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20 Year Reunion Weekend

The years have passed and it's time for our 20 year reunion!

We hope that you can join the fun

Saturday, October 18, 2008

DoubleTree Hotel, Sacramento.

Please visit www.classencounters.com for full details and to make your reservation!

In addition to Saturday evening's festivities, there will be barbeques and briquets available if anyone would like to grill, as well as ice and coolers for beverages. There is no charge for this event, but a small donation to help cover the cost of park rental, briquets and ice is appreciated.

We hope to see everyone both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon!

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Warren Rankin

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1988 Encinian yearbook

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Event's from the year 1988:

Headline News:
  • US & Canada approve NAFTA, the free trade agreement.
  • US Navy ship mistakenly shoots down Iranian airliner in Persian Gulf; 290 killed. 
  • George Bush wins presidential election. 
  • Terrorist bomb explodes on Pan-Am 747 over Locherbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard & 11 on ground. 
  • NASA scientist warns of global warming & greenhouse effect.
  • Entertainment News:
  • Academy Award, Best Picture - "Rain Man" 
  • Grammy Record of the Year - "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin 
  • Top song - "Faith" by George Michael 
  • Top movie - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"
  • Sports News:
  • Super Bowl - Washington Redskins d. Denver Broncos (42-10) 
  • World Series - LA Dodgers d. Oakland A's (4-1) 
  • NBA Championship - LA Lakers d. Detroit Pistons (4-3)
  • I am sad to say I we lost another Apache. My identical twin, Michelle Lynn Johnston passed away on Friday April 17th. 2015. I will be planning her memorial on May 2nd in Orangevale, CA. If any one has any pictures please contact me for my phone number and email. I will be in CA on April 26th the week ahead to help my mother.
    Cindy Johnston-Bennett 88

    FEDJE, Andrus "Ann" Kay
    Born September 30, 1969, in Sacramento, CA, passed away on October 6, 2012, at the age of 43 after a brief illness in Rancho Cordova, CA. She attended grade schools in Rock Springs, WY; Wright, WY; and Sacramento, CA, high school in Ferndale, WA; and graduated from Encina High School in Sacramento, CA. She is survived by her mother Cleo Fedje. She is also survived by her sisters Dianna Errington of Rancho Cordova, CA; Nicole Fedje of Sacramento, CA; and brother Hyrum B. Fedje II of West Hollywood, CA. She is also survived by her aunts Jo Ann Fedje and Donna Watts and many nieces, nephews and cousins. She had many talents and had become a gifted card maker and cross stitcher. She loved to play with the children that would come to visit and was a good influence on their lives. She had many dear friends who loved her and enjoyed her company. She retired from the Department of Motor Vehicles after 10 years service in the Driver Safety Office due to a chronic illness. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints all her life. A memorial service will be held at the church at 2400 Cordova Lane, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 at 11:00 AM. The graveside will be held at Camellia Memorial Lawn Cemetery, 10221 Jackson Road, Sacramento, CA 95827 at 2:00 pm. Published in The Sacramento Bee on October 12, 2012.

    Mindi Mahr wrote:
    Occupation: Respiratory Therapist
    MaritalStatus: Partnered
    SinceGraduation: Bumming around and working, mostly. Finally went back to school and got my Respiratory Therapy degree and license. I now work with very sick kids at a local children's hospital and love it. Also met a wonderful man. We've been together for several years. He's just as silly as I am.
    BestFriends: Shannon Hearnesburger, Jeff Bartell, Erin Yeast. I've lost contact with just about everyone. I do keep in email contact with Shannon from time to time. I went to the pre-reunion reunion two years ago and got to talk to people I haven't seen in, well, 20 years.
    Hobbies: Traveling with my partner (at this age it's a little weird to say "boyfriend";).
    This year we've been to Napa, Vegas, and Cape Cod. We're working on Bermuda for next year. I've also started training for a sprint triathlon in the area.
    GradeSchool: Howe Avenue
    MiddleSchool: Howe Avenue
    MemorableTeachers: Eric Dahlen-Ceramics (Hey Shannon-did we ever attend our teacher's aide period with him?), fun and could take our jokes and whining.
    FavoriteMemory: The protest during freshman year when they got rid of "smokers corner".
    Stories: I worked with Mrs. Pearce's husband on a local search and rescue team. She still looks the same.
    Siblings: Andie Mahr (Folse)
    Julie Moore writes:
    Occupation: Assistant Professor at CSU Chico
    Bio: School, school, school.  If I was not a student, I was teaching students.  I completed my PhD in Nutrition from UC Davis.  I found I love research and teaching.  I married a great man and had two smart and healthy children (thank god).
    Trivia: I recently moved to Chico, CA.  It is a great town, small and friendly.  No longer commuting 1 hour to work, I am lucky enough to bike to my office.
    Friends: Mary Bui.  Where are you?
    Hobbies: I went through a phaze of quilting and photography.  My current kicks are knitting and painting.  I hope to pick up camping and backpacking, now that my children are older.
    Kids: Aubrie (2/2002) and Matthew (8/2003)
    Aubrie is an outgoing 6 year old who just lost her two front teeth.  She is all girl, dolls, dresses, and primping.  Matthew is 4-1/2 years old boy who has his daddy's brown eyes.  He loves to run and jump.
    Grade_school: Creekside
    Junior_high: Howe Ave
    Junior_high_friends: Mary Bui
    Memorable_teachers: My experiences with the teachers at Encina HS were fantastic.  I appreciate all that they have done for me.  Most memerable, however, is Mrs. Davis, the librarian.  She was so kind and supportive.  Secondly would like to thank John Sander who taught me logic through mathmatics.  That logic helped me earn my PhD.
    Favorite_memory: Sharing salads with Mary.  I was so irresponsible, Mary often shared her lunch with me so I would not starve.
    Heather Bailey writes:
    Occupation: Executive Assistant with the Department of Toxic Substances Control.
    Bio: Great.  Love being married and a new mom again.  I am happier than I have ever been.
    Friends: Kari Brazeal Pace, Denise Galvez Owens
    Hobbies: Working out, movies, being outside anywhere. Being with my kids.
    Kids: Joseph-12 years old; Madyson-14 months old
    Joseph is 12 years old going on 21.  He is very handsome. He loves riding his skateboard and is on the swim team.  He is the sweetest boy. Madyson is the cutest thing ever with the bluest eyes you have ever seen. She is a talker like her mama. Very lovable both my kids are. Loves of my life!
    Grade_school: Greer Elementary
    Grade_school_friends: Chester Holmes
    Junior_high_friends: Shawna Mulhern
    Memorable_teachers: Eric the ceramics teacher.
    Favorite_memory: Hanging out with my friends and being a Cheerleader.
    Steven Smith writes:
    Occupation: Medical Supervisory Administrator-Department of Veterans Affairs
    Bio: Went back to college and graduated in 2001 (one month before 9/11). My degree in multimedia was not in great demand at the time, so I went
    back into federal government service.
    Trivia: I fought in Desert Storm as an infantryman and have been deployed around the world while I was in the service.
    Friends: Jack Bemis, Marci Basquez, Kim Berg, Cyndi Swink (Miller)
    Hobbies: Graphic Design, Baseball (Go Mariners!)
    Kids: Jacob, 12 Vanessa, 18
    Jake is going to be 12 in August, I fly him in twice a year and we just have the best time.
    Grade_school: Dyer Kelly-Sacramento
    Grade_school_friends: Lots! :)
    Junior_high: Howe Avenue
    Junior_high_friends: Lots who went to Encina as well, some that went to other high schools :)
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs Lord, awesome history teacher.  Mrs McGuire, great English and newspaper instructor.  Mr Braunalich, science was
    never so interesting.  Mr Adan...art dude from hell :)
    Favorite_memory: Springtime, rolling in and just enjoying the way it was. :)
    Story: Encina was a place that no matter what cliche or group you affiliated with, you always had friends from all of the others.  I could get along with just about anyone and that was the coolest part! :)
    DJ Feese writes:
    Occupation: Architect - Project Manager
    Bio: college, traveled thru Europe, partied, had a child, work (mostly schools - learning environments) and worked in the yard at home. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Bachelor's of Architecture (class of '99)
    Trivia: Thought that the 10 year reunion was going to suck but had a blast.
    Friends: Morgan Riddell (Moe), Gary Sunbury (BG)
    Hobbies: Bicycling, Skiing
    Kids: Jordan Elizabeth Feese, age 4. beautiful little girl, the boss of the house - didn't know why I was here until we had her.
    Junior_high: Carden School for 7th grade, Jonas Salk for 8th grade
    Junior_high_friends: Gary Sunbury
    Memorable_teachers: Mr. Fig (biology)...always told me to go to 7-11, Mac from Drama - just a good guy, Eric from Ceramics - my home base, Mr.
    Adahm from Art - wierd art dude...right up our alley.
    Favorite_memory: ceramics and art, sneaking on and off campus, running from the securty guy
    Story: Morgan Riddell lives in Colorado and has 3 children Gary Sunbury lives in San Jose with his new little girl
    Angela Graff writes:
    Occupation: District Manager
    Bio: After Encina, I followed the Volleyball to Cosumnes River College in Elk Grove, and played for two years and managed to finally become a half way decent student.  After that, I went to Sonoma State University and played for another two years.  Helped to found a local sorority, made the most amazing friends.  As a side bonus to the focus on my sport, I received a BA in English,with every intention to pay it forward and teach High School English, coach volleyball, marry a grass double player have kids and die.  Well, almost.  I did meet the man I would eventually (seven years later!) marry at SSU ( I was only 20 when we met!).  After graduating, I had a real desire to eat something that did not require boiled water and did not come out of a box or have it's own styrofoam packaging.  So instead of two more years to get a credential, I took a job for a short period of time at Life West Chiropractic College, then  was "recurited" by my boyfriends sister to work for a little retail company called "The Right Start".  Eight year, a marriage,
    house and two kids later, I moved on and was an HR manager for Target for four years.  I am now at Starbucks as a district manager (the BEST JOB EVER!  Ask Beth, she works for the company too!), live in the home I will die in (because I will NEVER move again!) in the little growing town of Lincoln outside of Roseville!  I guess I have kept busy!
    Trivia: I just met Howard Shultz, Jim Ailing (president) and Jim Donald (CEO) of Starbucks in Seattle last week.  Pretty darn cool.
    Friends: My best, dearest and most loyal friend ever was and still is Elizabeth Burkhardt Clark.  Everyone calls her Beth, except for me of course!  I have great memories of so many people!  I saw Cori's bio and remebered all the early year slumber parties at my house (my parents still ask about you!)All the "trouble" from Junior year! I think Jessica and I planned several student government events from our Geometry class (with doughnuts and coffee of course!) I have had intermitten contact with Karen Pierce (she was actually on duty as a nurse for the delivery of both of my kids!) I am glad to read so many new bios and to see that people I knew and cared about are alive, well and seem happy!
    Hobbies: My free time these days is going to my kids TBall games, school events and volunteering through the company I work for.  So much good to
    be done in that mean old world!
    Kids: Laura 7 & Johnny 5
    My kids are the light of my life.  They are just getting into sports, so that is very exciting for me.  I love watching the people they are becoming. 
    Junior_high: Howe Avenue Junior High.
    Junior_high_friends: Corinne McCluckie, Cindy and Shelley Johnson- they taught me to ride a horse and clean hooves, a skill I will never forget, and most likely not get the opprotunity to use!  Others that went to Mira Loma..
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Pierce, because she treated everyone with respect and dignity.  We were all the same in her eyes.  Our junior year student government teacher, what the heck was her name?  Mrs Jewel!  Oh, she was not fond of me! 
    Favorite_memory: Playing tennis with Beth on the weekends.  Feed the world  baby!  Corollas flying down highway 50 and tire blow outs.  Chuck E Cheese, the most audacious birthday hostesses ever. Volleyball tournaments with Susie, Mer, Don our coach- yea, I remember how you loved him Mer.  Football games, basketball games, "The Tribe".  We has some rockin kick butt school spirit.  Rallies, especially senior year when we WON them.
    Story: I cannot believe twenty years is around the corner.  I wonder if we have all mellowed enough to be curious about the people we are now? I guess we will see!
    Benjamin Joseph writes:
    Occupation: Carpenter
    Bio: Working in construction. Raising my family.
    Friends: I really can't remember 1 person I was friends with. I had a lot of differnt friends. I dont know where anybody is since I'm in Texas.
    Hobbies: I like to play video games...  and coaching my childrens sports.
    Kids: My oldest is 15 Leah, she is a freshman in high school and making me go grey!! LOL My son is 14 Ben Jr, he is very active boy. My youngest is 11 Kristina and she is my book worm very smart.
    Grade_school: San Bernadino
    Junior_high: Howe Ave
    Junior_high_friends: Everybody
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Woo that's the only one I can remember.
    Favorite_memory: Running Track, and playing football. Senior Lawn.
    Sibling_info: Amanda Joseph, Keith Joseph
    Helen Schueler writes:
    Occupation: Admit Clerk
    Bio: Working to get ahead, and raising children. Me and Ben have been married now 15 1/2 years and going strong. Move to New Mexico in 1995, then moved once again in 2001 to Lubbock, Tx. Crazy! I never thought I would be here.
    Friends: Sheryl Witt is my best friend. I lost contact with everybody when I moved. Dana Gomez, Rueben, Michelle Brown, stanly,tiffany V.
    Kids: Leah Renee 14, Benjamin JR 13, Kristina 10.
    Leah is a freshman in hihg school. Benjamin Jr is in eighth grade, and kristina is in fifth grade. Growing fast and look just like there daddy.
    Grade_school: Howe Ave
    Junior_high: Howe Ave
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Woo
    Favorite_memory: All the fun we had at the Village and partys!!
    Sibling_info: Heather Schueler 86
    comments: I would love to hear from some old friends.
    Georgina Sitar writes:
    Occupation: U.S. Army - Mortuary Affairs Specialist
    Bio: Went to college and worked then joined the Air Force. Worked on F-16 Fighter Aircraft for four years in Japan and Nevada. Got out of the Air Force and got a B.A. in Anthropology. Did some work as a shovelbum at archeological sites throughout California and Nevada. Joined the Army
    and became a Mortuary Affairs Specialist. Got deployed to the war, then got stationed at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command helping forensic anthropologists retrieve and identify remains from prior wars. Going to go back to California soon.
    Trivia: I've gotten to see Japan, Kuwait, Iraq, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.
    Kids: None yet....
    Favorite_memory: Watching Rocky Horror Picture show in an english class. One of the seniors played Rocky at the local show.
    Jeff Bartell writes:
    Occupation: I own a clothing store with my bother in Sacramento. Additionally,  I manage a local restaurant.
    Bio: I went to Sacramento City College for a couple of semesters before moving to San Francisco.  I gradutated from SFSU in '95  with a BA in
    psychology. I also completed all the course work for my MA in social psychology, but moved back to Sacramento and opened my clothing store
    instead of completing my thesis.
    Friends: My friends in high school were Joe Eustis, Robert Alexander, Corinne McLuckie, Noel Hayes(West), Mindi Mahr, Shannon Hearnesberger,
    Eyvette Estrada and others. I have not been in contact with anyone, except Noel West, since high school.
    Hobbies: It's all about skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.  I also enjoy riding motorcycles, carpentry, and travel.
    Kids: They would be great, that is, if I had any.
    Grade_school: Greer Elementry
    Grade_school_friends: Joe Eustis, Joe Monasterio, Aaron Ford, Melissa Meyer, Beth Burkhardt, and Dyanne Thompson
    Junior_high: Jonas Salk
    Memorable_teachers: My most memorable teachers were Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Pierce because they showed a genuine interest in their students and
    afforded me opportunities to reach my educational potential.  Also, Mr Adan because he said I was "a mediocre artist but a fantastic teachers
    assistant" and that still makes me laugh today.
    Favorite_memory: Many great memories.  A few that come to mind are 4 wheel driving in the junior class float in the El Camino parking lot after the homecoming parade (man did that float come apart), water polo, being sent to the office for "staring" at Mr Stallings during class and running against Jessica for SBP.
    Katherine Shaffer writes:
    Occupation: Inside Sales Supervisor, Vision Service Plan
    Bio: Attended UC Davis and received my BA in 1992in Rhet & Comm. Employed with Vision Service Plan (almost 13 years now).  Married to my
    best friend and have two wonderful children.
    Friends: Best friends - Stafford Boyd, Kevin Davis, Tara Ronzone, Allan Berry, Stafford Boyd, Willie Martin, Aarton Tello, Roger Sherman, Cece
    Guajardo, Suzie Fredericks.
    Lost touch - Tara Ronzone, Roger Sherman
    Hobbies: Playing softball, snowmobiling, spending time with my famiily!
    Kids: Our son Lane - 6 years old, Our daughter Madison - 14 months. Our son Lane is 6 years old now and in first grade.  Our daughter Madison is 14 months.  Both are beautiful and quite a blessing!
    Grade_school: Sierra Oaks Elementary
    Grade_school_friends: Giovanni Favero and Willie Martin
    Junior_high: Jonas Salk Junior High
    Junior_high_friends: Tara Ronzone, Cece Guajardo, Kevin Davis, Willie Martin, Wendy Onstine, Allan Berry
    Memorable_teachers: Launa Gregori - AP English - she taught me how to "think outside of the box."
    Favorite_memory: Attempting to sleep on senior lawn with Stafford, Tara and the gang!
    Dana Brown writes:
    Occupation: Network Engineer
    Bio: At first I seemed to be a jacklynn of all trades. I then focused on obtaining my AS in electrical engineering. From there I landed a job with Cisco Systems. I've been working at Cisco for the past 7 1/2 years. I'm now preparing to go back to SJ state to obtain my higher education in Industrial & Systems Engineering. Never too late or too old to learn new stuff.
    Friends: My close friend in HS was Carollyne Smith. Other close acquaintance was Renee Good. I am still in contact with Carollyne.
    Hobbies: I love to camp, ride motorcycles and play disc golf. I'm a connoisseur for most outdoor activities.
    Kids: Audrey is two. She is the light of my life
    Grade_school: Too many to remember
    Junior_high: Nevada City, CA
    Memorable_teachers: Cheryl Chambers- My french teacher for 3 years. Following graduation we went to Europe. Of course now, I wish I would
    have taken Spanish. It would have been more practical.
    Favorite_memory: I was not an active participant in school activities. I did enjoy the Jr and Sr proms and a few parties.
    Story: I remember in health class talking about our blood cells. I remember asking if a certain type of cell is what gave us the munchies. That is how I met my friend, Carollyne Smith.
    Simone Kroeger writes:
    Occupation: student
    Bio: school both here in CA and in CO. Worked for Office Depot, Kinkos and Walmart
    Friends: Best friends were Rebecca Picket and others. I have lost contact with everyone from Encina
    Hobbies: Neopets, reading, computers: graphics/web
    Kids: I am expecting my first in early June :)
    Grade_school: Merryhill
    Junior_high: Arcade Junior High
    Memorable_teachers: Mr Figenshu, Mrs Leaf, Mrs Takeuchi, Mrs McGuire, Mr Adan and Mr Dederian. awesome classes!!!
    Favorite_memory: advanced art, getting into senior comp classes as a freshman
    Corinne McLuckie writes:
    Occupation: Veterinary Technician at an equine hospital.
    Bio: Celebrating my 20's in Los Angeles, in ways that only Los Angeles could accept, going to school in Colorado, traveling to Europe as often as
    possible, making a general nuisance of myself, falling in and out of love, all of the usual we've all done.
    Trivia: My hair is a somewhat normal color now.
    Friends: I've lost contact with just about everyone, but my best friends were Shalena Davis, Jeff Bartell, Tanya Monier (different graduating class but we've kept in contact) the twins, Cindy and Shelly, Amy, Georgina, Gretchen, Ann Hovie (my little anchovie), there were so many and I miss them all.
    Hobbies: Travel, I love to travel, anywhere, anytime. My next BIG TRIP is to visit Michelle Gobbel (now Shakleford) in Louisianna for Mardi Gras next
    year, then off to New York to see Tanya Monier.
    Kids: I never could see myself as a mom, so I have pets, and nieces and a nephew.
    Grade_school: Dyer Kelly (Diaper Smelly as it was known to all who went there.)
    Grade_school_friends: Shalena Davis, the Johnston twins, Joanne Cutler...
    Junior_high: Howe Ave.
    Junior_high_friends: Shalena, the twins and Joanne, most everyone else went to Mira Loma for high school from there.
    Memorable_teachers: Ms. Gregori, THE LORD (and she knows of whom I speak), Mr. Fig, Mr. Adan, they were all inspiring in their own way, and they never asked me why I was the way I was.
    Favorite_memory: Alan Berry throwing me over the back fence of the school, when we were making a big escape after a night of... you know, senior
    pranks at the end of senior year (we all did a wonderful job of it too!) My feet didn't hit the ground for a block and a half.
    Story: Anything more sordid than what I have already attested to could land myself and others in trouble.
    Sibling_info: Kristine McLuckie (1985)
    Alumni_in_contact: Tanya Monier
    comments: I saw the 1988 yearbook online, looked at a picture of myself with Jeff Bartell on senior lawn, it took me way back, pulled at a heart string
    or two, and made me decide to post my bio. Miss you all very much, and it surprised me a little that I missed you all so much.
    Kevin Ward writes:
    Occupation: I currently work for the California Highway Patrol here in Sacramento. I started with the CHP in 1997, and I've worked in Palm Springs
    for 4 years and Merced for 2 years.
    Bio: After my junior year at Encina my parents were transferred to Los Angeles. I spent my senior year at Lakewood Senior Highschool. What a
    culture shock. I went from little old Encina, with about 900 students total, to a highschool of 3600 students. My graduating class was over 1200
    After Graduation I returned to Sacramento and attened American River. After one year I easily concluded that I did not have the patients for school. I
    joined the Navy in the fall of 1989 and shipped out for San Diego. After boot camp I was stationed in Washington D.C.
    Shortly after I was stationed in DC, I married my highschool sweetheart, Kati Estes. Kati and I dated during my junior year (off and on as it goes
    in high school) and we were separated for two years following my departure from Sacramento. We met again at ARC and started dating on 9-10-89. One year later we were married.
    While in DC Kati gave birth to our first son, Brandon in 1992. I was busy doing my time with the Navy and Kati worked for Cellular One. On Brandons
    first birthday we found ourselves on an airplane bound for Sicily, Italy, my next duty station.
    We spent 3 years in Sicily, where Kati gave birth to our only daughter, Shannon in 1994, and our youngest son, Nathan in 1995. Spending time away
    from our family was hard, but learning to be our own family was invaluable.
    As a hint that we were missed, my father sent me an application for the CHP. One thing led to another and Kati and I decided to return home. This was a big step, separating from the Navy, having 3 kids, no job and no insurance. To put it mildly, it was daunghting.
    One year after we returned home I was hired by the CHP. Shortly thereafter I was stationed in Indio (adjacent to Palm Springs) and again we were off. For 4 years Kati and I had the time of our lives in Indio. We made many wonderful friends (most of whom we still see regulary) and had a blast
    working in the desert sun. For me in particular, I really loved learning my new career and as Kati says, I took to it like a duck to water. For 3 years
    running I was the MADD award, for having the most drunk driving arrest for our office. In 2000 I had so many arrests, I received officer of the year.
    All in all we had a great time, but like before we began to miss family. I put in for a transfer and got Merced. So we packed up the kids, like so
    much cord wood, and moved again. Looking back, Kati and I have lived in 12 different homes or apartments during our 13 years of marriage. Merced was fun, but not quite close enough to Sacramento, so as soon as we could, off we were again. So here we've been ever since.
    Trivia: Two of my children were born overseas, in Sicily, Italy, and have dual citizenship.
    Friends: While in Highschool my friends were WARREN RANKIN (haven't seen since my wedding, but hoping to soon), MARK HURLOCK (class of 87, haven't seen since 87), REBECCA PICKETT (I haven't seen Becky since 96, where I briefly saw her at a McD's) SIMONE KROEGER (with whom I rode RT bus #82, to school with), KATI ESTES (I still see her on occasion, when my work schedule allows), and some others I've lost contact with are; Dixie Mitchell, Stephanie Brewer, Angela Korris, Tood Lane, Lori Pride, Elissa Dow, Robert Alexander, Parsha Miller and Pat Storm.
    Hobbies: Recently my family and I have joined a competition shoot club, Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and we've had a great time with it.
    Two weekends a month we dress up in cowboy gear and head out to the range and shoot up the hill sides. Oh, I know it sounds rather bizzare, but its a ton of fun. Our oldest has just started as well and he is a natural.
    Kids: Brandon 12 years old, Shannon 9 years old and Nathan 8 years old. Brandon, our oldest, is now taller than his mom, and growing more all the
    time. He loves basketball and he is learning the ins and outs of cowboy shooting at our SASS club. Shannon, who is now 9, is full of energy and always has three different activities going at once. She is in band, dance, drama and is taking piano lessons. Nathan, our youngest, is currently in baseball and in the drama club. He recently talked his mom and me into getting him a new pet, a dwarf rabbit. Admittantly, it is the cutest pet I've ever seen.
    Junior_high: Starr King
    Memorable_teachers: The teachers I remember the most are Ms. Kojima, Ms. McQuire, Mr. Triplett (mostly for getting suspended for fighting), and Ms. Esparcia.
    Favorite_memory: In the spring of my Junior year, after competing at the Sac-Jaoquin Sectionals for Diving, I receieved a most valuable player award from Ms. Esparza at the Spring athletics award ceremony. Since I was the only diver from Encina, this might not seem like a big award, but for me it was the end of a long journey. You see, when the season started, the pool was condemed and it seemed as though I wouldn't be able to participate. After a little leg work and some sweet talking, I was able to go to El Camino and join their swim team. After 4 months of practice and
    competition, I made it to the Sectional finals.
    Shannon Cooper writes:
    Occupation: Certified Dental Assistant
    Bio: Traveling, working, having a family
    Hobbies: Boating, 4 wheeling, camping, outdoor recreation
    Kids: Tristan is starting kindergarten and my little girl Hannah is starting preschool this fall at 3yrs old. GREAT KIDS~~~
    Grade_school: Dyer Kelly
    Grade_school_friends: Tony Guzman
    Junior_high_friends: Lisa Faso and Tony Guzman
    Favorite_memory: The Senior Lawn and playing sports with all my friends... Softball and basketball
    Paul Miller writes:
    Occupation: General manager of Restaurant
    Bio: Working hard to get to the top
    Friends: Beth Burkhart, Mark Giarrita
    Hobbies: Playing with my children, woodworking
    Kids: Nicole is a highly intelligent and energetic 10 year old, shes from my wifes prior relationship but i'm her father in every sence. My twin girls are beyond energetic and they get into everything but there my pride and joy, all three of them.
    Favorite_memory: I cant put those memorys on the web page!
    Lisa Rojo writes:
    Occupation: Digital Imaging
    Bio: Work, work, and more work.  I received my counseling degree in '95.
    Shannon McClain writes:
    Occupation: Business Person for General Construction Company
    Bio: I immediately moved to Hayward, California the weekend after graduation. There I lived with my dad and step-mom. I began working as a shoe saleswoman in the malls and going to Chabot College. I eventually got a job as an Accounts Receivable clerk for a copier/fax sales & service company. My most noteworthy job I fell into from college. The Asst. Controller of Cornnuts, Inc. (yes, those things you eat) was teaching a Computerized Accounting class at Chabot. They were looking for a new Payroll Administrator.. I had only done Accounts Receivable in the past. They hired me and for the next 7 years I have done payroll. I am a CPP (Certified Payroll Professional). I met and married my husband, who was a cook in the Navy. He was given orders to Bremerton, Washington and thus we moved to Silverdale Washington where he has just retired with 20 years in. We married in August of 1998 and had our son, Jake in February of 2000. Shortly after Jake was born, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had surgery and have been c
    Trivia: I took up Taekwondo in my late twenties. I have medaled in every competition with a double gold in the UAA 1997 Friendship Tournament in my division at the time.
    Friends: My best friends were Gretchen Goettl, Jeff Burton, the Johnson Twins, Corrine McCluckie and Joe Canales. I have kept in contract with everyone except Corrine.
    Hobbies: Gardening. And as soon as my son is old enough to join, I will be doing Taekwondo again.
    Kids: My step-children live with their mother in Fairfield, CA. Felicia, the oldest is a sophmore in H.S. She gets straigt A's and plays volleyball, basketball and softball. Very pretty and very athletic. Devin is in the 8th grade and very much the clown like his father. I call him my little comedian when he was in grade school. Always making people laugh. He also plays basketball and baseball.
    Grade_school: Howe Ave.
    Grade_school_friends: Joe Canales, Dixie Mitchell and Lisa Faso
    Junior_high: Howe Ave
    Junior_high_friends: Michelle & Cindy Johnson, Corrine McCluckie, Joe Canales, Dixie Mitchell, Monode Kunsuti
    Memorable_teachers: Kojima, she made Spanish. Gregori, because I learned to look at myself for answers.
    Favorite_memory: When Cindy & I bought Jon Saxton for the day. We had him sing in Physics. Matt Cohen and Rob Alexander helped him.
    Stephanie Brewer writes:
    Occupation: Supervising Program Technician II for The Department of Pesticide Regulation, State of California.
    Bio: College, work, college, work.....some playing in between.
    Friends: My best friends in high school were, Denise Mills, Dixie Mitchell, Janice Meyers Beth Burkhardt and Yvette Garcia.
    I have basiclly lost touch with everyone.  I am still able to contact Denise and Dixie (Janice via Dixie), but I haven't
    talked to either of them in quite some time.
    Hobbies: I spend some time working with a girls youth group, although I am starting to pull away from that.  Most of my time is spent with Kevin and the girls.  I also spend quite a bit of time with my family.  What we do can be anything from house work to traveling.  It all depends on how much time Kevin has that month (he is a mobile DJ and gets quite busy at certain times of the year).
    Kids: I have two beautiful step daughters who are very thoughtful and caring.  Raichel is very athletic (soccer is her number one love) and very independent.  We have a feeling that she will be the kind of girl who will date, but wont want anything serious until my later in life. Megan on the other hand is a girly girl all the way.  Anything that lets her get dressed up is her cup of tea.  We woke up early one morning (2 AM) and found her in the bathroom "doing her hair".  Needless to say, she wasn't aloud to put her hair up for two weeks...we just felt that 4 years old was a little too young to be that vain.  That must have done something, because she is now playing her first year of soccer.  We never thought we would see the day when Megan would give up the dance classes for soccer.  It must be her big sis.
    Kimberley Bullock writes:
    Occupation: Teacher
    Bio: college bound.
    Friends: Donovan Newcomb and c.c. and sharon bruce.
    Hobbies: I ride horses and I like to camp here in Iowa. It's beautiful here and wish one of you out there are close so we can get together and talk sometime. studying is a must and Big brother.
    Kids:  My daughter is special. she is smart and blonde hair and blue eyes. she is in the 2nd grade already and I have her in Choir and lessons for the piano. She is bright!!
    Grade_school: Del paso manor elementary school in sacramento, ca.
    Shannon Hearnesberger writes:
    Occupation: Rope course facilitator
    Bio: I have been doing so much since graduating! Please read on...if you see spelling error...skip 'em
    Trivia: Trivia? Well, I guess some would consider the fact that I worked as a phone fantasy girl for five yrs interesting trivia. May not have been the most " politically correct " of jobs but hey, it got me a nice apt. on the beach and it expanded my imagination to new depths (wink). And now, if you can believe it...I am a nun at St. Josephs Catholic church in WA. Just teasing....
    Friends: These are all in the same. That is to say, that they were my best buddies and I have lost contact with them all. Well, all of them that is except for Cooper. Shannon Cooper, Boling now. Ok, this is in no certain order. Bryan Ballance, Mindi Mahr, Angie Button, Denise Mills, Shannon Cooper, Jeff Bartell, Joe Eustis, Peter Minns, Ramsey Spvey, Tasha Sullinger, Kevin Wildie, Nicki Lewis, Erin Hoff, Lee Jackson Plus many, many more!! I Miss ya guys!!
    Hobbies: Hobbies? Me? Oh um, well...I like to bowl.
    Kids: None kids as yet...check back in about 2-3 yrs., prayers couldn't hurt either, tehe...
    Grade_school: Cottage elementary in Sac and Oakview for 4th thru 6th in Orangevale, then Howe Ave in Sac. Geezzz, I really got shuffled around a lot didn't I ...no wonder I am so malajusted! Sheesh...
    Grade_school_friends: Not many because I went to so many schools but I do recall Tom Spencer, Melissa Tyler and Gary Pederson. Speaking of Gary...does ANYONE know what high school he went to? I have been looking and looking for that guy to no avail!
    Junior_high: Howe Ave.
    Junior_high_friends: Let us see... Mindi Mahr, Angie Button, Shannon Cooper, Lisa Faso, Tony Guzman, Shalena Davis, Kevin Wildie, Peter Minns, Azack Stidger, Tom Spencer, Paul Hedglin and I am sure there are more but hell, that was what...15-16 yrs. ago! My memory is failing me! Sorry if I left anyone out!
    Memorable_teachers: This is such an easy question! My one and only favorite teacher was Eric Dahlin! The ceramics teacher! He taught me everything I know about ceramics. Which is vertually nothing now! But he would put up with a lot of crap from me and Mindi. He was so cool that sometimes he would even mark us there when we weren't just so that we would not get busted!! Love ya Eric!! Hey...remember Mr. Record? The general math teacher? What was with that guy anyway?
    Favorite_memory: I rememeber so many cool things it is hard to pick one. But if I HAD to pick one it would be when me and Jeff Bartell would harass Mr. Laforge in English class just to piss him off. He always had that gross what stuff in the corners of his mouth (eewwww)!
    Story: Well, don't want to get anyone into trouble but...what the hell! I do happen to recall a few of the upper classmen teaching us lower classmen how to make a pipe in ceramics and hide it in a ceramic vase, then fire it in the kiln and then, WALA, you break the vase and get the pipe out! The upper classmen weren't good for much but at least they were good for something eh?
    Shannon Winter writes:
    Bio: I was only at Encina for my freshmen year.  I had a very traumatic death in my family as well as a drug attic parent which effected my schooling to the point that I dropped out and ended up getting my GED.  I then was working for Chanel Cosmetics for 4 years as well as going to Sac City College.  I ended up moving to San Francisco in 1991 for a Make up artist job with a well known salon.  I met my husband in 1994 and got married in 1996 and moved across the street from Ocean Beach in SF.  I worked in the Financial District at a large accounting firm for 6 years and then got pregnant.  I decided to stay home with my baby girl til whenever.  After much thought, my
    husband and I decided to buy a house in Rocklin, CA and we got out of the city. Now I am currently working for a property management company in Sacramento.  I am working on my real estate license.
    Trivia: I danced with a hip hop dance troop
    Friends: It has been so long I just can't really remember.  There are alot of people I would like to contact from Jonah Salk
    Hobbies: Travel,rollerblading, yoga, running, rafting, home decorating, sewing, hangin with my hubby and daughter and hangin with my friends.
    Kids: I have a 20 month old daughter who is just the joy of my life. We are hoping by next year we will have another child
    Grade_school_friends: Kristen Fieldler and Renee Singer
    Junior_high_friends: There are so many people that I would love to talk to that I am not sure I could list them
    Eric Sorenson writes:
    Bio: Graduated UNLV 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration/ Casino Management
    Trivia: Own and operate a tanning salon chain in Las Vegas, started with 1 store and 8 beds in 1997, have 4 stores and 50 beds now.. cater to high end clientel
    Friends: Juan Hernandez - still in contact, Damon Cutty - still in contact, Rodney Blythe - still in contact, Jed Panell - still in contact, Jimmy Parks - still in contact, Caroline Balderas - still in contact, Lisa Pearson - still in contact, Terry Morris - lost contact, doing 25 to life, Eric Dobrinski - lost contact, would like to find gloria mestes, vanessa mcgee, todd sytaki, and other people that shared memories
    Hobbies: tanning, boating, skiing, golfing,
    Kids: Alyssa born 4/21/98 and Eric Jr. born 8/25/00 - I'm a two day a week dad after being seperated - never married
    Junior_high_friends: kevin hansen, james fung, aron tello, remember when we all rode our bikes to go fishing, or rafting down the american river...
    Michele Brown writes:
    Occupation: Administrative Assistant
    Bio: I got married to a Highlands High graduate. We were married for almost 12 years. We had 2 beautiful children together Corey (11) and Jaime (4). We have recently seperated and filed for divorce. I am now going out with an
    Encina High graduate, Brad Baker. He is wonderful and so are his 3 children. I had to move out of state in 1994 to Arkansas. We were there for 7 years. That was the longest 7 years of my life. "Don't go to Arkansas!!!"
    Friends: Sheryl Witt, Cindy Leach, Missy Tyler and Lynn Rowe I have lost contact with Cindy Leach and Lynn Rowe. I still talk to Sheryl every year on her birthday.
    Hobbies: I still enjoy Weightlifting, softball and football
    Kids: I have a son, Corey he is 11. I also have a daughter, Jaime she is 4 almost 5 in Jan.
    Grade_school: Crestmont in Roseville
    Junior_high: Howe Ave.
    Junior_high_friends: Sheryl Witt, Cindy Leach, Missy Tyler and Lisa Faso
    Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin, he was the coolest teacher. Mr. Rollins also sticks in my mind. I didn't care for him and he didn't much care for me. I think the only reason I passed his American Government class is because he didn't want to deal with me anymore. I passed with a D or a D-. I wonder if he still wears those same clothes that he wore everyday of every year?????
    Favorite_memory: My friendships, my weight training records (which have probably been beat by now), track and field and most of all "cutting 1st period at Mcdonalds with my brother, Gene Brown.
    Sibling_info: Gene Brown 1986
    Alumni_in_contact: Sheryl Witt and Aaron Ford.
    Comments: I would like to hear from everyone that doesn't hate me still. HAHA
    Shelly Bartoe Turner writes:
    Occupation: Self Employed Private Investigator
    Bio: What haven't I been doing! Homeowner, Truck Payments, Medical Insurance etc.
    Trivia: I won $9,000 on a CA lottery scratcher and within a week later $1000 on the radio.
    Friends: HOLLY TRIANO and BRENT MURRAY. BOTH LOST TOUCH. BRENT IS VERY ILL AND MISSING. I hung out with Alana Jackson and Kim Dellar mostly but of course we were NEVER at school, hence getting expelled 2nd month of my Junior Year!
    Hobbies: My son, my son, my son. You would think it would be rose bushes and gardening with my acreage. 34 roses bushes last year, I lost count. But it isn't mostly I sit around at all the things I should be doing and dont.
    Kids: Justin Blaze Turner is a special needs (busy)child, came to the planet as a Gemini, May 24, 1995 after 34 hours of labor. whew what we wont do for our kids.
    Grade_school: Howe Ave
    Grade_school_friends: Karie Turner was my best friend at Howe but she moved on to B.V, I hung out with Kelly Horine, Dixie Mitchell, Esther Sanchez, Tifny Vanmeter, I could go on for days!!! I grew up in my block with John Wolstenholm, Kimmy Thorstad (GOD BLESS HER SOUL AND HER FAMILY) Kelly, Shannon Holbrook, Laura Stewart......
    Junior_high: Same
    Junior_high_friends: Same
    Memorable_teachers: They had teachers there? I sware I can remember the ceramics guy a little, mrs. Woo for something and I had a history teacher from Hell. Kim Dellar used to shoot rubberbands at her head while me and Stacy Gleckman would die laughing. And this one guy whose name was Robert would eat dead flies...Go figure
    Favorite_memory: Always being allowed to go on the Senior Lawn from day one,,
    Story: I would like to reiterate about Kim Thorstad and Brent Murry please refer to above.
    Alumni_in_contact: cHANTELL aBELS,
    Heard_about_website_from: just screwing around looking for friend
    Caroline Balderas writes:
    Occupation: Assistant Adminastration
    Bio: Well after Graduation a lot of changes happend. I worked at Tar-Jay (Target) for a little bit. I then went to work for Payless as a floor manager. I then had my son Justin. He is now 9 years old. He is my life. I went to school for computers and business. I then went to work for the Money Store by Arco. I hated every minute of it. I then got a job at my previous job the Tascal Co. were I love my job. I get away with murder. (lol)There has been many changes in my life some good some bad. I guess that is life.
    Friends: My best friends were CC Agurto, Carolyn Jefferson, Kevin Taylor, and Eric Smith, and Jr Lee Jackson, Ben Peterson (old roomate). The one that I felt close too in the end is gone, and he will always stay with me. His name was Damian De La Cuesta. He was a bright star and will stay in my heart forever.
    Hobbies: My hobbies are music. I go to the studio a lot. I live for music it soothes me. I love to travel. I have been many places here in the US. This next year I plan on visting other countries.
    Kids: I have a son. He is a 9 years old going on 21. (lol) He has hazel eyes. He is smart and has a very kind spirit. He is pure joy. He has shown me what true love is about.
    Grade_school: Sierra View
    Grade_school_friends: Carolyn Jefferson
    Junior_high: Don Julio
    Junior_high_friends: Carolyn Jefferson
    Memorable_teachers: Mr B, I guess he stands out cause he was such a cool teacher, and that is were I met Damian and Ben Peterson. We had a lot of fun in that class. (Actting like we were taking pictures.)
    Favorite_memory: Well I have a few. I have to say the day I met my best friend CC Agurto. She was walking down the hall, and I was new to Encina. She came up and started talking to me about an oufit I was wearing. She was I have to say the first friend I made there at Encina. It is like I said a lot of memories stand out and it is hard to pick just one. My b-day was another. Damian gave me a gold chain. I had gotten real ill and he came into the nurses office and put the chain in my hand.
    Heard_about_website_from: just looking through the web pages of Encina
    Stacie Gleckman writes:
    Occupation: Nurse
    Bio: Going to nursing school while working at the local hospital in Placerville, getting married to my high school sweetheart (a guy from El Camino!Those of you who know me know who he is!), buying a house in Pollock Pines to get out of the city life, having a son Dustin James Pearson aged 3 years!
    Friends: Kelli Doney (Sanders)-Still best friends! Heather Bailey- see her every few years! Krista DeMarco- Haven't seen in over 10 years-- and many, many more!!!
    Hobbies: Camping, 4 Wheeling (we own 2 Jeeps & 4X4 Chevy), Boating on Sly Park Lake with my son!
    Kids: Dustin James Pearson!!! Born August 23, 1997 Blonde hair, blue eyes!!! Wants to be a Monster Truck driver, a Doctor, Train driver, Construction worker, and ten thousand other things!! Currently in Preschool in a small town called Camino, Ca.
    Grade_school: Creekside School
    Grade_school_friends: Ryan McFessel, Miriam Hamilton (Hejazi), Mike Sinor, Robert Alexander-can't remember any more names!
    Junior_high: Arden School
    Junior_high_friends: I think the same as above-the others went to El Camino-UUGGGHH!!
    Memorable_teachers: "Eric" - pottery class- when you didn't want to be in class you could go to his class and he would write you a note for class!! "Mrs. Lord"- Kelli and I used to shoot rubber bands and paperclips at her during films-she would yell at us and kick us out of class!
    Favorite_memory: Eric's class-anyone could cut class and meet there!! Getting constantly kicked out of class with Kelli- open campus at lunch time- woodshop with the guys- proms-young love and flings!!!
    Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
    Warren Rankin writes:
    Occupation: licensed insurance agent
    Bio: I went to Nebraska for six months- couldn't adapt to the lifestyle. I then moved to Arizona - didn't like the heat. Came back to Sac and got in touch with Brad E. and went to ARC. Graduated with AS in digital electronics. Started working retail sales in computer dept. for Office Depot. Hated Retail. Customer service on the phone is much easier, found a way to make a good living being a insurance agent with USAA.
    Trivia: Met my future wife while working at JcPenny in the catalog order phone center at Fair Oaks and El Camino. She turned out to be a long time childhood friend of Dixie Mitchell.
    Friends: Brad Ellingson, Gerald Sanchez, Twatchai Kodsuntie, Steven Disher. lost contact with all of them unfortunately. Saw Brad at 10 year reunion.
    Hobbies: I like to play golf and tennis with my best friend. I collect baseball, football, and basketball cards and memorabillia.
    Kids: No kids, maybe someday!!! We have a beautiful black cat instead.
    Grade_school: Our Lady of Fatima
    Grade_school_friends: n/a
    Junior_high: Our Lady of Fatima
    Junior_high_friends: n/a
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Kojima gave me the sense to go and seek what it is you need to fulfill yourself. Never let the others prevent you from making the most of yourself.
    Favorite_memory: Walking on Senior Lawn for the first time and belonging there!!!
    Melissa Meyer writes:
    Occupation: Sales/Marketing for Financial Advisory Firm
    Bio: Upon returning from my senior "gift for graduating" trip to the beautiful Bahamas, I met my future husband David through some friends of mine from Elk Grove. It didn't take long to fall in love. We met in August of 88 and by January we were living together and both attending Chico State. I stayed in Chico for a year and moved back to Sac for various reasons, the main one being the town was just too small for this city girl. I enrolled at CSUS and my husband followed me back here a year later after we got tired of driving back and forth from Chico to see each other every weekend. Anyone who has ever tried a long distance relationship can relate to this. After 5 1/2 years living together, we went to the next step and were married in February of 1994. After 5 long years at CSUS, I graduated in June of 94
    with two bachelors degrees-Journalism and Psychology. My daughter Sheridan was born the same month. When Sheridan was 4 months old, I got a job as a nanny for about 9 months so that I could stay with her. In August 1995 I received an offer from the person I am currently working with to assist him in his financial advisory/insurance business. Later that year, I went back to school nights to get my paralegal degree and became a notary as well. David and I have
    lived in Natomas for the last ten years and bought a home there in 1996. We started our own multimedia business 2 years ago and David keeps busy installing satellite dishes for customers although his major was biology. We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in February.
    Friends: Amber Kempker, James O'Kendo, Karen Pearce, Meriam Hamilton, Les Cheng,Pamela Waterbury, Jeff Burton, Maria Garcia, John Sher, Cathy Mitchell, Eddie Schaffer, Lloyd Brown, Charles McBrian
    Hobbies: You can find me at the Capital Athletic Club at least 12 hours a week. I am addicted to the gym. I help my husband with his multimedia/satellite business which gives us over 300 channels of programming to view at home. I love music and dancing, that hasn't changed. Also love to travel, went to Europe August 2000 and am going to Alaska and
    Texas in June.
    Kids: Sheridan Claire will be 7 this June. She was born the same week I graduated from CSUS and is an only child. I consider her to be a miracle as all my doctors told me I had less than a one percent chance of becoming pregnant.
    She is in the first grade at Natomas Park Elementary. She loves ballet, animals, art, reading and wants to be a veteranarian. Don't ask me how she already knows this.
    Grade_school: Greer Elementary
    Grade_school_friends: Beth Burkhardt, Jeff Bartell, Marla Ellsworth
    Junior_high: Winston Churchill -in Carmichael
    Junior_high_friends: Amber Kempker
    Memorable_teachers: Has to be Mr. Figenshu and the carving of the cats sophomore year. I also was his teaching assistant for a semester, boy were those the easiest units I ever earned. I can't leave out Mrs. Chambers, after all I did take French for 3 1/2 years there.
    Favorite_memory: Being part of the yearbook staff sophomore year, drill team, parties. I will never forget sophomore year when Phil Dreher was an exchange student from Germany living with my family. He was a senior at Encina then and he was like the big brother I never had. He flew out here from Europe to attend my wedding and I was able to stay with him in London and Germany last August.
    Heard_about_website_from: classmates website
    Jon Saxton writes:
    Systems Administrator / Systems Support Supervisor HomEq Servicing Corporation
    Hmm, how do you sum up twelve years into a small paragraph? After high school, I went on to CSU Sacramento to study stuff. After a few changes in my major, I finally settled into graduating with a BS in Physical Education - concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. During that time at school, I met and began dating my wife, Amy. Once we had both graduated (it took me about 7.5 years - DOH!), we settled down and got married in July 1995. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get into graduate school to be a physical therapist. So I took on a position doing some data entry and asset management with The Money Store. After a while I started working as a desktop computer technician / systems administrator for one of the smaller divisions. And since then, things have evolved to allow me to work with the primary function of being a supervisor for our Systems Support / Help Desk group and occasionally help out with the engineering and administration of the Microsoft NT servers and applications. I have also started my own business called "Nothin' But Net" to provide technical support for home and office computer systems and web page designs.
    My first son was born in late August 1999. I think he's going to be a strong power forward someday - he's only 19 months old and is already outgrowing clothes sized for a three year old. He's awesome, I can't wait for our next little one to get here!
    I played on the nationally ranked CSU Sacramento collegiate club men's volleyball team with Marius Fine. We were able to travel all over the country and play other collegiate club teams, as well as some division one schools such as UCLA and Stanford. That was an awesome experience! Even though it left me extremely poor, I wouldn't trade the opportunity for anything in the world (except my family).
    Rian Phillips; Maruis Fine; Randy Onstine (89); Everyone else I have unfortunately lost touch with.
    Tinkering on the computer (as my wife likes to call it); Playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer (when my knees will allow it); Backpacking, hiking, camping; playing with my son.
    We have an awesome 19 month old son named Ian. We are expecting another son to arrive June 2, 2001.
    Grade school:
    Thomas A. Edison
    Grade_school_friends: Randy Onstine (89); Dave Weston
    Junior High:
    Jonas Salk
    Memorable teachers:
    Fraü Kojima - She was so incredibly patient and knew how to drive students to learn that were easily distractible.
    Mr Fig. - He understood that we needed to have fun in school.
    Favorite memory:
    One that really stands out is when Rian and I sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" in the cafeteria during one of those "Senior slave for a Day" class fund raisers. I still can't believe that we did that, and especially how much Rian got into it - dang!
    Bill Glaholt writes:
    Occupation: PeopleSoft Software Engineer
    Bio: Went to work right out of high school as a computer salesman 'til I discovered it *really* wasn't for me. I just can't b-s people for profit or gain. It's unhealthy. :) Soon after I dumped that gig, I went into the State Dept of Education as a student assistant while I worked on my bachelor's degree at Sac State. That turned out to be a *great*
    opportunity, as I stayed on with the state and started working with my current group at Caltrans. I will probably get out of the state service once my current project is finished in 2003-ish.
    Trivia: I'm now in a classic rock band (and might decide to jam with another band), playing my beloved piano and keyboard. I gained fluency in American Sign Language when I got assigned to the same cubicle as a deaf lady.
    Friends: Best HS friends: Randy Auer, Randy Kingsmore, Michelle Martinez, Danny Darms, Damian De La Cuesta, .. gads, too bloody many to count.
    Hobbies: I have many.. Piano/keyboard (24 years and counting, now!) is my favorite relaxation tool; biking to work; tennis; reading; computer programming/development/research/you-name-it; many others.
    Kids: My stepson Matt is now a sophomore at Jesuit High School. He is an absolutely *wonderful* kid; he inhereted his mom's intelligence, character, kindness, and creativity. He's planning on being an architect after getting his bachelor's at Cal Poly, SLO. He's one of my best friends; it has been *very* easy living with him.
    Grade_school: K-5, Winterstein before they closed it.. *grrr*, then 6th at Sierra Oaks
    Grade_school_friends: Shalena Davis, Melissa McBay.
    Junior_high: Jonas Salk
    Memorable_teachers: Ms. Tak - She above all else believed in my writing style. I just wish I could have enjoyed writing as much then as I do, now. Mr Baker, when he read the Challenger news.
    Favorite_memory: Wow. That's a tough one. I have many. I suppose my mostest-favorite was the wonderful standing ovation my peers gave me in a rally in which I played a piano solo for the school. I can't thank you all enough for that honor - it was truly a confidence booster!
    Jim Brock writes:
    Occupation: Project/Program Manager
    Bio: Nothing very noteworthy until about 1994, when I met my beautiful wife, Michelle. We've been married since June of 1995. Got into consulting and was doing a fair amount of travel, which grew pretty tiresome after awhile to me and was making it rather difficult to start a family. So I decided to settle into a job back in town (Folsom) in June of 2000. The dividends of this move are paying off as we're expecting in June 2001.
    Trivia: Played football for ARC in 1989. We were ranked something like 19th nationally for JC's and played in a JC Bowl game. Would've kept playing but my back & shoulder became jealous of the attention and care my previously
    blown-out knee had been getting...
    Friends: John Lefohn 86, Roger Sherman, Kevin Hansen, Aaron Tello (Hutchinson), Josh Martin, Kevin Davis, Stafford Boyd, Dave Weston, Chris Schmidt 87, Tara Ronzone, Dave Francis 89, Eric Cinammon 89... I guess if your name's not here, I've lost contact with you.
    Hobbies: Playing guitar is still my main hobby. Golf, basketball, softball, baseball, camping.
    Kids: We have a beautiful boy, Caleb James, on his way to this world in June of 2001. Our other kids, er, dogs are two Aussies, Opie & Jack.
    Grade_school: Cottage
    Grade_school_friends: John Lefohn, Josh Martin, Kevin Davis, Aaron Tello, Paul Hedglin
    Junior_high: Arden
    Junior_high_friends: Josh Martin, Paul Hedglin
    Memorable_teachers: Mr. Sanders - when I think back about my teachers, he always stands out as one I most admired. Ms. Meyers (student teacher for Ms. Tak, soph English) - mainly because she ended up being one of my wife's good friends.
    Favorite_memory: 5/86 Rush concert/Rancho Murieta, '86 Football season (ah, remember the drubbing by Grant in the playoffs?)
    Story: I'd like to share some stories, but ethics and legally binding agreements prevent me from doing so.
    Alumni_in_contact: John Lefohn, Roger Sherman, Kevin Hansen, Aaron Tello (Hutchinson), Josh Martin, Kevin Davis, Stafford Boyd, Dave Weston, Tara Ronzone, Dave Francis, Eric Cinammon
    Mark Purkeypile writes:
    Occupation: UC Davis Anthropology Student and martial arts instructor
    Bio: Well, I learned some languages, traveled to Norway, Germany, and some other places. Waited 'til I was 23 to enlist in the army and did linguistic intelligence work. I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.
    Trivia: Still single, although I had a near miss once :-)
    Friends: Fabi Finocchiaro, Jeff Burton, Eyvette Estrada
    Hobbies: Chinese kung fu here in Sacramento for 11 years and languages.
    Kids: Negative
    Memorable_teachers: Jim Adan without a doubt. Jim is and will always be one of my favorite artists. He influenced and encouraged me more than any other person I've ever known. Also Mrs. Lord (Anthropology), and Ms. (Llana) Gregori 'cause she was the coordinator of the Anarchist club!
    Favorite_memory: 'open' campus, water polo, art, and getting the hell out of high school.
    Monica Basurto writes:
    Occupation: Program Analyst, Sacramento County Office of Education
    Bio: Since graduation, I have been pretty busy. Right after high school I went to American River College and graduated with my Associate of Arts in 1991. I went to Sac State for one semester after that and then took a break to work full time with the Department of Water Resources. My break from school lasted for 7 years. I went back to school in May 1998 at the University of Phoenix (Sacramento campus) and I graduated this year with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. I have been working for the Sacramento County Office of Education for over 5 years. I currently work
    with Large Scale Assessment, which is a voluntary statewide testing program (Golden State Examinations and Assessments in Career Education) offered to all high school students in California. I plan on going back to school to get my Master's degree in Education. Hopefully I will be teaching at a junior college in a few years.
    Friends: My best friend is Diana Romero. I lost contact with Munal Shoman, but thanks to this website I have been in touch with her.
    Hobbies: My hobbies are bowling, softball, and spending time with my daughters and my family.
    Kids: I have the three most beautiful daughters. Briana is in kindergarten and is 5 years old (very smart); Angelina is in preschool and is 3 years old (very independent and always has to have the last word); and Vanessa is one year old (I think she is already going through her terrible 2's). They are very precious and keep me busy.
    Grade_school: Alethea B. Smythe
    Grade_school_friends: Diana Romero
    Junior_high: Rio Tierra Junior High
    Junior_high_friends: Diana Romero
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Takeuchi. She was the sweetest person and she and I got along real well.
    Favorite_memory: Hanging out with my friends. We had a lot of good times together. (Diana Romero, Munal Shoman, Gloria Maestas, Angelica Romo, Ronda Sockolov)
    Sibling_info: Mando Basurto - Encina (1990) Karen Basurto - McClatchy (1994)
    Denise Mills writes:
    Occupation: Office Manager for Husband's Business / Mommy of three year old
    Bio: I work as management in retail for awhile, receptionist work for the Leukemia Organization. Then I went to school to become a Medical Receptionist and granduated with honors. However my road took me down a different path. I ran my to be father-in-law's office. I worked for several years in his office till they moved their office up to the hills. I have been married for four years now and we have a son.
    Trivia: I have been in seven car accidents and have managed to still be here.NONE of them have been my fault! I have been the passenger in six of them.I was behind the wheel only in one. Which I was stoped at a red light when I was hit.
    Friends: Stephanie Brewer was and still is my best friend and the God Aunty to my son. I have lost contact with everyone else over these last 12 years.
    Hobbies: Playing with my son, going for walks,working around the house,painting,needle point,Ren-Fairs,etc.
    Kids: We have one child. His name is Gavin and he is three years old. He loves to play his games for five and up on the computer and loves all kinds of construction trucks. He also loves trains and has a huge collection of them.
    Grade_school: Cottage
    Grade_school_friends: There were several people I went to grade school through high school with, but sitting here trying to remember them has caused a brain freeze.
    Junior_high: Jonas
    Junior_high_friends: Stephanie Brewer for one.
    Memorable_teachers: Mr. Ash! The nicest man you would ever want to know! Mr. Adan, for all screaming,"DECKA!" across the room when he wanted to give me a fright.
    Favorite_memory: Dancing out at lunch time with Michelle Stampp,Sharon Snider, Beverly and any other crazy fool who joined us.
    Story: If I did Stephanie would hurt me!
    Heard_about_website_from: Stephanie Brewer and Kari Brazeal Pace
    Diana Romero writes:
    I have been married and will be married for ten years come in April I have two wonderful little boys ages 8 and 4. I started with Pacific Bell as a directory assistance operater for eight years and was not happy with that career goal. I am now back in school attending Cosumnes River College and getting an AA in Human Services directing it towards Chemical Dependency where I am now employed as a Clerk III at the college. I am very content with my life.
    Monica Basurto and Munal Shoman. I am still very much best friends with Monica as a matter a fact I am Monica's first daughters godmother. I have lost total contact with Munal.
    I bowl in a league every Friday night and also play Volleyball on Monday's and Thursday's. I love to watch football!!!!!
    My oldest boy is name Elias after his late grandfather he is very smart and doing very well in school. He is a natural athlete and plays every sport possible. My baby is name Alex and has just started preschool and is enjoying every minute of it. He cannot wait to play sports like his brother.
    Grade school:
    Smythe Elementry
    Grade_school_friends: Monica Basurto
    Junior High:
    Rio Tierra Junior High
    Junior_high_friends: Monica Basurto
    Memorable teachers:
    Ms. Leaf. She taught You and the Law. A wonderful teacher and an excellent advisor.
    Heard about website:
    Monica Basurto
    Marius Fine writes:
    Occupation: Lead Project Engineer
    Bio: Since graduation, I attended CSU Sacramento and received my BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. After college, I worked in Napa for a couple of years at a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer building clean rooms and developing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for respiratory inhalents. My next career move took me to Redwood City, where I worked for a drug development company developing a soon to be released 7-day transdermal patch (the patches you wear for smoking) as a replacement for the daily birth control pill. (Ladies keep an eye out for it in 2001). After a year and half, I moved on to my current position as a Lead Project Engineer for a small pre-IPO medical device company in San Jose. Currently, I lead the design engineering for the companies disposable test strip group.
    Starting at a company as the 17th employee has been a real challenge, and has inspired me to go back to school to get my MBA. I hope to be starting in Fall 2001. During this entire time, I met a wonderful person and we are "shacking down" in the Summer 2001. (Just in time for me to call her "Sugar Mama")
    Trivia: Played Intercollegiate volleyball at Sac State (with Jon Saxton) and travelled around the US competing against other non-Division I schools. We even were able to play against some Division I schools and future US Olympians.
    Friends: Paul Hedglin, Robert Whaley (Thompson), Tom Spencer, Leslie Chang, Jon Saxton, man I can't think of everyone it has been so long. After high school I became really close friends with Josh Martin and his family.
    Hobbies: Activities: golf (I wish I was better at hitting those darn little balls), basketball (GO KINGS!!), volleyball (I haven't played in months), snowboarding, fantasy football (I have a web site too!), hiking, scuba
    diving, mountain biking, and softball.
    Kids: I have none (that I know of anyway, just kidding).
    Grade_school: 5th & 6th - Cottage
    Grade_school_friends: Paul Hedglin, Rob Whaley, Tom Spencer, Josh Martin, and Kevin Davis
    Junior_high: Jonas Salk
    Junior_high_friends: Jon Saxton, Rian Phillips, and Kevin Davis
    Memorable_teachers: Mr. Botello (photography) - brought out the artistic side of my engineering personality, Mr. Tracy (History) - we had a blast our Junior year hiding that darn hat, Ms. Takeuchi & Mrs. Pierce (English) - I was terrible at English, but I needed it.
    Favorite_memory: #1 (in a long list): Aaron Ford duct taping a Junior to a tree on Senior lawn up side down on Senior Week. I wonder what that guy is doing now, and does he remember it. #1.5 - Beer Olympics
    Alumni_in_contact: Josh Martin & Paul Hedglin
    Heard_about_website_from: Bill "the salesmen" Glaholt
    Aaron Tello writes:
    Occupation: Network Administrator (Computer guy) for the City of Folsom
    Bio: Went into the Air Force and served as a pharmacy Technician at Beale AFB, CA for 4 years. Got married in 91 divorced in 93. Worked at Fanny's Ann's Saloon in old Sac for 3 years. Left the Bar industry in 95 and remarried same year. Divorced in 2000 but came away with a beautiful 4 year old little girl (Hayden). Changed career fields in 95 to go into computers on the advice of Roger Sherman. I finally caved in! Worked for small company for 2 years, then worked for City of Rocklin and now currently employed by City of Folsom. All related to Network Admin and lovin' it!
    Still living in the old neighborhood.
    Trivia: Swam from Alcatraz island not once but twice!
    Friends: Kevin Hansen, Dave Weston, Stafford Boyd, Jim Brock, Katie Shaffer, Ceila Guajardo, Shannon Bice, Manode Kodsuntie, Chris Schmidt, Danny Koelzer, Kevin Davis, Ryan McFess, Roger Sherman, and many others.
    Hobbies: Running, biking, softball, football, swimming, traveling, and Triathelon's.
    Kids: Hayden is 4 1/2 and she is absolutely the love of my life. She just started soccer this year and I'm lucky enough to be her coach. The kids look so damn cute running around in uniforms about 2 sizes to big. Her mom and I get along very well and Hayden has managed to weather the transition. She starts kindegarden next year and were hoping to get her into Marrimount, Del Dayo, or Sierra Oaks.
    Grade_school: Winterstein, Cottage
    Grade_school_friends: Jim Brock, Eddy Trujillio, Josh Martin
    Junior_high: Jonas Salk
    Junior_high_friends: Kevin Hansen, Dave Weston
    Memorable_teachers: Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Nicks from Jonas Salk
    Favorite_memory: Waiting for my first Concert date with RUSH, standing in the outfield belting out versus from spirit of the radio with Kevin Hansen and Dave Weston. Other favorite memory is Junior Prom with Nicolee Sorenson. Totally Awesome!
    Story: It's truly amazing how someone during your high school days which you may or may not have not lost contact with has effected you in such a positive way.
    Alumni_in_contact: Roger Sherman, Kevin Hansen, Dave Weston, Jim Brock, Stafford Boyd, Chris Schmidt, Aaron Ford, and many others.
    Heard_about_website_from: Bill Glaholt
    Willy Martin writes:
    Sacramento Bee, June 7, 1996
    He Loved Baseball -- And Life
    At Encina High School, Wilbur R. Martin had it all. A speedy shortstop and lead-off hitter on the baseball team, he sprayed balls all over the park. A slick fielder, he dreamed of making baseball his career. As a senior, he started at quarterback for the football team and shooting guard on the basketball team. The handsome and clear-eyed honors student was voted the school's outstanding male athlete in 1988.
    Then he went to the University of California, Davis, and started to struggle. No longer a star, Martin became a role player on the baseball team and had to work hard just to get into the lineup. He never gave up, though, even when he started getting excruciating headaches and heard some of the worst possible news a young man on the way up could hear: Martin had brain cancer.
    After a brave five-year struggle, following three operations and being told twice that he had the disease licked, Martin, who would have been 26 in three weeks, died at his Sacramento home on Tuesday. "He took this cancer like he did everything else," said Brian Holdener, his stepfather. "He never gave up, He thought somehow, some way, he was
    going to beat it. He struggled with it for so long."
    Before becoming ill, Martin, like a lot of successful young men, could be somewhat self-absorbed. Even his mother said he often seemed more interested in sports and horsing around than in thinking seriously about life. Friends said he touched so many people after he got ill -- starting the first UC Davis support group for cancer patients, volunteering and speaking to groups for the American Cancer Society Yolo County chapter -- that his funeral today was certain to draw a big crowd.
    Services are at W.F. Gormley & Sons chapel at 11 AM.
    "The hardest thing for Will to understand," said Tim Bivens, the Cancer Society's Yolo County director, "was that he lost so many good friends when he got sick because they just weren't able to relate to what he was going through. He wanted people to get educated about that. He really wanted people to understand the prejudice that goes along with this and that it's wrong."
    Martin's troubles began one day when he was playing the sport he had played nearly full time since he was 6 years old. He was circling under a pop fly when he lost his bearings and fell. He was having bad headaches at the time and that was the initial diagnosis: migraines. When they got worse, he went in for an MRI and a tumor was discovered. The first surgery removed a malignant growth, and doctors told Martin and his family they got it all. "He was 19 at the time," said his mother, Nancy Holdener. "He went back to Davis, bald, and went back to the baseball team. We were given all the hope in the world."
    "He lost much of his speed and athletic edge," recalled Matt Vaughn, a UCD assistant baseball coach who played with Martin when the two were in school together. "He went out for the team anyway, just to prove he could compete again, and I remember he hit a triple one day in scrimmage and popped up after sliding into third base and had a big grin on his face. That's the last memory I have of him."
    Martin, who graduated from Davis with a sociology degree in 1994, spent time with some of his other loves. He played golf, hunted, fished. He did such a good job training Bell, his springer spaniel, that he was hired to train dogs. He spent time with Emily Welch, a girlfriend he met in collage. But the pain and headaches came back and he had a second operation. This time he was treated with radiation for six weeks. His baseball career was over, so he started coaching at a Davis high school. Doctors again told the family they believed they had removed all the cancer from his brain.
    Last September, he relapsed. In April, he had a third operation. A few weeks later, the cancer had spread to his brain stem. There was nothing doctors could do.
    "He was always a great guy," recalled Stafford Boyd, a teammate from the Encina baseball team who is now its coach. "But he was kind of into himself and his accomplishments back in high school. That first tumor really made him step back and take a look at life and what life had to offer. It made him really see what he had to offer other people."
    In addition to his mother and stepfather, Martin is survived by his father, Dan Martin of Etna, and three sisters, Tracy, Cassy and Karli, all of Sacramento.
    The family has asked that any remembrances in his honor be made to the National Brain Tumor Foundation at 785 Market St., Suite 1600, San Francisco, 94103.
    Carrie Rohde writes:
    Occupation: Teller for Fibre Federal Credit Union
    Bio: Moved to Washington state a year after I graduated. Worked at Ernst Home Center for 5 years as a sales manager until they went out of business. Worked for Hollywood Video as senior store manager for 1 year. Went to school to learn how to do artificial nail enhancements. Did acrylic nails for 2 years, then decided it wasn't very healthy. Now, I work as a teller at Fibre Federal Credit Union. Been there for a little over a year, and love it.
    Trivia: Got married to my wonderful husband Lee. We have been married for 3 fabulous years. He is a work-a-holic. He's longshoreman, and is very dedicated to his work.
    Friends: My friends in school were a year ahead of me Erin Yeast, Karen Woodhouse, and Christy Sexton. As far as freinds in my class I wasn't in school a whole lot. I had ROP. Tom Nevins was a very good friend. Julie Rojo,Terri
    Hobbies: Love to shop, travel, spend time with friends and family, and just live life to the fullest.
    Kids: None. My husband is all the kid I need.
    Grade_school: McDermoth-Aberdeen,WA
    Junior_high: Huntington-Longview,WA
    Memorable_teachers: Mr.Tracy-Just loved how he would take poloroid pictures when students fell asleep during class. Mrs.Chambers-Wouldn't have made it through 2 tears of french w/o her.
    Favorite_memory: The Desperados-And you will know who you are if you ever read this. Miss you gals.
    Heard_about_website_from: Encina main office
    Kelly Horine writes:
    Bio: I obtained a degree in Math and Science, and I am still waiting to get into Dental Hygiene School. Getting married July 29, 2000 (thats where the Hoffman comes from) I took in a foster child 9 months ago. Living every day as it happens!
    Trivia: I won a trip to Hawaii from the Zone, and then met my Fiancee at a Zone event. They have been very good to me :)
    Friends: Amy Francis, Sue Thurman, Cary Hegna, Lisa Faso...and to many others to list
    I miss Sheryl, Debbie, Jenn, Everybody from French class, and some others :(
    What ever happened to Kevin Ward?
    Hobbies: My Shih Tzus! Walking early in the morning with Tiffany, still swimming, blading and biking...not nearly enough though. Last minute trips to tahoe..and playing with my friends.
    Kids: A foster daughter named Tiffany :) Shes 12! Has gone from a 4th grade level to a 6th grade level in 5 months..and maintains straight A's...an improvment form her straight F's!
    Grade_school: Cottage
    Grade_school_friends: Amy Francis...Sue Thurman...Esther Sanchez (I miss her)!
    Junior_high: Howe
    Junior_high_friends: Amy Francis, Shelley Turner, Esther Sanchez, Kim Thorstad
    Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Woo giving me my first "D" because I could not type with a cast on my hand. Mrs. McGuire for being sooo sweet in English and Newspaper. Mrs. Chambers for my buddy Sheryl in her class, and for the light almost falling on her :0
    Favorite_memory: Leaving at Lunch to visit Jesuit!!! The Library Bell (some of you were there) Swim Team...
    Sibling_info: Deanna Horine 1984
    Alumni_in_contact: Carol Terkoski 82 or 83 maybe
    Linda Terkoski 87, Ed terkoski 85?, Joan Knapp 68 maybe, all of my class
    Norm Axtell (DJ for my wedding)
    Heard_about_website_from: Browsing
    Susie Frederick writes:
    Occupation: Correctional Officer at Central California Women's Facility
    Bio: I went to college in 1991 for six years. In 1997 I received a masters degree in criminology. In 1997, I began working for the Department of Corrections.
    Friends: Cecelia Guajardo, Katie Shaffer, Tara Ronzone, Jessica Fitcher, Karen Jackson
    Hobbies: I enjoy jetskiing and boating in the summer. In the winter my husband, Kevin, and I enjoy skiing and snowboarding.
    Kids: My children are wonderful. I have a ten year old and a five year old. They do very well in school. They are very active in sports and karate.
    Grade_school: Sierra View Elementary
    Junior_high: Don Julio High School
    Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Gregori
    Heard_about_website_from: surfing the internet
    Alanna Jackson writes:
    Occupation: Grocery Mgr
    Bio: I went to college for 5 years, then beauty college (I dont know WHY?) I got married in 1992. I have a daughter who is 7 and a 2 year old son. I live in south SACTO
    Trivia: I didn't really graduate from Encina - but went there most of the 12th grade. Plus all of my friends were there.
    Friends: Kim Thorstad, Shelly?, Tim Vince, Kristin Roan. A lot more but I cannot think of them now- But I do remember it being most of the class of 89
    Hobbies: I like the outdoors- Camping, Biking- My daughter is a state champ BMX rider. I also enjoy the glue gun- anything I can make I can make it with a glue gun
    Kids: My kids are so cute, Of course?? I love them to death.
    Junior_high: Mills jr high in Rancho
    Favorite_teachers: I cannot rememmber his name but he was the art teacher. You could cut class and go to his class and hanng out or next door in ceramics.
    Dixie Mitchell writes:
    Staff Serfices Analyst - State of California
    I received my four year degree from Sacramento State University. Shortly after graduation, I got married, bought a house, and had a baby. I have been working for the State of California for 4 years.
    One of my best friends from high school is now my sister-in-law.
    My best friends were Janice Meyer, Stephanie Brewer, Vetica Miller, Stephanie Hodorowski and Shaun Romine. I have lost contact with Vetica Miller (class of 1989).
    gardening, shopping, and herbal crafts
    I have a three year-old "mini me" named Ashley with a wonderful personality and sense of humor.
    Grade school:
    Howe Avenue
    Junior High:
    Howe Avenue
    Junior_high_friends: Yvette Garcia
    Memorable teachers:
    Mrs. Kojima, Ms. Gregori, Mr. Kirrene
    Alumni in contact:
    Warren Rankin, Stephanie Brewer, Janice Meyer
    Heard about website: from a friend
    Janice Meyer writes:
    I am Janice Van Allen(was Meyer). I am married and have two beautiful girls, Sierra 5 and Madison 2.
    I am a Store Manager for Wal-Mart and just got back to Sacramento. I have spent the last 6 years in just about every small town north of Sac.
    I am still in contact with Dixie Mitchell(now Van Allen), she married my husbands twin brother. And occasionally see Warren Rankin.
    Not much going on, just working and taking care of the kids.

    Stephanie Brewer writes:
    I'm still in Sacramento...although I'm hoping to move either to the bay area or San Diego. It all depends on three things...1.) school; 2.)a guy (of course); and 3.) my current job.
    I'm not married-still Brewer-and I don't have any children. I take all of my friends children for the day and then give them back when I'm tired.
    I did find my Mister Right-he's just not ready for the "M" word and I'm not sure he ever will be. He's just a tad bit scared...I believe. So while he's trying to figure out what he wants, I work and go to school.
    Work...what can I say, work is work. I work for the State of California, Department of Pesticide Regulation. It's rather mindless work, but it allows me to concentrate on school.
    School...I take on average 3 classes a semester so it's a very slow process. I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education (Elementry school teacher, maybe teach developmentaly disabled children) and Sign Language studies.
    So, that's my life since high school. Not too exciting, but I like it.
    Michael Burns writes:
    Hello Encina-ites.
    hmmm... Where to begin.
    Well, since Stephanie and Bill are posting here, I guess at least 2 of you should remember me. =P
    This is the long-lost Michael Burns. Stephanie and Dixie were the last people from Encina that I have seen since like 1990 when I joined the Army and disappeared. I spent 3 years in the Infantry as a Rappel Master and Sniper then went on to reenlist for another 5 years as a Computer Analyst/Paratrooper. (weird combo I know) I was stationed at Ft Bragg, NC for those 5 years and traveled all over the world meeting exotic people and pointing an assault rifle at them... (17 countries or so, I lost count) During those years I was the victim of many life experiences and have
    changed quite a bit from the delinquent I used to be... well... at least I like to fool people into thinking so. ;)
    I am currently working as a Network Consultant for a private consulting firm and am hired out to the State of Alabama. Yes, that's right, Alabama. (Somewhere in all that world hopping I managed to attend a University... MIS
    and Philosophy...)
    I have a 1 year old son (still single though...) and am pretty happy overall with where I am in life. I still think about moving back to California and may do so within about 3 years. Or, maybe to the Florida panhandle... We will see...
    My primary hobbies are camping, kayaking/canoeing, racquetball, mountain biking, marksmanship, dragging out my trumpet and trying to make a recognizable note come out of it, and seeing how bad I can tear up a computer and fix it.
    Hope you all are well and maybe one of you will remember me.
    Stafford Boyd writes:
     Attended U.C. Davis-Graduated 1993 w/ B.A. in U.S. History
    - Was AmeriCorps member for 1 year in 95-96
    - Received teaching credential in 1997
    - Currently teach at Encina H. S.
    - Married in Oct. 1998 to Carolyn Billecci (now Boyd)
     Returned to Encina as a teacher
    Lost contact with: Leslie Cheng
    Grade school:
    Howe Ave and Deterding
    Junior High: How Ave
    Memorable teachers: C. Kojima, J Figenshu, C Takeuchi, B Baker
    Sibling info: Andrew Boyd 87, Kelly Boyd 84
    Heard about website: 10 year reunion & Ms. Stephanie Woo

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