rain forests. Coaching: baseball, basketball, soccer to kids. I am a volunteer in the Junior Acheivement Program that teaches the kids about "LIFE" in business, and gets them prepared for their future.
Kids: My boy's name is Trenton Reece. I am now understanding how parenting a child with diapers is...."MESSY"!!! I love him alot !!! He is a cute boy!!! (takes after his Mother). My Stepson Jay-me is a very smart kid, he is getting straight A's. I love him like a SON. I coach all of the sports he's in and he does quite well.
Grade_school: D.W. Babcock
Grade_school_friends: Rick King, Thomas Toth, Rob Coleman, Mike Coleman, Dal Chamberlain, There is more....but I probably have Beginning  Alzheimers. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I've fallen and I can't get up!!!
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Rick King, Tim Winters, Thomas Toth, Rob Coleman, Mike Coleman, Dal Chamberlain, There is more.....Don't remember right now.
Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Kojima (great linguist in many languages, awesome teacher and all around great person), Mr. Trathen (very knowledgable and helpful),  Mr. Braunlich (great physics teacher and personable), Mr Ash (great mechanic and teacher)
Heard_about_website_from: I was just curious one day and typed in: www.encinahighschool.com The rest is history!!!

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