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Homecoming 1999 game and parade

Here are some pictures from the Homecoming 99 game and parade.

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991022 16 linda weatherford ballance and crew web.jpg (88534 bytes) 991022 15 left crowd web.jpg (94613 bytes) 991022 14 crowd behind kellys web.jpg (106364 bytes) 991022 13 randy and steve palmer web.jpg (99985 bytes)
Front row: Scott Bennett 91, Chris Ballance 94, Bill Yeager 90, Lance Ballance 85
Second row: Mark Ballance 91, Courtney Moser, Sheran Weatherford Yeager 62, Tami Hodges 86, Linda Weatherford 62
Left side of alumni section (with flash) Right side of alumni section (with flash) Randy Palmer 71, Steve Palmer 74
991022 17 football field web.jpg (79930 bytes) 991022 19 left crowd no flash web.jpg (93816 bytes) 991022 18 right crowd no flash web.jpg (98458 bytes) 991022 20 russell family web.jpg (104146 bytes)
Encina versus Golden Sierra Left side of alumni section (no flash, blurry) Right side of alumni section (no flash, blurry) John Russell 61, Patty Russell Mosier 73, Jim Mosier 71, Pamela Russell Scully 65
Back: Tom Mathews 61, Carol Mills Russell 61, Joan Seitz Barrett 61,
991022 22 alumni cars web.jpg (90202 bytes) 991022 23 stands from parade web.jpg (88644 bytes) 991022 21 class of 75 car web.jpg (87291 bytes)  
Alumni cars in homecoming parade (80s car) The stands from the class of 73 car Class of 1975 car
Front: Tim Lukehart, Greg Grant
Back: Mark Fowler, Bob Bingham, Jeff Frei, Jack Dieterle
991022 24 crowd web.jpg (92944 bytes) 991022 25 crowd web.jpg (109765 bytes) 991022 26 crowd web.jpg (98928 bytes) 991022 27 harlan and stephanie web.jpg (67071 bytes)
Maura Hill, Angelique Gottlieb Hill 80, Simon Hill, Melissa Tovar 81 Front: Lynne Gile Tracy 76, Tom Tracy
Back: Mike Taylor, Kim Culver Taylor 76, Nancy Cooper Manly 71, Mike Manley
Front: Debbie Sprague Mitchell 72, Darrell Mitchell 72
Back: Stan Sedilko72, Sue Kehoe 72
Harlan Lau 73 and teacher Stephanie Woo
991022 28 kelly and friends web.jpg (76620 bytes) 991022 29 amy francis 88 web.jpg (48965 bytes) 991022 30 jeff val jack web.jpg (102922 bytes) 991022 31 andrea and elliott mandell web.jpg (91986 bytes)
Aaron Ford 88, Bill Glaholt 88, Amy Francis 88, Kelly Horine 88, Lance? Amy Francis 88 in her cheerleader costume Jeff Frei 75, Mark Fowler 75 and Jack Dieterle 75 Andrea Mandell 76, Elliott Mandell 72/73
991022 33 bill glaholt and stafford web.jpg (94775 bytes) 991022 32 eric and nancy web.jpg (87687 bytes)    
Janet Schwall, Bill Glaholt 88, Aaron Ford 88, Stafford Boyd 88 Eric Carleson 73, Nancy Patton 73    

The following pictures are courtesy of Terri Jurich 74

rett nancy harlan from stands.jpg (140572 bytes) steve palmer bob goosmann terri jurich.jpg (137985 bytes) alumni in the stands.jpg (214947 bytes) alumni in the stands 2.jpg (225883 bytes)
Rett Smart 73 waves Apache seat cushion, Nancy Patton 73, Harlan Lau 73 Steve Palmer 74, Bob Goosmann 74, Terri Jurich 74 Alumni in the stands Alumni in the stands
senior float.jpg (170584 bytes) peter pan junior float 2.jpg (206629 bytes) peter pan junior float.jpg (247433 bytes) alice in wonderland sophomore float.jpg (247779 bytes)
Senior float Peter Pan Junior float Peter Pan Junior float Alice in Wonderland Sophomore float
little red riding hood frosh float.jpg (234977 bytes) x jeff frei.jpg (106819 bytes)    
Alice in Wonderland freshman float Keith McCarthy 75, Jeff Frei 75    

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