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Homecoming 2000 photos

Here are more pictures taken by Rollin Coxe '64 at the Homecoming party at El Camino HS on Friday, October 20, 2000.

Rollin was the official photographer for the Homecoming 2000 party.

If you can identify any of these unknown alumni, please contact the webmaster!

Pregame homecoming party

988686_026_25 web.jpg (60921 bytes) Rollin Coxe 64, Jack Dutton    
988686_025_24 web.jpg (42094 bytes) Don Day 988686_024_22A web.jpg (69090 bytes) Jack Dutton, Don Day, Vince Marelich
988686_023_21A web.jpg (56458 bytes) Cheryl Chambers, Larry Stallings 988686_022_20A web.jpg (43824 bytes) Kenneth Johnson 67, Lora Saunders 67
988686_021_19A web.jpg (53953 bytes) unknown 2, Rollin Coxe 64, Harry Karnofsky 64 988686_020_18A web.jpg (54707 bytes) Bob Rollins, Jack Dutton
988686_019_17A web.jpg (52097 bytes) Bob Rollins 988686_018_16A web.jpg (41815 bytes) Jack Dutton
988686_017_15A web.jpg (41913 bytes) Louis Huber 988686_016_14A web.jpg (42197 bytes) Bill Derderian
988686_015_13A web.jpg (97806 bytes) Larry Stallings 988686_013_11A web.jpg (95662 bytes) Lesley Saladen
988686_012_10A web.jpg (59104 bytes) Rollin Coxe 64, Cliff LaForge, Lesley Saladen 988686_011_9A web.jpg (67384 bytes) John Knurr, Tom Sertich 65, Tim Bloom 62
988686_010_8A web.jpg (56626 bytes) Vince Marelich 988686_009_7A web.jpg (53212 bytes) Vince Marelich, Tom Sertich 65
988686_008_6A web.jpg (96825 bytes) Lora Saunders 67, Chris Wicks 67 988686_007_5A web.jpg (108945 bytes) unknown4, unknown5

Homecoming Game

988686_006_4A web.jpg (51530 bytes) Judy Wilson, Bert Lau 81, John Knuff, Harlan Lau 73 988686_005_3A web.jpg (57967 bytes) Susan Bly Whatley 71, Jack Carey
988686_004_3 web.jpg (34871 bytes) Harlan 988686_003_2 web.jpg (40092 bytes) Stephanie Woo
988685_038_36A web.jpg (52274 bytes) Steve Manly, Nancy Cooper Manly 71 988685_037_35A web.jpg (52445 bytes) Chris Wicks 67 and Lora Saunders 67
988685_036_34A web.jpg (55117 bytes) Chris Wicks 67 and Lora Saunders 67 988685_035_33A web.jpg (37192 bytes) Linda Sorenson Lehr 70
988685_031_29A web.jpg (62197 bytes) Steve Manly shows some enthusiasm and he didn't even go to Encina (Sac High 67)
Tom Sertich 65, Chuck Long 65, Steve Manly, Barbara McKee Craig 65
988685_030_28A web.jpg (53167 bytes) Steve Manly, Nancy Cooper Manly 71
988685_029_27A web.jpg (52432 bytes) Judy Murphy 82 988685_028_26A web.jpg (42706 bytes) Andrea Mandell Kraus 76
988685_026_24A web.jpg (60778 bytes) Cynthia Connell 73 drives x, Kevin Wilson 73, Bob Nannini 73, Rett Smart 73 and Margie Hyland 73 988685_024_22A web.jpg (61908 bytes) Greg Grant 75 pulling the alumni float
988685_023_21A web.jpg (62094 bytes) Alumni float 988685_022_20A web.jpg (70382 bytes) Frosh float
988685_021_19A web.jpg (73257 bytes) Frosh float 988685_020_18A web.jpg (57574 bytes) Sophomore float
988685_019_17A web.jpg (84065 bytes) Junior float 988685_018_16A web.jpg (58916 bytes) Senior float
988685_017_15A web.jpg (58206 bytes) Chris Ballance 94 drives frosh prince Nick Gardner 04 and princess Anez ? 04 in his mother Linda Weatherford Ballance 62's Chrysler Sebring 988685_016_14A web.jpg (54041 bytes) Sophomore prince and princess Carlos and Ashley Carli 03
988685_015_13A web.jpg (59467 bytes) Pepai Falck Whipple 73 drives Homecoming Queen Amanda Fogle 01 and Homecoming King Benito Pabon 01 in her 58 Ford Skyliner Retractable 988685_014_12A web.jpg (68192 bytes) Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73's husband Chester Gragg drives students in his Jeep Renegade
988685_013_11A web.jpg (44807 bytes) Princess Taneka Hearne and Kris Grasso Elmer 70 988685_012_10A web.jpg (53350 bytes) Susanne Pierson Currie 75 drives princess Teresa Monge 01 in her Chrysler LeBaron along with passengers Scott Palmer 75 (middle) and Stephanie Pierson 72
988685_011_9A web.jpg (55727 bytes) Ray Klinefelter, John Knurr, Orlin Schuler, Cynthia Connell 73 988685_010_8A web.jpg (53234 bytes) Ray Klinefelter, John Knurr, Orlin Schuler, Cynthia Connell 73
988685_008_6A web.jpg (63690 bytes) Irene Birchfield Campbell 68 with Bulldop mascot Jennifer Mullinax 988685_007_5A web.jpg (45516 bytes) Unknown12
988685_006_4A web.jpg (78637 bytes) Chuck Long 65 988685_009_7A web.jpg (108578 bytes) Irene Birchfield Campbell 68 with Bulldop mascot Jennifer Mullinax
988685_004_2A web.jpg (40130 bytes) Bill Murphy 76 and daughter 988685_005_3A web.jpg (59153 bytes) Tim Bloom 62, Linda Weatherford Ballance 62, John Knurr, Sheran Weatherford Yeager 62
988687_026_24A web.jpg (52116 bytes) Janine Louther 70, unknown13 988687_024_22A web.jpg (45703 bytes) Chuck Long 65, Brian Stipak 65
988687_025_23A web.jpg (74564 bytes) Crowd shot    

Postgame homecoming party

988687_023_21A web.jpg (46486 bytes) Jerry Burks 71 and friend 988687_022_20A web.jpg (47711 bytes) Louis Huber, Jim Bain 78, John Bain 74
988687_020_18A web.jpg (48113 bytes) Harlan Lau 73, Steve Palmer 74 988687_019_17A web.jpg (58229 bytes) Memory board
988687_018_16A web.jpg (87352 bytes) Lora Saunders 67, Harlan Lau 73, Steve Palmer 74 988687_017_15A web.jpg (76760 bytes) Room shot
988687_014_12A web.jpg (70357 bytes) Bill Murphy 76's daughter, unknown15 988687_013_11A web.jpg (67931 bytes) unknown16, Howard Schiffner 74, John Nunez 74, Bob Kennedy 74
988687_011_9A web.jpg (49881 bytes) Harlan Lau 73, Chris Lorman 85 988687_010_8A web.jpg (42747 bytes) Harlan Lau 73, Bert Lau 81

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