14th Annual Encina Alumni Challenge

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Score: Alumni 64, Varsity 57
Date: Friday, April 25, 2014

This year we raised over $47,000 for Encina!

Alumni and varsity teams

Alumni team
Front: Rafael Enriquez '84, Vitaliy Pulber '08, Daren Malone '06, Ryan Conner '92
Back: Joaquin Pons '97, Thomas Henderson '05, Brandon Amey '09, Bob Goosmann '74

Varsity team
#0 Kimani Randolph
#1 Dajon Green
#2 Donald Jackson
#3 Kevin Largo
#4 Matthew Coleman
#5 DaQuan Bryant
#10 Anthony Allen
#11 Vadim Golovey
#12 Rayjon Dunn
#13 Jordan Ferrer
#15 Nate Jefferson
#21 Dawain Jones
#23 Yul Carson
#24 Tyvone Hunt
#32 Xavier Lovelace
#35 Alex Mandujano
Head coach: Freddie Bryant, Assistant coach: DeWayne Norris

Alumni Challenge BBQ and Game
Friday, April 25, 2014

KCRA TV Coverage (article and newsclip)

Miracles happen! I pitched the Eakins-Encina story and our producers like it. Unless there is breaking news to pull me away - fire, shooting, crash etc - I will be there. Eakins will be the story focus plus mention of the Encina alumni fundraising. Will need an alum volunteer to do an on-camera interview about how donations have assisted the school. Also, will interview Eakins and maybe some current students - who are only hearing about an alum who is a former pro player. Tom DuHain '68

Former NBA Player Jim Eakins to Speak Prior to Alumni Challenge Dinner
One of Encina's greatest athletes, former NBA player Jim Eakins '64, will be inducted into the Encina Hall of Fame at halftime of Friday night's Alumni Challenge basketball game.  In addition, Jim will give a presentation for students and alumni from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.--prior to the dinner--in the Black Box Theater (located adjacent to the cafeteria and across from the small gym).  He'll be discussing his years at Encina when he was California Player of the Year, his 10-year professional basketball career when he competed with and against some of the NBA's greatest players such as Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving, and his subsequent career as a teacher and coach.  The presentation is free, but please arrive no later than 4:30 p.m.

BBQ Dinner, 5:30 - 7:15 pm

As always, a delicious free BBQ dinner will be served in Encina's cafeteria prior to the basketball game. Award-winning Texas West BBQ will serve chicken, ribs, salad and side dishes, drinks and dessert. Join us to share memories and favorite stories, meet old friends and make new ones! In addition, student body leaders will be on-hand to give campus tours.

Encina Hall of Fame Ceremony - NBA player Jim Eakins '64

At halftime, one of Encina’s all-time great athletes will be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.  Jim Eakins (’64) led the Apaches basketball team to a two-year record of 46-2 and was named California Player of the Year as a senior.  He subsequently starred at Brigham Young University and played 10 seasons in the ABA and NBA, serving as the starting center on two championship teams during his distinguished professional career.

Class of 1964 Golden Graduates

Join us to celebrate Encina's Class of 1964--with special remembrances, Class of 64 alumni, faculty, Class of 1964 memorabilia, special "50 Years" Birthday Cake and more!

Alumni Challenge Basketball Game, 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Dinner will be followed by the always-exciting basketball game between an Encina Alumni team and the current Boys Varsity team. This extremely competitive series currently stands at 7 wins for the alumni and 6 wins for the varsity. Our professional announcer, Peter Boam (Class of '63) will call the game and be Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Watch the Alumni Challenge Basketball Game Live on Friday Night!

For those who can’t make it to the game in person, Access Sacramento will broadcast the Alumni Challenge basketball game LIVE from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday, April 25.  They will air it again on Saturday, April 26 at 11:00 a.m. and on Sunday morning, April 27 at 3:00 a.m.  All times are Pacific Daylight. 

In Sacramento County, people can watch any of these broadcasts on Comcast channel 17 or AT&T U-verse channel 99 (for AT&T channel 99, click on “Sacramento City and County,” then “Public Access Ch. 17.”  Those outside of Sacramento County can stream the broadcasts at:

This year’s game promises to be an exciting and extremely competitive matchup between the Alumni Team and Varsity Team (which was ranked in the top 20 of all high school basketball teams in the Sacramento Area).  Plus, at halftime Encina basketball legend Jim Eakins will be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

All Proceeds Help Encina and the Students

The Alumni Challenge is one of the most successful high school fundraisers in Sacramento history. Last year we raised over $44,000 and the grand total is over $540,000 in total funds raised by alumni for our school!! THANK YOU!

Even if you cannot attend the event, please consider a donation on behalf of your graduating class. Your donation helps fund equipment and tournament fees for sports, academic programs, field trips, scholarships, college campus tours, and much more at Encina.

Here are some of the many things funded through the generosity of our donations JUST in the last 12 months:

Football uniforms, programmable microcontroller-based robots for physics, basketball tournament fees, tools and glazes for ceramics, soccer uniforms (championship teams can be hard on uniforms <g>), girls basketball uniforms and shooting shirts, girls softball uniforms, volleyball equipment, new wrestling mats (Encina can now host tournaments for the first time in MANY years), calculators for math classes, college scholarships, cooking club, health occupation students to HOSA state conference, Encina Safe All Nite Grad, and MORE.

Almost ALL of these programs and projects get no funding from the school district or other sources, but make a big impact on campus and students' lives. We have made, and continue to make, a positive impact on Encina!

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year's Alumni Challenge!

Steve Palmer            Bob Goosmann             Harlan Lau
Class of '74               Class of '74                     Class of '73

Alumni roster
#10 Brandon Amey 2009 5’10”
#90 Vitaliy Pulber 2008 5’11”
#95 Daren Malone 2006 5’10”
#75 Thomas Henderson III 2005 6’2”
#50 Joaquin Pons 1997 6’4”
#60 Jared Alexander 1992 6’0”
#55 Ryan Conner 1992 6’1”
#85 Rafael Enriquez 1984 6’0”
#65 Bob Goosmann 1974 6’2’ (captain, coach)

Varsity roster
0 Kimani Randolph PG Sr. 5’ 5”
1 Dajon Green PG, W Sr. 6’ 0”
2 Donald Jackson SG, PG Sr. 5’ 11”
3 Kevin Largo SG Sr. 5’ 10”
4 Matthew Coleman W, PG Jr. 5’ 9”
5 DaQuan Bryant PF, P Sr. 5’ 10”
10 Anthony Allen P Sr. 5’ 9”
11 Vadim Golovey SG, W Sr. 5’ 10”
12 Rayjon Dunn W Jr. 5’ 11”
13 Jordan Ferrer G So. 5’ 11”
15 Nate Jefferson C, PF Sr. 6’ 5”
21 Dawain Jones W Jr. 5’ 11”
23 Yul Carson C, P Sr. 6’ 0”
24 Tyvone Hunt W, G Sr. 5’ 9”
32 Xavier Lovelace W So. 6’ 3”
35 Alex Mandujano SG Jr. 5’ 9”

Head Coach: Freddie Bryant
Assistant Coach: DeWayne Norris
Captains: Dajon Green, Daquan Bryant, Nate Jefferson, Donald Jackson and Kevin Largo

The varsity team went undefeated in league and has a 29-game winning streak in league.
Ranked 14th in Sac. Bee rankings and was the only Division 4 team ranked
Section runner-up and played at Sleep Train Arena for the 1st time in 17 years

Videographer: Access Sacramento
Webcast: Kerry Shearer 72
M.C.: Peter Boam 63
Photographer: Rollin Coxe 64
National anthem:

What is the Alumni Challenge?

Here's an excerpt from the Encina "Bulldog Barks" parent newsletter describing the Alumni Challenge:

"If you have not yet attended an Alumni Challenge, you are in for a REAL treat.
"What is an Alumni Challenge?" you might ask.

It is a basketball game, where the current Encina varsity basketball team plays a full basketball game against the alumni from the class of 1961 (Encina had its first graduating class that year) to alumni as current as five years ago.

This extremely competitive series has the Varsity Team with six wins to the Alumni Team's five, so the Alumni Team will be extra motivated to bring home a victory this year. So, this is an event you don't want to miss. The evening starts off with a free dinner at 5:30 p.m., and admission to the game is free as well. The game starts at 7:30, and there is a rousing half time event scheduled.

Why would the alumni put themselves in such a position? This is a fund raiser they started to help the Encina Booster Club raise funds to support ALL the students and programs here at Encina High School. Over the years, the funds raised have supported our sports, reading, visual and performing arts, Encina Broadcast System (EBS), tutorials, just to name a few.

The fund raising component to the Alumni Challenge is the donations received through alumni class pledges. An example is an alumni will pledge dollars per point, or per three point baskets, or per the number of points a specific player makes, or perhaps a flat donation. Current students and families can pledge as well, as a way of cheering on the current varsity team.

This game is a very entertaining event and gives our students and families a chance to meet past Encina students. It has become a rivalry between the Apaches/Bulldogs (Encina changed its mascot to the Bulldogs in 1991) and the Bulldogs. Please come out, have dinner and enjoy a GREAT family fun night."

Who is eligible to play?

"CALL FOR PLAYERS: any alumni who graduated at least 5 years ago or earlier and played basketball for Encina is eligible to play on the Alumni team. Preference will be given first to those who have not played in a previous Alumni Challenge. All players must be available for Saturday practice (at Encina) during the weeks leading up to the event. They must also be in reasonable condition--the game is very competitive and we are competing against players half (and in some cases one-third) our age. If you are interested in playing, contact Bob Goosmann at magusbob@hotmail.com."

I understand we have some fairly recent grads who are interested in playing this year. If you are in contact with your basketball playing classmates, please let them know about the alumni challenge and encourage them to play. Several years ago the high scorer for the alumni team was Norm Siefkin from the class of 1963!

Every year we receive inquiries from female alumni who would like to play. Unfortunately, the alumni team is not co-ed. In order to field a women's team, we need someone like Bob to captain/coach/organize a women's team.

What are we raising money for?

Encina gets money for the traditional "core" classes such as math and reading . We (alumni) are providing assistance for many of the extracurricular programs, elective classes, clubs and other programs that help to enrich students' experience at Encina.

The money goes to the Encina Booster Club, who allocates the funds based on requests from students and faculty. While much of the money is allocated to sports as you would expect from a booster club, a lot of the money also goes to non-sports programs.

Here are some testimonials from recipients of the alumni challenge pledges.

Here are some of the projects funded by the Encina Booster club in the past year from Alumni Challenge monies:
Viet Nam Memorial
Alumni Website
All Sports (uniforms, tournament fees, bleachers, transportation, stipends, supplies, etc.).
Business Academy End of the Year Luncheon for Seniors
Cheer Camp
CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) tutoring and incentives
Wish Lists for staff (this is open to ALL staff to submit items that are not covered by district nor department funds). Some of the items purchased were box converter for VHS to DVD, supplies for counseling for welcome bags for new students,
Alumni Challenge expenses
Undergraduate Awards Program
Business Academy Mentor Meeting supplies
Friendship Day (Mix It Up) supplies (4 times per year)
STAR testing incentives
AVID T-Shirts
CSF Fieldtrip to UOP
Controllers for Interactive Education
Spanish games (verb conjugation, etc.)
Computer programs, guides and graphics for journalism, French and English
Prizes for Open Enrollment Parent Night
Gift cards for a drawing for Take Your Parent to School Day
Special Ed Students field trip to San Francisco
Incentives for PBS (Positive Behavior Systems)

Here is a list of some of the programs funded in the past:
New Student Welcome Program through Counselors
Encina Art Gallery (Art Opening Receptions)
Performing Arts (Students attending local plays)
Freshman Feast (a Freshman event with Senior peers/guides)
Encina Broadcasting System (EBS) (equipment and supplies)
Boy's Soccer
Girl's Soccer
Girl's Softball
Girl's Volleyball
Girl's Basketball
Boy's Basketball
Basketball Tournaments
Sports Banquets
Every 15 minutes (drug/alcohol intervention)
Alumni Challenge event
The encinahighschool.com Website
SAP (Student Assistance Program)
Reading Program
Student to Ashland to participate in Shakespeare Festival
After school tutoring
Backboard replacement
Drama department (students) trip to Ashland


Several alumni have asked whether there is any financial oversight for all the money donated to the Encina Booster Club. Whether there is anything which prevents the funds from being misused or even embezzled.

Steve Palmer 74 realized very early on, that the Encina Booster Club lacked such oversight and worked with Encina to implement sound financial practices. Here is Steve's description...

"I am happy to talk about Encina's Booster Club financial oversight. I sat on the Booster Club as "Auditor" for several years and have been Treasurer for the last three years and was re-elected for the 2011-12 school year. I attend most monthly meetings which are held at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month except July and August.

Funds that are collected by the Booster Club are deposited into a Bank of America account. Heddy Crowder, Encina's Community Liaison, records how much is received from whom (photocopies incoming checks, snackbar sales records, etc). She emails Harlan and me with Alumni donor name, date of receipt and amount. While Harlan does not usually see snackbar, t-shirt sales and such, I do. The majority of our funding is from Alumni Challenge pledges. As treasurer, I reconcile each month's bank statement with our Quickbooks records and provide a detailed transaction journal, spending vs budget and balance sheet at each monthly meeting. Treasurer's records are reviewed at each meeting at which time we also make disbursements for approved expenses. All personal who handle money are bonded. 

Each year, Principal (Dan Kenley) , Booster Club President (Angie Kerr), Encina Community Liaison (Heddy Crowder) and I build a proposed budget to be approved (with modification/changes) by the membership. We allocate funds to Encina programs based on department need with about 50% going to sports and 50% going to academic programs, scholarships, Alumni Challenge expenses, and such. Each semester we ask staff to submit requests for program and project funding. We fund those that are believed to provide the greatest positive impact to Encina students.

We hold about 15% in reserve from one year to the next and for "emergency" requests. For example, this year Encina fielded a Girls' Softball team for the first time in many years! The Booster Club (because of Alumni generosity) was able to purchase uniforms and equipment.

Please let me know if you'd like more detail or additional information.

Alumni, thank you for supporting Encina's students and future alumni!

Steve Palmer
Encina '74"

How do I pledge?

Send your check to:
Encina High School Booster Club
Encina High School
Attention: Heddy Crowder
1400 Bell Street
Sacramento,CA 95825

(please note your class year and whether you want pledge to be anonymous)

Or pay using PayPal or credit card: http://encinahighschool.com/homecoming/pledge_okay.htm

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, your contribution is tax deductible. Please take advantage of your company's matching funds program if you have one to double your contribution as I do. Encina will send you a tax letter.

How effective is the Alumni Challenge?

In the past twelve years the alumni challenge has raised over $497,000 for Encina!

2012: $40,000
2011: $43,000
2010: $34,000
2009: $36,000
2008: $48,000
2007: $53,000
2006: $51,000

2005: $48,000
2004: $46,000
2003: $44,000
2002: $40,000
2001: $15,000

While this is due in no small part to the generosity of alumni benefactor Paul Bonderson 70, last year we had tremendous participation with almost 400 individual alumni pledges. These pledges ranged from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. No pledge is too small, nor too large <g>.

Alumni Challenge plaque

The alumni challenge plaque recognizes the five classes who:
1. pledge the most money
2. have the most pledges

Can I pledge anonymously?

Certainly. When you write, say your pledge is anonymous. However, please let me attribute your pledge to your class so they receive credit.

Why should I contribute?

Well, I can't speak for all alumni, but I give because it makes me feel good <g>. I enjoy supporting the next generation of Encina students, the interclass competition, the funny pledges (Tom Clark 70 gave $50 for a 3 pointer I made before the last game), the pride of supporting my classmates, and the feeling that we, as Encina alumni, are doing something special for our school and the community...

So do it for the kids! And do it because it makes you feel good...

Last updated: 09/08/2015

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