Encina High School Class of 1965 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1965+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Graduation list

Reunion contact: George Hullin

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Name Address Phone number Email address
Derral Adams     care of webmaster
Isabel "Izzy" Aguilar Sweet     sweetisabel123 at gmail dot com
Roger Albertson DOD 4/22/85 in Sacramento county    
Ron Alford     contact webmaster
Judy Allen Hawkins     contact webmaster
Marilyn Anderson Olson     care of webmaster
Linda Andrews Beatty 2302 Coppervale Dr
Rocklin,CA 95765
916-772-8285 care of webmaster
Michael Andrews DOD 2/13/16  
Leo Appel     leoappel at peoplepc dot com
Josephine Araujo Johnson DOD 5/14/97 in Sacramento Co.    
Larry Armstrong 5015 Alan Court
  care of webmaster
Toni Arnold Collins     contact webmaster
Marvin Ashton 3844 Hollister Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-944-1274 mashton65 at yahoo dot com
Sharon Azevedo Darrow PO Box 214673
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-803-1665 w sharon at sharonsdarrow dot com
Don Bain     contact webmaster
Ray Baird     contact webmaster
Calvin "Cal" Baker 160 Foxfire Lane
Alexandria,LA 71302
  cbaker8489 at aol.com
Sally Baker Rolloff     care of webmaster
Stephen Baker     bony at prodigy.net
Donald Keith Bakkie DOD 5/12/68 at 20   Army - PFC - E3
101st Airborne Division
October 19, 1947 to May 12, 1968
In Thua Thien, South Vietnam
Judy Ballou Wolley     contact webmaster
Judy Banks Turk     judithturk at kickmetopaul dot com
Jerry Barbosa     care of webmaster
Pam Bare Crawford Gladstone,OR   care of webmaster
Steve Barker     care of webmaster
Susan Barrett     contact webmaster
Barbara Ann Bascherini DOD 9/9/81 in Alameda Co.  
Skip Basnett     contact webmaster
Candra "Cande" Bayman Pacific Grove,CA   care of webmaster
Cathy Beamer Bradshaw     contact webmaster
Linda Beatty     contact webmaster
Stephen Beatty DOD 12/6/81 in Sacramento Co.    
Timothy Beilby lbeilby at gmail dot com
Sandra "Sandi" Bell Francis DOD 10/04 in Mount Vernon, WA due to complications from diabetes    
Dan Bergin     care of webmaster
John Bergman DOD 12/16/07 in Sac Co.  
David Bero     care of webmaster
Ellen Bielen Rexwinkle     care of webmaster
Edie Biesheuvel     contact webmaster
Lynn Black Kohout Folsom,CA   care of webmaster
Brenda Blair Vinsant DOD 2/10/18 from lymphoma    
Clarke Blalock     care of webmaster
Becky Blankenship Goff     contact webmaster
Cathy Bode Appel 98354 Thomas Lane
Brookings,OR 97415
541-469-9856 h
541-661-2111 w
leoappel at peoplepc dot com
Jim Bodenhamer     care of webmaster
Judy Boggs McComb     contact webmaster
Steve Boutin     care of webmaster
Susan Bowers Sacramento,CA   susanhwi at sbcglobal dot net
David Boyers     care of webmaster
Pat Bradshaw     contact webmaster
Cotton Brand Lindquist care of webmaster
Joyce Bright     contact webmaster
Jan Briley Lass Omaha,NE   care of webmaster
Donna Broaddus     contact webmaster
Ronald "Ron" Broaddus   916-983-1946 h rongbsacto at yahoo.com
Donna Broehan Bero     care of webmaster
Lynn Brown Peters     contact webmaster
Patti Brown Scott     care of webmaster
Carol Brox DOD 11/05    
Kathy Burke Compton DOD 6/27/99 in Sacramento    
Portia Burke Tanaka     care of webmaster
Nancy Burks Hughert     contact webmaster
Barbara Burster DOD 11/21/86 in Los Angeles Co.    
Robert "Bob" Bury     bobbury at hotmail.com  
John "Jack" Busby St George,UT   subf at ifox.com
Susan Butler DOD 4/22/11 from lung cancer
Don Byrne     contact webmaster
Kathy Byrne Murray 8250 Macargo Ct
Granite Bay,CA 95746
916-786-8250 h kathkorner at hotmail.com
Mary Callaghan Manning     care of webmaster
Vicki Camblin     contact webmaster
Leslie Cameron Silva 7438 Grassy Creek Way
El Dorado Hills,CA 95762
916-849-8072 m leslie1947 at sbcglobal.net
facebook - Leslie Cameron Silva
Kathy Campbell Morton     contact webmaster
Michael Cardiff     care of webmaster
Frank Carson     care of webmaster
Keith Carter San Francisco,CA 415-682-9309 h care of webmaster
Janine Cerles Gentry     care of webmaster
Gary Chan DOD 6/9/04 in Sacramento    
Christine Chapman Hill 991 Madrona Way
Sequim, WA 98382
360-582-0989 hilldad3 at yahoo.com
Cici Christian     contact webmaster
Mike Clancy     care of webmaster
Sheila Clover Enders     endwick at comcast.net
Charles Colard DOD 2/2012  
Eric Colla     contact webmaster
Vicki Colla     contact webmaster
Marsha Colvin     contact webmaster
Virginia Coones Bertoglio     care of webmaster
Christopher Cooper     care of webmaster
John E. Cooper DOD 11/7/04 from CLL in Sacramento    
Robert Chester Coppin DOD 4/23/11    
Karen Coupe-Bonnett 4034 Logston Court
Sacramento,CA 95821
  karefreec at aol.com
Steve Cowan     care of webmaster
Gary Craig     contact webmaster
Tom Crain     tcrain at cruzio.com
Creighton Crum     contact webmaster
James Curry     care of webmaster
Disa Jean Dahlin DOD 8/09  
Kathy Davey Inclan     contact webmaster
Doug Davis     contact webmaster
Linda Davis Requa     RKRequaSF at aol.com
Ricky Davisson     contact webmaster
Nancy Deats Streukens Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Sheri Dederian Asta     sharbright at aol.com
John Dennis     care of webmaster
Jan de Polo Pollock Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Jim Derington     jimnkathyd at sbcglobal dot net
Sally Dickison Burchfiel     care of webmaster
Richard Dildine     care of webmaster
Karen DiPalma DeBerry     care of webmaster
Gary Morris Disher deceased 10/25/19 in Venice FL
Debbie Donahue     contact webmaster
John "Jack" Donahue     care of webmaster
Michael Donohue     contact webmaster
Jeri Donovan DOD 4/4/73 in Contra Costa Co.    
Michael Doran DOD 9/26/12  
Terry Downie Odell 66103 E Cleek Dr
Tucson,AZ 85739
520-825-7461 h terryo2525 at hotmail.com
Jackie Downs Martin DOD 9/7/00 from stroke in Sacramento    
Allison Dreith Meyers     contact webmaster
Phil Driver 22575 Montclaire Court
Grass Valley,CA 95949
530-268-7575 h phildriver at hotmail dot com
Sharon Dronberger Valerio     contact webmaster
Donald Drzewieki     contact webmaster
John Dufour   jedd4.47 at gmail dot com
Patty Duke     contact webmaster
Joan Duncan DOD 10/26/08 in Sacramento county    
Jonathon Dwyer     contact webmaster
Jeffrey Edelblute 14970 Venado Dr
Racho Murieta,CA 95683
916-354-0304 h jedelblute at sbcglobal.net
George Edge 2491 Michelle Dr
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-487-5001 h gedgetips-81 at yahoo.com
Tom Egger     contact webmaster
Barbara Ehrman Clauss√© Sacramento,CA   bclausse at surewest.net
Charles Ellison     contact webmaster
Sharon Ellsworth Kaiser Auburn,CA   shakai.cls at gmail dot com
Elizabeth Elmer Moffitt Draper,UT   annmoffitt at gmail dot com
Donald Edward Epperson DOD 6/17/17 in Sacramento    
Marcie Evringham Redeker Minden,NV   gotscraps at charter.net
Loren Fanucchi DOD 5/10/10 in Shingle Springs  
Pat Farley Bennett     contact webmaster
Jim Farmer     care of webmaster
Jim Farrington     care of webmaster
Carolyn Fatur Sertich     contact webmaster
Lonny Faubion     contact webmaster
Leslie Favero Drysdale     care of webmaster
Vicki Feirl Colla     contact webmaster
Dee Ferrell McCain     contact webmaster
James Ferrier     ferrierj at pacbell.net
Gay Findlay Strong
Dan Findley Sacramento,CA   ddfindley at gmail dot com
Carol Flint Yeager South Pasadena,CA   yeagercarol at sbcglobal.net
Ron Floegel     care of webmaster
Sandy Florence Baxter     contact webmaster
Steven M. Floyd DOD 2016 from cancer  
Thomas Folena     care of webmaster
Jim Fossi New Castle,CA jfossi at hughes dot net
Chris Frank Donabediar     contact webmaster
Kristine Frank Chauncey     care of webmaster
George Franklin     care of webmaster
Paul Fraser     contact webmaster
Carol Fredricksen     care of webmaster
Cheryl Freeman Grundman     grummy at gci.net
Bob Freitas DOD 9/2/01 in Sacramento    
Sue French Sacramento,CA 916-574-9334 h susan.french at hotmail dot com
Lynda Friedricksen     contact webmaster
Warren Charles Gable DOD 6/29/79 in Napa    
John F Gallen     jfgallen at sbcglobal.net
Wanda Garnett Leventin DOD 9/22/10 in Sacramento    
Karen Gaskell Kotchofski     contact webmaster
Suzan Gates Spotts DOD 6/4/10 in Sac Co.  
W Scott Gaylord 205 Kona Circle
Pittsburg,CA 94565
925-427-2732 h ScottGaylord at gmail dot com
David Gebauer Bend,OR 805-368-1575 h kathygdaveg at gmail dot com
Steve Gehres     care of webmaster
Doug Gentry     care of webmaster
Michael Gentry     care of webmaster
Debbie Gerth Mattos     care of webmaster
Lynn Gier Peters     care of webmaster
Merle "Mindy" Gilbert Smith Mayer Oregon City,OR 503-685-5002 #4 work mindy.mayer at partners.mcd.com
Kathleen Gillette Cicairos     contact webmaster
John Gledhill DOD 12/15/17  
Donna Glenn Bales Cedar City,UT   Donna2Glenn at excite.com
Charles Gluck     care of webmaster
Kevin Gough DOD 10/10/12 in Sacramento  
Larry Gray 19332 Brookview Dr
Saratoga,CA 95070
408-973-9112 h
408-219-7722 cell
ellipticurve at hotmail.com
Louis Greene     care of webmaster
Tom Greene     tgreene at sbcglobal.net
Michael Gentry     care of webmaster
Robert Griffith Loomis,CA   care of webmaster
Jeff Gualco     contact webmaster
Inge Gumnor Barsetti     contact webmaster
Susan Gundy Clarke Tallahassee,FL   sugarhill47 at att dot net
Gail Guthrie Torchio     care of webmaster
Kathy Hackett Sheehan Folsom,CA shekath at gmail dot com
Deni Haden Herron 1718 Visalia Row
Coronado,CA 92118
619-437-8762 h mherron1 at san.rr.com
Mike Hagen     care of webmaster
Doug Hall     contact webmaster
Steve Hall     contact webmaster
Vicki Hall     contact webmaster
David Hallstrom     contact webmaster
June Halsted Ross Salem,OR   jskross18 at msn dot com
Suzi Hansen Voudouris     care of webmaster
Glenna Hardin Charles     contact webmaster
Steve Harrold     contact webmaster
Lynne Harry Arnold     Elwood at coldreams.com
David Harshbarger     care of webmaster
Edward James Hart DOD 6/30/13 in Sacramento  
Bonnie Hartmann Miller Vancouver,WA   vanchurchsec at gmail dot com
Bill Hartzell DOD 9/15/96 in Sacramento Co.    
JoAnn Harvey PO Box 5910
Twin Falls,ID 83303
  focusjah at cableone dot net
Randy Hastie     care of webmaster
Randy Hastings     contact webmaster
Sandi Hatton Schwedler DOD 12/29/97 in Sacramento Co from lymphoma/leukemia    
Robert Hayman     care of webmaster
Stephen Helmich     contact webmaster
Rich Hemstreet     contact webmaster
Kathey Henley Hale Los Gatos,CA   kathey.hale at gartner dot com
Burr "Buzz" Hereford     contact webmaster
Rodger Herman     care of webmaster
Susan Hermann Barkley Rocklin,CA   suebcool at att dot net
Kent Hewitt     contact webmaster
Deborah Hill Fite     contact webmaster
Carole Hirsch     contact webmaster
Diane Hittig Addison     contact webmaster
Kathleen "Kathy" Hodge     contact webmaster
James "Rick" Hodges     contact webmaster
Karen Hoffer Bruce     karendbruce at sbcglobal dot net
Edith Hoffman     contact webmaster
Donna Holm Schultz     contact webmaster
John Holm     contact webmaster
Linda Hoots Moon     linda-moon at sbcglobal dot net
Ron Hopson     care of webmaster
Jill Hosier Unthank     contact webmaster
Jim Houston     contact webmaster
Dan Howard     care of webmaster
Suzi Howard     contact webmaster
Rick Hubacher     care of webmaster
Victor Hudgins     contact webmaster
George Hullin   george.hullin at gmail dot com
David Hulsey     care of webmaster
Carolyn Humphreys Smith     contact webmaster
Patti Hunt Barcelles     contact webmaster
Craig Hunter   831-755-8667 w hunter at mlml.calstate.edu
Suana Hutchings Lowe     care of webmaster
David Hutchinson DOD 1/30/05 in Sac Co.    
Judy Igo Zimmer     care of webmaster
Gayle James Saunders     care of webmaster
Jo Ellen Jessup Valencich Woodside,CA jvalencich at yahoo dot com
Linda Jividen Wiklund     lindajwiklund at gmail dot com
Elizabeth Johnson     contact webmaster
Kathleen "Kathy" Johnson Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Linda Johnson     contact webmaster
Chuck Jones     care of webmaster
Hank Jones     care of webmaster
Jerry Jones     jerry.jones at cdva.ca.gov
John Joseph (JJ) 2827 Echo Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-495-0784 h
916-488-3480 w
email4JJ at yahoo dot com
John Kasnick No fixed address - Western US   John.Kasnick at sbcglobal dot net
Molly Keller     contact webmaster
Judith Kemp Farmer     care of webmaster
Douglas Kempster     care of webmaster
Kris Kentroti Mohamed 280 Sheringham Dr
Roswell,GA 30076
  care of webmaster
Tony Kentroti DOD 5/29/85 in Sacramento Co.    
Jeanne Kern Sacramento,CA 916-638-2608 h
916-353-4429 w
kernncat at aol.com
William Kern     care of webmaster
Marilyn Kimball Rushing     contact webmaster
Michael Ellis Kincaid DOD 1/31/09 in San Ramon  
Kathleen Kingsley Clark 640 Brown Cables Rd
Auburn,CA 95603
530-885-1554 h
530-745-3235 w
kclark at cbmgroup.net
Marsha Kingsley Carson     care of webmaster
Marsha "Marti" Kloss Johnson 5524 Loma Oak Court
Sacramento,CA 95842
916-441-8304 voicemail quiltmsc at pacbell.net
Karolyn Knight Blade Camarillo,CA   karolynlk at verizon dot net
Candice Koropp   clkoropp at att dot net
George Kotchofski     contact webmaster
Nate Kotrilk     contact webmaster
Marty Krantz     contact webmaster
Louise "Ruth" Lass Stark 1235 Fredonia Lane
Gridley,CA 95948
530-846-4645 h glstark at cs.com
Margaret "Peggy" Ledbetter Spahnle Colorado Springs,CO   care of webmaster
Boyd Lester     contact webmaster
Jim Lewis     jfl2746 at hotmail.com
Sandy Lewis Harms Yreka,CA 530-842-4624 h sandylu at snowcrest.net
Dick Lichtenwalter     care of webmaster
Howard Lindquist     contact webmaster
Paul Scott Linzey 613 Meadowview Dr
Mt Juliet,TN 37122
615-754-0147 w psl1146 at tds.net
Chuck Long DOD 7/17 in San Felipe, Baja,CA
Mary Jean Long Cooper DOD 1/20/87 in Sacramento Co.    
Phillip Anthony Lotta DOD 2/25/66 at 18   PFC - E2 - Marine Corps
June 12, 1947 to February 25, 1966
In Quang Nam, South Vietnam
Charlotte Louis Bravo     care of webmaster
William Love     care of webmaster
Carolyn Loze Pinkerton     contact webmaster
Walter Lubiejewski wtlubiejewski at gmail dot com
Carol Ludwig Thomas     contact webmaster
Christine "Melody" Lund Iwahashi 9910 Mountain Oak Ct
Oakdale,CA 95361
  christinei9910 at gmail dot com
Carl Lyon Visalia,CA   oldlyondog32 at gmail dot com
Katherine MacQuarrie     care of webmaster
Terry Maderos     contact webmaster
Skip Maggiora     contact webmaster
Michael Mahlman     contact webmaster
Linda Mann Hall DOD 1/15/18 in Carmichael,CA    
Mariann Marron McDade Sacramento,CA   myndfree at yahoo.com
Margie Marston Younger DOD 5/6/12 from cancer  
Laurence Martin     contact webmaster
Steve Mattos     care of webmaster
Bud McCoy     contact webmaster
Terry McDermott     care of webmaster
Patrick William McDevitt DOD 3/9/11 in Sacramento  
David McDonald DOD 5/2/10 from cancer  
Vern McDonald 7919 Interlaaken Dr SW
Lakewood,WA 98498
253-503-6807 h
253-255-9792 w
vern.mcdonald at mccannmotors.com
Kathy McGinn Eckert     care of webmaster
Kevin McGinnis 9005 Oak Ave
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-988-8665 h
916-873-6580 w
kevinjmcginnis at comcast dot net
Gerald "Doug" McGovern     s_mcgovern at msn.com
Barbara McKee Craig   barbaracraig2009 at live dot com
Dan McKegney 4350 Perennial Place
Tracy,CA 95377
209-221-0978 h danmckegney at gmail dot com
Patricia McLanahan McGufick     care of webmaster
Patricia McLaughlin     contact webmaster
Marilyn Mearns DOD  
Lindy Meister Moore     contact webmaster
Susan Mendonca Hicks Antioch,CA   care of webmaster
Linda Meyer Dobson     care of webmaster
Connie Michaels     contact webmaster
Larry Mick DOD 1/17/88 in Sacramento Co.    
Terry Mick DOD 1/19/09
Bob Miller     ram.auburn at yahoo dot com
Ronald Mintle 3573 Diego Estates Dr
Fallbrook,CA 92028
951-506-4005 x101 w r.mintle at yellowmagic dot com
Melinda Mitchell McThwaine     contact webmaster
James Mohamed     care of webmaster
Bill Mohr     contact webmaster
Eugene "Ken" Monday     care of webmaster
Larry Anthony Monson DOD 10/3/12    
Anthony Montanino     contact webmaster
Mike Moran     contact webmaster
Ken Morton     contact webmaster
Melodee Munckton     contact webmaster
Larry Murray (now Patrick Girven) 1515 Ditmar Dr
Dixon,CA 95620
707-693-1969 h jpgirven at accessbee.com
Phillip Murtey 4680 Lage Dr
San Jose, CA 95130
  pmurtey at aol.com
Thomas Edward Musolf DOD 2/15/09 in Sacramento  
John A Nelson     keystone at surewest.net
Marianne Neville Stoll     contact webmaster
Karen Newberry Maderos     contact webmaster
Bill Newhall     care of webmaster
Paul Newton Rio Linda,CA 916-991-5611 h contact webmaster
Gary Nibbelink     care of webmaster
Stanley Martin Nichols DOD 2/13/10 in Sacramento  
William Allen Nickel DOD 7/8/92 in Sacramento    
Vicki Nixon Rancho Murieta,CA   Sactovicki1 at gmail dot com
Rodger Ogren PO Box 98789
Des Moines,WA 98198
206-724-3356 h rodgeroh at yahoo dot com
Joanne Olsen     care of webmaster
Scott Owens     contact webmaster
Bill Page     care of webmaster
Thomas Page     care of webmaster
Chris Palermo     contact webmaster
Marie Parent Coulumbe DOD 3/14/67 from pneumonia
Patsy Parker Pattison Rocklin,CA   care of webmaster
Doris Parrett     contact webmaster
Donna Pascoe Bickel     care of webmaster
Bill Pattison     care of webmaster
Linda Pearson Sills 2150 Allston Way, Suite 280
Berkeley,CA 94704
530-386-3852 linda.sills at gmail dot com
Georgia Pegram Mourikis     care of webmaster
Gina Pena Crabtree Roseville,CA   apwchuck at jps.net
Mary "Becky" Perdue Loyd PO Box 49
Powell Butte,OR 97753
  becky at aspentreehomes dot com
Dave Perry (now Dae Hackett)     care of webmaster
Tom Peters     contact webmaster
Toni Peterson     contact webmaster
Pat Pfardresher Dickerson     contact webmaster
Tom Phillips     care of webmaster
Michael "Mike" Pierce Aurora,CO 720-454-9820 michaelspie at msn dot com
Raymond Pierotti     pierotti at ku.edu
Sandy Pierson Hidenrick Rancho Cordova,CA 916-859-0730 h sandymom2 at juno.com
Sue Plummer Rudolph     contact webmaster
Roger Pollock     contact webmaster
Dave Porter     care of webmaster
Kathleen Porter Breulemx     contact webmaster
Sylvia Porter Thompson     contact webmaster
Danny Price 63210 Deschutes Market Rd
Bend,OR 97701
541-389-4592 dan at oregonantiques.com
Margaret Quinn Nissen 25 Thoreau Ct
OFallon, MO 63366
636-240-3929 h mrsnissenfamily at gmail dot com
Don Rake     care of webmaster
Nancy Raley     contact webmaster
Victor Ramirez DOD 8/15/93 in Sacramento County    
Jerry Ramsey 71 Quail Run
Inchelium,WA 99138
  subic63 at aol dot com
Curtis Rankin Paso Robles,CA 805-781-5880 w crankin at tcsn.net 
Michael Rawdon 2160 Riverlea Circle
Naperville,IL 60565
  care of webmaster
Don Raymond     care of webmaster
Duane Reaugh   Duane at Reaugh dot org
Lewis Reedy     contact webmaster
Robert "Bob" Reider     contact webmaster
Ralph Requa     contact webmaster
Rita Reynolds Price 5012 Rocky Pass Way
Antelope,CA 95843
  pricerita24 at gmail dot com
William A. Reynolds DOD 10/13/96 in Sacramento Co.    
William "Bill" Rhea     contact webmaster
Gary Richards DOD 7/1/67 in El Dorado Co.    
Claudia Richardson     contact webmaster
Paul Richardson     care of webmaster
Toni Richmond     care of webmaster
Tim Riley     care of webmaster
Daphne Robichaud     care of webmaster
Bruce Robinson     care of webmaster
Tom Robinson     care of webmaster
Sheryl Robles     contact webmaster
Mary Roche Kelley     care of webmaster
Tina Roeder Challey     care of webmaster
Robert Edwin Roemer DOD 3/30/01 in San Jose    
Joyce Rogers Brand     contact webmaster
John Roina     care of webmaster
Gale Rosemore     contact webmaster
Donna Lynn Rowe Schultz DOD 10/26/17  
Sunny Jo Royse Uribe DOD 5/11/01 in Roseville,CA    
John Rubio     care of webmaster
Steven Rudd     contact webmaster
Esmond F. Rudolph DOD 5/21/11 in Sacramento  
Wenzel "Ben" Ruhmann DOD 7/9/08    
Pamela Russell Scully     agentscully1147 at yahoo.com
Jody Rust Kreisel     contact webmaster
Steven Schaffer     steven1247 at q dot com
Melva Scheff Bonacci   916-359=4645 h donmelva at winfirst.com
Albert Scheive     care of webmaster
Timothy B Schmit c/o Giant-Revolution
3500 West Olive Ave, Suite #600
Burbank, CA 91505
  care of webmaster www.timothybschmit.com
Joan Schmitz Gerhardt     contact webmaster
Leon Schoenhoff     contact webmaster
Cynthia Schultz Nickinson     Cynart53 at aol.com
Clifford Schulze, Jr Sacramento,CA   cjms at softcom.net
Cathy Schumacher Free     care of webmaster
George Schwartz     contact webmaster
Jim Scott     contact webmaster
Donna Segrest Wilson     contact webmaster
Tom Sertich Jr DOD 4/22/12  
John Seurich     contact webmaster
Ashia Shah Stone     contact webmaster
Bob Shorrock     contact webmaster
Jeanette Sidebottom     contact webmaster
Margaret Ann Sides Barclay DOD 10/24/71 in Sacramento    
Carole Sievers Burke DOD 1/3/10 in Santa Cruz  
Roberts Sills     contact webmaster
Fred Simms     care of webmaster
Ray Skelly Sacramento,CA   RaymondSkelly at aol.com
Randall Slater     care of webmaster
Donna Slavens Honea DOD 7/27/94 in Sacramento Co.   daughter Denise Honea would like to know who her father is. Denise can be contacted care of webmaster
Celeste Smith Krumfals     contact webmaster
Phil Smith     contact webmaster
Susan Smith Gallion Fallbrook,CA   Mike2Sue at aol dot com
Bill Soderberg     soderbergb at hdcco.com
Bob Spence     contact webmaster
Richard "Rick" Spence Sacramento,CA   amaspence1 at gmail dot com
Karen Spencer Rose     care of webmaster
Cathy Sprenger Easton 619 Big Bend Dr
Pacifica,CA 94044
  care of webmaster
Bill Stacy     contact webmaster
Tom Stacy     contact webmaster
Ron Starr     contact webmaster
David Steele     dsteelejr at comcast.net
Donna Steinman
Wesley Rogers
    care of webmaster
Brian Stipak 448 N Bridgeton Rd
Portland,OR 97217
503-235-0870 stipakb at yahoo dot com
Timothy James Stites deceased 6/29/19
David Stoddart     care of webmaster
Nancy Streukens     contact webmaster
Linda Sturdivant     contact webmaster
Bonnie Stuto Clark     care of webmaster
John Sullivan 2604 Sunset Ave
Boise,ID 83702
208-344-2792 h
208-384-3338 w
John_Sullivan at blm.gov
Clark Swanson 2121 Aiken Way
El Dorado Hills,CA 95762
916-933-4087 h ix11 at aol dot com
Robielyn Sweet Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Jack Szlak    
Robert Talbot     care of webmaster
Shirley Taylor Spinella     contact webmaster
Jim Thomas     contact webmaster
Roy Thompson     contact webmaster
Patience Thoreson PO Box 2669
McCall,ID 83638
208-634-4872 h
818-398-2868 w
PatienceT at citlink.net
Ellen Tisher Holm     contact webmaster
Steve Topol Reno,NV   care of webmaster
Susan Trench     contact webmaster
Craig Trimble     care of webmaster
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