4th Annual Encina Alumni Challenge

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Final score: Alumni team won 83-76 in OT !!!

We raised over $46,000 in pledges for the Encina Booster Club!

Alumni team:
Front: Mike Martis 77, James Jones 87, Bill Glaholt 88, Rafael Enriquez 84
Back: Doug Kempster 65, Bob Goosmann 74, Dave Jensen 72, Chris Dahlberg 80, Greg Grant 75


Steve Palmer '74, Alumni Challenge Co-organizer:

"What a great night for Encina, our alumni team and ALL Encina alumni, current students and 40+ years of faculty and staff!

The Varsity team worked hard with some outstanding plays, steals, fast breaks and incredible speed on the court. We cheered the Alumni as they poured their hearts and bodies into the game with some amazing plays and great shots. Our ALUMNI pulled it out with an exciting overtime win. Both teams fought for every point and are to be commended for their talent, hard work and good sportsmanship.

How exciting and fun to give away TWO autographed King's balls. Pam Kay 83 works for the Maloof brothers and obtained an autographed Peja Stojakovic NBA ball from the Sacramento Kings. We received an official Mike Bibby autographed ball in a plexiglass cube thanks to a generous donation from a 1975 Encina alum.. Encina student Tammie Nguyen '06 won the Peja Stojakovic ball and student Ashly ?'05 won the Mike Bibby ball.

The alumni team members all signed a third ball. This unique keepsake was raffled to those who donated to the alumni challenge fundraiser. The winner was Heather Kendall, Class of 1973. Heather has been a loyal supporter of the alumni challenge every year and is a worthy winner.

Last year we raised a record $43,260 for Encina. It's going to be close, but this year we may break the record. Thanks to all who pledged. As in the past, a game tape will be mailed to EVERY donor (it's not too late to pledge).

I am so proud to be associated with all the great people who support our school and enjoyed seeing all the friendly faces from so many classes. You couldn't ask for a more exciting game or better support from our alumni."

Bob Goosmann '74, Alumni Challenge co-organizer wrote:

"I'm not sure what sort of cosmic destiny we've tapped into with the Alumni Challenge, but this makes it four amazing games in four years, including
overtime the past three years. And while this year's Varsity team may not have been as talented as previous teams, there's no question they played
extremely hard and desperately wanted to win. Fortunately, I think this was the best Alumni team from top to bottom, with everyone making major
contributions to our winning effort: Doug Kempster's amazing three-pointer; Dave Jensen's tenacious defense and rebounding; Greg Grant likewise (and special kudos to Greg for hosting a dinner for the Varsity team the night before); Mike Martis' outstanding efforts against the Varsity full-court press; Chris Dahlberg's typical stellar play above the rim (including a monster block in the second half); James Jones' dominance in the paint, with a game-high 26 points; Rafael Enriquez' outstanding all-around game; and Bill Glaholt's nonstop hustle that actually matched the Varsity's quickness and speed. Thanks, as always, to the alumni crowd--we needed every ounce of your support to pull out a victory. And thanks to Steve, Harlan, all who pledged, and everyone else who contributes to the ongoing success of this amazing event. See you next year, old creaking body willing."

Principal Myrtle Berry wrote:

"Another Super Evening for the Apaches & Bulldogs! I didn't think it could get any better than in past years. There seems to be a special "aroma" in the gymnasium when you return to your alma mater! As always, we appreciate all that you do for the students and the Encina community.

With our current budget crisis, the pledges/donations, more than ever will benefit ENTIRE school programs.
Just think, four years ago, Steve Palmer & Bob Goosmann joined us to help pull off what was to be a fundraiser basketball game between members of a professional football team and our varsity basketball team.(to net about $5,000). Here we are, four years later, Bigger & Better than we had ever envisioned! You guys are really a class act.

Harlan, thanks for promoting this great event. Without your updates and publicity, I know that we wouldn't get the pledges that we always receive. (you seem to have a knack for motivation)

A special "thank you" to our core group of booster club parents who continue to do it all. Again, thanks to all of the Apaches (staff and students) for your overwhelming generosity. We are open to your ideas for the 2005 alumni challenge game. Give us a call with ideas, complaints, etc. "


Doug Kempster '65 wrote:
"I had a great time at this year's game. Now, if I had just been smart enough to knock off a half hour earlier last Sunday I might actually have been able to run! This was the first time my son Matt had ever seen me play in a game, and he really enjoyed it. After my assist to Bill Glaholt, he said, "Dad did something good!". Thanks for the opportunity to play, and for raising so much money for the school. This is a great event, Harlan. Keep up the good work."

Mike Martis '77 wrote:
"What a great thrill to share the court with past and current Apaches/Bulldogs. My thanks to Steve Palmer and Bob Goosmann for creating and continuing this event (and inviting me to participate!), to you Harlan for your tireless promoting, selling and chronicling, and to all who pledged - way to step up so mightily once again, Paul Bonderson. This is a very cool means of giving back, allowing today's Encina student-athletes many of the things we took for granted.
And how about that game, sports fans!! Encina varsity team members, take no shame in defeat - you guys played well. But...you see, my alumni teammates came to *play*, and play we did, putting on a pretty decent display of fundamental basketball, minus the 36-inch vertical leap. Great to run the floor with guys like Doug Kempster and Dave Jensen, what inspirations you are (and nice "three" from the corner, Doug); Bob Goosmann, you're a true competitor, and that's an impressive offensive array you bring to the court - thanks again; Greg Grant, a familiar old face, what a pleasure on and off the hardwood, and I'm glad the knee held up; Chris Dahlberg, aka "The Luxury," it was fun sharing old stories and watching your talents from close range; Rafael Enriquez and James Jones, from covering your exploits as preps during my Bee days to suiting up for the alums, you two still have plenty of game, and are quality guys as well...that was fun; And Bill Glaholt, your energy was truly motivating, and sorry again for hogging OT!
Thanks to Tom Clark, Rocky, Patty and Lissa for the personal pledges (Matt Shelton, stand up and be counted!). I hope more alums emerge to carry on this great cause - TC, I expect to see you lighting it up next year. I'd gladly pay to see uniforms on guys like Ted Peterson, Don McCarthy, Charley Moulton, Mike Frederick and, especially, Bob Bingham."

James W Jones '87 wrote:
"I haven't had a feeling in my stomach like that in a long time, butterflies usually don't go along with my current line of work.
It was nice to play again in the gym, it brought back a lot of old memories of playing with my old class of 87 teamates, I think the gym must think it still owes me some karma beecause things couldn't have gone much better for me in the game, in fact it might of been the best game I ever
played for Encina. Thanks to all the alumni team for playing hard, see you again next year. "

Dave Jensen 72 wrote:
"I thoroughly enjoyed playing with and getting to know my alumni teammates. Thank you all for the experience. And thank you Harlan Lau, Steve Palmer and Bob Goosmann for your organizational efforts."

Bill Glaholt wrote:
"Wow! That was *SO* much fun!! I am honored to have played with all of you - each of us brought something awesome to the table, and I think we played better team-ball as a whole this year than last. Thank you - each of you - for your willingness to take me on and drag me through the process of learning the zone defense. (*winks to Doug*) I'm glad we got the chance to give back to our school like this; I hope that each year is as successful!"

Chris Dahlberg wrote:
"I'd like to thank you and all the alumni for giving me the oppurtunity to participate in this year's Alumni Challenge. I consider it a very special
privilege. The game was great. The guys on the team have a lot of drive. A lot of teams would have given up and said this is good enough. Not our team. Not only did we want to raise money, we also wanted to win. I think this can be attributed to the fortitude of the team and the intense school spirit shown by all of the alumni at the game and those supporting the website. GO APACHES!!"


Date: Friday, April 2, 2004
Dinner: catered by Dannie's Catering

Location: Encina cafeteria
Time: 530-700 pm
Dannie: dannie at danniescatering.com

Alumni challenge basketball game
Time: 730 pm
Organizers: Bob Goosmann 74 and Steve Palmer 74

Alumni team:
Doug Kempster 65
Dave Jensen 72
Bob Goosmann 74 (captain)
Greg Grant 75
Mike Martis 77
Chris Dahlberg 80
Rafael Enriquez 84
James Jones 87
Bill Glaholt 88

Halftime Raffle:
Sacramento Kings Peja Stojakovic autographed ball donated by Pam Kay 83
Sacramento Kings Mike Bibby autographed ball donated by anonymous 75 alumni


Encina gets money for the traditional "core" classes such as math and reading .  We (alumni) are providing assistance for many of the
extracurricular programs, elective classes, clubs and other programs that help to enrich students' experience at Encina.

Here is a short list of some of the things supported by the Alumni Challenge.  Most, if not all of these programs and activities would not
have happened (or would have been SEVERELY cut) if not for the generous support of Encina's Alumni.

New Student Welcome Program through Counselors
Encina Art Gallery (Art Opening Receptions)
Performing Arts (Students attending local plays)
Freshman Feast (a Freshman event with Senior peers/guides)
Encina Broadcasting System (EBS) (equipment and supplies)
Boy's Soccer
Girl's Soccer
Girl's Softball
Girl's Volleyball
Girl's Basketball
Boy's Basketball
Basketball Tournaments
Sports Banquets
Every 15 minutes  (drug/alcohol intervention)
Alumni Challenge event
The encinahighschool.com Website
SAP (Student Assistance Program)
Reading Program
Student to Ashland to participate in Shakespeare Festival
After school tutoring
Backboard replacement
Drama department (students) trip to Ashland

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