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Homecoming 2000 Rally

Here are some pictures taken by Harlan Lau 73 at the Homecoming rally at Encina on Friday, October 20, 2000 at 11am.

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001020 1721 encina sign closeup web.jpg (48917 bytes)

Who was there? See the RSVP page.

001020 1717 encina pano web.jpg (55945 bytes)
Encina High School entrance. Click to see fullsize image
001020 1726 gym pano web.jpg (45012 bytes)
Encina Gym

Homecoming Rally

001020 1725 janna and children web.jpg (57025 bytes) Janna Snedden Curtis 83 with children Jake and Jayme wearing Apache garb 001020 1723 cheerleaders web.jpg (87982 bytes) Janna's daughter Jayme with Encina cheerleaders
Left to right: Mackenzie Wilke, Frances Sarcona behind Tina Silva, Sheree Courter, Veronica Lopez, Tasha Goff, Lisa Daclan
Front: Brandi Pitt
001020 1724 student w jannas son web.jpg (68289 bytes) Janna's son Jake with homecoming princess Taneka Hearne 01 001020 1729 helping w nametags web.jpg (73062 bytes) Mylinda Wiles helping with alumni nametags. Mylinda is a football manager and junior class representative in student government
001020 1730 steve palmer and becky hurley web.jpg (61939 bytes) Steve Palmer 74 with teacher and friend Becky Hurley, the student activity director 001020 1733 tasha goff stafford boyd web.jpg (63069 bytes) Tasha Goff and Stafford Boyd 88, former Encina teacher and student activity director
001020 1732 andrea howard janna snedden jolanne tierney web.jpg (45483 bytes) Andrea Howard 83
Janna Snedden Curtis 83
Jolanne Tierney 81
001020 1734 klinefelter schuler knurr marelich huber web.jpg (57068 bytes) Teachers:
Ray Klinefelter
Orlin Schuler
John Knurr
Vince Marelich
Louis Huber
001020 1735 janna doralynn coach stafford judging web.jpg (80118 bytes) Judges:
Janna Snedden Curtis 83
Doralynn Co 94
Devasco Bowers
(Asst varsity football coach)
Stafford Boyd 88
001020 1736 alumni section web.jpg (95126 bytes) Alumni section of the stands
001020 1746 sleeping bulldog web.jpg (93977 bytes) Sleeping Bulldog mascot 001020 1748 alumni web.jpg (93748 bytes) Alumni closeup
001020 1751 pyramid web.jpg (86722 bytes) Cheerleader pyramid 001020 1752 cheerleaders spelling web.jpg (90053 bytes) Cheerleaders spelling out "E-N-C-I-N-A" with their pom poms (very cool)
001020 1753 varsity team and russ hibbard web.jpg (71112 bytes) Varsity football team and athletic director Russ Hibbard 001020 1755 coach tom durkee and alumni hat web.jpg (58771 bytes) Coach Tom Durkee shows off Encina alumni hat
001020 1757 bonnie mcfarland tom durkee web.jpg (66488 bytes) Bonnie McFarland Kaplan 63 and Coach Tom Durkee 001020 1758 laura vasquez rett smart web.jpg (63545 bytes) Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77 and Rett Smart 73 (founder of the homecoming party)
001020 1761 alumni and tom durkee web.jpg (79102 bytes) Showing off alumni hats:
Steve Palmer 74, Julie Eissinger Meador 74, cheerleader Tasha Goff, Jan Heintz Hammon 75, Terrea Harlan Sherman 74, Bonnie McFarland Kaplan 63, Sue Stegenga 75
Front: Coach Tom Durkee


001020 1738 gymleft pano web.jpg (127773 bytes) Frosh and Sophomores
001020 1742 gymright pano web.jpg (108033 bytes) Juniors, Alumni, Seniors
001020 1749 cheerleader pano web.jpg (122565 bytes) Cheerleaders

Lunch at Applebee's

001020 1768 applebee exterior web.jpg (61789 bytes) Applebee's 001020 1763 applebee encina stuff web.jpg (88687 bytes) Encina memorabilia
001020 1764 applebee lunch web.jpg (95639 bytes) Left side from front:
Janet Russel Mason 79
Kathleen O'Neill Cable 79
Right side from front:
Michelle Harvey 91
Kassandra Harvey
Tracy Taylor Tolbert 91
Chris Moser Taylor 78
001020 086 applebee encina memorabilia web.jpg (50034 bytes) Encina memorabilia
001020 1765 applebee lunch web.jpg (99204 bytes) Jan Heintz Hammon 75, Bonnie McFarland Kaplan 63, Steve Palmer 74, Julie Eissinger Meador 74, Terrea Harlan Sherman 74, Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77
001020 1766 applebee lunch web.jpg (90963 bytes) Laura Vasquez Lavallee 77, Chris Moser Taylor 77, Tracy Taylor Tolbert 91, John Knurr, Orlin Schulur, Ray Klinefelter
001020 1767 applebee group shot web.jpg (92455 bytes) Encina alumni take over Applebee's

For more pictures from the rally

Who was there? See the RSVP page.

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