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10 Year Reunion

Hi everyone,

Guess what??? We are planning our reunion for the beginning of Nov 06. We are working on confirming a venue this week and will have an exact date for you soon. We hope you guys are as excited as we are about getting back together after 10 years!!!

We need to gather your information for the invitations so please email the following information to Jill Lacanlale-Bird at Jill.Bird@ASM.CA.GOV

Your name (Maiden and Current last name if it has changed)
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We are hoping to get everyone's information as soon as possible so please email us right away!

If you need to reach Melissa for any reason, you can email me at melissab@postcardmania.com

Melissa Pendleton Bradshaw and Jill Lacanlale-Bird

Reunion contact:  Melissa Pendleton Bradshaw and Jill Lacanlale-Bird

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1996 Headlines
Headline News:
FBI arrests the Unabomber.
Iraq attacks Kurdish settlement; US attacks Iraq's southern air defense.
Clinton & Gore re-elected.
Madeleine Albright appointed as first woman secretary of state.
Prince Charles & Princess Di divorce.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "The English Patient"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Change the World" by Eric Clapton
Top song - "Macarena" by Los Del Rio
Top movie - "Independence Day"
Top TV show - "E.R."
Tupac Shakur, age 25, killed in drive-by shooting.

Sports News:
Super Bowl - Dallas Cowboys d. Pittsburgh Steelers (27-17)
World Series - NY Yankees d. Atlanta Braves (4-2)
NBA Championship - Chicago Bulls d. Seattle Super Sonics (4-2)
Summer Olympics, Atlanta - Terrorist bomb kills 1, injures 111. Too many US gold medalists to list, but favorite win has to be by gymnist Kerri Strug.

Trivia News:
Fads - Macarena dance, Dilbert, Beavis & Butthead, & Tickle Me Elmo Doll.



Dannetta Motley wrote:
Occupation: Senior Specialist Target, Reiki Master & Holistic Health Coach
MaritalStatus: Divorced
Children/grandchildren: Shiloh Elizabeth, 10 years old
SinceGraduation: Well, it's been 20 years now. A LOT has been going on! LOL!
I went to Holy Names University in Oakland the fall after graduating HS. I received my associates
degree and moved to Berkeley. I spent a few years travelling and finding myself. I went to the San
Francisco School of Massage in 2002 and completed a 1000 hour certification program. I started my
own business soon after while living in San Francisco.
I decided to move to Colorado in 2004 where I found my now ex husband, had my first and only
child in 2007. Sadly we divorced in 2011 while living in Arizona.
I'm currently residing in Arizona! My daughter is 10 years old and spends her time between both
Arizona and Colorado. I work for a large online retailer as a Senior Specialist. Life in Arizona
is super chill and the San Diego Coast is only a 3.5 hour away. I have 2 dogs Rajah and Bella.
Trivia: Believe Everything
BestFriends: Shemica Thurston was my BEST friend and I hung out with everybody!
Hobbies: Holistic health
Kids: She is light of My life a True Gem.
GradeSchool: Creekside Elementary
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk (sad when i heard it closed down)
MemorableTeachers: Coach Hubbard Track and Field ( i may have spelled his name wrong)
FavoriteMemory: Spending time on the Quad
Falling in the rain at the Meet of Champions (100 meter hurdles) the Melee of course.

Ravinesh Kumar wrote:
Occupation: inventory controll manager for CPS Safeway
Spouse: Vikashni
Children/grandchildren: LUV 3 and KUSH 7months
SinceGraduation: went to CRC for 2 years and UCDAVIS FOR 1 year and to work at CPS
BestFriends: Amolak Josan, Aseem Bhatia, angela singh, Mayra, audri, etc,,,,
Hobbies: SOCCER and all sports
Kids: I love my kids, they are my life
MemorableTeachers: Eric dhalin, and Luchini, you could always ask for help from these two teachers
FavoriteMemory: THE RIOT, and all the Rallys and ENCINA
Stories: Mayra Q, was the best Student in thes school, she was the kindest person i met in school, she was a giving person
CRUZ, Angela
Daughter of Deborah Lopez, Manual Lopez, and Victor Cruz. Angela leaves behind her brother Tony Cruz, son Danny Martinez, and daughter Julianna Lawrence, grandmothers Linda Lopez and Mary Kinkennon, and many aunts, uncles and cousins. Friends are invited to attend the Rosary, 7:00 PM Wednesday, May 28, 2008, and also the Blessing Service, 10:00 AM Thursday, both at the GEORGE L. KLUMPP CHAPEL OF FLOWERS, Riverside Boulevard and 2nd Avenue. Interment at St. Mary's Cemetery.
Published in the Sacramento Bee on 5/27/2008. 
Charlie Buckalew writes:
Occupation: Union Sheet Metal Worker Local 162
Bio: Building HVAC construction for Kaiser Modesto and Roseville, UC Davis SESP Trauma Center, Franchise Tax Board, Peppermill new resort,
Northstar Tahoe, CalTrans I-80 Douglas, Lompoc prison, Folsom prison, Thunder Valley, etc.
Friends: My friends were Leo Arnell, Eric Brown, Bobby Raper, Rudy and Robert(P.E.) James Thurber, Erick Crans, Robin Welch. I still see Eric
Brown and Bobby Raper and Leo Arnell.
Hobbies: I love the forests and nature, when climate permits. It can get pretty cold in Tahoe when you're trying to work though.
Grade_school: Howe Ave
Grade_school_friends: Erick Crans and Brown, Leo and Bobby Raper. Heather Crowder maybe, and Rudy and Robert.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Same as elementary, except the DoPorto's went away about 1/2 way through elementary.
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin and Mr. McElroy. Had it not been for McElroy there is no way I could do my job. Though I miss it terribly now, I didn't like school much when I was there, and Dahlin provided a "sanctuary" for me in his class both as a student and IWE (teacher's aid). Thank you Eric. Huh, I just saw Eric at a gas station Howe and Marconi not too long ago.
Favorite_memory: Unfortunately, the riots, if for nothing else, we got to go home early that day. I'm sure the kids who got sprayed, probably disagree.
Sibling_info: Teresa Buckalew (Tobin) '93
Alumni_in_contact: Eric Brown, Leo Arnell
comments: It could always be worse...usually.
Mayra Quinones writes:
Occupation: Regional Vice President/Recruiter for PFS
Bio: I spent the first few years working and hanging out with Debby, those were the days!I started working for PFS p/t in 2000 and went f/t in 5/2001 and since then have had total control of my time and $. I love what I do and I am still helping people and getting paid for it. I still go to church but not as involved as I used to be, it is my foundation and always will be. I am happily married now and recently open up my own office. I have traveled on the company to Florida 2x, Vegas, Atlanta bout 5 times, Dallas, not to mention up and down Cali,the FREE trips are the best! Our company takes great care of their folks!
Trivia: I didn't marry the guy I was with for the 2 years I was at Encina. I still visit Victory Outreach now & then. Me & Debby were club partners for a good 2 years WED<THUR<FRI<SAT<SUN , yes me the church girl, and debby, HAHAHA!! We had fun! She says at least I can't say didn't live a little! No regrets
Friends: In school back then I was close to Ninfa(what ever happened to her) Diana dyste, Jill, Debby, the twins, Kris was my Pal, OH Isaac Lebron(I miss him) such a sweetie, Beto, America, David Villegas, Victor S, too many to list, I loved Encina and all the people there, they were all good to me. Thanks everyone!
Hobbies: My business is more like my lifestyle so I don't really have a hobby now, but I still love to Dance!! Love to hang out with the Family.
Kids: Mia 3 years old, Stepkids: Mari 13 yrs old Ruben 9 years old
Mia is the smartest kid(and most beautiful):)you gotta be quick with that girl she knows how to work folks, she sings, dances, prays, boxes (Papi taught her that), and can talk your ears off.Everybody that meets her loves her,she comes to work with me everyday. She will be starting preschool soon and will go for 2 yrs. My step kids are really great kids too, we have them 50/50 Mari is in junior high and Bub is in 4th grade, both get good grades and the best step kids I could ask for.
Grade_school: Joseph Bonnheim Elementary
Junior_high: Will C Wood
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini-was a cool & caring teacher,Mrs Begg was really nice, Mr McElroy- the 1st class I failed along with the red head chem. teacher, It was my fault I didn't try hard enough, I didn't live at home anymore so thought I would not care for a minute, I learned real quick that it only affected me.
Favorite_memory: TOOOO MANY! I was new to the schol and had never even heard of it, and was soo happy to see Isaac Lebron there my first day walking thru the quad, he told the guys hey! she is a God girl don't look at her like that! HAHAHA!! Then Debby was the first person to be friend me and show me where class was. Also all the times she made me laugh in spanish class! (She needs to be on TV She is too Funny!) the riots and trying to take everyone to church afterward.Doing the play
there at school, being nominated and winning Junior Homecoming Princess (even though I couldn't make it,I had a play to do in Reno)
Story: MY LIPS ARE SEALED FROM 1998-2001 =) Just want to say thanks for the memories from me in happily married land. I found what I was looking for =)
Alumni_in_contact: Debby, Beto, Paola, Sonia O, would love to hear from anyone email me !!!
comments: Get in touch with me I love talking to old friends and you were all friends to me. Also if anyone wants to learn about finances, or has questions,or wants to make extra $$$, contact me. I do financial game plans, Life /Auto/home Insurance, Mutual funds for saving or college accts, or retirement, Loans refi's, buying, or personal loans. We focus on educating not selling. call or email Take care, God Bless
Sean Dustin writes:
Occupation: Franchise Tax Board - Trainer; MC
Bio: Upon graduating I attended A.R. and obtained my AA. I went to studio engineering school and began to work at a number of recording studio's in Sacramento engineering a number of different genres of music. I got married and have three beautiful children. I am a full time trainer at Franchise Tax Board where I provide training pertaining to the administration of tax law. I just finished my debut album "The R.I.VAL" under the name Reflective Intelligence (R.I.)- In stores early July. 
Trivia: I didnt marry my high school girlfriend (this seems to be the most common question I get)
Friends: Jason Jeralds, Glenn Eugene, Debbie Larraguivel, Carmen Garcia, Larry Hannah
Hobbies: Working on music, being with family.
Kids: Sean Jr.6, Ariana 4, Melody 9 mos
Grade_school: Dallas
Grade_school_friends: Jason Jeralds, Glenn Eugene
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Jason Jeralds, Glenn Eugene
Ms. Bush - She was unwilling to allow her students to settle for mediocrity. She cared about me maximizing my potential as a student and as a person. She had my back when I almost got expelled. I respect her as a person and as a teacher.
Mr. McElroy - He single handedly was responsible for my mathmatical epiphany, showing me that math had little to do with numbers and much more to do with relationships. Despite the fact I nearly had to box him in pre-calculus class my senior year I maintain a great deal of respect for his approach to teaching.
Ms. Bakus - Despite Encina's reputation for not providing academically competitive curriculm, Ms. Bakus spearheaded an effort that provided the
opportunity for students such as myself to take college chemistry at Encina, giving me a 5 unit head start upon entering college.
Favorite_memory: Overcoming haters' numerous attempts to stop what I had moving at the time.
Story: My album,The R.I.VAL will be in stores early July. Listen for the first single B.D.I. on 103.5 and 102.5.
Ariana Ames writes:
Occupation: Current Student.  Finally commited to go back to school.
Bio: Experiencing life.  Married for 8 years, traveled Europe, up & down west coast from Victoria to Ensenada, NYC & NJ and back, Maui x3 bought
and sold homes, helped build husband's business now have contracts local and out of state.  It's been an eventfull ride; I can't wait to turn thirty.  
Trivia: I'm still known as "Arnie", and now shortened to "Arn."
Friends: BF-Jessica Mason, Socorro Oviedo, Becky Compton, Micki and Malina Medina, and Cousin "Gup"...Caprice Sanchez. LC-Jessica, Socorro
Hobbies: I shop, travel, and love to garden.  I also like to keep it active by speed walking, swimming, and entertaining friends and family.
Kids: I've got three.  Sasha the doberman, my 90 pound 4 year-old, and 2 semi-indoor cats. Not ready for human children yet, for sure in a few more years.
Grade_school: D.W. Babcock
Grade_school_friends: I still have a picture that has Jesse Baggs and I in the same class in K-grade during an assembly.  Also Ryan Lynn, Shane
Kilgore, Dorian Gunn, and Angela Hunter.
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: Lots of people went to Rio.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Raul Hayasaka....the name for one and the 1000 point tests; need I say more?
Favorite_memory: Can't nail down just one because they all comprise of many people.  Gup, Davis, Rhoades, Mason, Oveido, Speakman, Compton,
Cruz, the list goes on and on.
Comments: Are we having a 10 year reunion.
Joseph Speakman writes:
Occupation: entrepenuer/ceo of relentless entertainment/???
Bio: what havent i done? Learned the hard way! i started relentless entertainment back in 2002, promoted for the late great Andre Hicks AKA Mac Dre (Thizz in peace big homie) sold thousands of albums literally out the trunk of my jag. released "Smokin Joe Presents the mixtape volume 1" late in 2005. In and out of Cali every so often, but i always come home. I changed my life for the better.
Trivia: 1. still talking sh*t, but now i get paid for it. 2. i never married my highschool sweetheart. 3. i can single handedly write, record, produce, mix, and release albums (go figure, i never would've guessed) and 4. became the artist known as Smokin Joe
Friends: Luigi and Jill were my best friends, but there isn't enough room to mention everyone that i remember. I still got love for ya.
Hobbies: Creating classic underground hits! email me and i will hook you up with a free disc. Support your local artists! i also enjoy "pimpin my ride" but i've been doing this long before Xzibit started his show
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Backus because when i was starting not to care whether or not i graduated, she showed me that she cared, and it made a huge difference to me.
Favorite_memory: the innocence of thinking life was so simple. Just hanging out and thinking i knew everything.
Cat Burch writes:
Occupation: Client Services for NCO Financial Services Inc.
Bio: typical growing up things
Friends: BEST FRIENDS?- These guys I have the most memories of......Alicia Lamb, Erick Crans,Yvette Wong(Oviedo),Thao Luc, Jamie Davis, Elijah Rodgers,Corrin(whatever her damn last names were). I had so many great friends through the 4 years and I love them all. I had friends or a least accuaintances in every class. I have lost contact with everyone, except for the random phone calls and (mostly junk mail) e-mails I send to a few that have contacted me.
Kids: No kids yet
Grade_school: Clayton B. Wire (south sac)& Greer(6th Grade)(for about 2 weeks before I ran away)
Grade_school_friends: no friends, except David Davies from C.B. Wire ended up at Encina Senior year. He was new to C.B.Wire in 6th grade-he
threw a football at me-we boxed! oh and Mercedes from Greer was sweet to me
Junior_high: Will C Wood (south sac) & Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: No friends from Will C. Wood, I was only at Jonas the last semester of 8th grade. I would say, Alicia Lamb & Thao Luc, of course there are people I knew at Jonas that I never talked to again in highschool. However I discovered many of the friends I made freshman year had gone to Jonas.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Bush-She was the coolest,badest,straightforward,sarcastic, caring teacher I had. I had her Sophomore & Senior "Honors English" year. She called us Panzies! Mrs. Bush & I did not always see eye to eye but she never backed down and always made me explain myself completely, until we did see eye to eye. I will always thank her for that!
Mr.Wallin- Student Government advisor and a great person!
Mrs. Motter-(technically she was a counsler) She is an amazing woman and got me through my senior year, somewhat sain.
Mr. Luchini-(hope I spelled it right....its been a few years!) He was our class advisor and really worked w/ us. As a teacher he also drove me succeed (that was rough for me my senior year) Eric Dahlin-just because of his humor, he could turn a bad day into a funny one(at least for that period)
Favorite_memory: Too many. 4 years of memories-good and bad! I dont know about favorite, but the riot sure does stand out!!!!
Story: Interesting stories? Oh yea, there are plenty of them.....but i'm not writing anything! Lips sealed, eyes closed, ears shut! Some stories might still get people in trouble!
Regan Gentry writes:
Occupation: Loan Processor
Bio: After Graduation I moved to Seattle Washington, but in 1997 I moved back and I have been back in Sacramento Working ever since
Friends: Collins Charles,Dameon Smilez Andrews,Calvin Cal Hill,Terrence Williams, Glen, Shammond,Goldie, the Twins (Rudy and Robert)  I still talk to smilez,Calvin, glen sometimes but I lost contact with everyone else.
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Movies, and other things
Kids: Cassidy 10 months.  My little girl, she is my world and everything to me.  A little me, thats what everyone calls her.  I love her so much.
Grade_school_friends: Dameon, Glen and others
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Begg, Mrs Ohori
Favorite_memory: The riots..
Victor Lopez writes:
Occupation: Executive Reservations Manager
Bio: Came back to Mexico and starting to work on the Travel Industry, been working since on different hotels.
Trivia: Unfortunately got diveroced from Veronica, which was one of the tuffest part of my life, since, working,working out, still drawing just for fun.
Friends: Angel Perez, Serafin Soto, Victor Sanchez, America Mondragon Lopez, this and many more that i've been trying to bet in touch, guys,
write, tu tambien America, escribe.
Hobbies: Gym, running, mountain bike, golf and soccer
Kids: Keila Narai who will be 5 in Oct. Jr. 3 years old
Keila, who everyone says is a living picture of me and my most precious treasure and Jr. who is as quite and serious as his father. Jajaja!
Junior_high: Jonas Salk and Will Rogers
Memorable_teachers: all of them, they really did a great job, maybe of then, but now I admire them.
Favorite_memory: so many, hanging out with my friends, soccer games. Everyday was unique, also the plays from Victory Outreach, which back
then I thought were crazy, and there was this one girl, who unfortunately I dont recall her name, butmany times talked to me about this,and now girl, I understand. Hope you are doing well.
Story: Oh yeah, hope Victor, Serafin and Angel remember the time we skipped school and went partying to Victor Sanchez house, got weisted
and made up our own gang, wow that was crazy and funny, dont'd know I made it back to school I was so drunk, they gave me to drink a litter of
milk and ended up trhowing in the bathroom.
comments: Hope my friends, every single one of them can get in touch with me, realy miss them, and Angel, didn't know u joined the army and also where you are, hey buddy, write.
Phillip Altstatt writes:
Occupation: Web Designer
Bio: Raising Bryan. After working several jobs, chose to take my hobby of building web pages and make a career of it. Decided to go back to
school and am currently attending CSUS, majoring in Electronic Engineering, looking into robotics.
Trivia: Esquire? Heck yes.
Friends: Shane Killgore, Matt Mahoney, Jesse Baggs, Ryan Lynn a.k.a. the cool smart guys. I couldnt possibly list all the friends I had, nor the people
that would consider me a friend.
Hobbies: I paint. In fact, I am having my second art show downtown on Oct 8. Spun records for about 3 years, gave it up, but am picking it back up. I have a radio show on KSSU (sac state). Web design, duh.
Kids: Bryan is 10 (2005). He is going to be in Junior High next year....what the hell? Smart kid.
Grade_school: Woodlake Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Matt Mahoney, Joey Hernandez, Abbey Ivanisuch....I think thats it, but I could be wrong. Too many 4:20s.
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: Thus, the cool smart guys commence.
Memorable_teachers: Ms. Johnson....if anyone remembers why, drop me a line.
Favorite_memory: I dont remember...
Story: Have been dating Cecilia Montoya for four years. Who would have figured?
Kimberly Johnson writes:
Occupation: Clerical
Bio: Partied!!  had 2 children w Ex (yeah im sure everyone knows who). Getting married,Raising my family,and working
Friends: Amber Waddington, Jessica Jordan, Angela Hunter, and others that weren't best friends but they were good friends I've known for-ever!!
Hobbies: Spending time with hubby and kids
Kids: Alexander 8, Zachary 5, Nickolas 2.5, Emilee 10 months. They are AWSOME!!  and I finally have a princess!!
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Jamie Davis
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Tywa Phillips, Tiffany Lee, Vicky Garrison...I cant really remember...
Memorable_teachers: uhhhh I get my children mixed up and you want me to remember that far???
Favorite_memory: football games with Amber and Angela
Joe Hernandez writes:
Occupation: Accountant
Bio: Working a lot. I purchased a home in 1998 and I spend a lot of time at home with my wife and 2 kids.
Trivia: I have been on the cover of newspapers and on TV many times with my face painted at the Oakland Raiders games. I am the biggest football
fan and have season tickets every year since I graduated.
Friends: Luigi Garabaldi - I speak to him occasionally as he lives in Alaska.
Robert and Rudy DoPorto - I've lost contact Tiffany Lee (Brodie) - I've lost contact
Hobbies: My favorite hobbie is to attend the Raider games.
Kids: I could talk forever.
My newest son is Dylan Gabriel Hernandez born 6/22/05 so of course there isn't much to say yet, but so far he sleeps really good at night, and like all babies, he is very adorable. My oldest son is Jordan Tyler Hernandez born 12/5/98 and there is so much to say about him. We have a very special relationship because his biological Mom left us before he was even 1 year old so I raised him by myself until I met my wife in 2000. Jordan is into sports and he likes the playstation (star wars lego game) and watching movies with his dad.
Grade_school: Woodlake Elementary School
Grade_school_friends: Eddie Kuntz is the only person I went to elementary school with that went to Encina.
Junior_high: Rio Tierra
Junior_high_friends: Eddie again was the only person
Memorable_teachers: Mr Begg - Academic Decathalon and how sincere she is. Mr Luchini - He was very honest with how you can succeed in life.
Mr Wallen - My Baseball coach and Student Government teacher and best friend that was a teacher. Mr Stephen Boyd - He also attended Encina and he was another baseball coach for me.
Favorite_memory: Graduation and dances
Sibling_info: Heather Hernandez 1998
Robert Chapman writes:
Occupation: pro bike racer downhill bmx/construction work
Bio: working and racing alot
mostly racing and wining
Trivia: won the world championship of bmx
Friends: robert short, mike long , josh brown
Hobbies: racing bmx, making music, cars and playing with my animals
Kids: no kids
Grade_school: dyer kelley
Junior_high: jonas salk
Favorite_memory: riots riots riots riots riots riots riots riots riots riots
riots riots
Angel Perez writes:
Occupation: U.S. Army/Infantry
Bio: I've been trying to get my diploma because I blew the last year partying until the sun don't shine. Then I joined the Army to see where that was going to take me and I ended up here in Iraq.
Trivia: I'm a machine gunner in the Army and I'm having a tough time getting special equpiment for my S.A.W.
Friends: My good friend is Victor Sanchez, I lost contact with Victor Lopez and Eduardo Ochoa and all of the homies but I still miss and reminisce.
Hobbies: I love working out,I also enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I enjoy traveling to different places and I definitely enjoy girls,girls,girls.
Kids: No kids, thank God. I think.
Grade_school: Sutter Middle School
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Rosario Rubio my counselor who always came and got me out of class when it got really boring and really gave me a positive outlook on life.
Favorite_memory: The riots. The fights especially when it was me involved.And when I spun donuts around the soccer field with a stolen car.
Loleini Makihele writes:
Occupation: Home care
Bio: nothing just partying and raising a family
Kids: Mafi F. Tia 3 in october 2005
Leitafoi C.J. Tia 1 in april 2005
Friends: i have lost contact with everyone i knew at encina. watema rose the whole basket ball team from that year (girls) and joanna t'anna and the rest of them
Hobbies: hoppies now are spending time with my kids and work is my rec time
Kids: People say they look just like me but i can't help to say yeah they do
Grade_school: delpaso elementry
Memorable_teachers: would tell about them but i don't remember his name.
Favorite_memory: was the prom and also the d.j. we had always heard during lunch tyme and how all my friends came to my side when my lil cuz'n had passed that year thanks guys
Story: yeah i use to love coming to school just to see everyone with their smiles thats class mates and teachers
Vicki Garrison writes:
Occupation: I,m not working now, I just had my first baby and I am still recovering!
Bio: Since graduation I have moved a few places. I lived in San Leandro and Hollister for a while, but eventually found my way back to Sacramento....I
just had my first baby on 2/21/04. Her name is Hannah. I am also going to be getting married this year, either in August or September, not quite sure
yet which month it will be.
Friends: Tiffany Lee was and always will be my best friend forever! Actually shes not Tiffany Lee anymore, she just got married in December
Kids: My 1 month old beautiful baby Hannah
Grade_school: lived in Vacaville for grade school
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Tiffany Lee of course
Memorable_teachers: None of the teachers really stand out in my mind too much...I remember Mrs. Begg was really nice....
Favorite_memory: ummm...I dont know if its my favorite but I remember the riot really well
Christopher Wages writes:
Occupation: Freelance film maker, cable show producer
Bio: Since graduation I have had a number of jobs. I still didnt really know what I wanted to do in life. I started off graduation by leaving Sacramento
to join the California Conservation Corps. Due to a family sickness I returned to help out my mother who is Suffering from multiple mylenoma. A
year after it was in remission I moved to Seattle to become a commercial fisherman. I was out on the Bering Sea for four months but boy was it rough! After my first (and last) commercial fishing trip I moved back to Sacramento and decided I would call it home from now on. I have had many interesting jobs which are too numerous to list. But I have found my niche producing and starring on my own cable show on Sacramento Public Access on cable. I have now written and starred in over 300 skits. I have met many people and have made numerous friends doing it and I still plan on doing it for quite some time.
Friends: Arthur Redoble, we are like brothers.
Hobbies: Filming, painting, creating computer animation.
Story: Its just funny how many people used to know me as "Beavis" or "Butt-head". Those name didn't carry on after high-school but it had an
influence on me. I just look back and think to myself, "Those people who knew me back then, If they could only see me now."
Rudy Doporto writes:
Occupation: Administration for the United States Marine Corps.
Bio: Ive been working hard and I just got back from WAR. 
Trivia: Who would of thought I would of joined the Marine Corps and go to War.
Friends: Norman Allen, Anthony Alexander, Luigi Garibaldi, Kris Glass, Shammond, Melissa Pendleton, Debbie L, Sonya Johnson, I lost contact with Melissa and Luigi and Kris.
Hobbies: Running, working out shoot lots of weapons and getting down and dirty.
Kids: What freakin kids.
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Noone.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Norman Allen
Memorable_teachers: Noone
Favorite_memory: The riots and class rumbles
Story: Im alot of a man because of the discipline that I've received at Encina and not to mention all the discipline I get from the Marine Corps.  I am I better man and I have to say THANK YOU TO ALL.  Please all friends even the ones I didnt mention please hit me up, and teachers.
Audrey Smith writes:
Occupation: At Home Mother
Bio: Not Too Much. Alberto and I Moved to Oregon About 4 Years Ago and  we just moved back to Sacramento about 3 moths ago right after we had our son.
Trivia: That I Finally Had a Child After 5 Years.
Friends: My Best Friend was Carole Farrington. But My Closest Friends Were Tywa Phillps and Melissa Pendleton. I'm Still in Contact with all three of them. Just Recently Caught up with Carole again.
Hobbies: Reading. But Mostly just Spending Time With Our Son. He takes up alot of my time but we feel very blessed to have him.
Kids: Joseph Michael Castro- 3 Months
He Was our miracle. He Was 9lbs.13oz. and 21 inches long. Big Boy.
But he looks just like me and Alberto. We Love him very much and at 3 months he is very active. Sleeps all night though. And he is the first Grandson for the Family.
Favorite_memory: Now that i think about it not much. It would have to be my friends though. I went through alot with them and i have great memmories from them and the things we did.
Story: Mr. Luchini was by far my favorite teacher.
Comments: I Can't wait to see everybody from our class and see what everyone is doing with their life ten years later.....
Leo Arnell writes:
Occupation: Data Entry/Youth Specialist for native American Youh of California
Bio: Traveling and going to Pow-Wows and Competing in tradional dancing native style.
Trivia: I still know were the high school is.
Friends: Well there were chuck,Eric B,Bobby,Rudy,Robert,Anthony R,Cat,caprice,jill,and many more, but I really see and still hang out with is chuck.
Hobbies: going to clubs/bars or rivercats games, play pool, or just hang out at some of the bars downtown.
Kids: Don't have any. yet!
Grade_school: HoweAveune
Grade_school_friends: Erick C,Charlie B Eric B, Bobby R, John M,Anthony E,
Junior_high: Just about the same as grade school
Junior_high_friends: The same but know more like Cat,Joe,Rudy,Robert.
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dalin because he incourage me the most I was going to learn from school was what I put in it.
Favorite_memory: RIOT!!!!!!
Matthew Mahoney writes:
Occupation: CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Seriously.
Bio: What have I been doing? Loafing, mostly. I did the six-year plan at Sac State immediately after graduation. I finally got a B.A. (in Philosophy)
last year (May, 2002). Partying, working, and languishing kind of got in the way my first two years. Much to my dismay and surprise, a Philo degree
didn't attract many job offers. So, I did what any self-respecting philosopher would have done--I forsook philosophy and pursued a law degree.
I moved to St. Louis in August, and I'm now in my second semester at Saint Louis University. Only four more semesters to go! With the huge debt I'll
have amassed by the time I graduate, I'll be fortunate just to stay slightly above the poverty line. Education schmeducation. All I really want to do is
lead a simple life raising sheep and tending to a vegetable garden somewhere in a green pasture. Life isn't meant to be wasted anxiously toiling away in a stuffy office around doped-up cogs. Hm. Maybe Rio Linda isn't so bad after all?
Trivia: I can grow a beard.
Friends: Phil Altstatt, Jesse Baggs, Shane Killgore, and Ryan Lynn. "The [self-appointed] cool but smart guys." Oh, and Del Baeuroo-scooby-doo. I've lost contact with all but Jesse.
Grade_school: Warren A. Allison, Hayden Lake (Coeur d'Alene, ID), Green Oaks, Trinity, Coyle Avenue, Alta Vista (Auburn, CA), Greer, and Woodlake. Yeah, that's right . . . I got around.
Grade_school_friends: Phil Altstatt, Joey Hernandez, Kambiz Kaka-something-or-other, the DoPorto Twins, probably others.
Junior_high: Rio Tierra.
Junior_high_friends: Phil, Jesse, Shane, Ryan, Joey, etc.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. McElroy, of course, because of the time he said: "Has anybody seen Phil? If you see him, tell him to get his butt in here."
(It was the way he said it. You had to be there.) And, because he'd, purportedly, raise your grade if you stapled a bag of Corn Nuts to your homework. Evidently, he really liked nuts and butts. Eric Dahlin is memorable, too. I don't think I've called a teacher/instructor/professor a bastard (to his/her face) since taking Eric's ceramics class. Yeah, he's a legend.
Favorite_memory: Oh wow. I'd have to say the very last time I set foot on the campus as a student there is my favorite memory. Most of the teachers
were horrendous and inept, and most of the students were ne'er-do-wells. No offense, though.
Delfino Baeuerlen writes:
Bio: Well a week after I graduated I started US Air Force basic training in San Antonino, TX. I got married in Feb. of 97'. I spent a few years as a C-5 Galaxy Crew Chief at Travis AFB,CA. I also went to school for a while. Then I transfered to the California Army National Guard and became an Military Police Officer 95B10. I was attending the Sacto Sherrif's Academy for a few weeks but in Oct 01' my National guard unit was activated for Operation Enduring Freedom. I spent a year at Fort Lewis, WA. Now I'm taking a break untill the next Sheriff's Academy starts.
Kids: None so far
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Bush, she was real down to earth. Didn't treat her students like children. Was always there for you. Thanks Mrs Bush
Favorite_memory: Playing football. And graduation, finally getting there after 12 years. Now I wish I could go back.
Bonnie Kunkel writes:
Occupation: Accountant/CEO of my own graphic web site design company
Bio: just alot of work...
Friends: Bernadette, Ofelia, Socorro, Jill, Rudy, Angela, "Peanut", Cassius Johnson and too many others......
Hobbies: kickboxing, renbukai (martial arts), graphic design,
Kids: At the end of August of 2002 I will be expecting my first baby a little girl named Aysia Marie Seals... We will see what the journey of motherhood is like.
Grade_school: O W Erlewine Elementary
Junior_high: Albert Einstein
Junior_high_friends: Victor Sanchez
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Bush, She was direct and honest.
Favorite_memory: RIOT RIOT RIOT.... 
Sibling_info: Brother: Barry Kunkel attending Encina C/O 99
Alumni_in_contact: Cassius Johnson, Cassius and I have known each other since we were little. Our moms use to go out and kick it... them partiers.
Kris Glass writes:
Occupation: Pastry Chef
Bio: schooling, working, kickin it gettin drunk and partieing, working on getting my masters within the next five six years in pastry arts
Trivia: Im still a FOOL and loving it.
Friends: Twins/luigi-my roe dawgs, D.Larr...., D.Dyste, N.Allen. ,N.Nunez., F.Campos, J.Fisher, C.Johnson, and if i forgot u sorry.  Have lost contact with everone.
Hobbies: Working out, getting tattoo's i have 10+, Cooking, B.Ball
Kids: If they were born i'd explain they still look like pollywogs
Grade_school: Northwood Elementary
Junior_high: Martin Luther King Jr. High
Junior_high_friends: Luigi G.
Memorable_teachers: Hib-dog of course hes was a perfect role model to all of us. Nobody could ask for a better teacher ever.
Favorite_memory: The riot of course..........and wait to explicit never mind.
Story: They all made me who i am today a great big ole' FOOL
Jill Lacanlale writes:
Occupation: Assembly Sergeant-At-Arms, Security Division
Bio: The fall after graduation I went to American River College for 5 semesters then stopped...  I lost motivation and started partying, however I did complete 52 units. I was also (cocktail)waitressing at Chevy's on the River (for 2 years which was the most fun of my life, so far :)) and Brannan's Bar & Grill (for about a year) where I met my former boss, Ms. Bell, who got me my "foot in the door" into the Capitol. I was working in the Capitol in the Assembly Special Services (a branch-off to my current job) for a year (my 3rd day was when the truck ran into the building).  Then I was offered a position as a Sergeant if I could pass all these tests and this academy.  I did then was sent to this 17 week Special Investigators Basic Course (SIBC class #15) in Yuba City which included topics like Defensive Tactics, the Law, training w/ a retractable baton (ASP),and (my favorite) shooting firearms.
Which leaves me to where I am now.
Trivia: Me and Joe Speakman are NOT still together.  I'm a Peace Officer (I still don't get it :)). 
Friends: Best:  Caprice Sanchez (since 3rd grade), Jamie Davis, Mayra Quionenes, Tywa Phillips, James Thurber and Joe Speakman; Lost Contact w/:  all but Caprice.
Hobbies: Reading, working out, shooting guns, clubbing, bar-hopping downtown and watching live bands perform.
Kids: No kids.  No time.  Not yet.
Grade_school: St. Joseph's Catholic School
Grade_school_friends: Caprice & Emmanuel Cisneros
Junior_high: "                    &     "
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini (he made everything he taught interesting and he believed in us kids), Mr. McElroy (he taught me the value of numbers) & Mr Dahlin (he is the coolest of all art teachers).
Favorite_memory: MemoriES:  Winning Homecoming Queen 96', the 93' (I think) riot, loosing my virginity :), just everything I can remember from high school has some special meaning to me. 
Heard_about_website_from: A sergeant I work w/, a former Encinian, told me about it.
Sabrina McKinnish writes:
Bio: Raising my 2 children on my own. And working part-time.
Friends: Well friends I have lost touch with are Ricky Garrison, James McQuin, Tami Miller,
Hobbies: My hobbies are crafts,singing, writing poetry and short stories.
Kids: My 4 year old son is the poster child for safety equiptment and why it comes in handy. He is very active and has alot of energy for a kid his age. My 8 month old daughter is the calmer of the two.
Grade_school: Cottage, Whitney & Howe
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mrs.Begg because of her concern and care.
Eric Dallin because of his humor.
Tina Reeves because of her determination to get the best out of you.
Sibling_info: Shean Stephens-brother 2000
Alumni_in_contact: Damian Lee, Jamie Pembroke, Jerry Egy, Jason Egy
David Rhoades writes:
Occupation: Oracle Network/Software Helpdesk Analyst II
Bio: I have been just working on moving up in my career and I just settled down and bought a house in Carmichael area (nice part). Not doing to much just hanging out with old friends.
Friends: I always hung out with the Samoan brothers but I only keep in contact with one of them still not often thought I work to much now.
Hobbies: Computers of course also I'm into hookin nice systems up into my car's Also hanging out with friends.
Memorable_teachers: I loved Eric in ceramics He's the best.
Favorite_memory: Not being there.
Story: There was a teacher (You know who you are) at encina that said I would be nothing in life if I kept doing what I was doing...I making double what you make now
Crystal Quigley writes:
Friends: Tausha Sunderman, Aimee Marsh, Nadera Shoman and more but I moved away after sophmore year so thats to long to remember but the only person i still talk to is Tausha. oh and Sonya Johnson I became friends with her later in the last year I was there and I still went to see her after I moved but then we lost contact. She was a really good friend.
Kids: My son is named Carter Kevin Terrell and he is 7 months old. He is starting to crawl and he is the best baby in the world!! And I hope to try for my girl in a year.
Grade_school: creekside
Grade_school_friends: Dannetta Motley
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Tausha Sunderman,Nadera Shoman,Dannetta Motley and more but thats just to long ago.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Bush because she was funny and mrs price because even though I sucked at spanish she still gave me an A+
Favorite_memory: well my memories are fading since I left after only being there 2 years but I do remember the rallies and watching the baseball games because I was all in love with Cassius Johnson. But thats my only memories that I can think of.
Alumni_in_contact: Tausha Sunderman.
Debby Larraguivel writes:
Occupation: D.J. at  KSFM 102.5 & Financial Analyst
Bio: Since graduating I've been kickin' it. Working and I even attempted college. (all of them in Sacramento)
But I was able to get a job! Of course talking and having to do with Dollars.
Friends: Homies: Sonya J., Monica #10, Rudy and Rob, Mayra,Angela C., Sean, Glenn, Kritter, Luigi,and the whole student government class. Dag-namit class of 96!
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Junior_high: Jonas Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Most memoable teachers......The ones who sent me to detention...all of them. Thanks.
Favorite_memory: Memories....uh..
Story: Stories to share? Yeah, like I'll be doing that.
Charlie Buckalew  writes:
Occupation: Cook
Bio: Cooking
Trivia: My sister Teresa married Jeff Tobin and had a kid
Friends: My friends were Leo Arnell, Bobby Raper, Eric Brown, & Erick Crans
Kids: I don't have any kids
Grade_school: Howe Avenue Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Rudy & Robert Doporto and Leo, Erick, Eric & Bobby and a lotta others
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Eric Dahlin because he was so cool(and because he's been a teacher there forever) and Mr. McElroy cause he's so smart.  Oh, and Ms. Begg cause she's so nice and Ms. Bush wasn't too bad either, I guess.
Favorite_memory: Tha Riot
Story: Eric Brown is currently living in NYC since about July or so, thats about it
Sibling_info: Teresa Buckalew class of 93
Alumni_in_contact: Leo Arnell & Vince Guzman
Robert Doporto writes:
Occupation: Telecommunications Manager
Bio: A whole lot of partying and spending $!!!!
Trivia: My brother Rudy and I are seperated now due to him joining the Marines.
Friends: Paul Atwal, Norm Allen, Luigi Garalbaldi, Kritter, Joe Speakman, Debbie L, Melissa P, Alicia L, Vince G, Anthony Alexander and etc. And I just about lost contact with everybody except for Paul,Norm,and Anthony.
Hobbies: I am a All-Star on a Semi Pro Football team in Sacramento for the River City Rattlers.
Grade_school: Greer Elementary
Memorable_teachers: Ms.Bush and Coach Hibbard, because they were always there for me and helped me out with a lot of stuff.
Favorite_memory: The Riot.
Story: Yea hold on let me think ..................... AH NO !!!! Nothing that I would like to share with you all ( I think all the females know the stories and the bus rides) !!!!!!!!
Erick Crans writes:
Occupation: Painter/General Maintenance
Bio: After graduation, I attended the University of Brigham Young, in Utah.  After that, I spent two years in the Dominican Republic on a mission for my church.  I then returned home in May of 2000 and started working as a painter and doing general maintenance for a property management company.  I then met my wife to be in August of 2000, and we were married on April 8, 2001.  I still work for the same company and am attending American River College in preperation to tranfer to Sac State soon.
Friends: My best friends in school were Catherlyn Burch, Jesse Baggs, Leo Arnell and Jason Burns.  I have lost constant contact with them, but still see them every once and a while.
Hobbies: I enjoy putting together Thomas Kincaid puzzles and spending time with my wife.   We like to visit family often and be outdoors.
Kids: No children yet, but hopefully soon!
Grade_school: Howe Avenue Elementry
Grade_school_friends: Charlie Buckalew and Leo Arnell were two of my best friends that attened Howe Avenue with me.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Again, Charlie Buckalew and Leo Arnell were their at Jonas Salk.   Most of my friends I had I met in High School.
Memorable_teachers: My most memorable teachers is hard to say.  Almost all my teachers made a lasting impression on me.  On the top, I would have to say Dennis Wallin, Susan Bush, Mr. Luchini and Mr. Freedman.  Like I said, I enjoyed all my teachers, but these four taught me the most.  Mrs. Bush for always being willing to chat with us students, and just had a personality that I feel brought out the best.   Mr. Wallin for being a great Student Activities Director in Student Government.   He guided me well in my term as ASBP and was always willing to help us whatever he could.  Mr. Freedman for being a good club advisor, whose humer made math and physics fun.  Also Mr. Luchini for being the best class advisor I think there ever will be.   He put up with us, he taught us, he supported us, and he was a true mentor.   
Favorite_memory: All four years of Encina were great memories.  My favorite memories mostly involve Student Government Acivities.  The rallies, carnivals, BBQ's and more, I feel that the Encina was just one big memory that I will always love.
Heard_about_website_from: Mrs. Woo
Karen Hamblen writes:
Occupation: Working at albertsons..currently going to school..for my teaching cordintials
Bio: I moved after my sophmore year..wish I could have stayed..going to southwest college in san diego..to finish my aa..going to san diego state..hopefully in spring 2002
Trivia: I am currently engaged..waiting for school to finish so I can be a kindegarten teacher..
Friends: Nikki McGee. Tywa Phillips..Danetta Motley
Hobbies: I did play volley ball two years at encina..Love to do art work and write poetry in the proces of getting my poems copywritted..
Kids: no kids yet
Favorite_memory: Hanging out in the quad with higher class mates..playing volleyball..
Heard_about_website_from: internet
Shemica Thurston writes:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Bio: I have moved to Dallas, TX where I have found the love of my life, my daughter   (Jasmine). She is 1 years of age and very active. This is one time I am really running. Ha!Ha!
Trivia: Do you think that I became a stand up comedian?
Friends: In high school I had a lot associates but the best one of all, is DONETTA M. that's right my girl "D".
Hobbies: No hobbies at this time but I enjoy LA boat and going to the movies.
Kids: My daughter's name is Jazmine. She is 1 years old and a handful. She looks just like me so, that makes her beautiful. She's made a great difference in my life. (On the other hand no children in the near future)
Grade_school: Prescott  Elementary (Oakland, CA)
Grade_school_friends: No one at Encina
Junior_high: Lowell Middle School (Oakland, CA)
Junior_high_friends: No one at Encina
Memorable_teachers: I can say that I enjoyed Mr. Fritos (Freeman) he was quite interesting. My second favorite is Mrs. Levin.
Favorite_memory: The RIOT!!!!! It brought out a difference
Story: As of 2001, I am single and working hard to raise Jazmine. And in a couple of years thinking about relocating.
Sibling_info: Tangelia Mullen
Alumni_in_contact: Dannetta Motley
Heard_about_website_from: MSN Internet
Victor Sanchez writes:
Occupation: U.S. ARMED FORCES
Grade_school: ISADOR COHEN
Grade_school_friends: DEBBIE L. AND AMEER P.
Heard_about_website_from: CLASSMATES.COM
Vicki Garrison writes:
Occupation: I work for a company that does the record keeping for 401 (k) plans.
Bio: Well, since graduation I have just been working.  I went to school at Sac City but that only lasted a semester.  I do plan on going back eventually, just not sure when.  I've been working office jobs ever since graduation, and most of them sucked.   The job I have now is really great and I'm making decent money.
Trivia: I wish I could say something intersting has happened to me, but that would e a lie!  haha
Friends: My best friend as everyone knows was and still is Tiffany Lee.  We still talk all the time.  I pretty much lost contact with everybody else (how sad).   Every now and then I'll see someone in a weird way, like driving or something.   If anyone reads this wants to get in touch again, please feel free to email me!   I would love to hear from you guys!!!
Hobbies: Hmmm...lets see....when I'm not at work?  I like to go swimming, fishing, camping, outdoors stuff.  I also like to go clubbing every once in a while.
Kids: No kids, not yet anyway.  Some day hopefully.  First I gotta meet the right man!!
Grade_school: I went to grade school in Vacaville, so it doesn't count.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Tiffany Lee, I don't really remember who else was ther...it was so long ago. 
Memorable_teachers: I'll always remeber Mrs. Begg because she was so nice!!
Favorite_memory: Too many good memories to count.  I had a gret time in high school.   If only I'd known then what I know now.....
Sibling_info: My brother, Ricky Garrison 96
Alumni_in_contact: Tiffany Lee, Chris Ballance, Billy Cho.
Heard_about_website_from: Billy Cho...kinda sorta
Leo Machado writes:
Occupation: shadetree mechanic/manual labor
Bio: still trying to figure out what i want to do in life.
i have done appartment maint.,prepare cars for auto auction,done a little
construction work.
Friends: lloyd mcloud,lawrence mcdonald,thomas engrim,melissa carpenter,kat o'sullivan,jeri ham,danneile erickson,
Hobbies: improving on my truck, it is my pride and joy.
driving every kind vehicle i get the chance to.
Kids: 1968 ford f-100 ranger straight 6cyl.300 auto. trans c-4, 1/2 ton with 72,000 original miles.
Grade_school: kohler elem. in north highlands and d.w. babcock elem.
Grade_school_friends: lloyd mcloud, angela hunt, arianna ames, dorian gunn, robert short, baggs brothers,
Junior_high: rio tierra fundamental jhs
Junior_high_friends: phil allstat,xavier cruz, joey hernandez, subhi tahea, diana dyste, ryan "shorty" linn, matt balo i mean mahony, shane killgore
Memorable_teachers: 7th grade english teacher richard starks the man would not give up on me, he hassled me into most of my language and writing skills and that brings me to mrs. bush, who is responsible for everything else i learned.
  who can forget chrome-dome eric dahlin who put up with me for two years and then some how turned the table by working the kilns for him, responsibity lesson in fun.
  rop mechanic shop teacher dan calhoune, believe it or not you taught me alot and i believe your the best mechanic/machinist i know.
      mr. sorenson my 6th grade teacher/ punter for the detroit lions, i never did bring my homework home i did it in the 15 minutes before the morning   bell rang or 15 minutes after school the day before and almost had sraight A's one b in stupid science.
                        thanks a million teachers
Favorite_memory: when i assaulted chris lynch for hitting, kicking, and verbaly assulting my sister.  the best part was i had never had a suspension from school so vp "dick" gonzalvez could only suspend me for 3 days (i say an eye for an eye)
Story: eric dahlin you were the coolest, always callin us pencil necks, then one day i knew we were buds when you called me pencil d-well you know, with a big grin on your face, chrome dome(is your back hair long enough to comb over that gleaming
melon you call a head.
Sibling_info: mona brizzee,michael machado, krystle machado
Alumni_in_contact: melissa carpenter, thomas ingrum, james mcQuin,
Heard_about_website_from: my sister
Tywa Phillips writes:
Occupation: Ophthalmic Assistant
Bio: Well, I have been married for 3 years now to someone i met after High School
(you didnt think it was Randy did you)? :) Also I have two beautiful boys, Matthew is two and Grant is almost 5 mos old. My younger sister just got married last week and she is going to move to Washington with her new husband. We bought a home here in Sacramento near both of our families.
Trivia: Well like i said I have two kids, I dont have time for much of anything else!
Friends: Oh man, its amazing how fast you loose contact after school, I talked with Caprice recently, but now her # is disconnected! Hey Audrey!!!! I saw Melissa at the mall when she was visiting earlier this year, and I have seen Jill also. I would like anyone who has seen Jamie to say thanks for falling off the face of the earth 2 weeks before my wedding that she was supposed to be in!
Hobbies: I took some dancing lessons last year that I really enjoyed ( swing and ballroom)
Kids: Man, I should have read the questions before I started writing! Matthew is a beautiful, talkative two year old, and Grant is the normal 5 mo old, he likes to eat, drool, and keep my husband and I up all night!
Grade_school: thomas edison
Grade_school_friends: Jamie Davis (wondering if she counts)?
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Jamie Davis, Tiffany Lee and Vicki Garrison were there , i am forgetting more, that was so long ago.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Nichols was always cool and talked to us in her German accent! Mr. Luchini was always fun because he had a son our age, Hey mr. Luchini I am a registered Republican Go Bush/Cheney!
Favorite_memory: Hmm favorite memory...Gosh I dont know, just having good friends who had cars and leaving school!!!!
Sibling_info: Tina Pritchett (phillips)Tinabell20@yahoo.com
Alumni_in_contact: Melissa Pendleton, Caprice Sanchez
Heard_about_website_from: Michael Pritchett
Delfino Baeuerlen writes:
Occupation: Military Police Officer/ US Army National Guard  270MP Co.    Sacramento,CA
Bio: Well a week after I graduated I started US Air Force basic training in San Antonino, TX. I got married in Feb. of 97'. I spent a few years as a C-5 Galaxy Crew Chief at Travis AFB,CA. I also went to school for a while. Then I transfered to the National Guard and became an MP.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison Elem.
Junior_high: Arden Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Bush, she was real down to earth. Didn't treat her students like children. Was always there for you. Thanks Mrs Bush
Favorite_memory: Playing football. And graduation, finally getting there after 12 years. Now I wish I could go back.
Heard_about_website_from: Found it on my own.
Paul Atwal writes:
homepage: www.atwal.com
Occupation: Network Analyst
Bio: Nothing really just going to school got my MCSE (Microsoft Systems Engineer) degree. And now I'm working at MCI World Comm living lavishly.
Trivia: Lets see since graduation I have lost close to 75lbs and now when females see me they jock me instead of me having to rely on just my game now I got the game and the looks.
Friends: My best friends were Rudy and Robert DoPorto a.k.a The Twinz, and Luigi Garabaldi,and Joe Speakman. We all still kickit, really havent lost contact with any of them.
Hobbies: Music and Car Stereos.
Kids: I don't have any kids yet, or at least none that I know of !!
Favorite_teachers: To tell you the truth I forgot her name but it was my English teacher I think she was the best teacher I really ever had, also the only teacher I ever liked. There was also Mrs. Motter she was my counsler my senior year. She helped me out alot, and I will never forget her for that, not to mention she was also the finest counsler I ever had too. Much Props Mrs. Motter !!!

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