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Alumni clothing order form

We are not accepting orders at this time.

Please use this form to order Encina alumni clothing for the Homecoming 2001 game and party.
Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73 is handling the alumni clothing orders.

Any profit goes to support the homecoming party.

Encina Homecoming clothing
With the big crowd of alumni who will be attending the homecoming game, we thought it would be appropriate that Encina alumni wear some distinctive garb.

The clothing will be cardinal with gold writing and will say  "Encina Alumni" surrounding an Apache.  The emblem on the shirt is shown to the right. The Apache is courtesy of Steve Palmer 74. Artwork is by David Knepprath 74.
encina apache emblem.jpg (30461 bytes)


Contact Information
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Clothing order
Cardinal T-shirts -
Hanes Beefy-T-shirts, 100% cotton, short sleeve, no pocket, Small left pocket area print on front and a  large back print.
$16.00 each S-XL, $18.00 each 2XL.
S at $16.00 each is
M at $16.00 each is
L at $16.00 each is
XL at $16.00 each is
2XL at $18.00 each is
Hooded Sweat Shirts -
9 oz. 90% cotton/10% poly,
long sleeve, large print on front. 
$30.00 each S-XL, $32.00 each 2XL.
S at $30.00 each is
M at $30.00 each is
L at $30.00 each is
XL at $30.00 each is
2XL at $32.00 each is
Nylon Jacket -
100% nylon outer, light lining.
Large print on backt.
$30.00 S-XL, $32.00 2XL
S at $30.00 each is
M at $30.00 each is
L at $30.00 each is
XL at $30.00 each is
2XL at $32.00 each is
Tax Included in price
Total cost
Deadline for orders is 5pm, Wednesday, October 11, 2000

1. Please make check payable to Lorna Gragg
2. Please note on your check the items and sizes you are ordering.
3. Please mail your check to:
    Lorna Gragg
    117 Breckenwood Way
    Sacramento,CA 95864
    916-341-5156 w

You can pick up your order at the homecoming party on Friday, October 20, 2000.

Lorna is not accepting any orders which need delivery. Sorry.


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