Third Annual Encina homecoming party

The Homecoming 2000 party was on Friday, October 20, 2000 at El Camino HS.

Encina defeated San Juan 22-12, against San Juan at El Camino HS.

Pictures from Homecoming 2000
Homecoming rally at Encina/Lunch at Applebee's
More homecoming rally pictures
Pregame party at El Camino HS cafeteria
Homecoming Game at El Camino HS stadium
Postgame party at El Camino HS cafeteria
Rollin Coxe 64's pictures

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For a detailed description of the homecoming rally and party see the 10/27 Encina Update

Event: Homecoming Rally
Date: Friday, October 20, 2000
Time: 11:00-11:30am
Where: Encina High School
The alumni will have their own section of the stands between the juniors and seniors. Encina will need 3 or so alumni to judge the classes. Please RSVP as Encina needs a list of attendees. You must check in at the front office and get a visitor's pass to attend the rally.
Event: Preparty
Date: Friday, October 20, 2000
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Where: Candlerock Lounge
The Class of '73 is having a pre party Friday, October 20th from 4pm to 6pm at the Candlerock Lounge next to country club lanes!

Anyone from the classes of 70,71,72,and 73 are strongly encouraged to attend. (smaller venue with drinks and food before facing the masses
at El Camino).

Please, no name tags or food.....we will survive on what we find at the Rock.

Call me if you have questions @ (916) 362-5592

Rett Smart '73
001022 2023 nametag web.jpg (57605 bytes)
Event: Pre-game party
Date: Friday, October 20, 2000
Time: 5:00pm to 730pm
Where: El Camino HS cafeteria
Event: Homecoming game
Opponent: San Juan
JV 5:00pm
Varsity 7:00pm
Where: El Camino High School
4300 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 9582
Admission: $5
The Encina alumni have been invited by Principal Myrtle Berry to participate in the half-time activities. We will have several convertibles filled with Encina teachers and staff in the homecoming parade, along with a 70s theme alumni float.

WARNING: Principal Myrtle Berry wrote:
"Just wanted to clarify in-outs at football games.  You indicated that alumni's could go back and forth.  We have a no-return policy (of course unless you are willing to pay again).  Once you are in, you are in until the end of the game." 

EL CAMINO HS MAP.GIF (10943 bytes)
Event: Postgame party
Where: El Camino HS cafeteria
When: After homecoming game
(about 10pm to 12am)
Encina High Fight Song

Apache Braves fight for Encina High,
We have the will, it's do or die!
For we are all behind you, lead the way,
So come on boys let's win that game today! (Rah,Rah)

We'll sweep the other team right off their feet,
Show them Apache spirit can't be beat!
As gold and cardinal banners proudly fly,
Fight for Encina High!

Express your interest in the Homecoming Party using this form.

If you plan to attend the homecoming party, please RSVP so we can get a better idea of how many people to expect. It appears that a lot of alumni plan to attend but have not RSVPed. This is making it difficult for the reunion committee to make plans. You can rsvp directly to me by replying to this message. Thanks!

The El Camino cafeteria will be a very good location for the homecoming party as you can easily walk back and forth
between the homecoming party and the homecoming game in the stadium. In addition, the cafeteria can accomodate up to 700
people (standing) so we should have plenty of room for alumni, staff and their families.

The homecoming party will cost around $1000 for insurance, custodians and security. Any contributions towards the costs
would be much appreciated. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed towards the homecoming party expenses!

Rally: Alumni are invited to attend the student homecoming rally from 11:00-11:30am in the newly modernized Encina gym. Alumni will have their own section of the bleachers and are invited to judge the classes. Please RSVP so we can provide Encina will a list of attendees. You must check in at the front office and obtain a guest pass to attend the rally.

Nametags: There will be STAFF, COMMITTEE, ALUMNI, GUEST and PHOTO badges for those who RSVP. If you have a question, ask someone on the reunion committee with a COMMITTEE nametag.

Photos: We have several official photographers. If you want your picture taken (individual or group), ask someone with a PHOTO nametag. This is a good way to ensure your presence is recorded for posterity and appears on the website.

Students at the homecoming game will be offering to record our memories with a polaroid for a $2 donation.  This is a great way to take home a picture of reunited friends and help the student body at the same time.

Classes: We will have class year posters in 5 year increments (1961-65 ... 1995-2000) around the perimeter of the cafeteria.
There will be space to print your name and class year on the poster so folks can see who is at the party. This also provides a unofficial record of attendance of sorts.

Food: Bring your own food (like a picnic or tailgate), along with a sixpack of NONALCOHOLIC drinks and bag of chips
to share. Or buy burgers from the students at the pregame party or at the game.

Drinks/Snacks: We will have ice chests, ice, snack bowls along with a few drinks and snacks to get started, but not enough for everyone. Please bring a sixpack of drinks and a bag of chips or the like to share. Remember, this is a free event and the only
supplies we have are those DONATED by the folks on the reunion committee.

Tables: We will have tables set up in about 1/3 of the cafeteria for those who bring food to eat before the game. The rest of the space will be open to encourage mixing/visiting. For those who don't want to bring food, I encourage you to maximize visiting time by buying something at the snackbar at the game for dinner.

Family: Spouses and significant others are welcome. Those of you who are taking your family to the homecoming game are welcome to bring your children to the pregame party but we are not planning any entertainment for children and you should bring something to entertain them. This is first and foremost an alumni event and I neither encourage or discourage children. I felt holding the pregame party at the Candlestick last year discouraged those with children so El Camino is sort of a neutral location.

Clothing: Encina clothing is encouraged. Wear your old letter jackets, sweaters, PE shirts or gym shorts (Lucia Churches 73
did this last year). If you can fit into your cheerleader or songleader or mascot costumes even better! Amy Francis 88 wore
her songleader costume last year at the game.

Music: Jolanne Tierney 81 has volunteered to DJ for the homecoming party! If you have any song requests, please send them to
Jolanne at

Yearbooks: Bring your yearbooks along to look at and laugh about with your old classmates.

Homecoming game: We will walk over to the stadium around 730 to watch the homecoming game and cheer the Encina varsity team against San Juan. The alumni will have their own sections of the stands.

Homecoming parade: During halftime of the varsity game, we will have four alumni cars in the homecoming parade plus an alumni float. The teachers and staff have been invited to ride in the alumni cars in the parade. Lisa Lowe Rodland 79 is providing the flatbed trailer, Paul Stewart 76 is in charge of decorating the float and Greg Grant 75 will pull the trailer with his jeep in the parade.

Drivers for homecoming parade:
Eleanor Brown: Red 87 Porsche Targa
Cynthia Connell 73: Light green 68 Mustang convertible
Linda Weatherford Ballance 62: Dark Green 96 Chryler Sebring
Jerry Burks 71: 86 white Mustang convertible
Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73: Open Jeep
Susanne Pierson Currie 75: 92 Chrysler LeBaron convertible
Kris Grasso Elmer 70: white 96 white Chrysler Sebring
Pepai Falck 73: 58 Ford

Float: Paul Stewart 76 (head)
Greg Grant 75 (pulling float): Open Jeep
Irene Birchfield Campbell 68 (Apache mascot)
Gary Kennedy 78
Jim Bain 78
Don Hagy 76
Sande Byerley Jaeke 74
Marla Byerley Windham 76
Chris Moser Taylor 78
Dennis Peck 76
Steve Kearney 73
Lisa Lowe Rodland 79 - flatbed trailer

Lightsticks. Steve Palmer 74 and Randy Palmer 71 have finagled a box of 500 green and pink lightsticks from Omniglow (some of you may remember Steve and Randy do research in things that glow). The lightsticks are 3 inches long, a bit shorter than those which they brought to last year's game and were such a big hit. This year, we will be letting the students sell them to raise money for Encina. So save a couple dollars to buy a few lightsticks at the game! Especially those of you with kids.

Security: We will have off duty sheriffs patrolling the event and locking up. No alcohol please. We need to be on our best behaviour if we are to use school facilities for future homecoming parties.

Reunion committee:
Eleanor Brown (head of parade)
Laura Bui 93
Marla Byerley Windham 76
Sande Byerley Jaeke 74
Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73 (alumni clothing)
Nancy Cooper Manly 71
Rollin Coxe 64 (professional photographer)
Jan Heintz Hammon 75 (judge)
Angela Kern Mueller 90
Harlan Lau 73 (chair)
Janine Louther 70
Lisa Lowe Rodland 79 (providing trailer for float)
Larry Murray 65
Bonnie McFarland Kaplan 63
Donna McManus 74
Chris Moser Taylor 78 (head of decorations, insurance)
Kathleen O'Neill Cabe 79
Lisa Ott Williams 81
Steve Palmer 74
Randi Sanford Cunningham 74
Lora Saunders 67
Kerry Shearer 72
Paul Stewart 76 (head of float)
Tracy Taylor Tolbert 91
Carolyn Teel Rand 73
Jolanne Tierney 81 (DJ)
Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77
Cornelia Whitaker

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