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10 Year Reunion

Due to lack of interest the class of 1999 reunion has been canceled. We will be sending refunds out before mid-July to anyone who bought tickets. In lue of the reunion we have decided to have an informal get together on Saturday June 20th at 7pm at Distillery the address is 2107 L St Sacramento, CA 95816. They serve food until 8:30 and also have a bar and if you want to stay later they have live music on Saturday nights.

I was hoping you could inform the newsletter subscribers of these new facts.

Thank you, Helen Williams


Our reunion will be at Dante Club in Sacramento on Friday June 19th. The ticket pricing is as follows

Dec. 1st-Feb. 1st- $35 per or $60 Couple
Feb. 2nd-May 1st- $40 per or $70 Couple
May 2nd-June 1st- $45 per or $80 Couple
June 2nd-June 19th- $50 per or $90 Couple

To buy tickets contact: encina99reunion@gmail.com  or melissagentry@gmail.com

We also have a myspace page at www.myspace.com/encina99reunion  where people can find further information and updates.

Thank you,
Helen Williams and The Class of 1999 Reunion Committee

Reunion contact:  Helen Williams

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1999 Encinian yearbook

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1999 Headlines
Headline News:
US Senate opens Clinton impeachment trial; he's acquited & not censured.
War erupts in Kosovo; NATO's Operation Allied Force is launched;
Yugoslavia's President Milosevic relents after 78 days of air strikes.
Columbine High School tragedy; 15 die, including the 2 shooters.
John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn, & his sister-in-law Lauren die in
plane crash.
Elian Gonzalez becomes subject of international dispute between US & Cuba.

Entertainment News:
Academy Awards, Best Picture - "American Beauty"
Grammy Record of the Year - "Smooth" by Santana
Top song - "Believe" by Cher
Top movie - "The Phantom Menace"
Top TV show - "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

Sports News:
Super Bowl - Denver Broncos d. Atlanta Falcons (34-19)
World Series - NY Yankees d. Atlanta Braves (4-0)
NBA Championship - San Antonio Spurs d. NY Knicks (4-1)
Joe DiMaggio, age 85, dies.

Trivia News:
What's in - Ricky Martin, Pokemon, & Harry Potter books.
What's out - Teletubby Tinky Winky (per Rev. Jerry Falwell).


Danica Fraser wrote:
Homepage: www.JacksonDLynne.com
Occupation: Publicist and Bestselling Author
Spouse: Jeremy
Children/grandchildren: Ruth 10, Timothy 7, Naomi 6, Solomon 3
SinceGraduation: I was a freelance copywriter and copyeditor for 12 years then I started work as a publicist in 2015. In 2014, I published my first novel, The Diva and the Duke, under my pen name, Jackson D'Lynne. I published a second book, The Rancher and the Renegade, in 2015.
Trivia: I am a two-time bestselling author.
BestFriends: Donna Marler, Helen Williams
(frenemies), Brandon Dustin, Roderick Johnson
Hobbies: Read and review books for my website: www.HartsRomancePulse.com
Kids: The are brilliant, sweet, and about as different from each other as children with different parents (but they have the same parents).
GradeSchool: Howe Ave Elementary
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk Middle School
MemorableTeachers: Monte Johnson - she told me I was a good writer, and I took that to heart.
Romano Luchini - he challenged my brain
FavoriteMemory: Nothing sticks out.
AlumniInContact: A bunch. Check Facebook.

Seasons of Life

Joan Mead-Matsui Abington Journal Correspondent

“To Everything A Season: A Collection of Poetry,” is the title of 30-year-old Danica Fraser Sorber’s book and some of the pieces in this collection, or anthology, reflect her personal journey presented to readers through “life inspired stories.”

Author Danica Sorber, of Factoryville, holds a copy of her book, “To Everything A Season: A Collection of Poetry.”

Abington Journal Photo/Joan Mead Matsui

“The whole idea of it is emotionally that every human being goes through seasons in life. There are the wintery times where it’s dark and your emotions are down and then there is spring where everything is good. Summer is kind of like you’re chilled out and autumn is the breath right before winter starts,” said Sorber.

And at this point, Sorber is personally “in the cusp between fall and winter.”

“My emotions do follow the seasons,” said Sorber.

This writer grew her “literary” roots in Sacramento, CA, where some of her thoughts and writing for her book originated while she was a student at Encina High School.

“Some of the stuff I’ve written in there, (in my book) I wrote in high school.”

Readers will find stories that rhyme in Sorber’s book, but perhaps not in a traditional sense, with sonnets and Shakespearean verses. She explained, “One thing that kind of irks me is that when people hear the word, “poetry,” they might think sonnets and Shakespearean and young men going on and on about the beauty of their ladylove compared to a summer’s day. Poetry doesn’t have to be like that. You can be sure some of the stuff in there is going to be quirky and upbeat, but that’s because of the season it’s in. Poetry can always be thought and emotion evoking and it’s not just what you imagine it to be. They are stories that rhyme. They have a purpose are not meant to be poetry on a page.”

Her favorite piece is the story of “Enlightenment,” the woman in the dungeon telling stuff she has been living through,” according to Sorber. “’Enlightenment’ was written when I woke up in the dead of night and had this idea for a story. I hopped out of bed, ran to my desk and wrote it….that’s the final product,” said Sorber.

“It’s about a young woman who had her innocence ripped away from her and she led this life of pain and anguish, but in the end, she was stronger than it. She came out and she was brave and courageous. Honestly I like the twist at the end.”

Sorber crosses all genres of writing and doesn’t like to “pigeonhole” herself into one genre. Her works include inspirational poetry and a lot of what she refers to as “darker stuff,” including thrillers, paranormal women’s fiction and horror stories. She is currently working on a romance novel. “My mind doesn’t compartmentalize into one genre so I’m everywhere. I have works in progress all over the place,” said Sorber.

She attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida and New York and Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit and has an educational background in biblical counseling.

“But I love to write, so why not do that? So, that’s what I’ve been doing since 2004.”

Sorber works from her home in Factoryville and feels she is immensely blessed “with an incredible family, a home and this ability to work from home doing something I love, and this incredible love for anything literary. I love to write and I think part of the passion for that and the desire to create imaginary worlds comes from the fact that I didn’t necessarily grow up in one that I actually wanted to be in.”

She and her husband, Jeremy, have three children, Ruth, Timothy and Naomi.

“To Everything A Season” was published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC, a Christian publishing company, in 2011 and will be available soon through Amazon.com and at major bookstores. To learn more about Sorber and her work, visit danicasorber.com.

Bonnie Yates wrote:
MaritalStatus: Single
Children/grandchildren: Shyanne Stephens age:11 Samantha Stephens age:9 Tempest Yates age:8 Cierra Yates age:5
SinceGraduation: Doing the whole Mom thing, providing for my kids as a single parent
Trivia: My life is like the game of Life, its there on minute and the next its gone I have found God in my sea of despair and depression, He pulled me out and now i can see the beauty in all things... . There are people who do not like me for who i am but i am who i am for reasons beyond my understanding... I believe that if someone cant love u for u.... Changing u is only going to result in depression n self destruction.... so just be urself...and who cares what other people think about u cuz they dont have to live ur life... seriously, who cares bout what they think u have to live with urself 24/7 not them... tell them to get over it...Trust me i have accepted everyone around me for who they r because without them i would be noone important....
BestFriends: Nancy Ross, Laura Coite, James Gregg, Jeff Jones, James Blanche, lots of others who hung out at the "quad"
Hobbies: try everything once
Kids: I have 4 beautiful little girls, they are my life and my soul...
GradeSchool: Columbia Elementary
MiddleSchool: same
MemorableTeachers: there were only a few... that I had who put up with me.
FavoriteMemory: my first day
Siblings: Gina Sexton {not in contact with}
AlumniInContact: RIP Nancy Ross-Richards 1983-2009 RIP J.J. Egy 1981-2009
Romero Mullen writes:
Occupation: School district
MaritalStatus: single
Children/grandchildren: romero mullen 4, isreal mullen 6 mo, isaia mullen 2
SinceGraduation: liveing life and working
BestFriends: leon holomon
Kids: there great
Michael Pritchett writes:
Occupation: Human Resources Manager (USAF)
Bio: I made a serious career change a couple years back. Was tired of being deployed. Now I sit and do paperwork but I am still in the AF. I'm currently in school and watching my daughter grow up.
Friends: I have a few best friends and i'm still in contact with Mike-Meez (watch for the comedy DVD coming out soon), AJ (dont answer the phone), Big Ant (LL). I don't get down with Myspace but if you know me...get at me on my e-mail address. You could even call my house...i don't care. It's all love
Hobbies: I relax and go to school. I know that aint a hobby but when you're a parent you don't have time for hobbies or recreation for that matter!
Kids: Amaya Jewell Age 4 . One Word --- AMAZING
Grade_school: So Cal
Junior_high: Jonas Salk (You Know)
Junior_high_friends: Plenty...Tone, Big Ron, Buddah, Yoda, KME (she dropped the E), AJ, Beast...etc.
Memorable_teachers: Always will be Mr. Epps...but now I'm taking this math class and could sure use some help from Mrs. Boehle (or whatever her name is now)
Favorite_memory: Trip to Jelly Belly factory, or the Trip to Salinas...All the fun and *** we could ever want! Life was simple back then.
Keith Owens writes:
Occupation: Repo pay those car notes don't want to meet up with ya on the wrong terms
Bio: Well I did some uprooting tried some other states, but people and liabilities made me come back to the area. i'm not copresident of the
wheelmen car club, v8's only. built a couple muscle cars, then got bored of them and sold them. I have a 11 sec street legal Mustang GT. If anyone is ever at the track i'm sure you've seen me. Electric blue stange white 4.6 v8 pony hood scoop decal. Kinda fell into this repo thing but it worked for me been here for four years now. Who would of thought I'd be doing it if you knew me in school. but shit people grow up right. Got married almost 2 years ago and just had my little baby girl 2-12-08.
Friends: well i guess i kicked it with the saburbain threat crew as the make fun of guy, and robert shawn
Hobbies: hot rods, video games, booty always goood
Kids: emily is 3 months now the joy of my life. everything is taking a back seat to her right now, but thats all good
Grade_school: greer
Junior_high: jonas
Memorable_teachers: eric ceramics did what ever you wanted was my ditch class, and still got an a
Favorite_memory: you were there you remember
Tianna Taitai writes:
Sibling_info: ALEA SPANN
Clint Allison writes:
Occupation: Logistics/Child Care Provider
Bio: I've been working for a wholesale distribution company since Oct 2000, I have also been the Route Manager since 2003.  I met my beautiful wife in 2001, we married in 2003. I am a part time student and we just opened our Family Home Day Care this month. If all goes well I should be able to get my degree in 100yrs... lol
Friends: Most of my Friends were from 1997... exept for Reondray that was my Dog
Hobbies: I work on old classic cars (still fixn up my Malibu) I try to play Ball every week time permitting of course. I also volunteer my time coaching youth Football and Basketball... kids need coaches who care.
Kids: My Son Clint Jr (CJ) was born 11-15-2005, he is the reason I started taking classes part time.  My Daughter Savea is basically due any day, Oct 15th is the due date...we'll see
Grade_school: Strauch, Castori, Cottage
Junior_high: MLK, Jonas Salk, Churchill
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Begg and Mr Luchini...If it were not for Mrs Begg I would not have graduated.
Favorite_memory: Dumping Freshmen when I was a Freshmen...lol 96 and 97 were fun
Alumni_in_contact: Joe Turner c/o 97, Glenn Beedy c/o 97, Joe Lewis c/o 97, Mandell Thornton c/o 97, Jeremy Tripp c/o 97, Justin Birminghamn c/o 97, Reondray Walker c/o 99, Greg Ramirez c/o 98
Selena Maldonado writes:
Occupation: Accountant
Bio: I stayed in Sacramento for 2 1/2 years after I had my daughter. I then moved to Texas where I live now. I just got married September 8, 2007 to wonderful man I met here. We are shopping for a house. Things are really good.
Friends: I had a lot of friends. Most I still keep in touch with thanks to MySpace.
Hobbies: Hobbies?...Can't say I really have time. Work and taking care of my family. Cooking! I love to cook and try new recipies. We went to Miami and the Bahamas for our honeymoon so Cuban and Carribian food is what I am trying now.
Kids: Skylar is the smartest 8 year old I know. She gets straight A's and loves Math! She is a cheerleader and plays soccer.
Grade_school: Travis AFB, California
Junior_high: Frenship Jr. High, Lubbock, Texas
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg for sure. She was always so kind and never judged.
Favorite_memory: Basketball, Choir, Student Government, Disney Land (both times), Pep Rallies, Carl's Jr., & Car Washes.
Alumni_in_contact: Sunny P, Amy S, Viva A, Keisha M-E, Mike P, Brandon D, Melissa A, Tien H, Damon P, Steve P, Brock C, April C, Tina P, Val S, Justin J, Ninfa N, Ernie V, Adia C.
Melissa Hawkins writes:
Occupation: Self-Employed
Bio: I figure this needs an update. For the past couple of years I've been taking care of my guys (Chad and Hayden) and finishing college. I recently graduated from Sac State with my BA in Government. I plan on going back to college, likely for teaching credentials. Just need to find the time...and oh yeah...the money. For now I'm focusing on becoming a substitute teacher. More recently I've been working as an independent contractor. I'm an online English teacher, and work with clients out of Taiwan and Vietnam; do research and writing for a number of companies; and little odd jobs like mystery shopping. Also, I'm putting my degree to good use by representing non-profits and trade associations as an advocacy consultant regarding Congressional issues. Most importantly, Chad and I have found great joy in volunteering at our son's school and coordinating activities for the kids. Being a mom is my greatest joy.
Friends: Chad Crall. I never lose contact with him. He's always an instant message away!
Hobbies: Camping; fishing (watching Chad and Hayden fish!); hiking; reading; yoga; finding new, legal, and ethical ways to make money without leaving the comfort of my home office; star gazing; exploring museums; snorkeling when I'm in Hawaii.
Kids: Hayden Hawkins-Crall 5 years old. One wild and crazy, super smart kid that has more energy than I can sometimes handle! He's my star gazing , coin collecting, bug finding buddy. If ever I have a clean house that needs some dirt in it, I can count on him to bring the dirt. He loves mud. And snails. And decorating the walls.
Grade_school: thomas j.- waikiki, oahu
Junior_high: Stockton CA
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Begg- hope I can someday be a great teacher like her.
Favorite_memory: Prom at the Library Galleria. Whoever set that up did a nice job. It was a pretty classy event for a bunch of high school kids. ;)
Story: Nah.
Tyler Thompson writes:
Occupation: Industrial Electrician
Bio: Joined the Nuclear program for the Navy in '99. Went through their program. Met a nice girl in Hawaii and married her 3 years later. Now I am working at a steel mill in Southern California.
Trivia: Well I think that I am the only person who has been there all year and I am not in the yearbook.
Friends: Julio Morillo. Last I heard, he was planning to become a Navy Seal. But I think he got married and moved to Puerto Rico.
Hobbies: Circle track racing, Dirt Bikes, Basketball, Pool, Darts, and working on my truck.
Kids: None
Grade_school: NNPTC
Junior_high: Rio Linda, Goldenstate, Churchill
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Morton, She used to be a teacher at Mira Loma and I was able to relate to her about other things.
Favorite_memory: Reggie
Story: Not really sure I have any.
Araceli Martinez writes:
Occupation: Healthcare
Bio: Married, had a beutiful baby girl and moved to Georgia, but early 2007 i'll be moving back to Cali.
Friends: My friends were many and I have lost physical contact with almost all of them, but fortunately there's myspace and I stay in contact with it with many of them. I also found some contact info on some of them so i'm trying to keep in contact with them...one of them is my first love from when i was about 13, and i'm so glad.
Hobbies: I enjoy making things, like sewing, crafting, knitting, i guess gramma stuff, i like to take walks and spend alot of time on the computer...i love to listen to music, all kinds, depends on my mood. I draw a little once in a blue moon, just for fun. I love to write and read too.
Kids: Diana Isabel...age 3
I have one daughter, and she's the love of my life, she's my princess, my strength and the light in my life. She's funny, silly and sooooooo fun to be with. She's so smart and beautifull. She was born in the summer of 2003 and is the best thing that has happend in my life, the greatest gift God could have given me.
Grade_school: I went to Dyer Kelly, and Howe Ave School.
Grade_school_friends: Anna Andrade, Adriana Lopez, Christina Ultreras...i'm sure i'm forgeting some and i'm sorry i can't think now.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk. That's where I fell in love for the first time and had my first kiss ever, you may know who it is, and i'm sure YOU know who you are...he went to Encina at that time. Unfortunately we couldn't be together for long, but I never forgot him and missed him alot. I also got in a fight in 8th grade. My first and only fight ever.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Herrera, he was always trying to teach us something from everything and was smart and very cool, not boring to us
Favorite_memory: All four years were great, there was always something different. Many great memories and some sad, but I loved all my four
years there, although there are some decisions i made that i regret alot, specially this ONE when I was 16 and still paying for it.
Donny Jaco writes:
Occupation: Watch Repairman
Bio: I've been working, raising kids, loving my wife of almost six years, and serving God
Hobbies: I still play hoops every week and play video games plus I like to fish.
Kids: My kids are great Chloe is such a girl she likes to dress up and for her third birthday we asked her what she wanted and she told us a ring. Grace is just starting to get around and she is happy all the time you can't look at her and not smile.
Grade_school: Joseph Bonnhiem
Junior_high: Will C. Wood
Kids: Chloe' Jaco-3 years, Grace Jaco-8 months
Memorable_teachers: I liked them all but Mrs. Hurley is the one that I think stands out the most because she always saw the best in her students and was always there when we needed her.
Favorite_memory: junior year football season was a blast the team all got along and we did too many fun things outside of school.
Alumni_in_contact: Ryan Sadler, Rudy Hernandez, Eric Love, Vaughn Nelson, Amy Smith Joey Jaco, And my Wife Dayna Jaco
Renee Farlow writes:
Occupation: retail
Bio: I haven't been doing a whole lot, just working, and taking care of my family. I've been trying to go back to school but so far no luck, something always seems to come up. Hopefully someday i can get back on the right track. But, for right now im happy spending time with my baby.
Friends: too many people to name, unfortunately ive lost contact with pretty much everyone
Kids: Jade(10), Iliana(8), and Roslyn(11 months)
Daniel Phaviseth writes:
Occupation: I working for ths Sacramento Bee News Paper you dig and no im not the delievery boy.I print the papers feel me.
Bio: well lets just say that im still breathing you dig.
Friends: well my folks was and still are is the ones im still keeping in touch with.But now know Mike P, Dane L, Mini mouse Michelle,Catrina M,and all the the folks who knew me threw out the school years get at me!! Dont be shy peoples holla at your boy one time you dig!!
Hobbies: Reaaly im been into cars
Kids: no kids
Grade_school: Hagginwood
Grade_school_friends: My family Nate S.
Junior_high: Rio Linda/Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: n/a
Memorable_teachers: To be honest I liked all my teachers.
Favorite_memory: Sr.year
Sunseray Haywood writes:
Bio: Going to school and getting my MD.
Friends: Yeah Mekon, Keisha,Latoya Smith Thats my dog.....and many more but those are the one I would like to see or speak with
Kids: Nyjatti 10 1/2,Lasea 8 1/2, Rayjanae 4
Man I know ever one remmebers my kise nyjatti and Lasea they are all grown up now doing their thang. both now cheer and everything.
Grade_school: Alice Norman
Memorable_teachers: Man I really didnt have many but mr.H made life funny in english every day.
Favorite_memory: class of 99 we had it good. it was the best that year we all had some thing going on after school was over but most of all we made that school what it was then. I cant speak about now.
La Kiesha Marez writes:
Occupation: Dental Assistant- yes i suck for a living (spit that is) lol/hahaha/:D!!
Bio: being a mom and trying not to go insane
Trivia: i don't get it...{smile ;O)}
Friends: Michelle-still tight Viva, Tien and of course Tag Team 77-La Shanika, Nancy, and Kindra- we see each other and talk on occasion, but
hey what can i say were grown ups and grown ups are busy.
Hobbies: My hobbies include cooking, cleaning, reading(to my boys), writing (practicing the alphabet and phonics with dave and watching lots and lots of spongebob (it's an absolute must) lol!!!
Kids: David II--5 yrs. Old, Jaedyn--3 1/2 weeks old
dave is a lot like his daddy sharp witted yet oh so charming but he also gets his goofiness from his mama (that's me) he plays all sports and usually rules the field, court or whatever, he's very smart but sometimes gets in trouble for talking a lot (wonder where he gets that from)...
Jaedyn is a sweetheart he's a really good baby he sleeps pretty much through the night(up about 1-2 times to eat of course) he has a cutey smile and i can't wait to see if he acts like me.  He was born 5 weeks early(impatient) and had to stay in the NICU but was very determined to come home(he coukldn't stand all the other whining and crying from the other babies)
To sum it all up "my boy's are my world perfect imperfections in every way!!!"--kme
Grade_school: 12 different-not naming them all (i get bored easy- short attention span-ADD maybe-what was i supposed to be doing again???)
Grade_school_friends: YOU!!!;OP
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Epps- he challenged me to be more than i thought i could and believed i had more to offer than i knew i had..(even though
i froze every day he kicked me out of his class-Thanx)
Favorite_memory: All of them-77, k.i.a.c.o.s.c, K.T.P., L.Y.L.A.S. (always gettin into trouble but..."WHO CARES!!!"
Sibling_info: Liesa Marez, Vernal Blake, Lawrence Marez
Alumni_in_contact: Michelle Dawson
Tianna Taitai writes:
Grade_school: SOUTHERN CALI
Memorable_teachers: NONE......I HATED GOING TO SCHOOL
Sibling_info: ALEA SPANN(TAITAI)2002
Ernie Vazquez writes:
Occupation: Admin Asst at Blue Cross Blue Shield
Bio: I moved to Chi-Town because I LOVE the cold weather.
Trivia: Guess what, I didn't! I went to Summer School like the rest of the stupid kids on that big yellow bus... YAY!!! Ok, trivia... trivia... How did I meet my wife to be? On the internet. This is a pre-warning to all of you who want to try it... DONT! MOVE AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THE COMPUTER! Those girls are only out there to do one thing... MARRY YOU!!!
Children: ZERO... just wait til we get married and ill turn into a mexican and have about 12 of them. lol
Friends: everybody... anyone wanna email me? Chat it up? Jive talk like on Airplane?
Hobbies: working, wife, working, wife... ummm trying to work on my own comic book that I decided to start on.
Grade_school_friends: Now you want a list? Fine... Araceli Hernandez.. its the first time since ages that I been getting online for this.
Junior_high_friends: Lots
Favorite_memory: Summer School, all those that went with me during that time know why. I dont care what you say, you put a hot Californian in a
cold environment and we will make it hot. Dem boys and girls at Rio Americano High School knew nothin til we got there. And honestly, thats my favorite memory thus far. Encina owning RAHS. Oh and I cant forget to add this because it might look embarrassing for some when we see it at
the reunion, but there is this tape thats going around on the internet... lol.
Story: Would you call this interesting? Moving to Chi-Town because of the girl you met on the internet who happens to be 30 is madly in love with you and you just happen to about to get married in 3 months on October 29, two days before Hallo-freakin-ween. If not, then I have a thing for much older women.
Cyndi Brown writes:
Occupation: Operations Manager (Men's Wearhouse). Yes, I am still there. I have put in 5 and a half years. I am currently going through interviews with the San Diego police department to become a radio dispatcher before I become a police officer.
Bio: I am finishing up school. I am been very involved in my community. With the boys and girls club of Oceanside. This summer I will be involved in a program called TIP ( Trama Intervention Program). I will be helping out people who have been in very serious accidents or who have been through a very painful experience. I have joined the criminal justice club at my college and I will be helping build the club from the ground up. I am going
to hopefully start this summer as a Radio Dispatcher for the police department and continue school. Then I will start my test for the police academy. I am currently living on my own and just enjoying life. I have been a full time student/working full time. Pretty much just working,school and working out. I am not married, I have no children. Which I am fine with this. I am completely focusing on myself and building my career. I am now an Aunt. My brother just had his first child last November. His name is Stephen. He is the cutiest little guy. I am very happy for my brother.
Friends: I still talk to people on occassion.But, the ones I have lost contact with please e mail me at either Cbb2@tmw.com or cb21brown@aol.com
Danica Fraser writes:
Occupation: Homemaker with a Bachelor's Degree!!
Bio: Since I graduated high school I went to bible colleges in Florida, New York and finally Penn. I graduated with my BS in Counseling in 2004 and then I got married August 14th to Jeremy!!
Trivia: Um...it turns out that I like online games.
Friends: None of them were best friends but there were acquaintances that went from elem. all the was to Encina. I still wanna find out where Donna
Marler went!
Hobbies: I sing, read and I am currently working on some remnants of a novel. (Isnt everybody?)
Kids: Well...I just found out 2 weeks ago that I am having a baby. The little Sorber is due in June!
Grade_school: Howe Ave Elem
Grade_school_friends: Brandon Dustin, Usman Amin, and Kern Chaundry.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: see grade school friends
Memorable_teachers: Monte Johnson, she was an awesome teacher, who actually taught me stuff and I loved her, "No words about bodily functions" thing.
Favorite_memory: Playing football and getting to go to LA for HOSA and show choir.
Sibling_info: Glen-Brian Fraser 03...I think...(Ive been gone from home a while). Lucianna Fraser (Hargis) some year before mine...
Tony Seuell writes:
Occupation: Correctional Officer 100,000 a year hate on that, for those who said i would not make it and i am only 23 years old.
Bio: I moved from sac to get my head on right, to tulare ca and I attended college and played ball. After school I attended the correctional officer
academy. After the academy I moved to creasent city and started to working at pelican bay state prison.  I just moved back to he valley and work at
corcoran state prison, and I am going back to school to be a correctional counselor I. Can you say mo money mo money mo money!!!
Friends: mike,mike p., A.J, Billy,
Hobbies: playing basketball, building computers, shopping and buying cars,
Kids: Aaliyah nevaeh seuell 2 years old
I just have one kid she is the light of my life and future wnba superstar(Bet on that).
Grade_school: herman liembach
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: they know who they are.
Memorable_teachers: All of them they made me who i am now.
Favorite_memory: school dances
comments: I had a good time in school even though I was not the best student all I have to say to all my teachers is, look at me now. To all my boys, all
I have to say is, do it big you only live once. Holla at ya boy.
Sunny Pitchell writes:
Occupation: I work as an Office Manager for a Landscaping Company & an Administrative Assistant for a financial planner
Bio: Alot. I moved to Memphis, TN for a year, then back to California. I got engaged and moved to Great Falls, MT (where it is cold, all year) where my
fiance is stationed in the Air Force, and then on September 18th we got married.
Trivia: I look ALOT different than I did in high school. In the last two years, I have lost 165 lbs
Friends: I don't really talk to anyone from high school. I email back and forth with Amy, and that is about it.
Hobbies: I don't really have free time. I work two jobs (which I love) and work with the youth group at the church my Husband & I attend.
Kids: There are no kids, and we dont plan on having any for AT LEAST 5 or 6 years
Grade_school: Edison
Junior_high: Arden Middle School
Favorite_memory: I honestly don't remember alot about high school...it was school. Not much else to say
Cynthia Brown writes:
Occupation: Men's wearhouse ( ops manager)
Bio: I am still attending school. I have a year left. I hope to start the police academy next year. I got promoted at Men's wearhouse. I am going on 5 years this September. I did move back home for about a year and decided that Sac just wasn't home for me anymore. I am currently living in San Diego, Ca
and in a couple of months I will be moving back up to Oceanside to be closer to my boyfriend. We have been seeing each other for 2 years now and have
talked about possible getting married. I want to make sure I get started in my career first before getting married and possible starting a family. I really love him though. Words can't describe how much I do. Other than that I am just enjoying life. I feel at peace being in San Diego. The people are wonderful here. I love being right next to the ocean. I don't think i will ever move back to Sacramento cause this is home now.
Friends: I still talk to Amy Lemon (smith), Kwesi,shawn and a couple of other people. I ran into Viva and have talked with her every once in a while.
Hobbies: I love to read books, watch movies. I go to the gym 4 days a week. I love to go dancing with my friends down here. My fav thing to do is get up
early in the morning and drive down to the beach have a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. I will stay for a little bit and listen to the waves crash up against the rocks and read a book for a bit before i have to get up and get ready for work.
Kids: no kids. don't plan on having any any time soon.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Hurley. I will still talk to here every once in a while to let her know how I am doing.
Ryan Sadler writes:
Occupation: U. S. NAVY
Bio: Well, worked at UPS for about a year. Worked for my Grandfather's family business for a year working on watches. Then I joined the Navy. Was in Operation Iraqi Freedom serving as a medic on the front lines for the Marines. I am currently in Okinawa, Japan for 7 months and might have to go back to Iraq in September 04. I have a girlfriend who is pregnant with my child whom I am going to ask to marry me when I get back to the States. Her name is Cristi and I met her through Viva.
Friends: Vaughn Nelson, Donny Jaco (who is now my brother in-law and gave me a wonderful niece named Chloe), Rudy Hernandez, Viva Asmelash, and I've lost contact with many other friends.
Hobbies: Drawing and Surfing.
Kids: I'll let you know in a couple of months.
Grade_school: Cordova Lane
Junior_high: Mitchell Middle School
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Soto and Mr. Guba because I really looked up to those guys.
Favorite_memory: Being the High School Mascot.
Sibling_info: Dayna Sadler c/o `00
Alumni_in_contact: Vaughn Nelson, Terra Johnson, Viva Asmelash, Donny Jaco, Dayna Jaco, and Rudy Hernandez.
Ryan Chronicle writes:
Occupation: union laborer
Bio: playing lots of drums, put out a record, working, playing more drums,touring....etc.
Friends: cesar,oscar,jeff jones,amanda, rachel,angela,norby,matt,mikey machado,others i cant think right now...
Hobbies: play drums most of my free time, sorry i never attended the concerts mrs. grant!!
Kids: girlfriend miscarried a year ago, but done alot of trying since!
Grade_school: creekside
Junior_high: jonas
Junior_high_friends: they all went to el camino except for mike machado.
Memorable_teachers: samborski. Where is that dude?? russ hibbard and the way he yelled to get a point across.
Favorite_memory: so many, so little time. i miss it though. some of it.
Story: ernie vasquez, a backyard wrestler???
April Catchings writes:
Occupation: Too many!!
Bio: Working, and taking care of my daughter. I went to college for a little while but, I became a mommy and had to put it on hold.
Trivia: I build websites for fun. If you are in need of one let me know! Really, I am not kidding.
Friends: My best friends? Well, Adam Hendricks, Tony Palaca, Mekon Yared, Tina Phillips, Michelle Dawson, oh my gosh, I could go on and on... I have lost contact with all except for Mekon.
Hobbies: Karaoke (as much as possible!), build wesites (when I have the time), people watching (Sociology freak!), working out,  hanging out with my family, writing short stories.
Kids: My daughters' name is Aleysha, she is a very intelligent individual, who has a pesonality of her own. Very independant and wants everything her way. She is great. I could not of asked for more. She will be turning 3 in a couple of months.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison Elementry
Grade_school_friends: Mekon Yared, Tina phillips, Dane Lindstrom, Steven Bender, Klinton Halliday, Christina Bell, Mary Ramos, and Sunny Pitchell.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Middle School
Junior_high_friends: Mekon Yared, Tina Phillips, Michelle Dawson, Steven Bender, Klinton Halliday, Christina Bell, Nina Shoman, Abigail Pelegrino, Jarod Moffett, Delores Martin, Melissa Hawkins, Danica Fraser, Brandon Dustin, Brandon Beaver, Kedrick Johnson, Viva Asmelash and Amber Hill.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Brodnansky and Mr. Kerrine!! They are the main reason why I love science and computers so much.
Favorite_memory: The 98 carnival thrown by the business academy.
Story: Read my book!!
Sibling_info: James Catchings 00
Alumni_in_contact: Micheal Roaldsen, Amber Hill, Michelle Strasburg, Janon Thompson Owens, Amy Watson, Klinton Halliday, Mekon Yared, Rachel 99, and there are plently more I just can't think right now.
Christina Bell writes:
Occupation: homemaker
Friends: amy smith, melissa sanders, robbie romanoff, eric love, april catchings, shawn And alote of others you know who you are!!! i've just about
lost track of every one. but i miss every body...
Hobbies: fishing, shopping, just about anything when i get time from my daughter
Kids: my daughter aliayh marie erwin is 18 months old, very beautiful, has brown hair and brown eyes, and very inteligent for here age shes the light
of my life!!
Grade_school: edison elementry
Grade_school_friends: april catchings and mekon yared
Junior_high: jonas salk middle school
Junior_high_friends: april catchings,penny concanon,melissa sanders,amber lopez, ryan snow, shawn texeira, robert taylor, sorry if i forgot anybody
cant remember that far back.
Memorable_teachers: mr. hayasaka (driver's ed.) 10th grade that was the best class all my friends had it.
Favorite_memory: just about ever memory is a good memory when you have your friends
Renee Farlow writes:
Occupation: I am still working little oddjobs, but my main job is still in retail.
Bio: I have moved to Utah. Then I moved back home. I got married. My husband is going back into the army, so who knows where I will end up.
Kids: I have 2 step-daughters. Jade,7 and Iliana,5
Trivia: I've gained 2 children. So, for all of you that remember me saying that I was never going to have children. Guess what? I lied.
Friends: Too many people to list, I pretty much lost contact with everyone.
Hobbies: I've started traveling alot more. When I'm home I like to read, and draw. I'm pretty boring.
Grade_school: Antelope Creek Elementary
Junior_high: Springview Middle School
Melissa Hawkins writes:
Occupation: F/T mommy, P/T student
Bio: Since graduation I have moved more times than I can count...I went to MTI College for a while but I quit before my student loan got too expensive...and now I'm taking one class at ARC (I registered late!).My goal is to transfer to Sac. State and major in Journalism/Government.
Friends: I had a few friends....my best friends were Chad Crall, Melinda Aguirre, and Terra Johnson.
Hobbies: Yoga, Pilates, Reading, listening to Jazz Music .
Kids: Hayden is 9 months old. He is a little clone of Chad. Hayd has my attitude though....he's a little stubborn (in a good way).
Grade_school: Hawaii
Junior_high: Stockton
Memorable_teachers: Mrs.Begg- she is caring, understanding, and such a positive person. I really don't remember ever seeing Mrs.Begg in a bad mood!
Favorite_memory: I have allot of great memories from high school...but I really don't have any favorites.
Alumni_in_contact: Chad Crall; Melinda Aguirre; Terra Johnson(sometimes);Crystal Wilson; and people that Chad still talks to...Damon Purdy;Donnie Moore;Thomas Yancy.
Cynthia Brown writes:
Occupation: Men's Weahouse Tuxedo Representative
Bio: Well, I have just been living life. I am still down in San Diego.It has been over two years now. My roomate moved to Florida and I am not living with a new roomate. I just recently found out 3 months ago that Rendell passed away over seas. I have been have a hard time with it but, I have friends who are there for me. I am currently dating a wonderful man. He is a sweetheart and understands what I am going through. His name is David. He is from Detroit and not in the military. So, he will be around for a while. I hope. I am still attending school at Mira Costa and I am hoping to get my Bachlors in Criminal Justice.
Friends: I still communicate with my close friends and they know who they are.
Hobbies: I am still taking a photography class and I am still going dancing every week with friends. I have lost over 40 pounds over the last couple of years and I love it. I am training for the academy plus going to school full time
Junior_high: Joseph Kerr middle school in Elk Grove
Memorable_teachers: It will still always be Mrs. Hurley. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Laura Nunes writes:
Occupation: A variety of positions in local politics, including community educator on signature petitions, phone bank coordinator/ supervisor for the service employee's union on the gubernatorial race, and part-time student studying forensic pathology.
Bio: Working, working, working. Going to school when I can. I got married to a wonderful man in 2001 at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. I moved to Portland, OR. in december of 2001, at it's amazing here. I travel occasionally to the east coast, and otherwise just passing the time. I've always been boring.
Friends: My friends in school were Amber Lopez, Anthony Palaca, Renee Farlow, Maria Rivera, Charla and Ricky Kaplan, Carlos Alfaro, Ryan Sadler, Monty Beeton, Brynn Tholt, and lots of aquiantances. I have lost contact with EVERYONE.
Hobbies: Again, I am incredibly boring. I read A LOT, paint and draw, occasionally act in community theater, Burning Man, travel, write poetry and short stories that are usually rejected for publication, and work. Portland has more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the world, so I've been able to familiarize myself with those. Boring.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Epps was a favorite as he enabled me to hone my smart mouth, and I was actually able to learn while enjoying myself.
Favorite_memory: I was never actually there for much more than lunch, so my memory is limited.
Story: None in particular, it was all good fun.
Helen Williams writes:
Occupation: Sales for Earthlink
Bio: I just stoped working with Macys and started my great new job with Earthlink it is the greatest enviroment to work in and I am so happy now. I have been having the greatest time lately and am in such a good place in my life. I hope everyone else is having as much fun now as I am and please contact me(anyone I love that is)and we can hang out. I miss you all so much and want to see some of you sometime so e-mail me you know who you are.
Friends: Terra duh and Melinda also Anthony and Amber.
Hobbies: I've been taking alot of pictures and investing I do love my little ventures.
Grade_school: Dyer-Kelly
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: I love so many they were all so supportive of me and my crazyness but I can give my honorable mentions to Mrs. Begg, Mr. Luchini, Mr.Bonds, Mr. Dahlin, and Mrs. Hurley
Favorite_memory: All the fun and mostly geometry class sophmore year with Mr. Tran I don't think that Terra and I could have caused more trouble if we were drug addicts at the time.
A Life's Story Ginger Guevarra -- vibrant and sharp -- came from the Philippines wanting a piece of the American dream. She almost got it. By Bob Sylva -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 5:30 a.m. PST Saturday, March 23, 2002
At a kitchen table in an upstairs apartment in Del Paso Heights on a warm August night in 1998, Ginger Guevarra sat alone and considered the events of her tumultuous life.
The stabbing grief. The lingering guilt and remorse. Her growing list of disappointments. Mostly, she recalled the memory of her beloved father, whose photo she carried in her wallet. His stern voice, even from his grave back in the Philippines, continued to comfort -- and chastise -- her.
"I've learned a lot -- both good and bad," Ginger Guevarra said then. "These months, I've been through a lot. You never think you could do it. This has been a big challenge in my life."alt
Indeed, Ginger, then 17, had been through things no teenager should ever have to endure: The murder of her father. The stress of having to testify in criminal proceedings. The pressures of school, of a job at a fast-food restaurant, of disloyal friends, of diminishing family fortunes and growing family strife. Of feeling alone.
And as if she didn't have enough burdens to bear, Ginger was quite adept at creating even more problems for herself. She was exasperatingly resourceful.
Still, on that night in August, she was determined to succeed, to make her family proud of her. She was joyful, defiant.
And then, like sad but hopeful stories before and since, Ginger faded from view and attention.
Until 10 days ago, on March 13, a Wednesday morning, in a small, suffocating room in North Sacramento, where Ginger's body was found facedown on a carpet, her hands outstretched in a gasp for help. The coroner's report listed the cause of death as smoke inhalation and thermal burns. A fire department investigation deemed the small, long-smoldering fire an accident.
Thus, Ginger, who would have turned 21 on May 7, died alone in a breathless room, in a seething darkness, with a melted stereo and a charred teddy bear.
She was so close to escaping her fate.
Her story begins at a funeral.
Leopoldo Guevarra, his wife, Adora, and children, Jimmy and Ginger, moved from the Philippines to the United States in 1994. Guevarra wanted the best for his family. Back home, he was a respected accountant. Here, stymied by English but still proud, he found work delivering pizzas.
On July 30, 1997, around 6 p.m., Guevarra attempted to deliver a pizza to a vacant house in Del Paso Heights. He was attacked by three youths. He was punched in the face, his head striking the pavement. His pockets were rifled of a crumpled dollar bill and a check for $9.99. He remained in a coma for 17 days at UC Davis Medical Center. His daughter never left his side. Then he died.
And so did any Guevarra family chances to grasp the elusive American dream. Instead, tragedy came delivered to their doorstep in a pizza box.
At his funeral that late August, Ginger Guevarra wore a black dress. She clutched a rosary in her hand and dispensed memorial cards to arriving guests. She tenderly escorted mourners to her father's casket. And when the priest's rote sympathies sounded hollow, she bravely stood up in front of everyone and spoke crushingly of her love for her father.
She was 16 years old. One could not but be impressed by her poise, her uncommon maturity, her social finesse in such a grievous time. That same week, she and her brother, Jimmy, took their father's body back to the Philippines, to his native city of Calambra Laguna, where he was buried at Rizal Memorial Park.
Thus, for this reporter, began a two-year adventure -- yes, that's a good word -- in trying to stay abreast of Ginger Guevarra: To report on her progress in two stories in 1997 and 1998. To track her shifting moods and sometimes errant behavior. She was a handful, careless yet endlessly charming.
At 16, she was darkly pretty, with a heart-shaped face and flashing brown eyes. She was angelic and calculating, impudent and endearing. She was polite, thoughtful and well-spoken, and made an impression on even hard-nosed officials who crossed her path.
"She is what we call a 'hot-and-cold kid,' " said Tom Gemma in 1997, then-principal of Encina High School, where Ginger was a sometimes student and a popular sophomore homecoming princess. "High potential. An up-and-coming leader in school."
"She asked me what was being done on the case," said veteran robbery detective Dale Stanfield. "She sounded concerned. I had no idea she was so young."
"She seemed intelligent beyond her years," said Deputy District Attorney Richard Yenovkian. "Very, very mature. Devastated by the loss of her father."
In just three years in the United States, Ginger was a phenomenon of effortless assimilation. She spoke fluent hip-hop English. She could decipher teen pager code. She knew where every shopping mall and fast-food restaurant was. She was friendly and adaptable, and could easily negotiate the various student factions at Encina High School.
Bright, capable, full of potential, she was every immigrant family's brightest hope. And deepest fear.
Ginger plunged headlong into the American mainstream. Over time, she grew brazen, independent, at times irresponsible. Once she was arrested for her peripheral involvement in a pointless burglary. She was at odds with her heritage, its conservative traditions.
Always her father's voice pleaded in her ear. "He didn't want me to lose my culture," Ginger always cried. "He would always tell me, 'Be Filipina! Be Filipina! Don't change.' "
She could never reconcile that fundamental conflict.
Now, on an afternoon earlier this week, Adora Guevarra, Jimmy Guevarra and close family friend Fernando Bonifacio, whom the family regard as a wise uncle, are sitting at a table at a board-and-care facility on the edge of Del Paso Heights.
For years, Adora Guevarra has worked at this two-story apartment complex, which houses mentally disabled adults. Ginger and Jimmy lived here, too. Many of the clients knew Ginger, who treated them with kindness. Wandering through the room now, peering in the window, some of them appear even more perplexed.
Adora Guevarra has been through a lot. First, she loses a husband. Now her daughter. Ginger has caused this poor, struggling woman no shortage of grief. Adora studies a calendar on the table, the month of March. She and Bonifacio try to account for Ginger's final days.
Ginger's life was on an upswing. She had a part-time job at a telemarketing company. She received a small monthly stipend from her father's insurance policy. She was happy, upbeat. And she and her longtime boyfriend were in the process of moving into a new house in Elk Grove.
In fact, it was the rigors of the move -- the packing, the shuttling back and forth -- that caused Ginger to spend a night at a room her mother rented in a house owned by a friend. Adora had kept a number of boxes at the empty house, filled with clothing and items she was going to ship back to the Philippines.
It was Monday, March 11. Ginger was going to sleep in the jumbled front bedroom just this one night.
The house is at 2441 Rio Linda Blvd. It is a small, white, clapboard house, surrounded by a low chain-link fence. The overgrown lawn looks like it hasn't been mowed in months. A bouquet of roses leans against a corner of the house front. Across the street is the parking lot of North Sacramento Funeral Home. Palm trees line this stretch of street, thatches of green swaying against a grainy blue sky.
According to Fernando Bonifacio, who lives nearby, the following events transpired:
He drove by the house Tuesday morning, March 12, and saw Ginger's green Isuzu Trooper parked out front. Later that morning, he and Adora tried to call Ginger at the house. There was no answer. That evening, Bonifacio drove to the house and knocked on the door. No answer. Bonifacio says he could detect the faint scent of smoke. Still, no one suspected the silent oven slowly radiating inside.
The next morning, Wednesday, March 12, the landlord opened the front door and noticed soot marks flaring from the closed bedroom door. A 911 call was placed to the fire department. After an investigation, the fire was ruled an accident, its likely source a stereo, which, atop a cardboard box, ignited a fire that smouldered through the night.
Days later, the cooled room is ghastly. All the walls are blackened. Everything is covered in a dense, plastic soot. The heat buckled the vinyl miniblinds. There is a tousled double bed, a black-dusted pillow, a charcoal teddy bear, a phone on a stool. Like a chalk outline at a crime scene, a pitiful impression of Ginger's body is apparent on the floor, a pale, frantic silhouette on an otherwise hellish carpet.
Ginger's funeral was Monday evening, at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Del Paso Heights. It was attended by school friends, her relatives from San Francisco, her boyfriend and his family.
Ginger rests in a gray casket, wearing a pink sweater. Her dark brown hair is brushed back from her face, which is ashen but still pretty, innocent. There is a spray of flowers, a gold crucifix and a photograph of Ginger looking vivacious in a bright red formal, from the time she competed in a Miss Filipina contest.
Adora's shrill, inconsolable keening at her daughter's bier sounded a heartbreaking eulogy. A priest spoke of Ginger's goodness. How, comforted in God's hand, "she is experiencing heaven for the very first time."
Janeka Whitelaw, 19, is a friend of Ginger's from their days at Encina High School. The two remained close and talked frequently on the phone.
In a private moment, Janeka remembered her friend. "She just knew how to make a bad day good," she said. "She could put her problems to the side. She would talk to you. She made a difference in your life. She had the best spirit, just the best spirit. Just a lovely spirit. She could always deal with someone else's problems, but never her own."
Though strapped for funds, the family plans to ship Ginger's body back to the Philippines, her homeland, where she will be interred next to her father.
At the end, she remains true to his wishes.
Be Filipina. Be Filipina.
Rest in peace, sweet Ginger.
Renee Farlow writes:
Occupation: retail
Bio: Since graduation, I moved to Utah with my dad. I got bored out there,so I moved back home. I haven't started school yet. I've been working random jobs for the last few years. I am now currently working at walmart. That's about all that I've been up to lately.
Trivia: I finally got my license, for those of you who remember me getting rides from everyone.
Friends: I've lost contact with pretty much everyone.So, there is really no reason to list my old friends.
Kids: dont have any
Grade_school: Antelope Creek (Rocklin)
Junior_high: Springview(also in Rocklin)
Abigail Pelegrino writes:
Occupation: college student
Bio: I have been attending American River College. I want to become an elementary teacher and possibly a psychiatrist also.
Friends: My best friends in Encina were Gerald Sturgill and Barbara Whittington. I lost contact with her because she moved and I'm still in contact with Gerald. We still hang out.
Steven Bender writes:
Occupation: Work at a grocery store/stocker
Bio: Well I have found work, and I am also going to American River College
I have still been working on my computer graphics and working more with computer.   Build my own web site
Trivia: When I think of it I will tell ya.
Friends: Didn't really lose track of them.  Still keep in contact with them
Hobbies: My hobbies are computer graphics, drawing, video games and working on my computer
Kids: When I have kids I will tell you about them
Grade_school: Which one?
Grade_school_friends: What was grade school like again? lol
Andrea Wages writes:
Occupation: Medical Assistant/x-ray tech
Bio: I worked for a kids camp for a while and then traveled.When i got got back i found a job at grocey deli and meet my husband to be we were ingaged in two weeks and Married 5months later :) what can i saw when its there its there. I know work at Kaiser full time at rosville and part time in sacramento.
Trivia: hmmmm lets see something interesting i cant seem to think of any but ill let you know when i do .
Kids: I have one on the way due some time in december.
Sunseray Haywood writes:
Occupation: customer service rep/manger
Bio: I have been going to scc to get my aa working with people with hearing problems and those that just have problems. and also go married and been doing great.
Trivia: nonthing
Friends: mekon yard and tenanna and much more.....
Hobbies: helpimg out my daughters school
Kids: my daughter Nyjatti in now 6yr's and my other child in now 4yr's her name is LaSea ther are getting so big for those who remmeber them.
Grade_school: not yet but A I plan on it.
Junior_high: Golden state
Memorable_teachers: wow um.... it wolud have to be um.... miss plumber in the front office she was there for me when I really needed her. there is an big thanks to her.
Favorite_memory: when class of 99' won the frist rally we came in frist place.
Story: when I went there in 95' it was the fun then because every one was not just about their self they had problem's don't get me wrong but us as freshmen had an lot of fun I know we all remmeber that.
Heard_about_website_from: an friend
Amber Lopez writes:
Occupation: cashier,barrista,kitchen sup.
Bio: working....i really dont do much else but therres is great satisfaction in earning the money to buy what you want ..... ill be starting SacCity this spring(2001)its kinda a late start but atleast im going ive got the best classes ever psych,photo,philos,and english luckily my job is willing to work with my school schedule
Trivia: interesting trivia....hmm? well lets see i live alone well not alone so to speak but on my own,im not some little grunge rock kid anymore ive been drawn under the curtain of theGAP..dont get me wrong i still love my rock roots but ive learned to be a little more open
Friends: BEST FRIENDS?..anthony palaca,renee farlow,laura nunes CONTACTS LOST? renee farlow gina sexton but who cares cause she talks trashmost all the quad kids
Hobbies: photography...misc. recreational time
Kids: i have a 5 yr plan
Grade_school_friends: lived in LA
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Becky Annis
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Begg...who dosent remeber her she is by far the best teacher at encina
Favorite_memory: yearbook,times with friends, the missions made,the time spent that i was supposed to be at school
Story: Athony p. Laura n. and I are still friends and have become the dynamic trio
Sibling_info: Richard Olvera c/o 2003?
Heard_about_website_from: anthony palaca
Renee Farlow writes:
Occupation: I'm working at a grocery store deli.
Bio: Since I've graduated, I have moved to Roy, Utah. I'm planning on moving back to Sacramento in June. I will be starting school at Weber State in January. Since I have moved I have done alot of travelling. I've also been working alot to save up for school, the schools out here are expensive. That's pretty much all I've been up to since graduation.
Ernie Vazquez writes:
Occupation: College student, Backyard Wrestler for 3 years
Bio: Im going to American River College now.
Trivia: I been backyard wrestling for 3 years now, I was on Good Day Sacramento and channel 6 on a special Backyard Wrestling which I was in a company and we did a show for them. April 21, 2000, I made my Pro Wrestling debut in a wrestling ring.
Friends: Octavio Gutierrez, Roderick
Hobbies: Getting online, playing soccer or football, and Backyard Wrestling.
Grade_school_friends: Christina Ultreras, Anna Andrade, Bina Patel, Karla Gutierrez, Christian Aguiano, Luis Anguiano, Maria Lopez, Tony Phonexay,
Junior_high_friends: Cyndi Aguilar, Anna Andrade, Mellissa Arner, Viva Asmelash, Brandon Dustin, Octavio Gutierrez, Lana Lockwood, Donna Marler, Kiesha Marez Easmon, Aracely Martinez, Marcie Murtha, Anthony Palaca, Abigail Pelegrino, Alfonzo Ramos, Jeremy Raper, Robert Taylor, Christina Ulreras, Roderick Johnson, Patrick Cahill, Christian Anguiano, Luis Anguiano, Achenafie Ayehu, Kwesie Brydie, K Carter, David Coleman, Irene Correa, Anthony Dawson, Alex Delcid, Karla Gutierrez, Donald Honeycutt, Maria Lopez, Rafael Lozano, Sergio Mondragon, Ashley Nguyen, Jeffrey Phillips, Tony Phonexay, Christine Stukalo, Carin Wilson.
Memorable_teachers: Mrs Bush, she taught me English and the whole class used to have fun with her and because she always brought her pig over. Mrs Woo, I had more fun in her class with editing I loved doing all kinds of stuff in her class.
Favorite_memory: October 30th 1999... I came dressed in a halloween outfit and nobody knew who I was til later. Friends were telling me I scared them at the rally.
Heard_about_website_from: I was bored so I decided to go to Encina.com

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