Encina High School Class of 1970 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1970+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Guy Blair

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WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Bernard "Ben" Abia     benardabia at yahoo.com
Dave Adams San Antonio,TX   dave.adams at publicans.com
Marsha Adamson     contact webmaster
Michael Albert 1031 Portola Dr
San Francisco,CA 94127
  sfmichael at att.net
Michaela Allen Crandley     contact webmaster
Suzanna Allen Darcy-Hennemann     care of webmaster
Steve Andrews Fair Oaks,CA   care of webmaster
Glenn Artinian     contact webmaster
Carolyn Ayres     contact webmaster
James Patrick "Pat" Azevedo     care of webmaster
Richard Bacon     contact webmaster
Carla Baker Hause Folsom,CA   tomcarla at att dot net
Linda Baker Sullivan     contact webmaster
James Barbeau 18811 Katelyn Circle
Eagle River,AK 99577
907-694-0711 h
907-552-2803 w
jfcbak at gmail.com
Joanna Barbee     care of webmaster
Ken Barber 2804 Alabama River Parkway
Millbrook,AL 36054
334-549-4710 h kenandanida at
barberberryfarm dot com
Stephen Bardin     contact webmaster
Christine Barrett Kalman     care of webmaster
Ronald Barrett     contact webmaster
Steve Barrineau     contact webmaster
Diane Basnett     contact webmaster
Sue Bauman     care of webmaster
Burt Baumgartner     hitbound at aol.com
Laura Behm Winkley     care of webmaster
Linda Belanger 12585 Marcelais Court
Auburn,CA 95603
  care of webmaster
Kenneth W Bell deceased 4/30/05    
Kathie Benoit   care of webmaster
Ronald Berkenpas     contact webmaster
Jack Bettencourt     008bettencourt at comcast dot net
Brian Bishop     care of webmaster
Lawrence Bishop     contact webmaster
Guy Blair 7100 Stella Ln #7
Carmichael,CA 95608
530-933-0858 gwblair52 at comcast dot net
Cynthia "Cyndy" Blake Henry     care of webmaster
Gene Blakely 8309 N.W. 119th St
Oklahoma City,OK 73162
405-728-5048 h
405-823-2004 w
gblakely at sbcglobal dot net
Whitney Kyle Blankenship Cameron Park,CA   mljblankenship at gmail dot com
Kenneth Blas 3418 St Mathews Dr
Sacramento,CA 95821
  ksblas at sbcglobal.net
Brad Bombola 483 Oak St
San Francisco, CA 94102
415-621-6999 w BCBombola at aol.com
Paul Bonderson Sunol,CA   paul.bonderson at gmail dot com
Ken Boswell deceased 3/28/07 from stroke    
Alan Bragg     contact webmaster
Christian "Chris" Bramwell     care of webmaster
Frank Bravo Jr deceased 12/31/10 from pancreatic cancer  
Roland Brink     rtb8191 at surewest.net
Russell Broaddus     contact webmaster
Kevin Brown deceased 10/21/14  
Cathy Buchanan Ball Spanaway,WA   CLBALL at aol.com
JoAnn Buhlman Roth     contact webmaster
Tim Burch     care of webmaster
Shelley Burns Dendle PO Box 13744
Sacramento,CA 95853
916-927-5222 h
916-849-3863 w
jassbird at winfirst dot com
Bruce Busby     contact webmaster
Gary Bush garybush at att dot net
Deborah Anne Busick deceased 6/12/03 from illness    
John "Lynn" Bytell Plymouth,CT   care of webmaster
Sue Campbell Bauman     contact webmaster
Sheila Cardoza     care of webmaster
Keith Carlson     contact webmaster
Sue Carson Latteri     contact webmaster
John Cauley     contact webmaster
Margaret Chandler Shook     care of webmaster
Scott Chapman     contact webmaster
Kathy Charles Jones     contact webmaster
MaryBeth Chruden     mb552 at aol dot com
Tom Clark     tomclark24 at att dot net
Kathleen Clark Youngblood     ksygiants12 at gmail dot com
George Clower     contact webmaster
Victoria Cochrane Endres     contact webmaster
Mary Ellen Collentine 10627 NW 195th Ave
Hillsboro,OR 97124
503-645-7329 h
mary at soundfarmstudio dot com
David Conger Carmichael,CA   congerdave at hotmail.com
Chris "Kit" Conrad     care of webmaster
Jeri Cook     contact webmaster
Denise Cooper Harmann     contact webmaster
Gail Cordy Tucson,AZ   gcordy at dakotacom.net
Patrick Cornick     care of webmaster
Richard T Crandal deceased 1/90 (heart attack)    
Janet Crowle Rodgers     contact webmaster
Joan Cummings     care of webmaster
John Daniels deceased 8/25/89 in SF    
Linda Dankman 1129 D Street, Suite 100
Sacramento,CA 95814
aaron_d at pacbell.net
John Davisson     care of webmaster
Steven De Croix     contact webmaster
Kirk De Gooyer     contact webmaster
Pamela Deason Thomas Elk Grove,CA   egishome at frontiernet dot net
Dave Decker     luna_c_shelles at evangelionoz.i-p.com
Shane Develey     contact webmaster
Lorraine Dietrich     care of webmaster
James DiGirolamo  deceased 5/2/10  
Paul Dimick deceased 10/12/96 in Sacramento Co.    
Darrick Dong     DDong at performancefriction.com
Douglas Drennon     contact webmaster
Toccey Dudley     contact webmaster
John "Sean" Dugan El Cerrito,CA   sdugan at hotcoco.infi.net
James Dunn deceased 4/5/85 in car accident in Kentucky    
Martha Dwyer Wendt
(now Moe Wendt)
392 West Eagle Dr
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1E5
250-537-8724 h wendts at telus dot net
Debbie Dyer Peterson 260 J.P. Road
Whitefish,MT 59937
406-862-6842 dpeterson.mt at gmail dot com
Paul Edwards deceased 12/10/09 in Sacramento from cancer  
John Eghoan deceased 7/12/82 in Sacramento Co.    
Musa Elayan     contact webmaster
Leslie Elliott Delaney     contact webmaster
Vicky Elmer     contact webmaster
Ronald "Ron" England 1405 Sanderson Ave
Colorado Springs,CO 80915
719-380-7197 h
719-567-7227 w
englandrondo at msn.com
Daniel Ensey     contact webmaster
Karen Erickson Waggoner     care of webmaster
Deborah Evans Wiese     care of webmaster
Roberta Fahn Schoffman     contact webmaster
Jane Faubel     jane at pacificturbine.com
Thomas Figg     care of webmaster
Brad Fisher PO Box 13680
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151
530-541-5835 h care of webmaster
Allan Flohr 8408 Forest Ridge Dr
San Antonio,TX 78239
  alfntrice at prodigy.net
Mike Fong     care of webmaster
Steve Foster     contact webmaster
Douglas Freeman     contact webmaster
John Freer Sacramento,CA 916-688-4881 h ontime at jps.net
Daniel Freitas     care of webmaster
Dan Friedlander     care of webmaster
Curt Fulwiler deceased 1/5/20 from cancer  
John Gaines 1040 Fulton Ave #1
Sacramento,CA 95825
gainesgnsjhn at gmail dot com
Robert Gaines Jr PO Box 151
Butte City,CA 95920
530-982-2268 h gainesrobt at aol.com
John Gardner     contact webmaster
Dea Fay Garst Harris deceased 1/22/97 in Sacramento County    
Kenneth Gaugler DOD 5/10/17 in Saratoga,CA  
Tony Geremia Pinole,CA 510-535-0222 w tonygeremia at yahoo dot com
Charlene Germaine Meyer     care of webmaster
Pam Giberson Cavileer Sacramento,CA   cavileer at earthlink.net
Susan Gier Long     contact webmaster
James "Jim" Glenn     contact webmaster
Carla Gobbi Kacirek     care of webmaster
Mike Gobbi 2673 Westview Dr
Lincoln,CA 95648
916-601-6224 w MikeGobbi at ymail dot com
Donald Richard Goecker deceased 9/19/09 in Sacramento  
Barbara "Bobbi" Gonyea Grammer deceased 11/7/94 from cancer in Vancouver WA    
Diana Gouge' Richmond 4600 Marconi Ave #22
Sacramento,CA 95821
  TeaffDiana at cs.com
Stephen Gough     akaic5 at gci.net
Raymond "Ray" Graf     contact webmaster
Tracie Graehl Karonis     traciekaronis at yahoo dot com
Raymond Graf     contact webmaster
Dave Grant     grantdnd at yahoo dot com
Peter Grassi 1600 Kitchner Road Suite F
Sacramento,CA 95822
916-393-2340 finamech at sbcglobal.net
Kristine Grasso Elmer 1876 Sorrell Circle
Rocklin,CA 95765
kris_elmer at hotmail dot com
James Edwin Graves DOD 9/21/16 from cancer in Citrus Heights  
Jack Owen Graves deceased 1/28/04 in Vinton,CA    
Joyce Green Evans 4501 Flying C Road
Cameron Park,CA 95682
  Joyevans59 at gmail dot com
Leland Greydanus     contact webmaster
Richard Gwin     contact webmaster
John Hagus care of webmaster
Linda Hale     care of webmaster
Liane Hall     contact webmaster
Steven Halvorson     contact webmaster
Aileen "Eeny" Hamlin 843 W Moon Shadow Dr #11
Casa Grande,AZ 85122
602-703-7611 h eeny.hamlin at yahoo dot com
Neil Hankin 212 Klee Ct
El Dorado Hills,CA 95762
916-257-9515 w neilh at hankinspecialty dot com
Mark Hansen Placerville,CA 530-622-3551 h
530-295-7220 w
markhansen95667 at gmail dot com
Kay Harden 101 Dunaway Court
Fortuna,CA 95540
707-599-8252 w kharden at kayharden dot com
Annette Hardre     contact webmaster
Patricia "Pat" Hardy Johnson     contact webmaster
Scott Harper     contact webmaster
Buddy Harpham PO Box 631281
Nacogdoches,TX 75963
936-558-8400 h groovebass at hotmail.com
Marsha Harris Rich Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Nancy Harris Stone     care of webmaster
Sherilyn Hartman Knoll     contact webmaster
Garrett Harvey     contact webmaster
Jim Heberle Chico,CA 530-321-9018 w santaheb at sbcglobal dot net
Clay Hendrickson     contact webmaster
Robert "Rob" Hendrickson Piedmont,CA 415-957-3125 w care of webmaster
Tom Henley deceased 11/3/99 (heart attack) in Sacramento Co.    
Michael Gene Hereford deceased 1/15/06 in Sacramento    
Cheryl Hereza Beamer Reston,VA   cherylbeamer at verizon.net
Fred Herman     care of webmaster
Hans-Ruedi Hertig     hertighr at bluewin.ch
Nancy Hird     contact webmaster
Betty Hodge Kaneko     care of webmaster
Craig Holden     contact webmaster
Mary Hooton Draper     mary.draper55 at yahoo dot com
Paula Hosang     contact webmaster
Thomas Rohn Hovenden deceased 3/11/08 in Vallejo,CA    
Marilyn Huber Benedict deceased 12/3/85 in Sacramento country    
Lynda Hulin Armitage 3624 Cummings Way
North Highlands,CA 95660
916-332-9554 h
916-861-7637 w
larmitage at sbcglobal.net
Sharon Hundley Heater deceased 12/31/01   http://www.sharonheater.com/
Heidi Hutchins Cook     contact webmaster
Kathy Hyrkas Gobbi 2673 Westview Dr
Lincoln,CA 95648
916-253-3856 h
916-300-8787 w
mkgobbi at ymail dot com
Mary Ivory Gray Olympia,WA 360-753-9883 w mary.gray at fhwa.dot.gov
Carolyn Jacinto Baldue     care of webmaster
Cindee James     eedmail at comcast.net
Joel Janvier Jr     care of webmaster
Tom Janvier     contact webmaster
Ian Jeffcock Eureka,MT   care of webmaster
Stephen Jeffery     contact webmaster
Patti Jennings Apple Valley,CA 760-245-4271 x2730 pttjnnngs at yahoo.com
Christopher Jensen     contact webmaster
Elizabeth Johnson Mitchell 996 Barrington Ct
Virginia Beach,VA 23452
757-724-8896 eemmava at cox dot net
Victoria Johnson Sulski deceased 12/17/08 of lung cancer in Paradise,CA  
Timothy Johnson     contact webmaster
Susan Johnston Goward     contact webmaster
Dale Jones Freeman     care of webmaster
Fred Kaiser 865 University Ave
Sacramento,CA 95825
  fredkailaw at aol.com
Andrea Kaye     contact webmaster
Susan Keeler Woodberry     contact webmaster
Clinton Kelly (now Clinton Heath)     contact webmaster
Bill Kelm     banddkelm at comcast.net
Donna Kendall Timms     contact webmaster
Anthony "Tony" Kentroti     contact webmaster
Perry Kesterson Brownsville,CA   perrykest at hotmail dot com
Jack H King deceased 6/28/79 in San Francisco county    
Nancy King Zappa     care of webmaster
Kathy Kleinsorge Monterey peninula,CA   care of webmaster
Charles Knight     contact webmaster
Melody Kohler Tyra Henderson,NV   care of webmaster
Connie Kraushar Rightmer 8034 Jayseel St
Sunland,CA 91040
818-951-5276 h  
Debbie Kwoka Elayan Sacramento,CA   debbie.elayan at yahoo dot com
Cheryl La Cornu Smith 2648 Fourth Ave
Sacramento,CA 95818
916-454-1449 h
209-953-8687 w
clacornu at lusd.net
Bonnie Lake Tatge 10012 McGuire Ave
Klamath Falls,OR 97603
916-281-5043 w btatge6 at gmail dot com
Mitchell "Mitch" Lamb deceased 6/15/03    
Sidney Lamb     contact webmaster
Ken Lambert     sifulambert at yahoo.com
Mark Lambert     redrover.1 at comcast dot net
Stephen Lascola Vacaville,CA 707-365-9132 h
707-330-1992 w
stephen.lascola at acegroup dot com
Mike Lavine     care of webmaster
Cheryle Lees Lawson 11921 - 81st Ave E
Puyallup,WA 98373
253-604-4980 h
206-755-6852 w
cherylelynne at comcast dot net
Ann Leigh Speicher 1524 North Ivanhoe St
Arlington,VA 22205
202-898-7857 w ann_speicher at aau.edu
Donald Lemieux   530-409-4097 h care of webmaster
Lex Anne Lester Ludwig 57 Stillwater Dr
Absarokee,MT 59001
406-328-6636 h ludwigfamily at wildblue.net
Bronwan Lewis Gadeberg     contact webmaster
Steven Light     care of webmaster
Debbie Lindgard     contact webmaster
Linda Lindsteadt Lorenz     contact webmaster
Lisa Lintner     care of webmaster
Kathleen Lorman Araujo     contact webmaster
Janine Louther     care of webmaster
Janice Lubiejewski Michaels Wickham     janice_wickham at hotmail.com
Paula Lutz     contact webmaster
Laura Macray     contact webmaster
Susan Madison Boreman     care of webmaster
Debbie Mandel Bertram     contact webmaster
Linda Mangino     contact webmaster
Laura Mannen Lynn 78 Clipper St
San Francisco,CA 94114
415-641-4707 h lauralynn1223 at gmail dot com
Bob Maples Newport Beach,CA 949-477-0710 w bob at bobmaples dot com
Dave Marell 3746 Gettysburg Ct North
Pleasanton,CA 94588
925-785-2211 h care of webmaster
Mallory "Lori" Marks deceased 3/6/01 in Sacramento    
Kathleen Marston Good South Lake Tahoe,CA   care of webmaster
Mark Marvelli     contact webmaster
Marjorie Marvich Salmond     contact webmaster
Guy Masier     contact webmaster
Susan Mayers Raymond     sraymondsr at aol dot com
Clint McCubbin Everett,WA   clintmcc at comcast dot net
William McKee 8872 Sawtelle Way
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-366-7021 h magikmc3 at aol.com
Robert "Bob" McLaughlin care of webmaster
Sandra "Sandi" McNeil     care of webmaster
Laura McRae     contact webmaster
Jim Meleski 4301 Kenston Way
Sacramento,CA 95822
916-447-5507 h nrjm at comcast dot net
Mark Melnicoe Gold River,CA   melnicoe at pacbell.net
Nancy Meyer McLaskey     contact webmaster
Jon McDonald     thelazylion at aol.com
Janice Lubiejewski Michaels Wickham     janice_wickham at hotmail.com
Pamela Michaels Lay     PamelaLay2011 at hotmail dot com
David R Miller Sacramento,CA   dmiller3 at dhs.ca.gov
Michael Miller deceased 9/15/99 in Sacramento from cancer    
Nick Miller deceased 2/13/00 in Sacramento Co.    
Thomas Miller Jr     contact webmaster
Rick Mingo deceased 11/21/04 in Cave Junction,OR    
Diane Mishler Schaubach     care of webmaster
Anne Moore Sacramento,CA   annem at winfirst.com
Jil Moore Wilson     care of webmaster
Laurie Moran     contact webmaster
Ronald Morgan 138 Pecksland Road
Greenwich,CT 06830
603-228-2022 h
603-228-6500 w
evergreenpaper at attbi.com
Charles "Charlie" Morse deceased 1/19/14  
Marlene Morsey Duncan     contact webmaster
Debra Morton Leggett     contact webmaster
Judy Mosier     contact webmaster
Marcia Muggelberg     contact webmaster
Bob Murphy     svckmbll at yahoo dot com
Patrick Murphy     contact webmaster
Doug Nareau     douglasnareau at hotmail.com
Margaret Nativo Hunnicultt     care of webmaster
Janeen Nesham     contact webmaster
Jim Nesselbush     contact webmaster
Ted Nestor     care of webmaster
Jack Nichols 1002 15th St
Abernathy,TX 79311
  madmotorman at yahoo dot com
Jeff Oates     jeffreydoates at charter dot net
Deborah O'Brien     contact webmaster
Teryl "Terri" Odell PO Box 2326
Corvallis,OR 97339
541-231-5681 w terriodell at gmail dot com
Rhonda Olsen Wagner     contact webmaster
Karen O'Neal Petersen   916-600-0925 w spring84 at hotmail dot com
Joey Paladino     care of webmaster
Terry Palmer     contact webmaster
Ken Parhurst     care of webmaster
Tom Park 10827 S Calle Verde
Yuma,AZ 85367
520-345-0400 h
520-345-0500 w
tomopark at juno.com
Richard "Dick" Parr     RParr12345 at aol.com
Ken Parsons Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Sue Patterson Goroll deceased 6/11/02 from cancer in South Carolina   care of webmaster
Milburn "Mel" Pechart     care of webmaster
Michele Pellegrini Dzigorski     care of webmaster
Kenny Brooks Percifield deceased 7/21/09 in Wheatland,CA  
Steven Petersen     sgpetersen at hotmail.com
Delbert "Del" Peterson deceased 5/2/10  
Bradford Peyton     contact webmaster
Stuart Pierce     contact webmaster
Catherine Pike Hayden     care of webmaster
Richard Pinney 107 Founders Pointe
Bloomingdale,IL 60108
630-980-9923 h
630-545-8300 w
rnpinney at sbcglobal.net
Nanette Plummer     contact webmaster
Brent Poplawski     brentpop27 at netzero.net
Barbara Powell Murphy     contact webmaster
Joy Pritchett Percifield     contact webmaster
Judy Pryor Saint Roseville,CA   care of webmaster
Jennifer Puthuff Spence     contact webmaster
Fred Quandee Portland,OR   quandee1 at msn dot com
Patricia "Pat" Quinn Weiss 1590 Balmoral Dr
Florissant,MO 63033
314-838-9074 h
314-741-0499 w
patriciaweiss at mac.com
Rich Radan     contact webmaster
Darryl Ratliff     care of webmaster
Christine Rea Hess     guitarstraplady at aol dot com
Mary Rectenwald Knight Roseville,CA   lacajun at surewest.net
Mary Reddick Sacramento,CA 916-278-4045 w mreddick at csus.edu
Marily Reese Woodlake,CA   care of webmaster
Richard Reese deceased 11/23/06 in Smartville,CA    
Laura Rehm Winkley     cliffandlaurawinkley at blueyonder.co.uk
Raymond Remmick 5939 Dollar Lane
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-334-9798 h
916-444-7200 w
remmick at hotmail.com
Gloria Roslyn Reynolds deceased 2/23/18
Patricia Reynolds Herrera     patricia at foothillstyle.com
Nancy Rhinehard Clemons Rio Linda,CA   wiccalady at comcast.net
Kim Ogden Rinehart deceased 1/28/05    
Annie Rivard Ebberts Folsom,CA   annie.e at comcast.net
Barbara Ross     care of webmaster
Michael Rumsey     care of webmaster
Jeffery "Jeff" Rust 530-289-3383 h jeff.rust at att dot net
Carolyn Sanchez Carisoza     corvettecarolyn at yahoo.com
Steve Sanchez     ssss149 at cox.net
Carol Sanderson Bogovish     contact webmaster
Benny Joe "Jody" Sanguinetti deceased 5/15/16 in Sacramento  
Craig Sarmento Elk Grove,CA   sarmentoc at frontiernet.net
Chuck Savoca     rwambach at vodavi.com
Steven Scalley     contact webmaster
Alexis Scandalis Genung Fair Oaks,CA 916-967-2330 h AlexisGenung at aol.com
Tom Scheeler Citrus Heights,CA   tomscheeler at comcast dot net
Christine Schmidt Allison     care of webmaster
Deborah Schweizer Crawford     contact webmaster
Leroy Schwemmer 3939 Sherwood Forest Dr
Dallas,TX 75220
214-357-8508 h Acftman2 at aol.com
Jo Scott Conger Carmichael,CA   congerdave at hotmail.com
Nannette Scott     contact webmaster
Ron Shaw     contact webmaster
Stephen Shellooe 240 Palanehe Place
Kihei,HI 96753
  mauishellooe at msn.com
Carlton Sherman     contact webmaster
Jan Shields Fenamore     care of webmaster
Susan Skow Cagle McAllen,TX   rainbowzenith at yahoo dot com
Traci Shull Sidesinger Gladstone,MO   Sidesinger at aol.com
Susan Sidebottom Rowden     contact webmaster
DeVonne Skalisky Gillan 3300 Chenu Ave
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-971-1423 h
916-486-7084 w
Randy.Gillan at Teale.ca.gov
Susan Skow Cagle     rainbowzenith at rgv.rr.com
Daniel William Smith deceased 9/28/19
Diane Smith Clifton     care of webmaster
Dwight Smith 1921 E 66th Ave
Anchorage,AK 99507
907-276-0042 h deesmitty at hotmail dot com
Kathleen "Diane" Smith Clifton deceased 2/28/13 from cancer    
Larry Smith     care of webmaster
Lorraine Smith Lambert rainie at adelphia.net
Loretta Smith Wilson Hot Springs,AR   care of webmaster
Paul Ronald Smithers deceased 1/29/19  
Marilyn Solem Schultz     care of webmaster
Arleta Sommers Casalegno     contact webmaster
Linda Sorenson Lehr 33547 6th St N.E.
Cambridge,MN 55008
916-206-6205 Lindar.Lehr at gmail dot com
Bill Souza     w_j_souza at hotmail.com
Pamela Sparks deceased 8/9/00    
Vicki Speere Kepner 6142 Coyle Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-967-8707 h
916-645-4776 w
gvkepner at attbi.com
Daniel "Skip" Spence deceased 9/22/14 from accident  
Janice Staley Simkins Lincoln,CA   care of webmaster
William Starnes     contact webmaster
Judy Steiner Weaver     contact webmaster
Nancy Stojanovich Williams     contact webmaster
Robin Stone Bystrowski deceased 4/13/11  
David Stone     care of webmaster
Rod Stone     contact webmaster
Ron Strang     care of webmaster
Kristin Sudhoff Door Gold River, CA 916-541-3495 h krisdoor at gmail dot com
Stanley Suposs     contact webmaster
Mark Syftestad     contact webmaster
Valerie Tamburri Hall deceased 12/21/10 from cancer  
Mary Taylor Whiteley     care of webmaster
Paula Taylor Miller     care of webmaster
Geri Teakle McHam     gerimcham at theestateplan dot com
Terry Teel Ward deceased 9/9/09
Ben Thomas deceased  
Douglas Thomas     contact webmaster
Kathleen Thomas Kimbrell     care of webmaster
Melissa Thurber     contact webmaster
Kevin Tierney Gardnerville,NV   tierney954 at charter.net
Hank Tonnemacher Box 3326
Christiansted,VI 00822
  htonnemacher at hotmail dot com
Ken Toole 2107 Q St
Rio Linda,CA 95673
916-879-4841 w tooletime3 at yahoo dot com
Katherine Torngren Casey     contact webmaster
Donald "Don" Trant     care of webmaster
Lance Treiber Los Angeles,CA   ltreiber at ca.rr.com
Randal "Randy" Tsukamoto     contact webmaster
Dean Tura     deantura at hotmail.com
Sharon Twarry Boulder,CO   stwarry at aol dot com
Karla Vaughn Newbill     care of webmaster
Kathy Viars Courter Cheyenne,WY   MissLilly at attbi.com
Ann Vieille Lydon     care of webmaster
Bob Vierra     care of webmaster
Zue Vincent     care of webmaster
Sharon Vroman Saramento,CA   slvroman at sbcglobal.net
Clark Wagaman 916-529-4729 clarkwagaman at earthlink dot net
Scott Wagaman     contact webmaster
Steve Wagaman     SWAGAMAN at aol.com
Pamela "Candy" Waggoner Beck HCR 61 Box 229A
Bonners Ferry,ID 83805
208-267-4461 h
208-267-9337 w
care of webmaster
Bill Wagnon 844 Lewis Ave
Woodland,CA 95695
530-662-6441 h
530-666-6662 w
wagnon4 at sbcglobal dot net
John Wallin Clearfield,UT   johnwallin52 at yahoo.com
Don Ward     care of webmaster
Roger Ward     care of webmaster
Jim Wardlow     contact webmaster
Linden Welch Beck 3915 Winding Creek Rd
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-487-5088 h Linden.Welch at KP.org
Sandy Welch Jukes     contact webmaster
Dennis Weston deceased 10/19/14 from cancer  
Paul Whatley Fremont,CA   pwhatsr at sbcglobal dot net
Thomas White     contact webmaster
Sherry Willeford     contact webmaster
Cynthia Williams Whitwell     contact webmaster
Dennis Williams     care of webmaster
Robert David Williams deceased 7/11/20    
Laurie Wilson Hesed     contact webmaster
Michael Wilson     contact webmaster
Jacalyn Wilt Gonzalez     contact webmaster
Judith Wilt Feese     contact webmaster
Patrick "Pat" Wirsing     care of webmaster
Toni Wolfson     contact webmaster
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