Encina High School Class of 1977 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1977+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Reunion contact: Sue Levy and John Hyland


Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Karen Abbe deceased 5/30/14 from cancer    
Lili Adams Dreik     lilidreik at gmail dot com
Karleen Aghevli NJ   care of webmaster
Donna Albrecht Bush     d-bush1 at comcast.net
Patricia Alexander Fetch     care of webmaster
Debra Alvarez Areson     care of webmaster
Deborah Ames Overall   503-425-9631 w fopu66 at msn dot com
Ronald Anderson     care of webmaster
Chuck Armstrong     care of webmaster
Raymond Artinian Granite Bay,CA   care of webmaster
Karie Auble Josten     care of webmaster
Randy Bailey     contact webmaster
Barbara Bell     care of webmaster
Blake Bender     contact webmaster
Jeffrey Bertacchi     contact webmaster
Ron Bettencourt 925-336-1682 w vortexvc at sbcglobal dot net
Mike Betzler 21518 Pioneer Way
Grass Valley,CA 95949
916-806-1950 w mikeb11027 at yahoo.com
Michael Beyer danishboy59 at hotmail dot com
Michael Biggs     care of webmaster
Darin Billerbeck     care of webmaster
Marc Bingham 2676 Baybridge Ct
Sacramento,CA 95833
916-927-8373 h s80bing at comcast.net
Kurt Bittner     contact webmaster
Mitch Bjorgum Carmichael,CA   borg at ns.net
James Bjornsson Rohnert Park,CA   bearson at sonic dot net
Bronda Bombola McCarter Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Joe Bordisso Sacramento,CA 916-704-6668 w capitolajoe at hotmail.com
Rebecca Anne Borges Quigley deceased 7/21/10    
Carrie Brigham Rudis     contact webmaster
Ramona Bright     contact webmaster
Patty Brown Schwessinger     care of webmaster
Gina Bua Mallett Puyallup,WA   care of webmaster
Kim Bulecheck Burke
(aka Kim Shearer)
Corte Madera,CA   kbeb at sbcglobal.net
John Ronald Burch deceased 10/16/15
Melissa Burns San Jose,CA   burns.msb at mac dot com
Cecilie Busath King 8823 Starfall Way
Elk Grove,CA 95624
916-685-8020 h care of webmaster
Elizabeth Ann "Becky" Butcher Russell DOD 4/4/03    
Terri Byrd 5392 Skycrest Dr
El Dorado, CA 95623
  terri.byrd at zurichna.com
Terry Caron     contact webmaster
Patrick Carrell Eugene OR 541-687-9230 h Idahoman02 at aol.com
Patrick Cauley Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Paul Cavaghan Rocklin,CA   cavaghanpb at yahoo dot com
Daniel Centers     care of webmaster
Doug Champ     contact webmaster
Jeanne Cherhit Schneider     care of webmaster
Susan Christensen     care of webmaster
Russ Clayton Antelope,CA   claytonr at surewest.net
Bob Coean     care of webmaster
Cathy Cohen Otterson     c.otterson at comcast.net
Jim Collentine     jcollentine at sacsheriff.com
Kristine "Kris" Cook Schuster Springfield,VA   Schusterkc2 at cox.net
Jan Cooper Hagman     care of webmaster
Rodney Cornelius     rodney at cornelius.net
Tim Coupe     contact webmaster
Julie Crowley Merkel     care of webmaster
Janielle Culpepper Fameree     care of webmaster
Denyse Curtright     care of webmaster
David Dahlberg 7 Stefani Ranch Court
Sacramento,CA 95826-3636
916-381-1101 h d-and-jdahlberg at sbcglobal.net
Joan Daily Anderson     contact webmaster
Janet Darkenwald Sacramento,CA   janet.darkenwald at gmail dot com
facebook janet.darkenwald
Glenn Davis     contact webmaster
Suzzette Davison Shellooe     care of webmaster
Stephen Dillion     contact webmaster
Aaron Dimitras     care of webmaster
Wendy Doggett deceased 10/23/99 in Sacramento Co.    
Eleanor Drake     care of webmaster
Margaret Dunlap Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Mark Emmett Sacramento,CA   m.l.emmett at att.net
Layne Esguerra     theesguerras at yahoo.com
Shivaun Essert Albright 3906 Rawhide Rd
Rocklin,CA 95677
  shivaun_albright at hp.com
Bryan Evans 12125 Moorpark Street
Studio City,CA 91604
818-505-0522 h bryan at buginbox.co
Mark Evans Woodinville,WA 425-481-5583 h marklevans7 at hotmail dot com
Melanie Evans Johnson Sonora,CA merp1 at yahoo.com
Jay Ezray Sacramento,CA   jazray at surewest.net
Robert Fahn     care of webmaster
Matthew Falkenberg     contact webmaster
Walter Fantasia     care of webmaster
William "Bill" Farley     care of webmaster
billfarley dot net
James Field     contact webmaster
Robert Fischer     contact webmaster
Beverlee Fisher     care of webmaster
Darryl Fong San Francisco,CA   care of webmaster
James Ford Brooklyn,NY   care of webmaster
Sharon Ford Lamb     care of webmaster
Carolyn Forister Adams     care of webmaster
Yvette Francino 2727 Limestone Place
Superior,CO 80027
303-494-8080 care of webmaster
Steve Frei     hyflyn at yahoo.com
Mike Friedlander     care of webmaster
Lonnie Frields     care of webmaster
Susan Galloway Elk Grove,CA   susan-galloway at sac-city.k12.ca.us
Rob Garner     contact webmaster
Kaye Garrison Medellin Jackson,CA   kmedellin at sbcglobal.net
Jimmy Gentry     contact webmaster
Kimberly Gerhart Williams     shawntay1 at yahoo.com
Thomas Gerrity     contact webmaster
Karen Gilbride Worthen     care of webmaster
Donna Gillott Monsoor Folsom,CA   monsoordg at csus.edu
Barbara Githens     bGithens at mail.sanjuan.edu
Geoff Godfrey     gtinfiniti at yahoo dot com
Morrison Graf Rancho Murieta,CA   dgraf at bigvalley.net
Ed Graff   egraff at myexcel dot com
Steve Gray Castro Valley,CA   grays4him at hotmail.com
Leah "Lorie" Green     www.compassionatelistening.org
Bill Greydanus     care of webmaster
Suzanne Gunning Bell     care of webmaster
Debbie Haegele Spence     care of webmaster
Jeanine Hall Miskell lonleylimo at yahoo dot com
Jennifer Hall Latta     care of webmaster
Elaine Hamby Albion,CA   care of webmaster
Lorene Hammond Sublett     contact webmaster
Ken Hanson     care of webmaster
Edward Harden     contact webmaster
Richard Hardy     contact webmaster
Susanne Harrison Fox Pollock Pines,CA   suepoo at internet49.com
Ann Haukaas Campbell Poway,CA   campbella at saic.com
Craig Haws     care of webmaster
Laura Heberle     landslide456 at gmail dot com
Mary Jo Heck     contact webmaster
Lesley Heidig Sprague DOD 11/23/16 in Fresno  
Carmen Heinrichs Young     care of webmaster
David Hellewell     contact webmaster
Randi Helmrich Kimmey Sacramento,CA   HeartyMom at aol.com
Clyde Hensley     care of webmaster
Cynthia Hernandez Conant     cconant at rapidigm.com
Jim Heston 126 Street 130
Phnom Penh,Cambodia
  heston002 at hotmail dot com
David Allen Hicks deceased 9/22/19 in San Diego    
Thomas Holley     care of webmaster
Robert Hoogland     contact webmaster
Elizabeth Howe     care of webmaster
Michele Huber Wigner     uspswiggy at earthlink.net
John Hyland Oakland,CA 510-465-3093 h johnthyland at hotmail at com
Theresa Hyland Bober     Theresa.Bober at gmail dot com
Mark Jahnsen 18203 236th Ave NE
Woodinville,WA 98072
  jjahnsen at oz.net
Karen James PO Box 10562
Sedona,AZ 86339
  care of webmaster
Gary Jeffery     MAACO1 at msn.com
Mary Joyce     care of webmaster
Alaire Kaiser Wells     AWells4655 at aol.com
Jo Anna Kanner Rieth     contact webmaster
Linda Kasline Grant     LJK77G84 at aol.com
Kevin Katzakian deceased 1/23/2000 in auto accident    
Tami Kehoe Brodnik     care of webmaster
Kimberly Keller Frantz     contact webmaster
Rich Kendall     care of webmaster
Kathryn Keyes Sacramento,CA 530-752-8683 work fuzzyinkstampurrs at yahoo.com
Dennis Kimball     dcmd1 at pacbell.net 
Cheryl King Shea     care of webmaster
Randy King Sisters,OR   care of webmaster
Rachel Kingman Garduhn Roewekamp 6
Oldenburg,Germany 26121
  rachel.garduhn at gmx dot de
Gloria Korngold     care of webmaster
Carol Kruger Jinkins     contact webmaster
Tom Kwoka 4213 Rosecrest Way
Sacramento,CA 95826
916-363-7121 h
916-996-1701 w
tom.kwoka at perkinelmer dot com
Holly Laabs Davis     contact webmaster
Stephen Lamphere 1800 Dick George Rd
Cave Junction, OR 97523
541-592-3464 slamphere at frontier dot com
Mary Lang Alford     care of webmaster
Peter Larson 1629 G St
Sparks,NV 89431
775-351-2678 h
775-331-2201 x152 w
pd_larson at yahoo.com
Laurie Lau Fremont, CA   care of webmaster
Benjamine Layne 2420 Maybrook Dr
Sacramento,CA 95835
916-574-9976 h
916-567-5428 w
bjlayne at juno.com
Zoe Leslie Nott     znott at mts.net
Sue Levy Joslin Spokane,WA sujoslin at hotmail.com
Jean Liebermann     jeanliebermann at sbcglobal.net
Vernon Lin Cerritos,CA   care of webmaster
Denise Lobsitz Gross Costa Mesa,CA   Deniselobsitz at aol.com
Michael "Ricky" Lopez     rmikelopez at comcast.net
David Lowery     care of webmaster
Linda Lueras Villa     care of webmaster
David Luna Petaluma,CA 707-763-6971 h coco8899 at sonic.net
James Lybolt     care of webmaster
Pamela Lyons Lundberg     care of webmaster
Tom MacLaughlin     thmac at macco.org
Bonnie MacLean Burch 3949 Dakota Rd SE
Salem,OR 97302
burchbonnie at gmail dot com
Sue Mangino Magalia,CA   sue.mangino at yahoo dot com
Theresa Manney Obregon     care of webmaster
Pamela Maples Weber     pamela_d_weber at sbcglobal.net
Michelle Margroff     contact webmaster
Darold Mark 5116 Prior Ridge
Granite Bay,CA 95746
916-730-5588 w darold at daroldmark dot com
Ashley Marquette deceased 11/16/94 in Sacramento county    
Dennis Marston PO Box 176
Rockland,ID 83271
  flyingeagleone at hotmail.com
Yvonne Martin Morris     moonlightraine at yahoo dot com
Charles "Chuck" Martinez     Angeleschimes at aol.com
Nina Martinez Melbourne Sacramento,CA   Angeleschimes at aol.com
Primo Martinez     care of webmaster
Sara Martinez     care of webmaster
Mike Martis     mmartis at earthlink.net
Susan Marty Grimes     care of webmaster
Michael Matz     care of webmaster
Tamye Maxwell Sacramento,CA   tmaxwell at inreach.com
Don McCarthy     contact webmaster
Nancy McKee Davis,CA   mcknance at yahoo dot com
Steve McKellips   916-730-3632 w stevemckellips at yahoo dot com
Andy McNeil     amcneil at greatbluesea.com
Lon McPherson     contact webmaster
Jenine Medkiff Canyon City,OR   jmedkiff58 at yahoo dot com
Kevin Meechan Naples,FL   kmeec at comcast.net
Nancy Melicharek Harriger Rocklin,CA   nmelihar at accessbee.com
Charles "Chuck" Mensch Sacramento,CA   pyromensch at sbcglobal.net
Diana Midthun Jones Henderson,NV   diana22 at cox.net
Brian Miller     care of webmaster
Charlene Miller Wright     care of webmaster
Karen Miller Streich     contact webmaster
Sam Miller     care of webmaster
Haley Minns Hopkins     contact webmaster
Leslie Mitchell     care of webmaster
Darlene Mitchener     darleneinitaly at yahoo.com
Carla Moehlman DuCray Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Christine Montoya     contact webmaster
Richard Montoya     www.cultureclash.com
Leon Moore     care of webmaster
David Morrill Placerville,CA 916-985-8505 x266 w david at morrill.net
Sean Murdock     contact webmaster
Steve Murphy Norco,CA   Handymurph at aol.com
Debe Neukam Brown     debesgarden at gmail dot com
David Nevin Dublin,CA   care of webmaster
Gretchen Nichol 31 Buckingham Way
Rancho Mirage,CA 92270
760-831-9575 h PSgirl1021 at aol.com
Herb "Rocky" Niederberger Rocklin,CA   hndrbrgr at sbcglobal.net
Debbie Niger Palmer     contact webmaster
Tricia Obermuller Ford     ttford at accessbee.com
Teresa O'Larick Littlejohn     care of webmaster
Robyn Olivares     contact webmaster
Kathy O'Neal Pueblo,CO   Djwomen46 at yahoo dot com
Norris Palmer     contact webmaster
Leslie Parker     contact webmaster
Mark Pasley     markshiatsu at earthlink dot net
Andrea Paul Cramblit DOD 5/16/17 from polycystic kidney disease    
Robin Pearl Fine     punkyfine at hotmail.com
Eric Perryman     care of webmaster
Lovejoy Phelan Patterson 14042 Old Springfield Rd
Omaha,AR 72662
  lovejoypatterson at aol.com
Stephen Phelps     contact webmaster
Janet Poindexter     bfifefan at aol.com
Patrick "Pat" Power deceased in 2019  
Michael Poxon 1759 Castleford Square
Crofton,MD 21114
  opus25no1 at yahoo dot com
Kathi Pugh 1806 Addison Street
Berkeley,CA 94703
510-644-2806 home
415-268-6370 work
kpugh at mofo.com
Ila Quam Cristo deceased 5/24/96 from car accident in Sacramento    
Lee Quigley     contact webmaster
Marcellus Rabon Colonia,YAP 691-350-3866 h
691-950-1417 w
marcellus.rabon at yahoo dot com
Ed Ragle deceased 7/31/03 in Austria from motorcycle accident    
John Rappold     care of webmaster
Paul Remme deceased 6/12/99 auto accident    
Dawn Repesha Ashley Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Brett Richardson     care of webmaster
Marlo Rivas Waipahu,HI 808-497-9833 h markelrox at worldnet.att.net
Elizabeth Robinson     erobinso at oclc.k12.ca.us
Theresa Rogers   care of webmaster
Stephen Rowe     care of webmaster
Chris Russ Canyon Country,CA 661-433-9857 h care of webmaster
Karen Salontai Correll     care of webmaster
Randy Sandoval     care of webmaster
Jeff Scarrone 4481 67th St
Sacramento,CA 95820
916-451-4209 h docsavagejr at hotmail.com
Debbie Schirner Sacramento,CA 916-487-4150 h rbobromer at aol.com
John Schmidt   Florianopolis, Brazil   care of webmaster
Malia Schmidt Wike     care of webmaster
Rhonda Sheehan Tonkin     care of webmaster
Patti Sheetz Sacramento,CA   psheetz at msn.com
Peter Shellooe     contact webmaster
Donna Hertel     care of webmaster
David Short     contact webmaster
Peter Simon deceased 9/12/12
Robin Skow     care of webmaster
Kathy Slack 7720A Shedhorn Dr PMB 66
Bozeman,MT 59718
406-556-1368 h kathyslack at montana.edu
Jeff Slater Sacramento,CA 209-461-2213 w jslater at surewest dot net
Daniel Smith     care of webmaster
Richard Spanfelner Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Mark Steinkoenig     marksm333 at gmail dot com
Phillip Steinkoenig     contact webmaster
Mary Stewart Delmonico     contact webmaster
Heidi Stidger Lewis     contact webmaster
Karen Sunderman Banks Sacramento,CA care of webmaster
Howard Sweeney     care of webmaster
Douglas Sweet     legorgheusa at hotmail.com
Kenneth Taylor     lordcomus2001 at gmail dot com
Matthew Templeton Yuba City,CA 916-486-5800 w care of webmaster
Dennis Terhune     care of webmaster
Chris Tribble     contact webmaster
Scott Trolio     contact webmaster
Danny Trotter 4100 Mt Pleasant Dr
Modesto,CA 95357
209-575-9636 h  
Mary Trulock Ludington Everett,WA   care of webmaster
Donny Upton     care of webmaster
Victoria Valenzuela Escalante     care of webmaster
Lori Valine Marsalla     care of webmaster
Melanie Frances Valle deceased 2/15/06 from cancer    
Zachary Vanella     care of webmaster
Cheryl Vantress Taufa 2316 Pine Avenue
San Pablo,CA 94806
  cheryltaufa at gmail dot com
Laura Vasquez Lavallee     lavallee at surewest dot net
Rod Vogel 6607 Branchwater Way
Citrus Heights,CA 95621
916-601-0915 h care of webmaster
Lyle Wagner deceased 9/29/05    
Justin Walker     care of webmaster
Tom Walter     contact webmaster
Theresa Watkins Bawden Sacramento,CA 916-399-0637 h theresab at cbbd.com
Dave Watson     dwwatm at hotmail.com
Pamela Wenerd Simmons-OSaben Sterling,NJ LadyLynx59 at aol.com
Suzanne "Suzie" White 4025 Cayente Way
Sacramento,CA 95864
  tchrmrswhite at gmail dot com
Sue Whitney Sander Sacramento,CA bikemessengerco at msn.com
Rory Wilkerson     rorym2004 at yahoo.com
Phillip Wilkinson 916-496-2182 w flywheelphil at yahoo dot com
facebook - Phillip Wilkinson
Mary Williams Berryman   care of webmaster
Wendy Williams Hays Carson City,NV   wendy at
Kenneth Williams     care of webmaster
David C Williamson   dcwill0 at yahoo dot com
Janeen Wilson Vickrey     contact webmaster
Patty Wohl Sacramento,CA 916-973-1869 h patty at pkwohl.com
Dave Wolfe     contact webmaster
Randall Wolter     contact webmaster
Mike "Woody" Woodrow deceased 9/28/19  
Karen Worthen Gilbride 19451 Kemple Dr
Bend,OR 97702
  fishwife at bendcable.com
Barbara Virginia Young deceased 7/16/10 from leukemia
Ronald "Ronnie" Young     care of webmaster

Last updated: 06/14/2022

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