First Annual Encina Alumni Baseball Game

Date: Friday, February 28, 2009

First Annual Encina Alumni Baseball Game
February 28, 2009
In Memory of Dave Kriegel '82

Start: Breakfast Reunion at Appleby's, 2024 Arden Way, 8:00-10:00am, $6 per person
Game: Encina High School Varsity Diamond, 12:00 noon until ??
Finish: Round Table Pizza, Arden & Eastern, 4:00pm until ??

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encina varsity baseball team varsity team photo

Encina varsity baseball team

encina alumni baseball team

Encina alumni baseball team
Front Row, L to R:  Dave Bess, Coach Andy Braio, Joff Braio, Dan Driscoll, Jim Guzman, Larry Veteto, Dave Smith, Bill Overstreet, Jeff Tobin, Joe Blair, Frank Raya
Back Row, L to R:  Don Driscoll, James Tyrovolas, John Greenly, Walt Zanze, Rafael Enriquez, Bob Veteto, Dan Reid, Russell Gladden, John Golden, Mark Piland, John Auble, Mike Fuller, Mark Oldfield, Giovanni Favero, Steve Frei, Steve Heberle, Adam Lueras, Glenn Campbell, Umpire?, Adam Guzman, Mike Martis, Umpire Alum Kevin Joyce

Our current roster as of 2/6/09 is 37 alumni of which 33 will be playing. Any baseball alumni who want to join this list please contact Coach Andy Braio (

The Roster:
Glenn Campbell '63
Larry Boehm '64
John Greenly '72
Dave Turley '73
Guy Babcock '75
Frank Raya '75
Brian Pearson '75
Don Driscoll '76
Steve Vigil '76
Mike Martis '77
Steve Frei '77
Steve Heberle '78
Dave Bess '78
Greg Fox '78
Mark Oldfield '78
Bill Overstreet '79
John Auble '80
Dan Driscoll '80
Russell Gladden '80
Dave Smith '80
Joe Blair '81
Mark Piland '81
Shawn Zausch '81
Steve Powell '81
Jim Guzman '82
Bob Veteto '82
Walt Zanze '82
Adam Lueras '83
Rafael Enriquez '84
Adam Guzman '84
James Tyrovolas '84
Bill Veteto '84
John Golden '85
Larry Veteto '87
James Jones '87 (did not play, sick)
Dan Reid '87
Mike Fuller '87
Giovanni Favero '88
Dan Dustin '90
Jeff Tobin '95

Sincerely...Coach Andy Braio 1963-1984

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