Encina High School Class of 1962 directory

If you would like to be included in this directory please submit the contact information form. Due to concerns about privacy, no information will be added to the class directory without explicit permission from the individual in question. That is, even though the reunion committee may have your address, it will not be listed in this directory without your permission. If you would like to contact a classmate who is not listed in the Class Directory, please contact the webmaster.

Class mailing list: to subscribe to the class mailing list send email to encina1962+subscribe@encina.groups.io and include your full name (including maiden name if any) in the body of the message.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically under their maiden name.

"care of webmaster" -- indicates classmate has email address and email will be forwarded by the Encina webmaster

"contact webmaster" -- indicates webmaster either has: the address/phone of classmate, or knows how to contact sibling or friend of classmate

Graduation list

Reunion contact: Alice Braio Bogert

Submit contact information for Class Directory


WARNING: To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the Encina website, the " at " in email addresses has been replaced by " at ".  e.g. name at domain.com => name at domain.com

Name Address Phone number Email address
Charles Abbott     contact webmaster
Steve Abegglen     care of webmaster
Suzy Abegglen Lunstead     lunsteads at
Eileen Adkins Burns     care of webmaster
Larry Afzal     care of webmaster
George L'Amoreaux     care of webmaster
Robert Alberghini deceased 1/22/65 in Sacramento Co.    
Tremain "David" Albright 7133 Cedar St
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
208-267-7407 care of webmaster
Ward Alburn     contact webmaster
Alan Alford deceased 10/22/76 in Sacramento Co.
Gerald Allard     contact webmaster
Cheryl Allen Bowden     contact webmaster
Roxanne Allen Kemper     care of webmaster
Susan Allen     contact webmaster
Thomas Amos     contact webmaster
Dennis Anderson deceased 6/26/00 in Citrus Heights from sunstroke  
Joan Andrews Soth Camino,CA   care of webmaster
Thomas Armbuster     care of webmaster
Alfred "Al" Arrington Rocklin,CA   care of webmaster
Jerry Ashley     contact webmaster
David Ayres     care of webmaster
Stan Bachtold deceased 2/6/91 in Sacramento Co.    
Michael Bailey 4520 PFE Rd
Roseville,CA 95747
  mbaileyus50 at yahoo dot com
Arnold Baker 1476 Green Ravine Dr
Lincoln,CA 95648
916-253-1471 h
916-543-6805 w
arnoldbaker at lincolnxing dot org
Brenda Baker Frost Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Constance Baker Hill     care of webmaster
Sandra Baker Yeast 2470 Tyrolean Way
Sacramento,CA 95821
  care of webmaster
Ken Bakkie     contact webmaster
Steve Ball Elk Grove,CA   mrbmrsb at attbi dot com
Bonita Ballou Haar     care of webmaster
Barry Bauska 521 N Borough Rd
Tacoma,WA 98403
253-383-0184 h sbbauska at harbornet.com
Janet Baxter Minder     care of webmaster
Ken Bell Fair Oaks,CA   kbell34 at hotmail.com
James Bender     care of webmaster
Bill Benson     contact webmaster
Nancy Benvenuti
deceased 3/19/15 in Sacramento  
Richard Joseph Benvenuti deceased 11/7/19  
Susan Berg Withers     contact webmaster
Bob Betzler Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Chuck Binning     contact webmaster
Robert J Binns     care of webmaster
Scott Curtis Black deceased 12/29/11 from cancer  
Terry Black     terrynblack at hotmail dot com
Michelle Bliss Masera Folsom,CA   michellemasera at hotmail.com
Tim Bloom     care of webmaster
Wanda Boatwright deceased 8/20/62 in Los Angeles Co.    
Eleanor Bode Cauldwell     contact webmaster
Greg Bogert     care of webmaster
Gary Bold deceased 7/12/00 in Roseville    
Patrick Lowry Boltinghouse deceased 2/21/20 in Sacramento  
Sharon Boomgarden     contact webmaster
Jo Ann "Jody" Booth Branich Roseville,CA   jabooth at quiknet.com
Bette Borgarine     contact webmaster
Ray Borge     contact webmaster
Jim Boyers 890 Monica Lane
Campbell,CA 95008
408-364-4456 h
408-821-9894 w
jimboyersphd at gmail dot com
Alice Braio Bogert     care of webmaster
Katherine Branstetter     care of webmaster
Robert "Bob" Breton     care of webmaster
Michael Brokaw Las Vegas,NV   mikebrokaw at cox.net
Patricia Brown Elliott     contact webmaster
Adrienne Brown Sexton deceased 3/27/11 in Salem,OR  
Jerry Brown     contact webmaster
Patricia Brown Elliott     care of webmaster
Ronald "Ron" Burke     care of webmaster
Norm Burster 2695 Green Glen Rd
Cameron Park,CA 95682
530-677-7564 h
916-605-6493 w
kermitnorman44 at yahoo dot com
Stephen Burt     contact webmaster
Deanna Camblin Major     care of webmaster
Sue Caplan Sperber Sacramento,CA 916-484-1985 h
916-705-4783 w
ses at winfirst dot com
Judy Casho Gomez     contact webmaster
Donald Cassavoy     contact webmaster
Connie Castillo     contact webmaster
Harry Leroy Cavaiani deceased 9/3/03 in Sacramento from heart attack    
Diane Caw Fuller Milford,CA   dfuller2011 at hotmail dot com
Stuart Allen Chapman Carmichael,CA   stu262 at comcast.net
Steve Childress 3444 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara,CA 95054
831-566-6097 w srchild at cruzio dot com
Neko Chohlis     nekochohlis at hotmail dot com
Kaaren Christensen Clapp     contact webmaster
John Douglas Clancy deceased 9/15/04 in Sacramento  
Marilyn Clark Burt     stephenburts at sbcglobal dot net
Gene Clark 478 Day Break Road
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
208-267-5049 h GClar49 at peoplepc dot com
Yvonne Clem Rankin     contact webmaster
David Clover     care of webmaster
Bob Collins     contact webmaster
Janet Conley Pahlman     contact webmaster
John Northrop Constans deceased 7/4/13 in Rancho Santa Fe  
Victoria-Ann "Vicki" Contente Sacramento,CA   Contente1 at sbcglobal dot net
Carolyn Cook Pearson     care of webmaster
Ruth Cook Weston 12800 Wembly Rd
Carmel,IN 46033
  r.e.weston at att.net
Norman Charles "Chuck" Cooper deceased 6/28/02 in Citrus Heights  
Allen Copp     alco at snowcrest dot net
Sue Corbett Charles     scharles315 at aol dot com
William "Bill" Corrie     care of webmaster
Louis "Louie" Edmund Costa deceased 3/12/19 in Sacramento  
Jo Lynn Cox Alexander Sacramento,CA   contact webmaster
Judi Cox Mathay deceased 11/29/89 in Sacramento Co.    
Linda Cranford Slater     care of webmaster
Cheryl Crockett     contact webmaster
Terry Crowley     contact webmaster
Robin Crown 2615 P
Sacramento,CA 95816
916-451-8002 h robinlcrown at yahoo.com
Molly Culbertson     care of webmaster
Raymond Curry     care of webmaster
Leslie Cushing     care of webmaster
Loni Davenport     contact webmaster
Robert Davidson     care of webmaster
William "Bill" Davies     care of webmaster
Barbara Davis Eslinger     contact webmaster
Deedee Davis Haley     drhaley44 at gmail dot com
Judy Davis Hocklander     care of webmaster
Louise DeFries Stinnett     contact webmaster
Rick Degen     contact webmaster
Kirk Del Camp 152 Ruby Rd
Port Angeles,WA 98362
  sdelcamp at msn.com
Kay Dimick Rushton     contact webmaster
Cheryl Disher Pringle     angel at cwnet.com
Carol Doerr Sandsor deceased 2/8/03 of cancer in Roseville    
Connie Donley Price     dan at oregonantiques.com
Ralph Dorville     contact webmaster
Sally Downie Gifford     contact webmaster
Douglas Downs 20532 Vendale Dr
Lakewood,CA 90715
562-402-3067 h
562-946-6061 w
dougdowns at ca dot rr dot com
Bob Dowrie     contact webmaster
Diana Kathleen Draper Nary DOD 1/18    
Norma Drzewiecki Dunaham deceased    
Gerry Dufour     care of webmaster
Bonnie Dunham     contact webmaster
Dave Durham 515 Santee Ct
Lodi,CA 95242
  bugadurham at att.net
Joanna Dwyer     contact webmaster
Louis Ehrhardt Somis,CA   leandpj at msn dot com
Robin Ellett Hensley Sierra Madre,CA   robinjh44 at hotmail.com
Paul Ellis 118 Royal Court
Chapin,SC 29036
  pdellis at me dot com
Mary Jane Ellsworth Caprasecca deceased 2/6/78 from cancer    
Wynnell Elmer Poindexter     care of webmaster
Sandra "Sandi" Elrod Gallegos     sandi at sidnorton.com
Betty Emerson Warnock     bettyjwarnock at bham.rr.com
Susan Epperson Williams 3549 Fawndale Dr
Modesto,CA 95356
  susan3549 at earthlink.net
Harold Epps     contact webmaster
Bruce Erbacher deceased 12/17/08 in Hudson,NY    
Elizabeth "Betty" Louise
Erickson Summers
deceased 10/8/13  
Carroll Evans Fuglsang deceased 3/28/12 in Elk Grove, CA    
Craig Fairburn deceased 10/18/11    
Frances Falk Butler     contact webmaster
Patrick Farrant     care of webmaster
Jack Floegel     Jack_Floegel at Jabil.com w
thefloegels at msn.com h
Sam Foster     care of webmaster
Karen Frash Hand kf.hand at verizon.net
Herbert Ernest Frenzell deceased 1/21/67 at 22   PFC - E3 - Army - Selective Service
June 20, 1944 to January 21, 1967
In Binh Thuy, South Vietnam
Paul Frey     contact webmaster
Elena Friedman Ford     care of webmaster
Carol Fuchs Sianez Las Vegas,NV 702-451-9166 h thnkpoz at prodigy.net
Maryann George Prewitt     contact webmaster
Judith Gibbs 3224 Windsor Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
916-483-6329 h JLeeGibbs at aol.com
Dennis Glenn Albuquerque,NM   dennis.glenn at trw.com
Terri Gluck Anderoni     contact webmaster
Richard "Dick" Godfrey     ddxgodfrey at msn dot com
Jerry Goetzman     contact webmaster
Mary Beth Granger 3309 Northrop Ave
Sacramento,CA 95864
  care of webmaster
Vicki Griffiths Warner Rancho Murieta,CA   vickiwarner at ranchomurieta dot org
Ronald Gross     care of webmaster
Cathy Grove Garrison     care of webmaster
Jeanette Gruen Stuard     contact webmaster
David Guest 2260 Greenbrook Dr
Medford,OR 97504
541-772-9362 h delshelby at charter dot net
Bonnie Guldstrand Lowenstam     care of webmaster
Linda Hackley Hopp     lkhopp38 at aol.com
Jack Hallstrom     contact webmaster
Becky Hammond Brady     beckyabrady at gmail dot com
Sue Hampton Koehn     contact webmaster
Neoma Harrod Robichaud     care of webmaster
Delbert Hart San Diego,CA   care of webmaster
Judy Hartman 6406 Friars Rd #231
San Diego,CA 92108
  judy.hartman at cox.com
Carl "Dave" Hartmann     Proverbs32 at aol.com
Les Harvey Pismo Beach,CA   lharvey at fix.net
Gary Hastings Sonora,CA   gmhastings at yahoo.com
Karen Ro-Nann Hauge Wehsels Lincoln DOD 4/20/17 in Sacramento
Bob Hayes     care of webmaster
Linda Hellewell Miller     contact webmaster
Louis Hemstreet     contact webmaster
Judy Herzog Riddleberger deceased 8/28/01 in Sacramento from cancer    
Cindy Hill Martin     contact webmaster
David Hill Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Bill Hinshaw     care of webmaster
Jerry Hjelle Germantown,TN   care of webmaster
Nancy Hollister Kozlenko   415-459-5145 h nancyswimming at yahoo dot com
Sugar Holmes Herrero     contact webmaster
Sue Hopkinson Sweet     csuebsweet at gmail dot com
Dolores Hotchkiss Steffen     taffmike at wavecable dot com
Janie Hullin     contact webmaster
Charles "Al" Huson 1141 Uplands Dr
El Dorado Hills,CA 95762
916-941-9628 charleshuson at sbcglobal dot net
Jo Ann Ingle     contact webmaster
Bob Inglis     traphagen24 at gmail dot com
Marjorie Delaine Irey Jones deceased 5/28/11    
Lynne Irish Meyer     l.i.meyer at worldnet.att.net
Diane Irwin Kelley     contact webmaster
Brian Jacobs     contact webmaster
Lyle Jacobson     lylemargie at juno.com
Ken Jaffee     jaffee98 at q dot com
Ginger Jahnsen     contact webmaster
John Javelet deceased 1/31/92 in Sacramento Co.    
David Jay Norco,CA   care of webmaster
Donna Bernice
Jensen Gustafson
deceased 10/21/44 in Antioch,TN  
David Johnson     contact webmaster
Linda Johnson Jones     care of webmaster
Martin Johnson 10845 Waterman Rd
Ione,CA 95640
209-404-6277 martinjohnson188 at yahoo dot com
William Johnson     contact webmaster
Susan Jonas Coliton 3817 Vickers Ct
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-481-2946 h oldnpoor at goplay.com
Judith Jordan Barney     care of webmaster
Diane Kambestad Fry     contact webmaster
Karen Kangas Morse     care of webmaster
R. Jack Karns     contact webmaster
Bruce Kaspari deceased 8/9/19
Ramona Ketchem Barbeiro     contact webmaster
Kenneth "Kenn" Klaman Roseville,CA 916-390-3391 w kenneth at NamalksWorld.net
Paul Klausner deceased 8/78    
Walter Kluth     contact webmaster
Jonathan Kopf     care of webmaster
Chip Lambert     chiplambert7 at gmail dot com
Stewart Lambert     contact webmaster
Judy Lamonder McConkie     care of webmaster
George L'Amoreaux     care of webmaster
Christine Landgraf deceased 12/28/71 in Los Angeles Co.    
Rick Larson Littleton,CO 303-925-7617 w rwlarson2001 at gmail dot com
Barbara Law Derich     care of webmaster
Toma "June" Lee Lambert DOD 9/4/13 diabetes and kidney failure  
Kurt Lentz     contact webmaster
Emily Lewall Gray     contact webmaster
Norma Jean Lewendon McGuire deceased 1/4/03 in Sacramento  
Mike Livingston     contact webmaster
Linda Lloyd Troutman     care of webmaster
Sally Long Hite     sally.hite at gte.net  
Laurence Lynd     care of webmaster
Dennis Machen Sandy,UT 801-571-8177 h dennis.machen at yahoo dot com
Lana Mandella McBride     care of webmaster
Sandra Mansfield Goetzman DOD 7/7/17  
Helen Mansfield Goetzman     contact webmaster
Cameron Martell     care of webmaster
Helen Martin Nedderman Brentwood,CA 925-240-7019 h
415-485-4508 w
grma4mickey4mickey at sbcglobal.net
Charles "Chuck" McBride   916-481-1515 w crmassociates at comcast dot net
Jimmy McCullough PO Box 393
Mount Shasta,CA 96067
303-746-5645 jmccullough98 at midwestern dot edu
Jim McDonald     contact webmaster
Stacy Ray McGovern deceased 3/14/11  
Guy McGowan     contact webmaster
Kathy McGuire Lamup     contact webmaster
Keith McKee     contact webmaster
Kathy McKinley LaFleur     contact webmaster
Royal McMahon     contact webmaster
Loudine "Judy" McManus Rivers     contact webmaster
Pam McNabb Swanson     care of webmaster
Steve Mernering Citrus Heights,CA   care of webmaster
Amy Meraz Peterson     care of webmaster
Michael Ann Michell Young 5153 Ridgegate Way
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-967-0789 h MichaelAnnYoung at att.net
John Milliken Jr 32603 Bowman Knoll Dr
Westlake Village,CA 91361
818-735-9588 jlpmilliken at roadrunner.com
Michael "Rudy" Minnick deceased 8/15/91 in Sacrameno   see bios
Diane Mitchell Schlener     contact webmaster
Jody Monday Rasmussen     contact webmaster
Linda Moorman     contact webmaster
Scott Morton deceased 4/13/09 in Brookings,OR    
Carol Moydell Martinez     contact webmaster
Steve Moyher Sun City West,AZ   Ittlfly2 at hotmail dot com
Charlene Muir Long deceased 12/28/10  
Jackie Mulkey Porter     contact webmaster
Randi Muller Kemper 3628 N Knollwood Circle
Tucson,AZ 85750
520-722-8537 h randikemper at earthlink.net
Lynne Murray Zahnley     care of webmaster
Luella Murschel Fulton Plymouth,CA   gltoffee at yahoo dot com
Pete Neal Valley Springs,CA   care of webmaster
David Needham     contact webmaster
Joseph Nestor 1015 Vista Madera Ln
El Cajon, CA 92019
619-277-9988 h jnestor3 at cox dot net
Frank Newman deceased 3/1/94 in Laguna Beach    
Janice Nicholas Parsons     contact webmaster
Steven Nicholas     care of webmaster
Kaylynn Norman Brown deceased 3/8/03 in Albuquerque,NM    
Kenneth Nunes     contact webmaster
Carol Olson Lacey     caroljlacey at gmail dot com
Thomas Orr     contact webmaster
Linda Palmer Fairfield     contact webmaster
Bruce Parker HC 83 Box 237
Coquille,OR 97423
  brucepkr at gmail dot com
Sheldon Parker     contact webmaster
Michael Pascoe     care of webmaster
Bill Pertle     care of webmaster
Cheryl Peterson Crable     contact webmaster
Evalynn Peterson Sacramento,CA   care of webmaster
Charles Pickens     care of webmaster
Dick Pickens     contact webmaster
Jack Neal Pierson deceased 5/11/16 in Citrus Heights  
Richard Kent Piper deceased 1/24/66 in Sacramento Co.    
Jim Pobanz deceased    
Lois Jean Pollard Trainor deceased 1/17/09 in Rocklin,CA  
David Powell 5940 Shoo Fly Rd
Kelsey,CA 95667
530-626-1851 h
916-605-6601 w
dave at powellpanorama dot com
Carole Price Stedman     contact webmaster
Harold Priddy (now Harold Diehl) 5857-A Garden Park Ct
Carmichael,CA 95608
916-334-1572 h bear at bigvalley.net
Bill Prismich     contact webmaster
Diane Pritchard Owen     contact webmaster
Eliane Proserpi Kasmi   munzy at bluewin dot ch
Richard Purdy 3408 Wemberley Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864
  care of webmaster
Judy Queale Dickman     contact webmaster
Diane Quinn Traynor     contact webmaster
Steve Rains contact webmaster
Mary Ellen Ramirez Dempsey     ladytrucker3469 at yahoo.com
Leonard Rapozo     contact webmaster
Christine Rapp Harris 4301 Concordia Lane SE
Lacey,WA 98503
360-493-1651 h
360-481-5662 w
charris860 at attbi.com
Roger Rapp     rcrapp at comcast dot net
Barbara Rea Fuller 1077 Blue Gum Road
Hughson,CA 95326
209-883-0170 h barbiejo44 at sbcglobal.net
Shelly Ready Price deceased 8/28/11  
Robert Reddick     Robert_Reddick at rand.org
Merry Dawn Redlaczyk     contact webmaster
Larry Rehberg     care of webmaster
John Reitter     Angelsue62 at aol.com
Jere Renoud deceased 7/18/86 in San Mateo Co.    
Christne A. Rex deceased 11/25/09 in Carmichael  
Gary Reynolds     care of webmaster
Terry Rhoades     terry.rhoades at gmail dot com
Pat Rinehart Linville     care of webmaster
Suzanne Rivers Fair Oaks,CA   care of webmaster
Cheryl Roberts Davies     contact webmaster
Michael Robichaud 4450 S. Audrey Rd
Tucson,AZ 85730
520-237-1422 h
520-609-8948 w
njobichaud at powerc dot net
Bonnie Rogers Ricker 17234 Kingfish Lane
Sugarloaf Key,FL 33042
  care of webmaster
Warren "Tom" Rogers Jr 4990 Hidden Oaks Lane
Loomis,CA 95650
916-652-0362 h warrentrogersjr at hotmail dot com
John Joseph Roggero deceased 1/13/09 from illness in Sacramento    
Jim Rohrer     Jimee44 at aol.com
Ron Rubesky     contact webmaster
Linda Rudnick     contact webmaster
Darby Rust Brandli     darbyandbruno at comcast.net
Jon Sacchetti San Jose,CA 408-224-1145 h jlsprop at hotmail.com
Steven Saiia Cape     care of webmaster
Kathleen Sanford Gurski Reno,NV kathleen.gurski at sbcglobal dot net
Linda Sanford     lindam_sanford at hotmail.com
Susan Sautner Butler     contact webmaster
Wesley Sawyer     contact webmaster
Eileen Scally Stewart     contact webmaster
Sally Schlemmer Swing     care of webmaster
William Charles Schmidt deceased 10/10/00 in Sacramento county    
Carol Schmitz Blaha     CutterCarol at aol.com
Darryl Schoon     care of webmaster
Scott Schultz     contact webmaster
Larry Seals PO Box 877
Zwolle,LA 71485
318-645-4738 h lwseals at cheerful.com
Kathy Shaefer 1194 E Regency Dr
Bloomington,IN 47401
812-332-0818 h kjshaefer at gmail dot com
Sharon Shapiro Rickard     care of webmaster
Linda Shellhart     contact webmaster
Margaret Shelton Sacramento,CA   mshelton at calweb.com
Emily Sherwood     contact webmaster
Scott Palmer Denis Shultz deceased 4/15/15 pneumonia    
Rod Sievers Ketchum,ID 208-726-2470 w rodsievers at sunvalley.net
Wayne Silvers     care of webmaster
Paul Simon     contact webmaster
Tina Sims deceased 7/11/95 in Eureka    
Ronald Singler Union City,CA   care of webmaster
Kenneth "Kage" Smith     kage.smith at hotmail dot com
Michelle Smith Ledesma     contact webmaster
Mike Smith deceased    
Jim Snook 14327 WB Matthews
Vicksburg, MI 49097
269-649-1058 h
269-352-4711 w
jim.snook at sbcglobal dot net
Grant Snyder     contact webmaster
Leland "Bud" Soto Roseville CA   care of webmaster
Fred Spears deceased    
Tracy Spence     contact webmaster
Bob Stacy 3228 Fulton Ave
Sacramento,CA 95821
916-481-4300 w californiabob44 at yahoo.com
Stanley "Stan" Statzell Elko,NV   ssracecar at hughes.net
Dolores Stevahn Juarros     contact webmaster
Louise Stinnett     contact webmaster
Gary Stolmar deceased 5/4/67 in Sacramento Co.    
John Stombaugh Jr deceased 4/30/19  
Gilbert Stroppini     care of webmaster
Patricia Stuart Pitts Huntington Beach,CA 714-846-8855 h ppitts at socal.rr.com
Heidi Studt PO Box 400
Pollock Pines,CA 95726
  heidzyns at innercite.com
Everett Sullivan     contact webmaster
Gerald "Jerry" Sullivan     gentlemanjerry at AOL.com
Joan Sullivan Larson deceased 6/25/18  
Shaun Sullivan deceased 12/13/03    
Gary Swanson     care of webmaster
Reginald "Craig" Sweet deceased 9/26/12 from illness  
Sue Swift Brunot     care of webmaster
Carol Swinehart Swanson deceased 10/26/18 in Sacramento  
Joanne Swoboda O'Callaghan     contact webmaster
Diane Talbot Comstock deceased 11/18/99 in Sacramento    
Linda Taylor Pilz     care of webmaster
Heather Teall Degen     contact webmaster
Georgia Tippett     care of webmaster
Kent Lee Towers deceased 3/27/11 from cancer
Brenda Townsend Wagnon DOD 2/11/17
Susan Trowbridge Wohle     care of webmaster
George Valerio 1825 Shamrock Lane
Lincoln,CA 95648
916-645-9111 h eurosprtca at aol.com
Bonnie Van Buskirk Sullivan deceased 8/19/06 in Atascadero    
Patricia Vaughn LaGuardia     contact webmaster
Greg Vitaich
aka Greg Phelps
  916-443-2011 w care of webmaster
Bob Vlach 751 Hedy Jayne
Medford,OR 97501
541-734-7067 h bobvlach at hotmail.com
Dennis Vogt 8915 Day Road East
Bainbridge Island,WA 98110
206-842-0991 h
206-855-1907 w
dennisvogt at fastmail dot com
Carolyn Vroman Cooper Incline Village,NV   care of webmaster
Richard "Rich" Wadsworth 320 Eureka Canyon Rd
Watsonville,CA 95076
  richwads at compuserve.com
Jane Ward     contact webmaster
Joann Warne Ford     care of webmaster
Phillip Warner     contact webmaster
David Warnock     BettyJWarnock at aol.com
John Vernon McLane Wayland deceased 7/3/14    
Linda Weatherford Ballance deceased 3/13/20
Sheran Weatherford Yeager 2950 Routier Rd #26
Sacramento,CA 95827
  sheran_yeager at yahoo.com
Elaine Weaver Housh     contact webmaster
Eric Weber PO Box 1760
Shingle Springs,CA 95682
  weber at directcon.net
Tom Weller     contact webmaster
John Tom Wells 8149 Country Vista Lane
Fair Oaks,CA 95628
916-961-1164 h
916-874-2362 w
tomnsuz49 at sbcglobal.net
Beverlee Weston Brown Montgomery,AL 334-221-3741 w care of webmaster
Robert Wetmore #85 Joyner Road Lot 28A
Hinesville,GA 31313
  rjwetmore at live dot com
Larry Allen Wheeler deceased 12/3/12  
Linda Whitaker
(see Linda Hackley)
John Steven Whiteline deceased 2/24/13 in Puyallup,WA  
Jackie Lee "Jack" Whitmire deceased 1/18/12    
Jeff Williams     jjwilliams at surewest.net
Richard L. Williams deceased 2/21/94 in Sacramento  
Craig Wilson Mesa,AZ   care of webmaster
David Wilson     care of webmaster
Linda Jo Wilson Baez decased 7/26/04 in Sacramento    
Linda Wingate Reitter     Angelsue62 at aol.com
Lewis Wiseman     care of webmaster
Stefan Wolfson Key     contact webmaster
Pam Wood Prentiss El Dorado Hills,CA   pam.prentiss at gmail dot com
Donald Woodward     contact webmaster
Malcolm Wright 35514 SE Sunset View Rd
Washougal,WA 98671
  mtnfolks at pacifier.com
Dennis Yeast     care of webmaster
Donna Yeast Methaven     contact webmaster
Richard Yordy deceased 11/17/71
Carl Youngren     contact webmaster
Alberta Zander     contact webmaster
Gerry Zemlicka     gzemlicka at hotmail.com

Last updated: 08/13/2020

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