Encina High School Class of 1969 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1969+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: If you can't find the alumni you are looking for in this database, please check the alumni profiles on the class of 69 homepage.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Graduation list

Reunion contact: Chantelle Lehman Biaggi

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Name Address Phone number Email address
Thorgunn Sonja Aarrestad     contact webmaster
Randy Abbott     care of webmaster
Janey Alexander     care of webmaster
John Edwards Allen Sacramento,CA 916-737-6222 h jallen at parks.ca.gov
Mike Ambrozewicz 4425 Kenneth Ave
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
care of webmaster
Cathy Anderson     contact webmaster
Leslie Ardell Maxwell     care of webmaster
Diane Arend     contact webmaster
Bert Arnold DOD 9/9/03 in Jacksonville,FL    
Stan Astle     contact webmaster
Yvonne Axtell     contact webmaster
Pamela Bakkie Chris     care of webmaster
David Bare     contact webmaster
Brenda Batcha Ryland     care of webmaster
Thomas Batcha deceased 4/13/19 drowned in Monterey Bay  
Daniel Batchlor DOD 5/8/76 in Sacramento Co.    
Nancy Baumgart Coonis Long Beach,CA   nancycoonis at yahoo dot com
Diane Baxter Hoop 3960 Rustic Rd
Cameron Park,CA 95682
530-676-9629 h care of webmaster
Colleen Beck     care of webmaster
Janice Benvenuti Mayer     janice95628 at yahoo.com
Lynda Benvenuti Taylor     LTaylor2005 at gmail.com
Ralph Bishop     care of webmaster
Gail Bogavich Shapiro     care of webmaster
Joanne Boli Wright     care of webmaster
Wayne Bolin     contact webmaster
Tom Boutos     care of webmaster
Steven Bradshaw 1535 Arcade Blvd - REAR
Sacramento,CA 95815
  care of webmaster
Richard "Rick" Bragg 1014 Florida St
Huntington Beach,CA 92648
714-960-7329 r.bragg at verizon.net
Carol Brereton Bower 4340 Wendover Ct
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
  fobowers at hotmail.com
Loyd Brown Jr     lbrown at lbrownatlaw.com
Michael Brown 2057 Joan Way
Sacramento,CA 95825
916-519-1433 h shortround1950 at yahoo.com
John Buchanan     contact webmaster
Jean Buford Weigt 14 East Main St
Winters,CA 95694
530-795-0224 h weigts at sbcglobal.net
Sharon Burton Richmond     care of webmaster
Will Bush     care of webmaster
Larry Cameron     contact webmaster
Michael Campos     care of webmaster
Calvin "Cal" Ray Cardiff DOD 5/18/17 in Montana  
Scott Carlisle Cupps DOD 1/7/95 in Kern County    
Debbie Carlsberg Foster El Dorado Hills,CA   care of webmaster
Paul Carlson Cameron Park,CA 916-327-7298 w pcarlson at parks.ca.gov
Charlie Carney     contact webmaster
Chris Carpenter Edmonds 658 Altamira Court
Vista,CA 92083
760-630-0351 h edmonds at cts.com
Gary Castillo 146 Clinton St
Yuba City,CA 95991
530-635-4175 Arkflash at integrity dot com
Bob Clark Sacramento,CA   skidawg8 at gmail dot com
Edward Clark 2305 Moraine Cir
Rancho Cordova,CA 95670
  ed.clark53 at yahoo dot com
Kenneth Clayton Dubuque, Iowa   kcbandit at msn.com
Gail Coakley French     care of webmaster
Christie Cole Newland     care of webmaster
Penny Conley Winchester     care of webmaster
James Cook     contact webmaster
Janice Coon Stalions     care of webmaster
Casey Cooper 375 Atlantic Ave #504
Long Beach,CA 90802
562-983-3998 h ccoopersurf at earthlink.net
Deni Cooper Hermann     care of webmaster
Jay Corey     care of webmaster
Kathleen Crain Lunsford     care of webmaster
Rick Crosby     contact webmaster
Alan C. Dankman DOD 12/31/16 from cancer
Debra Danner     care of webmaster
Richard David     csgcomputers at yahoo.com
Larry Lee Davis DOD 3/23/06 in Sacramento    
Dave Deasy Citrus Heights,CA   davedc at surewest.net
David Del Valle
(see David Jensen)
    DavDlvll at aol.com
William Scott Desmarais DOD 3/2/08    
William Dillinger 147 Yarnick Road
Great Falls,VA 22066
  williamrdillinger at gmail dot com
Dan Dimick 3838 Rawhide Road
Rocklin,CA 95677
  dimick at softcom.net
Diane Dreyfuss     contact webmaster
Nancy Drury     contact webmaster
Arlene Duccini     care of webmaster
Jim Duncan     care of webmaster
Dianna Dunham Cutler     GeoCutler at aol.com
Chuck Dunn PO Box 1092
Kings Beach,CA 96143
  werdunn at ltol.com
Craig Dunnigan     care of webmaster
John Ransom Dyer DOD 6/2/10 in Grass Valley  
Kristine "Kris" Eldredge Brown Seattle,WA 206-499-0198 krisbrown1951 at yahoo dot com
Wayne England DOD 9/12/02    
Janet Faubel Schmidt     fyremom at sti dot net
Steven Finegold     care of webmaster
Nancy Flint Greene     care of webmaster
William Terry Floyd DOD 7/9/11  
Linda Francis McCarthy West Sacramento,CA   mchelbel1234 at aol.com
Janie Franklin Roberts 8825 Yankee Cove Court
Centerville,OH 45458
  rrob143 at aol.com
Christina Freeman     care of webmaster
Tom French     contact webmaster
Debbie Friedlander     care of webmaster
David Fristoe DOD 6/27/72 in Madero Co.    
Teddi Funk Mangino North Highlands,CA   teddimang at yahoo.com
Debbie George Witt     care of webmaster
Debbie Geremia     longnleeen at aol.com
Nancy Gerrity DOD 4/80    
Allan Gerry DOD 6/27/77 in Santa Clara Co.    
Jamie Gibbons     contact webmaster
James "Jim" Henry Githens DOD 10/20/13 from heart attack  
Jerry Marshall Glazebrook DOD 4/29/18 in Carmichael,CA    
Kenneth Gough Jr     kgoughjr at aol.com
Patricia Grayson Raymer 427 E Orange Grove Ave #105
Burbank,CA 91501
818-848-7762 h
323-525-2245 w
tvbrat2 at aol.com
Ted Grebitus     contact webmaster
Rob Gregory 3080 Spencer's Road
Camino,CA 95709
530-644-0944 h rob_shelleygregory at pacbell.net
Gary Gunderson     contact webmaster
Linda Haddox Sikei 2213 Brunton Way
916-359-8520 h lskikei at edfund.org
Stephen Haden deceased 7/5/16  
Janis Hagen Keeley Portland,OR 503-252-7353 w jlkee at aol dot com
David B. Hamilton DOD 5/15/76 in Sacramento Co.    
Joan Hamlin Meinen     Joan.Meinen at awin.com
Jacqueline Hardre     contact webmaster
Richard Harris Turlock,CA 209-669-1408 h tamnrich at sbcglobal.net
John Hatfield     care of webmaster
Patrick Hayden     care of webmaster
Fred Head Anchorage,AK   foxtrothotel at yahoo.com
Patricia Heberle     contact webmaster
Jim Helmich     care of webmaster
Michelle Herman     contact webmaster
Jeff Hibbitt     contact webmaster
Karin Hibma Cronan     karin at cronan dot com
Jody Hickey     contact webmaster
Gary Hietbrink DOD 1/16    
Susan Hill Hall     shill88 at comcast dot net
Terrance "Terry" Huetter     terhue4 at yahoo.com
Albert Rex Husted deceased 10/23/17    
Nora Hyer Sacramento,CA   nora8485 at yahoo.com
Robert Iames Roseville,CA   rmiames at rcsis.com
Branden Irwin     contact webmaster
Charlene Jacinto Mast Shreveport,LA 318-687-7406 w intp148 at aol.cm
Jeff Jackson     care of webmaster
David Jensen
(now David Del Valle)
    DavDlvll at aol.com
Tom Johns     care of webmaster
Carolyn Johnson Altman 3741 Toronto Road
Cameron Park, CA 95682
  c_altman at pacbell.net  
Ellen Johnson Norquist     ellennorquist at cox.net
Kevin Johnson     care of webmaster
Cherrie Kaiser Quadros DOD 3/9/98 in Carmichael    
Jodi Kavrell Meromy San Francisco,CA 415-239-5002 h
415-595-3804 w
jodimeromy at bigplanet.com
Judy Kennedy DOD 2/28/79  
Bob Kern     contact webmaster
Charles Koppelman     koppelm at mail.well.com
Jan Kieling     care of webmaster
Melody Kohler Coles     care of webmaster
Evelyn Kossner Gaugler Granite Bay,CA   evelyn at gaugler.com
Kandace "Kandi" Kost Herbert     aidan at inreach.com
Victoria La Course Ticket     care of webmaster
Robert Fenn Laird Jr DOD 12/18/89 in King County, WA in automobile accident    
Mark Allen Lambert DOD 12/7/08 in Newport OR from lung cancer    
Michael Lance Temecula,CA   jnmlance at yahoo dot com
Laurie Langosch Hoffman     care of webmaster
Cynthia "Cindy" Larsen Hutchings     cynthia.hutchings at yahoo dot com
Jane Larson Smith     larsmith at surewest.net
David Eugene Laux DOD 10/24/08    
Leslie Lee Dunn PO Box 1092
Kings Beach,CA 96143
  werdunn at ltol.com
Chantelle Lehman Biaggi 3056 Estepa Dr
Cameron Park,CA 95682
  chantom at sbcglobal.net
Robert Lenzi     care of webmaster
Mary Gwendolyn "Gwen" Levings DOD 6/30/01 in Burns,OR (car accident)
Dale Lewis     contact webmaster
David Lewis     contact webmaster
Martha Lewis Blakney Carmichael,CA   charlesblakney at comcast.net
Glenn Liebig Folsom,CA   gcliebig at comcast.net
Nancy Long Eisner     care of webmaster
Adam Lotz 1348 Burkette Dr
San Jose,CA 95129
  care of webmaster
Karryl Loucks Hewitt     karryl.hewitt at attws.com
Patricia "Pixie" Lozar Lay 31958 Bellinger Scale Rd
Lebanon,OR 97355
  pixielay at centurytel.net
Nancy Lucas Jenkins Redmond,WA   jennancy at gmail dot com
Holly Lyon Nobel     contact webmaster
Mike Macaulay Roseville,CA 916-784-7155 w carsystems at rcsis.com
Bonnie MacDonald Grube Sacramento,CA   crazboaterswife at aol.com
Vernon Mar     care of webmaster
Stephanie Marks Rudig 182 Concord Ave
Fairbanks,AK 99712
  csrudig at gci.net
Margie "Charlene" Martinez     contact webmaster
Kathy Maurer     care of webmaster
Patrick McDaniel
(now Patrick Hayden)
DOD 6/89 from heart attack    
Jane McGee     puncky_monkey at hotmail.com
Lowell McPherson     care of webmaster
Patti McRae Raymer Humble,TX 713-244-2890 w pjraymer at yahoo.com
Charla Meacham Francis Sonora,CA   charlafhs at yahoo.com
Richard "Rick" Melnicoe DOD 2/22/18 from lung cancer  
Greg Miller     contact webmaster
Nancy Milner     care of webmaster
Emery Mitchell     care of webmaster
Laura Monson Selch DOD 1/7/98 in Sacramento    
Patrick "Pat" Moore     care of webmaster
James "Jim" Moran     jimmoranpt at hotmail.com
David Paul Motmans DOD 9/10/12 in Sacramento    
Donald Mulder DOD 8/2/70 in Sacramento    
John Munsill     care of webmaster
Glen Franklin Nemeth DOD 7/26/08 from cancer in Sacramento
Anita Nigh Rodriguez     jatbnrod at sbcglobal.net
Avery "Garner" Nigh     contact webmaster
Edward Novack     care of webmaster
Scott Obermuller     contact webmaster
Emmett O'Sullivan deceased 12/11/19    
Mike Oxbig     care of webmaster
Kirk Parker     contact webmaster
Sandra Parker Turnage     care of webmaster
Debra Pascoe Commons DOD 3/1/92 in San Diego Co.    
Leslie Pearsall Abbott   care of webmaster
Linda Penney Lawrence     sungarden at aol.com
Alan Pennington DOD 6/21/86 in avalanche in Pakistan    
Brian Person DOD 12/25/08 in Sacramento from west nile virus    
Elizabeth Peterson Springer     epspringer at hotmail.com
Jim Peterson 260 JP Road
  jimpetersonmt at gmail dot com
Diane Petrotta Bahnson DOD 6/11/05 in car accident in Alaska    
Susan Phelps Vogt Rosamond,CA 661-256-1200 h susan at vogt.net
Don Pierce     contact webmaster
Frank Princhetta DOD 8/3/01 in Antioch from leukemia    
Russ Prosser PO Box 780
Running Springs,CA 92382
909-867-4749 h care of webmaster
Marsha Provance Hill Brisbane,CA   hillm001 at sbcglobal.net
Pamela Pryor Gleitsman 200 Buzzard Lagoon Rd
Corralitos,CA 95076
  vonglider at cruzio.com
Janet Ralph Douglas 1221 E Main St
Grass Valley,CA 95945
530-273-4406 h reservations at holidaylodge.biz
Kent Randles PO Box 1727
Portland,OR 97207-1727
503-628-4812 kent at randles.com
Jeanette Rankin Kaufhold Escondido,CA   care of webmaster
Carol Ranlett Morrison Sacramento,CA 916-481-6843 h tailorlady at hotmail.com
Patrice Redmond DOD 1/16/09 in Galt  
David Reese     contact webmaster
Kurt Reeves     care of webmaster
Nancy Reid     contact webmaster
Harvey Rexius Penryn,CA   bunny at vfr.net
Eddie Reynolds     care of webmaster
Cheryl Richards Uecker Newport Beach,CA   cauecker1 at att dot net
George Richards     care of webmaster
Jim Roberts     contact webmaster
Mary Robichaud Davis     care of webmaster
Edward Gabriel Robles III
(aka Gabriel Black)
    contact webmaster
Carole Rolfe Keister DOD 5/18/05 in Sacramento    
Charles Romans DOD 7/77 in Tennessee    
Judy Ronningen     contact webmaster
Patrick Rooney DOD 4/30/82 in Sacramento Co.    
Jill Rosemore Lewis     care of webmaster
Richard Rudd     contact webmaster
Stephanie Russell Smith     care of webmaster
John Ryan San Francisco,CA   ryan at strictlyfreelance.com
Cathy Scalley     contact webmaster
Mary Ann Schmidt Duke DOD 7/11/09 in San Jose  
Sue Schrunk Morowski PO Box 342
Portland,ND 58274
  suemorowski at hotmail.com
Marcee Schwartz Samberg     care of webmaster
John Schwefel Orangevale,CA   care of webmaster
Kathleen Scott Teeters deceased 5/8/16 in Redlands  
Steve Scott     care of webmaster
Allen Seamans     care of webmaster
Steve Sedmak     contact webmaster
Jeanill Sennett Pitchell     jpitchell at comcast.net
Mary Shaw Hatch     contact webmaster
Peter Shaw DOD 7/11/03 of illness    
Linda Sheppard Petaluma,CA   lsheppard08 at comcast.net
Marcelline "Missie" Sherman Manov DOD 11/25/14 in Lodi,CA    
Mike Shower Sacramento,CA   mshower at sunriseshoes.com
Valerie Simmonds   916-369-6561 h
916-201-9168 w
bmprayval at comcast.net
Paul Rodger Slayton Jr DOD 5/3/06 from drowning at Koki Beach in Hana,Maui    
Eden Slegr     eden at globalhospitality.com
Cynthia Smeeden DOD 1/26/02 in Anchorage,AK    
Miles Smith Lives in Baja, Mexico
Mailing address:
4492 Camino de la Plz #1506
San Ysidro,CA 92173
  milesbajadreams at aol.com
David Soffer DOD 1/2/78 in Solano Co.    
Gregory Sommer Bangor,CA 916-416-2757 h  
Bob Sorrels     contact webmaster
Gary Spolarich     contact webmaster
Douglas Stafford DOD 1/6/80    
Gregory "Greg" Starr     care of webmaster
Vik Steele     care of webmaster
Gregory Steinbis 605 Tennant Ave, Suite H
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
408-779-8717 ghseacpa at hotcity.com
Sandy Stewart Plesko     slplesko at sbcglobal.net
Robyn Strickley Miller DOD 3/20/86 in Sacramento    
Lynn Stover DOD 3/22/95    
David Strader     care of webmaster
Laurie Sturdivant     care of webmaster
Shari Swenson McAsey     ludlas at yahoo.com
Cathy Tatum Hale     contact webmaster
Lequita Taylor Carmichael,CA 916-485-6534 h care of webmaster
Steve Taylor Lahaina, Maui   sbtaylor at lgimaui.com
Diana Templeton Hurff     contact webmaster
Howard Teng DOD 5/6/13 from cancer  
Laurie Thacker Pennacchi Rancho Santa Margarita,CA   laurie at expomarketing.com
Robert "Bob" Thomas North Highlands,CA   rothom_51 at hotmail.com
Carolyn Thompson Clark Sacramento,CA   cclarknatomas at yahoo dot com
Shirley Toomey Logsdon     care of webmaster
Matthew Tracy     care of webmaster
Richard Turpen DOD 7/15/74. drowned at the Ice House Reservoir    
Chuck Tuttle Kansas City,KS   chuck_tuttle at hotmail.com
Sherry Tyrone Haskew     care of webmaster
Carolyn Valle Berg Elk Grove,CA   kingsfan2 at aol.com
Janet Vanderhave Purdy 2563 Walker Place
Livermore,CA 94550
925-455-8390 h care of webmaster
Janice Vanella Hancock Carmichael,CA 916-425-7008 h jmvhancock at yahoo.com
Laura "Gail" Vanneman Warren Sacramento,CA   lwarren1 at surewest.net
Brian Vaughn     care of webmaster
Aimee Veitenhans Sloat     contact webmaster
Patti Viebrock Dowden     contact webmaster
Faye Wales Thomas     care of webmaster
Robert "Bob" Walsh     contact webmaster
John Walter Carson City,NV   fatboy2004 at verizon.net
Daniel Ward     care of webmaster
Shirley Ward Rust     care of webmaster
Linda Washburn Eveland     care of webmaster
Thomas Waszak DOD 7/6/75    
Jim Welch     jbw at snowcrest.net
Judy Wicks Cadet     cadets4 at gmail.com
Dale Winchester Granite Bay,CA   dwinchester at a1door.com
Kristine Zeka Theilen 696 Pinto Circle
Gardnerville,NV 89410
775-265-3112 h peeedee at gmail dot com

Last updated: 08/11/2020

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