Second Annual Encina Alumni Challenge

Final score: Alumni 97, Varsity 96 (in double overtime)!

We raised over $40,000 in pledges for the Encina Booster Club!

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Alumni team
Back row:
James Jones '87 #55
Todd Brownell '73 #30
Mark LaCoste '85 #33
Chris Dahlberg '80 #31
Bob Goosmann '74 (captain) #32
Front row:
Rafael Enriquez '84 #40
Adam Guzman '84 #4
Ryan Norris '89 #22
End of regulation score:
First overtime score:
Second overtime score:


Alumni Challenge videoclip
Steve Palmer '74 created a wonderful videotape of the alumni challenge which was given to all the alumni and supporters who pledged or donated.
This 11 minute clip from the beginning of the videotape contains an introduction, Channel 3 spot, Channel 10 spot, interviews with the players, coaches and Christine Kojima, and ends with highlights from the game.

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Fellow Encina Alumni,

What a night!   Our Second Annual Alumni Challenge beat expectations in every way!

We broke more backboards (wait till you see the tape!), raised more money  (approaching $40,000 in pledges), and made more noise than anyone could have imagined.

Our evening included a great prime rib and turkey dinner and campus  tours.  But nothing could approach the energy at the game.   With 7:03  left on the clock in the second quarter, and the Alumni team leading 26 to 25, a Varsity slam dunk took down the basket in an explosion of glass!  To our disappointment, we thought the game was over! 

Much to the credit of the coaches, players and officials the game resumed with increased momentum in the small (formerly "Girl's") gym.  The noise and fun just increased all the way to a 4th quarter score of 80 to 80! It was only after DOUBLE overtime and some incredible nail-biting plays that the score book was closed with an Alumni win at 97 to 96! 

Encina Alumni spirit and support for the school can leave no doubt about who we are and what we believe.  To be a part of 40 years of alumni giving back was awesome!

We will mail a tape to everyone who donated to this great evening.

My sincere thanks to all who came, cheered, screamed, laughed and gave.

You are all the best!

Steve Palmer '74

Some people thought the varsity went easy on us last year; anyone who saw the game last night knows that they were out for blood this time.  When the backboard was shattered, I assumed the event was over--kudos to Encina staff for getting things shifted to the small gym.  However, a 45-minute layoff (and losing our 7-footer, Chris Dahlberg, who was injured by the shattered glass) left us in a precarious position.

The energy and excitement in the gym was amazing, and I think that's the only thing that kept us old guys going through two overtimes.  As I write this from my hospital bed (kidding, but barely), I just want to say thanks to my tremendous teammates, the incredible fans, and of course the many who pledged.

When Steve and I came up with the idea for the Alumni Challenge last year, our original goal was to raise a few thousand dollars.  Needless to say, it has exceeded our wildest expectations.  We already have several ideas for next year that will make things even better, and with the help of our magical webmaster (Mr. Harlan), we will continue to build on the success of the past two years.

Thanks again, and Go Apaches!

Bob Goosmann '74
Ryan Norris '89 gets some air Five varsity overwhelm alumni player James Jones Tim Goode defends Ryan Norris
Rafael Enriquez sinks another Bob Goosmann shoots over Mark LaCoste James Jones shoots James Jones shoots
The Alumni challenge was reported on Channel 3 (April 14th) and Channel 10 (April 13th).

Watch videoclip of Richard Nelson's shattering dunk:
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Watch videoclip from Channel 3 news:
Quicktime (5 mb)  AVI  (17 mb)

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Second quarter
Alumni 26, Varsity 25
What now?
Richard Nelson  

2nd Annual Alumni Challenge
Friday, April 12, 2002
4 p.m.—11 p.m.

CAMPUS TOURS, 4 p.m.—6 p.m.

Current students will provide alumni with guided tours of the campus, including the renowned Encina Art Gallery.

Date: Friday, April 2, 2004
Dinner: catered by Dannie's Catering

Location: Encina cafeteria
Time: 530-700 pm
Dannie: dannie at

Dannie’s Catering will once again provide a delicious full-course meal in the school cafeteria.  This year’s menu features a choice of prime rib with baked potato or smoked turkey with mashed potatoes and dressing.  Included is tossed green salad, California mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, apple and peach cobbler, soda and coffee.


Each attendee will be automatically entered to win a prize during a drawing to be held at the dinner around 7 p.m. (must be present to win).  NOTE: We are currently looking for donations of prizes—please contact Julie Eissinger Meador at if you or someone you know can help.

Kathleen Rayfuse Calcidise 63: Apple IPOD (5gb)
Kathleen Lutz 64: 5 of her contemporary Christian CDs - won by LInda Weatherford Ballance '62
Margie Marston 65: wine basket - won by Patrick Boltinghouse '62, who donated it to the winner of the halftime free throw contest
Rett Smart 73:
miniature telephone - won by ?
7x18mm golf scope - won by Alan Stroppini '67
digital CD player/AM-FM stereo boom box - won by Micheal Carsey '64
Bill Farley 77: four seats to a River Cats baseball game (first row on the home team dugout) - won by Mary Dahlberg
Terri Jurich Howard 74: "Tastefully Simple" food products - won by ?

BASKETBALL GAME, 7:30 p.m.—9 p.m.

An alumni squad will once again challenge the current Encina varsity team during a regulation-length, refereed, highly-competitive game in the Encina gym.  If you are a former pre-1990 varsity player who did not play in last year’s game, contact Bob Goosmann at if you want to play (note: if you have already contacted Bob, please send him another e-mail; a couple of the early e-mails were lost).

Last year we received pledges totaling $250.00 per point scored by the alumni team (total points scored was 74).  Please consider sponsoring this year’s team with a per-point pledge.  Also funds raised will be used to support very worthwhile Encina projects and programs.

POST-GAME PARTY, 9 p.m.—11 p.m.

Coffee and socializing in the cafeteria with background music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.


Before April 1, $20 per person ($10 for children under 10)
April 1 and later, $25 per person ($12.50 children under 10)
This includes the campus tour, the catered dinner, and a chance to win a door prize.
There is no charge to attend just the game.

Send your payment to:

Encina High School Booster Club
Attention: Heddy Crowder
Encina High School
1400 Bell Street
Sacramento, CA 95825

For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact Steve Palmer '74 at 530-676-2775 or, or Bob Goosmann '74 at

Last updated: 3/12/09

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