Encina High School Class of 1979 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1979+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Janet Russel Mason

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WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Joe Abreu
(now Joe Anthony)
PO Box 459
Surfside,CA 90743
714-379-3775 w Joe at fun2go dot com
Linda Alexander Russell     lrussell422 at comcast.net
Nancy Altman Day     contact webmaster
Ramona Anderson Spradlin deceased 1/7/99    
Mike Asher Bend,OR   mrcasher at prodigy.net
Ronald Astle     Rsastle at aol.com
Norman Axtell Citrus Heights,CA 916-729-2650 h sacmusicman at yahoo dot com
Russell Backman Stockton,CA 209-603-2649 russbackman at comcast dot net
Larry Bain     contact webmaster
Laura Ballard Mantei Sacramento,CA 916-922-5833 w lmantei6 at yahoo dot com
David Barragan     dvbarragan at gmail dot com
Rick Barry Granite Bay,CA   rgbarry at surewest.net
Jane Bassett Rosario     jrosario at library.berkeley.edu
Teri Bevan Barry Seattle,WA   care of webmaster
Judith "Judi" Blackwell Gage 1613 Clinton Road
Sacramento,CA 95825
  judikandc at yahoo.com
Lauren Bonar Portland,OR   care of webmaster
Marla Bonomo Kaufman     mlbear22 at aol.com
Susan Boom     care of webmaster
Todd Boucher Rocklin,CA   toddbou at sbcglobal.net
Terry Lee Bradford Creaghe deceased 3/29/04 from cancer    
Tony Brent     contact webmaster
Patti Brown Palilla Folsom,CA 916-985-7959 ppalilla at aol.com
Kim Buck Twilling Granite Bay,CA   katget at jps.com
Teres Bugatto Mugnaini Sacramento,CA   TMugnaini at aol.com
April Butcher     care of webmaster
Myra Calhoun Placencia 2025 W El Camino Ave #169
Sacramento,CA 95833
  mplacencia at dca.cslb.ca.gov
Daniel Camara Cottonwood,CA   dancamara at yahoo dot com
Scott Campbell     scottyfro at aol.com
Tamara Carey Harrison     care of webmaster
John Carr     care of webmaster
Amy Castleberry Morton     contact webmaster
Ken Cayler     contact webmaster
Sharon Ching     care of webmaster
Heidi Christensen Hutter 103 Fountain Oak Cir #47
Sacramento,CA 95831
916-393-6173 h s-n2guyz at yahoo.com
Debbie Christie Patchin     patchinde at msn dot com
Raymond Chuang Mountain View,CA   raychuang00 at excite.com
Sherry Chumley     sherrylynne555 at hotmail dot com
Earlyn Clark     contact webmaster
Tracy Clark Matthews     care of webmaster
Janice Coffland Baer 3210 James Dr
Carlsbad,CA 92008
  jcoffland at juno.com
Karyn Coppock Takke Orem,UT   care of webmaster
Kevin Corbet Sacramento,CA 916-921-2105 h care of webmaster
Ron Cortopassi     contact webmaster
Keven Cull Sacramento,CA   kcull at jps.net
Amy Cummings Zannakis Sacramento,CA   mazannakis at home.com
Peter Dallas     care of webmaster
Robert Daly   care of webmaster
Linda Darkenwald McAllister     Mcat830 at aol.com
Vada Dean Morgan Hill,CA   vadadean at gmail.com
Shel Delfin Gillott     care of webmaster
Kimberley "Kim" Dellinger Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Victor Denby 2212 Roselake Ave #B
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-925-0282 h vicdenby at webtv.net
Judi Denison Rush Mesa,AZ   jrush22 at juno dot com
James Deyo     jfdeyoiii at email.msn.com
Jeri Deyo McCue Wayne,PA care of webmaster
Tim Dickison     contact webmaster
Cherie Dickson Foster deceased 12/26/08 in Sacramento    
Robert Dieterle 408 Eagle Creek Ct
San Ramon,CA 94583
  robert.dieterle at compaq.com
Mike Dixon     meastdix at hotmail dot com
Joe Doaks     care of webmaster
Tammie Doggett Nichols 4020 Providence Dr
Martinez,CA 94553
  mugsie61 at att dot net
Debbie Dorei Smith Peachtree City,GA   dksmith444 at msn.com
Terri Durham Fuentes Sacramento,CA 916-283-6161 h tfuentes at surewest.net
Chris Dusza     care of webmaster
Tom Edwards 12952 NW Creekview Dr
Portland,OR 97229
  4tde at home.com
Jody Elliott Studio City,CA   TheJoster at aol.com
Trina Elmer     contact webmaster
Pat Emmett     contact webmaster
Jeff England   530-739-0983 jeffengland1234 at gmail dot com
Arlene Espinoza arlenee63 at yahoo dot com
Melanie Evans     contact webmaster
Nathaniel "Nat" Ezray 1861 Palm Ave
Redwood City,CA 94061
  rabbi at bethjacobrwc dot org
Ernie Faisst Colfax,CA 530-613-4406 w whiteshores1 at gmail dot com
Linda Farnsworth Wells 9123 Tuolumne Dr
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-284-0203 w lindastack916 at gmail dot com
Katie Farrar Amoureux     katiefarrar at hotmail.com
Lou Fatur deceased 8/18/15  
Sandy Felker deceased August 2006    
Jackie Ferguson Gunby 8410 Hidden Valley Circle
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-967-7297 h
916-856-5200 w
jackie.gunby at calchamber.com
Terri Ferreira Scoggins   916-851-4745 w Terrsc at vsp.com
Steven Field     care of webmaster
David Fischer El Dorado Hills,CA 916-971-9316 w insightr at pacbell.net  
Kent Fiscus     jnkfiscus at charter.net
Neil Flohr     contact webmaster
Carl Fong     care of webmaster
Sandy Fong Paris     care of webmaster
Jill Foote Mischo     T1family at aol.com
Diane Fournier Sacramento,CA 916-662-6346 w iminakech22 at sbcglobal dot net
Dan Fowler 4708 Olive Oak Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
  Dan.Fowler at eds.Com
Chris Francino deceased (car accident 5/30/97)    
Lori Gallas Gerard Dallas,Texas   lori.gerard at sbcglobal.net
Tersa Gamble     care of webmaster
Kathy Garrison     LKATHYG at aol.com
Marvin Gee Anaheim,CA   amtec77 at hotmail.com
Lisa Gemmell Ellis Meadow Viata,CA   lisa at lisamellis dot com
James Gerrity     contact webmaster
Janice Gerrity Sirois     jsirois at pdcproperties.com
Dennis Gervin Columbia,CA 209-694-0195 h
209-588-5107 w
care of webmaster
James Golding     wolfgramps at yahoo dot com
Laura Graff Allred Grass Valley,CA   carefru at earthlink.net
Liz Graham Vigil Gold River,CA   jvigil8 at aol.com
DeMariss Grant Burns     demariss.burns at yahoo.com
Laura Diane Gray Shay Wessendorf deceased 4/3/10 in Sacramento  
Joe Grasso Simi Valley,CA   joegrassodp at adelphia.net
Amy Grebitus     contact webmaster
Tab Haas     tabric at earthlink.net
Cher Hammitt Broussard Lexington,OK 405-268-9254 w onetaz61 at yahoo dot com
Sherri Hansen     care of webmaster
Tim R. Harris Oregon   tim.harris341 at gmail dot com
Brian Hearden     brhearden at valint.net
Tim Heintz     care of webmaster
Cindy Hereford Nielson     cindymoohoo at att dot net
Virginia Hill PO Box 2015
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
virginia.hill26 at yahoo dot com
Robert Hookano deceased 12/1/19
Sheri Hooper Playa del Rey,CA   sbhoop at aol.com
Carol Hopkins El Dorado Hills,CA   care of webmaster
Teresa Howell Bollinger 5014 Cypress Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
  tsbollinger at yahoo.com
Tina Howell Coughran     contact webmaster
Becky Hudson Kochenderfer Sacramento,CA 916-488-6589 w editor at edusource.com
Michael Huggins     huggins2500 at hotmail.com
Krista Jahnsen Bodily 1392 Ammon St
Pocatello,ID 83201
  krscout at maguire-kress.com
Jerry James     encina at jerry-james dot com
Dorothy Janssens Royse     doriroyse at hotmail dot com
Tony Jenovino Elk Grove,CA   tony_jenovino at campbellsoup.com
Michael Jimenez     care of webmaster
Bradley "Brad" Jividen     contact webmaster
Mary Johnson Sicari     msicari at comast dot net
Rose Ellen Johnson deceased 11/15/80    
Susie Jones Durst Sacramento,CA   sue.durst at gmail dot com
Kim Joyce     contact webmaster
Kristen Kamm Chavannes     kchavannes at aol dot com
Kellye Kennedy Gold River,CA   care of webmaster
Dwight Kinkel 120 Snowbird Court
Front Royal,VA 22630
  dkinkel at comcast.net
Nancy Klinke Short Granite Bay,CA   fit4life_2000 at yahoo.com
Clare Koeth Hair Cannelton,IN   care of webmaster
Chris Koontz     care of webmaster
Kannikar Kulanet     care of webmaster
Eric Landers deceased 10/24/96    
Chris Larson Morro Bay,CA 541-961-5436 h cdtl61 at yahoo dot com
Ruth Larson Kocherhans     tckucherhans at msn.com
Michelle LaRue     contact webmaster
Debbie LeBlanc Ray     deb at cal dot net
Kim Lemmond Shields deceased 5/28/14 from cancer  
David Lester 6537 Madison Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
  dlester.lester at gmail dot com
Calvin Lew     contact webmaster
Nicole Lindbom Frybarger Antelope,CA   jlindborn at sbcglobal dot net
Paul Lindstrom 1201 Fulton Ave
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-247-2348 h paulyp61 at yahoo.com
Carol Livecchi     care of webmaster
April Lombard Pearson deceased 11/19/09 in North Highlands    
John Lopez     care of webmaster
Lisa Lowe Rodland North Highlands,CA 916-331-1990 h LisaRo at vsp.com
Laura Mahan York Sparks,NV   care of webmaster
Julie Mangino     contact webmaster
Jeff Mann     care of webmaster
Richard Margroff West Sacramento,CA   rhmargroff at yahoo dot com
Kimberly Marquette Lockley     care of webmaster
Lauren McClernon Mahrt Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Britt McConnell     contact webmaster
Robert "Bob" McCue 1609 Freeman Ave #4
Long Beach,CA 90804
562-597-4021 h r_mac30 at hotmail.com
Marty McGonigle     Twe1050372 at aol.com
Alexander McPhail     care of webmaster
Steven McPhail   stmcph2000 at yahoo dot com
John McRae     contact webmaster
Paul Mensch     contact webmaster
James Meredith PO Box 2367
Napa,CA 94558
  jiminnapa at aol.com
Spencer Meyer     contact webmaster
Bob Meyers     contact webmaster
Tommy Mills Belgrade,MT   tcm1260 at netscape.net
Tracy Milner Sacramento,CA   temilner at comcast.net
Lydia Molloy     care of webmaster
Mal Montoya     care of webmaster
Rudy Montoya     contact webmaster
Debbie Moore     contact webmaster
Larry Moore     care of webmaster
Rich Moulton Sacramento,CA   moltenmedal at sbcglobal.net
Greg Munsill     alcinaus at directcon.net
Gary Munson     care of webmaster
Kelly Murphy     contact webmaster
Kathryn Navarro Fumagalli     care of webmaster
Janet Nelson     care of webmaster
Christine Newbert Varney Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster
Kim Nichols Worley Bakersfield,CA   Jnine1161 at aol.com
Joe Niederberger ncj510 at hotmail dot com
Sherry Norris Stubbs Antelope,CA   care of webmaster
Lawrence "Larry" O'Connor Sacramento,CA 916-874-6695 w leoconnor at sacsheriff dot com
Danbar Ogawa 1719A Aurora Dr
Fairbanks,AK 99709
907-479-0750 h
907-347-1821 w
akniner49 at yahoo dot com
Sherrie Oliver Carhart Carmichael,CA   slowcar at comcast dot net
Erik Olson Sacramento,CA   beata at cuffyn dot com
Kathy O'Neill Cabe   kathleencabern at gmail dot com
Stephanie Ortiz McCarthy Roseville,CA 916-783-2283 smcjmccarthy at yahoo dot com
Stephen Pacheco SF,CA 415-339-8126 h stephenpacheco at gmail dot com
Michael Palmer Lakewood,CA   mike51 at comcast dot net
Jim Parino     care of webmaster
Cyndi Parsons Parrish 165 Crystal Springs Dr
Timberlake,NC 27583
cyndi9100 at hotmail dot com
Facebook: Cyndi Parrish
Chris Pasley     cpasley at methow dot com
Steve Pawlowski     contact webmaster
Tibor Pelle     care of webmaster
Steve Perata     contact webmaster
Mark "Sam" Perrigo 4059 Trenton St
Detroit,MI 48210
  nycsam at msn dot com
facebook - Mark Perrigo
Kim Plaza     care of webmaster
Kevin Porter deceased 5/18/87 in Sacramento Co.    
Mark Posehn Nelson     contact webmaster
Deanna Poulsen Gardner deceased March 2022 (murder)  
Trudi Powell     care of webmaster
Reme Pullicar Rocklin,CA 916-624-2618 h care of webmaster
Patty Quate     patty at jfvllc dot com
Kathy Ragle Martinez Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Jane Ramey Dickey   janerdickey at yahoo dot com
Bruce Rawlins 237 Orchard Way
Richland,WA 99352
  bruce at bbprinting.com
Melinda Ray Guy Chula Vista,CA   Whitetulip80 at hotmail.com
Greg Reinarts 916-459-5520 w care of webmaster
Todd Remme     contact webmaster
Chris Rideout     contact webmaster
Edward Roberts     care of webmaster
Bruce Robinson North Highlands,CA   bowtiefreak3 at hotmail.com
Dave Robinson     gngr007 at gmail dot com
Michael Robison San Carlos,CA 408-916-3705 w mrobison at hotmail dot com
Tina Rodgers Wilson     altina at prodigy.net
Amanda Rodman Martin   care of webmaster
Elizabeth "Buffie" Rountree Giarmona Leesburg,VA   giar916 at yahoo dot com
"Gordon" Young Mun Russ   928-205-8490 w ymruss at hotmail dot com
Janet Russel Mason Sacramento,CA   ibd at surewest.net
Carole Salerno     CLSalerno at aol.com
Ceci Sanchez Andrews     care of webmaster
Vahid Sanikhatam San Jose,CA   care of webmaster
Carlo Santos Sacramento,CA   plucknbach at earthlink.net
Kenmeth Scheeler     shastacarwash at yahoo dot com
Anthony Sheetz Sacramento,CA   tpsheetz at yahoo dot com
Carla Scheiman Turner     cj-turner at hotmail.com
Paul Shearer deceased 8/9/82 in El Dorado County    
Nancy Sherman     care of webmaster
Debbi Shields Kirst Windemere,FL   dkirst at cfl.rr.com
Sandi Shields Schwarz Los Angeles,CA   Madmoxi at yahoo.com
Toni Shellooe deceased 10/27/93 in Butte Co.    
Ann Simpson Ranlett PO Box 960
Newcastle,CA 95658
  ar at annran.com
Bonne "Bonnie" Singh Mastrocola     bonniesalsaescape at yahoo.com
Kathy Slater Gomez     contact webmaster
Barry Smith     contact webmaster
Michelle Somers Basurto Elk Grove,CA   care of webmaster
Del Stanback     Del.Stanback at mci.com
Denise Steenblock     care of webmaster
Brad Stevenson     care of webmaster
Keith Stewart     contact webmaster
Shannon Stoecker Cary     care of webmaster
Chuck Stream Irvine,CA 949-753-7444 w streaminsurance at msn.com
Charles Stubbs Antelope,CA   care of webmaster
Randy Swanson     2010rswanson at gmail dot com
Jeff Tackett jfftackett at gmail dot com
Elizabeth Talbot Papa Elk Grove,CA   spankipi at gmail dot com
Diana Terry Sanger Sacramento,CA   dsanger at myershomes.com
William Tessore 8710 S Anchor Ave
Orange Cove,CA 93646
559-636-0159 h
559-626-0199 w
blinky at itiworks.com
Kathryn Tester Castor Albuquerque,NM 505-263-5595 w puredecadencellc at aol.com
Lisa Tiller Hollifield Roseville,CA   care of webmaster
Mike Totaro PO Box 2007
Placerville,CA 95667
530-621-4123 h care of webmaster
Chris Tulley deceased 12/9/95 in Alameda Co.    
Daniel Tuning Benicia,CA 707-745-3171 w danieltuning at sbcglobal.net
Andrea Tyrone     care of webmaster
Betty Vander Wegen Robertson     contact webmaster
Randy Vigil 3 Harbor Point Dr
Mill Valley,CA 94941
  LNTVIGL at aol.com
Gary Viramontes     care of webmaster
Suzanne Waldo Evans Woodbridge,VA   rsevans15e at yahoo.com
Patrick Walsh San Francisco,CA   snfpatrick at gmail dot com
Craig Watson 916-929-6955 h sircraig100 at hotmail.com
Julia Watson Arnau San Francisco,CA   care of webmaster
Robert Watson Novato,CA   Robert_Watson100 at hotmail.com
Laurie Webber     contact webmaster
Craig West Bogota, Columbia emonster6x at yahoo dot com
Bob White     care of webmaster
Laura Wiest Hartog Fair Oaks,CA   laurahart at comcast.net
Pamela Wilber O'Kane Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Sharon Wilkinson     contact webmaster
Tracy Williams Young     care of webmaster
Patricia Wright Kreis     care of webmaster
Shelly Wright Driscoll Anchorage,AK   care of webmaster
Mitch Ybarra   ybmitch at sbcglobal dot net

Last updated: 05/24/2022

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