Encina High School Stars

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Second generation Encinians
Daniel Centers 77, son of Mara Holmes Centers 61
Heide Mathews 78, daughter of Tom Mathews 61, niece of Joan Mathews 71 and Scott Mathews 73
Daniel Tuning 79, son of Cheryl Strain Tuning 61
Kim Allison 80, daughter of Neoma Harrod Robichaud 62 and stepfather Michael Robichaud 62
Angelique Gottlieb 80, daughter of Joan Seitz Barrett 61 and David Haynes 61 (both parents were Encina alumni)
John Reitter Jr 81 and Sherri Reitter 85, children of John Reitter 62 and Linda Wingate 62? (both parents were Encina alumni)
Laura Meyer 82, daughter of Mary Gawlik 61 and James Meyer 61 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Vince Thompson 82, Brooke Thompson 85, Shannon Thomspon 85, children of Wade R Thompson 64 and Joan Miller 63 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Lisa Puthuff 84 and Mark Puthuff 87, children of Karen Personius Puthuff 61
Lance Ballance 85, Bryan Ballance 87, Mark Ballance 91 and Chris Ballance 94, sons of Linda Weatherford Ballance 62
Mark LaCoste 85, son of Susan Jonas 62
Tami Hodges 86 and Stephen Hodges 93, children of James "Rick" Hodges 65
Katrina Evans 87 and Dixie Mitchell 88, daughters of Joyce Green 70
Russell Hauf 87, son of Karen Zastrow Hauf 61
Michelle Milliron 87 and Mandi Moore 90, daughters of Lindy Meister 65
Kristine Monday 87 and Scott Monday 90, whose aunt is Jody Monday 62
Teresa Swanson 87, daughter of Carol Swinehart Swanson 62
Gary Lance 88, son of Michael Lance 69
Erin Yeast 88, daughter of Sandra Baker Yeast 62
Jody Gregory 89, Jeny Gregory 92 and Robyn Gregory 94, daughters of Rob Gregory 69 and Shelley Berry 71 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Bryan Larson 89 and Shawn Larson 91, sons of Tom Larson 64
Nicolee Sorenson Smith 89, daughter of Melody Poplawski Barnett 66
Michael Juarez 90; Shayla Juarez Maybury 91, son and daughter of Anna Peterson Juarez 63, nephew and niece to Evalynn Peterson 62, Elma Peterson Gillis 66, Delbert Peterson 70, and Maren Peterson Schloeman 76
Paul Opp 90 and Ann Opp 92, children of Bob Opp 71 and Carol Roberts 71 (both parents were Encina alumni)
David Thompson 90, son of Diane Guymon Thompson 66
Bill Yeager 90, son of Sheran Weatherford Yeager 62
Tim Fountain 91, son of Gayle Reynolds Fountain 67
Jennifer Hendrickson 91, daughter of RoAnn Francis 71 and Clay Hendrickson 70 (both parents were Encina alumni),
plus Jennifer is married to Tommy LeVea 89
Craig Shaffer 91, Kevin Shaffer 93, sons of David Shaffer 68 and Sheila Bennett 68 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Karl Wallenda Schnaidt 91, son of Kenneth Schnaidt 61
Frank Bravo III 92, son of Nancy Downs 72/73 and Frank Bravo Jr 70 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Bree Margeson 92, daughter of Michael Margeson 68
Rachel Porter 92, daughter of Christina Fleury 76 and Bill Porter 75 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Daniel Larson 93, son of Peter Larson 77
Carrie Bennett 94, niece of Ronald Drake 67 and Steven Drake 68
Christian Dow 94, son of Christine Larson Dow 68, nephew of Connie Larson 72, Nancy Larson 75, Ruth Larson 79, Karen Larson 81, Monty Larson 83
Larry Averitt 95, son of Sandra Abbe 74
Michael Edwards 95, son of Paul Edwards 70
Holly Harris 97 and Karrie Harris 01, daughters of Dea Garst 70
Olivia Henley 97, daughter of Bill Henley 67 and Katherine Baldwin 73
Loree Scheiman 97, daughter of Carla Scheiman 79
Cyndi Poling 01, daughter of Cindy Webber 82
Baron Chapman 02, son of Baron Chapman 75 and Melanie Johnson 76 (both parents were Encina alumni)
Will Gunter Jr 02, son of Will Gunter 72
Kristine Lester 02 and Kandis Lester 02, daughters of David Lester 79
Alyshia Facino 05, daughter of La Vonne Foster Facino 78
Amanda Bright 05, daughter of Don Bright 75


Most Encina siblings
Eleven siblings
Wynell Elmer 62
Elizabeth Elmer 65
Elwood Elmer 66
Bryan Elmer 67
Vickie Elmer 70
Chris Elmer 71
Mark Elmer 72
Carl Elmer 74
Trina Elmer 79
Mary Ann Elmer 80?
Tammy Elmer 82
Ten siblings
Greg McClernon 68
Dan McClernon 74
Rob McClernon 76
Julia McClernon 78
Lauren McClernon 79
Rebecca McClernon 80
Emily McClernon 82
Matthew McClernon 83
Elisa McClernon 84
Mitchell McClernon 86
Bill Kern 65
Jeanne Kern 65
Gretchen Kern 66
Debbie Kern 67
Bob Kern 69
Marilyn Kern 71
Lori Kern 73
Jaime Kern 76
Todd Kern 80
Lisa Kern 84
Nine siblings
Michael Robichaud 62
Daphne Robichaud 64
Charlene Robichaud 66
Mary Robichaud 69
Peggy Robichaud 71
Stephen Robichaud 71
Joseph Robichaud 72
Paula Robichaud 74
Teri Robichaud 75
Eight siblings
Steven Adams 72
Lavonne Adams 74
Yvonne Adams 74
Robin Adams 75
John Adams 84
Ralph Adams 85
Carley Adams ??
Karen Adams ??
Janetta Smith 72
Denisa Smith 73
Brenda Smith 76
Diane Smith 80?
Cathleen Smith ??
Jim Smith ??
Steve Smith ??
Mary Margaret Smith ??
Seven siblings
John Cauley 70
Debbie Cauley 71
Daniel Cauley 72
Peggy Cauley 74
Helen Cauley 75
Patricia Cauley 75/76
Patrick Cauley 77
Dorothy Gerrity 68
Nancy Gerrity 69
Kathy Gerrity 71
Laura Gerrity 75
Tom Gerrity 77
James Gerrity 79
Janice Gerrity 79
Tom Scheeler 70
Doug Scheeler 72
Brian Scheeler 74
Beverly Scheeler 76
Ken Scheeler 79
Keith Scheeler 81
Diane Scheeler 86
Sue Shellooe 68
Steven Shellooe 70
Rose Shellooe 71
Dan Shellooe 73
Tom Shellooe 75
Peter Shellooe 77
Toni Shellooe 79
Shirley Taylor 65
Barbara Taylor 66
James Taylor 68
Lequita Taylor 69
David Taylor 74
William Taylor 78
Kelly Murphy 79 (half-sister)
David Wilkinson 71
Jay Wilkinson 72
Keith Wilkinson 73
Doug Wilkinson 74
Sandra Wilkinson 76
Phillip Wilkinson 77
Sharon Wilkinson 79
Six siblings
Sally Dickison 65
Berry Dickison 71
Dan Dickison 73
Swift Dickison 73
Roland Dickison 76
Tim Dickison 79
Connie Ford 76
Sharon Ford 77
Michelle Ford 78
Coleen Ford 81
Denise Ford 83
Aaron Ford 88
Ted Grebitus 69
Tom Grebitus 71
Bill Grebitus 72
Bob Grebitus 74
Katie Grebitus 75
Amy Grebitus 79
Dwight Hansen 74
Linda Hansen 76
Sherri Hansen 79
Todd Hansen 80
Lori Hansen 82
Kevin Hansen 88
Jacqueline Hardre 69
Annette Hardre 70
Denise Hardre 71
Michelle Hardre 72
Rene Hardre 74
Paul Hardre 75
Felicia Hearnes 93
Mack Hearnes 98
Marcus Hearnes 00
Michael Hearnes 01
Taneka Hearnes 01
Marcell Hearnes 03
Kristina King 74
Marva Ann King 75
Cheryl King 77
Jocelyn King 78
Paula King 82
Amy King 89
Christine Larson 68
Connie Larson 72
Nancy Larson 75
Ruth Larson 79
Karen Larson 81
Monty Larson 83
Karel Rae Sanford
Linda Mae Sanford
Karvey Wayne Sanford
Steven John Sanford 72
Randi-Lee Sanford 74
Scott Sanford (attended schools in LA)
Danielle Tierney 69 (graduated from Loretto)
Kevin Tierney 70
Gisele Tierney 71
Seanne Tierney 73/74
Kelley Tierney 75/76
Kim Tierney 78
Jolanne Tierney 81
Georgiann Valle 67
Carolyn Valle 69
Mary Kay Valle 72
David Valle 73
Melanie Valle 77
Tony Valle 81


Both Graduated and Taught at Encina
Elayne Roberts 66
Natalie Tamburri Fong 66
Kandi Kost Herbert 69
Randy Berry 71
Bobby Bingham 75
Charlie Reade 76
Lynne Gile Tracy 78
Stafford Boyd 88


Both Taught and had children attend Encina
Principal Jack Bassett, daughter Jane Bassett 79/80, John Bassett 81
Principal Myrtle Berry, son Harvis Berry 03
Attendance secretary Shirley Bordisso, children Joe Bordisso 77, Sharon Bordisso 78, Kathy Bordisso 80, Michael Bordisso 84
Teacher Andy Braio, children Angie Braio 84, Amy Braio 86, Rebecca Braio 87
Teacher Marilyn Carlson Pearce Spartz, children Steve Pearce 88, Karen Pearce 88
Counselor Alvin Flint, children Carol Flint 65, Jan Flint 68, Peggy Flint 72, Vicki Flint 74, Tim Flint 83
Librarian Kathy Howser, children Mike Howser 82, Jeff Howser 86
Teacher Louis Huber, children Mike Huber 72, Mark Huber 74
Teacher/counselor Karen McClelland Lee, children Dan McClelland 82 and Amy McClelland 86
Teacher Greg Paulo, daughter Lynsey Paulo 86
Teacher/coach William Scott, children Johnette Scott 76, Vicky Scott 78 and Bill Scott 71
Teacher Larry Stallings, children Gael Stallings 74, Carla Stallings 76 and Carolyn Stallings 82


Charles Stone Warner '64, renowned high school art teacher

Charles "Chuck" Warner, a nationally recognized art teacher at Woodland High School who inspired many students to pursue careers in visual arts, has died at the age of 59. The cause was complications following a lung transplant, said his wife, Marion Cantor. He died July 23 at Stanford University Medical Center. Mr. Warner, a teacher at Woodland High for more than 35 years, had chaired the school's art department since 1974. Under his leadership, Woodland High's arts program won numerous accolades, including recognition in 1997 by BusinessWeek magazine for its "Outstanding Arts Driven Curriculum," one of eight in the nation. The same year, Woodland High was one of six high schools in the United States selected as a Getty/Annenberg arts grant recipient. Mr. Warner "possessed an uncanny ability to challenge his students in a variety of problem-solving environments," his wife wrote in an e-mail. "He inspired them to produce inventive, independent, meaningful pieces of visual art that consistently demonstrated higher order thinking." In addition to his duties at Woodland High, Mr. Warner taught classes in commercial art, ceramics and theater production at Woodland Community College. A working artist himself, he specialized in acrylics and won numerous awards for his work. He was named "most inspirational teacher" in 2003 by the California Assembly. In 1998 he was honored as Woodland Joint Unified School District's teacher of the year. "We take the business of being artists seriously," Mr. Warner said in a 1988 interview with the Woodland Daily Democrat. "Most art departments tend to be a dumping ground (for students). This is definitely not true here. We have a reputation for being tough. Our expectations for students are awfully high, but the students keep meeting our expectations." In an interview with The Bee last year, Mr. Warner talked about how troubled students could turn their lives around when they discovered their artistic talent. "The students who are running into problems, they come here and they know this is serious business," he told Bee staff writer Pamela Martineau. "There's no fooling around here." Charles Stone Warner was born and raised in Sacramento, one of three children of Wilma Stone Warner, an elementary school teacher, and Earl Stone, a commercial artist. As a student at Encina High School, he earned spending money from printmaking and graphics. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in art from California State University, Sacramento, followed by graduate work at University of California, Davis, and California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. He married Marion Cantor, a Davis attorney, on April 2, 1983. They have three children. Among his former students who became professionals in the art world are Peggy Jo Ackley, Jeff Shurtz, Jeff Moore, Karen Yamauchi, Gustavo Ramirez, Wenda DeNova, and Emily Potts. In addition to his own painting, Mr. Warner for many years also did freelance commercial art work. At one point, he served on the Davis Art Center's governing board. "He was passionate about art in his own life and about sharing it with others," said Sharon King, one of Mr. Warner's fellow art teachers at Woodland High. "He loved kids, he loved teaching, and he loved seeing that sparkle happen." Remembered for: His nationally recognized arts education program at Woodland High School that inspired scores of students. Survived by: Wife, Marion Cantor of Davis; son, Dylan Warner of Davis; daughters, Erika Gatlin of Navarro, Mendocino County, and Rachael Sturgeon of York, England; brothers, Stuart Warner of San Anselmo and Philip Warner of Sacramento; one grandchild. Memorial services: 2 p.m. Aug. 6, Buehler Alumni/Visitors Center, UC Davis. [Sacramento Bee, 7-30-2005]
CULTURE CLASH'S RICHARD MONTOYA 77 BECOMES A MOVIE MULTITASKER http://www.sacbee.com/entertainment/movies-news-reviews/article18414926.html (full article with pictures)

Richard Montoya, co-founder of the satirical theater troupe Culture Clash, has gone deep into film noir with two long-in-development yet timely films. Both are showing soon in his hometown.

Montoya’s film-directing debut, “Water & Power,” will screen Wednesday at the Tower Theatre. The film follows two East Los Angeles brothers – one a cop, one a state senator, nicknamed Power and Water by their utilities-department worker father – who have been corrupted by power and are experiencing a dark night of the soul in a run-down motel.

The Tower screening, which Montoya will attend, is sold out. But “Water & Power,” based on a 2006 play that debuted at L.A.’s Mark Taper Forum, is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon.

Montoya, an L.A. resident who grew up in Sacramento, hopes to make it back to town May 3 for a Sacramento International Film Festival screening of “The Other Barrio,” in which he stars as a San Francisco housing investigator confronting landlord arson and other examples of greed. But a production of Montoya’s play “American Night” is happening in Portland, Ore., at the same time.

Montoya also co-wrote “The Other Barrio,” directed by Dante Betteo and based on a 2005 short story by San Francisco poet laureate Alejandro Murguía.

Montoya, son of the late poet and activist José Montoya, left Sacramento as a young man. His current films reflect his history-hungry dives into the cities to which he relocated – San Francisco, where he helped start Culture Clash in 1984, and L.A., home since the early 1990s.

When he first moved to L.A., “I was just fascinated with all the James Ellroy novels and Raymond Chandler novels,” Montoya said by phone. “I liked opening a book and then going and finding that hotel in Echo Park (from a book), or that seedy Hollywood hotel on the eastern edge of Sunset Boulevard. I just drenched myself in that sort of cinematic lore. Then I ended up moving right next to the apartment house where the girl gets killed in ‘Chinatown.’”

That building was in Angelino Heights, near Dodger Stadium. Much of “Water,” filmed over 12 nights, was shot in a real-life motel close to both landmarks.

It’s where Los Angeles police officer Power (Nicholas Gonzalez) holes up, snorting cocaine and waiting for the blowback from a murder he has just committed. Water (Enrique Murciano), the senator, tries to assist his brother. As the film unfolds, various misdeeds by both come to light.

Newbie film director Montoya said he felt “glee” at trying a new medium. But directing for the screen required adjustment.

“Luis Valdez said it long ago: The beauty and the frustration of theater is it is one permanent long shot,” Montoya said. “You never get up close in someone’s eyes. And that kind of blew me away (while shooting) a close-up. That was all new storytelling for me, and I had to figure it out on a very fast learning curve.”

The play sprang from Montoya’s interest in the 1990s LAPD Rampart scandal and from being “drunk in love with the first (L.A.) Chicano mayor in 100 years, Antonio Villaraigosa,” Montoya said. Montoya also took inspiration from a wall at his favorite Sacramento haunt, Simon’s on 16th Street.

“Water” is “a hard look at corruption and power,” Montoya said. “And a lot of it goes back to Simon’s bar with all the pictures of the politicos – of which ones made it, and which ones didn’t.”

The film arrives amid high-profile corruption scandals involving Latino lawmakers, including recently indicted U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., and, closer to the world of “Water,” Southern California’s Calderon brothers.

“The idea of power is relatively new” to Southern California Latinos, Montoya said. “True, elected power. We haven’t had it for more than 75 years. … As a result, there are slip-ups all over the place.”

“Barrio” seems of the moment as well. “It is based on the rise of rents in San Francisco, and how pertinent is that now?” Montoya asked.

Murguía has said he based his story on lore surrounding the 1975 Gartland Hotel fire, which many believe to be an inside job meant to oust tenants.

In January, fire tore through a Mission District building holding apartments and businesses. One man died and more than 40 people were displaced. Arson is not suspected in that fire, authorities said. But the fire intensified the spotlight on skyrocketing rents in the Mission, where Google buses now seem to outnumber murals and where tenants in rent-controlled buildings like the one that burned hold little chance of finding similar arrangements.

Montoya said the “cultural tourism” at work in the Mission also has occurred in Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Echo Park.

“It is a desirable area that has the charm and flavor but none of the people in it who actually created the area,” he said.

Encina soccer star Miguel Aguilar '11 was drafted by DC United in the first round of the MLS draft
Tom DuHain '68 was broadcast journalist for KCRA Channel 3 for 46 years.
Heike Skaden Mansoor inducted in Sacramento Running Association's Hall of Fame.
John C Williams 80 presides as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of SF

Frenchman, American win Nobel for quantum physics

Associated Press

STOCKHOLM -- A French-American duo shared the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for inventing methods to observe the bizarre properties of the quantum world, research that has led to the construction of extremely precise clocks and helped scientists take the first steps toward building superfast computers.

Serge Haroche of France and American David Wineland, who grew up in Sacramento and graduated from Encina High School, opened the door to new experiments in quantum physics by showing how to observe individual quantum particles while preserving their quantum properties.

Wineland received a bachelor of science in physics from University of California, Berkeley,

A quantum particle is one that is isolated from everything else. In this situation, an atom or electron or photon takes on strange properties. It can be in two places at once, for example. It behaves in some ways like a wave. But these properties are instantly changed when it interacts with something else, such as when somebody observes it.

Working separately, the two scientists, both 68, developed "ingenious laboratory methods" that allowed them to manage and measure and control fragile quantum states, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.

"Their ground-breaking methods have enabled this field of research to take the very first steps towards building a new type of superfast computer based on quantum physics," the academy said. "The research has also led to the construction of extremely precise clocks that could become the future basis for a new standard of time."

Haroche is a professor at the College de France and Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Wineland is a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

The two researchers use opposite approaches to examine, control and count quantum particles, the academy said.

Wineland traps ions - electrically charged atoms - and measures them with light, while Haroche controls and measures photons, or light particles.

Haroche said he was out walking with his wife when he got the call from the Nobel judges.

"I was in the street and passing a bench so I was able to sit down," Haroche told a news conference in Stockholm by telephone. "It's very overwhelming."

He said his work in the realm of quantum physics could ultimately lead to unimaginably fast computers.

"You can do things which are prohibited by the laws of classical physics," he told The Associated Press.

Haroche also said quantum research could help make GPS navigating systems more accurate.

NIST spokesman Jim Burrus said Wineland was asleep at home in Boulder when the call came in early Tuesday notifying him that he won; his wife answered the phone.

Burrus said Wineland described the news as overwhelming and wonderful.

He described Wineland as a humble person who never expected to win prizes. He also doesn't take himself very seriously: Wineland once played first base on a NIST softball team called "Field of Dweebs."

Christopher Monroe, who does similar work at the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, said the awarding of the prize to the two men "is not a big surprise to me ... It was sort of obvious that they were a package."

Monroe said that thanks to the bizarre properties of the quantum world, when he and Wineland worked together in the 1990s, they were able to put a single atom in two places simultaneously.

At that time, it wasn't clear that trapping single atoms could help pave the way to superfast quantum computers, he said. That whole field "just fell into our laps,'" Monroe said.

In an ordinary computer, information is represented in bits, each of which is either a zero or a one. But in a quantum computer, an individual particle can essentially represent a zero and a one at the same time. If scientists can make such particles work together, certain kinds of calculations could be done with blazing speed.

One example is the factoring, the process of discovering what numbers can be multiplied together to produce a given number. That has implications for breaking codes, Monroe said.

Quantum computers could radically change people's lives in the way that classical computers did last century, but a full-scale quantum computer is still decades away, the Nobel judges said.

"The calculations would be incredibly much faster and exact and you would be able to use it for areas like metrology and for measuring the climate of the earth," said Lars Bergstrom, the secretary of the prize committee.

The physics prize was the second of the 2012 Nobel Prizes to be announced, with the medicine award going Monday to stem cell pioneers John Gurdon of Britain and Japan's Shinya Yamanaka. Each award is worth 8 million kronor, or about $1.2 million.

Only two women have won the physics prize since it was first awarded in 1901: Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer in 1963.

The prizes are always handed out on Dec. 10, the anniversary of prize founder Alfred Nobel's death in 1896.

Stars of San Juan to be inducted into school district's Hall of Fame

By Diana Lambert

Timothy B. Schmit stared intently through colored glasses as he watched students sing Thursday.

Most of the kids in the music class at Encina High School had never heard of Schmit – who has sold out stadiums during his career with Poco and then the Eagles – until their teacher filled them in recently.

The 1965 Encina graduate told the students about his first performance in the school cafeteria during the prom. He told them how he started a band called the Contenders with three of his classmates, earned a record contract and eventually joined one of the most successful rock bands in the country.

"I owe a lot to this community and school," Schmit told The Bee after meeting with students. "This is where I started."

Schmit is one of four celebrities who will be inducted tonight into San Juan Unified's Science, Technology, Art and Reading Hall of Fame. Journalist Joan Lunden (born Joan Blunden), a Bella Vista High graduate; Olympic swimmer Debbie Meyer, a Rio Americano High graduate and local resident; and Hollywood car customizerGeorge Barris, a San Juan High graduate, also will be honored.

The money from the event will benefit the San Juan Education Foundation, which helps fund school programs.

The annual event, in its fifth year, typically generates $30,000 to $40,000 for the foundation, said Pamela Lapinski, executive director.

"The nice thing about it is it's an opportunity to let our students know how successful others have been, going through the school system, and what they can aspire to," Lapinski said.

Barris and Schmit came to town a few days early to share their experiences with students from their alma maters.

Barris is expected to tour the new shop facility today at San Juan High and speak about his career as Hollywood's "King of Kustomizers." Barris is best known for creating the Bat Mobile, Munster Koach and other custom cars for movies.

He has challenged the students to take part in a contest to design a car, Lapinski said.

Schmit wasn't in any hurry to leave Encina High after talking to students Thursday. He passed out guitar picks, signed a guitar held out by a gray-haired man and reminisced about his days in Sacramento.

"It's kind of eerie in a way," he said, as walked the halls of the school after talking to students. "It's a lot more boarded up."

The guitarist remembers when the halls weren't lined with chain-link fences, a time when he played "surfing" music with his friends.

Schmit's family settled in Sacramento after years of traveling from town to town in a 28-foot trailer, following his father's band – the Tune Mixers – on the club circuit. He was 10.

He considers Sacramento home.

"My mother lives five minutes from here," he said.

The lifelong musician said he's lucky to have been able to make a living doing what he loves. He encouraged the Encina music students to keep performing, saying: "Keep it an enjoyment thing. Keep it fun."

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/09/30/3949661/stars-of-san-juan-to-be-inducted.html#ixzz1ZVU3pNuk
Christine Rea, class of 1970, makes hand-beaded guitar straps. George Strait has worn them for the last 10 years. Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles has 11 guitar straps. Other celebrities she has made straps for are Bernie Leadon (original Eagles), Kenny Loggins and Chris Rodriguez of Nashville who used to play guitar for Keith Urban. http:/www.theguitarstraplady.net
TOM CAYLER ['68] is an Obie Award winning actor and a Screenwriting Fellow with the New York Foundation for the Arts. His award winning piece Men Die Sooner was filmed and broadcast by PBS. Tom's work has been funded by the New York State Council for the Arts and the NEA. He spent six months on "Guiding Light" until he was thrown out of an airplane.
GYMNASTICS - Sac State's Borisova is honored by WAC
Sacramento Bee, The (CA) - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sacramento State's Marina Borisova was named the Western Athletic Conference Gymnast of the Week after finishing first in the all-around and winning three individual titles in victories over Cal and UC Davis in Berkeley on Saturday.

Borisova, an Encina High School graduate, scored 39.150 to win the all-around. She was first on the bars (9.850), the beam (9.750), and in the floor exercise (9.800). She was second in the vault at 9.750.

Borisova was the WAC Freshman of the Year in 2006 and won conference floor titles in '07 and '08.
Kenny Smith attended Encina High School for four years and graduated in 2001. Some say he is the greatest basketball player to ever play for Encina and had one of the finest senior seasons imaginable. He was league MVP, All-City and a Division 4 All-State player finishing second in the Sac Joaquin Section in scoring at 27.7 points per game. His jumpshot was smooth as silk and he could jump out of the gym, dunking on anybody in his path. Kenny had a great career at Yuba City College earning 1st team All Bay Valley twice and lead Yuba College to its first league title in 18 years. After his sophomore year Kenny was named 2nd Team All State and signed a full scholarship to Angelo State in Texas. While at Angelo State, Kenny in just two years set numerous records including most 3's in a game, season and career even while only playing there for two years. Kenny is currently playing professional basketball and is finishing up his degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education.
Matt Rector 81 is senator from Guam
Resume:  Steve Roeder 67 is the owner of his own production company, Awesome Entertainment Inc. and is acquiring various life  rights stories and feature film screenplays. Steve co-executive produced "Lies my Mother Told Me" for the LIFETIME TV Network and secured the life rights of Haylei
Jordan, the daughter in the story. Steve was the production executive on the feature film NEO NED starring Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner.

Currently John Daly, the noted film producer, director (The Terminator, Platoon, The Last Emperor) is co-producing with Steve on "Saviors of Nanking" written by Melanie Poloff in which the PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY of mainland China's production studio, August First Film Studio is negotiating a
production deal. Steve optioned and is packaging the book THE NANJING MASSACRE from the author and Japanese journalist Katsuichi Honda who tells of the American heroes who stayed in the capital city of China to save thousands of lives at the risk of their own lives during the Japanese invasion of 1937.

Steve is producing "WORLD GAMER", the first video game reality show with live contestants on the sets . The TV reality show "THE AMERICAN COURIER" is in development in which Steve is the producer. Steve is developing the horror thriller, "CHILLS" written and directed by Sandor Stern,
("The Amityville Horror", "Fastbreak").

In January of 2004, Steve spent over three months in Thailand after the Andeman Sea Tsunami helping solo.  He assisted a Canadian ExPat fund faiser locate local villagers and repair and buy new long tail boats for them on Koh Lanta Island in Thailand. After filming the carnage and heartbreak
and repairs, Steve returned to Koh Lanta December of 2006 to film the villagers now making a living with their boats in the water. This story will be edited into a documentary movie this year entitled, THE GOOD MAN OF KOH LANTA.

BUBBLEGUM BOBBY written by Johnny Harrington is currently being packaged and to be produced by Steve with Golden Gryphon Award Winner and Daytime Emmy and DGA Award nominated Sean McNamara interested in directing, (Heart of Summer, Hilary Duff) (Even Stevens, That's So Raven, Race to Space)

Utilizing his skills in advertising, production, marketing and distribution, Steve has been an asset in the film and television arena consulting for the director of the HUBBA BUBBA, BUBBLE GUM SODA (which he invented) nation wide television commercial. He asserts that there is a parallel between inventing and marketing consumer products and creating and producing motion pictures.
Lou DeCosta '66
I'm a TV writer and director doing shows for Discovery, A&E, Travel Channel, History Channel, etc. I most recently completed five shows for the National Geographic Channel and am currently working on both a Learning Channel series called, "101 Things..." and a Discovery series called "War Stories." I worked for seven years doing news and documentaries for PBS, then moved to Hollywood and spent several lifetimes on fairly dreadful network shows like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and "Guiness Book of World Record Primetime." I've finally found a niche where the shows are usually interesting, informative and not humiliating to to have my name on. In TV-land, that's a major accomplishment in itself.
Vince Thompson 82, author of "Ignited", a book on Management endorsed by Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager, as well as Erin Brockovich and Encina Alumni Grant Eppler 82.
Molly Mouchka 87 and fiance Jason Waggoner won the "Today Throws a Wedding" 2006 competition
Darryl Fong 77 directed and produced "Kung Phooey!" and has acted in various movies and TV shows.
Diana Draper 62 was Miss San Francisco in 1967
The Cooper family has much to be thankful for this holiday season!

On October 3, Kathy Cooper ('66) donated a kidney to Don Cooper ('73) in Sacramento. Then Nancy Cooper Manly ('70/'71) flew to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and donated a kidney to Carol Cooper Clark ('76) on October 25.

(Yes, it is hereditary: polycystic kidney disease (PKD).  Our dad died from PKD at the age of 47, and Sue Cooper Horne ('68) died from PKD at
the age of 46.)

Meanwhile, all four surgery patients are recovering quickly, and our families are very happy!
Marine general up for promotion

By Steve Gibson -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 am PDT Wednesday, July 27, 2005 Story appeared in Metro
section, Page B2

KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii - Maj. Gen. John F. Goodman, a 1963 graduate of Encina High School in Sacramento, has been nominated for promotion to three-star rank and command of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, based at Camp H.M. Smith in Hawaii, according to a press release issued Tuesday by the Marines.
Goodman's promotion and appointment to the new post are subject to Senate approval, a Marine spokesman said by phone from Hawaii. A 1967 graduate of Arizona State University who played both baseball and football, Goodman first served in the Army and saw combat in Vietnam. He then played professional football for the New Orleans Saints and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1971.
As a Marine officer, he earned his naval aviator's wings and, among other things, has served as an F/A-18 pilot. He currently is deputy commander of Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.
He will assume command of 74,000 Marines and sailors, with 7,000 stationed in Hawaii, others at Camp Pendleton in California and on Okinawa.
Joyce Thi Brew 91. Actress in Kung Phooey (2004) along with a couple of film shorts on IFILM.com  I came across the movie via Netflix.  She gets second billing in the film.
Mike Brown 73. Chief of California Highway Patrol (2004- )
Michael Siverling 74, author of "The Sterling Inheritance", recipient of the St Martin's Press/Private Eye Writers Association Best First Novel Award.
Allyson Thurber 73 began her culinary training in hometown Sacramento, California restaurants. In the mid-1980's, she moved to New York City, where she worked at the renowned restaurants Mortimer's and An American Place. After graduating as Valedictorian from the Culinary Institute of America, Allyson moved to London for the position of sous chef at the Diplomat Restaurant in Grovsner Square. Her next move brought her back to the States, where she worked as sous chef at Checkers, under head chef Thomas Keller. She was the opening head chef of the now nationally acclaimed Water Grill in Los Angeles, and then executive chef at Philadelphia's famed Striped Bass.
llyson has made numerous television appearances, including The Morning Show, PBS's Great Chefs, and on the TV Food Network. She is currently executive chef for the wildly successful The Lobster restaurant in Santa Monica, California.
Marie Mulder 68
Runner for Will's Spikettes, on the cover of 65 Sports Illustrated
George Thomas "Tom" Clark 70
Author of biographical novel "Hitler Here".
Honorable mention All City in basketball, first-team All Conference in 1970.
Jonathan "B.J." Mitchell, who attended Jonas Salk, and Encina for three years before transferring to Del Oro High School in Loomis, Ca.  At Encina he was a tremendous Football Star, and was named 2nd Team All-City by the Sacramento Bee.  He was also an outstanding wrestler, winning the Golden Empire League Championship twice, and winning the Sac-Joaquin Small-Schools Sub-Section & Sac-Joaquin "Masters" Section Championship.  He was Ranked #6th in the State at 171 lbs. at the 2001 CIF State Championships.   Unfortunately, he moved to Loomis, Ca, and had to finish his season there.  He led Del Oro to the Section Finals, and was named Sacramento Bee's Player of the year, and he won the North-East Sub-Sections, Sac-Joaquin Section "Masters", and the State CIF 189 lbs. Wrestling Championship.  He has a full Football ride to UN-Reno.  He's also a Scholar Athlete.  2002 CIF State 189 lbs. Champion for Del Oro High School.
Vicky Liviakis '72
Vicki Liviakis, reporter and producer at CNX Media, is also host of CNX's Travel Update. During the 1980s, Vicki reported on a freelance basis for KTVU-TV, KGO-TV, and KPIX-TV in San Francisco; in the early 1990s she was news anchor for KCOP-TV in Los Angeles. She served as West Coast correspondent for Fox Television's Front Page, CBS' Day and Date, and NBC's Real Life before joining NNC. Vicki has earned an Emmy for Best Entertainment Program, eight Associated Press awards in reporting and writing, and two awards from the Radio and Television News Directors Association. Her travels have taken her to over 30 countries. Travelocity.com
David Jensen Del Valle 69
Actor, producer, casting director
From bio on imdb.com:
Since leaving San Francisco State University in 1974, David Del Valle has achieved national recognition as a journalist, columnist, film historian, radio & television commentator and is one of the leading authorities on the horror/science-fiction/cult & fantasy film genres. He has contributed to magazines internationally and has been interviewed by the BBC, A & E Network, Channel 4 (London) and The Sci-Fi Channel. He appeared prominently in American Movie Classics documentary entitled IT CONQUERED HOLLYWOOD!, the history of American-International Pictures. He is also the producer and on-camera host of Vincent Price's only interview regarding his career in the horror film. This interview has already won awards in Italy's prestigious Mystery Festival and is now available for American distribution as it has never appeared on American television. Del Valle oversees The Del Valle Archives, a collection in progress of thousands of still photographs, artwork and ephemera dealing with the horror/fantasy/sci-fi and cult genres. David Del Valle produced and hosted a series of television interviews entitled "Sinister Image." His guests ran the gamut from Cameron Mitchell to Russ Meyer. His print articles and interviews have appeared in such publications as Cinefantastique, Scarlet Street, Cult Movies, Fangoria, Films and Filming (Del Valle was Hollywood correspondent for this British magazine from 1983-1987), Video Watchdog, The Dark Side (UK), Fantastyka and L'Ecran Fantastique of France for which he was also West Coast correspondent. Del Valle recently completed a year as a radio host in Palm Springs, California in an entertainment-oriented program on AM as well as on the Internet around the world.
Dr Joe Canales 88
I just wanted to let you know that a fellow '88 alum has been making great headway in a business he has started as a hobby and passion.  Dr. Joe Canales and his business Date-a-Doc were recently featured in Forbes magazine as a favorite web site.  I personally have known Joe since 2nd grade (Howe Ave.) and he has been a part of my life in Jr. high, at Encina, and at UC Davis during our undergrad studies.  It is great to see him doing wonderful things.  I don't think he has profiled himself on the web site yet, but I believe he can be added as a mover and shaker. Stafford Boyd 88.
His business can be found at www.date-a-doc.com
Brian Boyle 81 wrote:
Brian Boyle is the best-selling author of several computer game and video game strategy guides, as well as an entertainment software reviewer and technical editor. Brian has over 325,000 books in print, with over 275,000 books sold through, including the blockbusters "WCW vs. NWO: World Tour--The Official Strategy Guide" and "Alundra: Prima's Unauthorized Game Secrets." He has written computer game strategy articles, features and reviews for industry magazines and gaming Web sites such as Sierra's "InterAction" and ZDNet's GameSpot. Most recently, Brian was the game guru for "Star Wars: The Official Magazine" (Titan, UK). Brian had been writing player's guides for "Star Wars: The Official Magazine" since October 1997, and he swears it was the best gig he has ever had in his entire life.
Lynsey Paulo '86
Promoted to midday anchor at KSTP-TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Won a regional Emmy award for coverage of a family's struggle with social services and the courts over their baby boy. 11/29/00
Melissa Tovar 81 wrote:
Rick Vogelsang 81 is guitar player for alternative rock band Zoppi.
Denise Dugally 76 wrote:
Occupation: Art Director in Film and Television
Trivia: I won an Emmy Award for Art Direction for the television series "NYPD BLUE" and have been nominated on 2 other occasions for Emmys. I have worked on 10+ feature films and have done over 200 hours of Primetime television. In 1994 I managed and played for Team Pasadena, a woman's soccer team that we took to the  feature films and over 200 hours of Primetime Television. In 1994 I managed and played for Team Pasadena, a woman's soccer team that we took to the  International Games Competition in New York where we won the Silver Medal (Berlin got the Gold). My next goal is an Academy Award for Art Direction!
Michael Brown 69 wrote:
On 9 Febuary 1998, while I was on my way to work, there was an accident on south bound 99, in which a large deleivery truck struck a Chevy Blazer and both vehicles were engulfed in flames. When I had stop to help, there were two men carrying a woman over the middle divider. I went to help them, and one man told me a baby was still inside the Blazer. I had to jump over the divider and I had to go all the way into the Blazer, and the 7 month old baby was in the back on the passenger side. I had problems getting the back of the seat to sit upright, as it had come down on the baby. Once I got the car seatbelt undone, I handed the baby out of a broken window, to the man that helped the husband pull out the wife.  Within a matter of a few seconds after I got out and back over the divider, flames had completely engulfed the rear of the Blazer, where myself and the baby had been. I have since been recognized by the Calif. State Assembly, received the Hero on the Month award from KRAK radio, received an award from the Sacramento Mayor and the City Council membera, received a  Certificate of Valor from the Sacramento Fire Department, been recognized by the Sutterville and Sacramento Optimus Clubs, received the Army Commander's Award for Humanitarian Service (from the Army Corps of Engineers). I will never forget that day, as long as I live!! I can still remember the sounds and smell of the two burning vehicles, the intensed heat from the fire!! I still have nightmares about that day!!   For text of Sacramento Bee article see:  COMMUTER RESCUES BABY FROM CAR FIRE (2/10/98)
Larry Fahn '72, was recently elected to the national Board of Directors of the Sierra Club, the nation's oldest and most politically influential environmental organization, with more than half a million members in the US and Canada, where he serves alongside such environmental luminaries as David Brower, Michelle Perrault and Adam Werbach. Larry has been Sierra Club California's Political Chair since 1995, and has been an environmental and political activist in the Bay Area for more than twenty years.  See the Sierra Club's website (www.sierraclub.org) for a more complete picture, including Larry's ballot statement from the recent Board election.
  A civil litigation attorney since graduating from U.C. Davis and Hastings Law School, Larry also serves as Executive Director of AS YOU SOW FOUNDATION, a San Francisco based non-profit organization which targets pollutors, holds corporations accountable promotes toxics reduction and environmental education (www.asyousow.org).
  As a Sierra Club Board member, Larry's environmental priorities include reauthorizing and strengthening the Endangered Species Act,  ending commericial logging on our public lands, stopping sprawl, and protecting open space, wilderness areas and farm land. He even has the crazy idea that grizzly bears, our state logo and icon, could be reintroduced into one or more wilderness areas within the Golden State.
Larry lives in Mill Valley, California with his girlfriend and three dogs, and still enjoys mountain biking on nearby Mount Tamalpais, skiing and backpacking. He can be reached by fellow Encina grads at (415)  391-32-46.
Shelley Burns '70 is the lead vocalist of Shelley Burns and Avalon Swing. Tom Phillips '65 plays lead guitar.
My former neighbors,the Fahn brothers, have been significant achievers since their graduation from Encina. Larry Fahn ('72) is an attorney of note in the San Francisco area and has gained prominence for his activities with the Sierra Club, Mike Fahn ('73) is currently promoting a series of summer concerts in Sacramento, featuring the Doobie Brothers among others, at a new venue in Discovery Park. He's had some major successes, including bringing the Stones to San Diego in 1982. Ken Fahn ('76) is a real estate developer with some very tasteful projects in Sacramento's downtown area. Don't know what's up with Rob Fahn ('77). I believe he's in SoCal working as a developer.
Eric Mandell '71
Eric Mandell '71 wrote:
I had my 15 minutes, or so, of fame in the late 70's/ early 80's as a DJ for the locally legendary KZAP. I had started graduate school at CSUS and won a contest at the station. Went down to pick up my prize, got to talking to the Music Director and she hired me on the spot as her assistant. About a month later, the station was sold and everyone but two others and I was fired. They put me on the air because they thought I sounded just like another DJ whom they had canned and therefore wouldn't alienate the audience.  Stayed at KZAP for three years and created the Vintage Rock show which I hosted on Sunday mornings with "Tom Cale." Got hired away by KROY in 1981 and served in management as Promotions Director and did some on air and programming work too. Left to go to Channel 10 as Assistant Producer of "PM Magazine" where I stayed until the show was cancelled in 1983. Did some radio work at KRQR(The Rocker) in S.F. and taught at CSUS until I became Public Information Officer at the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency from 1984 until 1992. The highlight there was creating the "Sacramento WORKS!" ad campaign they use to this day. In 1992 I became VP of Community Relations for KVIE and stayed for three years. Now I'm at the State as is half of town. Other flirtations with fame have included appearances as an extra in the movies "Trigger Effect"- 1995, "The Mad Bomber"- 1972, and "The Candidate"- 1972, the television show Mission Impossible (two episodes)-1972 and several local radio and TV commercials.
Mark Oldfield '78 was a reporter for the Sacramento Union until the its demise in 1994. During his 13 years at the Union, Mark was a sports reporter and covered such events as the 1988 World Series and Super Bowl, world championship boxing and major college sports. He later served as editor of the entertainment and business sections of the newspaper. Mark Oldfield '78
Joe Green '72 is a songwriter, plays guitars and does vocals for "Joe Green and the Jackson Highway Band".
Debra Wetzel ' 71 was a reporter at KTXL, Channel 40 and anchored the news at KOLO in Reno before leaving to go into banking in the late 1980's. Eric Mandell '71.
Ed "Gabriel" Robles ' 69 has had some success in the music business including co-writer credit with Craig Chaquico for the Jefferson Starship song "Love Too Good." Eric Mandell '71
Steve Mishler ' 73 has built several Sacramento area "Street of Dreams" homes over the years. Eric Mandell '71
Dave Stone ' 73 is an accomplished saxaphonist who has toured with Huey Lewis and Santana among others. Eric Mandell '71
Michael Babayco '72 spent 5 (lean!) years from '75 - '80 as a professional pantomime. Biggest crowd? Performed in front of 8,000 people at the Anaheim Convention Center (across from Disneyland)
Kirt Shearer '80 owns a recording studio in Sacramento (the name eludes me right now) and has recorded and mixed albums for some notable artists, including Bobbie Brown, Tony Toni Tone (or however you spell it) and Cake (Kirt mixed the single that has been at the top of the charts recently. I believe he also does sound effects and music for local theater productions (Sacramento Light Opera, B Street Theater). Lauren Zdybel '80 Kirt Shearer ('80) co-owns Paradise Studios in Sacramento with his longtime friend Craig Long, and has indeed recorded and mixed albums for artists Tony Toni Tone, Cake, and the tempermental Bobbie Brown (during periods when Bobbie is actually released from jail!!!). In addition, Kirt and Craig do a great deal of commercial production for clients nationwide, audio-for-video, and special projects. They are just finishing a month-long, complete, down-to-the-studs remodeling of the interior of their studio facility, which has the largest "main room" of any audio studio in the region. Kirt is also proficient at planning and installing large-scale sound systems in large facilities such as churches and theaters, and is active as sound designer and engineer in many local theater productions. In their "spare" time, Kirt and Craig are using their musical expertise and songwriting abilities to produce
their own music. -Kerry Shearer, Class of 1972-
Barry Wisdom '78 did some  writing for the Sacramento Union. An opinion column, I think. In mid-eighties possibly. Bryan Evans '78
Cari Lazansky, Class of 76, has had some of her photography featured in Sacramento Magazine. Brent Welch '74
Veronica "Ronnie" Lew '76 invented Koosh Balls with her husband.
Jim Eakins '64 went to BYU and then played pro basketball in the ABA for the Virginia Squires. He was a very good basketball player and baseball player also. Howard Teng '69 "Just a little correction to the hall of fame entry of Jim Eakins. Jim lived a couple of blocks from me and was not in the class of 65, although he still was a monster. Jim was class of 63 or 64 I believe. He made it to the NBA for at least a year that I know of, as I saw him play the Portland Trailblazers in the early to mid 70's as back up center for the Kansas City Kings." Chuck Long '65
Burt Baumgartner '71 was a onetime DJ at "Earth Radio", KSFM. Burt  went into the record business whre he is now a Senior VP with Sony Music.
Eric Mandell '71
Scott Plotkin ('71) was student body president at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Director of Governmental Relations for the California State University System, and has been on the Rio Linda School Board for eons. Eric Mandell '71 Scott was the Education Advisor to the CA Senate Education Committee. Scott provided bill analysis (and probably wrote many), worked with Senate and Assembly members and staff as well as industry and education constituents. He served there until about a year ago. Steve Palmer '74
Tim Bond '76 writes:
I am  Associate Artistic Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival here in Ashland. I direct plays here and throughout the country as well as cast actors in our 70 actor company.
Sherilyn Wolter, class of '69 starred as Celia Quartermaine on General Hospital during the "Luke and Laura" years. She also appeared on BJ and the Bear and on at least one episode of "Who's the Boss." Eric Mandell '71 Sherilyn Wolters '69 was also on Baywatch for either a whole season or part of a season, she was a girlfriend of David what his name and was a teacher of his TV son. Michael Brown '69
Harry Stockman '68 was a longtime weatherman on Channel's 10 and 13. Eric Mandell '71
Tom "Tiff" Duhain '68 has had a variety of on-air positions at Channel 3. Eric Mandell '71
Mike Solomon '66, is now president/ceo of Tower Records, which his father founded in 1960. Before that he grew specialized crops in Humboldt county and was a pretty fair country lawyer.
Tim Heintz (Class of 79) is an excellent contemporary jazz artist, keyboardist, and song writer. He has 6 CD's out and his discography is a mile long of fame. Check out his sight, sample his music online, he is really good!! He has toured with Boz Scaggs and Don Henley and many other great artists. He writes for a whole list of big names, and his music is heard on many commercials, Disney films, and television shows! He is a STAR edition to your Hall of Fame page. Tim Heintz Website is at http://www.timheintz.com . Sue Jones '79
Richard Montoya '77
Richard Montoya '77, formed a Chicano comedy/drama theater group in 1984 called Culture Clash < www.cultureclash.com >. They have a book out that's available from amazon.com (search by Richard's name) that is a compilation of some of their best work of the last 14 years. They were featured on the PBS series "Great Performances", and had a comedy sketch series on Fox television. Their web site includes information about what they have done, and what they are doing, such as three new commissioned works! Richard Montoya can also be found on the Internet Movie Data Base < www.imdb.com >, with three movies to his credit. (Several book signings and a performance are scheduled for December in the Bay Area.). Elaine Hamby '77
i am a book author with a new anthology of my own plays with a group i founded called culture clash. Richard Montoya '77 Here's a link to Richard's book "Culture Clash : Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy : The Mission, a Bowl of Bings, Radio Mambo" on amazon.com -

amazon.com lets people review books. This is what one reader wrote:
eloyortiz@hotmail.com  from San Jose, CA , November 12, 1998
'A collection of their first three plays "Culture Clash: Life, Death..." is not really a novel or biography of the comedy/performance group, but a collection of their first three plays "The Mission," "Bowl of Beings" and "Radio Mambo." The book also includes a relatively short interview with the group where they discuss their origins and an introduction to the three plays each done by one of the members. That said, the actual plays are great. They are original, political, thought provoking, hilarious. "The Mission" is about a Chicano comedy groups kidnapping of the greatest Latino entertainer Julio Iglesias. "Bowl Of Beings" is a collection of sketch pieces which includes "Stand and Deliver Pizza" and "The Return of Che Guevara." "Radio Mambo," is a series of sketches done in interview form (mostly) commissioned by the City of Miami. It thoughtfully examines the social complexities of the Black, Jewish, Cuban, Haitian and White communities of Miami The best part of Culture Clash is their ability to blend the Chicano political conciousness with humor and making it accesible to all without "selling out." If you haven't seen them live, think about doing so. The three plays are great, but may not be as entertaining if you haven't seen their manic performance style.'
Band: Glad
Personnel: TOM PHILLIPS gtr, piano, vcls; GEORGE HULLIN drms,vcls; RON FLOEGEL gtr, vcls; TIM SCHIMDT bs, vcls A

1.(A) FEELIN' GLAD (ABC ABCS-655) 1968

1.See What You Mean/? (Equinox 70004) 1967
2.Johnny's Silver Ride/Love Needs The World (ABC11163) 1968
3.No Ma, It Can't Be/Let's Play Make Believe (ABC11199) 1968

Originally formed when four sophomores at Encina High School in Sacramento, California formed a surf instrumental group called The Contenders in 1963. By 1965 they had changed name again to The New Breed and achieved some commercial success locally. When Los Angeles producer Terry Melcher (Doris Day's son) signed them to his Equinox label, he changed their name again to the hippier-sounding Glad. They recorded two psychedelic 45s for Equinox. The album is in a flower-power pop/soft rock vein with lots of harmonies and orchestration. Schimdt went on to play for Poco and later The Eagles. The other three formed another country-influenced outfit, Redwing, who recorded five albums for Fantasy during the 1970s.

Band: The New Breed

Personnel: TOM PHILLIPS gtr, keyb'ds, vcls; RON FLOEGEL gtr, vcls; TIM SCHMIDT bs, vcls; GEORGE HULLIN drms A

1.(A) WANT AD READER (Cicadelic CICLP 985) 1985

1.Green Eyed Woman/I'm In Love (Diplomacy 22) 1965
2.Leave Me Be/I've Been Wrong Before (Mercury 72556) 1966
3.Want Ad Reader/One More For The Good Guys (World United 001) 1966
4.Want Ad Reader/One More For The Good Guys (HBR 508) 1966
5.Fine With Me/The Sound Of The Music (World United 003) 1967

Sacramento, the State Capital of California was home to this band. Their finest moment, Want Ad Reader, can be heard on Psychedelic Unknowns, Vol 7 and Sound Of The Sixties: San Francisco, Part 1. After a few 45s they changed name again beginning work on an album using the name Never Mind, although the album was later issued under the name Glad who later evolved into Redwing. Tim Schmidt would go on to Poco amongst others.
Timothy B Schmit '65
Bass guitar  for the Eagles. Formerly with the Contenders, New Breed and Poco.
Scott Mathews '73
music producer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist who's produced, recorded or performed with artists like Barbara Streisand, Eric Clapton, Boz Scaggs, Ringo Starr. See Scott's bio: http://www.encinahighschool.com/class73/bios2.htm
Mike Pittsley '71
"He plays in one of only a handful of full time Dixieland bands in the country. They play 7 nights a week in San Antonio at "The Landing" and have their own Public Radio Show heard on Sunday nights. Mike is one of the top trombone players in the country and the Jim Cullum Jazz Band is one of the best. I had the pleasure of working with Mike at the Sacramento Trad Jazz Camp this year and it was a real treat to see him again and to hear him play."
John Knurr
Bob Nannini '73
Bob's "Top 5 Bob" list is broadcast on the "Paul and Phil show" every Tuesday morning in Sacramento on FM Y-92.5.
Marie Bain '73
Actress. For over 1 1/2 years, Marie Bain starred in "Six Women With Brain Death...Or Expiring Minds Want To Know" at The Studio Theatre in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee Theater Capsule review, which gives the play 4 (out of4) stars, reads "Deliciously clever comedy with unobtrusive overtones of philosophy (feminist), politics (liberal), and religion (pragmatic), plus snappy music delivered by a female sextet with good voices and razor-sharp timing."
David Hodo
The original construction worker in the Village People

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