Second Annual Encina homecoming party

This will be a major Encina happening, the final Encina gathering of the millenium. BE THERE !!!

Pictures from Homecoming 99
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Event: Homecoming Rally
Date: October 22, 1999
Time: 11:00am
Where: Encina High School
Event: Pre-game party
Date: October 22, 1999
Time: 5:00pm until Game time
Where: Candlerock Lounge
             & Sportsbar
2600 Watt Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821
Details: The Candlerock has graciously agreed to letting us hold our tailgate and post parties in the Lounge. BRING YOUR LETTER SWEATER, LETTER JACKET OR EVEN YOUR GYM SHIRT to the "ROCK" prior to the game. We will be in with the general population so ........behave

HOMECOMING TAILGATE PARTY - The food will be pot luck. Please be sure to bring something to munch on such as a pizza, kfc wings, potstickers, chips and salsa, those little cocktail weenies or whatever else you feel like bringing. There is a snack bar on site but we want to make sure that we eat something before the game. The Candlerock has agreed to the pot luck as long as we don't bring in beverages.

We will filter out to the game around 6:30.

We will distribute Encina alumni clothes at the pregame party.

mqmapgen_v4.gif (11053 bytes)
Event: Homecoming game
Opponent: Golden Sierra
Time: JV 5:30pm
Varsity 7:00pm
Where: El Camino High School
4300 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 9582
The Encina alumni have been invited by Principal Myrtle Berry to participate in the half-time activities. We will have several convertibles filled with Encina alumni in the homecoming parade.


EL CAMINO HS MAP.GIF (10943 bytes)
Event: Postgame party
Where: Candlerock Lounge
When: After homecoming game
Encina High Fight Song

Apache Braves fight for Encina High,
We have the will, it's do or die!
For we are all behind you, lead the way,
So come on boys let's win that game today! (Rah,Rah)

We'll sweep the other team right off their feet,
Show them Apache spirit can't be beat!
As gold and cardinal banners proudly fly,
Fight for Encina High!


Lorna Cline 72/73 wrote this about the Candlerock:
"The bar area can hold 100! Plus there is the little bar area and the whole rest of the bowling alley! They do have 6 pool tables and some dart boards in the area, they usually only have a few regulars in the bar at 5 on Friday nights. As to families showing up, From 3:30 to 5:30 they have glow-in-the-dark bowling, (you know strobe lights, black lights, glowing balls) it is fun, the music gets a little loud once in awhile. They also have Laser X for those with kids (or grown-ups) that want to play laser tag, and the arcade. Then at midnight starts glow bowling again. So I think that even if more than 100 show up, there will be enough room for all!!!!"

Express your interest in the Homecoming Party using this form.

Order your Encina alumni clothing for the party and game!

Encina Donation

I want to ask the alums who are planning on attending the Homecoming Game as well as those who cannot make the game to think about a donation to the athletic department. They are in dire need of funds for items such as varsity and JV letters, sport insignias, ribbons, trophies, etc.

Any excess donations can be used due to funding cuts to sports from a district level. GIVE A LITTLE BACK TO THE KIDS.

I will collect CHECKS at the Candlerock that will be tallied and presented to the Athletic Dept. at the Game. Checks should be made to: 
  Encina High School
  Memo: Athletic Department Donation

Rett Smart '73


RSVP list for Homecoming party/game
Stafford Boyd 88 (game)
Stephanie Woo (game)
Arden Kaye Allison Stokes
Doug Booth
David Haynes
Linda Hoganson
Carol Mills Russell
Dave Morgan
John Russell
Joan Seitz Barrett
Linda Weatherford Ballance
Sheran Weatherford Yeager
Pamela Russell Scully
Michael Brown
Tom Janvier
DeVonne Skalisky Gillan
Terry Teel Ward
Darell Baxter
Mike Browning (maybe)
Nancy Cooper Manly
Jim Mosier
Terry Teel Ward
Carla Bee Bowden (probably)
Lorna Cline Gragg
Candi Cochrane Bagwell (probably)
Jeff Jope
Steve Kearney (maybe)
Susan Kehoe Jacobson
Elliott Mandell
Darrell Mitchell
Debbie Peterson
Stan Sedilko
Kerry Shearer
Debbie Sprague Mitchell
Chris Browning Smith
Joe Busby
Eric Carleson
Lucia Churches
Lorna Cline Gragg
Cynthia Connell
Stephanie Dugas
Pat Dunn
Sally Enos
Mike Fahn
Dona Lyn Jones
Mike Kelly
Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo
Harlan Lau
Elliott Mandell
Jolie Ostrow Baron
Nancy Patton
Debbie Peterson
Patty Russell Mosier
Diane Schoenborn Kelly
Debbie Skalisky
Rett Smart
Kirk Smith
Carolyn Teel Rand
John Bain
Randy Barsch (maybe)
RaeLee Beglau Kingsley
Sande Byerley Jaeke
Sioux Dunn
Bob Goosmann
Dwight Hansen
Terri Jurich Howard
Bob Kennedy
Kelly Kingsley
Kelly Lane
John Nunez
Steve Palmer
Rick Slater
Bruce Vanderford
Doug Wilkinson
A.J. Affleck
Mark Andrews
Erin Barbeau
Bob Bingham
Jim Bonnette
Jack Dieterle  (San Diego)
Linda Fanning Cabana
Mark Fowler
Jeff Frei
Greg Grant
Kate Grebitus
DeeDee Harpham
Brad Jope
Tim Lukehart
Jay Michael
Brian Pearson
Christina Plessas
Pati Price Rader (maybe)
Val Robichaud
Suzanne Starcher
Sue Stegenga Ward
Patti Teel Johnson
Delynn Tjoelker
Fanica Trice (maybe)
Dwight Bradish (maybe)
Marla Byerley Windham
Gary Carson (maybe)
Kim Culver Taylor
Connie Ford (maybe)
Don Hagy
Margo Kearney Carson (maybe)
Andrea Mandell Kraus
Janice Patton
Dennis Peck
Paul Stewart
Peggy Teel Hilton
Lad Wentzel
Jeanne Cherhit (maybe)
Suzzette Davison Shellooe
Jim Field
Donna Gillott Monsoor
Ed Graff
Pete Shellooe
Laura Vasquez Lavallee
Patty Wohl
Jim Bain
Lynne Gile Tracy
Gary Kennedy
Carol Markell Keller
Lissa Miller Souther
Peter Plessas
Terri Ferreira Scoggins
Laura Gray Shay
Angelique Gottlieb Hill
Gretel MacLeod (maybe)
Daphne Pechart Harmon (maybe)
Melissa Tovar (maybe)
Jim Barsch (maybe)
Stephanie Bush Patton
Kim Hanks
Dale Patton
Lance Ballance (Los Angeles)
Tami Hodges
Bryan Ballance
Larry Miller
Samantha Stone
Sue Thurman Solia
Thomas Toth
CC Agurto
Stafford Boyd (postgame, has to supervise activities)
Stephen Carr (maybe)
Aaron Ford
Amy Francis
Bill Glaholt
Kelly Horine
Cynthia Agurto Hannah (maybe)
Renee Altstatt Hernandez (pregame)
Michelle Amyot
Danny Amyot
Janice Barnes
Shannon Bice Legion
Damon Cutty
David Francis
Ann Marie Hovie
Julie Hill Hoang
Carolyn Jefferson (maybe)
Larry Lane (maybe)
Randy Onstine
David Otero
Edward Shaffer
Geoff Shumway
Jinnie Webb Horger
Bill Yeager
Mark Ballance
Scott Bennett
Jim Moore
Jennifer Palmer
Penny Webb Yanez
Stephen Hodges
Dennis Mulder (maybe)
Chris Ballance
Delfino Baeuerlen
Ann Young
Eliza Young
Gina Sexton

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