Encina High School Class of 1974 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1974+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Bob Goosmann

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Sandra Abbe     contact webmaster
Carolyn Ables Manley 6141 Hilltree Ave
Citrus Heights,CA 95621
916-722-5832 h yayacjm at netzero.net
Vicki Adamek Mongan     vicki at quiknet.com 
Joy Adams Waller Coffeyville,KS   jewrn2005 at yahoo.com
Lavonne Adams Zehm     contact webmaster
Yvonne Adams Baker     care of webmaster
Mark Aguilar Mather,CA 916-205-3085 markaaguilar at hotmail.com
Steve Aguilar     contact webmaster
Noel Albrecht deceased 12/31/72    
Chris Allan deceased 1/13/01    
Josh Allan     care of webmaster
Patricia Allen Wilder 3484 Dunbar Rd
Rescue,CA 95672
530-676-5911 h
916-919-7481 w
bpwilder at sbcglobal dot net
Tom Allen Sacramento,CA   tallen at cfsa.org
Linda Amster Randle     care of webmaster
Lawrence "Larry" Anderson 4824 Devereaux Way
Salida,CA 95368
209-545-8724 h
209-543-8173 w
leaconsulting at sbcglobal.net
Paul Anderson     contact webmaster
Gerri Annenberg Rotta 14665 S.W. Peachtree Dr
Tigard,OR 97224
503-590-4043 h cerotta at comcast.net
Dennis Archibald deceased 1/04 in Davis,CA    
Steve Arend     contact webmaster
Eve Armitage Yabroff     care of webmaster
Terri Ayon (now Terri D'Ayon) Sacramento,CA 916-379-5985 w care of webmaster
Jeff Babcock Placerville,CA   fhk56 at yahoo.com
John Bain     care of webmaster
Roi-Anne "Annie" Baker McGuire deceased 12/4/91    
David Bakkie deceased 7/17/07 from cancer
Linda Barber Parent
(aka Linda Zollinger)
1260 County Rd 59
Bremen,AL 35033

dukesmom1 at hotmail.com
facebook: Linda Barber Parent

Steve Barragan 12 Liberty St
Natick,MA 01760
  sbarragan at comcast.net
Dave Barrett     contact webmaster
Patty Barrett Oliver 903 Lazy Lane
Prescott,AZ 86303
928-717-4455 h
928-899-7781 w
care of webmaster
Randy Barsch     care of webmaster
John Bedford Rancho Cordova,CA   jybedford at ardennet.com
Lori Bee Lane     care of webmaster
RaeLee Beglau Kingsley     KKing4444 at AOL.COM
Gerald "Jerry" Belke     contact webmaster
Terje Berger     care of webmaster
Cynthia Berglund Derrington     care of webmaster
Sharon Berkenpas     sharonberkenpas at yahoo dot com
Julie Berner Graves     julgraves at yahoo dot com
Mike Berry 1200 Creekside Dr #2013
Folsom,CA 95630
916-983-2138 h
530-626-2608 w
mberry55 at hotmail.com
Cassandra "Casey" Biddle Bennett     duckyangel29 at yahoo.com
Fawn Billerbeck McCandless Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Michael Bjork deceased 9/2/82 in Butte Co.( industrial accident)    
Toni Blas Moots Grass Valley,CA toni.moots at gmail dot com
Nita Blubaugh Wright     Tonkablue at aol.com
Roger Bolton     bolton_roger at yahoo dot com
Brian Bombola     big-guy at napanet.net
Brook Borchers Alsdurf 12113 Brothers Court
Manassas,VA 20112
703-396-7006 cr8vgls at verizon dot net
Maryjane Bowles     contact webmaster
Cheryl Boyer deceased 9/17/10 in Tulsa,OK    
Lorrie Bradhoff James     care of webmaster
Mary "Rhubarb" Bragg O'Brien Fair Oaks,CA   auntrhubarb at sbcglobal.net
Gordon Bramwell 1439 Hesket Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-922-6100 h
916-349-9046 w
gkb56 at rocketmail.com
Diana Brazil Selva     care of webmaster
Maureen Brennan deceased 10/24/90 in Santa Clara Co.    
Michael Brennan deceased 5/25/73 in Placer Co.    
Debbie Brown     care of webmaster
Kenneth Brown     contact webmaster
Ron Brown     contact webmaster
Bill Buckner     contact webmaster
Mike Burruss     mikeburruss at juno.com
Kimberly Burton Jenkins     care of webmaster
Cathleen "Cathy" Busby Crader     contact webmaster
Lura M. LuAnn Butcher DOD 3/1/83 in Woodland of injuries from car accident    
Sandra Byerley Jaeke 8187 Kingsbridge Dr
Sacramento,CA 95829
  macduff at lanset.com
Debbie Camara Smitheee     care of webmaster
Claudia Carlisle Cohen     care of webmaster
Cheree Caron     Cheree.Krahne at west.boeing.com
Dan Carter     care of webmaster
Rex Castor     rx4music at hotmail.com
Peggy Cauley Bayer     teibayer at aol.com
Peter Cavaghan     care of webmaster
Maureen Chadwick     contact webmaster
Morris Chaffin     care of webmaster
Donald Chambers deceased 12/28/91 in Sacramento Co.    
Tim Chapman     care of webmaster
Chris Christie     care of webmaster
William Cho     contact webmaster
Jennifer Church     jenny56.1 at juno.com
Brian Claiborne Springfield,OR   care of webmaster
Andy Clark     contact webmaster
Stephanie Clark Taketa     contact webmaster
Douglas Cochrane     contact webmaster
Danny Collins     contact webmaster
Michael "Mike" Colvin deceased 9/12/15
Jerry Cordy     care of webmaster
Lisa Coupe deceased 3/8/2000    
Kevin Crain     kvncrn at aol.com
Laura Crebbin     contact webmaster
Alan Criswell     contact webmaster
Allen Cull Antelope,CA   aCull at aCull.com
Melanie Curd     contact webmaster
Daniel Dahlberg 290 Garfield St
Denver,CO 80206
303-377-3348 h
303-437-4594 w
dahlbergd at gmail dot com
Charlotte "Char" Davis DOD 7/8/17 in Sacramento  
Lisa Davis Zeller     care of webmaster
Rosalyn Davis     contact webmaster
Dave Decker 300 Min Chuan Road 5F
Taichung, Taiwan
  deckertacoma923 at gmail dot com
Stephanie De Marco Del Camp     contact webmaster
Eric Desin     contact webmaster
Dave Develey   davedeveley at gmail dot com
Mark Devine 2776 Helen St A
Redding,CA 96002
530-226-9784 Mdevine537 at aol.com
Richard Dewsnup     contact webmaster
James Dillion PO Box 60864
Sacramento,CA 95860
916-459-6825 w jasdillion at hotmail dot com
Joe Dillstrom     contact webmaster
Rudy DiMassa     rudy at directcon.net
Jerry Doane 62 Pineacre
Rancho Cordova,CA 95670
916-544-3646 h
916-544-3645 w
care of webmaster
Kathy Dooling McPherson     care of webmaster
Hilary Dopkins LeDonne     care of webmaster
Tim  Patrick Duffy   407-701-3877 hgdesignsus at yahoo dot com
Dodie Dunlap Spencer Crystal Lake,IL   dodiesp at aol.com
Steve Dunn     contact webmaster
Sioux (Sue) Dunn Wight deceased 10/18/03    
Jim Dunning     contact webmaster
Richard Dupzyk     care of webmaster
Gary Edelblute Alexandria,VA   gedelblute at gmail dot com
Loretta Edwards Hawkins     contact webmaster
Julie Eissinger Meador 105 Hopper Lane
Folsom,CA 95630
  jules95630 at yahoo dot com
Carol Elam Netzley     cerathome at earthlink.net
Diane Eldredge Gomes 2527 Cooper Circle
Livermore,CA 94550
925-487-5808 w diane_gomes at hotmail dot com
Sandy Elespuru Bishop Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Karen Elledge Yuba City,CA   elledgekaren1 at gmail dot com
Carl Elmer     contact webmaster
Margaret Emmett Decoux     care of webmaster
Bonnie Erickson Robbins Lincoln,CA bigfootrobbins at hotmail dot com
Leslie Erickson     care of webmaster
Linda Erickson     care of webmaster
James Timothy Farley DOD 1/1/18    
Vanessa Favero Fair Oaks,CA   favero59 at home.com
Mark Finlay     care of webmaster
Sharon Fleury PO Box 60947
Sacramento,CA 95860
916-488-9069 h sfleury at hcd.ca.gov
Vicki Flint Young     care of webmaster
Cory Flowers     care of webmaster
Cindy Ford Parra     care of webmaster
Dixie Frank Hall San Diego,CA 858-546-4663 w dixie.hall at cbre.com
Mark Freehardt     care of webmaster
Debbie French Wagner   818-701-9187 h care of webmaster
Margreth Frields     contact webmaster
Grant Fuller     contact webmaster
Terri Gallagher     contact webmaster
Joan Gaylord Beatty     contact webmaster
Lori Gemmell Wolfe     care of webmaster
Robin Gemmell Camacho Las Vegas,NV   robin at bigvalleygroup.com
Gerri George Carter (aka Sue George Carter)     skeetr3 at yahoo.com
Greg Gerth deceased 6/7/03 in Sacramento    
Robert Jett Gibson deceased /27/06 in motocycle accident    
Steve Gill     contact webmaster
Tammy Godfrey Chandler deceased 6/25/98 in car accident    
Michael Goedrich     care of webmaster
Dawn Gonyea     contact webmaster
Cheryl Goodman Slavensky Sacramento,CA   pristina325 at aol.com
Bob Goosmann 5533 Dunlay Dr
Sacramento,CA 95835
916-419-9483 h
916-875-6847 w
Magusbob at hotmail.com
Fred Graf 116 Stoddards Wharf Rd
Ledyard,CT 06339
860-464-0394 h
860-433-1132 w
fgraf at ebmail.gdeb.com
GrafUSNA78 at aol.com
Frank Graff     care of webmaster
Greg Grant     contact webmaster
Harry Greathouse 204 Spring St
Stevensville,MT 59870
406-777-2013 h greathouseharry at yahoo dot com
Keri Green Ashland,OR   care of webmaster
Richard "Rick" Greer     rick79 at sbcglobal dot net
Rae Jean Gregory Morris Lodi,CA 209-333-1252 h care of webmaster
Bo Grebitus El Dorado Hills,CA   bogrebitus at gmail dot com
David Grow     care of webmaster
Kim Guy Harris deceased 7/29/89    
Laurel Guy     care of webmaster
Kent Haas     care of webmaster
Winston Otto Hall deceased 8/6/12  
Paul Hamby Juneau,AK kl0x at iaff dot info
Donna Hamilton Kovar     contact webmaster
Calvin C. Handley DOD 1/20/17 in Folsom  
Dwight Hansen 9329 Colliston Dr
Elk Grove, CA 95814
916-798-0550 w dhansen at hansenassociates.org
Kristy Hanson     contact webmaster
Jill Harden     care of webmaster
Rene Hardre     contact webmaster
Terrea Harlan Sherman Sacramento,CA terrea7 at gmail dot com
Jennie Harris Anderson     contact webmaster
Carol Ann Harrison DOD 3/17/18 in Fieldbrook,CA from cancer    
Jean Harrison     rioqueenie at aol.com
Shannon Hauschildt Riddle 81086 Sears Road
Cottage Grove,OR 97424
541-942-7459 h care of webmaster
Carrie Hayes     contact webmaster
Bill Heberle     contact webmaster
Dawn Heck Schuerkamp Sacramento,CA   sgtheck at aol.com
Stacey Heidig Nittler 15 Fleuti Dr
Moraga,CA 94556
925-631-1683 h snittler at stmarys-ca.edu
Elaine Heieck Folsom,CA   samureye70 at sbcglobal.net
Stephen Hellewell     rhellewell at sbcglobal dot net
Judy Henderson Crockett     care of webmaster
Bette Henley     bah at henleykidd.org
June Hill Falkenthal     care of webmaster
Jim Hillman     JHillman at MAIL.co.washoe.nv.us
Lisa Hilton Hand     contact webmaster
Linda Hirsch     care of webmaster
Debbie Hoots Wilkinson deceased 1/28/05 in Sacramento Co  
Bill "Willis" Hopkins Rocklin,CA 916-768-8271 care of webmaster
Luther Hopp     marathon at softcom.net
David Hoppes     care of webmaster
Mark Huber     markdhuber at yahoo dot com
Stephen Hulin 1108 N Rose St #24
Phoenix,OR 97535
541-292-8068 w swhulin at yahoo dot com
Karen Hunt Glenn     care of webmaster
Gary Hunting 2330 Tamarack Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-489-6833 h hunting4beach at yahoo dot com
Ginny Hurley Cunningham     contact webmaster
Carolyn Hyrkas Kirkpatrick 689 SW 2nd St
Ontario,OR 97914
541-823-0254 h  
Joe Ivory deceased 8/23/82 in Kern Co.    
Kim Jackson Mathews     care of webmaster
Dan Jeffrey Reno,NV 775-853-3970 h dan at jeffrey.reno.nv.us
Dennis Jennings     contact webmaster
Samuel Johnson     care of webmaster
Candie Johnston Redding 7588 Community Dr
Citrus Heights,CA 95610
916-725-0060 h candieredding at hotmail.com
Kathy "Katie" Johnston Trahan Palm Desert,CA   ktrahan628 at aol.com
Leonard Jones     contact webmaster
Patty Jones Ledgewood Portland,OR   care of webmaster
Rod "Tim" Joslin     contact webmaster
Terri Jurich Howard PO Box 8, Hood,CA 95639   indahood15 at aol dot com
Carol Keck Marashian 15081 Mendota Road
Apple Valley,CA 92307
  camarash at verizon dot net
Michael Kehoe     contact webmaster
Dee Kelly Kittrell     care of webmaster
Steve Kelm 336 E Alluvial Sp. 278
Fresno,CA 93720
559-432-6132 h care of webmaster
Michele Kerr     care of webmaster
Denise Kichar Blair     deniblair at prodigy.net
David King Kansas City,MO   vtwinhouse at hotmail dot com
Kristina King Rutherford     contact webmaster
Kelly Kingsley     harleyking2006 at att dot net
David Knepprath   310-204-3812 w david at davidkla.com
Lynn Knight     care of webmaster
Martha Koropp Foley Lahaina,HI   marthafoley at msn.com
Kevin Krause     kevin at solarstore dot com
Molly Kraushar Clark     clarkmolly56 at yahoo dot com
Cathy Kriege     care of webmaster
Sandra Kruger Deutchman 7120 Ludlow Dr
Roseville,CA 95747
916-412-3184 w Sandi.deutchman at gmail dot com
Mary Beth Kwoka     care of webmaster
Mike Lamb 77-6469 Alii Dr #230
Kailua Kona,HI 96740
  care of webmaster
Kelly Lane     care of webmaster
Kyle Lane deceased 5/15/71  
Robert Laughlin 15986 Wellington Way
Truckee,CA 96161
530-582-0759 h care of webmaster
Larry Lauzon     LLauzon at sbcglobal.net
Will Leaver 6639 Millstone Lane SE #101
Lacey,WA 98513
360-456-8713 w
360-456-0105 h
will at willleaver.com
Scott Leonard     scott_p_leonard at hotmail.com
Jurgen Lew 1131 Castle Oaks Dr
707-738-6771 h jurgenlew at gmail dot com
Joe Lewis     care of webmaster
Trina Lewis Vaughn PO Box 2463
Edgewood,NM 87015
505-832-2559 h
Trina.Lewis92 at yahoo dot com
Mike Loeffler     contact webmaster
Lutgard Loffens Ronsse     lutgard.loffens at pandora.be
Terry Mack     care of webmaster
Gregg Magaziner 5419 Locust Ave
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-485-5139 h
916-654-2942 w
Gregg_Magaziner at hotmail.com
Alida Manning     contact webmaster
Diana Manning     contact webmaster
Thomas Maples 2517 Ethan Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-564-6111 h pdweber13 at cs.com
Ingrid Martin Snook     contact webmaster
Valerie "Valli" Martin Moran deceased 10/98 in car accident in Orange County.    
Paulo Martinez     paulogzn at yahoo.com
Dan McClernon     contact webmaster
Laura McCluskey Fermoile     care of webmaster
Suzanne McGee Anderson 4829 Buffwood Way
Sacramento,CA 95841
  suzanne-anderson at sbcglobal.net
Richard McGuffey     Mcguffeyrichard at gmail dot com
Corey Deam McGuire     contact webmaster
William McGuire     care of webmaster
Kathleen McLaughlin Zahrowski     kathy at tillardranch dot com
Donna McManus Clarksville,TN   dmcmanus3881 at charter.net
Terry Meleski Hinckley Sacramento,CA   TMeleski at aol.com
John Melnicoe deceased 11/22/18 from cancer in Fort Bragg,CA  
Greg Meyer     contact webmaster
Ken Meyer     care of webmaster
Desiree Micheals     care of webmaster
Lisa Miles Martin 200 S.W. Lewis Ave #33
Grants Pass,OR 97527
  ffl07 at yahoo.com
Greg Miller     care of webmaster
Henry Miller     care of webmaster
Lillian Miller Oscianko     care of webmaster
Connie Milliser Frans 3507 Monterey St
St Joseph,MO 64507
816-689-2723 h
402-917-0450 w
Hppyntoday at aol dot com
Kevin Mills     contact webmaster
Gary Mishler     contact webmaster
Rebecca Mitchel     care of webmaster
Lynn Moore Klausner     care of webmaster
Tim Moore 4659 So Lowell Blvd B
Denver,CO 80236
  a_good_man303 at yahoo.com
Diane "Dannie" Morgan Davis     contact webmaster
Celeste Mulcahy Feizollahi     contact webmaster
Michele Murman     care of webmaster
Celia Murphy   care of webmaster
Kathy Myers     contact webmaster
Laurie Nelson Didonato     care of webmaster
Tom Neshem     contact webmaster
Tony Nichols     contact webmaster
John Nunez     johnnunez53 at att dot net
Debbie Nussenbaum     contact webmaster
Frances Oates Seattle,WA   oateo at msn.com
Donald "Don" O'Keefe Redwood City, CA 650-573-3592 w dokeefe at hmbcity dot com
Nancy Ostrow     care of webmaster
Bob Overby     contact webmaster
Walt Oxley 13685 Quito Road
Saratoga,CA 95070
408-378-6258 peace at sbcglobal.net
Steve Palmer 4391 Cameron Road
Cameron Park,CA 95682
530-677-4186 h
530-672-2366 w
steve!at!innotek dot com
Kim Parker     care of webmaster
Joanne Pawlowski DeBell     care of webmaster
Kurt Pearsall 4431 Otis Court
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-961-5878 h BixTix at aol.com
Angie Pellegrini     contact webmaster
Steve Pepper     cruzer at calweb.com
Vicki Perryman Pereira     contact webmaster
Brady Peterson     contact webmaster
Eric Peterson     care of webmaster
Ted Peterson     care of webmaster
Paula Pettit     contact webmaster
Roy Pierce     contact webmaster
Barry Powell Sacramento,CA 916-488-5931 h barrytpowell at yahoo.com
Richard "Rick" Prather 5150 Hastings Rd
San Diego,CA 92116
619-564-7441 h dwnrp at aim.com
Marcelle Pratt     contact webmaster
Donna Prewett Peterson Sacramento,CA   donnabell55 at att dot net
Jim Pryor PO Box 822
Kailua-Kona,HI 96734
  jfpryor at yahoo dot com
Trace Rankin Jackson, CA ranchodeluxe2 at netzero dot net
Colleen Rapozo Roe deceased 3/21/06 in Rocklin,CA    
Robin Reade 1616 14th St #2A
Denver,CO 80202
303-628-9382 h rlreade at msn.com
Bob Rectenwald     care of webmaster
Bonnie Reed Wells deceased 9/16/09 in Sacramento  
Karen Remmick Sacramento,CA   kremmick at yahoo.com
Mark Repesha     contact webmaster
Shelly Reynolds Henley 3825 William Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
  care of webmaster
Mark Robertson     contact webmaster
Paul Robichaud Price     care of webmaster
Dana Michael Rodgers     contact webmaster
Greg Roeszler   916-220-1284 coachroz at theplaymakers.org
Dana Michael Rogers     contact webmaster
Ronald Rose 14216 S. Meridian Rd
Mesa,AZ 85212
480-228-2096 h ronaldrose1956 at gmail dot com
Robin Rugne Santa Rosa,CA   robinrug at comcast dot net
Eve Russell Brandt     contact webmaster
Kimberly Russell Manguray     jkmanguray at charter.net
Jolyn Saia Weimer Citrus Heights,CA   jrw91794 at aol.com
Mary Salley Glum Carmichael,CA   maryglum at pacbell.net
Randi-Lee Sanford Cunningham DOD 8/17  
Lisa Satter   lisasatter at aol dot com
Karen Scarrone Tomasini 3640 East 19th St
Casper,WY 82609
  ftomasini at hotmail.com
Peter Schaefer Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Brian Scheeler     contact webmaster
Howard Schiffner     care of webmaster
Cynthia "Cindy" Schmidt     contact webmaster
Denni Schwartz Mador 5045 Olive Oak Way
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-971-3838 h
916-924-9611 w
dmador at aol.com
Mahmoud Setoudeh     contact webmaster
Tracie Shea Estes     care of webmaster
Theresa Shearer Wright Orangevale,CA   wwwright at comcast.net
Nina Shelton     contact webmaster
Dave Sherman     sksherman at jps.net
Elaine Short     contact webmaster
Richard Simons     care of webmaster
Paul Sinclaire Berlemont   360-719-8486 w pberlemont at msn dot com
Michael Siverling     catfelon1 at msn.com
Rebecca Skaggs Donnachie Carmichael,CA 916-445-3277 w rebecca.donnachie at dgs.ca.gov
Stacey Skoonberg Cochrane     contact webmaster
Richard Slater     rick_slater at msn.com
Annette Smith     contact webmaster
Julia Smith Graff     juliarae9876 at sbcglobal dot net
Starlene Smith     care of webmaster
Kenneth Snook     contact webmaster
Terri Sparks Lauzon     tlauzon at sbcglobal.net
Denise Stacey Hayes     denise19az at gmail dot com
Greg Stahl deceased 2/4/01 from cancer    
Gael Stallings Scott     contact webmaster
Robert "Joe" Stephenson deceased 4/2/72 in Carmichael,CA    
Cynthia Stewart Copier     care of webmaster
Karen Stewart Kelly     care of webmaster
Nate Stewart     bigmannate at hotmail.com
Gail Stites     contact webmaster
Jim Stone     jimstonerewards at yahoo dot com
Paul Strand     contact webmaster
Paul Strother     contact webmaster
Patty Sullivan Curry PO Box 757
Rough and Ready,CA 95975
  curry_p at live dot com
Philip Taback     philtaback at hotmail.com
Candace Talbott Revaz 3094 Natures Way
Placerville,CA 95667
530-626-5391 h
care of webmaster
Andrea Taylor Redding,CA   ataylorpepper at gmail dot com
David Taylor     contact webmaster
Micheal Taylor     care of webmaster
Seanne Tierney Villanueva     contact webmaster
Jamie Tommolilo Stearns Reno,NV 775-852-6040 h jamie.stearns at sbcglobal.net
Jason Treiber deceased 7/10/07 from ALS    
Bruce Vanderford West Sacramento,CA   cranky3 at hotmail.com
Barbara Vander Wegen Godfrey     care of webmaster
Shelley Van Drimmelen DOD 11/25/17  
Ken Van Riper 2008 Acacia Dr
San Marcos,CA 92069
760-471-1173 w kvanriper at sbcglobal dot net
Chris Vaughn     rodnok481 at aol dot com 
Sharon Vaughn Bjorg     contact webmaster
Robert Viebrock     contact webmaster
Kathleen Vroubel Snyder   916-624-8914 h ksasgreg at pacbell.net
Kurt Wagner     contact webmaster
Peggy Walker Main PO Box 65
Doyle,CA 96109
  main1 at citlink.net
Virginia Walker Smyth   916-631-7840 w smyth at unlimited.net
Stephen Walter Corte Madera,CA   stephenrwalter at netzero.net
Theresa Wanner Donner     care of webmaster
Angela Watkins Herrera     care of webmaster
Kim Watkins Dobrinski     care of webmaster
Steve Watts     contact webmaster
Pamela Webber Pemberton     care of webmaster
Glennis Wege Kuizenga     gsutt at pacbell dot net
Ann Weiss Ban-Weiss     abanweiss at yahoo.com
Brent Welch Sacramento,CA   bwelch2 at ix.netcom.com
Gayle Wharton Sacramento,CA   oogdubs at yahoo.com
David Wigren     care of webmaster
Kimi Wilcox     care of webmaster
Doug Wilkinson 516 Washoe Ct
Roseville,CA 95747
916-740-3385 h dogwood516 at surewest dot net
Kathy Wilkinson     kathyjw at surewest.net
Teresa Will Williams     care of webmaster
Jon Steven Willis     legendof100 at yahoo.com
Diana Wilson Elliott Fair Oaks,CA   bidielliott at aol dot com
Mark "Memphis" Winsett
(now Mark Shea)
    care of webmaster
Michael J. Wise DOD 8/22/17 from cancer  
Rick Wizner     rickwizner at att dot net
Kristin Womack     care of webmaster
Celeste Woo San Ramon,CA   woohyacinth at yahoo.com
Alison Woodard Lindelien Sacramento,CA   alisonlindelien at yahoo.com
Dan Worley Elk Grove,CA 916-714-1559 h danworley at home.com
Wendy Wright Lockwood     care of webmaster
Jon Wroten Citrus Heights,CA   jwroten at sierracollege.edu
Fred Yeager     care of webmaster
Gale Zausch     contact webmaster
Robert Zdybel     contact webmaster
Nancy Ziliotto deceased 1/16/01 from cancer    
Craig Zimmerman     care of webmaster
Linda Zollinger
(see Linda Barber)

Last updated: 03/17/2019

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