Encina High School Class of 1982 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1982+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Leila Faddis-Winchell (Leilawinchell@yahoo.com )

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Mark Ahart     contact webmaster
James Alexander     alexa001 at mail.nsuok.edu
Sandra Alexander Astle     sandras_lips at hotmail.com
Mark Allen     mmaddogma at aol.com
Edward Anderson Elk Grove,CA   eeyorre5 at sbcglobal.net
Kevin Anderson     kjmka at earthlink.net
Ted Anderson Oakley,CA   care of webmaster
Wendi Anderson Roberts     care of webmaster
Jacqui Avila Bell     jacqui_bell2000 at yahoo dot com
Bradley Baker     care of webmaster
Wendy Barnett Steinkoenig Sacramento,CA 916-922-1381 h whatcitypls at yahoo.com
Dawn Beckman     care of webmaster
Ty Bedegrew     contact webmaster
Vincentia Beers Faddis Elk Grove,CA   vincentia at aol.com
Robert Beland DOD 6/20/18 in Elk Grove,CA  
Lee Bennett El Dorado Hills,CA   lbsbabnb at aol.com
Suzie Benson     care of webmaster
Debbie Benvenuti Lewis     contact webmaster
Samuel Bess   sambam28 at yahoo dot com
Jennifer Beyer San Diego,CA   cabeyer at msn.com
Leslie Biddle     care of webmaster
Carole Birdlebough van Haaften 43 Plaza Dr
Mill Valley,CA 94941
  cvhaaften at mindspring.com
Terry Blackburn Lugo Fair Oaks,CA   tlugo42 at yahoo.com
Teri Boggess     care of webmaster
Amanda Bonne VanderKlok Portage,MI   AmandaVanderKlok at hotmail.com
Amy Boss Bowen 9112 Rawhide Way
Sacramento,CA 95826
  bowen at tonysfinefoods.com
Kelly Boyd 147 Fern Court
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-451-3622 h cowsmonfrank at aol.com
Lisa Boyles Pedersen Sacramento,CA   lisa at hardhittingads.com
Jeff Boysaw University Park,IL   jeff.boysaw at gmail dot com
Jeff Braido Elk Grove,CA 916-685-3085 h
916-686-4615 w
Braidobunch at frontiernet.net
Debra Bredberg     contact webmaster
Lisa Brent Watson     contact webmaster
Monica Brocker Senteney     care of webmaster
Don Brown     care of webmaster
Chris Brunton Lopez     cb2teach at excite.com
David Bugatto Sacramento,CA 916-648-7719 w dbugatto at hotmail.com
Colleen Bunker     collbunker at yahoo.com
Steve Bushing 1092 Caragh St
Roseville,CA 95747
916-789-8471 h
916-997-5381 w
designsunltd at surewest.net
Todd Calvin 269 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills,CA 90212
310-433-9039 h
818-569-3114 w
todd at toddcalvin.com
Laurie Campbell Sherman Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Jesse Canales     jesse at aendring.com
Janine Choi Clayton Redondo Beach,CA 310-540-7367 w janinechoi at earthlink.net
Karen Christensen 512-217-2744 w kchristensen.real at gmail dot com
Geraldine Cissney Garcia     care of webmaster
Charmaine Clark     mustang4cc at netscape.net
Christy Clark Elk Grove,CA   iwatsuru at elkgrove.net
David Clark Farmers Branch,TX   quincy451 at yahoo dot com
Janine Clark Larscheid Citrus Heights,CA   janinestoread at hotmail.com
Sherri Clark White Fair Oaks,CA   standian at netzero.com
Gary Clayton     contact webmaster
Teresa Conely     care of webmaster
Kathy Cortopassi     contact webmaster
Michael Cramer     ValgardS at aol.com
Dena Crouch Poole Elk Grove,CA   denadee82 at hotmail.com
Rod Curley     care of webmaster
James Curtis     CURTIS5 at AOL.COM
Britt Daniel     care of webmaster
Dave Darnell Reno,NV   Hiwathl at Netscape.net
Kevyn Dean 7812 Bayport Dr
Huntington Beach,CA 92648
  kevsurfs at earthlink.net
Darin DeVard     Crocifisso44 at aol.com
Joi Deyo Manhattan Beach,CA   mbgillams at msn.com
Catalina Diaz 9025 Terramore Dr
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-989-6062 h
916-351-3023 w
Brian Dillon     care of webmaster
Tom Dodaro Roseville,CA   tdodaro at gmail dot com
Mark Donahue     contact webmaster
Tom Dodaro     contact webmaster
Kenneth R Doolin Sacramento,CA   rdf100 at yahoo.com
Douglas Dorei     care of webmaster
William Dreyfuss     contact webmaster
Margaret "Libby" Driscoll 4043 New York Ave
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-863-9813 h patddriscoll at gmail dot com
Marleen Edwards Newey Fair Oaks,CA   Me8897 at yahoo.com
Karen Eissinger Sacramento,CA   karensue145 at yahoo dot com
Ed Ellis     care of webmaster
Tammy Elmer Villamar N Las Vegas,NV   tvillamar at aol.com
Lisa Elrod Souza     care of webmaster
Cliff Enloe     care of webmaster
Grant Eppler     ASTRONZO at aol.com
Steve Eustis     contact webmaster
Daniel Evans     contact webmaster
Tod Evans     care of webmaster
Leila Faddis Winchell Sacramento,CA   leilawinchell at yahoo dot com
Michael Farrar Sunny Isles Beach,FL   care of webmaster
Shelly Feil Crawford Sacramento,CA 916-457-3028 h shellymc at surewest.net
Catherine "Cathe" Fenley Smith PO Box 5035
Greenhaven,AZ 86070
928-353-2265 h care of webmaster
Steve Fenner     temeculafenners at msn.com
Jill Ferguson Michel Woodland,CA 530-312-0237 w jill.michel at gmail dot com
Robin Fischer 2390 Tyrolean Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
  lespa2008 at yahoo dot com
Shelbi Flahive Bennett El Dorado Hills,CA   lbsbabnb at aol.com
Denise Ford Lewis South Sacramento,CA   dlewis at crowlaw.com
Traci Ford Enloe     care of webmaster
Neal Francino Folsom,CA   francino63 at gmail dot com
Shelley Francis     contact webmaster
Eric Fransham     care of webmaster
Kip Fujimoto     fujimotoz at peoplepc.com
Soames Funakoshi Sacramento,CA   alexusfr at yahoo.com
Craig Giblin     contact webmaster
Dwayne Gibson     care of webmaster
Edwin Gibson     care of webmaster
Jim Gibson     contact webmaster
Todd Giesser 1700 Hiawatha Dr
Rosevill,CA 93747
916-771-2409 h toddgiesser at hotmail dot com
Robert Gold     care of webmaster
Albert Goldenberg     care of webmaster
Gary Glen Gonzales DOD 6/5/17  
Jamie Gonzales Reno NV   care of webmaster
Andrea Goodearle Piland     care of webmaster
Brian Matthew Gorski deceased 7/25/20 in Sacramento    
Vijia Gounder Sacramento,CA   vgound12 at yahoo.com
Kerry Green     contact webmaster
David Greitzer Elk Grove,CA   care of webmaster
Lance Guimbellot     care of webmaster
James "Jamie" Gunn     usabolt at comcast.net
Jim Guzman     care of webmaster
Diane Hagy Keller Folsom,CA 916-983-5437 h 4heartmom at comcast.net
Mark Hagy     contact webmaster
Deana Hall Langhofer     care of webmaster
Tracy Hammond Sunnyvale,CA   tlhammond94087 at yahoo.com
Lori Hansen     care of webmaster
Linda Hargis Magay     care of webmaster
Jonathan Hayes     hayesjon1 at gmail dot com
Brenda Heckes     care of webmaster
Laura Henretty Richard     care of webmaster
Sherry Helton Manley     care of webmaster
Chris Hill Kauffroath Elk Grove,CA   kauffroaths at comcast.net
Craig Hill     contact webmaster
Toni Hinkle Miebach Mahomet,IL   tonimaria76 at aol.com
Kim Holberg Sacramento,CA   kholberg at sco.ca.gov
Susan Holbrook Orr     kennyorrsusan at frontiernet.net
William Holmes     care of webmaster
Peter Hood Mill Valley,CA   Phood68 at aol.com
Shelly Q. Hookano deceased 3/16/13 from illness  
Mike Howser     contact webmaster
Robert Hurst     robertghurst at yahoo dot com
Dorthea Hutchinson White 3342 Horseshoe Dr
Sacramento,CA 95821
  rtcmax at sbcglobal.net
Brian Jacobsen 3801 Breuner Ave
Sacramento,CA 95819
916-457-1278 h
916-498-7300 w
PJake at Concentric.net
Raoul Jadot     care of webmaster
Tamela Jarmark Holman     Tholman at ecc.net
Leila Jensen     care of webmaster
Lynette Johnson Newlin     newlin2000 at msn dot com
Holly Jordan     contact webmaster
Sassan Kaveh 8129 Sunset Cove Dr
Las Vegas,NV 89128
702-243-9838 h
702-210-9693 w
sassan_kaveh at lvcm.com
Shahriar Kaveh deceased 12/19/08  
Cathy Kelley Mowatt DOD 8/16/17  
Kelly Kelly     care of webmaster
Bruce Kerr 1319 Champagne Circle
Roseville,CA 95747
916-786-6443 h
916-929-6566 w
bkerr64 at aol.com
Lukia King deceased 8/11/81 in Sacramento Co    
Paula King McKibben     pmckibben at doit.ca.gov
Mark Kissinger Carlsbad,CA   kissinger602 at hotmail.com
John Kraushar     contact webmaster
Katie Kraushar   makinmelaf at yahoo dot com
James Kreutzer Panorama City,CA   jmkreutzer at aol.com
David Kriegel deceased 10/3/98 in Sacramento Co.    
Lisa Kroll Zamora Hale     lisa.hale at hotmail dot com
Dan Kurywchak     care of webmaster
Paul Kwoka     care of webmaster
Kim LaMothe Pasley Sacramento,CA   alaskagirl1964 at aol.com
Patricia "Trisha" Lander Flynn Sacramento,CA   gflynn28 at attbi.com
Amy Landers Mill Valley,CA   AmyLLuv at aol.com
Mark Larkin   accountebay23 at yahoo dot com
Dawn Larson Roberts La Mesa (San Diego),CA   care of webmaster
Joey Lawand Elk Grove,CA   LAWANDJE at apci.com
Colleen Leahy 1399 Sacramento Ave Unit 54
West Sacramento,CA 95605
  texastoads at sbcglobal dot net
Teddy Levea Folsom,CA   TNTLevea at aol.com
Michael Lewis   530-257-6615 h mplewis at citlink.net
Pippa Lewis Reynolds     cherokee2 at ev1.net
Aaron Licursi     aaron.licursi at yahoo dot com
Jiuf Lile Gpoifd     care of webmaster
Lonnie Lopez     care of webmaster
Teresa Lueras     care of webmaster
James Luick     care of webmaster
Sherie Lukehart Graysmark     contact webmaster
Deanna Luna Zemovich Fair Oaks,CA   DZEMOVICH at mp.usbr.gov
Maria Macias Larson Folsom,CA   mlarson at doradosoftware.com
Marilyn Maddy Marks     contact webmaster
Monique Mahone     care of webmaster
David Marks     care of webmaster
Carmela Martinez     ibakecakes at aol.com
Michael Martinez     care of webmaster
Douglas McCaleb     dougshawnda at yahoo.com
Dan McClelland Fair Oaks,CA   dannerino at yahoo.com
Shaun McCurry     care of webmaster
Mike McGaugh 4203 Garland
Plainview,TX 79072
806-296-5070 h
Brian McGuire     care of webmaster
Larry McKibben Sacramento,CA   lmckibbe at starbucks.com
Julie McPherson     jmac656 at aol.com
Virginia McQueen     mcqueenv at aol.com
Ben McWatters     care of webmaster
Angela Mettz Sayles Rancho Cordova,CA   sayles.angela at gmail dot com
Laura Meyer Allen 6012 Adobe Spring Way
Elk Grove,CA 95758
916-684-8497 h laural at vsp.com
Laura Mihail Smith El Dorado Hills,CA   laura.mihail-smith at juno.com
Sibrina "Siby" Miles Queen Bellevue,NE sibrinaqueen at cox dot net
Lisa Milner Sewell Sacramento,CA 916-864-6722 w lsewell3436 at sbcglobal.net
Kim Moore Murdock 2617  Ball Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
  shmilybudm at netscape.net
Mike Moore     GoToMike207 at hotmail.com
Colleen Murphy     care of webmaster
Judy Murphy     Blessedjem at aol.com
Wanda Myrick Guess     stampcatwg at aol.com
Michael Nagel Sacramento,CA   manhand4305 at yahoo dot com
Sharon Naylor Stephens     care of webmaster
James Nelson (now James Green) deceased 10/13/13 in Willows,CA  
John Nelson Sacramento,CA   john-nelson at sac-city.k12.ca.us
Laurie Nevin MacNeill     ljmacneill at bresnan.net
Paul Niklewicz Napa,CA   pniklewicz at gmail.com
Eric Noya     care of webmaster
Michael O'Connor     contact webmaster
Leijane "Luana" Ogawa     contact webmaster
Tina Olson 1384 Peralta Rd
Pacifica,CA 94044
  tina at tobeover dot com
Linda Ortez     care of webmaster
Shelly Palmer     fastframe371 at hotmail.com
Robert Padgett Nashua,NH   care of webmaster
Janice Parquer Sacramento,CA contact webmaster
Atul Patel (now Atul Gordhan) 3437 Percy Priest Dr
Nashville,TN 37214
615-883-3209 h
615-882-9220 w
atulgordhan at yahoo.com
Audrey Perata Sylvester Pleasant Hill,CA   apshred at cs.com
George Perrigo     contact webmaster
Kamala "Kami" Peterson Rocklin,CA   ozkamikins at gmail dot com
Polly Pickens Wolf Sacramento,CA   mizpwolf at sbcglobal.net
Jim Plessas     contact webmaster
Brian Porter Sacramento,CA 916-452-3333 h care of webmaster
Kim Poulson     contact webmaster
Dan Powell     contact webmaster
Karl Pryor     rkpryor at jeffnet.org
Laura Pulliam McCumber     care of webmaster
Ted Rankin     care of webmaster
Richard Reveles Orangevale,CA 916-521-1915 h care of webmaster
Kimberly Reynolds Wallace Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Karen Rivera San Leandro,CA   care of webmaster
Paula Roach     proach2 at aol.com
Bob Rob     care of webmaster
John Roberts     care of webmaster
Darcie Rohrbaugh Magana Sacramento,CA 916-228-2535 w care of webmaster
Suzie Rose Benson Los Angeles,CA   LoveQ at aol.com 
Skip Rountree Palm Desert,CA   skipper2540 at yahoo dot com
Breanna Ruthrauff     care of webmaster
Buzz Sanders     care of webmaster
Rory Sanders     care of webmaster
Tim Schott     tschott at schottlites dot com
Darcy Selk Skala Sacramento, CA   darcyskala at yahoo.com
Monica Senteney     care of webmaster
Supakij Shaw     thaispice at sbcglobal.net
Terri Shaw Hackman Sacramento,CA 916-649-2741 h
916-515-2615 w
TerriMae at comcast.net
Tara Sheehan Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
MIke Sher     mike_sher at hotmail.com
Jeanette Shields Norman     contact webmaster
Debi Shrum Johnson     care of webmaster
Gail Siemion Steffenhagan 5740 Velma Way
Sacramento,CA 95824
  gail.steffenhagen at rcbank dot com
Melanie Simmons Miller     melbetmil at yahoo.com
David Smith     contact webmaster
John Michael Smith 2520 Pacific Ave
San Francisco,CA 94115
  alcatrazview at aol.com
Stephanie Smith     steph at clausencpas.com
Raymond Smuskiewicz North Highlands,CA   Tigeray at PacBell.net
Lori Sorensen Fugate Lakewood,CO 303-668-1651 h Lori1654 at comcast.net
William "Bill" Spencer deceased 6/7/96    
Paul Stackpole Denver,CO   PStackpole at pinonmgt.com
Carolyn Sue Stallings Seepe     http://facebook.com/CSSeepe
David Stanton     care of webmaster
Arlene Steck Ramos Carmichael,CA 916-484-7570 h arlene.ramos06 at sbcglobal dot net
Bo Stephenson   care of webmaster
Elizabeth "Betsy" Stewart Thorstad     care of webmaster
Douglas Storm Plano,TX   stormdl at yahoo.com
Win Swafford Eugene,OR   winsome2 at earthlink.net
Telly Tasakos     ttasakos at gmail dot com
Heather Terra Fanger     contact webmaster
John Thackery Santa Maria,CA   johnthackery at verizon dot net
Debora Thompson Tellinghuisen Sacramento,CA   debbydwg at sbcglobal.net
Vince Thompson Sausalito,CA   vince at middleshift.com
Kristie Tibbett Mammen     care of webmaster
Debbie Totaro Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Joe Toth     phillyjoe93 at hotmail.com
Cruz Tovar     ctovar95 at hotmail.com
Patrick Tracy Carmichael,CA   pstracy at jps.net
Kendall Tuning     contact webmaster
Michelle Tupper     care of webmaster
Andrea Vahey Sacramento,CA   kerflummexed at hotmail dot com
Tom Valenzuela 18781 Dubin Ct
Castro Valley,CA 94546
  tomv at vanderbiltconstruction.com
Anne Vander Wegen Peery Carmichael,CA   apeery at treasurer.ca.gov
Bob Veteto     contact webmaster
Scott Vogel West Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Chris Von Sonn deceased 12/2/94 in Los Angeles Co.    
Timothy Walters Butler,KY   timothywwalters at msn.com
Rebecca Watkins     contact webmaster
Moya Watson     care of webmaster
Cindy Webber Carrion Sacramento,CA   cindy_carrion64 at yahoo dot com
Kathryn "Kathy" Webber Gill 1801 L St
Sacramento,CA 95814
  care of webmaster
Kimberly Webber Phillips     care of webmaster
Kathryn Welch Pennal Sanger,CA 888-607-1566 w kpennal at attbi.com
Tamara "Tammi" White Petersen     fun2ride95 at sbcglobal dot net
Kevin Wilkinson Elko,NV   nowlightenup at yahoo.com
Tim Winchell Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Linda Wirick Flannery     care of webmaster
Shelly Wolfe Rivas     irocjrny at aol.com
Wendy Wood Day 5001 NW 51st St
Coconut Creek,FL 33073
  MWDay at aol.com
Karen Young 3419 Ivy St
Sacramento,CA 95838
  kaceywelshponies at juno.com
Marcy Yusavage     contact webmaster
Fred Zambini     care of webmaster
Louise Zemora     care of webmaster

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