Encina High School Class of 1964 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1964+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

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Name Address Phone number Email address
John Abbott     contact webmaster
David Ackeret deceased 6/21/71 in Plumas County    
Michael B Adams 1525 Collingswood Trail
Virginia Beach,VA 23464
  tcadamm at tc.cc.va.us
Michael Alberti Fair Oaks,CA   care of webmaster
Barbara Alby     care of webmaster
Robert Jeffrey Alpers 4021 Mountain Dance Dr
Colorado Springs,CO 80908
719-495-7142 h alpersjeff8 at gmail dot com
Cynthia "Cyndee" Alt Lakin Omaha,NE   cyndee.lakin at gmail dot com
Sue Anderson Jessee     care of webmaster
Trudy Anderson Buck 3029 Jonathon Court
Billings,MT 59102
  oca at bresnan dot net
Nancy Armitage Gregory     care of webmaster
John Arrington deceased 6/20/06 in Belmont,CA  
Sandra "Sandy" Astle Bonneau   714-374-0163 h sanlea at socal.rr.com
Robert Baird     care of webmaster
Vicky Bambery Collins     jerrycollins6612 at charter.net
Eugena Bandy deceased 3/27/82 in Sacramento Co.  
Tony Banyai     contact webmaster
Betty Jean Bartz     care of webmaster
Barbara Basnett     contact webmaster
Patricia Basnett McKee     care of webmaster
Byron "Teddy" Dennis Bear deceased 10/7/10 from Alzheimer's in Kansas    
Don Beaumont 8347 Marina Greens Way
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-383-5907 h dbowmont at gmail dot com
Ronald Jeffery Beisel deceased 3/16/11 from heart attack    
Rudy Benny     care of webmaster
Warren Bernoff Carson City,NV bernoffw at yahoo dot com
JoAnne Bersin Wilkes     care of webmaster
Betty Bidstrup Mettler deceased 7/3/11 in Pleasant Hill    
Ellen Bielen Rexwinkle PO Box 793
Ocean Park,WA 98640
  therexwinkles at yahoo.com
Julia Blanchfield Zickfoose     care of webmaster
Craig Blankenship     contact webmaster
Jeffrey Boam deceased 1/00 in Beverly Hills from rare lung disease   see bios
Don Boddy Belfair,WA   dfboddy at gmail dot com
Larry Boehm 916-508-3470 w larryboehm at sbcglobal dot net
Greg Bolton     contact webmaster
Donald Bonacci     donmelva at winfirst.com
Sheri Bonti Jennings     care of webmaster
Mary Bowles     care of webmaster
Patricia Branch Neumann deceased 8/20/01 in Anaheim from Alzheimer's    
Karen Breaux Shaw Northridge,CA 818-700-7801 h cnkshaw at sbcglobal.net
Bonnie Bremner Johnson Bedford,TX   beebonaa at sbcglobal.net
Albert Brown     care of webmaster
Gregory James Bruce deceased 11/2017    
Stanley Bucher     care of webmaster
Ted Burke     care of webmaster
Judi Byers Linn     care of webmaster
Michael "Mike" Callaway Springfield,VA 703-808-7977 w michael.r.callaway at gmail dot com
Linda Caplan Carlson     care of webmaster
John Carlson Napa,CA   care of webmaster
Micheal Carsey 9152 Schmuckley Dr #4
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-363-2612 h mdcarsey at comcast.net
Phyllis Cassidy Gregory Carmichael,CA 916-961-2117 h
916-928-8676 w
pgregory at dhs.ca.gov
Ronald Cerles     care of webmaster
Jacquie Chamberlin     jacquiec33 at att dot net
Gary P. Chan deceased 6/9/04
Phillip Chapman 1726 Chinchalla Way
Klamath Falls,OR 97603
541-884-3305 h pchad2 at charter.net
Wayne Clemence Modesto,CA   robertclemence at comcast dot net
Roberta "Bobbie" Climent Gener Clara del Rey 41-8-B
011-3491-416-7455 h
011-3491-334-6417 w
bobbie.climent at gmail.com
Pete Coletti     care of webmaster
Beth Conolley Baughman     care of webmaster
Kathryn Margaret Cookson deceased 9/17/98 in Sacramento    
Georgene Cooper     care of webmaster
Craig Vincent Courtright deceased    
Rollin Coxe 13780 Willow Creek Road
Ione,CA 95640
209-274-2529 h
209-304-4736 w
rollincoxe at gmail dot com
Dixie Cozzens Petty     contact webmaster
Kathy Crowder     care of webmaster
David Crowley deceased 8/6/92 in Sacramento Co.    
Chuck Cusack 6446 E Trailridge Circle
Mesa,AZ 85215
480-275-2000 h care of webmaster
Jeff Dahlstrom PO Box 4555
Laguna Beach,CA 92652
760-492-5333 jadenter at mac.com
Sue Davies Salton     contact webmaster
Allan Davis 3315 Monteglen Ct
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-944-3630 h
916-768-7330 w
allandavis at flashmail.com
Paul Davis 2125 N Hemlock
Spokane,WA 99205
  pdavis at icehouse.net
Catalina Diaz 9175 Greenback Lan #168
Orangevale,CA 95662
916-989-6062 h care of webmaster
Jerolyn Doerr Kester     contact webmaster
Bill Dopkins     care of webmaster
Robert Draper     care of webmaster
Margaretta "Mimi" Drury Aubert Carmichael,CA   fourobears at aol.com
Barbara Duggan Godsill     care of webmaster
Diane Dunn DaVeiga deceased 10/25/96 in Sacramento Co.    
Dave Dutton     contact webmaster
John Daniel Dwyer Redondo Beach,CA 310-277-7200 w JDaniel5 at aol.com
Judy Dyson Ballard Fair Oaks,CA   rballard at pacbell.net
Jim Eakins     care of webmaster
Cheryl Eckhoff Bays     care of webmaster
Jerry Eddleman     care of webmaster
Richard "Dick" Edwards 2405 Manor Ct
916-764-0972 h mred1946 at sbcglobal dot net
Toinette Egan O'Brien     contact webmaster
Linda Egar     care of webmaster
Diane Egger Norton     care of webmaster
Katherine Ehrhorn deceased 2/19/13 from cancer in Dublin,CA    
Rusti Ellis Grandinetti Sacramento,CA   RGeez at comcast dot net
Jerry Lee Emberton deceased 3/25/03 in Belton,TX from heart failure    
Peter B. Eres deceased 3/2/16 in SF  
Sally Eres Rice     sriceecp at aol.com
Michael Faulkender     care of webmaster
Kathy Fields     care of webmaster
Roger Fife     care of webmaster
Carolyn Fisher Chapski 4703 Crest Knoll Dr
Atlanta,GA 30126
  carolynchapski at yahoo.com
Janice Fischer Garvin     care of webmaster
Judi Ford Maus     care of webmaster
Karen Forsyth     contact webmaster
Michael Fortado 1304 Forest Hill Dr
San Andreas,CA 95249
  mfortado at express56.com
Peter Foulke     care of webmaster
Tom Frey     care of webmaster
Catherine Gaines     contact webmaster
David Garnett     care of webmaster
Janice Gerber Ball Elk Grove,CA   mrbmrsb at attbi.com
Jane Giffen Olds     theprin at sbcglobal.net
Patricia Giordano Phillips     care of webmaster
Gerri Gluck     contact webmaster
Carl Goff     contact webmaster
Sue Grayson Raymer 12744 Van Owen St #4
N Hollywood, CA 91605
818-982-4886 h
323-525-2245 w
tvbrat2 at aol.com
Sharon Green Fannin     care of webmaster
Phyllis Greenwood 49 mc kee st
Ventura,CA 93001
805-652-0639 h pmannteacher at yahoo.com
Bob Gregory     care of webmaster
Georgene Gunderson Cooper 4200 Tyrone Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
  rcgc4 at sbcglobal dot net
Robert "Red" Hadler deceased 3/26/14 in Sacramento  
Bob Hagopian     bhagopian at sbcglobal.net
Dennis Hall     contact webmaster
Diane Halsted     contact webmaster
Pauline Hamilton Werning     care of webmaster
Stephen Keene Hamilton deceased 10/28/14    
Bob "RB" Hanshaw Peoria,AZ   cwobob at gmail dot com
Sandee Jeen
Haub Pennal
Veneta,OR   gg4ellie at gmail dot com
Randy Headrick 22470 Tall Oaks Ct
Leonardtown,MD 20650
301-475-3278 h RDHeadrick at usa.net
Martha Heckman Buffington deceased 5/20/09    
Vicki Hellewell     contact webmaster
Lief Hendrickson     care of webmaster
Dawn Hendrix     care of webmaster
Mike Henry     michael.a.henry at hotmail dot com
William "Bill" Hesser DOD 3/30/16 in Virginia Beach,VA
James Higday deceased 12/12/97 in Sacramento Co.    
David Lee Hill deceased 12/8/19 in Sequim WA
Kenneth Hill     care of webmaster
Kathy Hilleary Thompson Harmony,ME   khillt at yahoo dot com
Kathleen Holmes Engelhardt     contact webmaster
Oscar "King" Hontiveros P4 B6 L41/43, Villa Olympia
San Pedro, Laguna
  kinghonti at yahoo.com
Jerry Houk deceased 6/24/81 in Sacramento Co.    
Dick Howell     contact webmaster
Robert Hulin, Jr 209 Kittery Place
San Ramon,CA 94583
925-551-3727 h rfhulin at pacbell.net
Larry Hunt Reno,NV neometalman at yahoo dot com
Ed Hurff     ehurff at gmail dot com
Kristen "Kris" Hutchinson DeCarlo California City,CA   aj-ka-1965 at ccis.com
Frank Inlow deceased 11/08 in Kansas  
Ann Jackman Yonce     care of webmaster
Eric Jackman     care of webmaster
David Edward Jackson Auburn,CA   care of webmaster
Judy Jerszyk Bruce 4614 Oakland Terrace SW
Mableton,GA 30126
678-480-2190 h judy.m.bruce at gmail dot com
Jeffrey Johnson     care of webmaster
Richard Johnson PO Box 50036
Sparks,NV 89435
  care of webmaster
Diane Jones Headrick Sacramento,CA   grandmadi2 at att dot net
Paul Jorjorian     care of webmaster
Harry Karnofsky 45 Yuba River Circle
Sacramento,CA 95831
916-422-6278 h
916-424-8676 w
harrykarnofsky at comcast dot net
Lawrence Lee Keister deceased 1/26/69 at 21   SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service
101st Airborne Division
February 2, 1947 to January 26, 1969
In Binh Thuan, South Vietnam
Michael Patrick Kelley deceased 12/25/11    
Carol Kendall Hallowell     skeeter2000 at centurytel.net
Virginia Anne Keysor deceased 4/14/94 in Carmichael    
John Robert Kilgour (Sidebotham) deceased 3/26/06 in Sacramento    
Anne Klingelhofer Fleuret 8800 Monrovia Pl
Dulles,VA 20189
  afleuret47 at gmail dot com
Tim Knapp     contact webmaster
Darold Kohout     care of webmaster
Lillian Koppelman Fischer 1408 Crown Ave
Ashland,OR 97504
530-260-6397 h lillian.koppelman at yahoo dot com
Ronnie Krasnow     contact webmaster
Rev. Ronald Kreiensieck Winchester,VA 559-999-9552 w crynsick at att dot net
Gregory Miles Lambert deceased 1/15/97 in Bend,OR    
Thomas "Tom" Larson deceased 11/2011
Larry Lawman Rancho Cordova,CA   backncali13 at gmail dot com
Diane Lawton Nelson     delizabethnelson at yahoo dot com
Alma "Jeanne" Leathers Reed deceased 9/25/09 in Phoenix,AZ  
Danny Lee     leeru2 at webtv dot not
Kay Lindgren Miles     care of webmaster
Donn Livoni glenhollyfarm.livoni at gmail dot com
Melinda Lubeck Dana Juneau,AK   CastleInTheSky at hotmail.com
Rae-Vin Lucas Lynn 9934 Palm Grove Dr
Sacramento,CA 95827
916-369-8780 h rlynn37 at att.net
Carole Lund Calabria     care of webmaster
Kathleen Lutz Daughenbaugh
(now Katrina Ann)
108 The Landings
Hendersonville,TN 37075
  katrina at katrinarae.com
Steven MacRostie 148 4th Street East
Sonoma,CA 95476
707-935-1003 h
707-996-4480 w
care of webmaster
Joseph S. Mandella deceased 8/23/12  
Michael Mann     sharonm1 at comcast dot net
Kim Marsh Bryant patsmom at comcast dot net
Patricia Matteson     matteson at fpt.vn
Mary Margaret "Maisie" McCarty Windsor,CA   care of webmaster
Keith McDonald Sacramento,CA   kcmac1946 at yahoo dot com
Dan McGuire 3812 Atwater Rd
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-979-9340 h dan.mcguire at worldnet.att.net
Suzy McKee Warren-Alef Davis,CA   swarrenalef at ucdavis.edu
Alan Meacham Galt,CA   care of webmaster
Barbara Merrill Goodlett Jordan,AR   lv2grdn at centurytel dot net
Kathy Metcalf McDonald Lake Oswego,OR   grammymac4 at comcast.net
Enid Meyer     care of webmaster
Joseph Mironack     care of webmaster
Carol Miskella Shields 454 Bolinger Common
Fremont,CA 94539
510-657-0824 h care of webmaster
Nina Misterly McLaughlin     care of webmaster
Daniel Moore deceased 3/15/81 in Sacramento Co.    
Robert "Bob" Morrison 2530 Lakeview Dr
Stockton,CA 95204
209-948-4940 h bob at stocktonca dot net
Elaine Moyher Williams     contact webmaster
Jerry Mullinix 116 Lakeshore Dr
Fredericksburg,VA 22405
  ni4f at earthlink.net
John Thomas Murphy III 107 Jalisco Place
Davis,CA 95616
530-758-1432 johnsmurf107 at gmail dot com
Michael Murphy 3600 South Port Dr
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-361-1130 w care of webmaster
Lem Patrick Murray deceased 11/17/04 in Sacramento    
Lusandra Nareau Vincent     lusandravincent at gmail dot com
Rick Niello     care of webmaster
David E. Northcott deceased 6/27/07 in Ewa Beach  
Tom Norton     care of webmaster
Dane O'Connor deceased 10/3/14 from illness  
Douglas Oehler Sacramento,CA   Doehler56Ford at aol.com
Joanne O'Malley McCorrey     contact webmaster
Carol Ondrejcka     contact webmaster
Paul Ostton deceased 7/1/95 in Sacramento, CA `  
Carol Pachl     care of webmaster
Linda Paradise Sanford Fair Oaks,CA   lindasan9 at aol.com
Janine Park O'Connell     contact webmaster
Lyanne Pattison Niello     care of webmaster
Kenneth Paxton 7101 Selzer Road
Fairfax,IA 52228
319-541-4146 ken at greenecountyiowa dot com
Kenyon Peterson North Las Vegas, NV   greypilot7 at cox.net
Richard Griffith Philbin deceased 2/2/66 at 19   PFC - E3 - Army - Regular
101st Airborne
May 13, 1946 to February 2, 1966
In Tui Hoa, South Vietnam
Jane Pohto     contact webmaster
Robert Poole   care of webmaster
Joseph Powell deceased 12/26/09 in Isleton,NY    
Richard Randell     care of webmaster
Karen Rausser Martin     care of webmaster
Kevin Reider PO Box 520698
Big Lake,AK 99652
  lifeskills at gci.net
Carol Relat Baker     care of webmaster
Ernie Revello POB 518
McCall,ID 83638
  altitudeconstruction at yahoo dot com
Patrick Richards Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Michael Ries     care of webmaster
Denise Righetti     care of webmaster
Brian Roberts 124 Calloway Lane
Ione,CA 95640
916-833-6798 Ksdewitt64 at sbcglobal dot net
Christine Robles Boswell     boswell9 at frontiernet dot net
Jill Rodgers Humphries     care of webmaster
Doug Rodrigues deceased 11/15/91 in Sacramento Co.    
Linda Rodrigues Wolfe Sacramento,CA   linda.wolfe at att.net
Geraldine Romitti Klaes     care of webmaster
Robert Ronald Ronne deceased 6/4/98 in Sacramento    
Vicky Root Jones     care of webmaster
Alan Roderick Routhier deceased 12/27/15    
John Lawrence Russ deceased 12/9/13    
Cathy Rust Cademarti deceased 2/28/05    
Cathy "Sam" Samoville Vanecek     chvanecek at lbl.gov
Michael Samoville PO Box 217
Roundup,MT 59072
406-323-1986 h mikesam at midrivers.com
Maryly Sampson Adair     maryly at mindspring dot com
Robert Schrunk deceased 5/15/10 in Dayton Beach,FL  
John Henry Schultz III deceased 6/78 in San Bernardino county    
Linda Seals Ebarb Zwolle,LA   care of webmaster
Marjorie Seimears Fox 660 Ad Hoc Road
Great Falls,VA 22066
703-889-1111 w mlf at fjyfinancial.com
Susan Selden Perry Los Angeles,CA 323-667-2638 h susan at bunnyape.com
Cathy Sharp     contact webmaster
Susan Shaw DiMotta PO Box 893
Alto,NM 88312
575-630-1214 w susandimotta at aol dot com
Eleanor "Rusty" Shellhart Van Buren   805-636-9471 h eleanorkay_vanburen at yahoo.com
Kathy Shelton Hogan Tempe,AZ   kathy.hogan at asu.edu
Thomas Sherwood Hazel,KY   care of webmaster
Richard Dennis Shirley deceased 4/6/98    
Dennis Shook     contact webmaster
Steven Shower 4680 Oak Glen Way
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
  steve at swshower.com
Jean "Anne" Siebenthal Beasley 12407 Willow Falls Dr
Herndon,VA 20170
703-798-3902 jbeas1231 at aol dot com
Michael Simmons 3518 Bluff Ct
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-944-0894 h
916-484-0321 w
msimmonsdc41 at yahoo dot com
Dick Sites deceased 3/13/05 in North Haven,CT from cancer    
Sharon Skelly     contact webmaster
Charlie Smith     contact webmaster
David Smith Birmingham,AL   dsmith at bsc.edu
Elvia Smith Foulke     care of webmaster
Kenny Smith 10460 El Mercado Dr, Apt 67
Rancho Cordova,CA 95670
916-662-4811 w get2it88 at yahoo dot com
Neil Smith     care of webmaster
Stephen H. Smith deceased 9/21/09 in Roseville
Barbara Spangler Ray     care of webmaster
Beverly "Bev" Sparks Morris     kandbmorris at sbcglobal.net
Ronald Staley     contact webmaster
Carol Staples     care of webmaster
Carolann Statzell Forseth     carolann at csus.edu
Ronald Stevens Anchorage,AK   cptnron4 at hotmail dot com
Sandra "Sandy" Stimers Rose     contact webmaster
Bob Stosick     contact webmaster
Cliff Strother     care of webmaster
Thomas C. Stuto deceased 11/11/99    
Lee Sundberg deceased 2/2/2005
John Edward Tarro     contact webmaster
Margaret Taylor Leckie     mleckie at earthlink.net
Pamela "Pam" Tellefsen Slattery deceased 6/24/14 from pulmonary fibrosis
Rick Thomas Grass Valley,CA 913-522-3778 w nfthomasusa at yahoo dot com
Charlotte Thomason Murray     care of webmaster
Wade R Thompson deceased 10/13/06 in Sacramento    
Judy Torson Olson     care of webmaster
Gary Troyer Coeur d'Alene,ID   willyslover at yahoo.com
Jean Tucker Austin,TX   care of webmaster
Charla Turner Eychaner 227 South Rose
Lodi,CA 95240
209-365-0491 h bill_charla at sbcglobal dot net
David Turner     care of webmaster
Terrence "Terry" Turpen PO Box 258
Jackson,CA 95642
209-748-5028 h
209-327-1337 w
turpenjackson at att dot net
Gerald Van DePol     care of webmaster
Herbert Veitenhans deceased 1/4/08    
Kathleen Vine Goldsberry     care of webmaster
Bill Vlach     VBVlach at cs.com
Edward Vogt deceased 7/11/92 in Sacramento Co.    
Venn Vranas     care of webmaster
Patricia Wagner Kennedy deceased 12/20/13 in Roseville
Mike Walden 2258 Valley Mill
Carrolton,TX 75006
972-418-9903 h
214-636-4842 w
mikewalden at msn.com
John Walker (now John Stjerne)     jjsds at sbcglobal.net
Jolene Wallace Ashland,OR 541-488-9256 h Rockysam at ashlandoregon dot org
Mary Wallace Sanchagrin     care of webmaster
Charles "Chuck" Warner deceased 7/23/05 from complications following lung transplant   see obituary on 64 homepage
Diane Warner Mizell     dmizell at surewest.net
Claudia Watson Shaw Citrus Heights,CA   claudiawatsonshaw at yahoo dot com
Robert Edward Waszak deceased 7/4/10 from heart disease  
Dennis Weber     eyewearshirts at hotmail.com
Wendy Weigt Hough     contact webmaster
Gary Weiss DOD 11/29/12 in Tucson,AZ  
Charles Welter 1032 Magnolia Ave
Yuma,AZ 85364
928-342-1667 h welter13 at yahoo.com
Cheryl Westergren McIntyre deceased 7/11/84 in San Diego county    
Susan Westover Shahan     care of webmaster
Sharon Wetmore     contact webmaster
Bob Whisenhunt deceased 4/19/64 in Sacramento Co.    
Sandy Whitmire Spence     contact webmaster
Glen "Al" Wolfe deceased 1/25/10 in Sacramento    
Terry Lee Wolford deceased 2/16/12  
Richard Wong     care of webmaster
Phillip Woods     care of webmaster
Cheryl Wooten Ungerman     contact webmaster
Susan Wright McQuerrey     smcquerr at bc.cc.ca.us
Judith Yeates Hamberg Martinez,CA   care of webmaster
Karin Ann Yeats Spencer     care of webmaster
Dale Yee     care of webmaster
Sandy Yocum Gifford     care of webmaster

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