Encina High School Class of 1971 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1971+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Michael Billings

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WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Lori Abreu Cutler Davis Castaic,CA   lorid9745 at yahoo dot com
Diane Albert Haynes     contact webmaster
Daniel Alexander     care of webmaster
Doug Allan     contact webmaster
Brian Allison Plano,TX   brian_allison at verizon dot net
Joseph Amrhein     contact webmaster
Bill Anderson     contact webmaster
Steve Anderson Murray,UT   steve.anderson at gosfgiants.com
Diane "Dee Dee" Ardell deceased 7/2/74 in Sacramento county    
Kimberly "Kim" Areman Malone     care of webmaster
Dan Avritser Rua Rio de Janeiro 2159/401
Belo Horizonte, Brasil 30160042
  care of webmaster
Hunter "Bill" Bailey     contact webmaster
Bill Baird     contact webmaster
D. Scott Baker     care of webmaster
Kim Barney Porter     care of webmaster
Robert Barry     jpmrwb9 at aol dot com
Jeffrey Bassett 9232 Vancouver Dr
Sacramento,CA 95826
  relax at sacmassage.com
Jo Ann Bauman Turner 2360 Lansing Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
  care of webmaster
Darell Baxter 11769 South Carson Way
Gold River,CA 95670
916-638-0243 h
916-335-2660 w
baxmanol at comcast dot net
Mark Beale
(now Mark Meaker)
1180 South Hidden View Dr
Providence,UT 84332
435-757-5608 meaker.mark at gmail dot com
Carolyn Beck Bowen     care of webmaster
Wanda Beierle Gelsebach 4419 Van Nuys Blvd #404
Sherman Oaks,CA 91403
818-981-3043 w wanda4therapy at sbcglobal dot net
Linda Belanger 12585 Marcelais Court
Auburn,CA 95603
  care of webmaster
Robert Bennett deceased 6/29/15  
Daniel "Danny" Benvenuti Carmichael,CA   dbenvenuti at aol.com
Randy Berry 2960 Calderwood Lane #68
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-486-0824 h
916-286-1440 w
randy.berry at
twinriversusd dot org
Shelley Berry Gregory     care of webmaster
Sondra Berry     contact webmaster
Maryianne Betzler deceased 3/4/10 from cancer in Sacramento    
Michael Billings     Showzrd at aol.com
James Black     contact webmaster
Chelle Bloom     contact webmaster
Susan Bly Whatley     pwhatsr at aol.com
Barbara Born Davidson     contact webmaster
Rick Brereton     care of webmaster
Judy Brinks     care of webmaster
Michael Browning     contact webmaster
Lucia Bruer San Francisco,CA   luciab at netzero.com
James Bruhl     jamesbruhl at yahoo.com
Cathy Bryant Spitzer     care of webmaster
Jerry Burks Sacramento,CA 916-977-0182 h dj_dave71 at yahoo dot com
Sherri Burns Lindner     care of webmaster
Dale Buscher     contact webmaster
Kathy Bush Clark     contact webmaster
Carol Camarillo     contact webmaster
Nicholas Camblin     contact webmaster
Brad Caplan deceased 6/9/96 in Sacramento Co    
Alyse Carey DeFazio     alysedefaz at aol.com
Michael Carlin     contact webmaster
Debbie Cauley Wood     Debbie.L.Wood at kp.org
Bart Cave     contact webmaster
Nancy Cayler     contact webmaster
Bill Chapman     contact webmaster
Val Church deceased 10/5/10 in Sacramento  
Michael Cisneros     juliancisneros52 at gmail dot com
Jeanette Ann Clark Amrhein     care of webmaster
Virginia "Ginny" Clausnitzer Foth     care of webmaster
Linda Clemence Reib     care of webmaster
Tom Collentine     care of webmaster
Debi Connell Wurdack Burke,VA 703-455-5354 h dwurdack at hotmail dot com
Gayle Cooper Turnage     gayleturnage at hotmail.com
Nancy Cooper Manly 5043 Diablo Dr
Sacramento,CA 95842
916-334-7056 h nmanly at gmail dot com
Lee Cordy Johnson     steveleejohnson at sbcglobal.net
Ann Corey McCann San Diego,CA 619-988-9677 w annmail53 at yahoo.com
Jeff Crawford   jefford5 at sbcglobal dot net
Toni Cruse     queenos at mindspring.com
Steven Cull     contact webmaster
Melissa Curd Wade-Meyer Pflugerville,TX   meyerm at sbcglobal.net
Marsha Curtis Burden     care of webmaster
Jon Dahlberg 1611 Silberstein Place
Woodland,CA 95776
530-661-6102 h
530-757-5385 w
Dahlberg at cal.net
Janet Davies San Leandro,CA 415-743-8797 w janet.davies at us.wmmercer.com
John Davisson 1131 Brooks Ave
Rosenberg,TX 77471
281-633-8120 h koolnerd at comcast dot net
Charles Dawson     care of webmaster
Jan Day Hodge     contact webmaster
Jean Day Rogers     contact webmaster
David Deponty Folsom,CA 916-985-6374 h david at tilerite dot biz
Berry Dickison     care of webmaster
Bill Dieterle     contact webmaster
Wesley "Wes" Doane PO Box 181
Bangor,CA 95914
916-716-5637 lizsalesky at sbcglobal dot net
Darlene Dowling Hardy Rancho Murieta,CA   dhardy at dfg.ca.gov
Larry Driscoll
(now Larry Cook)
2126 Homewood Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-208-8632 h Hurleymac53 at yahoo dot com
Ellen Duccini Tubbs     care of webmaster
Doris Dunn Geiser     contact webmaster
Margaret "Peggy" Dunn Burgess Ivins,UT 435-229-5353 w care of webmaster
Shelley Dunnigan Sacramento CA   care of webmaster
Laurie Edelblute Weaver     care of webmaster
Sharon Edgar Marquez 2541 Roundhill Circle
Placerville,CA 95667
  marquez4387 at sbcglobal dot net
Tom Edwards     contact webmaster
Steve Ellis Homestead,FL   kalliyuga at gmail dot com
Chris Elmer     contact webmaster
Jan Esparcia     care of webmaster
Janet Farmer Gilberg     contact webmaster
Patty Ferrell Scheeler Corvallis,OR   wings4u at comcast.net
Victoria Ferrero Rulison     care of webmaster
Patricia Finley Santillanes     psantill at pacbell.net
Pete Finney Rocklin,CA 800-797-2926 pete at finneyfamily.com
Kim Fisher Thomas     contact webmaster
Bradley Foulk deceased 5/13/02 from M.S.   Nolgramme at aol.com (sister)
Belinda France Nabarrete     bnabarrete at sbcglobal dot net
Dorn Francis Sacramento,CA   hardnose at sbcglobal dot net
RoAnn Francis Murillo DOD 2/15/17
Sherrie Francis     contact webmaster
Michael Gaffney     contact webmaster
Paula Gehres Sacramento,CA 916-362-2928 h PaulaGehres at att dot net
Kathleen Gerrity deceased 9/5/04 from cancer in Sacramento    
Steve Gile Clovis,CA   steve_gile at mac dot com
Darlalynn Girard Hunt     care of webmaster
Carrie Giroux Gunzel 14441 SE Lincoln St
Portland,OR 97233
503-255-6920 h
503-548-3720 w
cgunzel at shelter-products dot com
Anita Gail Glenn Telford     contact webmaster
Palma Goodman     contact webmaster
Michael Clyde Gosney deceased 11/26/17  
Deborah Grant     care of webmaster
Garry Gray     contact webmaster
Sheila Greathouse Wardrip     contact webmaster
Tom Grebitus     contact webmaster
Georgia Griffiths Barron     care of webmaster
Joan Grzena Henley Sacramento,CA   jsh967 at aol.com
Lori Gualco Levin     contact webmaster
Bertina Gwaltney     care of webmaster
Jan Haeling Shaw deceased 5/12/96 (cancer)    
Judy Haeling Robinson     contact webmaster
Allan Hankin     care of webmaster
Carol Hansen     contact webmaster
Teri Hansen Watson Sacramento,CA 916-855-5000 w Teromatic at hotmail.com
Rick Hanson     care of webmaster
Denise Hardre     contact webmaster
Kathy Hardy     contact webmaster
Brent Harpham PO Box 20595
Reno,NV 89515
775-359-9420 h brent at bestrentfinders.com
Charles Heieck     care of webmaster
Stan Heintz     contact webmaster
Joan Henley     care of webmaster
Cheryl Hereza Beamer Reston,VA   cherylbeamer at verizon.net
Margo Hernandez     contact webmaster
James "Jim" Hershey 10889 Old Pond Ln
Grass Valley,CA 95949
530-268-0216 h
916-257-5424 w
jim at atlasdisposal dot com
Amy Hibbitt     contact webmaster
Steven Hibma deceased 12/20/14 in Santa Cruz  
Kathleen Hill Turner     turnerk at pacbell.net
Nancy Hill Tadlock     care of webmaster
Starr Hines Hughes     contact webmaster
Raymond "Rusty" Hunt 5790 Milgen Rd, Apt 1305
Columbus,GA 31907
706-561-7866 care of webmaster
Michael Hurley Sandpoint,ID   care of webmaster
Phil Ingram     contact webmaster
Blair Irwin     contact webmaster
Dale Isaacson deceased 12/20/12 in Folsom  
Patricia Ivory Wait     pewing1 at pacbell.net
Jason Jackson 15924 Names Dr
Grass Valley,CA 95949
530-271-7368 h jnjackson at hotmail dot com
Cathy Jaramillo Johns     contact webmaster
Jeffrey Javelet     zoneeight at sbcglobal.net
Ruby Jimenez Castro Visalia,CA   care of webmaster
Caroline "Care" Johnson 813 Sun Ray Court
Rio Linda,CA 95673
916-991-7661 h
916-764-4405 w
clj at ecoisp.com
Michael Johnson 580 Orchard Ln
Colfax,CA 95713
  mjevo at infostations dot com
Richard Johnson     contact webmaster
Susan Jones     care of webmaster
Kim Kavrell     care of webmaster
Carol Keck Marashian     camarash at verizon dot net
Randy Keeney 5640 Chocolate Dr
Sun Valley,NV 98433
775-997-2222 randykeeney at yahoo dot com
Craig Kelley     contact webmaster
Mary Kempton Sherer     contact webmaster
Diana Kendall     contact webmaster
John Kennedy     contact webmaster
Marilyn Kern     contact webmaster
Marcia Kingman Hale     care of webmaster
Terry Kingsley     takingsley at frontiernet.net
Terry Knedel deceased    
Mark Knepprath 1842 Yale Ave
Burley,ID 83318
208-697-2562 w nmknepp at msn dot com
Chris Koeber     contact webmaster
Gary Koven 69434 Serenity Road
Cathedral City,CA 92234
kotrezi at roadrunner dot com
David Kreiensieck Lodi,CA   DaveKay at msn.com
John Kriege     contact webmaster
Mark Kwoka     care of webmaster
Ronald Larsen 2859 El Prado Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-599-4818 h
916-484-0000 w
at gmail dot com
Lynne "Liz" Lee Walker   lizwalker53 at yahoo dot com
Janet Leonard Steele     care of webmaster
David Levin     contact webmaster
Ken Levy deceased 7/80    
Sally Lucas Culbertson     care of webmaster
Verne Lund     care of webmaster
Robert Magaziner     care of webmaster
Brent Mahan     care of webmaster
Eric Mandell 4936 Puma Way
Carmichael, CA 95608
  eric.mandell99 at gmail dot com
Raul Margroff
aka Angelo Luca
    angelorl at msn.com
Mignon Marks Keesee     care of webmaster
Susan Marron contact webmaster
Christopher Martinez     care of webmaster
Joan Mathews Whalen     care of webmaster
Susan Elizabeth Mattox deceased 3/15/10 in Sacramento  
Al Mauzy Dedham,MA 781-329-2232 h abmauzy35 at gmail dot com
Ann McCabe     contact webmaster
Margo McCandless Smith     contact webmaster
Michelle McClatchy Mosley Claremont,CA   the6mosley at aol.com
Sheri McComb Rippetoe     sherri_rippetoe at yahoo dot com
Debora McConnell King     care of webmaster
Doug McGehee     contact webmaster
Michael McGuffey     contact webmaster
Patrick McLaughlin DOD 4/10/13 in Stockton,CA  
Irene Melicharek Bertolucci     care of webmaster
Peter Menuez 17550 Rauland Dr
Walton Hills,OH 44146
440-439-1734 h
330-572-3408 w
menuez at yahoo.com
Kurtis "Kurt" Mickelson     kmickelson at neoindustriesllc.com
Oran Miller Woodinville,WA   contact webmaster
Kathy Minor Boag     contact webmaster
Mark Montgomery     contact webmaster
Dick Moore     contact webmaster
Judy Moore Baird     contact webmaster
Jim Mosier 20465 Cedarview Ct
Foresthill,CA 95631
  jim_mosier at hp.com
John J. Mosley DOD 5/28/13
Dennis Munson     care of webmaster
Margaret Nativo Hunnicutt     care of webmaster
Larry Nee 2141 Cumberland Pkwy
Algonquin,IL 60102
  golfclubbuilder at yahoo.com
lnee52 at comcast.net
John Neff 5012 W Chicago Circle
Chandler,AZ 85226
480-940-8024 h
602-458-7040 w
flyjuan at qwest.net
Thad "Greg" Nicholson Great Falls,MT   care of webmaster
Carol Obermuller Staley     contact webmaster
Patricia "Patti" O'Malley Fufjager     contact webmaster
Katherine O'Neil Schram Santa Rosa,CA   care of webmaster
Robert "Bob" Opp deceased 12/15/00 from heart attack   contact webmaster
Randy Owens DOD 3/17/17 in Sacramento  
Randy Palmer Cameron Park,CA 530-677-4449 h
530-672-2366 w
rpalmer at innotek.com
Doug Pattison     dpattison at mtshastamall.com
David Peiser deceased 7/5/03    
Jearl Percifield deceased 7/21/15 from blood cancer  
Joe Perez 3814 Horizon View Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
  jp at joeperez.net
Cyndi Perry Rusher     contact webmaster
Jean Perry     contact webmaster
Eric Petersen     contact webmaster
Roger E Petersen 3370 Marina Cove Circle
Elk Grove,CA 95758
916-684-6499 h rpeterse at ibius.jnj.com
Eric Peterson 13855 S 1950 W
Bluffdale,UT 84065
801-254-9172 h
801-634-5241 w
pilotrico at comcast dot net
Sue Pettit Taylor     contact webmaster
Dave Peyser North Highlands,CA 916-334-9401  
Susan Phillips Evans 916-752-4576 w sevans1040 at yahoo dot com
Phil Pinney     care of webmaster
Linda Piper Brown Sacramento,CA   lcbrown17 at usa.net  
Mike Pittsley San Antonio,TX   mpittsley at satx.rr.com
Rene Pleau Grebitus     contact webmaster
Mike Plessas Box 10394
Truckee,CA 96162
916-499-6713 mp18d at yahoo dot com
Scott Plotkin 2121 "I" St
Rio Linda, CA 95673
916-991-6119 h
916-445-2522 w
scott.plotkin at gmail dot com
Eric Proserpi deceased 4/7/08 in car accident    
Carla Rake Nabity   care of webmaster
Linda Reib     care of webmaster
Joan Reid     contact webmaster
Nancy Reid Mascaro     care of webmaster
Mike Reyes     contact webmaster
Alan Reynolds     contact webmaster
Nancy Rhodes Bullock     care of webmaster
Doug Rice Bellevue,WA   ktrice at ix.netcom.com
Tom Richards Gold River,CA   tosunida at pacbell.net
Mike Rivard     care of webmaster
Carol Roberts Balestreri     contact webmaster
Peggy Robichaud Sargenti     contact webmaster
Stephen Robichaud deceased 11/21/08    
Robin Rogers     rmrogers22 at hotmail.com
Lenda Roloff Hand     care of webmaster
James Russell     contact webmaster
Margie Russell Stratfull     care of webmaster
Carolyn Saia Coffey Roseville,CA   care of webmaster
Sheryl Salasky PO Box 196
Talkeetna,AK 99676
  care of webmaster
Elaine Salyer Starmer 15940 Shannon Way
Nevada City,CA 95959
  estarmer at nacr.com
Craig Samoville 9320 Elberon Way
Elk Grove,CA 95758
916-683-4320 h care of webmaster
Sunny Sawyer Schalansky 29 River Bluff Lane
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-485-6559 h
916-798-5118 w
sunny.s at comcast.net
Carol Scarrone     contact webmaster
Doug Scheeler     care of webmaster
Sandi Scheiber Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Cheri Schnackel     contact webmaster
Donna Mae Schneider deceased 1/08    
Larry Schneider     contact webmaster
Charles Schoenberger     care of webmaster
Patricia Schrunk DeRenzo     care of webmaster
Debbie Schweizer Crawford   debbers53 at sbcglobal dot net
Bill Scott, Jr     contact webmaster
Joell Scott Auburn,CA 530-823-5686 h
916-263-8833 w
joellscott at comcast.net
Steven Settles San Antonio,TX   STEBECTEX at AOL.COM
Scott Setzer     care of webmaster
Kirk Shaw deceased 5/6/94 in Beaverton OR    
Rose Shellooe     contact webmaster
Michael Sherman     contact webmaster
Deborah Shrout Grant     grantdnd at yahoo dot com
Marvin Ray Sides deceased 5/11/13 in South Sacramento    
Karen Simmonds Nickey     knickey3451 at yahoo dot com
Laura Simons Sacramento,CA 916-972-7077 h llsimons53 at comcast.net
Vince Skelly     contact webmaster
Eben Knight Smart IV 856-50th St
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-455-4974 h
916-488-8354 w
4thknight at prodigy.net
Don Smith     care of webmaster
Bruce Sommer deceased 5/1/77 in Solano County    
Steve Sommer deceased 11/8/02 in Boise ID    
Bill Souza     care of webmaster
Karen Spence Saenz 3780 Las Pasas Way
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-549-8212 karen at saenzsold dot net
Kathleen "Kathy" Spencer     care of webmaster
Lynne Sperry Folsom,CA 916-358-1458 w hafta at sbcglobal.net
Victor Spillard     care of webmaster
Jeffrey Stafford     contact webmaster
Brian Stahl     contact webmaster
Mike Starr     care of webmaster
Jim Stewart Loomis,CA 916-652-3475 h care of webmaster
Barry Strang DOD 7/27/13 killed in motorcycle accident in Wyoming  
Gary Strickland     contact webmaster
Daniel Strother     contact webmaster
Dennis Sugimoto     care of webmaster
Richard "Rick" Sullivan 360-499-6270 h rkgville at gmail dot com
Terry Teel Ward deceased 9/9/09
Gloria Tew Morrison deceased 7/5/09 from cancer  
Linda Thomas 61151 Chuckanut Dr
Bend,OR 97702
541-419-6158 angeltears5 at msn dot com
Gisele Tierney     care of webmaster
Larry Tjoelker     contact webmaster
Barbara Tompkins Rylander Battle Ground,WA   barb_cookie at yahoo dot com
Lynn Turley Provencal     care of webmaster
Catherine Tuttle Dockter     care of webmaster
Linda Valin     fulton777 at comcast dot net
Elise Viebrock     eaviebrock at aol.com
Carol Vollan     care of webmaster
Robin Wadsworth Garvey 111 East Deodara St
Vacaville,CA 95688
  rgarvey at dss.ca.gov
Dave Wallin     contact webmaster
David Walter deceased 5/30/20 from lung cancer  
Sharon Walter Luft Redding,CA   spicyginger01 at Yahoo.com
Philip Warner     care of webmaster
Patricia Lynn Waszak Deceased 5/25/09 in Sacramento
Kris Weber Chico,CA   krisweber at yahoo.com
Steven Weinrub Las Vegas,NV   hootennagle at yahoo dot com
Guy Wentzel   guywentzel at yahoo dot com
Debra Westover Gay     contact webmaster
Deborah Wetzel Townsend     contact webmaster
Mark White deceased 7/13/93 in Sacramento county    
G. Zachary Wilhoit     uwilhoits at yahoo.com
David Wilkinson     care of webmaster
Majorie Wilkinson Thornton Clarksville,TN   care of webmaster
Tim Will     contact webmaster
Karen Willeford     contact webmaster
Cathy Williams McGee     care of webmaster
Harold Williams     contact webmaster
Steve Wood 848 Palo Verde Ave
Pasadena,CA 91104
  Mad4Pinot at aol.com
Patricia Woodrow Frates     contact webmaster
Dave Wulff     contact webmaster
Patricia Yano     contact webmaster
Guy Yeaman     contact webmaster
Roland Young 1316 Coffee Road
Modesto,CA 95355
209-522-9963 w dryoung at ryoungoms.com
Vance Zeka     contact webmaster
Gary Zube deceased 2/24/06 from lung cancer    

Last updated: 08/13/2020

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