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Latoya Brown wrote:
Occupation: Union Representative
Children/grandchildren: No children
SinceGraduation: I graduated from Sac state in
2007 with a BA in Business. Stumbled in to labor, now I'm a union rep. Cool job but very stressful.
I have my real estate license and now I'm going back to school for my MBA. I moved to Los Angeles for a job them moved back for a job go figure!
BestFriends: Latarba Brown, Shamyra,AD Smoots
I still talk to AD Smoots. No longer friends with Latarba and Shamyra...you win some you lose some
Hobbies: Shopping
Kids: No kids. Lots for God children :)
MiddleSchool: California Jr High(sacto) Mills Middle(Rancho Cordova)
MemorableTeachers: Mr Guba was the coolest
teacher- left 9th grad yr
Mr Epps was very prolific i wonder if he ever became a lawyer??
Mrs Begg - So goofy
Ms Boehle - wouldnt have passed algebra with out her!
FavoriteMemory: 9th grade was the best year. It was like a party everyday!
Frank Gomez wrote:
Occupation: Mail Man (Letter Carrier) USPS
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Christina
Children/grandchildren: Frank Carlos Gomez age 7 Natalie Nichole Gomez age 3 Abigail Katherine Gomez age 1
SinceGraduation: Served in the US Marine Corps for
5 years during OIF I,II,III. Now working in the Postal Service as a Mailman. Earned my AA in General studies. Will complete my BS in Accounting in July 2011.
Trivia: I have been told I look much like Matt Damon and John Cena. I am a Marine Fanatic. To this day I put my headphones on and run listening to Marine cadence. Oohrah!!
BestFriends: Greg Crosley, Anthony Redoble, Sam Carlin, Josh Garmin, My cousin Greg Patterson,
Hobbies: Family, Work, Running, Marines, Marines, and more Marines...
Kids: Frank, my oldest was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 2010.
He has been through everything with my wife and I, even through the Corps. Natalie is my middle child and she is darling. She is the typical middle child, very loving and jealous. Lastly, Abigail is amazing and my last child. She makes me smile whenever I need to. I love all my children more than I ever thought I would. Children truly are God's gift.
GradeSchool: Hagginwood
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Guba
FavoriteMemory: Graduation an entire semester early.
Stories: We played against Lincoln High and almost all of our players were injured that game. Lincoln had around 80 players and we had about 17.
Alycia Milner wrote:
Occupation: Mother, Full-time student at Austin Peay State University
MaritalStatus: Single
Children/grandchildren: Aaliyah Madison Fuentes 14 Months
SinceGraduation: Working, going to school, and raising a beautiful little girl
BestFriends: Best Friend: Julie Sanchez. Lost contact with everybody
Kids: She is so beautiful, but she is also so tiny. And still has no hair. Big blue eyes, and is talking up a storm already...
GradeSchool: Thomas Edison
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Really did not have any
FavoriteMemory: Just being there
Johanna Compton writes:
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Bio: I started out going to college and working which turned into just working. Then I got the travel bug and I have visited many different states.  I also spent several months in the Ukraine and Russia.  I married a guy from Moscow and live happily ever after in Atlanta, GA. 
Friends: I have lost contact with everyone.
Hobbies: Love to cook, love to eat!!  Sometimes just watching a movie and chillin is nice too....
Kids: None to speak of yet...
Grade_school: Johnson
Grade_school_friends: I think most people went to Grant...
Junior_high: Natomas
Junior_high_friends: I think everyone went to El Camino or Natomas High...
Memorable_teachers: I thought Mr. Epps was a great teacher, Mr. Samborski was tough but cool, and really most of the Business Acadamey teachers were fun.
Favorite_memory: Freshmen year pep rally when each class was a super hero...That was a lot of fun.  Also the cultural day when we were able to hang out and watch a the show!!
Sacramento Bee, March 16, 2003
Born 7/31/81 - Died 3/12/03
In loving memory of Jeremy Brett Moore who is survived by father Edker Moore Jr., mother Vicki Petersen, Grandfather Edker Moore, Grandmother
Mary Moore, brother Steffan Neal, and by many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Jeremy worked as a floorman refinishing floors with his grandfather. Services for Jeremy will be held at the North Sacramento Funeral Home on 725 Elk Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 10 AM. He will be laid to rest at East Lawn, 5757 Greenback Lane, 12:00 noon. Friends and relatives are encouraged to attend
services or burial.
Olivia Sanchez writes:
Occupation: whatever pays the bills
Bio: working and school school school
Trivia: um yea no  
Friends: i miss brad even though he sees my sister all the time, dayna,
skim le, neil
Hobbies: travelin
Kids: shes great, shes in first grade and shes not mine shes my sisters
Memorable_teachers: mrs morton she was the best ever, monroe, epps, and
Favorite_memory: bus rides
Brad Smith writes:
Occupation: dont worry about it
Bio: working and playing
Friends: Melvin, Olivia,Steve,Callahan,Buckner
Hobbies: riding my bicycle,
Kids: Aaron Smith, Marissa Smith
Junior_high: martin luther king
Junior_high_friends: vincent
Memorable_teachers: luchini, because he cost me varsity squad junior year (and he was the best)
Favorite_memory: the away games for all the sports
John Guttenbeil writes:
Occupation: student
Bio: school getting my BA psychology
Trivia: been traveling all over the pacific
Friends: rodrick(piccolo), charles(goku), marcus(trunks) and most of the girls from school, ohh and ash
Hobbies: don't laugh but besides school i work on the plantaion,
Kids: no kids yet..........
Grade_school: new winsor
Memorable_teachers: senior english teacher
Favorite_memory: well i can't say alot just say senior prank day
Gerald Sturgill writes:
Occupation: Singer, Student at ARC, Safeway, making money and going to school
Bio: Since graduation, a lot has happened.  Well, I've tried out for American Idol, I've won many local karaoke contests, have had fun singing. 
Trivia: I have tried out for American Idol four times in the last four years in San Francisco and Las Vegas.  I am currently pursuing a music career on the side while attending college. 
Friends: I've lost contact with (almost everyone) at Encina
Hobbies: Well, the obvious one, singing.  I've been taking on a lot of different hobbies, just love to have fun.
Grade_school: Howe Avenue Elementary
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg, Mrs. Woo, and Mrs. Wetzel
Favorite_memory: Graduating
Sibling_info: Charity Sturgill(class of 2003), Gilbert Sturgill(2004, did not graduate from Encina)
Gina Sexton writes:
Occupation: Full-Time Nanny of a beautiful baby girl.
Bio: I have been going to school, working, and trying to enjoy life to the best of my ability. I just got back to Sacramento after living in San Francisco for a year and now I am moving to New Jersey. I am very excited for this new adventure. I will be 30min outside of New York City and can't wait to explore it. I have been there once before but only to visit. I am attending the University of Pheonix to get my B.A. in Business Management.
Trivia: My life is Trivia!!!
Friends: I haven't really been in contact with a lot of people since I moved away, but if ya wanna talk, I'm game.
Hobbies: The theatre as always, art, school.
Kids: No kids
Grade_school: St. John the Evangelist. That was a long time ago and I don't really want to remember.
Junior_high: St. Joseph's
Junior_high_friends: Ricci Dula, Olivia Sanchez, Tracey Lewis, Paul Anderson.
Memorable_teachers: They were all memorable in their own way!
Favorite_memory: I have many favorite memories....What happened to the kid who got ducktaped to the pole in Roseville?
Sibling_info: Bonnie Lynn Yates (sister)but I am not in contact with her.
La Shanika Harris writes:
Occupation: Data Processor
Bio: Since graduation I have been going to school and working.
Friends: I was best friends with Kindra, Nancy, La Keisha, Viva and Miriam. I talk to Kindra every day all day. I talk to Nancy and Keisha ever now and then, but the other 2 I don't talk to.
Kids: I am expecting my first child (a boy) November 2005. My son will be a junior but there isn't much I can tell you now since I have not had him yet.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Luchini. He is a great guy I always liked him. He always kept it real. I also loved Reggie and Sonya. They were the
coolest people I knew.
Favorite_memory: My favorite moments were when I was in 9th to the 11th grade. Senior year was boring.
Steve McSwain writes:
Occupation: Truck Driver
Bio: Well I was a Communications Specialists for the last 5 years and few months in the US ARMY now I am out (thank GOD) Was married 4 2 years
wife cheating on me while I was gone in Iraq so now I am officialy divorced, and single... Now I am working on getting my CDL and will be making Texas home ...
Friends: Gina Sexton, Mike Pulsipher, Allison Witham, Rikki Parkinson, Sherri Kelly,
Hobbies: Doing worthing things 2 cars...haha...
Kids: none
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. WOO (Biz Tech funny but inspirataionalible) Mr. L (POPS) Very well at debates in all of the history classes
Favorite_memory: Graduating
Richard Parkison writes:
Occupation: Computer Tech...
Bio: I have been helping people build thier own Computers the way they want them - I am very skilled Thanks to John dietrich and Mark Johnson
Trivia: Ever since Gradution I have constintly moved all over and passed through many states...
Friends: Anthony Dawson was a very good friend of mine... Who I have lost contact with..
Hobbies: Fixing Computers and building them from scratch also fixing up my Mitsubishi Eclipse
Grade_school: Johnson Elementary
Junior_high: Janas Salk
Memorable_teachers: I Think all my teachers were great - even though I was a pain to most of them..
Favorite_memory: I guess my best memory from Encina would have to be meeting Jenna M. Moore
Jeremy Brett Moore
Jeremy passed away 3/12/03. Krystle Machado "2000"
Krystle Machado writes:
Occupation: Currently a stay at home mom.
Bio: Since Encina...I left there my junior year and went to Mira Loma..which SUCKED!!! And since then just working and taking care of my daughter.
Trivia: Interesting trivia about me...hmmmm..well I didn't graduate. I dropped out shortly after I left Encina. Well for anyone who knew me thats probably not too shocking.
Friends: My best friends were AnnMarie Carillo, Jeniffer Coite and a few others..I've lost contact with them all. But its really no loss I guess.
Hobbies: My hobbies...well everything I do revolves around my kid so mostly kids stuff...But when I can sneak away from her I like to read and hang out
with friends.
Kids: Angelina Michelle Denton 21/2
My daughter was born Feb. 5,02. She is the cutest kid in the world. She's a brat but she makes up for it with her porsonality. She loves her movies and
her care bear toys.
Grade_school: Babcock Elementery
Grade_school_friends: AnnMarie Carillo
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: AnnMarie, and Jenniffer
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Liccini (or however you spell it) He was just a good teacher. And the detention teacher I don't remember his name, but he was cool.
Favorite_memory: My friends and the last day of school was always fun too.
Sibling_info: Ramona Brizzee '98
Steve McSwain writes:
Occupation: Communications Specialists
Bio: Joined the U.S. ARMY
Trivia: Getting married to the most beautiful Nina you would ever put an eye on waiting on kids for now
Friends: Ricci Dula, Nina Shoeman, Johnathan, Mike Pulsipher, AND IF I 4GOT U  U NO WHO U R
Hobbies: Playing with my IMPALA putting newer parts on it
Kids: No kids yet
Grade_school_friends: Justing Slones we go backed 2 tha 4th GRADE
Junior_high: Foot Hill Farms JR High
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Bonds he always had a way with his words of wisdom
Favorite_memory: Graduating from ENCINA
Sibling_info: Audrey McSwain
comments: I've already returned from my tour from Kuwait for September 11th U know the day hit me really hard especially at work though I am getting ready 2 go 2 IRAQ for a year this coming Febuary 04 I should be back in Febuary 2005
I got married 14th day March 03 and since I've had the most happiest moments of my lifetime
Neil Young writes:
Occupation: Construction
Bio: Working and enjoying my family
Trivia: Had my son and got a new home.
Friends: Brad Smith and Smith, and I miss Oliva Sanchez
Hobbies: Basketball, and playing with my son
Kids: Xavier Young 6 months  He's so cute:)
He a 6 months and looks like he's 1. He holds his own bottle and crawls like a champion.
Grade_school: Greer
Grade_school_friends: Trang Tran
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg, and Mr.Boyd...he had banging activities.
Favorite_memory: The day I walked into cermacis and locked eyes with a gorgeous young blonde bomb shell, and I knew I wanted to make her my
wife...you should see the diamond I gave to her with.
Alumni_in_contact: Brad and Monica Smith, Steve and Tasha Randolph, Tom Som
comments: I miss everyone, and the life when I didn't have to pay billsL:)
Lisa Asay writes:
Occupation: Vet Tech, I work out in Roseville.
Bio: Just relaxing and working im going back to school starting in january.
Hobbies: Reading, chatting with friends and family online and going to the movies with my boyfriend for 2 yrs and 3 months and my family.
Kids: no kids yet
Sonny Marquez writes:
Occupation: Student
Bio: I've attended 3 H.S. including Encina (w/c sux).  I've been doing okay.
Hobbies: Basketball
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Brodnonski, Woo
Sibling_info: Roan JOY Marquez

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