Encina High School Class of 1972 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1972+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: none

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Marilyn Ables     contact webmaster
Adrienne Affleck 1601 Rex Dr
Marietta,GA 30066
770-578-6312 h aaffleck54 at aol.com
Diane Albert Haynes     contact webmaster
Susan Allan Williams     care of webmaster
Bill Allen Carmichael,CA   wrabus at hotmail.com
Nancy Anderson Campbell   pokeyjean1954 at yahoo dot com
Rex Anderson Paradise,CA   andymeister at sbcglobal dot net
Sharon Anderson Burow     contact webmaster
Susan Anderson Oldridge     contact webmaster
Todd Andrews Carmichael,CA   tandrews at andrewsconstructioninc.com
Sharon Apted Chobot     louchobot at attbi.com
Teresa Armstrong Barlow deceased 3/31/02    
Katie Astle     contact webmaster
Joseph Autra     JAutra at aol.com
Jerry Azevedo     care of webmaster
Michael Babayco 663 W Marlette Street
Ione,CA 95640
209-274-2962 mbabayco at sbcglobal.net
Ramona "Mona" Bade Reese     contact webmaster
Debbie Baggett Readdick Sacramento,CA dr3833 at pacbell.net
Terry Bakkie terrybakkie at comcast dot net
David Baltzell     contact webmaster
Julie Denise Barnes Ramos deceased 4/14/11 in Reno NV    
Michael Barragan Kalispell,MT 406-249-1415 h barragan.mp at gmail dot com
Toni Barragan deceased 7/76    
Gary Barrett     care of webmaster
Peggy Barrett 417 Bay St #1
Santa Monica,CA 90405
310-392-6192 h peggyann3 at earthlink.net
Robert Barry     care of webmaster
Randy Basinger     care of webmaster
Martin Beagle     care of webmaster
Jill Bedegrew Lange     contact webmaster
Carla Bee Bowden Roseburg,OR   care of webmaster
Wanda Beierle Gelsebach 4419 Van Nuys Blvd #404
Sherman Oaks,CA 91403
818-981-3043 w wanda4therapy at sbcglobal dot net
Blair Bennett Gollihur     bgollihur at sbcglobal dot net
Richard Bennett Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Jan Bergen Snyder Erie,CO   JSnyder149 at aol dot com
Stephen Berglund deceased 11/96    
Susanne Betzler     care of webmaster
Stacy Biloon Eaton Fair Oaks,CA   stacy_isabel at comcast.net
Monica Blake     contact webmaster
Frank Blecha     contact webmaster
Joann Blecha deceased 9/7/98 in Sacramento County    
Larry Bogovich The Sea Ranch,CA   larry at bogovich.com
Conrad Bohannon deceased 5/7/98 in Blackwell,OK    
Teresa Boli San Diego,CA   teresa53 at cox.net
Phyllis Boltz Kereazis     care of webmaster
Jean Bonette Schumpelt Orangevale,CA   jschumpelt at aol.com
Lisa Bonti     contact webmaster
Graziella "Grace" Bovero Schouten     care of webmaster
Michael John Bozich deceased 6/7/16 from cancer  
Sheryl Brady Marks     sissyloy at yahoo.com
Terry Brown deceased 11/21/86 in Santa Clara Co.    
William Brown     contact webmaster
Scott Brownlie     care of webmaster
Bob Brusby Placerville,CA   rbrusby at gmail dot com
Marian Burrows Zavaglia     care of webmaster
Winfree Callnon deceased 10/30/09 in Roseville    
Rick Carpenter     care of webmaster
Michael Cattuzzo     care of webmaster
Daniel Cauley     contact webmaster
Richard Chandler Centreville,VA   rchandler at mikescarpet.net
Paul E. Chapman deceased 5/16/04 in Sacramento    
Wayne Christie 8952 Lismore Dr
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-685-6309 h
916-475-4880 w
wchristie at surewest dot net
Leslie Claiborne     contact webmaster
Brian Evans Clark deceased 1/10/15 in Sacramento    
Lorna Cline Gragg     filgragg at dof.ca.gov
Candi Cochrane Bagwell     candibagwell at gmail dot com
Douglas Collins deceased 1/18/05 in Sacramento    
Cathy Cook Holdener Sacramento,CA   choldener at comcast.net
Cynthia "Cindy" Cook Duarte     contact webmaster
Jeff Copley Garland,TX   j4copley at yahoo.com
Corby Cox     care of webmaster
James Crain Grass Valley,CA jamescrain35 at gmail dot com
Steve Crosby     contact webmaster
Carlene Davis     carly at prodigy dot net
Judith Davis Smith     care of webmaster
Scott Deason     care of webmaster
David Dellinger 4783 171st Ave SE
Bellevue,WA 98006
206-464-5658 w david_dellingeriii at ml dot com
Wallace "Buddy" Desbrow     contact webmaster
Michelle DeVol     care of webmaster
Evelyn Dimitriadis Desbrow     evelyn.desbrow at gmail dot com
Lynn Douglas Gordon deceased 8/6/11 from heart attack    
Nancy Downs Beach 9053 Virginia Fife Way
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-647-6803 h
916-712-1561 w
Kasserelli at aol dot com
Mary Dudley Davis     care of webmaster
Chuck Dunning 5122 N Ormand Road
Otis Orchards,WA 99027
509-226-3752 dunningc at evsd.org
Vickie Durham May Carmichael,CA   vickie.may at kp.org
Connie Dyer Greene 1331 Dutch Highland Dr
cg1 at q dot com
William "Bill" Earle 4831 Gail Peak Ct
Antelope,CA 95843
  Williamearl2514 at comcast dot net
Mark Elmer     contact webmaster
John Emmett     contact webmaster
Kenneth Emory Orem,UT   contact webmaster
Cindy Erickson Souza West Sacramento,CA 916-227-3549 w csouza at dslextreme dot com
Larry Fahn 145 Kipling Drive
Mill Valley,CA
415-391-3246 lfahn at aol.com 
Elaine Farmer Keane     care of webmaster
Debbi Feltman Lavaud     dlavaud at yahoo.com
Diana Fine Beim Pacifica,CA   care of webmaster
Susan Finlay     contact webmaster
Kathryn Flaherty Nicholson deceased 4/13/09 in Sacramento    
Peggy Flint Sacramento,CA   flintings at yahoo dot com
Craig Flohr     care of webmaster
Curtis Flowers deceased 1/7/90    
Marla Foulk Moore Sparks,NV   adamandus at msn.com
Richard Frank     care of webmaster
Patti French Grimm     care of webmaster
Leah Friedlander Hencier 33287 Pintail St
Woodland,CA 95695
530-406-2223 h  
Connie Fullmer 1529 W 1960 No
Layton,UT 84041
801-710-3306 h care of webmaster
Clare Gaines Andrews Carmichael,CA   candrews at andrewsconstructioninc.com
Jim Gardner     contact webmaster
Cathryn Gebhart Bauer     care of webmaster
William Gemmell     care of webmaster
Judy Githens Hardy     care of webmaster
Merri Sue Goff Brown Sacramento,CA   calebfun at yahoo.com
Susan Goff Timmer 1431 Commons Dr
Sacramento,CA 95825
  sgtimmer at aol.com
Mike Gonzales deceased    
Jon Graham     contact webmaster
Melissa Grant Hall     care of webmaster
Garry Gray Sparks,NV ggray at nelabs.com
William "Bill" Grebitus 1125 S Cantlon Lane
Reno,NV 89521
925-858-0556 m billgrebitus at gmail dot com
Joe Green PO Box 718
Rancho Murieta,CA 95683
916-425-0002 w pilot at wildblue.net
Michael J. Greene Davis,CA 530-231-2809 w mjgcocpa at pacbell.net
Patricia "Patty" Greene Smith     psmith at deervalleylodging.com
John Greenly 9199 N Saybrook Way #206
Fresno,CA 93720
916-599-4047 h
559-291-2581 w
johng at futurefordclovis.com
Dee Ann Gregory Liddicoat     contact webmaster
Wes Greydanus     contact webmaster
Marie Grimes Roby     care of webmaster
Will Gunter PO Box 661782
Sacramento,CA 95866
916-366-9003 h
916-284-7683 w
bucksnort_41454 at yahoo.com
Angelina "Angie" Gurule Kraft     amk05 at sbcglobal.net
Carolyn Hacken Dean deceased 7/6/83 in San Joaquin Co.    
Scott Hadley     shadley03 at protonmail dot com
Jan Haeling Shaw deceased 5/12/96 (cancer)    
John Haeling deceased 11/23/03 in Sacramento    
Judy Haeling Robinson     contact webmaster
Joanne Hagan Phillips 34949 San Rosen Ct
Yucaipa,CA 92399
909-795-8541 joannephillips at verizon.net
Chris Hagen deceased 6/26/83
(car accident/drowned)
Marianne Hannon     contact webmaster
Joan Harden     care of webmaster
Michéle Hardré     mhardre1 at aol dot com
Mollie Harris Baker     molliebaker08 at comcast dot net
Bruce Harrison     contact webmaster
John S. Hart 31 Kathryn Dr
Pleasant Hill,CA 94523
925-825-6427 h
707-425-1639 w
harts2 at comcast.net
Greg Hartman     care of webmaster
Dennis Harvey     care of webmaster
Jim Hebner 215 100th St SW, Apt A201
Everett,WA 98204
jimmyhebner at gmail dot com
Debbie Heck Vasquez Sacramento,CA   Aquin50 at yahoo dot com
Robert Helling     care of webmaster
Patricia Henley PO Box 321
Boyes Hot Springs,CA 95416
707-938-5226 h plhenley at vom.com
Kathleen Hill Turner     turnerk at pacbell.net
Bruce Hitchcock deceased 5/29/92 in Sacramento    
Bart Holdener Sacramento,CA   bholdener at comcast.net
John Hovenden deceased 8/29/02    
Cynthia Hubbard Davis     contact webmaster
Michael Dale Huber deceased 3/9/15 in Sacramento  
Pamela Rae Hutchison deceased 2/1/04 in Fair Oaks
Denise Ingram     contact webmaster
Lanny Ireton     care of webmaster
David Jensen     d3jensen at chw.edu
John Johns deceased 12/5/98 (cancer) in Salem, OR    
Caroline "Care" Johnson 813 Sun Ray Court
Rio Linda,CA 95673
916-991-7661 h
916-764-4405 w
clj at ecoisp.com
Jay Johnson     Jayhigh103 at aol.com
Anne Jones     contact webmaster
Diane Jones deceased 9/16/88 in San Francisco county    
Leanne "Annie" Jones Roberts     contact webmaster
Jeff Jope Auburn,CA   cptleisure at aol.com
Marcy Kaye deceased 4/12/22    
Kathy Kanner Pugh     care of webmaster
Debbie Katzakian Wisniewski Fiddletown,CA   care of webmaster
Eileen Katzen Hunter San Jose,CA   hunter.eileen at gmail dot com
Stephen P. Kearney deceased 2/8/10 in Sacramento    
Susan Kehoe Jacobson Carmichael,CA   susandancingfree at aol.com
Victor Kelly deceased 5/31/90 in Sacramento Co.    
Patricia Kesterson     contact webmaster
Robert King     care of webmaster
Karen Kingman     care of webmaster
Jeff Kistle 71511 Sun Valley Dr
Twentynine Palms,CA 92277
916-529-8939 w Jeffkistle at hotmail dot com
Judy Kline Irvine     care of webmaster
Cecily Knepprath Tucson,AZ 520-777-5479 h cec54 at aol dot com
Kimberly Knopp 4 Bd Gabriel Koenigs; Bât.  Matignon Apt  19
Toulouse, France 31300
  kbknopp at tele2.fr
Vivian Kossner Martin Folsom,CA   vivima at comcast.net
Ron Kraushar     care of webmaster
Maria Krear Stafford Roseville,CA 916-782-7823 h 2maria at gateway.net
Jonathan "Joe" Lambert 4724 South Hugo Ave
Holladay,UT 84117
801-831-7006 w lambo1920 at gmail dot com
Connie Larson     contact webmaster
James "Jim" Larson deceased 6/21/14  
Janice Lawman Glen Ellen,CA   janiceandjerry at yahoo dot com
Tammy Lee Cox 6010 E Westland Dr
Cave Creek,AZ 85331
480-575-7490 h
480-595-8181 w
tamaracox at cox.net
Lynnelle Lees Case Carmichael,CA   lynnelle at mikecase.com
Susan Lewis Conaway     contact webmaster
Victoria Liviakis     care of webmaster
Colleen Logan     care of webmaster
Terry Lorman deceased 7/75    
Cal Louden deceased 1/23/05 from complications from diabetes in Sacramento
Randy Lyons     care of webmaster
Michael Macias     care of webmaster
Debbie MacLeod deceased 4/2/01 in Tennessee    
Emil Magovac 1550 Larimer St
Denver,CO 80202
720-209-6179 magovac500 at hotmail dot com
Elliott Mandell 71 Aiken Way
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-456-1085 h
916-322-2985 x3073 w
elliott.mandell at
state dot ca dot gov
David Mandella deceased 9/26/10 in Grand Prairie,TX    
Steve Marston     care of webmaster
Carolyn Martinez Coffey     care of webmaster
Debbie Martinez     care of webmaster
Deborah Marvelli Nunez deceased 1/15/93 in Alameda Co.    
Michael McAllister deceased 5/5/85 in Sacramento Co.    
Sheila McCombs     care of webmaster
Debbie McConnell King     deboraking04 at att dot net
Susan McKeqney McCollum     care of webmaster
Robert McLanahan     care of webmaster
Jeff McPherson     contact webmaster
Alfred Melbourne     Angeleschimes at aol.com
Sally Mellberg Fitts     safitts at earthlink dot net
Sandy Menderson Merher     care of webmaster
Daniel Meyers 342 Winterhaven Ave
Sacramento,CA 95833
916-641-1753 h
916-362-3673 w
dancre8ive at aol.com
Renee Mickelson DalPorto Napa,CA   reneedalporto at yahoo.com
Bill Miller deceased 1/28/94 in Sacramento Co.    
Randolph Miller     care of webmaster
Carol Mills Fresno,CA 209-233-2080 h
209-445-5619 w
cdms at comcast dot net
Jeff Mills     contact webmaster
Kathe Mills Potter     kpotter at broadcom.com
Gail Milner     care of webmaster
Julie Mishler     contact webmaster
Darrell Mitchell mitchelldd07 at gmail dot com
Louis Montalbo     louis.j.montalbo at saic.com
Tim Montgomery     NoHoTim at AOL.com
Kenneth Moore 729 Sunrise Ave #400
Roseville,CA 95661
916-784-3219 h
916-768-1540 w
kennethmoore at yahoo.com
Rod Moore Livermore,CA   rodmoore at comcast.net
Craig Moseley Katy,TX   oilfinder at bigfoot.com http://web.fbcc.com/dmose
Pam Mosier Arnold   pams0155 at hotmail dot com
Ann Murphy Campbell     contact webmaster
Susan Myers     contact webmaster
Gary Nawrocki 4301 N Banana River Blvd
Cocoa Beach,FL 32931
321-720-4900 w g_nawroc at bellsouth dot net
Barry Nelson     care of webmaster
Joetta Nevis Connors 1120 54th St
Sacramento,CA 95819
  r70j55 at surewest dot net
Cheryl Newhouse Clark 3731 S Brummett
Wichita,KS 67215
316-524-4242 h
316-262-1491 w
clclark at cox.net
Ellin Nichols Powers 965 Grandview Place NW
Salem,OR 97304
503-581-1911 h h.epowers at comcast.net
Kimberly "Kim" Nichols Feder Pacific Palisades,CA   kim.feder at yahoo dot com
James "Jim" Nickles deceased 1/27/11 from cancer  
David Niello 1001 Burnett Ave
Concord,CA 94520
925-963-0417 h dniello at niello dot com
Robin Nuber Hill 290 Hawkcrest Circle
Sacramento,CA 95835
916-238-2388 h mama5 at surewest.net
Chris Oates     contact webmaster
Sharon O'Neal     contact webmaster
D'anne Ousley Still     care of webmaster
Annabel Oversby Rondeau     care of webmaster
Michael Patterson     Mpatterson at rqconstruction.com
Kathryn Pellegrini Sommer 8217 Northam Dr
Antelope,CA 95843
916-344-1873 h katensacto at yahoo.com
Annette Perez deceased 4/9/71 from auto accident in Sacramento Co.    
Brad Pfaffenberger     brad.pfaffen at gmail dot com
Evan Phillips     care of webmaster
Stephanie Pierson     contact webmaster
Deanna Pike Farr     LTLBUB at msn.com
Shane Poplawski     care of webmaster
Michael Dennis Posehn DOD 6/2/17  
Steve Potter     care of webmaster
Dian Powell Koelzer     contact webmaster
Janet Powell Mullings     care of webmaster
Kathleen Kanner Pugh 9521 Radke Road
Snohomish,WA 98290
360-794-4932 kpugh73374 at aol.com
Thomas "Tom" Puthuff deceased 11/4/06 in Sacramento    
Michael Ramirez Antelope,CA   offshore3512 at earthlink.net
Terry Randazzo     TRRazzo at aol.com
Cindy Ratcliffe Iames     care of webmaster
Dianne Rectenwald Lapkin deceased 8/9/88    
Matt Reeves     reevesmd at jps.net
Linda Reid Bleckmann Sacramento,CA   w.bleckmann at attbi.com
Angelika "Geli" Renz Ackerman Del Mar,CA   angelack15 at yahoo.com
Esther Rexius White     contact webmaster
Evelyn Reynolds Apted 2594 Goss Lake Rd
Langley,WA 98260
360-321-2492 h care of webmaster
Charlene Rhodes Hunt deceased 3/19/19    
Jeffrey "Jeff" Rizzo Valley Village,CA   bandleader at earthlink.net
Julie Roberts Farmer Washington state   JimandJulieF at comcast.net
Michelle Roberts LaVelle     contact webmaster
Mary Anita Robertson Thomas deceased 4/24/98 in Oregon from cancer    
Michael Robertson     miknkeryshome at comcast.net
Nikki Robichaud     nrtahoe at yahoo dot com
Kimmi "Shelley" Robison   863-382-0380 h califgal2002 at hotmail.com
Brigit Roche     contact webmaster
Van Rodgers San Diego,CA   Ratrcr2 at aol.com
Margie Russell Stratfull 2428 Aramon Dr
Rancho Cordova,CA 95670
916-635-7549 h showtime at mcentertainment.com
Carolyn Saia Coffey South Lake Tahoe,CA   care of webmaster
Marilou Salasky Goldman     care of webmaster
Nancy Salerno Lower 1355 Kirby Court
Dixon,CA 95620
707-678-6567 nlower at onramp113.com
Elaine Salyer Starmer     estarmer at avaya.com
Steve Sanford Placerville,CA   greenfog2 at aol.com
Doug Scheeler     contact webmaster
Douglas Schnackel     contact webmaster
Susan Schwartz Blum     susanblum at mac dot com
Glenda Scott   gveec at live dot com
Jennie Scott 902 Q St
Sacramento,CA 98514
916-447-0950 h cinjenscott at gmail dot com
Jon Scott Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 916-925-8194 h juanws at hotmail.com
Richard "Rick" David Scott DOD 11/23/16  
Stanley Sedilko 3620 Corvina Dr
Rancho Cordova,CA 95670
916-852-8777 h ssedilko at surewest.net
Debra Sehnert Frey     care of webmaster
Kerry Shearer Sacramento,CA   kbsonline at pacbell.net
Lori Shearer Schmidtke   lschmidtke at wyref.com
Cindy Sheets 4628 Oxbow Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
  csmakup at aol.com
Robert Siebenthal     care of webmaster
Debbie Skalisky     care of webmaster
Mike Skow 1843 Lambeth Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-489-7042 h
916-719-8734 w
Michael.Skow at att dot net
Gary Slater     care of webmaster
Janetta Smith     contact webmaster
John Smith     care of webmaster
Mary Smith     care of webmaster
Sandy Smith Pendleton     care of webmaster
Susan Smith Azevedo Yountville,CA   susanazevedo44 at gmail dot com
Jeff Smolek     care of webmaster
George Snow deceased 1/4/78 in Sacramento Co.    
Edward A. Speere deceased 12/12/13  
Pamela Spence Andrus     care of webmaster
Edward "Ed" Spolarich     Edspolarich at yahoo dot com
Debbie Sprague Mitchell 6800 Bonnie Ridge Dr #101
Baltimore,MD 21209
debbiespraguemitchell at
gmail dot com
Ronald "Ronnie" Starnes     care of webmaster
Jean Stanley     contact webmaster
Kate "Cathy" Steinkoenig Antioch,CA   dnkoenigin at juno.com
Steve Stephenson deceased 11/25/82    
Nancy Stewart Stoltenberg Lodi,CA   8stolts at comcast dot net
Bruce Stoddart     contact webmaster
Paula Stone Atkinson     contact webmaster
Mark Strader     care of webmaster
Wally Strain     westrain at pacbell.net
Gail Strom Kulhavy     care of webmaster
Beverly Stuart Rodigo Carmichael,CA   rodigo2 at att dot net
facebook: beverlystuartrodigo
Simon Szlak
(now Simon Slak)
Folsom,CA 916-351-1840 h slaks at csus.edu
Suzi Tedmon McGinnis     care of webmaster
Ruth Teerink Sunda 3559 E Amberwood Dr
Phoenix,AZ 85048
  rsunda1 at cox.net
Charles Templeton 4009 Shorthorn Way
Roseville,CA 95747
209-996-6967 charles.m.templeton at
gmail dot com
David Teng     care of webmaster
Sandra Thompson Brady 555 N Butte #2A
Emmett,ID 83617
208-365-2532 h SandraChelsea at cs.com
Shane Thompson     contact webmaster
Steve Thormod     contact webmaster
Shane Tiller     care of webmaster
Pamela Tillson Lanser 3478 S Rose Gold Ave
Tucson,AZ 85735
520-822-9305 h moonstonemist at msn.com
Pamela Toole Barragan Kalispell,MT   mpbarragan at ymail dot com
Linda Trathen Nance     contact webmaster
Stephen Valdez Sacramento,CA itssv at yahoo.com
Mary Kay Valle Sacramento,CA   kingsfan3 at aol.com
Richard "Rick" Vander Wegen     contact webmaster
Lynn Vanderhave Kloves 5450 Los Estados
Yorba Linda,CA 92887
  lkloves3 at yahoo dot com
Patrice Vanella Flohr     care of webmaster
Jon Veis Napa,CA   jon.veis at gmail.com
Cindy Vice Rivard     care of webmaster
Elise Viebrock     contact webmaster
Laurie Vienna Foster     contact webmaster
Carolyn Vought Zietlow 3112 Copper Lane
Rapid City,SD 57703
  carolinzietlow at msn dot com
Helen Wanner Jacobsen     contact webmaster
Michael Webber deceased 8/2/93 in Sacramento Co.    
Renee Welch Wojnowski Orange,TX   wojo2201 at gmail.com
Karen Werlhof Holsclaw     care of webmaster
Debby West Misitano     debby_misitano at hotmail.com
Joe West     care of webmaster
Charleyce Whalen murdered 3/27/71 in San Mateo county.    
Tom Wickham     contact webmaster
Jay Wilkinson deceased 1/12/84 ( illness)    
Vickie Willeford Knight     contact webmaster
Steve Williams     care of webmaster
Michael Wilson 4604 Danvers Lane
Granite Bay,CA 95746
916-961-6810 w tline3putt at sbcglobal.net
Charles Wilt     care of webmaster
Shelly Winkler Slaughter     care of webmaster
Dewey Wise deceased 5/22/96    
Douglas Wood Sacramento,CA 916-322-0080 w dwood4441 at sbcglobal.net
Gary Yoder Bend,OR 541-549-3333 w gyoder at coinet.com
Theresa Young Caikoshi     care of webmaster
Marianne Yusavage     contact webmaster
Jim Zampathas Kamuela,HI virtual at ilhawaii.net
John Zentner Orinda,CA    care of webmaster
Barbara Zimmerman Bussey Carmichael,CA   care of webmaster

Last updated: 05/22/2022

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