Fourth Annual Encina homecoming party

The Homecoming 2001 party was on Friday, October 5, 2001 at El Camino HS.

Homecoming photos
Homecoming rally at Encina
Encina Art Gallery - The Alumni Show
Pregame party at El Camino HS cafeteria
Homecoming game at El Camino HS stadium
Homecoming game at El Camino HS stadium continued
Postgame party at El Camino HS cafeteria

Encina Update describing the Homecoming 2001 party

Who was there: rsvps

Homecoming: The Alumni Show
Date: Oct 1 - Nov 2, 2001
Location: Encina art gallery
Opening reception: Thursday, Oct 4 from 3pm to 6pm
Featuring artists who have graduated from Encina High School including Joe Amrhein, Phil Amrhein 67, Richard Feese 66, Cathy Landgraf, John Landgraf 61, Anthony Montanino 65, Jay Musler 67, Nina Paladino 67, Mike Solomon 66, David Stone, Charles Warner. Suzanne Adan who is the Encina gallery curator does not know all of the artists out there who graduated from Encina. She went through the yearbooks and found the ones she knew how to get in touch with. Anyone interested  in
participating in the show should contact Mike Stevens at 971-5881 Mon-Fri. between   8:00 - 2:00 pm.
Event: Homecoming Rally
Date: Friday, October 5, 2001
Time: 11:00-11:35am
Where: Encina High School
The alumni will have their own section of the stands between the juniors and seniors. Encina will need 3 or so alumni to judge the classes. Please RSVP as Encina needs a list of attendees. You must check in at the front office and get a visitor's pass to attend the rally.
Event: Pre-game party
Date: Friday, October 5, 2001
Time: 5:00pm to 730pm
Where: El Camino HS cafeteria
Encina will be selling food and drinks for those who wish to purchase dinner.  001022 2023 nametag web.jpg (57605 bytes)
Event: Homecoming game
Opponent: Lindhurst HS
JV 5:00pm
Varsity 7:00pm
Where: El Camino High School
4300 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 9582
Admission: $5
The Encina alumni have been invited by Principal Myrtle Berry to participate in the half-time activities. We will have several alumni cars and an alumni float.

The homecoming theme is: Scary/Freaky

EL CAMINO HS MAP.GIF (10943 bytes)
Event: Postgame party
Where: El Camino HS cafeteria
When: After homecoming game
(about 10pm to 12am)
Encina will be selling coffee and dessert Encina High Fight Song

Apache braves fight for Encina High
They have the will to win,
It's do or die
So come on boys let's win that game today Rah rah
We'll sweep the other team right off their feet
Show them Apache spirit can't be beat
As gold and cardinal banners proudly fly
Cheer for Encina High

Express your interest in the Homecoming Party using this form.

Parking. If the El Camino parking lot is full, there is also a parking lot on Eastern. If you are coming north on Eastern, you can turn right into a big parking lot before you reach the school. .

Alcohol. No alcohol please. We need to be on our best behaviour if we are to use school facilities for future homecoming parties. Encinawill be providing security and violators will be spanked!

Children. Are welcome to all events.

Rally. 1100-1135 in the Encina gym. Please check in at the main office beforehand. A few of the alumni will probably be able to judge the students.

Pregame party. Starts at 5pm in the El Camino High School cafeteria.The cafeteria faces El Camino and is located to the left of the mainentrance. Look for the Encina Homecoming banner. The entrance is through the faculty dining room. Please sign the guest book,get your nametag and have your picture taken if you wish.

Nametags. Preprinted nametags will be provided for those who rsvp. There will be blank nametags for those who did not rsvp andfor guests who want them. If you are going to the game first, please stop by the cafeteria and pick up your nametag. Even if you have not rsvped, you can make your own nametag using a blank Encina Homecoming nametag.
This will identify you as an Encina alumni. We tried taking the nametags tothe game two years ago but there's no place to display them.

Classes. The cafeteria will have a eight tables set up for each five yearsof alumni (61-65, 66-70, etc). Look for your class banner to find your classmates. Please sign in under your classyear so your classmates will know you are at the party.

Decorations. Chris Moser Taylor 78 and her helpers provided all the decorations!

Photos. Throughout the evening, if you see someone with a PHOTObadge, feel free to ask to have your picture taken. Rollin Coxe 64, Steve Palmer 74 and I will be taking pictures for the website scrapbook.

Dinner. There will be tables for those who bring food to eat for dinner. Encina will be selling burgers, chips, and drinks. We will provide some snacks and munchies.

Faculty. Based on last year's party, most faculty came to the pregame party and only a few stayed for the game and postgame party. If there is someone you want to see, come to the pregame party. Teachers and staff will have FACULTY nametags.

Music. Pam Maples Weber 77 and her husband Ed will be providing music for the evening via their karaoke system. If you have a favorite CD you would like them to play from your era, bring it along.

Announcements. About 7pm we will introduce the faculty in attendance and thank the reunion committee. Then it's time to mosey over tothe stadium and watch Encina's undefeated football team take onLindhurst HS.

Game. The homecoming game starts at 730 in the El Camino stadium.Admission is $5 for adults. Encina will mark off a section or two of the home stands for alumni. This is just so alumni can find classmates more easily. You can sit anywhere you want.

Parade. The homecoming parade should start about 830. Drivers should have their cars in the parking lot by 730. Riders should go down to the parking lot behind the stadium by 800 or so. We are providing alumni cars for the Encina student royalty. Please do not try and ride in any of the alumni cars. This has been a problem in the past. Last year, alumni took the rides that faculty had been promised, much to my chagrin. This year the only alumni rides are on the alumni float, which is by invitation only. Do not crash the parade!

Questions. If you have questions, anyone with a COMMITTEE nametag should be able to help you.

Remember, NO ALCOHOL OR SMOKING is allowed on campus!

Reunion committee:
Rollin Coxe 64 (photo)
Larry Murray 65
Janine Louther 70
Nancy Cooper Manly 71
Harlan Lau 73 (chair)
Sande Byerley Jaeke 74
Martha Byerley Windham 76
Paul Stewart 76 (float)
Pam Maples Weber 77 (music)
Jim Bain 78 (float)
Sharon Bordisso Patten 78
La Vonne Foster Facino 78 (float)
Tammy Johnson Baker 78
Gary Kennedy 78 (float)
Chris Moser Taylor 78 (decorating/float)
Lisa Lowe Rodland 79 (flatbed trailer for float)
Lisa Ott Williams 81

Drivers of alumni cars:
Jerry Burks 71 - Harley motorcycle with rider Diana Lile carrying American flag
Yon Gomez 81 - 1990 silver Chrysler LeBaron convertible
Kris Grasso Elmer 70 - 1996 white Chrysler Sebring convertible
Jerry Burks 71 - 1986 white Mustang convertible
Patrick Dunn 73 - 2001 silver Corvette convertible
Kim Culver Taylor 76 - VW convertible
Lad Wentzel 76 - Mustang convertible
Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73 - Open Jeep
Dan Tuning 79 - 95 Mustang convertible

Alumni float riders:
Don Brodnansky (current teacher)
Daniel Centers (current student)
Harlan Lau 73 (Encina webmaster)
Bob Goosmann 74 (alumni challenge organizer/player)
Steve Palmer 74 (alumni challenge organizer)
Chuck Armstrong 77 (alumni challenge player)
Chris Dahlberg 80 (alumni challenge player)
Bill Wise (past English teacher/department chair 1964-1984)
Jack Carey (past Music teacher/department chair 1961-1984)
Vince Marelich (past Language teacher 1959-1992)
Larry Stallings (past Math teacher 1960-87)
Chris Moser Taylor 78 (reunion committee - decorations)
Jim Bain 78 (float committee)

Pledges for float riders:
Lora Saunders 67 - $50 for Bill Wise
Larry Nee 71 - $100
Tom Dugally 78 - $50 for Harlan Lau
Larry Bain 79 - $50 for Don Brodnansky
Kathleen O'Neill Cabe 79 - $50
Larry Nee 71 - $100

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